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  1. Up2snuff says:

    Don’t renew that TV Licence! Cancel that Direct Debit! Don’t you know that there is a cost-of-living crisis war on? Perhaps we need a William Hodges as a BBC TV Licence Warden going up to people in the street telling them “Put the TV in the dustbin.” or “Switch that TV off.”

    Apart from the news at 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. (twenty minutes in total) and Gardener’s Question Time (GQT) for the first time in ages (another forty-five minutes), I’ve had a BBC free day. Very pleasant. Have a good Bank Holiday everyone, may the sun shine on you.


    • BRISSLES says:

      What ARE you up to Up 2 ?? have you no hobbies ? no Scotch to down,? I bet you’re there, waiting for Fed to mention the new page then you strike ! You need a smack. 😉


      • Up2snuff says:

        Brissles, my dear old thing (I’m missing Blowers & Johnners already – as a child, when I got to August Bank Holiday Monday, the fifth and final Test Match of a normal summer would be in the fourth day of five and I’d get a bit nostalgic for the start of the cricket season just past) you have it all wrong. Am not short of hobbies or housework! In fact I was browsing a page that is hobby related when I thought ‘What wisdom had been posted by fellow BiasedBBCers?’ and re-visited just as Fed put up the new page.

        The BBC produce the same old, same-oh on their web-site and broadcast it across their airwaves, too. If I want real news, a better source can be my fellow BiasedBBC-ers. After all, we have correspondents dotted about the UK in places that the London/Salford/Edinburgh-centric BBC never knowingly knew about. 😉


    • StewGreen says:

      Catchup links to pot in the last 12 hours on previous thread
      page 4 started 7pm on Sunday
      page 3 started 5pm Saturday


  2. tomo says:



    • tomo says:


      • theisland says:

        “Sinister weaponised propaganda” – e.g. bBC reporter now correspondent Ms Spring in her double weapons-grade mask.


    • Sluff says:

      It’s also true for the UK, according to a recent Dr John Campbell video, where he quotes from reputable statistical sources.


  3. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Everything is all bolloxed up.

    Choose any organisation or situation in the UK and it’s in a right state.
    There’s enough to keep Mark Steyn going for centuries.

    Look at absolutely anything, law and order, net zero, channel crossers, nhs, inflation and we all could fill the page with all the different things and how bad they are being run.

    Our politicians are making a dogs breakfast of everything they interfere in. Is there anything they’ve made better?

    Happy start of the week to you all by the way.


    • taffman says:

      There is a way out, vote for UKIP, The Reform Party, alias The Brexit Party !
      The rest of the political parties have let us and this country down.
      Have you wondered why the BBC has been left to rob us by the so called “Tory Government” ?
      Operation Lock down – Fear, fear, fear!
      Never again .
      They have blood on their hands!


      • brexiteerkent says:

        Taff, yes but I just wish the above parties could get themselves organised. Come on Nigel! .. Or even Mark Steyn! .. Or maybe Donald would like to come over here! A right wing party that was sufficiently organised might win the next election. We have three left wing parties to choose from at the moment but fragmented right wing opposition. Please the right, get yourselves organised ! The right will soon never have a chance again as Blair’s immigration to out vote them policy will soon reach completion.


    • G says:


      All by design and collaboration/conspiracy.


  4. JohnC says:

    Ukraine war: Russian recruitment drive unlikely to have impact – UK

    I can’t help thinking that if we want to support Zelensky via propaganda, we should at least be sophisticated enough by now to not make a complete arse of ourselves while we do it.

    Here are our reasons:

    o Russia has lost tens of thousands of troops
    OK – so they are sending tens of thousands more to man the triggers those troops vacated.

    o Very few new contract (i.e. non-conscript) servicemen are being
    And ?.

    o Conscripts are not technically obliged to serve outside Russian
    territory, the MoD said.
    Western officials say some 70-80,000 troops have been killed or
    wounded since Russia invaded Ukraine six months ago.

    No Russian conscript will refuse to go because contrary to what the BBC tell you, the Russians support this war. They see it as a proxy war by the USA and those wishing to remain as the USA’s closest allies (ie us). And the second part is a repeat of point 1.

    How about telling us the current rate of loss in stead of the total ? . The reason is obvious.They aren’t losing many people because they changed tactics.

    The bottom line here is that as well as not trusting the media (especially the BBC) I don’t trust what the government tell me either. But after the COVID farce which is going to kill more than it saved, that’s no surprise.

    For me the summary is that Ukraine are losing, the USA are fighting Russia in every sense except which grunt pulls the trigger and we are slowly but surely stumbling into WW3.

    The only real hope here is that Russia think they cannot possibly win a global nuclear war and back down. That’s a heck of a gamble Biden is making. Especially considering his track record in Afghanistan.


    • Thoughtful says:

      America is perhaps desperate to prop up the threatened Bretton Woods agreement (see below) Saudi has moved to now be under Russian protection rather than American.
      America is perhaps demonstrating here to the Saudis the Russians are unable to protect them, this might be yet another Mafia Democrat error, because the Saudis are pretty pissed at the behaviour of America of late.

      Saudi is discussing accepting payment for oil in Yuan as China is its biggest customer, see below as to what the consequences of that are.

      The Biden begging tour was not just to ask the Saudis to pump more oil, it was the beg them to stop getting so close to Russia and the BRICS countries.

      It seems now though the die is cast and Americas collapse is just a matter of time.


  5. Thoughtful says:

    Not sure I have enought time to write the entirity of the implications of this however, for a short prece.

    There is only one jenga piece propping up the rotteness and corruption of Western Socialism, and that is Saudi insistence on being paid for their oil in US Dollars, which keeps the Dollar much stronger than it should be, and allows the massive borrowing which they can never repay.

    It’s been made far worse by Biden in many ways, as if he is deliberately trying to destroy America first he claims he wanted to make Saudi a pariah state, but worse for them is the ‘Green’ agenda which threatens to destroy the source of their wealth.

    So now the Saudis along with many others have thrown their hat in with the Russians who are now their protectors, and all it is going to take is Saudi offering to sell oil in other currencies to bring the entire West crashing down.

    It is suggested this is what Klaus Schultz meant by the great reset.

    The consequences of this would be hyper inflation in the US, the total devaluation of the Dollar, collapse of the stock market and America basically being utterly destroyed as a world financial power.

    Thanks to the globalists America doesn’t really manufacture anything nor does Europe, and it is really going to suffer when this happens as appears to be the plan.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      If you think about it, we’ve really set ourselves up to be totally dependent on others: manufacturing, agriculture, energy, defence… is there more?

      It would make us a very easy target for invasion/blackmail… erm… come to think of it, exactly what we’ve currently got.

      It MIGHT have been done deliberately, but honestly, I don’t most of the globalists are that bright… useful idiots, almost certainly.


  6. Nibor says:

    The War Against the BBC .
    BY Patrick Barwise and Peter York .
    ISBN 978-0-141-98940-Z .

    On the back cover ,

    “There is a war on against the BBC . It is under threat as never before . If we lose it , we won’t get it back .”

    If there is a war on , its a war the BBC started . An undeclared war it started because it’s a Gramscian riddled organisation that starts culture wars against everything normal that normal people are comfortable with . The normal things are under threat as never before, and the normal people have lost it but they want it back .
    As for the BBC , I hope it’s lost soon and never comes back .


    • JohnC says:

      ‘If we lose it , we won’t get it back .’

      Like Polio.

      ‘a crippling and potentially deadly infectious disease’. Exactly how I would describe what the essence of the BBC and the Leftists have become.

      Good riddance to bad rubbish. They are a product of the Empire they despise so much which has gone rotten.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      “There is a war on against the BBC . It is under threat as never before . If we lose it , we won’t get it back .”

      That’s exactly what most of us are hoping for, as JohnC points out, we’re all hoping it’s not some kind of recurring disease.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Sadly we can be sure that the BBC will survive if we have a Labour government. They will just make us pay for it out of general taxation.
      Our only hope is that Labour , or a Labour led coalition doesn’t win power. Even then I doubt that the Tories have the guts to end the Universal License Fee but I don’t think that they would want to move to a general taxation model. So the opportunity would remain for us to bring the monster to its knees by more and more of us refusing to pay the License Fee. A few million refuseniks , and there must be at least that many who loath the BBC, would see it bankrupt in a month or two.


  7. Guest Who says:



  8. Guest Who says:

    Well, how nice.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Make sense of parenthood ? dear God. She should just ask my dear old Mum, God bless her, or my Great Grandma who had 13 kids at the turn of the last century. What a load of bollox this generation has become.


    • theisland says:

      Ms Powell says she is dyslexic and “not good with words” …
      She said she felt being a teacher was too “restrictive” for her
      but if she didn’t sell her paintings she would go back to teaching.

      How many teachers nowadays are dyslexic?


  9. StewGreen says:

    Leo Kearse gives his views of climate activists
    extremely against them
    .. https://youtu.be/dsk7KsSYlf0


  10. BRISSLES says:

    Kearse struggled to read the auto-cue on GB news in his role as host, plus he thinks his audience are stone deaf, so I turned him off.


  11. Terminal Moraine says:

    Not BBC but a Guardian editorial on Sunak’s recent buck-passing revelations that lockdowns were too severe and that scientists were handed too much power. The Guardian calls this “a claim too far”, saying lockdowns should have come sooner and lasted longer.

    There are several studies now showing no significant correlation in mortality between countries that locked down and those that didn’t. Some studies show higher death rates in countries that locked down. And I’ve yet to see any MSM report on the fact that countries already had pandemic preparedness plans in place before covid… that none of them included locking down populations, and that (amongst western nations) these plans were inexplicably thrown out.

    Admittedly the piece falls under their ‘Opinion’ section. But isn’t that journalism these days? Poorly thought out, ideological opinion, with a few catchphrases like ‘following the science’ or ‘speaking truth to power’ or ‘beanz meanz heinz’. It’s brand narratives and lazy marketing slogans replacing coherent analysis with the hope that if you pump enough of it out, the next generation won’t tell the difference.



  12. Terminal Moraine says:

    Big news — a BBC cost of living article features a picture of a white man.

    Although on closer inspection he does seem to be sporting a culturally diverse Beard of Peace… maybe this is the best we can hope for these days.



  13. StewGreen says:

    Avi Yemini has a scoop about his banning from New Zealand
    He claimed official Interpol emails have been leaked
    that prove that prior to his banning by a NZ immigration lady before he got on the plane NZ interpol had illegally decided to ban him
    They literally conspired to keep him out for political purposes
    He quotes their law
    “It is strictly forbidden for the Organization to undertake any intervention or activities of a political, military, religious or racial character”.
    Article 3 of INTERPOL’s Constitution.

    The email said
    NZ Police would like to stop the two from entering NZ
    and URGENTLY seek any information regarding criminal convictions or any information tending to show they are individuals of bad character, associated to criminal groups and individuals or Far-Right extremism groups.”

    They want to ban them BEFORE they have evidence

    How did the leak come out ?
    “A trusted source contacted The BFD to let us know that Police were lying and that documents existed to prove that. ”

    I note that the writer speculates the whole thing came out of a NZ media unit equivalent the BBC’s Mariana Spring operation
    \\from the ironically named “Disinformation Project”, headed up by conspiracy theorist Kate Hannah, and Stuff (NZ MSM website)”//

    Context : Australian police wanted a win against Yemini
    after they recently had to issue an official apology to him for illegally arresting him 3 times


  14. Zephir says:

    Apparently today was “family day” at the annual black stabbing and mugging festival (God help the residents tomorrow):

    “Dancing revellers crash through a bus stop ROOF near Notting Hill Carnival

    The Metropolitan Police said there have been 38 arrests made at the parade today, including two alleged sexual assaults and eight other physical attacks.

    Other alleged offences included drug possession, criminal damage and possession of an offensive weapon.”



  15. Fedup2 says:

    Not wanting stand on Asiseeit s toes -… the BBC news agenda is …interesting …. And reflects a bank holiday weekend when the kidults are in charge –

    So they are excited by –

    1 NASA launching another meaningless rocket to the moon
    2 paki floods ( have to report – yawn )
    3 coloured folk and the failing self serving NHS
    4 nut nut wants us not to forget the green zero crap .

    Somewhere along the emergency budget with 5% reductions on VAT and income tax thresholds don’t really feature ….

    And I’m waiting for someone from red labour to say..’ not enough – too late …. ‘

    Later today we can play the game where we guess which politician is going to turn up for a photo op at the Notting Hill Riot – I’m guessing Starmer QC with a couple of the coloured front bench girls ,….

    Stop press
    HMS big aircraft carrier has broken down ( again ) off the Isle of Wight.

    Surely this is the ideal opportunity to use it for something useful like taking foreign criminals there are flying them directly to Rwanda bongo bongo land without dirtying the soil of Blighty with their presence ….


  16. Zephir says:

    Latest example of moron speak:

    No, it’s not inserting the word “like” and “literally” in front of every other word in a sentence, or start a sentence with “yeh, no”this is now de rigeur for our verbally challenged millenial morons, it is to use the word “vibe” to describe anything.


    • BRISSLES says:

      I think one of the worst is the use of the word ‘sick’, which appears to have replaced ‘cool’ when describing pleasure in something. As in “that’s really cool” – now its “that’s really sick”. All a load of vomit to me.


  17. taffman says:

    Has Mrs Merkel made any statement about the mess the EU is in yet? Perhaps the BBC will ask her for a comment?
    It would be interesting to view the debates going on in the EU Parliament going on now?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Comrade merkel was last seen in her private wing of the Kremlin after being awarded the ‘red banner of putin ‘….


    • Guest Who says:

      Dino secured Mad Al and Femi to boost BS and Sopes’ new podcast with how awesome the EU was… is?

      Still, they get to see more of O’Brien again.


      • pugnazious says:

        It always surprises me that when someone sets up a place where stuff is handed out for free there are queues of people eager to take them up on their generous offer. If a ‘moneybank’ started handing tenners out the window and crowds thronged around the BBC would claim this was absolute evidence of poverty stalking the land rather than greedy, cynical people being opportunistic and grabbing a freebie.


  18. Guest Who says:

    Dynastic red prince susses out indulged red princess may have screwed the pooch.


  19. AsISeeIt says:

    I’ll say this for our BBC, they know what they like: Notting Hill Carnival returns: ‘Everything about it is beautiful’ – fully in favour there then, no questions asked.

    Meanwhile the Times considers the state of our national broadcaster by referencing the 1971 novel by Hunter S Thompson, penned in gonzo journalism-style with its preoccupation with the failure of the 1960s counter culture: Fear and loathing inside the BBC after Emily Maitlis broadside exposes a divided news room. Deborah Turness will arrive next week to find staff split over impartiality, and unrest at flagship programmes

    The Guardian summarises for us the pink-on-red friendly fire currently ricocheting around the media metropolitan dinner party circuit: David Dimbleby criticises Emily Maitlis over Cummings ‘polemic’ Veteran broadcaster says monologue about Dominic Cummings’ lockdown breach should have been phrased as questions

    So says the comic book WW2 German interrogating the POW: “Vee vill ask zee questions, unt vee vill get zee answers!”

    BBC Sounds gets it: Is it really that bad to marry my cousin?

    BBC coverage of the war in Ukraine is something of a devotee of the tactic: Ukraine weapons: What military equipment is the world giving? ; How much grain is being shipped from Ukraine? ; Ukraine nuclear plant: How risky is stand-off over Zaporizhzhia?

    Anyone feel as though they’re back at school? Hey, you at the back… are you concentrating?

    I’m briefly reminded of that John Cleese sketch where he plays a schoolmaster giving a sex education lesson to a class of boys. He invites into the classroom a young woman and takes her toward a bed he has set up. “Do please concentrate class, I’m doing this for your benefit!”

    BBC coronavirus jounalism has caught a severe case of the bug: Covid vaccine: How many people are vaccinated in the UK? ; Where are the cases the highest around the world? ; Covid vaccines: How fast is progress around the world? ; Covid rules: What are the restrictions in your area?

    What’s the record for longest lasting, most persistent, story on the BBC online news website? That last report on local covid restrictions is date 26th January. I digress.

    Here’s a batch of relative newbie BBC articles dated February, April and June:

    BBC: Have I got Covid, a bad cold or something else? ; Covid: Why are so many people catching it again? ; How do we know Covid vaccines are safe? ; How long will my vaccine last? – you’d best refer to the previous question.

    Suffice to say the BBC have nailed the interrogatory technique there.

    And so it goes on with our latest crises: Why are global gas prices so high? ; UK inflation rate calculator: How much are prices rising for you?

    Does this sound like news reporting or some duff supply teacher resorting to a class quiz?


    • Fedup2 says:

      I contemplated putting up the very long piece in the Sunday Times yesterday about HRH Maitliss – but then thought ‘no – let them stew ‘ in their swamp arguments …..

      … hopefully it is quite bitter with various BBC factions . But when you think about it – this is all about journalists – people paid for words similarly to those paid for sex .

      They actually produce nothing . They are just meant to report on what real people do. There is never a shortage of them . But if they all caught a virus and died – would anyone notice ? Would they be missed ?


  20. Zephir says:

    “Notting Hill Carnival returns: ‘Everything about it is beautiful’”

    Sums up everything that is sick and twisted about the bbc in a few deceitful, lying, words.

    Disinformation expert required to deal with the lying bbc as the truth is reported elsewhere, as I posted yesterday:

    “Notting Hill Carnival is ‘frightening and drives residents from their homes,’ poll finds
    Nine out of ten residents living along the route of the Notting Hill Carnival flee their homes to escape the “frightening and intimidating” event, research showed today.
    Many are so fed up with the noise and nuisance they are forced to leave every August Bank Holiday while some businesses resort to boarding up their shop fronts.

    Many officials have shied away from addressing the security challenges posed by the event to date, viewing it as a “taboo” subject inextricably linked to community relations.

    Yet the poll found that almost seven in ten residents felt anti-social behaviour was a major problem. The cost of policing the Carnival now exceeds £8 million and a third of Met Police resources are diverted to the event during the bank holiday weekend. ”



    • Guest Who says:

      Jimmy loves the little children, all the children of the world
      Red and yellow, black and white, in the camper late at night
      Mo loves the little children of the world too

      Everything is beautiful in its own way
      Like a starry stoner night or jizz covered winter’s day
      28 Gate in Justin’s own way
      Under Allah’s $ heaven, the world’s gonna find a way

      There is none so blind as ECU with OFCOM hectored
      We must close our minds, we must let our thoughts get censored
      For every hour that passes by, you know the world gets a little bit older
      It’s time to realize that COVID lies gets youth market bolder

      Everything is beautiful in its own way
      Like a flooded summer night or drought covered winter’s day
      Ah, sing it Scientists who say
      Everybody’s beautiful in their own way (everybody’s beautiful, oh, in their own way )
      Under Allah $ heaven, the world’s gonna find a way

      We shouldn’t care about the length of Xe’s hair or the todger of her mankini
      Don’t worry about what shows from without but the love from a studio Appletini

      We’re gonna sort it in Frankie Howerd now and everything gonna work out fine
      Just take a little time to look on the West One side my friend
      And straighten it out non conforming minds

      And everything is beautiful in and not all sad (yeah, yeah)
      Like a starry mugging moon night or a snow covered producer’s iPad
      Ah, sing it jimmy’s children
      Everybody’s beautiful in their own way (everybody’s beautiful, oh, in their own way )
      Under Allah’s $ heaven, Auntie’s gonna force her way

      One more time, repeats
      BS is beautiful in her own way (Sopes is beautiful, oh, in his own way)


  21. Fedup2 says:


    BBC schizophrenia.

    They had that Rory Stewart on . At one time he was favoured as a future PM . He was sec state for giving tax payers money to foreigners .. he now says we should just give them money . He admitted that what he had been doing as a minister was a ‘waste’
    The bbc troll didn’t follow up and ask how much taxpayers ‘ money was / is wasted giving it to foreigners – and what we get it response.

    Now he want to just give foreigners money – not just in this country but in other countries .

    Earlier the Today programme was talking about British people thinking they will not survive the winter because of fuel and inflation costs .

    But there is no connection between these horrors .

    The new PM must close the giving away of money to foreigners , it’s needed here, it’s needed now . It would save ten billion .

    One estimate suggests that the Uk could be paying 100 billion in interest payments pretty soon – that’s more than the cost of state education .

    A sane PM please ….

    By the way – labour Red suggest freezing fuel cost rises for 6 months at a cost of £30 billion – maybe more – surely if this was on the cards the overseas aid giveaway budget could contribute to this … ? ( not an idea I favour ) …

    There is also a call to privatise energy companies . Well EDF is French state owned and E On is – I think – German – so of the big 3 – not possible ….


    • Guest Who says:


      The Graun has him too. Mouth closed. Wise.

      Plus… the iPaper in support.

      Can the BBC’s flagship ‘Today’ programme face down a challenge from opinionated podcasts? Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel’s new Global show and Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart’s The Rest Is Politics are offering a different takes on the news

      #CCBGB what there were. Hope the backers have deep pockets.


    • StewGreen says:

      “There is also a call to *privatise* energy companies ”
      your typo “nationalise” surely


  22. Guest Who says:

    BBC, presumably, either waived as on board, or exempted. Per usual.


  23. Fedup2 says:

    Today again

    Something about bent journos talking to bent plod . But they had that retired failed chief of Manchester – Pete Fahy – on as their regular lefty ex plod . He is never asked about Paki rape gangs – or his efforts to suppress action against them to ‘preserve community relations ‘… but then again – it’s the bbc – just as culpable ….


  24. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    “I loved being out and about. Now I’ve lost the will to go anywhere beyond my front door.”

    Seems some bloke of color is not happy in North Africa.

    Imagine being a couple of Swedish hikerettes.


  25. Thoughtful says:

    Alarmist reports of the Yangtse river in China drying up in the ‘drought’ and revealing 600 year old statues of the Bhudda.

    Throughout all this hysterical reporting does it never occur to anyone that 600 years ago the level of the river was as low as this, and the people living there thought it safe and appropriate to carve this statue?

    How long ago is it since it was submerged and what caused that?

    Climate change or the Earth simply returning to how it was once in history.


  26. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – funny how that CO2 and Global Warming and Climate Change keeps disappearing

    Now you hear about it, now you don’t: Climate Change was all the rage on TOADY in the twenty minutes up to 7 a.m. and again after the news. Floods in Pakistan and olives plus fruit & veg in Spain. Then hey ho! Like cards or wristwatches or money into a magician’s proferred top hat, it all disappears and we are on to NASA’s new rocket. It is all “Don’t mention the energy used and don’t mention the heat from the engines or the CO2 emissions.”

    If the BBC were at all consistent, they would be questioning the wisdom of a space mission at a time of energy-crisis and cost-of-living-crisis as well as the CO2 emissions but they do not. Instead they send Rebecca Morrelle on a TellyTax funded ‘jolly’ to Florida to watch the launch! The BBC: in consistent and over there. The sooner the BBC are just plain over, the better.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The bit that gets me is that when a subject is ‘approved ‘ they become full on enthusiastic – ‘are you excited ?” ‘ are they excited ?” ‘Is the excitement growing ?”

      Not difficult to list ‘approved ‘ subjects -but we can play that game all day …


    • G says:


      “………..keeps disappearing.”

      Bit like Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen………….


      • Up2snuff says:

        G, Only to re-appear when the BBC thinks they will be helpful to their fellow ‘ Ists ‘.


    • digg says:

      Ah! But the presenter kept emphasising that some of the spacecraft bits were made in the EU, so sprinkle holy water on it everyone!


  27. StewGreen says:

    #Wetdrought It’s droughting again
    Radar shows it shoul take 20 mins to pass
    Looks to be a 6 mile wide patch coming from the northeast
    Forecast was for just cloud


  28. digg says:

    BBC bloke reporting live from the Kennedy space centre. In the studio Joanna Gosling…..

    He signed off along the lines of…. “That’s all for now Joanne”

    Our Jo jumped straight down his throat… “Please call me Joanna, my friends call me Joanne” with a stoney voice!

    There followed an awkward silence as the bloke mumbled and was visibly humiliated.

    OK he should have known but a very unprofessional and awkward moment, live on screen that spoke volumes. A quiet word off-air would have been much more gracious.


    • Guest Who says:

      Maybe call the touchy bag a carbon fibre yacht to get her out there too?

      Grace from Beeboids… rare.


    • TrickCyclist says:

      When BBC reporters used to interview Alex Ferguson post-match, they often called him “Alec” informally.
      Never understood why but it didn’t seem to bother the famous Socialist and “hairdryer.”


  29. G says:

    Having no living relatives and no children to care about, it’s no wonder that, at my age, I have arrived at the point where I can look at the world and events and genuinely say, “couldn’t give a sh*t” about what happens. But no. I am increasingly concerned that as things are sliding so quickly now toward black/muslim rule/WEF control in this country, I may well wind up being a, ‘Dhimmi’ even in my few remaining years.

    “Dhimmitude – The Status of Non-Muslim Minorities Under Islamic Rule”



  30. pugnazious says:

    “He was despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief. He gave his back to the smiters, and his cheeks to them that plucked off the hair: he hid not his face from shame and spitting.”

    At one point in the video below one of the Blacktivists claims that no Blacks talk about wicked white people when they’re at home….which makes you wonder how it is that seemingly every black person has a grievance…that their life is blighted by White oppression and racism…it doesn’t take much to set them off. Just where do they get those ideas and the victim approach to their lives?

    The answer is of course that they do talk about race….it’s threaded throughout their lives…they’re schooled in victimhood and martyrdom from the day they’re born and it continues at school, in the media and via the race hustlers and baiters…many of them white. They’re whole identity is wrapped up in their skin colour…everyone must acknowledge, accept and defer to their Blackness, we must celebrate their Blackness….but, er, don’t you dare treat them as different…as, er…black.

    They are always the innocent victims of a White society that is designed to keep them down….however successful and celebrated they are.

    It’s curious how the heroes of the Black community are not those who reach the giddy heights, say Obama, but the criminals and thugs who are in fact the real blight on Black lives but become the figureheads and martyrs for the cause.

    Witness this morning on R4 when I was listening to ‘Handel’s Messiah with the CBSO’….it was curiously interesting for a programme about classical music of which I have little interest normally. This was a behind the scenes look at the City of Birmingham Symphony Chorus and was pretty much a technical run-down of how they produce their sound…with some funny lines from the conductor as he whipped them into shape.


    At one stage we had on a male alto….which is a pretty odd sound and confluence…even if you like the BeeGees….you’re always going to be a bit uncomfortable listening to it. That aside nothing to jar your thoughts until he suddenly slid into a highly political and racist rant as he talked about singing this part….

    ‘ “He was despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief. He gave his back to the smiters, and his cheeks to them that plucked off the hair: he hid not his face from shame and spitting.”’

    This line awoke in him his inner demons, he realised the world was against him and his kind…oh and yeah…he turned out to be black. He suddenly understood Black Lives Matter and this line explained how Michael Brown ended up murdered by a white police officer…he was actually comparing Brown to Jesus…..despised, rejected and martyred…but he will smite the whitey.

    Now….Brown was a violent thug and criminal who punched a police officer, tried to take his gun and got shot when threatening the officer again….the court said the shooting was justified…not ‘murder’.

    And you wonder where Blacks get the idea that they are victims….it comes from their own Blacktivist hustlers but shamefully also from the BBC which not only allows these dangerous lies on air but actively promotes them.

    The BBC’s own journalists will tell you Michael Brown was murdered….another black martyr gunned down by racist white police officers. The BBC that will promote Black rioting, violence and racism as ‘resistance’ and ‘rebellion’….against what? Against a myth invented by the race baiters and promoted by the BBC itself….a lie literally as dangerous as any that Hitler told about the Jews….a lie that says not only are white people, their culture, history and society oppressing you but they are actively hunting you down to kill you…no black person is safe on the streets! So…destroy ‘Whiteness’, destroy their racist society, #KillWhitey!

    The BBC is the most dangerous, divisive, spreader of hate in Britain.


  31. Fedup2 says:

    Interesting piece in the DT about the need to ‘reform ‘ or as I prefer – end the NHS.

    The comments state that the NHS employs 120 000 doctors – but only 7600 are trained in the UK each year – hence shortages ‘ reliance on foreigners with dodgy qualifications .

    Also – it seems only 5% or wages is spent on ‘front line ‘ pay – which suppose means the main medical types such as doctors , nurses , radiology types and the like … but the rest ?

    I don’t think I have heard a serious discussion of the NHS on the BBC – the standard union supported stance is more money .
    But where exactly does it go ?

    Then add emotion and personal good/ bad experience to the mix and around around the wheels of the bus go ….

    But if there are signs that the great British public is starting to get a Bit more questioning about the NHS / medical media that can only be a good thing .

    Now clap .


  32. Cooper_Man says:

    I clicked on a link near the top of the thread detailing the Daily Mail’s coverage of the Notting Hill Carnival – of the 100+ pictures, they only have 2 that show people in handcuffs getting arrested – and they both happen to be white – what are the odds?


  33. Philip_2 says:

    The peoples’ revolt! The BBC cannot deny it but I believe that there is now 2 million of us who are certain to NOT be paying the BBC TV license. So the writing is on the wall when they try to lock up those that refuse to pay. The BBC is a media mafia monopoly, and it due to end under (any) PM as its totally outdated and unfair.

    A recent debate was on Talk radio and Taxpayers alliance on this campaign to end the BBC media dominance and once a public monopoly.

    Earlier this month, LBC overtook R4 listening figures and overall Commercial radio listeners overtook the entire UK BBC radio output for the first time ever. We have freedom at last to choose!, – and we don’t want a media dinosaur BBC full of bias, vices and sex adventures and financial pay awards that are ‘hidden’ from the public. We have had enough. We really all have.The whole ruddy lot of them.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Phillip – I’m not an LBC listener – ever – but I get the impression it has moved to the Left and therefore might be taking up disenchanted R4 types fed up with dramas about depressed ‘immigrants ‘ …..

      Is this so ? Also – I got the impression R4 / BBC is catering even more for kidults – who – in my prejudice – don’t listen to voice radio like grown ups do …. Which might imply that r4 numbers will diminish quite quickly …..

      There’s no comedy – no drama – dumb documentaries – plenty of ethnic dross – and wimmins’ hour s …and hours …. .


  34. Thoughtful says:


    Apparantly at the weekend Andrew Rawnsely the chief political correspondent at the Guardian wrote:

    ” ‘Without action to protect people from colossal increases in their bills, there is a very serious risk that we will see the unravelling of the fabric of society’ Do we have the operational capacity to deal with wide-spread riots as well as routine policing?”

    Most of us have seen this coming long long before it got here, and comrade Boris the Red and his gang of socialists sat back and fiddled while the coming catastrophy approached.

    Now it’s upon us and fellow useless incompetent Tory Socialist wannabe Liz Truss bleats about lowering VAT and taxes and diching out money like it was water.

    Not a thought in her empty head of doing something to fix the problem, because that’s not what the Tories do. There will be no move to build new coal or oil fired power stations, because they’re not ‘Green’. There will be no moves to open coal mines or undertake fracking because they’re ‘not green’.

    And so eventually the money will run out and the problem will remain unsolved, and until people like Truss are dangling upside down from lamp posts they will not get it through their thick heads that it doesn’t matter if global warming happens in 50 or a hundred years if everyone here has frozen to death.


  35. StewGreen says:

    Why is the media not all over Mark Carney ?
    December 2019 ‘Investors get out of fossil fuel investments now
    cos they are going to crash with STRANDED ASSETS”

    Speaking to the Today programme, he re-iterated his warning
    that unless firms woke up to what he called the climate crisis, many of their assets would become worthless.

    “Up to 80% of coal assets will be stranded, [and] up to half of developed oil reserves.


  36. mikehunt says:

    Typical trash BBC Indonesia reporting here: https://www.bbc.com/indonesia/articles/cl57y9qz98eo https://www-bbc-com.translate.goog/indonesia/articles/cl57y9qz98eo?_x_tr_sl=id&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-US&_x_tr_pto=wapp


    a) Peruvian Harvard student arrived in Bali on honeymoon with a quarter of a kilo of marijuana and marijuana-based brownies, which in Indonesian law is identical to importing a quarter of a kilo of heroin
    b) student was arrested and detained, weed confiscated, left with three separate prescription anti-psychotic medications
    c) student appears to have taken an overdose of those medications, after realising that this is the worst decision you could have possibly made in your life. Died in hospital

    BBC’s angle is ‘transgender discrimination’ (deceased was FTM transgender) and ‘racism’ (wtf would Indonesian police be racist against a Peruvian person who is whiter than them?).

    As a double whammy, the unnamed journalist who wrote this has misrepresented the law by saying that the police said that the ‘misuse’ or ‘abuse’ is because they brought a large quantity. However in Indonesian law there is no medical usage allowed of marijuana, as it’s classified as Class 1, it’s explicitly prohibited from medical use, so the abuse/misuse is complete at the point of possession/import. While it’s possible that the police got it wrong, they don’t actually post a complete quotation of what the police officer said, so you are left wondering whether the journalist misunderstood the law, or the police officer did. Either way, it’s horribly bad and dangerous journalism, because someone reading it would be led to conclude that it’s legal to bring a small quantity of marijuana to Indonesia with a prescription, and it just is not. Ever.


  37. pugnazious says:

    The BBC, apparently, are portraying this as the new Grenfell Tower….

    Who the hell erected a bus shelter that was not strong enough to hold a mere 5 black peope on its roof? How irresponsible to build such a lethally dangerous construction in a public place where the community is celebrated for its joyous spontaneity and vigorous disregard for rules…the council must have known Black people would clamber up onto the roof but they just ignored the blatantly obvious potential danger of such an event….systemic racism, institutional racism! OMG!!!…even the architecture is racist…the streets just aren’t safe for Black folks!

    ‘Can Buildings be Racist? A Critical Sociology of Architecture and the Built Environment’
    ‘Can buildings be racist? In the study of racism, there is extensive literature on racist popular culture. However, buildings and architecture, as potentially racist cultural products, are understudied. This article examines Spanish-Colonial Revival architecture in Southern California as an example of urban placemaking with racist origins and legacies. ‘


    • Fedup2 says:

      coloured people injured by falling through a bus stop roof are treated less quickly than whitees who do the same – research has found .
      The local MP has criticised TFL for not putting a ‘do not stand on the roof ‘ signs on its bus stops . The emir of londonistan has called for an independent judge led inquiry …

      BTW – did the coloured folk get injured by their cultural adventure …?


    • StewGreen says:

      Better video : The roof is only supported at one side.
      One extra black guy climbed up, the joint broke and the roof went vertical so they all slid down

      BTW “A police horse has died while on duty at Notting Hill Carnival, according to Scotland Yard.
      The force said it would be investigating after the animal collapsed at around 9pm on Sunday”


  38. tomo says:

    You turning on a kettle is robbing electrons from an NHS ICU somewhere?


    • pugnazious says:

      Trouble is Tomo it’s all too real and likely…you can already hear them urging us to ‘save the NHS’…winter is coming…so stay away, don’t come in to A&E, wear masks, stay away from crowds….lock yourself down.

      The government have a taste for lockdowns…they believe they can get away with them….and they’re still on the statute books. Maybe we’ll get more pushback from the public this time but more importantly from the media….not the BBC of course which sees lockdown as the answer to their prayers…to be used for everything and tied into climate chnage will enable them to absolutely control our lives….rationing is coming. The end of capitalism, ‘consumerism’, cars, cheap and available power….all in the BBC’s sights.

      You thought the NHS was there to save you but apparently not just as you thought the BBC was there to inform, educate and entertain but instead it misinforms, indoctrinates and shames you.


      • Philip_2 says:

        It was mentioned in th DT letters page about the uncanny resemblance that Net Zero and COVID have in common. Both are based on national lock down and disabling local and national industry. Only Big Pharma allowed with New (untested) vaccines allowed in and that is where the NHS link comes in (again). Huge profits in failed NHS face masks (from China) held in shipping containers, and each vaccine dose cost us £25 tax to pay for it. The BBC are keen on lockdowns and even more keen on Net-Zero. You have to ask whats the connection and it all started with Agenda 21. The end off.
        I can hardly wait for Agenda 30 when its all over.


    • Thoughtful says:

      As I said in earlier posts the state is doing an amazing job of propagandising the problem away by pointing the finger at the wrong source which anyone who had even half a brain cell who stopped to think about it would quickly realise was clear falsehood.

      Why is electricity so expensive if the alternative ‘free’ energy we spent so much money on and despoiled our countryside with works as we were promised it would?


      Here we are with yet another disastrously failed wind turbine, the comments of people tell the story.


  39. brexiteerkent says:

    Artemis mission to the moon :


    Launch preparation happening now on YouTube..

    Why on earth is NASA spending so much money on going to the moon again ? This was at first baffling until all was revealed when I read up on it a bit courtesy of the BBC ..

    ” The mission will send the first woman and the first person of colour to the moon ” aha, so that’s why !

    Will this be the most expensive box ticking event in history ??!

    If there are only four places will number three be a gay disabled person and number four a trans person ?

    Will they choose those best qualified for the job or those who tick the boxes. ?!!


    • Tabs says:

      The box tickers will still not be happy. They will demand that lunar missions are open to all disabilities next. The woke lot already think all jobs should cater for disabled people including wheelchair roof tiling.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      No self-respecting Person of Color would want to travel to space on a white rocket, nor would any Wimmin’ want to fly onboard a phallic shaped rocket, nor would any person committed to Diversity Inclusion & Equity (DIE) go anywhere near a rocket with an orange fuel tank, which is clearly meant as homage to President Trump. And let us never forget the ‘hidden voices’ of NASSA, or that Zambia was inches away from landing people (and cats) on Mars…


  40. pugnazious says:


    ‘As a female British Indian architectural assistant in her 20s said: ‘While I’ve never heard slurs, the opinions shared by colleagues convey the message that “minorities are making a fuss about nothing” and “there isn’t really a problem”. This, in itself, shows the white privilege and ignorance of some people.’ ‘

    Hmmm…she’s never heard any racism herself….but Whites, who presumably haven’t heard any racism or inflicted any racism upon someone are ignorant white racists because they think it might all be a bit overblown as they too haven’t heard any slurs…they must admit there is racism even if they haven’t seen or heard it.

    I always like the paradox of Blacks who come onto the BBC to complain that someone has had the temerity to ask them where they come from or ask about their hair…a micro-aggression, racism! Then a few seconds later they complain that White people show no interest in them and their Black culture, they treat the black person as if they are just a normal person…completely ignoring their ‘blackness’….how racist…marginalising and disrespecting and dismissing Black people, their culture and contributions…..treating Blackness as if Black lives just don’t matter!

    Gotta love this…surprised the BBC didn’t pick it up…many other MSM outlets did…a white celebrity culturally appropriating the joy of rain after a droughty heatwave….racist cow!

    Knew it…just knew it…Gene Kelly was a racist SOB who probably stole this routine from a black person!


  41. G says:

    Millions homeless in Pakistan due to flooding.

    Where’s Boris? He should get over to Pakistan post haste and meet Pakistan’s new leader and make pledges to build a new city alongside Bradford. A GP and dentist for every ten migrants.

    Ideal Boris territory: invite the millions of homeless Pakistanis to the UK after all, Treason May’s Refugee Compact still stands…………………

    Despite all the kafuffle about illegal ‘migrants’ coming over the Channel and ways to stop that, the UK has still not withdrawn from the Refugee Compact. Strange.


    • pugnazious says:

      Don’t…don’t….don’t put ideas in their heads….he already imported 100,000 chinese from Hong Kong…curiously something you hear very, very little about….just as you heard no protests about his original open offer to the 3 million occupants of Hong Kong to come here. The BBC made no noise about that at all…a BBC that will happily call Boris & Co fascists and racists for supposedly wanting to control immigration but when the evidence points the other way they don’t suddenly start proclaiming Boris to be a fabulously liberal saviour of humanity….it all goes quiet. One, they don’t want to draw attention to the massive influx invited in by one man [ala Merkel] and two, they don’t want to give any liberal credit and kudos to a Tory….so they ignore a major story.


      • G says:


        “It all goes quiet”.

        Here’s another thought:

        Anybody worked out the Carbon Footprint of the rocket at Cape Canaveral when it blasts off?

        No? Strange……………..

        Nearly 1 million gallons of super-cold hydrogen and oxygen to burn. Oh! but, hang on, hydrogen is OK is it not?


        • pugnazious says:

          Actually, of course, they have….

          ‘Emissions from rocket launches could affect Earth’s weather systems’

          Omitting news stories in order to skew people’s perceptions is the same as lying in a news bulletin.


  42. pugnazious says:

    The classic leftwing media attempt to shut down a story [with no Dem/FBI involvement this time]….a hospital was found to be doing gender reassignment surgery on 16 year old, and maybe under, patients….here you see the line that is so often used now…..’Do you realise that by publishing this story you are putting staff at risk?’….It’s essentially the same line that the BBC told themselves with stories like Rotherham in order to justify not reporting it….



    • StewGreen says:

      The hospital which is in DC issued a firm denial
      which contradicts what the two employees answering the phone said.
      People say they can prove the website has been changed to remove the pages which offered sex change surgery to people under 18 and under 16s too


  43. Fedup2 says:

    Nut nuts’ wife has her last few of days of power before taking the wall paper and fitted kitchen away with her and the husband – busily filling up his US speaking tour diary ….

    What will his legacy be ? In fact has any PM left office without a sizeable bit of the public thinking badly of them ?

    Fortunately our defences forces are too small to be sent to Ukraine to fight someone else’s war for no national benefit – so he has contented himself with throwing more borrowed taxpayers ‘ money at what will in time be a lost cause . ….

    ….. and then Liz – where does she go first ? Brussels? – Washington ? Kiev ? A coal powered generating station ?

    I think Johnson will just be seen as a journo in the wrong job at the wrong time – his big claim about the vaccine is looking more dubious by the month as well as depending on the monsters in SAGE without being able to weigh up competing priorities ….
    ( I’d plead guilty to the hindsight offence )


  44. tomo says:


  45. Fedup2 says:

    No BBC approved rocket today then ….. buy popcorn futures


  46. StewGreen says:

    Jolyon Maugham the lawyer who rarely wins is suing Ofgem over its price cap rise


    • tomo says:

      That episode with the fox + kimono + baseball bat is going to follow him everywhere.


  47. Fedup2 says:

    On his record the court will say the cap should be higher …..


  48. taffman says:

    “EU faces awful winters without gas cap – minister”
    “Countries backing Ukraine are trying to cut imports of Russian gas and oil.”
    Didn’t they all laugh at President Trump when he told them not to import gas from Russia?


    • tomo says:

      Is Ukraine still allowing “Russian gas” to cross its territory?

      – it definitely was some few weeks ago.