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  1. Foscari says:

    There are many regional accents in the UK and I should
    include the Irish Republic. Because the BBC has a number
    of presenters and reporters who come from both the
    north and south of the Emerald Isle.
    So I suppose it’s good for us to listen to a plethora of
    accents on the BBC. We are lucky its not dialects . Even a
    strong Glaswegian accent is mostly understandable to us
    Southern softies.
    OK I can really only understand about half of what Jamie
    Carragher is mumbling in scouser. And around 50% of
    what he says makes sense. So I suppose that’s ok.
    No , what I cannot conform to is, for Caribbean English being
    the default accent of continuity presenters on the BBC.
    It’s not patois yet. But listening to up to 10 times a day to the
    rap opening to the Commonwealth Games . It may not long
    before we hear ” Small up yuhself. Weh yuh ah seh. Wah Gwaan.
    CLIVE MYRI, the news. Lickle more.
    To be honest when I was a manager of a betting shop in Brixton.
    I was called much more colourful patois. which is not really
    suitable for this website. OK The BBC are a load of Bumbo-pussy-raasclaats!!


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      ‘Rapper Pa Salieu ‘dropped from Games closing ceremony’

      … for bottling someone in a fight.

      Hats off to the BBC, it is ALMOST mentioned in the article.

      Anyway, what kind of (c)rapper uses a name like parsley?!


      • StewGreen says:

        The artist was convicted in March of possessing a bottle as an offensive weapon during a brawl which saw his friend stabbed to death.
        He also *admitted violent disorder*r and is awaiting sentence.

        “His trial for the incident in 2018 ended in March and he was originally due to be sentenced a month later,
        however the courts keep moving the date,
        “This date has changed four times already, with the latest date now being set as the 2 December.”
        ,,, Doh that may not be court’s fault
        It sounds like the courts are waiting for the trial of everyone to be finished and that might not have happened yet for various possible reasons”


  2. MarkyMark says:

    order-order …. “GB News is fake news.
    With Mark Steyn shouting out anti vax lies every night.

    Obviously this attracts the dim, uneducated alt-right conspiracy theorists.

    But anyone with an education is going to turn over to another channel.”

    BBC News
    BBC One, 4 June 2022, 10.30pm

    We reported that the acclaimed British sculptor Sir Antony Gormley is to become a German citizen. We said he was giving up his British passport because of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union and that he had described the move as embarrassing and had plans for new sculptures that would reflect his view.

    In fact Sir Antony Gormley is not giving up his British nationality and has asked us to make clear the circumstances behind his application for a German passport.

    Sir Antony holds dual nationality as a result of having a German mother and has decided to apply for a German passport, which he will hold alongside his British one.

    In a statement he says he remains a proud British citizen and is grateful for the extraordinary support he has received from so many people and institutions across the UK but he is also keen to retain his links with and continue to show his work in Europe.

    We apologise for the mistake.



    • StewGreen says:

      That anti-Steyn comment on Guido was from Bruce Everiss
      25 downlikes

      He makes dozens of comment everyday, mostly righty
      And has made 5,400 comments just on Guido
      that’s strange


  3. MarkyMark says:

    ‘Depressed and terrified’ – BBC licence fee prosecutions criminalise vulnerable Britons
    THE BBC LICENCE fee has long been a source of dread for millions up and down the country. Express.co.uk examines it and the effect it is having on Britons.
    11:12, Wed, May 18, 2022 | UPDATED: 11:12, Wed, May 18, 2022



  4. Nibor says:

    The Farming programme Radio 4 six in the morning .

    One item was about the water shortage and needing more storage capacity due to ;; the increase in population and climate change.;;

    So we’re having an increase in the population are we , And this is due to …? It’s due to illegal immigration. Why should we pay taxes when the governments of this country base a major plank of their undeclared policy on something illegal ? More on that later .

    Another item on the programme was a – this seems a contradiction in terms – NEW folk song . About immigrants working in the agriculture sector .
    The traditional way of defining folk songs were that they were sung by workers who learnt them from their fathers , were unwritten until Cecil Sharpe went around the country collecting them early last century and no one know who composed them .
    This new one was made up by a department of a university.

    Then on to the Today programme where they report that the Red Cross and UN say this country’s policies towards illegal asylum seekers are driving them into the hands of criminals.
    So is the Red Cross another so called charity that is also a pressure group advocating how the country should be run ?

    Again this being the BBC no questions are asked why countries such as Romania , which is in the EU , don’t have doesn’t have one problem with one bogus asylum seeker , never mind the millions of problems we have with millions of illegal immigrants.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Home Office loses track of more than 600,000 people who should have left country, finds immigration watchdog
      UK border checks branded ‘shambolic’

      May Bulman
      Social Affairs Correspondent
      Thursday 29 March 2018 16:39


  5. MarkyMark says:

    Kings of cocaine: how the Albanian mafia seized control of the UK drugs trade
    Albanian crime gangs used the threat of violence – and commercial savvy – to take over the UK cocaine market.
    Albanian crime gangs used the threat of violence – and commercial savvy – to take over the UK cocaine market. Photograph: Romas Foord
    ‘They’re sophisticated, clever – and they always deliver’: from the ports of Europe to the streets of London, one criminal network is now at the top of the UK’s £5bn trade

    Mark Townsend Home Affairs Editor
    Sun 13 Jan 2019 07.00 GMT



  6. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    With interest rates going up I expect savers can look forward to an increase of 0.1% on their savings.


  7. Thoughtful says:


    Big US media shares have fallen on common by 35 per cent because the begin of the yr, in contrast with a 13 per cent decline within the S&P 500 index, leading to complete losses of $380bn in market capitalisation.

    Even after recovering considerably previously few weeks, the inventory costs of the biggest media teams — Disney, Netflix, Comcast, Spotify, Roku, Fox, Paramount, Warner Bros Discovery, The New York Times and News Corp — have halved on common from all-time highs reached in the course of the coronavirus pandemic, in response to Financial Times evaluation.

    What a shame, my heart bleeds for them, but how much of this fall can be attributed to the insane preacy woke BS they engaged it which caused many to stop paying for their services?

    Alas that the BBC is still immune to the reaction of its audience and it doesn’t matter to them if no one watches or listens thanks to the “unique funding model” !


    • Fedup2 says:

      I have to admit I was disappointed with Netflix – just about tolerate ‘prime ‘ if only as part of a package – but I don’t get the fixation with aiming at woke kidults with limited disposable income whereas the more intelligent older group might have a bit more cash ….
      As for the batgirl film – who knows maybe if it’s that bad it would do well because people want to pass their own judgement .
      I remember that when i was studying tax law there was a film called ‘escape from Athena ‘ which was just made as a tax avoidance vehicle – maybe that’s what batgirl was ..


  8. taffman says:

    \\Meanwhile Mr Sunak said he would be an “activist prime minister” who would call out “failures of devolution”.//
    There’s a lot of taffmen calling out the failure of devolution.
    Devolution was a disaster for Wales. It wastes our hard earned money!


    • MarkyMark says:

      Comment “And yet, despite the usual daft comments you’ll get here, Drakeford is very popular in Wales, probably because of his humanity and his care for those he represents. The charmless Truss and Sunak by contrast care only for themselves and will say or do anything to get up that slippery pole.”


  9. MarkyMark says:

    A confused citizen who cannot know if they can afford heating next week is a happy citizen.

    Energy bills to rise and fall quicker to avoid price shocks

    In May, Ofgem said the typical household should expect to see an £800 increase to £2,800 a year, but it now says prices are looking higher than when it made that estimate.


  10. theisland says:


    • MarkyMark says:

      BBC presenter who sexually abused boy while another man held him down is jailed for eight years
      Ex BBC DJ John Caine, 69, lured a teenage boy to studios with backstage passes
      Caine groped the boy in his car on the way home from BBC Merseyside to Wales
      The victim said his life is now split into ‘before’ and ‘after’ the events in the 1970s
      Caine was prosecuted for similar offences in the 70s – 90s over a decade ago
      Judge Petts put him on sex offenders register for life at Caernarfon Crown Court


      Steve Coogan says Jimmy Savile drama The Reckoning ‘will vindicate itself’
      20 April



  11. MarkyMark says:

    Ambassador Susan E. Rice is the Domestic Policy Advisor in the Biden Administration. As Director of the Domestic Policy Council, she drives the formulation and implementation of President Biden’s domestic policy agenda, from economic mobility and racial equity to health care and immigration. She previously served as President Obama’s U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations and National Security Advisor from 2009-2017. She is the author of the New York Times best-selling memoir, Tough Love: My Story of the Things Worth Fighting For.



  12. digg says:

    Zoe Williams doing her bit for the Labour Party by trying to rub out foolish notions that there is such a thing as white working class.

    There follows a diatribe of nonsense that even a blind man can see through as Labour politicking.


    A cursory look at our Zoe’s background reveals

    “Zoe Abigail Williams was born on 7 August 1973 in Hounslow, West London, England. Williams was educated at the independent Godolphin and Latymer School for girls in London and read modern history at Lincoln College, Oxford. Her father, Mark Williams, was a psychologist, and her mother was a set designer for the BBC.”

    For starters this is what you need to stump up to go to that eminent girls school:

    REGISTRATION FEE (non-returnable) £150


    Autumn Term 2021: £7,695
    Spring Term 2022: £7,918
    Summer Term 2022: £7,918

    That’s the thick end of £24,000 a year, probably more then what most white working class whole families live on!

    Sounds eminently qualified to teach us all exactly what white working class means!

    What a wonderful thing it would be for the metro-libs if these “mythical” white working class people could all be cancelled or re-labelled.

    I have posted before about the zany scribes this lady has committed to print. This one does not let her down and shows an astounding level of privileged ignorance!


    • Doublethinker says:

      I remember back when I still watched the BBC , that was before I recognised the harm it was doing to my mental health, that Zoe was on a show and the presenter introduced her as being on the left. Oh no said Zoe she wasn’t merely on the left but on the Intellectual Left. You have to be pretty dumb to introduce your self as being an intellectual. Even a newt has more brain cells than Zoe.
      By the way this woman thought it was perfectly ok for Labour Activists to spit at Tories . Personally I would take the view that my cat’s excrements is much too good to throw at the likes of Zoe.


      • StewGreen says:

        “In 2015 when lefty protesters spat at and threatened Tories going into their conference, the Guardian’s Zoe Williams said “I don’t have a problem with it”, and blamed their “persistent exclusion from the debate”.

        So woman who says her mates are excluded from debate. so can get violent.
        Denies a certain demographic exist
        .. isn’t that EXCLUDING people ?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Digg – the numbers and facts speak for themselves . I wonder if people like her ever have self doubt ? Or that twinge of guilt about the deceit ?
      So to educate a couple of kids you have to have £50k a year to spare to keep them away from the working class scum – ‘network ‘ and plan for careers writing for The Guardian – BBC – swamp ….

      The ladies ‘ tax return – as a company no doubt – would also be revealing ….it’s all about money …

      From my working class heritage Zoe would be described as a busy body or scatty cow at best


      • Scroblene says:

        My dad always asserted that anyone on P.A.Y.E. was considered working class, as indeed we all were in my family!

        But some (like my dad) worked harder and earned more than others, so our increased taxes paid for sheep to listen to big mouths like that silly bitch.


    • digg says:

      To shed more light onto this fable of an article, the entire content is drawn from a study by an outfit called CLASS.


      Of which our Zoe is a on the “National Advisory Panel”

      The advisory panel appears to consist of people like Zoe from the media along with Owen Jones, another Guardianista, Diane Abbot and other Labour politicians, plus around 15 University professors and a sprinkling of Union chiefs. So obviously unlikely to have any left-wing bias and totally knowledgable about working class folk!

      In fact, to a man or woman the usual suspects!


      One of CLASS’s key aims appears to be to undermine the support displayed by “The Working Class” for Brexit, so there you have it. Basically a think tank to reverse Brexit. Funny how when liberals group this is their single-minded obsession.


      Massive banner of the EU flag!


    • Nibor says:

      Why does the Labour Party call itself Labour ?

      It doesn’t represent the labourers, the working class .

      Like Freemasons don’t represent artisans in stone .

      Change the name , Labour.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        L’aborto might be more appropriate – apart from anything else, all the right kind of supporters would immediately understand the full parapsychic, metaphysical and allegorical use of the term, and of course be familiar with the modern Latinate language base, from their school trips to Tuscany, whereas the undesirable, laggards of the great unwashed would almost certainly struggle to comprehend the full implications of the name, and thus, without any active discrimination, simply cease to exist.

        One glance at our Zoe’s mien in that Guardian photo would convince most she was never of the the labouring classes (although I’m quite sure there’s more than a little derby winner in her pedigree).


    • Wild Bill says:

      She seems to be mocking or denying the ‘red wall’ but I expect it was Labour who invented that phrase?
      I seem to remember a comedy (?) touring group going around probably before Blair got in power, call The Red Wedge.


  13. Northern Voter says:

    Are the bBBC guilty of corporate piracy?
    Their logo for the fun and games going on in the Black Country is CWG, as far as I know CWG is the logo of the Cowwonwealth War Graves commission. The bBBC couldn’t give a toss about that, though.

    Mrs Voter is watching the diving from said fun and games, I just upset her by asking if Tom Daley was doing the commentary. She said “how did I know” I replied that I could hear his knitting needles clicking in the background.


  14. theisland says:

    From a brave MOD source –
    The real figure of illegals trafficked in by the govt in 2022 processed in Dover & Ramsgate stood at 19,112! Aug 3 – 92%+ are Muslim men without IDs

    NB: The MOD deliberately publish lower nos & the govt now predict 70-80K will arrive by Dec🙄

    Labour voters and Labour councillors.


    • Fedup2 says:

      You know when you hear bare facts about something and really go WTF?

      A 93 year old with dementia , one leg , wheelchair – threatening violence with a knife in a care home – sprayed with CS – tazered- hit with a baton and dying 3 weeks later ….

      .. is beyond belief – the 2 plod suspended for suspected manslaughter are gonna be having a long 2022…..


  15. Guest Who says:

    Better than hoped.


    • StewGreen says:

      Neil merely tweeted a Spectator article Dara tweeted back a sneer
      .. but that did get 51K Likes from his 2.6 million followers

      How come he has that many ? Did he buy them?


  16. StewGreen says:

    ITV local NewsPR
    final long item
    “Oh more girl’s should get into football
    the success of Nadia Khan should inspire young Asian women to get into football.
    The Doncaster Rovers player has just been selected to play for Pakistan”Reporter seemed to be Tahmeena Alam


  17. Guest Who says:

    Rowlatt… you’re up…


    • StewGreen says:

      writing something in capitals is not evidence it’s true
      Indeed shouting it like that. casts doubt on it being true

      Of course there are lefty lawyers.


    • Sluff says:

      I had a conversation with a lawyer friend about this some weeks ago and they said the same thing. You represent your client.

      However this argument fails when one considers that lawyers develop specialities. Would you want to spend your working life on something you fundamentally disagreed with? Or would you prefer to spend your time on situations that interest you?

      And of course lawyers can decide which cases they will accept.

      Thus lefty lawyers are indeed lefty. They just hide in plain site.


  18. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    That gobby woman (permana Assad) is on Dewbs and co again not letting anyone else talk and talking over the others if they try to say anything.
    Michelle has lost control of her again.
    Typical far left gobshite.

    A pity because I wanted to hear what Laurence Fox had to say but he could hardly be heard.

    Hope I’m wrong but it looks like Mark Steyn is not on his show tonight. Laura Perrin appears to be standing in for him. She’s good but nobody can replace the bbc slayer.


  19. taffman says:

    “Bank of England warns the UK will fall into recession this year”
    I think its time that the WOKE NET ZERO Fuel Tax was ditched ?


  20. Sluff says:

    Watching the CW Games male partially sighted 100m.

    Except that one of the runners is completely blind and has to run attached to a guide, you know how you need Co-ordination in the three legged race? Exactly. The others appear to be able to see, running alone and picking out their supporters in the crowd afterwards.

    The really blind man came third. What a star. So much easier when you can see.
    BTW there were only four in the race and three won medals.

    Sport? Competition? Equal to Usain Bolt?
    Errr, I don’t think so, but name me a single politician willing to call it. Or indeed BBC presenter.


    • Scroblene says:

      I knew a bloke who registered as disabled, because he had just one leg. Nice guy, liked him a lot.

      He was near to Olympic standards in the paraplegics as …an archer!

      Douglas Bader was always thought to wear his left leg shorter when he played golf, so he was always clonking the ball ‘uphill’!

      As for me in sport, I never counted the golf shots I missed completely, I kicked bloody great rugby goals with my toecap (like Bob Hiller), and I was always number eleven in my cricket side, and had to collect five bob for the beer kitty at every match!

      (We used to play the BBC Cricket side every year in Hastings. I remember John Tidmarsh trying to psyche me out while fielding at silly mid-on, which was indeed a bit bloody silly as I’d never knock a ball that far)!


  21. Fedup2 says:

    Let’s hear it for Gemma White QC – she / her / it – has been appointed by the BBC to investigate / review ‘ whitewash the BBC and BBC big name – Tim Westwood – was there a cover up ( of course not ) did the BBC do its’ guidelines ( yes of course it did ) is Tim good to go ? ( of course )

    Next scandal please …


  22. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I think I know how to solve the hundreds of migrants crossing the channel each day.

    The government can use their often used method by putting a cap on the numbers allowed to come over just like they put a cap on the energy bills.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      I think our government needs to redefine the meaning of the the word cap. When I was a child a cap was something you wore on your head. Nowadays our rulers seem to think that the word cap means the same as the word stop.


  23. StewGreen says:

    Martin Bell is on about “the BBC is universally respected”
    doh the item started with the news about the licence fee payer number declining again

    Bell finished by saying what a disaster Brexit is
    … so that indicates his own Guardian buubleworld


  24. StewGreen says:

    Is the qango called @EnglishHeritage committed to EQUALITY ?
    or do they think white British people are second class people ?

    @EnglishHeritage don’t automatically give free entry to every dinghy diver
    but once a person has been granted refugee status
    or have been given leave to remain as a displaced person
    .. OR is on an organised trip
    they are in
    (I think most dinghy divers don’t have this status, rather they are living illegally or in some limbo waiting for their cases to be settled, perhaps doing years of appeals etc.)

    Most UK born people have to pay full price

    That’s not equality cos a refugee may be very rich, like many Iranians who get into the UK

    Yes, if you have been granted refugee status or have been given leave to remain as a displaced person, you can visit English Heritage sites for free


    .. organised group visits of people seeking refugee status or leave to remain,
    run by local authority resettlement services or charities
    – these groups will be admitted free as long as they have pre-booked via the usual group booking procedure.


  25. StewGreen says:

    “our commitment to #BlackLivesMatter ”
    responding to intimidation from @museum_detox
    ( Network for museum and gallery workers who identify as of colour.)
    EnglishHeritage tweeted this
    and it leads to a page that seems to have the typical history Fakenews Simon Webb exposes


    • StewGreen says:

      Is EnglishHeritage committed to rewriting history
      and feeding it to children ?



    • MarkyMark says:

      “still have much more to do” – every BLM statue is a piece of Western history removed. HA HA HA HA


      Colston statue should be displayed in a museum, say Bristol residents. A majority of Bristolians think the toppled statue of slave trader Edward Colston should be displayed in one of the city’s museums, according to the results of a survey on the artefact’s future.4 Feb 2022


  26. StewGreen says:

    Alex Belfield reports that he has been called back to court at 10am to hear some “unanimous verdicts”
    After that the jury will still consider the other ones
    until they knock off at 2pm
    If they need more time, the final verdicts won’t come until Tuesday at least.


  27. StewGreen says:

    The Not Fit For Purpose Office’s HR dept has gone crazy for tick-box staffing targets

    (not paywalled for me)


    • MarkyMark says:

      Having failed to muster enough support for a leadership bid, Priti Patel is currently enjoying what are likely to be her final weeks in charge at the Home Office. The Witham MP has held the post for more than three years but despite her reputation as a hang ’em and flog ’em hardliner, there’s precious little sign she’s been able to change the prevailing culture in her department. Leaked messages in June showed the extent of internal opposition to Patel’s flagship Rwanda scheme. ‘Trans inclusive sports day’ are still being held and there’s a strong push for ‘preferred pronouns.’


      Home Office loses track of more than 600,000 people who should have left country, finds immigration watchdog
      UK border checks branded ‘shambolic’

      May Bulman
      Social Affairs Correspondent
      Thursday 29 March 2018 16:39


      About us (UK Home Office)

      The first duty of the government is to keep citizens safe and the country secure. The Home Office has been at the front line of this endeavour since 1782. As such, the Home Office plays a fundamental role in the security and economic prosperity of the United Kingdom.



  28. JohnC says:

    Quiz of the week: Batgirl film canned – but what’s her name?

    This article made me smile because of it showing just how desperate the BBC are when persuing their agendas.

    ‘.. was scrapped amid reports of poor reaction to test screenings. ‘

    In other words, complete Leftist propaganda garbage.

    But the BBC – no doubt fuelled by spite – could not let the lemon die the quick death it deserves. Instead they continue to beat the drum with totally pointless articles like this.

    And within the seven questions we have Batgirl, Hitler, Womens footy, The black woman from Star Trek who died (with an activism based question), Love Island, Nancy Pelosi and some space junk.

    Sounds more like what BBC staff talk about in the office than anything I would beinterested in.


  29. Zephir says:

    I used to like the Jurrasic Park films and saw the new one was on

    I went to cinema as we were passing and nearly booked, but thought I’ll just check the times.

    At home checked the trailer online, thank goodness I did.

    Starts with a dinosaur (good) thats about the end of it

    Plane ride in trouble: black wimmin pilot of course

    Climate change all our fault

    close up of white woman snogging black man (yes really in a two minute trailer of dinosaur film) which seems now to have been removed as I just checked.

    Read reviews all much the same panning it.

    Hope it loses money.


  30. Zephir says:

    “So the movie opens in West Texas. A family of migrant Latinos own a farm– and something is killing it.

    Fast forward 2 minutes and we find out a plague is spreading across the globe. Plague. And this plague is going to destroy infrastructure and the food supply and people are going to starve and die.
    This plague, as it turns out, was developed in a LAB halfway around the world by a bunch of Asian scientists that were monkeying with DNA and genetics of ……… dinosaurs.

    They created this plague and along side it, developed a variant crop that would survive the plague– but you could only buy the “cure” from them…..

    One thing leads to another and the plague hops continents and now the whole world is infected and and errrrrrrbody is gonna die.

    Of course, climate change is (at first) the blame for this plague (pushed by the company that created it..).

    But fear not– the day will be saved by the original cast of Jurassic Park as well as Star Lord and Ron Howard’s ginger daughter, along with a female, black lesbian pilot (who has a thing for red heads) and a genetically altered 14 year old who can talk to a baby Raptor..”


  31. Fedup2 says:

    A piece by Allison Pearson from the Daily Telegraph about the BBC and the commonwealth games – for those with an interest and no pay wall

    Why is the BBC broadcasting the Commonwealth Games? The corporation is clearly deeply ill at ease with what its staff would regard as a “problematic”, “imperialist” (racist) institution. Coverage of the opening ceremony, which should have been a fantastic, uplifting celebration of sport, was barely watchable, I found. It was like being forced, in the middle of a birthday party, to attend a lecture on diversity and LGBTQ rights. A bard from Birmingham called Casey Bailey intoned a dire bit of doggerel which instructed us to “check the galleries and palaces for the evidence of wrongdoing”. I’m sure that Adam Peaty and our gold-winning swimmers in the 4 x 100-metre relay think of little else.

    As Casey fretted about millions of people “held under” by the Commonwealth’s banner, the Beeb helpfully added footage of the National Front (from 50 years ago) just to remind viewers what a horrible, racist country we live in. “What does the Commonwealth mean in modern society?” a frowningly earnest Clare Balding asked her studio panel. “The history of the Commonwealth isn’t the best,” said Ama Agbeze, who strangely seems to have done quite well under that dreadful organisation, captaining England in 2018 to a Gold medal in hideously white netball no less.

    Gymnast Max Whitlock told Clare he was excited about the “diverse and inclusive” opening ceremony, saying it would be “a statement about the need for many Commonwealth countries to change laws, change attitudes”. That turned out to mean Tom Daley carrying the Pride flag into the stadium with six other standard-bearers who represented the 35 Commonwealth countries where homosexuality is still a crime. Black members of the Commonwealth used to be patronised and told off by white fascists. Now, they get patronised and told off by white liberals. And they call this progress.

    Ironically, the colonisers of today are the Wokeists who want to infiltrate every aspect of life – sport, culture, politics – and bend it to their righteous, hectoring creed. The BBC could have acknowledged that some Christian Commonwealth countries have a moral objection to the philosophy of Pride. That would have shown the “cultural sensitivity” which they aggressively demand of others. But, no. Its attitude is that such people should be “educating” themselves in inclusion instead of training 12 hours a day to run faster than any human before them. Sounds a teeny bit racist, don’t you think?

    Why must everything be about “Diversity” instead of Diversity’s sweet, magnanimous sibling, Unity? No occasion is just allowed to be fun any more. Enough people are sick of it now, I think, for the fightback to begin, starting with the highest offices in the land. On LBC this week, Jacob Rees-Mogg spoke with his customary lethal courtesy about civil servants in the Cabinet Office who had done a “Check Yo Privilege” course. The idea of all those Oxbridge-educated mandarins excusing that appalling grammar – Yo must be joking, Humphrey! – and reflecting on how their sociocultural identities had shaped their ascent from Winchester to Whitehall would be hilarious were it not for the scandalous amount of public money wasted on what Mr Rees-Mogg correctly called “woke rubbish”.

    Suella Braverman also lent her mighty mind to the battle against what she called a “new religion with a new priestly caste”. The Attorney General said she was “horrified to discover that hundreds of government lawyers spent nearly 2,000 hours of taxpayer-funded time last year attending lectures on “micro-incivilities”, different “lived experiences” and “how to be a straight ally”, courtesy of Stonewall. Incredibly, the lawyers are told that if a black person says something is offensive then it is offensive, and they don’t have a right to question it. So much for due process and Magna Carta, eh?

    Guilt-ridden, self-loathing elite groups seem particularly prone to drinking in this kind of Left-wing indoctrination. Normal people are more bothered about the macro-incivilities of their forthcoming gas bill. Liz Truss has pledged to scrap diversity jobs in Whitehall. Good. A pernicious identity politics which claims to enlarge tolerance only sows division, fear and, ultimately, racism. We need a Counter-Reformation to purge the heretic-hunting Stonewall Inquisition from our schools and institutions.

    Funnily enough, despite the BBC’s tedious obsession with inclusion, I have really enjoyed watching the sport from Birmingham, especially the gymnastics of Jake Jarman. Peterborough-born Jake’s double-back somersault with a triple twist defied gravity just as it defied belief. When he stood on the podium to collect his fourth gold medal, with the strains of Jerusalem swelling around him, did that mixed-race athlete think the Commonwealth event he bestrode like a god was about examining the past for evidence of wrongdoing? Or did his heart swell with pride, as he made our hearts swell with pride, and did he give that adorable shy smile of his and think, “Hooray! I won it for England”? That’s unity.ENDS


  32. andyjsnape says:

    Todays sympathy report
    Afghanistan refugees: Hotels and hopelessness, but opportunity too, in UK

    What next? Maybe if the bBC do a charity collection for them, starring pudsey bear


  33. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – desperately seeking not Susan but to save Andrew Bailey

    It was noticeable this morning that the BBC are out to try to save the job of Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England. Governor Bailey will be the Prime Interviewee at 8.10 a.m.. Andrew Bailey has been caught, not with his hands in the till (although the size of his salary could be questioned in a time of real austerity he prophesied yesterday) but asleep on the job. “It was the Pandemic wot made me do it” is Bailey’s feeble excuse.

    Why are the BBC so keen to save Bailey’s skin? Good question. I suspect Bailey supports several of the BBC’s favourite causes; not least Global Warming and Climate Change and the UK in the EU.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think ms truss will take that idiots’ head as soon as she walks through the door of number 10 . The horror of the economy is not his fault . But he could have mitigated what is coming by earlier action as well as less than wise comments / use of words .
      The monetary committee voted by 8 to 1 to raise yesterday . I wonder if the dissenter wanted .75% or even 1% ?
      I can’t find the answer to that . Will he have the courage to raise another .5% next time ? I don’t think so . He thinks he can make these changes slowly – but anyone if a bit of common sense can feel what has to be done .

      Meanwhile interest repayments to the money tree will be heading toward £30 billion a month ladies and gents 30 billion a month … yet public services are gonna improve and taxes are gonna be cut – yeah right .

      As for one of the causes for this mess – sunak – he’d do his ( adopted ) current country well if he withdraw now so that Truss can get on with trying to fix the mess – sunak won’t of course – because his career / ego – is more important than the UK …..


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, I think you are wrong again. The inflation is Bailey’s fault. He has been ‘asleep at the wheel’ because, as you should know well, oil is paid for in international markets in dollars. The £:$ exchange rate has been surpressed for the £ by our low Base Rate. Nothing at all to do with the Pandemic, nursing the recovery and potential depression/recession, although the increase in Money Supply did not help.

        But where was Andrew Bailey when he should have been warning the PM and Rishi Sunak? Nowhere to be seen or heard.

        Andrew Bailey should have also been warning the PM that abandoning all fossil fuels, especially gas, for COP26 was also an error. As you should well know, it was COP26 that started the oil and gas price rise. It was and is nothing to do with the war in Ukraine other than Putin’s retaliation for western sanctions.

        If the PM can be perceived as not telling the truth in regard to Chris Pitcher or holding ‘parties’ for work colleagues in No.10 Downing Street, then Andrew Bailey should be sacked as soon as possible for a double dereliction of duty.


        • Up2snuff says:

          UPDATE: Just checked the markets and they appear to agree with me that Andrew Bailey is wrong …. again. The £:$ rate has not significantly shifted. Apart from a saying about U-turns and also one about tins of Baked Beans before she became PM, I have Mrs Thatcher’s word’s “You cannot buck the markets.” running around my head this morning.

          Sometimes ‘markets’ can behave quite irrationally but at other times they take a view. The view currently (immediately after yeserday’s decision on Base by the MPC) appears to be that the interest rate rise was too little and is too late.


    • StewGreen says:

      The metro-liberal ruling class restricted the UK fossil fuel industry
      Meaning energy supply & storage was restricted
      When world oil prices rose, UK had to buy more dollars
      meaning £ fell
      DRIVING UK inflation

      #UKsNotaSafePlaceToInvest cos of @BEISgovuk policies


  34. andyjsnape says:


    I’m thinking maybe the bBC could help

    Apologise if the above picture doesn’t open,


  35. AsISeeIt says:

    The football play gap edition

    Pink alert! Our economic problems must be serious – the BBC online newspaper line up just promoted the Financial Times to top of their press pile.

    National newspaper of the year – boasts the pink market-watcher, yet rarely does the title pique the interest of the boys and girls at the Beeb, given its habitually rather staid, market-orientated, wordy headlines. Which is odd, given the globalist, internationalist, left-leaning, achingly socially liberal, PC-agenda driven nature of the FT’s editorial narratives.

    Our post-Lockdown economy is now officially broken (like we always knew it would be) – whilst, conveniently, there’s no politician actually at the helm to be held to account by taking proper responsibility: NO.10 rivals’ TV battle over how they’ll fix economy (giveaway Metro)

    So let’s now hear from our economic paper of record:

    BofE warns of long recession as interest rates rise by half a point (FT) – not much drama there – but you’ve now been told the bad news.

    Like one of those Looney Tunes cartoon characters running off a cliff over a precipice, so long as we didn’t look down… and Rishi Sunak borrow, borrow, borrowed on our behalf… we could just keep jogging merrily along safe in space. But, oh dear, eventually, sooner or later, we had to look down into the awaiting abyss.

    Most of us were more than happy for half the nation to languish at home for the best part of two years – Zooming it in. Cost benefit analyses may perhaps have been produced by the one or two civil servants left in the office – but government sure wasn’t going to reveal the bad news on the debit side of the NHS feather bedding and glorification equation. As Britain was re-christened the United Kingdom of Great Apathy and Hypochondria.

    Now even the less economically focused titles get the message – as shouts of woe echo down deep the canyon of economic despair.

    Britain slides into crisis… Get used to the grim new reality (Times)

    Recession to cause record drop in income (Telegraph)

    The big squeeze (freebie Metro)

    The big squeeze (left-leaning ‘i’) – ok, ok, you can stop the echoing – we’ve got the message.

    Like some late 1960s hippy: “<i>Like, there’s no bread, man!

    But there’s always circuses: The Prem is back tonight! (Daily Star)

    There’s even pessimism thereabouts: The season from hell. Why Premier League clubs and players fear disaster (Telegraph)

    Premier League stars could be forced to retire early as ‘season from hell’ looms. Combination of domestic football, European competition and a winter World Cup mean players could feature in 74 games – poor dears.

    Girls only get to play half as much football at school as boys (‘i’) – poor dears. Fix the football play gap.

    To be fair to our favourite comic tabloid it happily acknowledges: The bad news.. We’re going into recession for over a year, inflation is heading for 15%, our mortgages will soar as interest rates rise, the lights are going off – etc, etc…

    One has to admire the Star’s concise thought for the day: It’s all kicking off – neatly combining circuses and want of bread – in a sensible world the BBC might have promoted the Daily Star to top of the heap.

    But they went with the FT and we find several points of interest thereabouts.

    There’s this climate change agenda busting report: Glencore plans buyback and special dividend after coal fuels $19bn profit (FT) – put your money in fossil fuels – if you have any?

    The cash tills keep ringing, despite global warming: Next forecasts helped by hot weather (FT)

    However, given that it’s turning out to be a sunny summer, we can’t ignore the Gruan splash today – or should that be flash? Ever the pedagogue: The burning issue. Revealed The 12 extreme weather events that would ahve virtually impossible without human-driven global heating (Guardian) – convincing proof of that bold statement may be somewhat elusive and beyond the common man – dare one say academic? But I’ll bet you those annoying climate campaigners will parrot it back at us.

    FT Datawatch looks at: Low pay struggle. Annual unskilled income divided by cost of living at poverty line – I do hope you’re taking notes? Let’s simplify things – turns out the three countries with the worst low pay in work poverty problems are Denmark, US and UK – what do they have in common? Hmmmm? Open doors to mass inward migration of unskilled labour. A virtue-signalling feel good factor and nice juicy fillip to corporate profits when your economy is going great guns – a social welfare timebomb when recession comes around.

    Apple accused of putting reputation ahead of staff welfare (FT) – in a parallel sense that’s the lefties who fret over our international reputation as good guys and resist all and any attempt to stem the inward flow of people – and tell us bigoted open door border sceptics to just budge up a bit.

    China fires missiles near Taiwan ports (FT) – when all said and done China is looking like a bit of a paper tiger – Russia was the one to watch and the Biden administration took its eye off the ball leaving us Europeans holding the baby.


  36. Nibor says:

    Today programme talking about the water shortage and the need to build more reservoirs right now , this minute .

    The driest summer since 1935 . How did Britain get on then ? No mention. What was the population of the country then I wonder .

    Not even broached by the BBC is the biggest reason we have a water shortage; the increase in the population due to illegal immigration.


  37. Guest Who says:

    Going well for Sky again… and similar media rigged events.


    • Guest Who says:

      Secure in the knowledge that their utterly ideologically corrupt media mates have got their backs, this is what is coming from the likes of Rayner, Burgon and Spud U Loathe…

      The shame is that few getting the media broadcast version will see the Twitter counters.


      • Guest Who says:



        • MarkyMark says:

          NHS to benefit from £13.4 billion debt write-off
          Health Secretary announces over £13 billion of debt will be written off as part of a major financial reset for NHS providers.

          Department of Health and Social Care
          2 April 2020
          Last updated
          9 April 2020 — See all updates


          How much does it cost? In 2020/21 the Department for Health and Social Care spent £192 billion. This money is used to fund a wide range of health and care services, including GP services, ambulance, mental health, community and hospital services, which are commissioned by the NHS, and public health.13 Jan 2022


      • MarkyMark says:

        “Offer Change” – what are Ed Davey’s options?

        Tackle the climate emergency
        Tackle the climate emergency by generating 80% of our electricity from renewables by 2030 and insulating all low-income homes by 2025.

        Give every child the best start in life
        Give every child the best start in life by recruiting 20,000 more teachers as part of an extra £10 billion a year for schools.

        Build a fairer economy
        Build a fairer economy by providing free childcare from 9 months and giving every adult £10,000 to spend on skills & training throughout their lives.

        Transform our mental health services
        Transform our mental health services by treating mental health with the same urgency as physical health.



      • gb123 says:

        It must be a great life being a Lib Dem MP.
        -No chance of being the sole party of government.
        -Get a great salary and benefits with no responsibility.
        -Make a couple of constituency visits to calm the plebs.
        -Longer holidays than teachers.
        -Get interviewed and spout uninterrupted talking points
        -write a few books and retire in comfort.


  38. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – desperately seeking to support the narrative of Global Warming & Climate Change

    Darren Betts did the weather after the 6 a.m. News and kept mentioning a lack of rain, no rain for the south and implying an ongoing drought. Funny that he did not mention the rain during the night in the Canterbury area. When I heard Darren’s forecast I looked out of the window. Was I dreaming about rain? Was it unreal?

    No. The ground was still damp when I looked out of the window.

    In the pre-8 a.m. Weather Forecast, Darren Betts predicted that next week temperatures will reach 30°+C. Strange then that the BBC forecast does not show that for Andover, Brighton or Christchurch.


  39. Guest Who says:

    Next, JezBo, Orla, etc down in the hotel bar with Clive of Kviv in Gaza, not hearing, seeing or smelling anything, as Hamas launch Grads from behind stacked children.


  40. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    This is why I am still an optimist.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Yasser, Suella Braverman is good, pronounced great!


      • pugnazious says:

        Yes but the BBC is already on the attack…trying to discredit her comments about the Bank of England and interest rates…and thus by extension trying to undermine her overall and anything else she says.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Ok – this might take a while and repeat things I’ve said here before .

        At one stage in my career I was offered a qualification by my then employer to become a ‘trainer ‘ – it would be good for my career .

        But the catch was that I had to ‘deliver’ race training to large numbers of people . This involve me going on a very long and deep ‘race awareness course ‘…

        Now by nature I am a white racist bigot . So I had to bury that and become woke . So I did .

        For my shame – I delivers the race stuff to broadly 80% white groups . They hated it . But they knew me – and knew I had to go through the motions . So every said what they were expecting to say -nodded at the right time – sang the right songs ….

        But if you could have seen the body language . ….

        I conclude the training by realising that it had set views of minorities back by decades . That any hostility – or more likely – caution – when dealing with ‘ interacting with not straight whites would become far greater and that people – of whatever type – would not be best served by what I was doing …

        … since then – a couple of decades ago – things have got more polarised – people are regularly denounced now . Wise people do not speak openly – and as a result things are not ‘healthy ‘ any more .

        As for this politician making noises about it now – I think she’s more of a hypocrite than I was ….

        … because her party had presided over this cancer spreading through our national life and done nothing to stop it and said nothing about it .

        On the upside she’s probably the next home Sec.

        Here endeth the rant ….


        • BRISSLES says:

          Fed. interestingly Colin Brazier scantily referred yesterday as to his defection from Sky to GB News. He had to attend an ‘unconscious bias’ training session, and it was soon clear to him that it was a load of ‘nonsense’, but, as he said, he was careful not to rock the boat as he had his job and kids to feed.

          As soon as it was practicable, as he said, ‘he had a choice, so he left.


          • Fedup2 says:

            Brissles old thing – yes i heard mr brazier speak of this and felt for him . Its a kind of corporate madness. Nobody has the courage to just say ‘ no – that is a waste of time and money ‘ and an insult .

            Instead – up the management chain it goes – with the frankly evil HR department pushing it along since they tend to be the biggest disciples of this evil religion .

            At the end of the process i described i think i became more of a white racist than i was at the start of it .

            And treated non whites far more differently than i did before … in ‘ invisible ‘ ways …


        • MarkyMark says:

          How do we start to decolonize science? @0:10

          “Through the black magic, witchcraft you are able to send a lightning bolt to strike someone, Can you explain that scientifically … ” @0:50 – one of the speakers
          “It’s not true” – audience member
          “I need to address you directly (audience member who says witchcraft does not work). When we started this we agreed on certain house rules. By you doing that (arguing) you are disrespecting that sacredness of this space. I would like you please first to apologise …” – another speaker



  41. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #3 – desperately seeking answers from the Governor of the Bank of England, not!

    JustRemainIn (wonder when I’ll have to start explaining that soubriquet) Webb had a cosy chat with Andrew Bailey as promised at 8.10 a.m. but I missed the first two minutes rushing around for a re-fill cupper and a portable radio. Did anything important happen in that two minutes? Probably not.

    Did JustRemainIn ask about the woeful lack of savings for many people in the UK and low interest rates being a major disincentive to save in the UK? Not in my hearing.

    Mention was made of the Bank of England’s independence to set interest rates via Base Rate in 1997. Did JustRemainIn Webb ask about the 40%+ cumulative inflation from 1997 to 2010 under a Labour Government? Not in my hearing.

    Did JustRemainIn Webb ask about paying for oil in $ (Justin was BBC’s North America editor and knows about $) and the poor £:$ rate caused by the low Base Rate, kept low by Bailey and the MPC? Not in my hearing. Did Justin ask Bailey about the wisdom or otherwise of giving up on gas, gas extraction and oil by the outgoing PM and Cabinet specifically to look good at COP26 and whether the Governor warned the politicians that this would cause a ‘market shock’? Not in my hearing.

    Did Justin Webb at anytime establish that the Governor of the Bank of England and, indeed, high-paid BBC employees will be insulated, unlike the lower paid, against the forthcoming inflation and recession by their high salaries? Not in my hearing.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Up2- you didn’t miss much in the first 2 minutes – which is when I decided this was gonna be an ‘easy one ‘…

      I think Liz will say to Andy – the government is going to fix interest rates again – gonna resign ? ( yes ) …

      But I wonder if there is anyone who demonstratably has got hot right in the last year or two – – that’s the guy – this character couldn’t predict what day it is tomorrow —


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, if Liz Truss wins she should sack Bailey straight off. But then, maybe your way is slightly more humane. I could never understand why Gordon ‘We’ve abolished boom and bust’ Brown never reduced the parameters for the MPC down to 1%, or even -1%, which would have been a great achievement for the Labour Party and the ordinary worker and pensioner as well as the low paid. Especially if it had been sustained over thirteen years. But inflation creates the illusion of growth, even though there is no real growth, you are just expanding the size of the cake while making people too poor to afford to buy and eat inflated cake. The BBC regularly give voice to Lefties/Socialists/Communists/Marxists to conflate by stating: “We can afford to give people more, we have the fifth/sixth richest*:largest** economy in the world.”

        * Untrue, I have an uncomfortable feeling we have dropped out of the top twenty some time ago
        ** True, but only thanks to nearly six decades of inflation under Governments of different Parties


    • Fedup2 says:

      Tomo-thank u as always – he is a daily watch now instead of ‘today ‘ – and is as compulsive viewing as Mark Steyn is ….

      … do I get a feeling that some tides are changing just a bit ?

      Perhaps the coming economic hardship will accelerate it as a lot of people will be more occupied with bills than woke or green crap …?


      • tomo says:


        Tucker has a target painted on him in a way that Steyn hasn’t yet. He’s nearly had a home invasion already and I’d guess that some knuckle dragging AntiFa twerps have his image taped to shooting practice targets (and a few thugs in the FBI and CIA)

        Some 3 years ago I looked at Soros’s Open Society’s own bragging about how many MEPs they’ve compromised – gawd knows how many they actually wholly own. Soro’s bragging about “how successful” his acolytes are in Ukraine should be a VERY serious cause for concern.

        Remember that conspiracy theory to acknowledged truth is telescoping down into shorter timescales as every month passes.


  42. MarkyMark says:


    Growth in NHS recruits from abroad prompts concern about over-reliance

    The NHS in England is increasingly reliant on doctors and nurses recruited from outside the UK and EU, analysis has found.

    Some 34% of doctors joining the health service last year came from overseas, a rise from 18% in 2014.


  43. MarkyMark says:

    Six-year-old Sepehr Vesal stood with his face pressed against the window, counting the cars, counting the days until he would leave the hotel near Heathrow where he was isolating.



    The hotel serve the family Indian food which, he says, is more spicy than Afghan food and difficult for the children to eat. And he says many people are distressed that this situation has continued for so long.


  44. MarkyMark says:

    Sir Keir Starmer has been found to have breached the MPs’ code of conduct by failing to register eight interests on time, including gifts from football teams and the sale of a plot of land.



    Keir Starmer’s forensic rather than aggressive parliamentary approach feels like it makes it far more difficult to avoid answering the questions – I hope this will lead to an improvement in the quality of the debate.




    • Fedup2 says:

      It’s a great shame that the focused charismatic strong labour leader will now be resigning after ‘breaking the rules ‘. His strong stance on sticking to the rules – as evidenced by the non party in Durham – was a refreshing change from the wholesale breaches of the law by the ex chancellor and nut nut ….
      Still – starmer is an honourable man so his departure from the commons will be much missed ….

      …. Or maybe some rules matter – and others don’t ….

      …as for ‘forensic ‘ – he has never been able to nail the jelly like PM down – never …


      • MarkyMark says:

        Mistakes are made – imagine this is just a lazy admin clerk not doing their job as Starmer does not do this himself? Or does he?

        NewsUKUK Politics
        MPs awarded £2,200 pay rise as Britain faces cost of living squeeze
        ‘Right that they are paid fairly’, says watchdog as pay rises to £84,144

        Adam Forrest
        Tuesday 01 March 2022 18:29


      • Flotsam says:

        Some animals are more equal than others


        • StewGreen says:

          quote: \\ How the useless, stiff rakestepper-in-chief is thought ‘forensic’ is beyond me. //

          failing to register on time eight interests, including gifts from football teams and the sale of a plot of land.
          Speaking at the time, Sir Keir said he was “absolutely confident” he had not broken the MPs’ code of conduct.
          (So that is wrong and he will apologise)

          The commissioner said the “breaches were minor and/or inadvertent, and that there was no deliberate attempt to mislead”.
          The rectification procedure entails publishing the details and an apology on the Commons website.

          “Keir Starmer takes his responsibilities to the Register very seriously and has apologised to the Commissioner for this inadvertent error.
          “He has assured the Commissioner that his office processes have been reviewed to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”


  45. pugnazious says:

    So Alex Jones is fined $4million for promoting a conspiracy theory…OK…are the same rules going to apply to the Democrat Party and all its media lapdogs who promoted the biggest conspiracy theory of all…that Trump was a Russia agent?

    This had enormously damaging consequences for the governance of the US and for democracy, rule of law and respect for institutions…the Democrats essentially colluded with the Russians by giving credibility to disinformation, provided by Russian intelligence to Steele [which he admits], in order to unseat an elected President….and the BBC were there with them, cheering them on all the way…still are in fact promoting that idea.

    Will the BBC be fined millions of dollars for spreading a malicious and hugely dangerous lie?

    Lock ’em, up!


  46. MarkyMark says:

    Quiz of the week: Batgirl film canned – but what’s her name?

    BBC – keeping the dream alive.


    “By 2020, the BBC wants its employees to comprise 50% women, 8% disabled people, 8% lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people and 15% people from black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds.{bbc.co.uk 14sep2017}”

    * note that LGBT stands at 1.5% in the UK, but the BBC want 8% – so over representation.



  47. Flotsam says:

    I’m seeing Rishi condemn inflation at the leadership hustings. There seems to be a total disconnect by him from the fact he was the Chancellor responsible. Complete detatchment.

    There seems to have been a rigged audience at the hustings with a show of hands supporting Rishi.

    Am I being conspiratorial in thinking the delay in the leadership vote might have more to do with giving Rishi more time to catch up? Or find some dirt on Truss?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Yes – I think the money is with sunak – and Murdock has probably bought him so his crew will use the same audience selection as used in QT ….

      These TV things need to stop and Truss should just get on with it now – not in 4 weeks ‘time …


  48. Terminal Moraine says:

    I just read the Guardian article “Revealed: UK children being ensnared by ‘far-right ecosystem’ online”. It’s a masterclass in cherry-picked and misleading use of data. They’re stretching to reach a conclusion and it shows.

    Despite the doom-laden headline, the Guardian gives the game away when it says: “Although the numbers of young people radicalised by the far right remained small, Wilkinson warned: ‘I was on duty outside the Grand hotel [in Brighton] on 12 October 1984, when the IRA bomb went off. Terrorists only need to be lucky once. What we’re trying to do here is a needle-in-a-haystack job.’”

    Or — “we know the problem is tiny, but we’re dragging up an incident almost 40 years old, which wasn’t a far-right attack, to illustrate our point”.

    Meanwhile if you want to check the Home Office list of proscribed terrorist organisations, they currently list 72 groups. I counted five in the ‘far-right’ category; the overwhelming bulk of the 72 having names that indicate their peaceful religious makeup. Other things being equal (and they’re not), the chances of 67/72 being lucky once is rather greater than 5/72.

    Maybe stop trying to find the needles in the haystack and focus on the suicide bombers instead? They’re bigger and there’s way more of them.



    • Beltane says:

      ‘It’s a masterclass in cherry-picked and misleading use of data. They’re stretching to reach conclusion and it shows.’

      Or, in effect, they’re using standard Guardian editorial policy, also employed by their provisional wing, the BBC.


    • MarkyMark says:

      UK extremists ‘funded by small donations’, says report (by uk gov) {bbc jul2017}
      “Islamist extremist organisations (what is the definition or list of these?) in the UK receive hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, in the form of small, anonymous British-based donations, a long-awaited report has concluded….At no point does the summary refer to Saudi Arabia or any other country that has been accused of funding extremism in the UK.”

      – in summary, it cannot be tracked.
      – what about Sharia bonds?
      – Five Whitehall buildings held by wealthy businessmen now operating under Sharia rules (including a ban on alcohol)
      – Cameron admits Saudi Arabia funds extremist schools – so why are they still our allies? {express jan2016}
      – what about welfare payments to terrorists – are these the small, anonymous British-based donations? Can I stop paying NI as not to pay for terrorists like Khalid Masood and Anjem Choudary

      “To ask Her Majesty’s Government, in the light of reports by the BBC’s Panorama programme in 2010 that approximately 5,000 pupils in the UK are being taught the Saudi national curriculum, what action has been taken to ensure that school text books originating in Saudi Arabia which propagate hate speech and religious intolerance are not being used in schools, clubs and weekend schools in the UK. ”
      “Ofsted have not found any evidence of the text books referred to in the programme being used in schools that they have inspected.” – uk government’s response
      {theyworkforyou 05Dec2016}

      “In a written response to the findings, the Saudi ambassador to the UK said the teachings were not endorsed by the Saudi embassy.” – Saudi Arabia’s response – {guardian nov2010}

      “It claims (BBC Panorama) to have found 5,000 Muslim schoolchildren being taught that some Jews are transformed into pigs and apes and that the penalty for gay sex is execution. Some textbooks are said to teach the correct way to chop off the hands and feet of thieves. A spokesman for the programme said the pupils, aged six to 18, attend a network of more than 40 weekend schools across the country which teach the Saudi national curriculum to Muslim children.” – {guardian nov2010}

      Remember when the BBC actually chased the story …
      “…birthdays, remember, are the practices of disbelievers and immoral people. {bbc panorama video 2010}” @8:33
      “… the books (supposed to originate from London) turn out to be the Saudi Official National Curriculum. {bbc panorama video 2010}” @22:13



  49. Terminal Moraine says:

    Someone here the other day wondered about men’s netball — I just caught 10 mins of R4 and an ex-England netball captain was saying how she’s seeing dads showing interest when they bring their daughters to games.

    Call me suspicious, but I’d like to see some evidence of that. Failing that, how about some dodgy modelling? It’s all the rage these days.


    • Johnda says:

      Now the bbc have got rid of Boris there next “campaign “
      Get women and girls football promoted to the levels of mens football .
      No just just one more set of brainwashing programs no news just agendas


    • StewGreen says:

      ” seeing dads showing interest”

      I cannot imagine that dads would be interested in women’s sports where the players wear short skirts .


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