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  1. Eddy Booth says:

    Looks like Nancy Pelosi is going to visit Taiwan tomorrow, maybe China will sanction USA, they’ll have to do something not to lose face..


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      Maybe they will have her arrested and they will threaten to send her back unless a huge ransom is paid.


    • Scroblene says:

      Well, they won’t be able to understand her as she yaps bollocks all the time!


  2. Lucy Pevensey says:


  3. Doublethinker says:

    I came across a Spectator Pod Cast in their American series , which I think will be behind a paywall, from April 4 th 2022 in which Freddie Gray of the Spectator interviews a Trump campaigner Liz Harrington. If anyone could post a link I would be grateful.
    Freddie is a fully paid up member of the journalist friends of the globalist elite and it shows.
    Liz Harrington had him spluttering at times as she asserted , with plenty of supporting facts, that the election was stolen , that the polls were rigged in the months preceding the election , that the judiciary daren’t examine what really happened because they know what they will find and it will cause great turmoil and that the MSM were complicit from the start.
    She believes if Trump decides to run in 2024 he will walk it and that the opportunities for vote rigging will be much reduced this time round.
    Freddy seemed quite unable to counter anything that she said . It was almost as if he had never heard these arguments before. But as Liz said the MSM just suppresses the truth and it’s quite possible that being a fully paid up lickspittle globalist journalist he had never heard them put so cogently and forcefully.
    Sadly despite this interview Freddy has maintained his Orange Man Bad pro globalist stance in recent months. He might be on Klaus Schwabs Christmas card list.


  4. StewGreen says:

    ITV local NewsPR
    8 mins banging on about the Lionesses
    Getting little girls to say that women are better than MEN,
    cos women can beat WOMEN at football

    – 2 mins about the Boston murder
    zero actual news, like what sashis motive

    – 2 mins about the funeral of the BBC local NewsPR presenter
    ie media talking about themselves again or rather their media mates.

    – Commonwealth Games stuff


    • StewGreen says:

      now PR for Hull football club’s “take your child for free” scheme
      .. ‘We just happened to find a random child and film his whole day at the match’
      .. crafted piece with background music
      …just like an advert.


    • Eddy Booth says:

      Perhaps the BBC can impliment one of their bullshit biased Ukrainian style templates
      “Ukraine seeks answers as more than 50 PoWs killed – BBC News”
      Deividas Skebas, 22 demands to know what happened to 9 year old girl.


    • StewGreen says:

      BBC local newsPR was almost the same as ITV
      but items in a different order.


    • harry142857 says:

      World Cup-winning US Women’s team suffer shock 5-2 defeat to FC Dallas’ U-15 boys academy side.



  5. pugnazious says:

    Much as I wish Lineker would be headhunted by LBC or somesuch tribe I can’t help thinking that the descending wrath for his juvenile joke is somewhat over the top…as usual in things like this…though Lineker is often the one pouring such pious scorn upon supposed ‘offenders’….so payback maybe….

    ‘The sports broadcaster said in a now deleted tweet, ‘the Lionesses have only gone and done it, and Kelly is England’s heroine, bra none’ beneath an image of matchwinner Chloe Kelly.

    One twitter user said: ‘You’ve reduced a truly game changing moment for women and girls into a puerile sexist joke. Do you comment when male players take their shirts off? Is it any wonder people don’t take the women’s game seriously.”


    • Scroblene says:

      Would you care if you’re getting well over a million quid from the taxpayer, most of whom don’t give a fuck what he says, because they’re normal citizens, trying to kick their way through the financial nightmare which is the UK today!

      The BBC should hang their heads in shame at paying this moron so much when the money could easily go to more deserving people in need.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      I’m no fan of lineker but I find nothing wrong with the above (now deleted) tweet.

      Kelly got a booking (yellow card) for taking her top off.
      I think they should be booked if they don’t take the top off after scoring.


      • G.W.F. says:

        Yes indeed. I’m no fan of lineker but I find nothing wrong with the above (now deleted) tweet.

        But I am delighted that his kind have turned on him in this way.


        • BigBrotherCorporation says:

          Rats in a sack, wouldn’t be surprised if that was once a ‘sport’.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      That was almost funny… for Linekar, and the BBC, no wonder he had to delete it.

      You know, it was an ample sports bra, more of a crop top, all things considered, don’t know what the fuss is about.


    • TrickCyclist says:

      He probably thinks he’s entitled ‘cos he sweated blood down the gym a few years ago so he could sit on Match of the Day in his undercrackers.


  6. StewGreen says:

    8pm BBC4 Pakistan Unveiled
    Episode 1 of 3 Treasures of the Indus
    “This is the story of the Indian subcontinent told through the treasures of three very different people, places and dynasties that have shaped the modern Indian world.

    All too often, Pakistan is portrayed as a country of bombs, beards and burkhas.
    The view of it as a monolithic Muslim state is even embodied in the name of the country, ‘the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’.
    Yet, as Sona Datta (a curator at the British Museum), shows, it used to be the meeting point for many different faiths from around the world and has an intriguing multicultural past

    She started with the 2500BC city of Harappa*
    Then Taxila a legendary city
    which Alexander the Great and the Greek rebuilt a the city of Sirkap in 350BC full of Buddhist stuff

    * She held miniature Mother fertility figurines from Harappa and said they were super common
    Neolithic Greece had the same super simplistic mother goddess figurines. at the same time
    She never mentioned that.

    “Buddhism emanated from this part of Pakistan to China ”
    .. that seems a strange idea cos the Buddhas homeland on the border of India and Nepal is much closer to China


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      I’m not really sure why some just don’t want to get the message that a few religions aren’t prepared to share the world with any others.


  7. tapwatertory says:

    England’s women win the women’s European Championship.

    Let’s celebrate that.

    I feel for these ladies that their achievement is going to be hijacked.

    Maybe Alex Scott will ask all those female children of nothern towns when their dreams were broken?

    I’ll start Alex;
    Didn’t really have the chance to play football because I was being raped on a daily basis.
    Sarah aged 13

    Would of loved to have played football but was busy having a child at 14 after being abused.
    Kate aged 15


  8. brexiteerkent says:

    GB news reporting tonight that over 600 illegal channel migrants came across today. Absolute silence in all other media outlets. ( at time of writing this ). It’s an utter disgrace. Both the numbers and the silence I mean.


    • Bulldog says:

      Was on beeb south-east, the presenter couldn’t get through it any faster, all of 10 seconds. Looks like they only report if the number exceeds 500.

      Didn’t mention the total number, only that “….100’s had been taken to Ramsgate”. Seems they just cannot take any more at Dover after nearly 500 arrived on Saturday.

      Never mind, Priti is getting ready to pay the French more mega millions to stop the crossings so that should solve the problem.


  9. pugnazious says:

    LOL x Million

    You couldn’t make it up.

    The BBC has spent the tournament telling us black girls don’t feel represented by white girl footballers and white foorballers fail to inspire them to take up football themselves.

    Suddenly…..all change….

    ‘For nine-year-old Beau Dulay-Bowskill who was standing at Trafalgar Square’s fountain, “this team is everything”.

    “I cannot believe that England actually won it,” she said.

    Beau, her dad Kieron Bowskill, and older sister Jaya Dulay-Bowskill, were jumping around in their local pub in Barnet when England scored the winning goal.

    She now says she will consider joining a local football team like her older sister, Jaya, who plays for the Barnet Nightingales. ‘

    And guess what colour they are? The BBC trying to attach some of that glory to Blacks and to make sure they’re kept in the game so to speak…


    Soooooooo…..still making it about race but this time they’re back to the normal…putting black people front and centre of a story and plastering their faces all over it….clearly some sort of message there to somebody when by virtue of demographics the vast majority of such fans will be white….but the BBC can always, somehow, find the exceptions.

    Amazing no? One minute telling Blacks they are being oppressed by The System once again, the BBC stirring up anger, division and hate…and then the truth….of course, black girls want to play football, and play for England, and indeed, despite what the BBC tells us, actually do play in the England team.

    Funny huh? Or not at all funny really as the BBC plays with fire.


    • Guest Who says:

      Also at the Square.

      Overt shows of Natism all ok now?

      Hope no van wimmin not of color passed by Emily Thornmoby as she was popping out for a crafty donut or seven.


  10. MarkyMark says:

    Nuclear annihilation just one miscalculation away, UN chief warns
    3 hours ago


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      “Zzzzzzzz Eh! What?! Those Englobrit guys better beware, I’m Irish don’ya know?! Wezz do to them what they dun to wezz, back when… when? Eh?… Zzzzzzzz” Said Joe

      Glad the West is in safe hands.


  11. StewGreen says:

    Belfield case : the court is not sitting today
    Over the weekend I had a thought
    why did the BBC never go to court previously to get a Restraining order ?
    If the story really is what they say it is, then why wait all these year and have a huge case ?
    just go to the court and get a restraining order

    I checked Twitter and I see a writer already made this point

    AB’s point seems to be that the BBC’ real motive is to get rid of him and that’s why they went for this sledgehammer


  12. StewGreen says:

    The Guardian think it’s the 1st of April .. Mak H comments
    The Guardian on 1stAugust 2022:

    “UK farmers count cost as heatwave kills fruit and vegetable crops
    Fears of future threats to food security if more extreme heat caused by climate crisis hits production”


    The Guardian on 22nd July 2022:

    “Prices fall as UK heatwave produces glut of soft fruit
    Yields of cherries, strawberries and blueberries could more than double on the same time last year”


    And there’s also this:

    “‘The vines are loving it’: Hot, dry summer set to make 2022 a great year for English wine”



    • StewGreen says:

      In shops around here strawberries are a £1 a punnet or less
      .. In the orchard the plums are just starting .. the apples are coming
      Brambles are in the hedge rows for free

      I picked up some gooseberries from someone’s overflowing garden yesterday


      The cabbages are huge
      The neighbour said his rainwater tanks were low
      I looked ..his guttering was full of moss and one bit was leaning the wrong way,
      And at one tank the drain had some out the socket so the rain was being lost down the side.


  13. JohnC says:

    Al-Qaeda leader dies in US drone strike – reports

    Al-Qaeda are a designated terrorist group yet the BBC completely fail the state this extremely important fact anywhere in the article.

    Just as they never Hamas state are an offically designated terrorist group either.

    It I know is 100% deliberate because they have guidelines not to use the word ‘terrorist’ against Muslim’s in reports because ‘one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter’.

    This cannot be read any other way other than the BBC support Islamic terrorism. Which – considering their employment and political makeup – is probably true.

    I also think the reason is not that they are Muslim’s but that the people who usually complain about the terrible things Muslim’s do tend to be right-wing. So the Left/BBC portray them as victims to use as political weapons. They don’t care one bit how many people get murdered : the agenda is everything.


  14. BRISSLES says:

    Dear Lord I’ll be glad when all this madness ends. I knew the papers would be full of “the win” today, but looks like Tuesday’s are full of it as well – again !

    Does nobody remember all the shrieking and screaming when Britain won anything at the 2012 Olympics ??? and all the girls and boys wanted to be cyclists / gymnasts / boxers etc etc. Didn’t really happen though. Now we are party to endless interviews of little girls wanting to be footballers, and enquiries for club joining is up 500%. Give it 3 months and it’ll be the end of the fad and onto the next one.


  15. JohnC says:

    The BBC opened a HYS about the grain shipments from Ukraine and the comments are just unbelievable. People are being whipped up into a frenzy by the propaganda to something like the Nazis did against the Jews. I wonder if any Russians in the UK have been abused : I’m pretty sure the BBC would not report it now even if they were.

    I added this comment:
    ‘I see all the cries of ‘war crime’ have suddenly been dropped and the argument morphed to something else.

    Russia started a war with Ukraine for more reasons than the BBC have told you. Now the West are waging war against Russia with Ukraine just aiming where they are told and pulling the trigger.

    WW3 has already started. People who only use the BBC for news are too gullible to realise it.’

    It was deleted very, very quickly as ‘off topic’. And this is 1am UK time.

    We are being led by the nose.


  16. AsISeeIt says:

    Blonde streaks, blue wave edition

    Ladies day in the media again today, as the papers try to push one story on and on through the first week of August – traditionally the summer holiday period being what’s known in the trade as a slow news time of year.

    Dancing queens Lionesses party with fans a day after Euro 2022 (free advertising sheet Metro)

    The Times is anxious to force some new news line to keep this one on the boil: Johnson in holiday snub to Lionesses. Leading sports figures have criticised Downing Street’s decision not to hold a reception for England’s Lionesses – just think of the column filler photo ops going begging. Has Boris, failing to read the media room, made another boob?

    The Express is thinking along similar lines: Let’s celebrate… Lionesses to be honoured with gongs.

    There’s a whiff of corporate opportunity: Game changer. Victory spurs business goals… Ipsos research showed 64 per cent of football fans were now more interested in watching the women’s game which is set to benefit from better sponsorships and broadcast fees (Financial Times)

    And there’s always narratives to push: A win for every overlooked and patronised woman (Guardian)

    Our BBC, unsurprisingly, has most narrative bases covered, ticking many agenda boxes: How much do women footballers get paid?; Euro 2022: Five things that held women back in football; Chloe Kelly: England winger’s celebration praised for empowering women… In revealing a sports bra by taking her shirt off and swinging it around her head in delight, the Manchester City winger created a moment which has united and empowered women.

    Reach plc titles Daily Express and Daily Star gift us a souvenir pull out explicit in its title: Girl Power

    How can one not be reminded of that quintessential 90s manufactured girl band the Spice Girls – one moment you’d never even heard of them, the next every chap had a favourite. And there’s the problem with these Lionesses – and our BBC, quite rightly, put their finger on this this – it is that they all look alike, there’s not enough diversity. They’re all lookie-likey blonde high-lighted, identi-kit, off-the-shelf amazonian sport-maidens. Where’s the ginger?

    Oddly enough, the Guardian of all titles, takes a leaf out of the tabloid pull-out supplimental book: Euro 2022. Inside your free souvenir 16-page suppliment – one hadn’t expected a mulit-page souvenir suppliment from that organ until a Labour-led Green/LibDem/SNP coalition or until Brexit was reversed.

    The Daily Mail tentatively attempts to draw some vaguely anti-woke lesson: ‘In an age where women’s very existence is being denied, this glorious show of bold feminity can change the world’ by Julie Burchill.

    More ladies day news as the Telegraph throws in its lot with the female blue frock-wearing candidate – apparenly now favourite to blue rinse the former chancellor chappie: The Daily Telegraph Backs Truss – just as another dodgy Tory MP comes out to back her campaign: Truss is the candidate of hope, declares Mordaunt – pretty Penny you’ll recall being the Tory recently revealed to be more woke than a barn owl at three in the morning: Why does Penny Mordaunt hate Dad’s Army? … In her 2021 book Greater: Britain After The Storm she reveals that she hates Dad’s Army and the other sitcoms written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft… [She dismisses] It Ain’t Half Hot Mum as “a full-house bingo card of… casual racism, homophobia, white privilege, colonialism, transphobia, bullying, misogyny and sexual harassment”. (UnHerd)

    I don’t know about “hope”… I’d vote for Bob Hope… with his legendary supposed gag about California and gay rights… and how he was getting out before they made it compulsory.

    But don’t worry, Maggie mark two, the rubbish sequel (or was that Theresa May?) is the great conservative hope: Liz: I’ll halt junk food tax (Daily Mail); Truss to cut civil servant pay in poorer areas as part of war on ‘Whitehall waste’ (FT)

    Meanwhile as Liz Truss putatively tinkers around the edges the Davos-inspired juggernaut lumbers on unabated with or without a sitting PM: Existing wind turbines may get 20m taller (Telegraph)

    More females making the news: Pelosi’s Taiwan visit to go ahead (Telegraph)

    Let’s be magnanimous in victory. Spare a thought for the Germans – they’re having quite a time of it lately: German retail sales suffer record plunge (FT); Inquiry details Deutsche rule-breaking (FT)


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thank you – it looks like truss has been given a bit of a polish and been told to smile more – also – some easy wins for party voters this week

      1 upset the SNP ( easy )
      2 upset the Civil Service ( easy )
      3 demean the ludicrous sunak ‘4p income tax drop ‘
      4 say woke lefty ‘ diversity training ‘ will be stopped

      When you think about it – the years of reD labour government has been so embarrassingly poor thar it’s amazing they are in power – and the opposition must be that poor .

      Speaking of which – nando on the BT picket line – but not fired yet …. But scum angee s boyfriend was last week – good to see war in the socialists in both parties …


  17. tomo says:


    • AWOL says:

      From the report “The first quarter loss included a post-tax charge of $24.4 billion relating to bp’s decision to exit its 19.75% shareholding in Rosneft and its other businesses with Rosneft in Russia.”

      But mentioning this doesn’t suit SCbbc agenda.


  18. tomo says:

    and the Guardian out doing its thing with

    Brenda The Uncivil Disobedience Penguin

    – and Paul Krugman opines on the US Economy – A Nobel Laureate no less…..


  19. Fedup2 says:

    Watching tucker carlson instead of dire Today
    Did you know that China is threatening to shoot down nancy pelosi s plane and escorts if she goes to Taiwan as promised ?
    No ? Lets go on about wimmins’ footy …

    The pelosi thing vexes Carlson because he cant see any reason for it apart from starting a war with China …

    Do you remember that clock about the end of the world ?

    Well if you add ukraine to the mix it must be about 11-59 50 seconds …. .

    But on the upside if either place kicks off we wont be worrying about anything anymore …

    Lawrence fox has a small segment on Carlson explains the Hampshire plod ‘anxiety ‘ arrests …
    The twitter comments lamented he didn’t have more time – but hey – any resistance to what is happening here is welcome … right?

    Still waiting for the names of those plod to be published …
    Sad that I am – I looked at the ‘Hampshire chronicle ‘ but strangely this now international story doesn’t feature At All – there is stuff about uhuru dying though …


  20. Guest Who says:

    BBC ‘News’ struggling on the racial divide stirring.

    An indigenous Australian senator has called Queen Elizabeth II a “coloniser”.

    Lidia Thorpe made the comments while being sworn into Australia’s parliament.




    Still struggling. The self promoting clown in question makes Elizabeth Warren look like Geronimo’s granny.

    Time for that idiot Egyptian who posts once a year to fly in Nick Bryant for a Pointlesscast.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I might be wrong – but with a name like ‘Thorpe ‘ will this lass either return to her ancestral homeland ( Blighty ?) or off herself or pay personal reparations for her family squatting on indigenous land ?
      Is she a sort of Jess or Angee ? Popcorn.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “indigenous Australian” – we are all from Africa.
      African’s are responsible for all human ills.
      Ask Africa for money.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Australian senator calls Queen a coloniser and gives Black power salute in parliament
      ‘I sovereign, Lidia Thorpe, do solemnly and sincerely swear that I will be faithful and I bear true allegiance to the colonising her majesty Queen Elizabeth II’



      Lidia Thorpe is a proud Djabwurrung Gunnai Gunditjmara woman, a human rights, climate, and forest activist; a mother, grandmother and survivor of family violence. She is the first Aboriginal Federal Senator for Victoria. In this podcast Senator Lidia Thorpe yarns with First Nations Elders and Activists about the injustices facing First Nations people and importantly, the solutions and opportunities that can come from self determination through the right policy.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Lol could you get a better picture ? You know ? The one which show the chip on the poor girl’s shoulder ?


        • Guest Who says:

          The traditional Aboriginal spandex and high heels to poke out the traditional dominant arse further neatly complements the frilly blouse with maybe a hint of pit fluff on show.

          If the BBC does not have every young wimmin Oz kid of authenticity down the reservation on Newsnight there is no justice.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Her CV is so dependent on taxpayer cash that she might well be in the SNP – did she get done for the fraud I wonder ?


        • MarkyMark says:

          She is of DjabWurrung, Gunnai, and Gunditjmara descent, and, coming “from a long line of strong black women”, identifies as Aboriginal.[4] Her mother is Marjorie Thorpe, who was a co-commissioner for the Stolen Generations inquiry that produced the Bringing Them Home report in the 1990s, and later a member of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation, and a preselected Greens federal candidate for Gippsland, and her mother was activist Alma Thorpe.[5]


      • Guest Who says:

        Sorry. My bad. Not pit hair.

        Looks like the barcode from when she was sold into Slavery from the McCain Aisle at Iceland Woolagong.

        What level of idiot* would vote for that?

        *The same who created this ‘report’.


  21. tomo says:

    One wonders if this is going to become more commonplace in the USA?

    Local cops arrest ATF Fed at gunpoint


  22. Guest Who says:

    Here’s another.

    BBC News

    “I think it’s sane risk management to think about the plausible worst-case scenarios.”

    ‘Climate Endgame’ dangerously unexplored, says study


    Climate change: More studies needed on possibility of human extinction

    So bbc it is painful.

    Of course illustrated by an image of a BBC weather map showing Gary Lineker cooking on a BBQ of £50 notes in Qatar.

    Interesting also that the caption changes between social post and pure propaganda pitch for more money.

    Two quotes of course, one using ‘quotes’ and one “quotes”. From… er.. a thinker.

    Not Ella though, but ‘BBC News Climate and Science reporter Ella Hambly contributed to this report.’

    When she next investigates Helmand trajectory SMG bullet paths will be awesome.

    Oddly, for once I am in a glimmer of agreement if perhaps not for the reasons BBC Crisis hope.

    It only makes sense to look forward to allow for contingencies and prepare using resources available.

    Certainly more than Ella, Taylor, Dame Emma and every doofus thick climate rapporteur in the UN or HoL to scoot off to Cairo when it’s nice in winter to ‘discuss’ crippling Western economies to the tune of trillions to not have any effect on that blazing orb’s tweaks to the seasons.


  23. tomo says:

    … and a high voltage rectal conformity probe?


    • Fedup2 says:

      I know what id like to implant into his brain …


    • digg says:

      This bloke is a clone of the Mekon in Flash Gordon films.


    • gb123 says:

      Tell you what Shwaby. You do the have nothing bit, the implant bit, the genetic editing bit, along with the insect only diet first. We will see the results and see how happy you are. Then we will make up our OWN minds.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      No, any plans Dr Evil has for implanting anything in my head are definitely NOT acceptable.


  24. tomo says:

    Home Office Priorities


    • MarkyMark says:

      Mark Haywood
      Mon, 28 Oct 2019, 08:15
      to KHP

      About us (UK Home Office)

      The first duty of the government is to keep citizens safe and the country secure. The Home Office has been at the front line of this endeavour since 1782. As such, the Home Office plays a fundamental role in the security and economic prosperity of the United Kingdom.




      • taffman says:

        Our incompetent government’s failure to defend our borders has placed the people of Great Britain in serious danger from acts of terror by an ‘army’ that crosses the Chanel unstopped , now almost on a daily basis .
        How many of these criminals languishing in 4 Star hotels are former Taliban , Isis or Al-Qaeda? Far too many for the Security Forces to deal with. I suspect many have already absconded and disappeared into the populous.


        • Sluff says:

          Blame the judges.
          They always focus on the rights of an individual miscreant and never consider the balance between that and incremental loss of human rights of all the rest of us.


  25. Fedup2 says:

    Some pretty bad news
    It seems footy players are not gonna take the knee any more . Id worked out my timing for knee taking – i could finish off making my tea by the time the footy started .
    Now i will have to drink … something else …
    Maybe the refs can still do it …


  26. tomo says:


  27. Guest Who says:

    Ex Beeboids reel in the audiences.


    • tomo says:

      When you know that Black Dick does nothing but bad takes anybody endorsing the git is tainted (understatement!) by association.


    • MarkyMark says:



    • MarkyMark says:

      In terms of durability, wind turbines last an average of about 25 years. About 85 percent of turbine component materials—such as steel, copper wire, electronics, and gearing—can be recycled or reused.30 Oct 2020


    • MarkyMark says:

      Neil Stockley
      Policy and communications professional, Liberal Democrat, expat Kiwi. #narrativewatch #liberalism #climateemergency #greengrowth #JustTransition … and more.
      Londonuk.linkedin.com/in/NeilStockleyJoined June 2009
      560 Following


  28. MarkyMark says:

    Boris is currently under fire for choosing to take a holiday over hosting a No. 10 reception for the victorious English Lionesses. … To be fair to Boris, Sadiq Khan is also under fire that there’s been no traditional bus parade…
    Afghanistan: Women beaten for demanding their rights
    By Yogita Limaye and Aakriti Thapar
    BBC News

    8 September 2021


    Afghanistan: Boris Johnson vows to help those left behind
    By Becky Morton & Lauren Turner
    BBC News

    27 August 2021


  29. BRISSLES says:

    I’d drop an atomic on the bastards and rid the world of them. They are a pointless culture that are neither good to man nor beast. They have no education and no willingness to progress. So why are they even alive ?


  30. richard D says:

    After all the jibes ,criticisms and worse, thrown by the SNP at the Conservative Party and Boris Johnston in particular, John Swinney (Deputy First Minister of Scotland) has the gall to complain when Liz Truss (prospective UK Prime Minister) voices her opinion of Nicola Sturgeon, i.e that the Scottish First Minister is best left ignored.

    Manufactured hypocrisy posing as outrage, or what ?


  31. richard D says:

    Another bit of manufactured outrage from the Left in this country – that wages should not be at different rates across the UK…… just as when they were campaigning ffor the removal of the London Weighting Allowance from Public Sector empoloyees, then ?


  32. MarkyMark says:



    Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Partner – Fixed Term
    Solent NHS Trust
    Job Reference: 449-A-22-75675
    Employer:Solent NHS TrustDepartment:People ServicesLocation:SouthamptonSalary:£47,126 – £53,219 p.a pro rata


  33. MarkyMark says:


    Register of Interests – Members of the House of Lords

    BP plc (oil and gas)


    Category 4: Shareholdings (b)
    Johnson & Johnson (retail)
    Unilever plc (retail) (interest ceased 30 November 2021 – notified 5 May 2022)
    Visa Inc (financial)
    AIA Group Ltd (insurance)
    Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (retail)
    Alphabet Inc (multinational conglomerate)
    Amazon.com Inc (retail)
    American Tower (manufacturing)
    Amphenol Corp (manufacturing)
    ASML Holding NV (manufacturing)
    Berkshire Hathaway Inc (financial)
    Chr Hansen Holding A/S (pharmaceutical) (interest ceased 6 January 2022 – notified 5 May 2022)
    Danaher Corp (science and tech)
    Discover Financial Services (financial)
    Ecolab Inc (health)
    Essilor International (health)
    Meta Platforms Inc (formerly Facebook Inc) (media)
    First Republic Bank/CA (financial)
    Halma plc (tech)
    HDFC Bank Ltd (financial)
    Hexagon AB-B SHS (tech)
    IDEX Corp (manufacturing)
    Intuit Inc (science and tech)
    L’Oreal SA (manufacturing and retail)
    Medtronic plc (health)
    Microsoft Corp (tech)
    Roper Technologies Inc (manufacturing)
    Sampo OYJ (financial) (interest ceased 13 October 2021 – notified 9 December 2021)
    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (science and tech)
    Tencent Holdings Ltd (science and tech)
    UnitedHealth Group Inc (health)
    US Bancorp (financial)
    Reckitt Benckiser Group plc (household products) (interest ceased 16 August 2021 – notified 9 December 2021)
    Netflix Inc (technology)
    Constellation Software Inc (software)
    Mettler Toledo (manufacturer of scales and analytical instruments)
    Adobe Inc (technology)
    Apple Inc (technology)
    CSL Ltd (technology)
    Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc (financial)
    ServiceNow Inc (technology)
    Nike Inc (retail)
    GW Pharmaceuticals plc (medical) (interest ceased 19 May 2021 – notified 9 December 2021)
    SG WOF Phoenix Plus Note (financial)
    Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc (biotechnology)
    Wisdomtree Physical Swiss Gold (commodity)
    Colgate Palmolive Co (consumer products)
    Croda International plc (chemicals)
    Sherwin-Williams Company (paint and coating manufacturing)
    Topicus.com Inc (software)
    The Freehold Investment Corporation 1A Ltd (letting and operating of own or leased real estate)
    The Freehold Investment Corporation 1B Ltd (letting and operating of own or leased real estate)
    The Freehold Investment Corporation 2A Ltd (letting and operating of own or leased real estate)
    The Freehold Investment Corporation 2B Ltd (letting and operating of own or leased real estate)
    London Stock Exchange Group plc (stock exchange and financial information company)
    Colgate Palmolive Co (consumer products)
    Netflix Inc (technology)
    Wisdomtree Physical Swiss Gold (commodity)


  34. digg says:

    Biden grabbing the glory for taking out a turbaned bloke in Afghanistan.

    Wonder if he will also accept the responsibility for the likely dozens of lives that will almost certainly be blasted to pieces by one of the faceless invaders crossing the border in retaliation.


    • pugnazious says:

      Yeah…but he was actually told the target was Trump…otherwise he’d never have signed off on it….though of course the real reason is to try and claw back some credibility after the Afghan debacle.


    • MarkyMark says:

      First on CNN: US left behind $7 billion of military equipment in Afghanistan after 2021 withdrawal, Pentagon report says

      By Ellie Kaufman, CNN

      Updated 1608 GMT (0008 HKT) April 28, 2022



    • Guest Who says:

      Last time Sleepy and the Twerking Generals had a pop, didn’t a car full of wedding guests end up smeared on a wall?


      • G.W.F. says:

        Got him again



        • Fedup2 says:

          I think he’s more likely to be claiming benefits with the wives and 10 kids in tower hamlets ….


      • tomo says:

        Ah yes…

        “You’ll only find out what’s in the legislation after you’ve voted it through”

        – that Barack Obama

        at 3:00am ?


  35. pugnazious says:

    The BBC’s poopa-scoopa in action again as it scoops up the political dregs rejected by the voters but whom field a worldview that reflects the BBC’s own and thus find a cosy retirement home within the incestuous bowels of the BBC.

    Anyway….Rory Stewart…who’d have thought the BBC would have embraced him so warmly and taken him in as one of their own so that he can continue to spread his particular brand of Tory Wet inane ‘goodthink’…who’d a thunk?

    Tuned in to R4 this morning and wished I hadn’t…it’s a bit like waterboarding…only perhaps worse….a deluge of soggy wet Stewart sagacity passed onto us on tablets of stone by the new priesthood.

    If only we could all just get along together the world would be so lovely.

    The problem is that damnable social media [lol…such a BBC meme]…the world has gone to rack and ruin…such division, such polarisation, such hate…never before has the world been so divided….and all due to social media.

    Thank heavens for people like Ash Sarkar with her wisdom, her insightful perceptions and her rational and humane ideas of how to save humanity from itself. Yeah, yeah, she’s literally a Communist and they’ve done more than any other ‘ism to set the world ablaze, tear peoples apart and kill millions upon millions…but hey, no-one’s perfect….and the BBC loves her….the ideal ideologue to unite the world….with that good old Internationalism perhaps?

    Naturally social media is the fallguy here…creating echo chambers and bubbling cesspits of closed minds….though hang on….in days of yore people read one newspaper, one that reflected their views….echo chamber? One religion…echo chamber? Not forgetting a very limited TV option…you got what was one view from them….and the BBC, nearly all the Media, are of a like-mindset…echo chamber?

    Social media has in fact done more to open up debate and provide new perspectives and new information that had previously been the jealously guarded preserve of the elite, so-called….and that’s the problem…they just don’t like you having this information which challenges the worldview that they want to impose upon you….that’s the real reason the likes of the BBC and so many politicians try to corral and rein in social media…they don’t like the democratisation of information…information being power.

    Stewart’s little programme is just part of the BBC’s constant drumbeat attacking social media which it sees as the big problem….the one that created Brexit, Trump and Boris.

    No surprise that Stewart lamented polarisation and extremism…for example, he says, Bolsonaro, Trump, Modi and…Brexit. Oh hang on….he’s just reading off the standard, very tired, dog-eared old BBC script…what a surprise….just what does the BBC see in Rory Stewart that so enthused them to offer him a job?

    Whilst Ash Sarkar was there to provide a balanced, calm insight, just ignore her adherence to a genocidal, murderous cult, Nigel Farage was wheeled in as an example of Far-Right hate-mongering….my god! He wants to limit immigration!!! Naturally it doesn’t matter how well you defend your position and justify it perfectly the smell always sticks…and that’s the point of the ‘some people might say you’re a Fascist…what do you say…you’re not are you…are you?’ type question…it’s not actually to provide you with a chance to defend yourself, the real intent is to try and associate Fascism[or whatever…racism] with that person in listeners’ minds in future….mud sticks.

    No irony that this programme was itself pure ‘echo chamber’ promoting as it did every BBC meme, belief and worldview.

    If we didn’t have social media we perhaps would be the oppressed victims of one view, one ideology, one mindset with the forces of the State on hand to suppress any who dare dissent and think for themselves….erm…which is pretty much the road we are on as the BBC tries to shut down social media and the police arrest people for offending someone and the government wheels in draconian laws to curb freespeech.

    Don’t let the BBC take your freedoms with its ‘information purifcation’ programming….it’s ‘garden of pure ideology’ with Rory Stewart et al as the Alan Titchmarsh of propaganda propagation.



  36. MarkyMark says:

    News channel, 15 July

    We introduced an item by saying “let’s take you live to Bethlehem now, in Israel.”

    Bethlehem is in fact in the occupied West Bank.




  37. Sluff says:

    The BBC are celebrating that on Monday a record number of young male Muslim African draft dodgers ……..errrr I mean vulnerable people in fear of their lives fleeing persecution in France…….arrived on our beaches in inflatable boats.


  38. MarkyMark says:

    China Used More Concrete In 3 Years Than The U.S. Used In The Entire 20th Century [Infographic]


  39. Fedup2 says:

    Seems like the BBC has already got a stick to hit the new PM with – a u turn over cutting civil service pay outside big cities ……
    I just wish she’d say they’d cut the aid tax giveaway budget a bit – say to zero … be a conservative …


  40. MarkyMark says:

    Might makes right or Might is right is an aphorism on the origin of morality, with both descriptive and prescriptive senses.

    Descriptively, it asserts that a society’s view of right and wrong is determined by those in power, with a meaning similar to “History is written by the victors”. That is, although all people have their personal ideas of the good, only those strong enough to overcome obstacles and enemies can put their ideas into effect, and spread their own standards to society at large. Montague defined kratocracy or kraterocracy (from the Greek κρατερός krateros, meaning “strong”) as a government based on coercive power, by those strong enough to seize control through physical violence or demagogic manipulation.[1]



  41. andyjsnape says:

    Will the unvaccinated changed their mind?


    or maybe a headline
    “Should” the unvaccinated change their mind


    • MarkyMark says:

      BBC Radio 4, 26 May 2022

      We said a government cleaner who worked in Downing Street and had been surrounded by people breaking the rules had contracted Covid and died.

      In fact, he worked at the Ministry of Justice.

      His family was reported to have been told by medical staff that he had died from coronavirus but the post-mortem recorded hypertensive heart disease as the official cause of death.

      We are sorry for the mistake.




    • Non Snowflake says:

      I haven’t had any jabs because I knew from day 1 what a total farce and scam it all was. I did test positive about 3 months ago but simply felt unwell for a couple of days as you would with a normal cold. Absolutely fine after that. And I’m 55 and not exactly fit, I’m very overweight actually.

      So, therefore the jabs are a total money-spinning waste of time. Oh and they kill people as well.


  42. Fedup2 says:

    Reuters reports that chinese warplanes have buzzed the taiwan border before granny pelosi visits –

    If it goes nuclear – its been a good fight and no more TV licence – we won …


  43. MarkyMark says:

    Beyoncé to re-record offensive Renaissance lyric
    By Mark Savage
    BBC Music Correspondent

    22 hours ago




    • BRISSLES says:

      The 21st Century and they still can’t string 2 sentences together. Physically cannot say ‘th’, and isn’t it about time they are taught enunciation and gramma in schools ?


  44. Guest Who says:

    Sorely missed.

    Dara thinks there is no more news to lampoon.

    Others might feel it was certain production moves on casting, topic guidance, etc.


    • MarkyMark says:

      The BBC is comedy …


      Summer holiday activities for children: Tins parents fit do wit kids for fun and preparation for di new session
      4 hours wey don pass



    • BRISSLES says:

      Glad I haven’t wasted 17 years of my life ! Never did (and still don’t) subscribe to all those blokey panel/quiz shows that the right-on gang at the BBC love. Every sentence uttered is (supposedly) funny – bit like those self titled comedians on GB News, who clearly can’t get work elsewhere so must be glad of regular employment on the channel.

      Or is it just me ?


      • TrickCyclist says:

        And like all those American sitcoms where every line is delivered like it’s a “zinger.”


      • micknotmike says:

        Well Bris you sure as heck missed nothing at all. A typical “joke” would be something like :-
        “Why did the chicken cross the road?”
        “I don’t know, why did the chicken cross the road?”
        “Because ukip are racist and it’s all thatchers fault”

        – cue hysterical laugh track. The last time i watched it, Andy Parsons (Not funny) criticised the real president of the USA –

        “What do you expect from a man whose name sounds like an unpleasant bodily function?”

        I kid you not; this is the calibre of their work.


        • Terminal Moraine says:

          micknotmike that’s made me remember Panel Show from ‘The Story of the Twos’.

          Whitehouse and Enfield did a good send-up of the BBC, actually on the BBC… worth watching if you can still find the whole thing.


  45. TrickCyclist says:

    I was just having a look at the telly listings for today, what the effing Jeff was BBC2 doing showing Zeppelin at 6:05 this morning?
    A dodgy fifty-year-old war movie that I only remember because it was one the first films I ever saw at the cinema, on at six in the morning.
    Made me think, with their commitment to Net Zero by 2030, couldn’t the BBC start by transmitting for less hours, you know, ideally none?

    “The sky above the port was the colour of television, tuned to a dead channel.” (© William Gibson)


  46. taffman says:

    “Treason Act charge after Windsor Castle crossbow incident”
    I thought that Blair had repealed that act?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Taffman – I think it was an act to replace the Common Law offence which still had a capital punishment attached to it – a bit like the setting fires in RN docks one …..

      As for the accused … makes a nice change that it is a Hindu ? Rather than a Muslim or Irish Republican – unless my read is wrong ….


  47. Philip_2 says:

    BBC Slammed for Allowing Its 50/50 Male and Female Quota ‘to be Filled by Transgender Guests.’ The British Broadcasting Corporation is facing backlash after claims they are allowing its 50/50 male and female target quota to be filled by transgender guests. The 50:50 project was founded with the aim to increase the number of women on screen. .
    GB News report

    Of course the BBC value women so highly they never gave them EQUAL pay to men until challenged in the high courts. And its the BBC that fully supported the TAVISTOCK sex change clinic that was closed down this week due to it handing out ‘sweeties’ which were puberty blockers to anyone that asked for one.

    It reminds me of Jimmy Saville handing out sweets for sexual ‘favors’ at the BBC. Whilst BBC staff thought it was perfectly OK to abuse children and minors, if you don’t get found out.

    Tavistock Trans Clinic Prescribed Puberty Blockers to Kids After One Meeting
    More on that here.

    Oh yes! The BBC love transverters! Particularly children from (Rotherham) mentally scarred, (dope) drug dependency, (privates removed) fresh eunuchs(!). Get it ALL (and more) on CBBC sex changers. After six months of BBC queer brainwashing any child (watching BBC children’s TV) would no doubt have lost the will to live, and be -confused – about who they are and where they come from. BBC make TRANS the ‘aspiration’ for children wishing to become TV presenters. Equal pay for TRANS! Get your TV Trans license (only £175 per year). Harmless fun! Safe! Make (Lots) of new friends! Be a boy for a day! BBC ‘likes’ boys.

    Expect it isn’t.A US report claims the Puberty blockers being used (by TAVISTOCK) leads to early death and brain seizures.***

    The Times read

    Even The Times admit that ‘queer-theory’ is a dangerous theory now proved wrong. The BBC may of left STONEWALL, but Stonewall exists because its the BBC who sponsored it as public charity (via BBC Children In Need) and then claimed its a success for ‘diversity’. Its a constant source of inspiration of the BBC to re-invent sex changers as an exciting new (progressive) experience and constant employment at the BBC. Don’t just go Gay!, change your sex! Perverts at the BBC have done it all. You can trust the BBC as vital as the NHS TAVISTOCK clinic. As a previous Director General said of his terrific corporate organ defending his glorious BBC Charter to defraud, abuse children and employ the perverted.

    The TAVISTOCK was closed due to this report from the US. The UK was forced to close it despite the BBC and STONEWALL promoting it as an ‘ideal’ experience for children and adults.

    ***FDA Officials Warn of Brain Swelling, Vision Loss in Minors Using Puberty Blockers. Puberty blockers, known as gonadotropin-releasing hormone substances, received a warning from U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials earlier this month, saying the drug could cause brain swelling, loss of vision, and serious risks for children injecting the hormone. .
    Read more here

    Think of this when you pay the TV license.


  48. StewGreen says:

    On 20 July BBC published a podcast
    It’s not been on the radio, yet today Radio4 yet again tweeted promotion of it
    Isn’t Nadiya LUCKY that the BBC keep promoting her ?


  49. StewGreen says:

    Thurs 4th August 9am & 9pm BBCRadio4 Sangita Myska show
    Ep.1 asks, “Can ‘feeling the future’ help solve the *climate crisis* ?’.

    Does the BBC have an editorial line
    that there is a “Climate Crisis” ?

    That looks to me like PR word, not a science word
    Just like river courses change, climate changes,
    that doesn’t mean it’s a CRISIS


  50. StewGreen says:

    2pm Belfield case : He put up a video saying that the judge has finished his own summing up
    And that the jury have now retired
    They are now 11 cos one has Covid
    They will be sitting from 10am-2pm for the next days until they reach a decision
    And then Belfield will be called back to court