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  1. Zephir says:

    Musical interlude, enjoying this, this afternoon:


  2. Doublethinker says:

    I seem to be past caring about what happens to the country . I’m 71 in reasonable health and I suppose could still be around in ten or fifteen years. I’ve been interested in politics since the election of M Thatcher and saw how her reforms of trade Union laws made my job as a very junior manager easier and more effective. I realised that a government could make a big difference to our lives.
    Since the ousting of Lady T I have watched a series of useless Tory PM sell her legacy down the river and Blair/ Brown sow the seeds of most of our current difficulties.
    The destruction of our British way of life is accelerating and we now careering down the slope to becoming a third world hell hole at a frightening rate. Yet the politicians of all parties are ready to talk about economics or the environment but never ever about the demise of our culture and it’s dire consequences for us all which they have overseen.
    As Mark Steyn has often said if all the parties believe and practise the same policies it’s a very poor sort of democracy.


  3. Fedup2 says:

    The speed of the decline is increasing – freedoms once taken for granted are tightened and controlled . The selective application of the laws – oh so many of them – alienate honest taxpayer from the State . We haven’t lived in anything like a democracy for a very long time .

    State dependency is now a drug . The welfare benefits state now treats the feckless and hardworkers equally . There is no shame in living off other taxpayers – and the foreigner is now in control .blame is always with someone else .

    And a londoner like me – thinking of white flight to somewhere less diverse and ‘culturally rich ‘ without those of ‘heritage ‘…

    I feel fortunate to have the option – but it was long planned as I ve seen the decline for a long time …
    The tax burden about to be imposed on top of the covid money tree is another nail in the standard of living of the UK ….

    Ps – seems the Pound is being sold because the coming energy plan …. $1.13 ….


  4. pugnazious says:

    Aw Shucks….the precious princess was horrified that the Public would know what, just how much, the enormous salary he earned was….poor old Jon Sopel eh?…

    ‘It was a bad decision to start publishing presenters’ salaries. To have everybody suddenly knowing what you earn feels a violation of your privacy.’

    Sopel who didn’t feel it was a violation of Trump’s privacy to demand he publish his tax returns and had no problem with the New York Times getting hold of them illicitly and publishing them…for the BBC to then publish them themselves.

    And still playing the same old tune now even though he’s left the BBC…for more freedom not, he assures us, more cash….as he can’t but help slag off Trump and Brexit….oh…and he seems to have a complete lack of self-awareness….

    ‘I would hate it if Britain went down the route of America, where you’ve got CNN which thinks that Trump is the devil incarnate and Fox News thinking he’s a living God and there is no nuance in between. ‘

    Jon Sopel, the man who thought Trump was the devil incarnate and spent every waking moment trying to do him down, as did the whole BBC….as well as anyone associated with Trump in anyway…including completely innocent schoolboys whom he slandered and demonised….and continued to do so even after the truth came out.

    But never mind…he’s changed…he comes to enlighten and to educate you stupid people not to preach…to make you smarter…like him….

    ‘Sopel says. “We want to tell people something new about the issues of the day, and tell it in a way that’s not preaching, but where maybe people feel a bit smarter at the end.”’

    No preaching? Seems like a bad start judging by his interview [paywalled]…



  5. pugnazious says:

    LOL….from The Telegraph….

    ‘The American Left has a vendetta against Britain ‘

    ‘The latest attack by ‘The New York Times’ speaks to growing Anglophobia in the liberal establishment .

    Another day, another instalment in the New York Times’s weird anti-British vendetta. A guest essay describes Liz Truss, with characteristic NYTian hyperbole, as being “in thrall to Empire”. Pussy-bow blouses aside, writes academic Kojo Koram, Truss is the spiritual heir not to Margaret Thatcher, but to that other famous libertarian, Enoch Powell.’

    Got news for the Telegraph…not just the NYT….the BBC also hates Britain and has worked assiduously for years to relentlessly undermine, slander and demonise Britain, its society, culture, history and its ‘indigenous’ population.

    Comparing Truss or any Tory to Enoch Powell? That’s pretty much everyday narrative from the BBC if a bit easy going…normally it’s allusions about the 1930’s and thus to the Nazis…so being compared to Enoch is, well, almost a compliment.

    The BBC.

    The enemy within.



    • Terminal Moraine says:

      So NYT, what first attracted you to the impartial, nonpartisan writings of Kojo Koram?

      – Britain’s Next Prime Minister Is Still in Thrall to the Empire
      – Johnson: apex predator that Frantz Fanon foresaw
      – Britain’s cruel plans to ‘offshore’ the vulnerable won’t stop with refugees
      – Teaching pupils about the ‘benefits’ of the British empire will only promote ignorance of the past
      – ‘Decolonisation’ Was Never All Culture War
      – The Tories don’t want a modern drugs strategy – they prefer outdated macho rhetoric
      – When It Comes to Drug Laws, Britain is a World Loser
      – Dave’s Latest Album Demands That Black British Music Be Taken Seriously
      – How Christopher Hitchens Helped the Right Justify Its Colonial Wars
      – Here’s what the right gets wrong about culture: it’s not fixed, it’s a living thing
      – Contesting Culture: England Is in the Midst of an African Cultural Renaissance – but It’s Still Racist As Hell
      – George Floyd’s death started a fire, but the kindling had been piling up for years
      – If You Want to Understand How the Crown Meddles in Democracy, We Need to Talk About the Privy Council
      – The Coming Culture Wars in Trumplandia
      – What Is ‘Critical Race Theory’?
      – ‘I’m not looking for a new England’: On the Limitations of Radical Nationalism
      – Britain needs a truth and reconciliation commission, not another racism inquiry
      – Systemic racism and police brutality are British problems too
      – Coronavirus Could Transform the International Order
      – Democracy in focus: the undead state
      – How Britain’s tax havens imperilled the welfare state
      – Opinion | Michael Gove and other Conservatives show their deep hypocrisy on drug use
      – Britain’s Blindness | Dissent Magazine
      – The Brexiteers’ idea of how WTO rules would work is pure fantasy
      – Is Britain In Control, Yet?
      – Britain: The Empire that Never Was


  6. Fedup2 says:

    Wokism now locking people up – such as the Christian in the socialist Republic of Ireland …. Freedom dying …


  7. Zephir says:

    The lunatics are now in charge of the asylum, or the mad aliens have taken over

    take your pick:

    “‘I can be a Christian in prison or a pagan acceptor of transgenderism outside it’: Teacher jailed following refusal to use gender-neutral pronouns refuses to comply with court order despite two nights in jail for contempt

    Enoch Burke was jailed after breaching a court order not to teach at his school
    He had been suspended after refusing to use a student’s gender-neutral pronoun”



    • Zephir says:

      “Headphones-wearing cyclist, 23, is CLEARED of ‘wanton or furious driving’ after smashing into ‘slow and unsteady’ pedestrian who died eight days later – after he told court ‘if cars can go 30mph why can’t bikes?’



      • Zephir says:

        “NATO chief warns of ‘civil unrest’ sparked by energy cuts and the price of living crisis as Putin’s invasion continues – but says it is vital the West stands with Ukraine”



        • Zephir says:

          “Fury at police as SAME vegan activists are freed to strike again for fourth day in a row spraying ‘fake milk’ white PAINT at Big Ben as 10 arrests made after Animal Rebellion anti-dairy protestors block road in Westminster ahead of Liz Truss’s first PMQs”



          • Fedup2 says:

            Ok – so the biggest money tree so far is Thursday – the pound is falling because the markets see our weakness – pressure to increase interest rates grows .
            The next Bank of England committee meets Thursday. 15th September – the expectation must be for a .5% rate hike . On the 20 th the fed committee meets and already signaled another US rate hike .

            Very shaky times … and if putin adds to the mix it could get even trickier ….


            • moggie63 says:

              I genuinely believe that, if Putin took it into his head to roll across Europe, there would be nothing to stop him.


              • Zephir says:

                Well, there will be no “white males” in the RAF to stop him,just some Jamaican rappers and wimmin and no doubt all our MOD guns and tanks have suitable warnings like “may make offensive bang” “do NOT use if frightened of bangs” for all the wokes and wimmin.


              • Fedup2 says:

                Moggie – With respect I think you will find there are sufficient cycle lanes to flummox any number of T99s trying to get to the channel ports with a sky full of TV helicopters relaying thr invasion on the news channel … whilst GBNews repeats an Amon Holmes Maria Carey anecdote for the 600th time …


              • digg says:

                I agree totally moggie, I reckon Putin must be roaring with laughter when he reads all the obvious media propaganda stories of his troops falling apart in media such as the Beano-BBC.

                As I see it, when he originally announced his “Special Operation” it was stated it was to liberate those parts of Ukraine that had large pro Russian leaning civilians but who had been ruthlessly oppressed and attacked by the Ukrainian forces many of which were basically Nazi-style units of terror in the couple of years before this conflict.

                He has done that and is now stroking his chin waiting to see what Zelensky is going to do about it.

                I don’t think he believes that taking the whole Country is worth the losses that both sides would take, not to mention the condemnation of the Western World.

                Also he is doing more to damage the West via his fuel policies in such a short time than any military adventures could gain so time is very much on his side.

                Unless Biden has a fit and declares war to try to save his crumbling presidency, the end game will ultimately be an agreement which will put all of Ukraines sea-facing coasts in Putins hands and push back the EU and NATO proximity from Russia’s border which I think is his primary goal.

                Zelensky comes across as increasingly desperate and panic-stricken looking for back-up, whereas no one likes to lose it does make you wonder what might surface if he does!


                • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

                  Yes the MSM worked overtime to hide the footage of the Russian soldiers being welcomed into the Donbass and Luhansk by the majority Russian speaking populace.

                  As far as Russia could take over the West, why would anyone want it? Useless indigenous population busy destroying itself and it’s culture. Two more generations and Europe will be muslim & brown.


          • Wild Bill says:

            I look forward to these animal rights protesters having a go at Halal slaughter houses, butchers and vendors.
            They wouldnt dare.


      • StewGreen says:

        The pedestrian Mr Gunn was crossing the road
        and cyclist was not able swerve or stop.
        The paramedic said they did not record Mr Gunn’s injuries as ‘life-threatening’ and were shocked to hear of his death.

        The prosecutor told the court how initial scans after the incident revealed ‘brain injuries and rib fractures’ and that Mr Gunn died of ‘traumatic brain injury’ after his health had ‘deteriorated’ days after the collision

        In July a cyclist in Monmouth who crashed into a pedestrian who later died was jailed for one year.


      • digg says:

        US teacher jailed for refusing to call a boy a girl and Biden loses another couple of million votes…

        This is like a growing festering boil which must eventually pop!


    • BRISSLES says:

      Heading into McCarthyism via the Twitter mob who are the modern day Witchfinder Generals.


  8. StewGreen says:

    Foodbank crisis
    I noticed that Tesco sell Half a kilo of frozen fish for £2.50
    And 2 litres of icecream is £1.02


  9. Fedup2 says:

    Sad news – the PDO has been abolished . He was on £36k pa – PDO of course – as you know – is a Period Dignity Officer – nice chap .
    When the world gets that insane don’t you wonder how it can get any worse ? Although I think there might be room for counsellors for diversity officers … or troll welfare advisors …. Or training course for people who have been working from home on how to go back to Real Work again …….these courses could be done by distance learning ‘modules ‘at home …

    I once did a job where I had my own office and staff but I was seconded ‘over seas ‘ for a month .
    When I got back a person ‘temping ‘ on a slightly higher grade had moved into my office and emptied all my stuff / work into a storage box .
    After the briefest on ‘conversations ‘ I walked out – went to the pub – and never went back ….
    The ‘compensation ‘ was rather generous …


  10. Sluff says:

    At PMQs , there was a great if unexpected attack on Labour.
    In a ( presumably) planned moment. Theresa May asked why all three female PMs were Tory. There has been no female Labour leader.

    Truss rather brilliantly responded by pointing out not only that but also it appears difficult to get a Labour leader who is not from North London. Cue much hilarity.

    And, in the interests of impartiality, was this shown on the BBC news?

    Of course not. Instead we had a small glass blowing company worried about energy prices.

    The BBC. Who will do anything not to show the Tories in a good light and Labour in a bad light.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I realise now what I was missing at PMQs – the full majestic HMS Blackford firing off on behalf of ‘the people of Scotland ‘ – a 7 million sized Borg – he was tame – I think – and can’t even remember what he blabbed about – but one of his bitches did ask if truss was gonna be as corrupt as her predecessor ( naughty step) …


  11. Sluff says:

    BBC news at 6 pm.
    It is alleged teachers are leaving the profession as they cannot afford their energy bills.

    Question not asked by the BBC.

    What else are they going to do?
    Something that pays say £40 k, plus total job security. Plus a 23% pension contribution. Plus a guaranteed salary-based pension scheme totally protected for inflation. Plus 12-14 weeks holiday a year.

    Anyone got any ideas? Pizza delivery? Shop work? Call centre operators? A ‘white van man’ trade?

    Talk about being totally out of touch.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Diversity officer ? If I was giving careers advice that would be my recommendation . Or hospital car park ambulance Parker …


    • Flotsam says:

      As I’ve said recently, I reckon teachers are very well paid indeed. Forget the headline pay figure. Look at the package which is far better than anything in the private sector and is worth at least 30% on top.


  12. tomo says:


  13. StewGreen says:

    Tuesday local BBC newsPR
    Boris has always been pretty popular in the Vox Pops
    but this extensive one from Grimsby seemed to have found big fans
    with no one hating him
    Local Tory MP was interviewed .. a rare event

    The general tweet in Vox pop was in support of Truss

    They reported
    Vivien Radocz, 28, and her eight-year-old son Milan were found inside a blue Ford Focus at the rear of RAF Wittering,
    Cambridgeshire Police said

    Then PR for a Goole charity man


  14. StewGreen says:

    BLM = Better at Laundering Money


  15. StewGreen says:

    Strange Coincidence that ITV NewPR and BBC newsPR both opened with “It’s time to lose weight” stories
    different example people

    “with two thirds of Lincolnshire’s population overweight”

    Britain is a tubby country but not as bad as the US.

    Oh they are jut interviewing a “body positive” promoter ..she i hideously overweight to me .. I fast forwarded

    Now duckweed in Boston, seems like the river doesn’t have enough flow.


  16. Tabs says:

    The BBC News website most read articles is a depressing read…

    Period officer takes legal action after losing job
    about a man in charge of free tampons

    Styles and Pine deny ‘ridiculous’ spitting story
    about nothing really

    Peppa Pig introduces first same-sex couple
    No comment needed

    Teacher to remain in jail for breaching injunction
    about a teacher who refused to call a boy a girl and is now in jail

    Actor Noel Clarke drops legal action against Bafta
    about an actor who has lost everything for a ‘crime’ but he was never arrested or charged.


  17. tomo says:


  18. Zephir says:



  19. tomo says:

    Can’t get the staff?

    Could be worse I suppose – seen plenty facial tattoos in North Aberdeen.


  20. Fedup2 says:

    From the DT about the new culture secretary –

    The new Culture Secretary is set to take on the BBC after making clear that she wants to see the licence fee scrapped.

    Michelle Donelan has also accused the corporation of failing older viewers, opposed the decision to collect licence fee money from the over-75s, and criticised the huge salaries paid to BBC presenters and executives.

    In a column for her local newspaper in 2019, Ms Donelan wrote: “I was outraged by the BBC’s decision to revoke free TV licences for the over-75s.

    “Personally, I think the licence fee is an unfair tax and should be scrapped altogether but that is a different debate.

    “The BBC have acted appallingly and I am determined to do everything in my power to change their mind.”

    Ms Donelan launched a petition to reverse the over-75s decision, which she shared via Facebook and her local newspaper, the Melksham Independent News.

    The MP for Chippenham is the 11th Tory culture secretary in the past 12 years, and succeeds Nadine Dorries.

    BBC ‘shirking obligation to older viewers’

    In her column, Ms Donelan continued: “I am so very disappointed that the BBC has now abdicated its responsibility to over-75s, especially as BBC salaries have skyrocketed since 2015 with a huge number of BBC employees earning six- or seven-figure salaries funded by the licence fee!

    “The BBC are shirking their obligation to its older viewers, many of whom have been their most loyal viewers and have paid the full price for TV licences for years.”

    She said it was “perfectly within the BBC’s budget” to retain the free over-75s concession without programming adjustments and without negatively affecting the quality of content”.

    A Government White Paper on the future of broadcasting stated that “there are clear challenges on the horizon to the sustainability of the licence fee” as fewer people choose to watch live television.

    Ms Donelan holds the distinction of being the shortest-serving Cabinet member in British history, resigning from her role as Education Secretary less than 36 hours after her appointment by Boris Johnson.

    She has been a member of Parliament since 2015 and previously worked in marketing for The History Channel and WWE wrestling.ENDS

    I wonder if this came up in the vetting ?


  21. Zephir says:

    In the interests of equality:



  22. StewGreen says:

    Steyn is now discussing beeboid Matthew Sweet’s campaign against his GBnews Show

    Sweet did a 4 part tweet
    #2 Like Alex Jones, he insults grieving families by making their terrible loss part of his conspiracy theory.
    A conspiracy theory that he builds from data that he is not competent to understand.
    His false and misleading conclusions are fact-checked here.

    (I don’t see a conspiracy theory from Steyn
    He seems to stick to facts ..the vaccine deaths happened
    He doesn’t speculate on what the back story could be)

    #3The only reason why this doesn’t cause more outrage,
    I think, is that the people who actually watch this don’t mind
    – rather as readers of Razzle don’t really mind that those models are probably not actual traffic wardens and nurses.
    #4 Perhaps we could think of it as the journalistic equivalent
    of the raw sewage being spilled on British beaches.
    Here it is, stinking up social media.
    (He quotes Steyn’s video tweet

    ‘Fit, healthy, in the peak of condition, and dead – and nothing to see here.’

    Mark Steyn questions why young healthy people are dying across the UK

    Maybe @ofcom will block up the pipe. ..end of Sweet’s words


    • Fedup2 says:

      Mathew sweet does the film music programme on R3 on Saturday afternoons . I assume he is drunk or drugged up when doing these tweets – or owned by pharma …

      I’m sure he has consulted bbc lawyers about responding …

      Wiki says he is a ‘doctor of Wilkie Collins from the university of crap ‘

      For anyone wishing to hire Mr Sweet – his agent is https://www.unitedagents.co.uk/rscoularunitedagentscouk


    • StewGreen says:

      @JoeWardSkis replied with a copy of his dad’s death certificate

      @DrMatthewSweet @GBNEWS and @Ofcom
      My dads death is not misinformation.
      You’re a horrible person @DrMatthewSweet
      Thankyou @MarkSteynOnline @GBNEWS @VIBUK1
      for highlighting support for vaccine injured and bereaved.
      Idiots like this Matthew cause huge trauma to us.


    • StewGreen says:

      Sweet has just tweeted he is worried about bullying
      … irony ..he is is bullying Steyn

      Sweet has just tweeted people need to be POLITE in their tweets
      (He was tweeting against the people wanting to take back the National Trust from the wokists who hijacked it)


      • Fedup2 says:

        Stew – let’s face it – if a ‘journo ‘ – a public broadcaster – goes on twitter ranting about the views of another public broadcaster – what sort of response does he think he will get ?

        He has been invited – publicly – onto GBNews twice by Steyn . If he has any honour he’d come out from twitter and face the person he wants BBCOFCOM to cancel .

        His difficulty might be facing the grieving relatives of those killed or seriously harmed by the Chinese virus jab .
        But being honest – if the government thinks the greater good is served by millions being jabbed to prevent deaths – but knowing there will be a small number who die – they are going to take that risk .

        But they’ll also want to conceal those deaths in order to prevent fear in the population reducing take up of the jab .
        Cancelling the next of kin of those killed by the vaccine was probably treated as the best attempt to suppress criticism of the vaccine .

        But a £120 k pay out – against the billions made by the pharma industry is – paltry ….


      • tomo says:

        Sweet likes to dish it out but whines when he’s challenged – how very BBC…


        • StewGreen says:

          Careful Matthew Sweet won an enormous gotcha against writer Naomi Wolf who actually earned her PhD from a book about hanging of gays
          In a 10 second question he exposed a major error that destroyed her book and doctoral dissertation
          Wolf misunderstood the legal term “death recorded” In court records as homosexual men being executed
          whereas it just meant they had died naturally

          So he sees himself as an accredited fighter of misinformation
          He cannot see that Steyn himself is fighting misinformation on vax
          and is also an accredited fighter of misinformation


  23. Sluff says:

    OT, well not quite.
    Let’s see what readers think about this.

    One thing we learned (very temporarily) from Covid ( and sadly have quickly forgotten) is the concepts of balance and proportionality. When it was realised that lockdowns have devastating consequences Boris decided ( against the left wing) in concept that a few more covid deaths were a price worth paying to get the economy moving, kids back to school, people back to work etc etc.

    But the normal business of absolutism has returned. You know the drill, ‘one accident/ life/ misfortune is one too many’

    Pret A Manger sells millions of sandwiches and other things through hundreds if not thousands of outlets. In general I think their large customer base, free to choose, feel they provide a useful service. They are a sound business employing thousands of people who could work elsewhere if they so chose.

    But in 2017, one sandwich, claimed to be vegan, contained some dairy content. A woman, one woman, known to be very allergic to dairy, died as a result.

    So now. Millions of items have to be very assiduously labelled ( at additional cost for everyone) and Pret. are in court, ostensibly because they failed to check a supplier thoroughly enough.

    Said supplier appears not to be on trial. The woman who sadly died appears to be absolved of all personal responsibility to take steps to minimise the risks she knew she had.

    Thus we have a ludicrously unbalanced and utterly disproportionate situation. One wonders why anyone would want to risk starting a business when the litigation vultures are swirling above. So much easier to get a non-productive job in the cosy public sector.

    The BBC are covering the story on the webshite and their slant is predictable.

    Just another small example of the insanity we continually face and why our economy is in a long term downward spiral.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Sounds like one of my old law degree questions . We all learn the Carlill case which is the foundation of consumer law – ( a snail in a bottle of beer making carlill ill ).

      Carrying it forward to someone with an allergy ? If sticking a warning notice on the sandwiches negates action against pret then that’s good . But in my view if you buy a sandwich made by persons unknown you assume the risk if you know have an allergy … ( I’d get a ‘see me ‘ for that answer )


      • Alf Dobbs says:


        ‘a snail in a bottle of beer made Carlill ill’ ?!!

        With respect, I think you should revise your case law.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Alf – the last time I saw that case was around 1985 … but I’d be pleased to be ‘re educated ‘ about the facts milord…
          ( actually I couldn’t give a xxxx ) law is just £££££…recurring … bill me

          Maybe that’s why I got it mixed up with Donahue v Stevenson


  24. Philip_2 says:

    I was surprised to read today (in DT) the BBC involvement in advertising the Chinese firm Tik-Tok’. Apparently the Chinese use it to spy on people in the West. The government are considering banning the APP entirely. I am not suprised to read that the BBC are ‘desperate’ to win over ‘young’ (yoof) viewers’ who (all) have mobile phones, no doubt linked to China, back to the BBC (or Biden) who knows? This report is from Germany…

    TikTok is ‘a tool of espionage and must be banned in the West’
    Boss of German publisher claims the social media app is controlled by China’s communist party.

    Axel Springer is the publishing house behind Bild – Germany’s most popular newspaper – and Die Welt, as well as specialist online business publication Business Insider and political website Politico.

    Mr Dopfner said: “We are in Germany, and in Europe, the only bigger publishing company that does not cooperate with TikTok.

    “I cannot guarantee you how long we can continue that because we may be at a point where we simply cannot afford it because we lose too much air in young audiences.”

    Mr Dopfner’s stance contrasts with that of the BBC, which has posted hundreds of videos on the app where it has over 1.4m followers. The state broadcaster has enthusiastically adopted the platform as younger viewers desert its traditional news bulletins.

    An Ofcom report earlier this year found that BBC One and BBC Two, until last year the most-watched news source among 12 to 15-year-olds, had fallen to fifth place. Instagram was the number one news source among Gen Z, followed closely by TikTok.

    American authorities tried to ban the app through an executive order when Donald Trump was president. The Biden administration pulled back after the move was hit with legal challenges.

    ByteDance had been instructed to offload TikTok two years ago by The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States because of concerns that the personal information harvested from its users could be passed onto China’s communist party.

    Earlier this month, the UK Parliament opted to close its TikTok account under the instruction of MPs, who had demanded “credible assurances” that Beijing would not seize control of data from the account.


    This of course would be huge blow to the BBC. It has lots all its over 50 audience and is heavily reliant on the (brainless) youth audience moving on from the CBBC indoctrination program. Its also facing funding crisis Loss of TV license money). It needs those mobile phone users!


  25. Flotsam says:

    Boris never wanted lockdowns but he was worried about being labeled as a murderer. There was relentless pressure from the BBC,other media, Labour SNP etc, much of it inspired by the example set by China and our own scientific advisors. Boris was in an impossible position.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Flotsam – if I recall – the images which kicked project fear off were from overwhelmed hospitals in Italy ? Or Spain ? The reaction across countries was total risk aversion – apart from -in the UK – free access to the UK by aircraft from anywhere . …
      The system was structured to allow SAGE and those chief medics to call the shots … which politicians allowed to happen without reference to economic or social consequences on the population ….
      Then we got immersed in mouth coverings and distancing and testing …. This stuff is starting to become ‘the past ‘ but people need to remember ….


      • BRISSLES says:

        Your right Fed, before the madness hit these shores, we were inundated with tv images from Italy where one particular town was hit badly. Streets were deserted and the hospitals were packed solid with people on respirators. Well, with images like that and being told that people were dying wholesale, was there any wonder we all had the sh… scared out of us !

        TBH several I spoke to thought, myself included, was that Covid hit this country at least 4 months before it was mentioned and certainly before lockdown. Many said they suffered with a dreadful cough, felt wiped out and had no taste or smell in November/December of 2019 – as I did, and this was around the time there was a small news item about a virus that was prevalent in China.


        • Zephir says:

          And, never forget that Keunsberg bbc woman at the live broadcasts every day like a bloody dog with a bone about testing and lockdownm, each week something else over and over and over again.


  26. taffman says:

    What is Suella Braverman doing about securing our borders and stopping the illegal landings ?
    Has there been any coment from maxincony or the BBC yet?


    • BRISSLES says:

      I doubt if any newbies are doing much except putting the family photos and deciding where the potted plant will go on their desks, at the moment.


  27. Thoughtful says:

    Another horrible anti White race hating BBC Leftie now an ‘academic’ shows his true colours:



    • StewGreen says:

      Update on that story about the ex beeboid @iainMacwhirter using the term Coconut cabinet against the Tories

      \\ He referred to Kwarteng, Braverman and Cleverley as the ‘coconut cabinet’ (a reference that they are brown on the outside, but white on the inside).
      The Left despise Conservatives from ethnic minority backgrounds & do everything they can do belittle them.
      @ilona_mclean also abused Suella.//


      • StewGreen says:

        Hypocrite railed against someone in 2015 for using the same term !


        • StewGreen says:

          He complained about the term in 2015 second time


        • Fedup2 says:

          Stew – I’m a racist – but I believe that colour is irrelevant when it comes to ability . If any of the new cabinet can do their job and achieve things – I care less whether they are male or not or coloured or not …..

          Yet professionals manage to issue abuse about ‘coconuts ‘ without admitting a racism far worse than mine .
          My racism comes from experience – I see coloured males as a threat until my pre judice is removed . As a whitee in London to do anything else is dangerous ….


  28. tomo says:


  29. Concrete sea says:

    I find I am becoming mildly bored with the current round of crises. It really is about time the Beeb invented a decent new one or two. We have The Energy Crisis, even though it still appears to be summer. However, be warned there’s lots of miles in this one yet- it should run to the next time Liz Truss has an affair(see below).
    Whilst it’s summer and currently raining The Drought crisis is a bit more difficult to get by the more observant of us, but I feel sure the water table will remain dangerously low throughout the winter( officially October-August).Talking of miles, annoyingly petrol pump prices have fallen, but on the plus side electric vehicles are now more expensive to charge. Perhaps the end is nigh for them, possibly The EV Crisis.
    It appears you cannot feed an average diverse UK family for less than £50 a day. That’s The Food Crisis for you, forgetting about the 25% of food I throw away, when it could be donated to The Food Bank Crisis. The Inflation Crisis is still spiralling.
    The Covid crisis has had its day, as has The Ukraine Crisis(boring).
    Currently The Truss crisis is looming,( following from The Boris Crisis) and has nothing to do with surgical appliances. After just one day she must be an unfit PM. Surely her affair some years ago is a scandal itself. There is no Migrant Crisis, as all are welcome, but The Hotel Crisis will occur if we don’t build more to accommodate our Albanian cousins.
    Then we have The Sewage Crisis, but I think that’s just sh*t stirring.Talking of sh*t, The Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert Scaremongering Crisis is in full flow (pun there somewhere) just now, so pay attention, as people are going to die. Sorry to upset. All of this is just adding to The Law and Order Crisis and The Strike Crisis will just compound everything.
    It really is time we organised this properly, and had a Crisis History Month, via a massively expensive Public Crisis Enquiry and if this could be split into ethnic/religous/ sexual orientation groups, such as Black Crisis month, Gypsy Romany Crisis month and Non- Binary Crisis month, it will help. There will be no White Privilege crisis month though as it’s not deserved, because your great great grandfathers fourth cousin removed, knew someone who might have seen a slave.
    If I have missed your personal crisis, no offence, but please advise.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Flu Pandemic


    • Eddy Booth says:

      “In other words – and this is the rock-solid principle on which the whole of the Corporation’s Galaxywide success is founded – their fundamental design flaws are completely hidden by their superficial design flaws.”
      ― Douglas Adams, So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

      In this case the continual overblown fake crisises cover up the real ones
      like immigration, servere housing shortage, woke takeover, creeping government authoritarianism, crumbling healthcare, etc


  30. StewGreen says:

    Beeboid David Aaronovitch Sep 3
    When I was a TV journalist two of my favourite young writers were Allison Pearson and Mark Steyn.
    Their transition to becoming voice of Unreason is both a bit awful but genuinely anthropologically interesting.

    Projection is a libmob characteristic
    When they throw out labels onto people,
    always ask if the label actually applies to them themselves


    • Fedup2 says:

      Looks as though aaronovitch doesn’t do self reflection – maybe it is him that changed into a bloated entitled BBC Fed production company making ‘approved ‘ comments to get his dividends …..


      • StewGreen says:

        Aaronovitch sneers at Steyn

        Then in times today he sneers at Truss
        (BTW Sweet sneered at someone else by using “(sic)” just cos they had double typed a letter )


  31. StewGreen says:

    The term “woke” has a clear modern definition
    It’s someone who prioritises being seen to care
    rather than actually caring
    and it has become a rather nasty cult.
    as they won’t tolerate diversity of opinion against them
    They bully if you don’t conform to their agendas.

    Here are two Beeboids
    Megha is a long term of BBC trending the BBCws nudge unit that pushes woke agendas and bullies people who question them.

    Megha’s tweet quotes a third beeboid @RichieBrave
    BBC Presenter & Broadcaster @1xtra
    Guyana/India/Myamar flags

    He in turn is quoting the Guardian’s article that labels a person as anti-woke
    “Rightwing commentator Zewditu Gebreyohanes is director of a group waging ‘politicised’ campaign against the National Trust”
    (Actually taking back the NT from hijack by the wokists)

    Matthew Sweet tweets obsessively against her and her cause


    • Thoughtful says:

      Could say the same about the meaningless word “Racism” where the left claim they don;t know what it is but recognise it when they see it – yeah course you do.


  32. Thoughtful says:

    Well you can’t say you weren’t warned about this. Now the first semi official warnings are appearing:

    “Farmers and producers warn of winter meals shortages in Europe”


    If you haven’t made some provision, time is getting on, but it’s not too late to make sure you and your family are not caught out.


    • StewGreen says:

      Why spread fear ?
      there are very good harvests around here of grain and fruit
      spuds were irrigated
      Around the village there are 6 houses with buckets of apples outside
      and starving hordes haven’t taken much.


  33. StewGreen says:

    Here a lefty defending her lefty mates
    Smears Braverman as “Cruella”

    I’m sure your “Cruella” , sorry Suella will live up to her name and vile interior/exterior!
    .. https://twitter.com/ilona_mclean/status/1567482923720343552

    She was quote tweeting this
    Prepare for Patel on Steroids with Braverman,
    who will literally say or do anything to appeal to the Conservative right

    .. https://twitter.com/crimlawuk/status/1567195095971020801


  34. StewGreen says:

    Top parody
    Remember the Labour MP Lucy Powell
    and her “Never kissed a Tory” T-shirt ?
    .. https://twitter.com/tweetd99/status/1563554042324070401



  35. BRISSLES says:

    So, the Albanian army – 5,000 of them are massing on the beaches of Calais waiting for the weather to calm down. Its all beyond laughable now. One dinghy apparently was water logged, sadly it was just the one.


  36. Richard Pinder says:

    BBC Propaganda and Censorship

    BBC Propaganda: The BBC-lead “Trusted News Initiative”. If you are not familiar with the TNI, please watch the linked video: https://odysee.com/@PANDA:3b/trustednewsinitiative:d

    BBC Censorship: The BBC censors scientific papers found on Google Scholar relating to the Vaccine being a mRNA Gene therapy that causes more injuries & deaths than it could possibly prevent: https://scholar.google.co.uk/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C5&q=%22Trusted+News+Initiative%22+&btnG=

    How the “BBC/Trusted News Initiative” partners with Twitter to ban Vikki Spit, who was awarded £120,000 by the government after her 48-year-old partner, Zion was killed by the mRNA Jab: https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C5&q=%22Vikki+Spit%22&btnG=

    How the “BBC/Trusted News Initiative” Methodically Censors Top World Public Health Experts Using an Early Warning System: https://direitoshumanoseeticamedica.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Global-Research_COVID-19-and-the-Shadowy-Trusted-News-Initiative.pdf


  37. Halifax says:

    BBBC in full on anti police anti white we are all racists mode over the shooting of a really nice black man in London.
    They are trying to stir up racial tension in the “community” it’s already in the BBC eyes a racially motivated attack. No none police firearm was found at the scene.

    Why didn’t he stop ?
    Was he endangering lives with his reckless driving ?
    Any knife / machete found at the scene ?

    Nope, these and many more questions are not pursued.

    He was an ordinary innocent black man shot dead by the racist met police.



    • Zephir says:

      “Mr Kaba, who was due to become a father, was a rapper known as Madix or Mad Itch and was part of the MOBO-nominated drill group 67.”

      “The IOPC said an Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera indicated the vehicle was linked to a firearms incident in the previous days.”

      ““Nobody deserves to be shot by the police, whether they are a good person or a bad person.”



      • JohnC says:

        “Nobody deserves to be shot by the police, whether they are a good person or a bad person.”

        The BBC are using things said by others to excuse outrgaeous comments in their articles a LOT these days. Publishing that is quite disgusting anti-Police propaganda.

        When someone is shot by police who followed the proper rules of engagement, they deserved it. The BBC should not be trying to make the public think anything differently – especially black criminals and BLM who will take that as a show of support.


  38. Zephir says:

    I just checked the bbc news front page, something I rarely do as it just pisses me off:

    Apart from a Royal Family picture there is only a single white man there :

    “How the ‘man in black’ was exposed by the Russian women he terrorised”

    We have of course a black man worried about energy bills, wimmin everywhere black and white

    that 3 % are doing well with the racists at the bbc


    • JohnC says:

      I was just reading that : it’s even worse than you describe.

      How the ‘man in black’ was exposed by the Russian women he terrorised

      This caught my eye first:

      ‘a BBC investigation tells the story of how they tracked him down …’

      BBC investigating a man terrorising women in Russia ?. What could be so important I wondered to run such an article about someone so far away. What terrible things has he done ?.

      The entire meat of the story seems to be:

      ‘Over the next six hours they suffered verbal and physical abuse’

      ‘Two of the women, Marina and Alexandra, secretly recorded audio on their phones. In one, the officer can be heard shouting about his “total impunity”.’

      Then story then degenerates into the usual 1% information, 99% totally irrelevant ’empathy’ feature we are seeing so often these days from the BBC with line like:

      “I started crying. I could not believe… that I managed to do it.”

      What had she managed to which made her cry ?. She found his picture on the internet.

      Bottom line is that they were in Russia protesting against the war in Ukraine. Then they were intimidated by some typically brutal Russian police to ‘discourage’ them from doing it again. Exactly what I would expect in Russia.

      Then we get the one-liner which is the whole reason for the article :

      “You think we’re going to get in trouble for this? Putin told us to kill all of [your type]. That’s it! Putin’s on our side!”

      The fact that they weren’t killed is not followed up. They were all released. And now the BBC have painted targets on their backs just like they did for the women activists in Afghanistan – who the astute reader will realise have been dropped like hot potatoes by the BBC now they have better stories from Ukraine.

      What a shame the ‘BBC eye investigation team’ don’t spend the license fee payers money investigating something a bit more relevant to the people who fund them. Like the treatment of Tommy Robinson by OUR police or Muslim rape gangs.

      The BBC have gradually lost all the serious, professional reporters and filled the ranks with Left-wing activists who have no interest in the objective truth whatsoever. They are all obsessed with their agenda. What a complete farce they have become.


    • harry142857 says:

      0Unfortunately the 3% is way out, unless you live in a nice little village.

      I live right by a 1,000 pupil mediocre school, sorry now an Academy. I would guess that about 30% of the kids are white and naturally English.
      10% are from Poland and Eastern Europe, 30% black African or Caribbean and 30% of Indian/Pakistani heritage.

      There ain’t too many white kids being ferried around in pushchairs/buggies, either. Coming to your town next.
      We have plenty more replacement folk holed up in the local Best Western hotel as well.


  39. JohnC says:

    Zelensky hails ‘good news’ as settlements recaptured from Russia

    This article should be preserved for future generations to see a typical BBC article which is desperately trying to make you reach a specific conclusion without actually telling you anything at all.

    ‘Ukraine’s President Zelensky said he has “good news”, claiming the recapture of several settlements from Russia.’

    ‘Mr Zelensky declined to name which places had been retaken, saying that “now is not the time to name” them.’

    Why not ?. Everyone who matters already knows.

    Then they repeat the exact same information:

    ‘President Zelensky said there was “good news” about the rumoured success of Ukrainian troops.’

    But he said: “Now is not the time to name the settlements to which the Ukrainian flag returns.”

    And we have:

    ‘Some reports suggest Ukrainian forces may be a few dozen kilometres from the city of Izyum, an important link in Russia’s military supply chain.’

    ‘Colin Kahl – the Under-Secretary of Defense for Policy – suggested that Ukrainian forces were performing better than Russian troops in some areas.’

    It is early days. I think the Ukrainians are making slow but meaningful progress. And we’ll see how things pan out’

    It then degenerates into even more vague propaganda I couldn’t be bothered to read.

    The independent internet sources I watch say that the Ukranians launched a counter-offensive, they took some small areas and took heavy casualties doing it. Now they must try to hold them whilst surrounded on 3 sides.

    Given that the above is the best the BBC can manage, I suspect that version is the true one.

    What is worrying me the most about this war is that nobody at all wants to stop it.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      ‘What is worrying me the most about this war is that nobody at all wants to stop it.

      Western energy producers raking in record profits. Banks making more money as corrupt governments borrow money from them to subsidise those record profits. Military companies get to supply lots of new shiny hardware. In Russia, Rouble is at all time high and revenues from oil and gas are through the roof. Europe is being dismantled as a geopolitical competitor to America and Russia. The economic chaos going on in China can be ignored by the media. Poverty and shortages play to the demands of the WEF and the eco-fanatics.

      What’s not to like?


  40. StewGreen says:

    Matthew Sweet’s Tweets campaigning against National Trust reformers
    mirror tweets from Celia’s account
    which was until recently marked as “journalist”
    Now it lists her job as Head of Comms at The National Trust


  41. andyjsnape says:

    Todays campaigning by auntie

    Should billboard advertising be banned?

    Charlotte Gage says that outdoor advertising is a form of polution (polution or pollution?)

    beeb go away and take Charlotte with you


  42. taffman says:

    “Liz Truss set to unveil plans to cap energy bills for millions”
    Bang goes Bo Jo’s Net Zero out the window!


  43. Fedup2 says:

    One of those meaningless subjects about ‘policing violence against wimmin ‘ and the need to ‘prioritise ‘ it .

    Yap Yap yap – but no mention of stopping paki rape gangs …. As if this kind of organised sexual violence is … different …. The women campaigning seem to have an image of young women being raped / assaulted by ‘partners ‘ …. But there is much more than that …


  44. Fedup2 says:

    Today 2

    Bad day for the BBC – finding it very difficult to tear the new government a new hole over energy costs … even the fact that everyone is to ‘benefit’ from the new scheme – irrespective of wealth – is difficult to challenge .

    They had the Saint Martin Lewis on and he didn’t do his normal ( justified ) rant about government – nut nut – failure and hopes all households are helped – including people who have already signed high fixed deals ….

    ….but we ll see…

    The bbc will be on happier ground over opposition to fracking and nuclear which will come bigly …. We Have To Frack and must build nuc power stations right now …


  45. StewGreen says:

    Libmob try to rewrite history
    I had no classified emails says Hillary.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Sounds plausible. Who in their right mind would trust Clinton with classified information?


  46. AsISeeIt says:

    The power to lower prices edition

    One does admire those occasional awkward juxtapositions that crop up in our media

    Did the formerly patriotic newspaper The Times intentionally set these two as bedfellows? Ministers will implore public to cut use of power – adjacently beneath that well-known Tory columnist: Matthew Parris Me and my hot tub

    Whatever the proximate cause of this cheek by jowl collision, the spark of irony resulting from rubbing these two features together might have been safely unplugged by any vigilent editor on his mettle.

    For some the dread school run is naught but a stroll…

    The shared near unanimously across multiple titles photo op of the smiling young Royal Cambridges on their suspiciously pedestrian trip to school, accompanied by both parents, mind you, neither apparently with any other 9am or thereabouts work commitments to fulfill – a happy idealised picture few if any modern families might even hope to aspire toward – bolstered as a frontpage feature in the Times by a teaser for an article authored by the fantabulously monikered Sophia Money-Coutts: I’ve joined the posh girls in pearls – when combined in the mix with the Times’s main headline drawing our attention with a bump back to the cost of living crisis [trademark the Labour Party and fellow travellers] : £150bn scheme to freeze energy bills for two years. Prime Minister will borrow more to cap cost until next election – leaves this reader gasping somewhat along the lines of – ok, ok, no need to rub it in!

    Showing us a healthy degree of aspiration is one thing – but as the hungry Ancien Régime peasants must have thought when they built the palace of Versailles – there really is no need to rub it in.

    By the way, I’m not carping at the Royals per se – the reason more British families ain’t universally content and nice like the Royals is largely a thing cultural – not economic. We’ve voted for decades of supposedly conservative governments bookending the horror show intermission of the Blair years – and yet nothing conservative ever seems to happen – least of all socially culturally conservative policies.

    It must always be nice to be part of the wealthy elite – but there’s no better time than when the masses are suffering recession. And no better elite to which to belong than a libertine one.

    What went wrong with our culture? Our elite are in an obvious terminal malaise…

    Sophia Money-Coutts *an actual person and writer. Not a made up character (sophiamoneycoutts.com) – where you may receive the low down: I landed my first job in journalism, in 2007, on the Evening Standard’s features desk where I wrote about things like the maple syrup diet, taking the study drug Ritalin, doing four hours of cardio a day to exercise like Madonna for a week and accidentally travelling to Amsterdam on my brother’s passport… back home to London to work for the Daily Mail’s features desk. I wasn’t a writer there, I was an editor. During the two years I worked for the paper, my favourite headlines were: ‘Is your shampoo making you fat?’ and ‘THE DOWNSIDE TO BEATING CANCER.’ I promise you, both genuine headlines… Next, I went to work as Features Director at Tatler for five years, where I wrote pieces with headlines like ‘Would you send your son to a prostitute?’ and ‘Threesomes – are they as much fun as they sound?’ – enough said? Nope, we’re on a roll, let’s go for it…

    Culture – according to the left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper (top spot again with the BBC online press reviewers courtesy, no doubt, of their main headline: Truss reveals energy gamble – as pound hits 1985 low. An interesting journalistic construction akin, somewhat, to Mr AsISeeIt sneezes – as Pakistan floods worsen – although government borrowing three figure billions just as the American Fed makes interest rate rise noises will send the £ & $ in opposite directions value-wise: Pound slides as markets shudder at scale of challenge facing Truss (FT); Chorus of hawkish voices at Fed swells (FT) Watch this space – the BofE will raise our rates to attempt to bolster Sterling soon enough) I digressed badly there within my own parenthesis… where were we?

    Ah yes, the elite cultural malaise: Sex and art How explicit artist Carolee Schneemann empowered women (‘i’) – funny that, when chaps do it it’s usually called porn

    Why so many men in their 40s and 50s don’t have friends – observes the ‘i’ with what one senses is a certain sense of feminist satisfaction

    The freebie Metro discovers: Dating app murderer… Brute admits stabbing online match, 19, in jealous rage… Jack Sepple, 23, who had ‘hope’ tattoed under his right eye – I’m going out on a limb here but when she saw that in his profile pics was it not a bit of a red flag? Or is that actually a turn on for today’s youngsters – Hope not Hate, eh?

    I’ll prove I’m a woman of action (Her Majesty’s The Daily Express) – so boasts the lightweight mid-twit* Liz Truss – who would have guessed… the woeful mechanical Keir Starmer made her look fairly human at PMQs.

    *mid-wit typo but I’ll leave it in.

    Like a moth-eaten battle-scarred battle-weary ancient regimental colour propped up in a side chapel of a rural parish church, our very own Union flag is once again dipped so as to make way for the yellow and blue of Ukraine on the Express masthead. Her Majesty’s The Daily Express have made a rod for their own back there – how can that now familiar eastern european provincial banner ever be politely sidelined without some appearance of cowardly back sliding? It’s like complaining about the bad manners of those refugees you took in – see the recent press report for details – I’m running long here and can’t fit in another major digression. And the problem of how to quietly ditch the Ukraine flag is a fine metaphore for our government’s support for that whole Zelenskyy project. (other spellings of Zelensky or Zelenskiy are available – although other policies than endless costly proxy war are not, apparently)

    The Guardian is keen to psychologise and to corollary-o-rise the very oddest of things: Hate tweets rise in cold weather and heatwaves – how interesting that maverick billionaire Elon Musk has helped reveal 50% of tweet traffic are just bots: Boost for Musk in Twitter pullout bid (FT) – relax Guardinaistas – whatever the weather half of that hatey stuff probably isn’t real.

    And I think we’ll leave it there, aside from pointing out even the socialistic Daily Mirror banks on the pulling power of that Royal school walk pic alongside their main headline taking credit for forcing the Tories into yet another socialist policy: About time… PM Truss bows to Mirror’s demand for bills freeze on first day in office… – she couldn’t of course completely negate the pupose of a Labour Party: … but she refuses to make energy firms pay – and as we bring this one to a halt we’ll just spotlight the Mirror’s prime frontpage advertising spot taken by Tescos – which in itself is another odd juxtaposition with the headline and proves to be quite a teaser: Discover the power to lower prices on page 2 – but we don’t tend go that far beyond the frontapage headlines.


  47. Zephir says:

    Some comments aove regarding the following :

    It is also NOT JOURNALISM to use the term “right” or “far right” or “racist” without doing EXACTLY THE SAME because it is the SAME “dog-whistling” language

    that the biased bbc use EVERY SINGLE DAY


    • StewGreen says:

      libmob don’t have to obey the same rules, that they set for others.
      Their motto is “it’s OK when we do it”

      “Extremist” is another poison word they throw around

      There’s an R4 show about that right now
      The way they use it is to say “the extremists are spoiling debate,
      people need to let the moderates speak
      .. in fact we are the moderates and everyone who opposes is an extremist”

      some of their examples did have nuance
      eg talking about someone who opposes abortion in 100% of cases, whereas most people accept that sometimes it’s right to happen.

      To me Net Zero is extremist, XR are extremists
      but I don’t hear the BBC call them that.

      There a logical fallacy
      ‘The fallacy of the middle ground’


  48. Guest Who says:

    Big day at the PC in W1A with the address accusedof@bbc.co.uk

    It’s in the Disinformation Unit, so no checking required.

    “ Hundreds of US public officials, police officers and soldiers are or have been involved with the far-right Oath Keepers militia, according to a report from an anti-extremism organisation.
    The Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism compared the names from a leak of Oath Keepers membership rolls with public records and social media.
    Some alleged members have denied any affiliation with the group.”

    Byline: Mike Wendling. Is he in America now? Or Springster passed on her sources made during her week there?


  49. StewGreen says:

    Australia’s Climate Minister was unable to simply explain ‘Net Zero’
    … as if it’s some great holy thing that should not be questioned

    video https://youtu.be/sF2z3YOqd00

    short discussion https://youtu.be/xoe-DqYcWOM


  50. Zephir says:

    BBC dog whistling headlines, (and it seems an all-encompassing obsession?)

    they go on and on and on, a small example below

    “The Invisible Man of Britain’s Far Right”

    “Enrico Letta: Is Italy set to choose a far-right government?”

    “Britain’s new far-right (Pt 1): A lockdown creation”

    “The Rise of the Far-Right”

    “Britain’s new far-right (Pt 2): The Nazi YouTuber”

    “Giorgia Meloni: Far-right leader who’s favourite to run Italy”

    “Far-right conspiracy theorist in US ordered to pay compensation”

    “French elections: What now for opposition left and far-right?”

    “Linton-on-Ouse: Far-right should stay away from asylum centre fight – MP”

    “Far-right cell members jailed for terror offences”

    “The appeal of the French far-right”

    “France election: ‘Many voted to build a barricade against the far-right’, says Macron”

    “France election: What far-right leader Marine Le Pen said before… and now”

    “Buffalo shooting: How far-right killers are radicalised online”

    “National Action co-founder had far-right material, jury hears”

    “French election: Far-right Le Pen’s long quest for power in France”

    “French vote as Macron aims to beat far-right Le Pen”

    “French election: Macron faces far-right challenge as France votes”

    “Nelson far-right fanatic who had terror handbook jailed”

    “French election: Far-right Le Pen closes in on Macron ahead of vote”

    “Far Right & Proud”

    “Far-right target critics with Twitter’s new media policy”