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  1. theisland says:

    Mark Steyn excellent again tonight (Tues 6th).

    Whole show here.

    Mark for PM.


  2. digg says:

    More if these people are badly needed to dismantle the wicked self appointed monsters like WEF who are trying to reshape society into masters and slaves.


  3. Thoughtful says:

    Bloomberg (Paywalled) is claiming that leaked government documents are putting Liz Truss’ uncapped energy price freeze at £197 billion, money she has no intention of ever paying back.

    For those who did watch the video end of the road how money became worthless, you will understand just how dangerous this is for us as a nation as it risks redering the pound utterly valueless, and reckless printing of money will only ever lead to inflation.

    That inflation already forecast to be at 20% could soon turn to hyper inflation with all the extra liquidity. In that event there are few places to put money which will be safe.

    Be prepared because again this is a crazy irresponsible bad move by Truss which solves nothing.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thoughtful – can I blame you for losing sleep ? The idea of holding tangible assets in preparation for the failure of currency – overnight – is a real problem . I suppose even buying shares in gold mines fails the test of assets . Tins of beans maybe ….

      I wrote here a few weeks ago that they’d go for an ‘energy furlough ‘and It looks like I was right . But if the was goes on and one – another year or two – what then ?

      ( invade Russia )


      • Deborah says:

        I thought the energy price rises are because we don’t have enough energy. If the price goes up, people use less, and the market matches price with amount available.

        If the government artificially lowers the price, everyone will use more than we have. Get your candles and hot water bottles ready. The companies will not provide enough energy to meet demand. There will have to be blackouts.

        As an aside I am fed up of hearing lefties (and they must be on GBNews because I am not hearing the BBC) screeching that high prices of energy means thousands will die. My grandparents lived on the ground floor of a Victorian house with large bay windows which didn’t fit. When the wind blew the windows rattled. They had no central heating but a gas fire which they never turned beyond mini miser rate. They had a paraffin heater. The bathroom had a stone floor, and an ascot heater. The bath water was stone cold before there was ever enough to sit in. My grandfather lived to 90 and grandmother to late 80s. They dressed warmly and evenin the cold winters of the 1960s, survived the cold.


        • StewGreen says:

          Bottomline the socialists have a point
          energy suppliers including wind, have about the same costs this year,
          so when the tight market gives the double prices they get huge profits, with new effort.

          And this also applies to Equinor the Norwegian government energy firm.

          People shouting £197bn. probably haven’t factored for bigger prices giving Truss a bigger VAT income
          and bigger extraction giving Truss bigger mining tax income


        • BRISSLES says:

          Agree Deborah. I cannot in all honesty remember anyone in this country dying from cold. I identify with the house you mention, and would add that neither did we have fitted carpet – it was lino with ill fitting rugs. Until Mum ‘laid’ the fire’ after we went to school, she would open the gas oven door and it would heat the kitchen for when we got up. Neither were there duvets, it was thick blankets with an eiderdown and hot water bottles, and yes absolutely no double glazing so there WAS frost on the inside if it was particularly cold. AND Government help or foodbanks ????? ha ! ha ! what was that ???

          Lots of doom and gloom, but if I see one more overweight single mother or a grey haired cardi wearing granny being interviewed about their plight, I’ll throw a brick through the tele. Its very much ‘cutting your cloth’ time, but even the majority of MPs are far too young to remember ‘roughing’ it.


        • G says:

          That description, Deborah, brings back fond memories…………….

          Water freezing in the toilet……….


    • tomo says:

      Net Zero



  4. Guest Who says:

    Liked by Lewis Goodhall and BS, plus a few others. Sopes yet to boost numbers.

    A tragic loss to the national broadcast scene.


  5. tomo says:



  6. taffman says:

    Mrs Truss IMHO……”
    Things are going to get tough for the “shirkers” and the “invaders” in Great Britain .
    I also sense the end of the Telly Tax ,
    the rats are already jumping ship.


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      Your oft-stated wish has come true about Nadine Dories. She’s gone.

      LIz Truss is your fairy godmother, Taffman.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Does anyone know much about the views of the new Culture Sec? Will she be brave and take the fight to the BBC or will she just let the BBC continue with its mission to remodel the UK into a woke multiculty hell hole where white folks are viewed as being born i with a burden of original sin.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Double – I looked at wiki( dodgy ) – says she has never had a real job – was a remainer – no private school – is a Christian ( brand unknown ) – not formerly married but with a chap from the swamp . …..

        ….. to me sounds like a blue labour type – not a conservative …. Maybe her big job is to kill the online bill and let us have a bit of freedom ….

        Elsewhere – looks like the key line of attack for the BBC will be any sign of dumping the green crap – which the vast number of Uk public don’t give a damn about when 25% of their fuel bills is green crap


  7. StewGreen says:

    I was helping with a different group of pensioners the other day
    Incredibly 2 of them genuinely hadn’t heard of GBnews
    and one said he watched it just once

    Then when it came to their opinions BBC had formed their minds
    “fracking is really dangerous”
    “green energy is much cheaper,” but they don’t understand why their bills haven’t gone down
    .. They told me they had recently learned (probably from this weeks Panorama) that their 100% green-electricity was not from 100% wind/sun/nuclear but often from gas


    • Doublethinker says:

      That is very depressing.

      One of my young relatives , 19 years , has just left on a year long worldwide travel jaunt with his girl friend. The two of them have worked hard for the past couple of years to save up to pay for it, so no criticism there.
      But they have been preaching greenism for several years often getting very upset with my scepticism. I gently asked him how he squared tens of thousands of air miles with his past greenism . He just laughed shrugged and went to speak to other relatives.
      In the young I think greenism is a fad , a fashion ,which evaporates when the theory has to be turned into practise which directly affects them.
      I hope that your pensioners might take a similar view. But if all they hear is BBC propaganda then they will never hear the truth. It just makes me more certain that if the Tories do want to save our country , which I am far from certain of, they must deal with BBC as a very priority. It is a malign force and has been since the 1979’s.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Double, when anyone under 35 starts banging on about ‘green’ issues I just refer them to the detritus left behind in fields after a music festival. It never fails to shut them up.


  8. Zephir says:

    23,000 morons:

    “‘I live with my mummy and my other mummy’: Peppa Pig introduces classmate character who is being brought up by same-sex parents

    Children’s television show Peppa Pig has introduced a lesbian couple to show
    Penny the Polar Bear is seen telling Peppa that she has ‘two mummies’
    The character draws herself holding hands with two polar bears in dresses
    More than 23,000 had signed a petition for show to feature a same-sex couple”



  9. Zephir says:

    Another thing you will never see or here on the “unbiased” bbc, that paragon of truth and openness>

    “Whatever your opinion of Liz Truss, one thing cannot be denied: hers is shaping up to be the most diverse Government this country has ever seen. A genuine reflection of Britain’s multicultural make-up, as well as its proud feminist history.

    There’s just one problem: Truss is a Tory. And that, as far as those on the Left are concerned, is a big problem. Diversity and women’s rights?

    Sorry, Labour has the monopoly on those. That’s their territory. Or, at least, they like to think it is.

    Even though, of course, Keir Starmer and his Shadow Cabinet can’t even define what it means to be a woman.

    When it comes to minorities, they’re even worse. Any person of colour who dares to espouse anything other than the standard first-year undergraduate social justice narrative about victimhood and prejudice had better have a very thick skin, because they’ll be mercilessly pilloried as traitors to their cause. Just ask Priti Patel or Kemi Badenoch.”



    • Zephir says:

      “Truth is, women, minorities, the young, the working classes: Labour thinks it owns them all. Despite the fact that their party is led by a white, affluent, middle-aged man.

      The sense of entitlement is breathtaking. Not to mention the total absence of self-knowledge.

      That’s why they constantly indulge in class warfare — even though Keir Starmer is an actual Knight of the Realm.

      And that’s why, even though the slightest criticism of anything Labour women such as Angela Rayner say or do is greeted with howls of sexism, their armies of keyboard warriors see nothing wrong with attacking their counterparts in the Conservative Party in openly misogynistic (and racist) terms.”


      • Zephir says:

        “‘Thick Lizzie’. ‘Mad Nads’ (Nadine Dorries). And I won’t even begin to describe what Priti has had to put up with. We spoke about it when I saw her in the summer. Revolting.

        When anything even approximating that sort of thing happens to a woman on the Left — as it did to Rayner recently with all that stuff about her distracting Boris Johnson by crossing and uncrossing her legs, Basic Instinct-style (even though she herself was overheard joking about it) — boy, does the Left kick up a fuss.

        But, for some reason, it’s completely fine when the woman in question is a Tory. Take comedian Joe Lycett, who mock-applauded Truss’s appearance on Laura Kuenssberg’s new Sunday show this week. Can you imagine the same thing happening to someone like Diane Abbott? “


  10. Zephir says:

    Another speech from Nutmeg, including the usual guff about me. me me.

    If she wanted to give real life advice to the aspirational kids she was meant to be addressing, she should have given herself as an example:

    If you want to get ahead and get a big house and money, marry a prince like I did.

    (or join Black Lives Matter)

    If you want a voice and your deluded opinions heard, marry a Prince, it is the ONLY reason I get heard..


    • BRISSLES says:

      I never ‘got’ all the guff from the media about her being “a breath of fresh air’. I could see from the off that she had an agenda. Lets not forget she was a mate of that bloody airhead with the face lift on GBNews Lizzie Cundy – whom she asked to get her a date with footballler Ashley Cole. She wanted fame and money.

      Being honest here, Harry is short on I.Q, more B & Q and is not the best looking bloke in the world, so what’s left ? position and wealth. So the two main boxes were ticked.

      What I imagine scares the beejasus out of the Royal Family is her saying she can say what she likes, as no N/D was signed. Equally she was only a working Royal for 90 seconds and didn’t exactly do many working engagements that I can remember – most were with the Queen, so her shelf life should be short on that score. She has however, made sure she has produced offspring, thus ensuring that if the marriage does go t…ts up she will always have a ‘hold’ on the Royal Family.


  11. andyjsnape says:

    Netflix: Saudi Arabia and GCC warn streaming giant over violating ‘Islamic values’

    When the minority is the majority in the UK, demands will happen here


    • Guest Who says:

      The demand aspect has been for a long while.

      As has the caving.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Commendable, they have every right to do so. Western countries forget that they constitute only about 10% of the World’s population, and less than 10% of those people hold these deranged views. That amounts to around 1% of the World’s population. Their arrogance in trying to impose their degeneracy, corruption, lies and fantasies on the other 99% is beyond breathtaking.


  12. Guest Who says:

    Retweeted by Rowlocks.


  13. Fedup2 says:

    Michelle Donelan is the new Culture Secretary . She’s been at education for the last couple of years . Doesn’t seem to be the high profile type required to take on the BBC ……let me be wrong though …..

    Today / tomorrow is money tree day . Mary truss will show she is more than a match for the red Labour Party and will bat away the fuel questions for the chancellor tomorrow . Pound to fall again .
    For the BBC what ever Mary and her crew do will not be enough ….

    Personally – I’d like to hear a plan for energy independence – the nut nut government had no urgency about this – one of the many failures .
    Thank god shaps has gone – the man who gave hundreds of millions to councils to close your roads and screw traffic . And at least Raab can go on holiday – but not Kabul …


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Mary Truss… certain types of people have a long standing tradition of changing their names:

      Lean Trotsky – real name Lev Davidovich Bronstein
      George Soros – real name György Schwartz
      Che Guevara – real name Ernesto Guevara
      Boris Johnson – real name Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson
      Prince Harry – real name Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor
      Klaus Schwab – real name Satan


  14. andyjsnape says:

    Universal free school meals begin in Wales for youngest children

    Only white people in the link, strange


    • micknotmike says:

      Nothing strange about it Andy, (Methinks you jest, actually)
      Immigrants only ever contribute to the economy; they never claim benefits, visit food banks, or take any small thing from their new home. I feel so enriched, diverse, and vibrant whenever I see one.


      • andyjsnape says:

        Hello Mick

        I jest, its the constant reporting by the bBC where they have 80% quotas of non-whites, very rare to see all whites in any output the bBC does these days


    • G says:

      Same for free prescriptions: Wales, Scotland & NI.

      Compliments of the English taxpayer who still pays for prescriptions. The ‘Barnet Formula’ sure works well for some.



  15. Fedup2 says:


    Hooray the BBC has found something upon which to criticise the new PM – whom I will be referring to as ‘Mary ‘ because that is her name ….

    The criticism ? She is appointing people with ‘the same political outlook as her ‘ …. The swine …. Desperate

    Meanwhile …

    The Biden Obama FBI is leaking stuff to the Weahington Post about stuff found during the illegal search of president trumps ‘ home .

    Naturally the BBC reports on the report ‘reportedly ‘ – can’t go a day without a negative trump story now – can they …


    • JohnC says:

      I’ve noticed a huge increase in BBC stories in the last few months making claims which are basically quotes from biased parties then informing us it’s nothing to with them later in the article. Along with a link to Twitter if they have one so you can go read the other activist posts.

      And funnily enough, they always seem to be in-line with the BBC agenda.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Just heard Robinson accusing the new government of adopting 70s style solutions to the energy crisis .

        Demonstrates the frankly madness of the BBC – anecdote after anecdote of hardship – real or prospective or am dram – yet when the government does what it does it gets accused ( indirectly ) of doing too much .

        I just hope that steps are taken to encourage energy saving – even the stuff about turning lights off and efficient use of juice should be encouraged .

        Meanwhile – the food industry is warning of winter shortages – panic buy for Christmas …. ( more like shoplifting ) …


      • Guest Who says:

        And whether used, or not. Depends on how the narrative is supported.




    • Banania says:

      Mary is a sweet name. If that is her real name she should use it.


      • Fedup2 says:

        She is Mary Elizabeth Truss . I prefer the ‘Mary ‘ will confusingly use it when writing about her . I have written asking for a signed photograph which might be more valuable when she fixes the fuel , inflation ,putin , WEF , Northern Ireland , the borders. Muslim rape gangs , the NHS , clean waters, the SNP , VAR and the BBC …


  16. Guest Who says:

    And lo, Mad Al gives the bbc its line to take.

    Currently Private Eye and HIGNFY have been issuing sexists snarks every hour.

    Ian is BBC through and through.


  17. StewGreen says:

    I just opened Google and the Google doodle
    ” celebrates the 103rd Birthday of Jamaica’s cultural icon Louise Miss Lou Bennett-Coverley
    a patois poet”

    Looks like box ticking
    She died on 26 July 2006, at age 87


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Whenever I see one of these Google doodle’s (or BBC ‘Newsbeat’) I am reminded of Samuel Johnson’s comment: “Sir, a woman’s preaching is like a dog’s walking on his hind legs. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all.” Liberals – the ultimate racists – have such low expectations for non-White people that any ability to do anything beyond kicking a ball or singing has to be applauded to the high heavens, much as one might fuss over a three year old who has gone to the toilet by themselves for the first time.


  18. atlas_shrugged says:

    No white men in major cabinet positions …

    Lammy ovulating in excitement on Times radio today.

    No doubt our cabinet will get a good penetration by Klaus and his WEF boys.

    The only problem with affirmative action is that it kills people. This point hammered into me when a ‘German’ doctor came over here to the UK for work and killed two of his patients.


    • StewGreen says:

      History Debunked

      BTW “There’s a war being waged against our way of life”
      The first words of the advert when I pressed play on that History Debunked video .. it’s an advert for a Kevin Costner movie


      • StewGreen says:

        A few days ago LBCs @SangitaMyska put out a 7 minute video where she went along with the callers line that the Tories are so racist only 5% would vote for the brown man in the the leadership race.

        In reality they turned out to be 8.5 times less racist that her prog suggest
        as 42.6% voted for him.

        Her lot will say
        “This diversity & inclusion is cynical & places privileged individuals into roles where they are unlikely to challenge the status quo.”

        On Kemi Badenoch they said
        “It’s a black woman being racist for the benefit of the white members, it’s easier to hide racism. More complex than you think. She gets her position and members get someone black to speak for them”


        • StewGreen says:


          • Guest Who says:

            The usually suspect media diversity flounce brigade circling their regal carriages around Sangita is hilarious, as they tie themselves in knots about their good, acceptable racism from this simply asking questions as to what they are trying to rig.

            Meanwhile their fetid little selectively PC ideological bubbles contracts like an Aero bubble of competing isms as they block veryone off colour bar Gary Lineker and Acid Queen Brand.


      • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

        Stew, I’ve watched this sad old man for the last couple of years now.
        He is quite useful for reminding us about things that happened in the past that the establishment wants us to forget so I won’t knock him entirely. I will have to say that as a guide for current politics he is fairly irrelevant. He doesn’t think things through.
        He talks about only letting people who can trace their British origins back hundreds of years be allowed to be elected to cabinet positions. Can you imagine how useful that would be?
        He simply cannot grasp the idiocy of what he is saying.
        He seems not to realize the problem we have these days is too many white boys are refusing to stand up for their country and it’s history and willing to go woke. That’s not the fault of coloured immigrants. It’s the fault of guilt ridden virtue signaling white liberals many of whom have British ancestry stretching way back.
        This man has more in common with the race obsessed Mosleyites than he is willing to admit.


      • Zelazek says:

        I am surprised that Simon Webb has no idea how to answer his own question. But one of the reasons for non-whites being given these three top jobs is surely to counteract the perception that the Tories are the most racist of all the parties. It consequently becomes hard for Labour to continue to make that claim. They have to descend to calling black Tories Uncle Tom-type names, which is a risky strategy if they want to attract the aspirational immigrant vote.

        Even though I am an opponent of the multicultural project, I quite like the three individuals in question. History is, as any student of the subject knows, full of ironies. It would not surprise me if Suella Braverman turns out to be the one politician who effectively deals with the migrant crisis.


      • G says:

        When they disagree, is there is a danger of them stabbing one another. Metal detectors outside No.10?

        Braverman, ex Kenya 1960.


  19. Guest Who says:

    Crerar moved to Viz already to stay on BBC Politics?


  20. StewGreen says:

    Pakistan floods the ministers dept said 72 out of 180 districts had declared flood emergency
    The media ran with the line “one third of Pakistan is under water”
    without giving the context
    that he actually meant “one thirds of districts have some land under water”


  21. Eddy Booth says:


    “Our ex-Leader and the scandalous trail of destruction he leaves behind”

    “He leaves the country in utter chaos, every aspect of government a shambles and with no prospect of improvement. Yet the Guardian laments his going – after all, he has governed, with his neo-Marxist civil service, as a big state, high tax and spend socialist, indulging the elite technocrats and stamping on the ordinary people and small business, an East German model of governance, along with the communist use of mass media to instil fear and obedience while crushing dissent.”

    Good article, even the trolls, who ruin the comments section on The Conservative Woman , seem to be having a hard time coming up with counters…


  22. AsISeeIt says:

    The Guardian reckons we’re awash with Brexit gin.
    And I’m predicting Liz Truss won’t prove to be much of a tonic

    The newspaper frontpages are inevitably chock-full, saturated one might say, with a veritable deluge of yesterday’s big news, Liz Truss at Number 10.

    Après moi, le déluge – Boris may have pondered.

    Be fair, who doesn’t phone a relative – even one just across town – without the platitudinious gambit: “Is it raining where you are? It is here, just started”

    Handover A sunny departure – then the rain started – carps the Guardian – look on the bright side Guardianistas… that’s the drought crisis over without any need for government intervention.

    Downpouring Street – puns the freebie metropolitan Metro: MPs, officials and supporters take cover before speech

    Times, Express, Telegraph, FT & even our uncle Tom corporate advertising Cobley giveaway Metro, all lead with some variation on that change in the weather keynote theme from the new PM’s speech – eg: We can ride out the storm (Times)

    Winter weather analogies abound: Energy bills to be frozen at £2,500 as Truss gets to work on cost of living crisis (Telegraph)

    Inflation will halve by next summer thanks to support, say forecasters (Telegraph) – forecasters – weather forecasters… geddit? I’ve checked the seaweed and the isobars and I’m betting temperatures will also have halved by Christmas. Don’t get too excited by the supposed downward inflation trend. It will still be going up – if not by 20% then by 10% for a while yet – and meanwhile all that devalution of your savings and spending power will have been baked in.

    When it comes to news the BBC purports to be our unbiased British institutional media broadcaster of record: Liz Truss has become the UK’s 56th prime minister after being appointed by the Queen at Balmoral Castle. Here is a selection of photos from the day she officially replaced Boris Johnson as leader, becoming the country’s third-ever female PM. – shut up BBC, we don’t count prime ministers over here, that’s an American thing… George Bush 41, George W Bush 43… Donald Trump 45… and counting…?

    Of course the bit about the third female Tory PM sticks in the BBC throat somewhat, so I’m guessing the implied blokes’ score of 53 is put there to tell us we need another fifty plus girls in the job before we reach parity? Diversity, innit?

    The Tory Telegraph, of all organs, goes there: Coffey named Deputy PM in most diverse top ministerial team in history

    Word to the wise, Torygraph – don’t bother to play on the Left’s home ground – you’ll never get a fair result under their rules.

    The old recession strategies won’t work – rather ominously, warns the FT’s frontpage advertiser Bain & Company a global management consulting firm.

    One perhaps imagines one picks up the FT for some good old fashioned capitalistic free market-oriented news and opinion – but you’d be surprised…

    Global distrust in big four… A 138 country study has found that most tax officials believe the big accounting firms try to exploit loopholes in laws to help clients at least some of the time (FT) – come again? I thought that was the job of the accountant – to help their client pay less tax? Or have I somehow suddenly landed on some alien pink planet where accountants ought to collude with the taxman in order to maximise their clients’ tax bills?

    One can’t help but note the opening phrase back there, hinting at the globalist FT’s present day orientation: Global distrust…

    The old IRA used to brandish the contradictory bullet and ballot box – the modern globalist crony capitalist favours the duo of woke left-leaning politics in one hand and the global free market in the other – borders wide open for outsourcing and cheap labour imports, mind you.

    The pink FT pins its colours firmly to the blue mast of the US Democrats this morning: Truth hurts: why Biden was right to sound the alarm over democracy in America – that’ll the peculiar anti-Trump supporter vitriol recently spouted from the presidential podium by the old geezer Biden channelling his autocue.

    Talking of colours and mastheads Her Majesty’s The Daily Express dips the old blue and yellow today and instead troops the colour with the Union flag. United with the people of Ukraine makes way for: Truss: We can be brilliant Britain

    Stepping out of line the Sun takes a sideways look: Hello Liz – remark in concert both: Frail Queen – and flimsy lightweight new PM on that tabloid’s hallowed historic national treasure of a frontpage.

    The Mirror’s partisan snark becomes wearisome: Promises Promises… Now fix the Britain you lot broke… Truss enters No10 full of promises (just like the last 3 Tory PMs) – yeah, and they broke Britain with your socialist policies of pusy-footed policing on crime, hyper immigration, short-sighted greenery, spending like a drunken Labour chancellor in an NHS-branded benefits brothel, furloughed sooner longer and harder… backing a costly war on Russia instead of seeking peace talks…

    There’s no pleasing some people: I’ve been racially profiled more times than I can count – is this perhaps some young South London potential premier league footballer peacefully going about his GCSE studies and getting stopped and searched – his only crime his hoodie?

    Of course not – this is the left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper publishing race porn tales for the titilation of its woke audience, care of the sadly oppressed: Vogue editor Edward Enninful – he might like to give young chaps of colour some fashion advice – try some sensible lace-up leather shoes in black or brown, a jacket, shirt and tie combo? At least stop with the Greggs logo leisure wear from Primark – that just makes it look as though you’re part of the latest flash mob on the way to steam a shop.

    On a lighter note…

    One admires the comedy of Dylan Moran – a sort of thinking Irishman’s latterday Dave Allen – now that Father Ted is no longer with us. One doesn’t admire the feature quote brandished by the ‘i’: ‘In comedy strutting male egos are boring’

    Someone tell that to Joe Lycett: BBC’s chief’s warning to Kuenssberg show over Joe Lycett ambush (‘i’) – the boss woman getting the blame for the bloke’s bad behaviour?

    Joe Lycett: what did the comedian say in Laura Kuenssberg interview to make Daily Mail front pages? The comedian claimed he is ‘extremely’ right-wing, before assuring everyone he wasn’t being ‘sarcastic’ (National World – the somewhat contradictory combination title – like bullet and ballot box – here heralds a national news brand for all of the UK… we endeaver to shift the focus to the people places and perspectives which are still too often underrepresented and unheard in the media… As such we don’t report on the news through a London lens – and there they go reporting another London media bubble story. The obviously implied snark at the Daily Mail and support for the BBC comedian and Ms K’s show: asking tough questions of those in authority – tends to show us where National World is coming from)

    In the Sun Lewis Capaldi claims he has a condition: ‘People think I’m on coke… but I’ve got Tourette’s

    By the way, I don’t buy Moran’s quote about strutting male egos being comedically boring. I’d counter that all human character flaws have comedic value. As for the specific male ego, how about Tony Hancock, Captain Mainwaring, Arnold Rimmer of Red Dwarf or Al Murray the pub landlord… to pluck just four evergreen hilariously pompous strutting comic male egos?

    Obsession and obsessive gloom are also comic character flaws – think of Winnie the Pooh’s mate Eeyore – the old grey stuffed donkey: “It’s not much of a tail, but I’m sort of attached to it” “Wish I could say yes, but I can’t.” “…don’t worry about me, Pooh. Go and enjoy yourself. I’ll stay here and be miserable, with no presents, no cake, no candles.” “Wish I could say yes, but I can’t.” “Leaping from branch to branch of a young oak-tree? Wrong. Waiting for somebody to help me out of the river? Right.” Perhaps old Eeyore was something of a socialist?

    ‘A grim dystopia awash in Brexit gin: what a prize Johnson leaves for the new PM’ Marinda Hyde (Guardian) – Hey, where’s my Brexit gin ration?

    You can’t say all Guardianistas are despondent this morning: Polly Toynbee (channelling Tigger?) ‘Few like her, few wanted her, few of her MPs back her – Labour has nothing to fear from Liz Truss.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think the last line you cited was used when Margaret thatcher was elected . I am not comparing Mary truss with our fallen leader – but old Toynbee must be desperate to keep her always wrong column using stuff like that .

      The ginger growler was doing her gig about scum tories the other day and using the ‘housing estate ‘ gag when it was pointed out that the current PM didn’t go to Eton but went to a comprehensive – maybe even a ‘bog standard one ‘ to borrow a term ….
      …….the best poor growler could do was ‘it doesn’t matter what school you went to – you’re still tory scum ‘ to bend a quote ….
      Popcorn all round


    • BRISSLES says:

      Speaking of gin, has anyone tried Nigel’s gin ?


  23. pugnazious says:

    Out with the old and in with the new.

    Didn’t take long for them to manufacture a new narrative to deal with so many Bames at the top of government.

    Just a day or so ago the whole Tory Party was racist for not voting for Sunak….now…erm….you know what, we must not judge the privileged elite at the helm of government by their skin colour, just ignore that huge success….the real problem is discrimination and racism directed at Asians in immigration, NHS inequalities, poverty, jobs and the economy!

    Can’t say I’ve really noticed.

    So…let’s just keep telling Bames that they’re complete failures and that their supposed failure is due to White oppression and racism…..hmmm…in fact it’s only segments of the Asian community who haven’t lifted themselves out of their condition…it’s well known….they were poor, uneducated immigrants who went into ghettoes, didn’t integrate or learn the language in many cases and haven’t prospered as much as other Asian groups…..it is their own self-imposed isolation and refusal to integrate that leaves them where they are.

    Let’s face it we all know that Asians are highly successful in this country and to suggest otherwise is disingenuous, indeed an outright lie peddled to try and weaponise race as a stick to beat Whitey with and to gain even more advantage…in other words…racism against Whites.

    The BBC is though quite happy to just put the suggestion out there…knowing full well that it will become a trope to beat Britain with.


  24. StewGreen says:

    9:02am R4 announcer jokes about 2 of this morning’s progs having drag queens on.

    9:30 interview with Ruu Paul figure
    11 Belfast Panel includes 1 dragqueen.


  25. Guest Who says:

    Well, at least they are not kicking off on her husband or clothes.


    • andyjsnape says:

      Hello Guest
      … “and what this government will prioritise”

      Is this the priorities the bBC would like, or actually what the government will prioritise


      • Guest Who says:

        Certainly the edited highlights will be very interesting once filtered.

        Stew is observing LBC’s finest aping The BBC staff #propagandabackedbycensorship playbook.

        This is the media in the USA.


  26. pugnazious says:

    Apparently, Nick Robinson suggests, Truss ousted all the Sunak fanboys and brought in people, ‘chums’, who were friends or loyalists of Truss rather than competent.

    Cheap, insulting and disrespectful claim….question Therese Coffey should have bounced back with….’Which of them are you saying are incompetent?’

    Robinson would have been unable to answer…proving his question was pure muck-raking slander, a comment more likely from the lips of clown Joe Lycett that from an apparently respected and informed interviewer.

    Classic technique…chucking mud around and spreading negative lines by the usual ‘some might say’ approach….saying something no reputable interviewer could raise themselves but deflect blame by ‘giving the interviewee the opportunity’ to rebut these slanderous claims….or, as some might say, just an opportunity for Robinson, and his chums, to put these ideas into the public consciousness…’no smoke without fire’….someone somewhere will believe it….and that’s all they need…keep doing this and bit by bit they will build a public perception that there’s something wrong just as they did with Boris…couldn’t take him down with anything substantial or legitimate so death by a thousand cuts and a thousand ‘scandals’ invented and hyped by the likes of the BBC.


    • Fedup2 says:

      And the times has it that 50 civil servants in number 10 under boris were gone to other places yesterday morning . If they were anyway involved in the parties – quite right – and nut nut wasn’t served at all well by his staff – which was one of the things that bought him down .

      It is vital that Mary truss has a switched on team who can smell danger and not be disconnected from us – otherwise the same sort of mistakes will be made ….

      I think Robinson had a personal quest against Johnson – will he try the same erosive corrosive tactic on the new PM ?


  27. vlad says:

    Heil, mein Führer



  28. theisland says:

    The civil servants at the FCDO and HO in particular will continue to run rings around our MPs.

    An example. Instead of being prosecuted and sacked for leaving confidential MoD documents jeopardising national security at a bus stop in 2021, Angus Lapsley was allowed to stay on at the FCDO. Some will remember him as one of the prime movers in surreptitiously joining the UK up to a raft of EU Defence measures AFTER the referendum.
    This month he has been appointed NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defence Policy and Planning, the team responsible for the Alliance’s capability and force planning, posture, plans, and a range of defence policy questions, including nuclear issues.
    Did Johnson or Truss as Foreign Sec. (both?) sign off on this?



  29. StewGreen says:

    Jolyon did a racebaity tweet and then deleted it.



    • Zephir says:

      Is the twat ready to hand his job to a black man, move into a 2 bedroom flat and hand his house over to “asylum seekers” ?

      And if he has kids at college make them give their places to blacks ?

      Or will he carry on raking in a fortune whilst insisting other white men are excluded from positions or less favoured and their children at a disadvantage applying for University places because of their skin colour ?


  30. Fedup2 says:

    From the DT – the sadness of Jonnie £ Sopel

    It happened more than four years ago, but Jon Sopel still seethes when he recalls the way he discovered he was taking a ‘voluntary’ pay cut.

    He was serving as the BBC’s North America editor at the time and heard about it from colleagues on the Today programme. “They said: ‘Jon, we’d like to ask you about your salary cut.’ I said: ‘What salary cut?’ They said: ‘It’s today’s headlines.’ I was incandescent. It was a fraught time, horrible. It was a bad decision to start publishing presenters’ salaries. To have everybody suddenly knowing what you earn feels a violation of your privacy. I never signed up for it but now it’s enforced upon you.”

    Then there was the leak of a conversation he had with the then Today presenter John Humphrys shortly after the BBC’s then China correspondent Carrie Gracie had complained about the disparity between her salary and his. “So how much of your salary are you prepared to hand over to Carrie Gracie?” Humphrys asked, starting an exchange that would lead to the BBC condemning both men. “I think John was trying to wind me up,” Sopel says, flinching at the memory. “It was 11pm in America, 4am in London and I was trying to shut him down. When I came off the phone from him, I said to my wife, ‘Oh my God!’”

    Having taken his ‘voluntary’ pay cut, Sopel was on about £225,000. And that sum would have undoubtedly risen had he taken the job of BBC political editor when Laura Kuenssberg decided to step down earlier this year.

    It was super flattering to be asked [to do that],” he says, loquacious and dapper in suit and tie as we meet in a central-London office. “But for seven-and-a-half years I’d had the time of my life in North America. Political editor has a higher profile, but it felt more of the same. And my family had big reservations about it – Laura had to have big security at times. That was off-putting.”

    So was it the lure of an even higher pay cheque that lured him into the arms of Global and the prospect of a new podcast with another high profile defector from the BBC, Emily Maitlis? “The money was attractive, though being political editor would have probably led to writing memoirs that were worth a hell of a lot,” says Sopel.

    No, like others who have left the BBC after a long tenure – notably Andrew Marr – Sopel wanted to have a freer rein. “I wanted the freedom to write and say what you think, without that kind of second-guessing and self-censoring mechanism that comes understandably with being part of the BBC,” he says.

    Sopel worked for the BBC for 39 years (“I was totally institutionalised”) and the tensions he sometimes felt came to a head during Donald Trump’s administration, where critics were repeatedly accused of spouting “fake news”, making “balanced” reporting of facts near-impossible.

    “With Trump you’d get ‘on the one hand…’ situations when there was no ‘on the other’,” says Sopel “Trump says ‘the crowd for my inauguration was the biggest in American history’. You just look at the photos from Barack Obama’s and can see that is demonstrably not true. Just call it as it bloody well is. My producer and I were pretty robust about doing that but the BBC has many pearl-clutchers and there was always unease.”

    He and Maitlis have both spoken out about their frustration at the way, in its quest for balance, the BBC covered Brexit. “You’ve got 50 Nobel-Prize-winning economists who say Brexit is going to be terrible, and you’ve got [Brexit supporting] Patrick Minford saying ‘It’s all going to be fine’,” Sopel says. “Is that impartiality? Or is that copping out?”

    What about Maitlis’s allegations, made in her recent McTaggart memorial lecture in Edinburgh, that the BBC was full of interfering Tory appointees?

    We’ve always had people who have been appointed – to some extent – on a party affiliation,” he says. “But it’s very rare that someone has gone straight from the No 10 press officer onto the BBC board as Robbie Gibb [the man Maitlis was thought to be referring to in her speech] did.”

    This isn’t – Sopel stresses – a case of left versus right. “It’s about political interference. I hated it when I saw Labour interfering. I would hate it if Britain went down the route of America, where you’ve got CNN which thinks that Trump is the devil incarnate and Fox News thinking he’s a living God and there is no nuance in between. I don’t care whether people are for Brexit or against Brexit, for Trump or anti-Trump, for Boris or anti-Boris. But I want them to be well informed when they go to the polling station. I find that really alarming if people are given a diet of social-media c—, where misinformation and lies are just spewed out.”

    Empathetic (and off-the-record gossipy) in manner, Sopel is clearly a family man. He’s been married to Linda for 34 years and is under strict orders to make our meeting swift in order to help his daughter Anna, 30, who works in PR, move house. His son Max, 32, works for ITV in Sydney, with Covid restrictions meaning Sopel senior has only recently been able to meet his baby grandson. “Wonderful!”

    He grew up in North London and attended grammar school and Southampton University before joining the BBC in 1983, where he held numerous jobs including Paris correspondent and chief political correspondent. Watching the recent Australian hit drama The Newsreader, which is set in that decade, brought back many happy memories. “The characters were so recognisable – the complicated leading woman who, when the camera is on them, just lights up but there’s a fragility when the camera’s off – how many men and women have I known along those lines? The big-beast newscasters – there were so many of us young political correspondents 30 years ago and it was an absolute dog-eat-dog atmosphere: myself, Huw Edwards, Jeremy Vine, John Pienaar, and we’d all be fighting like crazy for who’d be on the nine o’clock news, as it was then. It was the survival of the fittest, Darwinian!”

    It is of course with another big-beast in the news broadcasting world – celebrated for her 2019 “Pizza Express alibi” interview with Prince Andrew – with whom in 2020 he teamed up for the BBC Americast podcast. Sopel and Maitlis made a good team and their podcast became one of the most listened to in the UK. “Americast was revelatory,” he says. “When I came back to the UK people would stop me not to say ‘I saw you on the 10 o’clock news’ but ‘I heard the podcast – what you’re doing with Emily is so great!’”

    The two had worked together before when both were presenters on the BBC News Channel. “I thought Emily was just this woman who came into the studio and winged it, not realising what a hard worker she was,” recalls Sopel. “She would be looking at websites – ‘Sopes, do you like this dress from Net-A-Porter?’ – and the director would be saying, ‘Four, three..’ Then she’d be on camera being absolutely brilliant. She’s a fantastic journalist, she’s got this huge intellectual curiosity.” Then it would go to the next VT [pre-recorded segment] and she’d be saying ‘I think maybe the blue one, not the red one.’”

    Fast forward 19 years and Sopel and Maitlis find themselves working together again on an entirely new project.

    So what is the game plan for The News Agents? “We don’t simply want to recap the day’s headlines – that’s boring,” Sopel says. “We want to tell people something new about the issues of the day, and tell it in a way that’s not preaching, but where maybe people feel a bit smarter at the end.”ENDS


  31. Thoughtful says:

    A crisis brewing which could make the 2008 sub prime mortgage crisis look like a picnic by comparison

    “Europe’s energy crisis could escalate if governments don’t cover $1.5 trillion in margin calls, Norwegian energy firm says”

    Firstly what is a margin call:


    Basically despite the lies about massive profits of energy firms and fantasy land political elites believing they can relive energy companies of their capital for the purposes of squandering, the energy companies are so short of liquidity they need central governments to guarantee their future purchases of gas to an eye watering amount.


    Governments are caught between a rock and a hard place, either they underwrite these trades, or they don’t and the lights go out, trading stops and no gas or electricity is sold.

    Even the total losses on the Sub Prime fiasco don’t come anywhere close to this amount of money, which has the potential to bring the economies of the West both sides of the Atlantic come crashing down.

    All the time the new leader of thee Blue Socialist party prances around throwing money around left right and centre fresh off the printing press.

    There are only two ways out of this situation of the mafia democrat crime parties creation. One and the most immediate concern is to reduce the demand for gas, whether that is by electrisity generation or by households, and two is to come to some accommodation with the Russians to recommence the supply of gas.

    What Truss is doing is the worst thing imaginable, trying to buck the market in classic Socialist manner, not offering any solution, just throwing money around.

    What she could have done is to make a certain reasonable amount of energy available at a cheaper price, and once that amount is used make the additional amounts much more expensive to pay for the subsidy and reduce demand, that way the scheme would have been more self funding and demand would be reduced.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Ironically I’m currently reading ‘The Big Short ‘‘

      Yes the ‘market bucking ‘ scenario is forming up well – it just takes the price of gas to be ramped and HMG is bust again ( soros ) …… with putin looking to a long war – and maybe cutting grain supply again his war is looking good .
      However – I understand that the grain harvest this year has been above average so he might have to dump Russian supplies …

      … and today is the anniversary of the US government taking ownership of the two big mortgage companies …. Fanny and Freddie …

      … listening to the ignorant talking about taking control of EDF and Eon – when they are both foreign and state owned … one wonders . EDF keeps on being baled out by the French government ….


      • Thoughtful says:

        Ah the Big Short, Michael Burry has sold all his shares except in one sector – Prisons, because he sees the coming unrest as likely to provide an uptick in the demand for prison places!

        IN other news the EU is planning a cap on the price of non gas generated electricity. Although this might provide some relief on the prices charged it will take away the incentive for providers to move away from gas which is what is needed.

        If the price of gas generated electricity were also similarly capped there would be another incentive to move away from this fuel, but we are not in a free market, and it is the fantasy land elites who make the decisions on capital investment not the companies and investors involved.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Thank you – I’ll buy prison futures …. For anyone looking for an entertaining ‘finance ‘book ! I’d highly recommend the book . Mr Burry was one of the few who saw the 2008 property crash coming and fairly made a fortune from it . A hero .

          As for fuel supply – I wonder how people react if there are shortages of power this coming winter with neighbours such as Norway / France unable or unwilling to export juice at any price ?
          Will people revolt against green crap ? Or fall for the lie that it is the remedy .

          Burn those hydrocarbons – build those nuclear stations – quick ….


  32. BRISSLES says:

    Dear God, now we are being shown overhead pictures as the new PM travels through London to get to Parliament. Are we so thick as a nation that we need to be shown every minutiae of the PMs day ? we’ve seen it countless times before.


  33. Fedup2 says:

    Seems like the IFS has replaced SAGE as the Go To Experts Who Are Never Wrong – sniping from the sidelines via the BBC telling us what is being done wrong ….

    Another bunch who expands their importance into the space created for them by the MSM ….


  34. G.W.F. says:

    An indication of diversity is the number of cabinet posts held by people whose names an English speaker like me I cannot pronounce


  35. StewGreen says:

    R4 Gym locker raids
    Woman reports her phone and cards were stolen her bank account cleared out
    Bank said she gave crims the PIN

    Police say “nothing to see, we are off to police Twitter” even tho crims have women’s flat keys
    punters call reporter ..”same thing happened to me in a nearby gym, same week”
    .. Reporter then has massive list of transactions
    including when and where the crims have stopped for food/coffee
    She took that to plod “Oh yeh we did have all these individual crime reports , I guess we could check CCTV”

    Rule : be dead careful of putting of banking apps on your phone cos often crims can get the PIN off it
    And if you put your phone with your cards they are away.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I was the subject of a card fraud once – the fraudster booked a hotel at Heathrow airport – plod got a picture of him . African – heading home to bongo bongo land . I put a curse on him . I hope he died slowly and painfully ….
      Luckily I wasn’t out of pocket . I hope he is out of life . His family too …


    • tomo says:


      The program actually said that PINs are embedded (and retrievable) from the banking app on the phone.

      How (the F) does that work ?

      If an Android phone – there’s supposed to be root protection – and most (all?) banking apps will not install if the phone has been rooted.

      There is more to this … a LOT more ….


      • tomo says:

        I just now – got an email from Lloyds Bank titled:

        “There’s more to our app than you might think”


        All I can say is … I hope not.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      BBC: ‘… the Met Police, which had previously closed a number of individual investigations’

      Despite: ‘They used… money for food and taxis and withdrew cash from ATMs and changed the access to… accounts… The same shops come up time and again… Selfridges, Apple, Balenciaga, and Harrods.’

      All of which will have plenty of CCTV – so what’s the problem, Met police… couldn’t be bothered?


  36. Fedup2 says:

    I don’t normally watch PMQs but listen to it . Today I watched . People have said that Mary ‘liz’ truss would be boring and dry compared to her idiot predecessor .

    Not the case. She is good on her feet . I saw her a few times as trade minister and stood a good wicket compared to the inferiors on the other side . There was no improvement in starmer .
    The body language on the blue Labour side was also pretty good – I was watching at the end and they seems quite springy on the way out .

    None of this matters though – but tomorrow really does ….


  37. tomo says:


    • G says:

      Well, in the US Soros funded DA’s let them go. Could similar be happening here?


      • Fedup2 says:

        The structure is very difficult because the US system is directly political . Here the CPS is a bit more distant from direct political control – although choice of key woke WEF senior management knocks on down the chain ….

        Like others within the state fear of accusation of racism colours prosecution choices – see Pakistani rape gangs …


  38. andyjsnape says:

    A lecture brought to you by Auntie

    BeReal: Can my post get me in trouble at work?


    • Guest Who says:

      Well, it depends.

      If you are a friend of BBC, say an average Jo, Brand or Maugham, any transgression is usually forgiven.

      If not a friend, and say Adrian Chiles is there in back up, toast.

      Now, this bastion of academic impartiality on the BBC ‘expert’ roster?


      • digg says:

        Or maybe IQ and education level biased which is how it should be. It says more about the comparison of outcomes between state and private school education than it does about class or race comparisons.

        We need real teachers who want to impart knowledge back in our state schools instead of class warriors who want to impart hate and division.


  39. Guest Who says:

    Are so many politicians, on all sides, and media folk, on just the one… so weak?

    …he asked, rhetorically.


  40. Guest Who says:

    BBC tries to create a stir.



    • Flotsam says:

      “The public is going pay. One way or another.”

      Absolutely true. Tax people? Tax Businesses and the cost will be passed on to people. The only solution is for the Government to spend and waste less.

      The Government is a hostage to fortune with the Energy companies. If they windfall tax, they’ll just make sure that the profits are made outside the Government’s grasp. Or the companies will move away altogether. In any case I don’t see the Government offering to subsidise busnesses if they lose money.


  41. tomo says:

    Community Cohesion

    I’d wager the City Council’s diversity chief is off on a sickie?

    Leicester has been the advertising + marketing industry’s bellweather “average English city” iirc.


    • Zephir says:

      Racist scum deport the scum


    • Guest Who says:

      If the protagonists are as described, high on my ‘vexed’ list with Tony Blair’s nose rubbing efforts is multiple varieties bring their unique blend of tolerance from where they screwed things up, to here, to effect same.

      And finding it quietly deep sixed by a cubicle garden variety collection of media types with questionable affiliations.


    • andyjsnape says:

      Hello Tomo.

      I’m wondering what will happen when the thin blue line has Muslims in the ranks 🙁

      We see this all over the world the religion of peace


      • tomo says:

        When I lived in Leicester there were Hindus attacking Hindus …

        – but yeah, tokenism + partisan allegiances in the police is a concern but the higher ranks don’t as a rule get out much it seems…

        If they don’t get a grip then vigilantes will fill the vacuum / defend their tribe.


      • Guest Who says:

        I think it has and more than its fair share, especially up the greasy pole.

        IIRC one lady charmer of faith and rozzerness just got suspended for behaviour that usually sees white lads executed in jail.


        • BRISSLES says:

          Just watching Walter Presents – an Italian detective thriller. (I love a good sub-title). Clearly the Italians aren’t worried about showing how their population think in their stories. A petrol owner says 2 things he hates are cats and blacks, and a black thief in a hoody is chased all the way to the beach where he is told to go back where he came from – as he wades into the sea.

          Erm, not sure our channels would get away with that without thousands complaining to Ofcom. But it does show that despite all attempts to the contrary, people have the same views worldwide, and getting “the message across” is like p……g in the wind.


        • Guest Who says:


      • Fedup2 says:

        I think you’ll find various alien gangs will have their relatives working in plod , the cps and prisons already ….
        Using the mug ‘diversity ‘ badge – or working in HR …


      • Kaiser says:


      • Banania says:

        Judging from the videos I have seen of police “dealing with” demonstrators, they have been thoroughly infiltrated already. And that may partly account for the dilatoriness of the police’s investigation into the rape gangs in Telford and countless other places.


    • vlad says:

      Stages of Jihad:

      Three, according to David Wood

      Four, according to others:

      1. Infiltration
      2. Consolidation of power
      3. Open war with leadership and culture
      4. Totalitarian Islamic Theocracy

      Click to access jus17a01.pdf


  42. Flotsam says:

    Truss PMQ’s

    I heard a lot of Scottish voices again.
    I noticed Speaker Hoyle again selecting questions fron Scottish MP’s and at least one from the Welsh Nationalist scum Party.

    There was a nasty “Question” from a scum SNP MP Hannah Bardell

    Ms Bardell asked why her constituents should have faith she can suffer the “ongoing humanitarian crisis” caused by the energy crisis, and if Ms Truss be as “corrupt” as her predecessor.

    Well the SNP know all about corrution don’t they?


    • Guest Who says:

      Hoyle is basically Bercow only taller, marginally less bellicose, and with a possibly less insane spouse.


  43. pugnazious says:

    The attacks are already going in as Truss sets up her cabinet.

    Theresa Coffey is first in line it seems for being a normal person smoking and eating what she likes. Can’t possibly be health secretary…..but surely that’s ‘lived experience’ that she brings to the job?…Poacher turned game-keeper…the BBC has no problem with Muslim terrorists turned into advisors on anti-terrorism [I might have a problem with that] but someone who smokes being health secretary….Holy Smokes!?

    And speaking of Holy….The BBC is a big cheerleader for abortion at seemingly any age so has run off a disproportionately long article proclaiming that a pro-abortion charity has ‘raised concerns’ that Coffey may not be fully on-board with their message….apparently her personal views are a problem….and God help us…she’s an effing Catholic….bet they wouldn’t care if a Muslim….but those damned Evangelists [who voted Trump] are evil far-right misogynists….’normal’ everyday Christians not far behind…or as Muslim Mishal Husain denounced them as… ‘backward and unpleasant’.

    ‘Abortion charities have accused Ms Coffey of putting her personal beliefs “above expert clinical guidance”.’

    Hmmm…no thought that maybe her ‘personal beliefs’ are guided by other advice and concerns not least the health of the child.

    The BBC quite happily approaches such stories portraying the ‘pro-life’ person as wrong and maybe immoral, and having to justify their stance.

    Abortion, er, ‘pro-choice’, is always right.

    Someone the BBC agrees with says something critical of someone the BBC doesn’t agree with and they churn out what is a hit-piece on them to order it seems.



    • digg says:

      To the BBC the pro-abortion issue is settled so the pro-lifers are not required to be given voice, much like they did with the Climate crap.

      This same approach will be applied to anything not seen as left or woke by the BBC.


  44. tomo says:

    They’re expecting everybody else to pitch in and bail them out I guess – no sympathy from here – they voted for the twerps.

    It could get quite nasty – will German Green politicians be taking rubber boats across the channel to avoid being suspended from (non working) streetlights?


  45. Terminal Moraine says:

    Yorkshire cricket racism update —

    Interesting comments recently from their former sports psychologist who was “among the 14 signatories of a letter to the previous board which accused Rafiq of being on ‘a one-man mission to bring down the club’, a letter which stated that the initial apology to Rafiq and the acceptance that he was ‘a victim’ was a mistake which ‘misrepresented entirely what kind of individual he was’”.

    “We’ve all got our interpretations as ex-staff members, but in my view he wanted to hit out and destroy the club or certainly wreck it if not completely destroy it.”

    Maybe the truth isn’t either or, but there’s nothing on the BBC site on this. Meanwhile they’re making the most of teammate Gary Ballance’s recent apology — even had Rafiq on to talk with the trusted and impartial Asian Network’s Ankur Desai:

    “Live with me now… Azeem hi how’s it going bro?”
    “Hi bud, I’m good thanks, yourself?”

    “Where do you think we’re at in terms of seeing reform and genuine change within cricket…?”

    Pure one-dimensional agenda.



  46. tomo says:

    Meanwhile in California


  47. Terminal Moraine says:

    Looks like “flatten the curve” is back.

    Stay at home and wait to be called for your World-Beating® Cost of Living injections.


  48. andyjsnape says:

    Bill of Rights: Liz Truss shelves plans to reform human rights law

    Best read it quick, as its already getting buried and not easy to find


  49. Zephir says:

    They attack jews, gang rape our children, now attacking Hindus on OUR streets.

    This is worth a look:

    The War on the West: How to Prevail in the Age of Unreason

    “‘The anti-Western revisionists have been out in force in recent years. It is high time that we revise them in turn…’

    In The War on the West, international bestselling author Douglas Murray asks: if the history of humankind is one of slavery, conquest, prejudice, genocide and exploitation, why are only Western nations taking the blame for it?

    It’s become perfectly acceptable to celebrate the contributions of non-Western cultures, but discussing their flaws and crimes is called hate speech. What’s more it has become acceptable to discuss the flaws and crimes of Western culture, but celebrating their contributions is also called hate speech. Some of this is a much-needed reckoning; however, some is part of a larger international attack on reason, democracy, science, progress and the citizens of the West by dishonest scholars, hatemongers, hostile nations and human-rights abusers hoping to distract from their ongoing villainy.

    In The War on the West, Douglas Murray shows the ways in which many well-meaning people have been lured into polarisation by lies, and shows how far the world’s most crucial political debates have been hijacked across Europe and America. Propelled by an incisive deconstruction of inconsistent arguments and hypocritical activism, The War on the West is an essential and urgent polemic that cements Murray’s status as one of the world’s foremost political writers.”


  50. gb123 says:

    Why can’t we sell the BBC to CCTV? The Chinese have bought up pretty much anything. The beeb would have found their soulmate with shared values on control and omission and we would be £4 billion better off.