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  1. Fedup2 says:


    Comrade Robinson. guiding a ‘discussion ‘ between approved types about ‘the future of the monarchy ‘…. I was waiting for the tedious ‘reparations ‘ argument to be rolled out but I suppose that will be after the funeral .

    Some (me ) might argue that Blighty has exceeded paying reparations by importing the third world and throwing taxpayers ‘cash at them to send back home …. As well as few expressions of ‘thanks’ for getting a better life and opportunity to breed …

    You have to listen really carefully to comrade Robinson as he shapes the argument / outcome the c word wants …


  2. andyjsnape says:

    US midterms 2022: Tracking Trump’s ‘extraordinary’ endorsement spree

    bBC head of propaganda must have a day off


    • JohnC says:

      I took a look at that and what is clear to me is that the BBC simply cannot understand why people back Trump.

      It reminds me of the day after the referendum when someone said that BBC staff were walking around in a kind of daze because they could not believe the people voted to leave.

      This is why they are so unfit for purpose – particularly as an ‘independent’ state news source. They have created their own bubble within the BBC establishment and it has self-selected like-minded people for decades. They are now quite literally infested by Leftists and are completely out of touch with the British people.


      • tomo says:

        It’s a cult!


      • Fedup2 says:

        Unfortunately they will get a ‘bump’ by going Establishment for the funeral – although I admit my viewing has been limited and I notice the DFS style element being inserted like coloured product placement ….. but I suppose they did it for the commonwealth …


  3. taffman says:

    “Satellites now get full-year view of Arctic sea-ice”
    Can they ‘cut to the chase’ and tell us if the ice has now got thinner ?


  4. taffman says:

    Where’s evryone been for the last 10 hours ?


  5. G.W.F. says:

    Unable to find this site. Spent ages buggering about with the server.
    Thought the Tories had scuppered the site


  6. tomo says:


  7. Flotsam says:

    The Queen is dead. Long live the King
    However…….What’s happened to the news? I would have thought there would be comprehensive and in depth news coverage. There’s hardly anything on radio or TV to mark the passing of our Monarch.


  8. Wild Bill says:

    What happened, I couldnt get on this site most of tonight, thought it had been shut down?


  9. Wild Bill says:

    Nothing on the news about the Sweden election, wonder why not?


    • tomo says:

      It’s a mister-eee 🎵

      Nothing happened anyway, move along now you far right terrorist


      • Fedup2 says:

        I wonder if the liberals couldn’t fix the election in the Biden way ? Very small majority …. I’m sure I saw a ‘handgrenade ‘ amnesty held on a Christmas Day in Sweden a short while ago – a raised eyebrow job ….
        Bet there’s even more trouble which the BBC will never report – bit like Dutch farmers – various Fedup Italians ….and others…
        Some European stories are ‘approved ‘ others not so ….


  10. tomo says:

    We need some of this in Tooting (or wherever the little Khant lives)


  11. tomo says:

    Hang on a minute…

    The Biden administration was flying thousands up from the border in secretive overnight flights to minor cities in the northern USA where they thought there might be some electoral advantage to be had… – and now they whine like this?



    • Fedup2 says:

      The coloured girl is right – it is cruel . I mean – Ron desantos – an evil man – flew a couple of hundred South Americans to Martha’s Vineyard yesterday . Tucker Carlson covered this in detail – he claimed that the immigrants could be in danger of wandering into a clam bake or Barack obamas 15 million dollar estate ….
      And for some reason the predominantly rich white democrat residents of Martha’s Vineyard did not hold a ‘welcome ‘ ceremony …

      My view – target the nicest democrat areas of America and ship in a couple of hundred every day …. After all . They love immigration – so let them live with them rather than talk about how great they are …. And send the immigrant kids to this selective schools ….


  12. tomo says:


  13. BRISSLES says:

    Little Olivia’s funeral yesterday – Thursday. Why has no-one said ‘shame on Liverpool” ? someone in Scouser city knows exactly who the bastard is who shot her, or knows someone who knows, yet they’re all keeping schtum. Great at telling jokes though aren’t they, the Scousers.


  14. pugnazious says:

    History Debunked stated a couple of days ago that Chris Kaba was shot when he refused to stop the vehicle he was in and was driving towards an officer.

    Presumably this was in a news report somewhere but I didn’t see it and couldn’t confirm it…and indeed the BBC has kept up the narrative of ‘unarmed black youth’ with the suggestion he was murdered….oddly forgetting to tell us the car was involved in a firearms alert and Kaba didn’t own the car…and he wasn’t the innocent ‘young man” the BBC et al try to portray him as….and driving at a police officer means Kaba was in essence ‘armed’…using the vehicle as a weapon.

    The Mail now reports the same as Simon Webb…

    ‘The chase ended when the Audi was stopped using what is known as ‘tactical contact’ which, in layman’s terms, means it was rammed or shunted.

    After the Audi had come to a halt, at least two police cars managed to box the vehicle in.

    This is what a witness told the London Evening Standard happened next. ‘Armed police jumped out and were shouting at the man, ‘Get out of the car,’ the witness said.

    ‘It was at least a dozen times. The guy in the car had a lot of opportunities to stop but he refused. He then started driving forwards towards a police car and smashed into it then reversed, he just wouldn’t stop the vehicle.”

    The latest from the BBC….

    ‘Mr Kaba, who was unarmed, was shot once and died in hospital about two hours later.’

    …and that’s it from out flagship news provider.

    The national news broadcaster is once again pushing an anti-police narrative that suggests they are racist and will kill blacks at the drop of a hat.

    It’s a very dangerous game the BBC plays as it cheerleads and campaigns on the side of BLM and other extremist black troublemakers who play the race-card to whip up anger and hate against Whites, the police and society.

    Highly trained and essential armed response officers are threatening to quit as they are once again hung out to dry as race-agitators backed by an immoral media and sleazy politicians [Harriet Harman for example] whip up the controversy but all based on lies….and the fact that the media is failing, deliberately, to counter the sensationalist and alarmist rhetoric about a racial execution by police which could lead to a great deal of unrest and civil disturbance, riots, around the country if the family and campaigners have their way…

    ‘The family of an unarmed black man who was shot dead by a police officer last week in south London is calling for protests across the country this weekend as his relatives continue to demand justice.

    “We are worried that if Chris had not been Black, he would have been arrested on Monday evening and not had his life cut short.”’

    This is enabled by the media which spreads their lies rather than calming the situation with a few uncomfortable facts…..Kaba…

    ‘ had been released from custody more than a year ago after being sentenced to four years in a young offenders’ institution for possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence in January 2019.

    The conviction followed an incident in Canning Town on December 30, 2017, when there were reports of gun shots fired, but no one was injured.

    Chis Kaba was also a member of a ‘drill’ rap collective known as 67, who were nominated as best newcomer in the 2016 Music of Black Origin awards (MOBOs).

    ‘Drill’ music is a genre which has been blamed for fuelling bloody turf wars between rival gangs.

    Members of 67, formed in Brixton Hill, South London, in 2012, have criminal records for firearms and knife possession offences. Ten of the group were jailed in 2018 and 2019 for a county lines drug- dealing operation.’

    Odd how the BBC fail to mention that as they tell of an innocent young black man gunned down by racist cops.


  15. pugnazious says:

    Send the Channel migrants to Mark Easton’s or Lineker’s homes…they campaign for open borders so let’s see them keep open house for all and sundry…..

    ‘Two buses carrying migrants were sent from Texas to just outside Vice-President Kamala Harris’s residence in Washington DC on Thursday, amid a growing political row over immigration.

    The state’s Republican governor said the move was intentional and called for tighter immigration policies.’


    • Fedup2 says:

      Pug – I think that’s the answer – target ares where human rights lawyers – target the nice areas and send them there . I can say that because I live in a crap third world London so no difference to me …


    • tomo says:

      Folkstone + Dover direct to Khant’s Tooting?


  16. vlad says:

    Meghan is starting to behave like deranged bunny-boiler Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.
    Watch how she grabs back Harry’s arm after he has the temerity to try to free his hand for a nano-second.
    Harry better keep a close eye on his pet beagle.


    • JohnC says:

      Her entire public life is acting for the cameras.

      I’m quite certain she is an absolute nightmare when she reverts to type. But there’s someone for everyone – and I suspect she plugs the gaps in poor old Harry’s weak personality.


  17. Fedup2 says:

    Hey where did the site go ? Maybe it got a headache – we might have missed out on the previous submissions by resident trolls …


  18. JohnC says:

    Mourners arrive to pay their respects to the Queen

    I went to this article because the title suggests that we will see a video of the crowds of people filing in to view the coffin and we would see they are virtually all white. But I know the BBC will not show something like that – so I went to check.

    Sure enough it’s a 30 second heavily edited clip. All the BBC clips are liek this these days and it always indicates someone who is manipulating the truth.

    It’s a set of 7 separate 4 second clips over 30 seconds, each one with a different focus:

    Clip 1: focus on the coffin and guard.
    Clip 2: focus on the crowds coming in. Everyone is white.
    Clip 3: focus back to the coffin and guard
    Clip 4: focus on the same black woman with the union jack wrapped around her thay have used from the crowds yesterday (clearly a plant, the chance of her coming in at the exact time they are filming is zero) with another black person in bright green.
    Clip 4: focus on woman in ceremonial dress holding baton (clearly symbolising women in power)
    Clip 5: focus 2 women, one Indian with a black vicar in green behind them.
    Clip 6: focus on the coffin again
    Clip 7: focus on the black vicar in green again

    Every single thing the BBC do now is laced with their liberal agenda. If everything was reversed, they would be calling it racist and sexist.

    An elephant in the room which nobody ever mentions. 100% double-standard Leftist hypocrisy. I am absolutely stunned that our society has ended up like this.


  19. Guest Who says:

    BBC. Going to the dogs.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The Swedish election result seems to have disappeared from the BBC news agenda . This is unusual because normally thrbBBC likes elections because it gives it an opportunity to put an approved Far Left / coloured – politician on .

      .. but with Sweden – a near neighbour european country joining NATO and of great importance – not so much .

      Maybe it’s because the far left Swedish governments across the years have imported the third world and crime is out of control as a result … or maybe the white swedes just became violent homicidal criminals overnight ….


      • JohnC says:

        lol – the lack of any coverage by the BBC gives me great joy because it shows how upset they are about it.


    • JohnC says:

      Here’s the heavyweight BBC employees who covered that groundbreaking story about the corgi:



      The new BBC : News by BAME for idiots.


  20. Fedup2 says:

    Today watch

    One Asian interviews another . Amyl v the emir of londonistan .

    Khan has little or no involvement in ‘London bridge ‘ but rides it like a true slimey politician ….

    But then amyl makes a inadvertent comment about the shooting of a coloured criminal …. And pitches it as though the shooting of a coloured criminal is ‘worse ‘ than killing a whitee – I can’t quote the exact words …
    But the family want to see the video – which has been verbally described – but I think once they see it they might button their ( legal £ team ) noise a bit if a ‘right minded ‘ viewer sees it and thinks ‘he got what he deserved in thr circumstances ‘… but then there’s always ‘£justice£’ …

    Amyl didn’t say anything about the ‘March / riots’ being planned for Saturday – during a time of national mourning ….


    • JohnC says:

      Fed, you appear to be typing on a US keyboard with UK keyboard selected.

      OK, I’m a computer geek …


  21. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – desperate for some other news ….
    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – (combined) Matt McGrath has been harvesting ….

    …… the BBC are mighty relieved this morning that a group of scientists have opined on the floods in Pakistan. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-62915648 Do try and listen to Matt McGrath’s audio report on their findings. It is absolutely hilarious if you are a non-believer in human induced Global Warming leading to Climate Change. If you know some science and geography as well, it will be a chuckle.

    If you are a firm believer in human induced Global Warming leading to Climate Change, then feel the fear. Be very afraid because that is what the BBC want you to be. In the spirit of the times I offer my condolences and a suggestion: listen very carefully to Matt’s report* and note every word, especially ‘weather’, ‘monsoon’, ‘might’, ‘could’ and ‘possibly’. Even the Global Warming & Climate Change scientists are getting uncertain and worried because Global Warming hasn’t turned up yet.

    * delivered with his wonderful accent!


    • Fedup2 says:

      I had steak and chips last night – which I reckon will be an ‘environmental crime ‘ if the greens get their way …. ..

      … I was thinking about how Charles Windsor will push the green crap agenda now that he is ‘neutral ‘.. I did thing he’d give the gig to his son but I now think he ll give the non sweating Pizza Hut prince the gig as a deal to redeem him from the Epstein/maxwell sex ring …


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, it will indeed. Matt McGrath is wasted by the BBC. He has a wonderful voice, ideal and perfect for radio. He ought to be presenting something like the TOADY programme or PM or The World Tonight. Thinking of PM, I thought Evan Davies had resigned from the BBC and was leaving some time ago. If he is, his notice period is very, very, long.

        You could be right on your Andrew Prediction but it would upset the Lefties which would be fun.


  22. Fedup2 says:

    I’d like to wonder how you worked out that I’m actually a US troll under deep cover – omg – the other day a truss fan criticised me for calling her by her real name ‘ Mary ‘ . Maybe that’s my American thing again ,,

    Is it a good thing using an American keyboard set to a UK setting Omg ? I can’t be bothered to change even though I know how to …

    Elsewhere … I hear the 4 remainer traitors are lined up for the ‘any questions ‘ show ( which I never hear ) – including the Dominic Gieve – who I’m sure is still scheming to get us back in the ReichEU – if we ever left ….


    • JohnC says:

      Ha – I know because I use a US keyboard and have constant problems changing it to UK to get the £ sign and with Windows randomly switching it between the two without me knowing as it thinks it’s a good idea to carry some of my settings across PC’s even though they have different keyboards.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Ah – I put the £ sign in on purpose to signify that when some people talk about ‘justice ‘ it really means ‘money ‘….

        I use the same for £dimbleby£ plc who they are getting out of retirement for the funeral on Monday …..


  23. taffman says:

    Breaking news : Two Policemen stabbed in London . One of those “men” again ?
    Any more news on this?


    • Fedup2 says:

      6am Leicester Square x2 serious stabbed by a ‘man’ – colour the rest of the book in yourself Taffman – you’ll know what it looks like – mental – known to police – diverse – but just my prejudice … funny time of day though …


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, revenge for Chris Kaba?


      • tomo says:

        Leicester Square has a contingent of very loud mental patients living rough with seemingly enough money to dose themselves incoherent and usually into (eventually) semi-conscious incontinence – daily.

        This might well be a case when “Mental Health Problems” is accurate…

        I have seen several incidents where the plods tried to move one on from blocking the thoroughfare / harassing passers by / aggressively begging from pavement restaurants – and the individual has kicked off massively with screaming and ott physical aggression, throwing things and picking up impromptu weapons – the plods very obviously kept their distance.

        I wonder if Met Police are budgeting for one of these:


  24. AsISeeIt says:

    Queuing utopia and the Left seize the moment edition

    With our newspaper editors still feeling constrained to fill their frontpages uniformly chock-full of royal photos, who would dare break ranks?

    Prince Harry allowed to wear uniform in vigil of the grandchildren (Telegraph); Harry can wear a uniform (The Sun) – He certainly can, we recall our latterday anti-racialism campaigner used to enjoy partying dressed in the uniform of Rommel’s Afrika Korps

    Media-wise things will inevitably soon begin to get competitive in the newspaper battle royale: Britain’s finest royal reporting – brags the Daily Mail

    This late summer outpouring of sheer Britishness must surely be wearing on the patience of our internationalist media class – the left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper observes: I waited 8 hours. It was a queuing utopia – not a direct reference, one presumes, to our failing national health service of course, but to the Queen’s lying in state

    Doctors and nurses to walk ahead of coffin (Daily Telegraph) – symbolic perhaps of our little spoken of post-corona, post-lockdown, post-vaccinations, significant spike in all-cause death rates?

    Just like American federal employees turned their noses up as Donald Trump was elected their boss, so too our National Heath Industrial Complex is already finding something to moan about in the new Tory Health Secretary: Coffey angers staff with order ‘to be positive’ (FT) – does she notice something amiss about their dreadful bed side manner?

    Quite why the FT burdens readers with the punctuational grammatical extravagance of scare quotes back there invites that dread word ‘irony‘ – since we’re told she advised them in an email ‘to be positive’, avoid using policy wonk jargon, and the Oxford comma.

    Elsewhere on their frontpage the Financial Times attacks the feared resurgence of Tory free market thinking in an open reveal of its prefered internationalist elite managerial approach: Big Bung 2.0 Move to lift bankers’ bonus cap is not clever rulemakingHelen Thomas – furthermore the FT appears to complain: Rees-Mogg shelves energy bill to prioritise businesses

    Presumably the FT would prefer the new administration to have any promise of lower tax, smaller government restriction, knocked out of them and be put back on a much less Brexity continental-style heavy state regulation euro co-operation track.

    The Daily Star is far from subtle: Pray for the poor millionaire bankers! Kwasi wants to scrap cap on bonuses – he would counter no doubt that he does this to attempt to jump start our stultified economy by attracting in international millionaire entrepreneurs – something we like to joke the French don’t have a word for.

    And there we were thinking the left were averse to base demagogic rabble-rousing populism…

    Shameless MPs jump the queue to see the Queen – complains the Daily Star. Their thought for the day referencing the new chancellor: Even Gordon Gekko would have blushed at that plan – there’s one for the teenagers – they refer, children, to the Michael Douglas character from the 1987 movie Wall Street

    Energy help is too late, warn firms – the left-leaning ‘i’ is more than happy to side with the corporations when it can diss the Tories

    The Left seize the moment…

    The Queen ruled with grace and intelligence. But now it’s time for Britain to become a real Democracy (‘i’) Yasmin Alibhai-Brown there praising a democracy – Capital ‘D’ – which in her world presumably wouldn’t get the chance to vote for anything like… Brexit? Capital punishment? Lower immigration?

    The Guardian, inadvertently, has us pondering the somewhat curtailed range of options that are ever really put to voters at election times: ‘For the government to reverse its position on shale gas would be breaking a clear election promise’ Dr Doug Parr Chief Scientist Greenpeace – because naturally the good doctor commenting on politics, rather than the science there, voted Tory for their green policies – by the way, this commentator lent his vote to Boris for Brexit

    The Guardian is having… collywobbles… heebie-jeebies… or is it delirious tremors… over the possible back-tracking on their favoured Green issues: Truss to lift fracking ban despite lack of progress on tremor risks

    Politics aside…

    The big-hearted Daily Mirror excels itself today with a double frontpage extra helping of sentiment: William’s agony: Walking behind coffin reminded me of my mum – plus: Mother’s heartbreak Goodnight Olivia… Love you Mourners wear pink in moving funeral tribute to nine-year-old shooting victim – not much pressure on the cops there then…

    Maybe Charles III won’t be too bad a king?

    Maybe William V will be ok…?

    In cutural news a William warns the future looks far from rosy – and the punctuation is all over the place: will.i.am ‘Tomorrow’s pop star is not a person. It’s a bot’ (‘i’)


    • Fedup2 says:

      Oh Asiseeit – you wrote it – I thought it – Harry wearing uniform – even someone might notice his choice of black Hugo BoSS…

      And we have to prepare ourselves for

      1 I queued every day
      2 I was the last one in the queue
      3 we came all the way from beloxiville and
      couldn’t get in the queue
      4 scammed by queue fraudsters

      Please forgive me if I’m considered disrespectful …


      • JohnC says:

        Don’t forget the empathy value of this event:

        How a stranger gave me water when I was thirsty
        (pic of someone giving someone water involving 1 BAME)

        How a stranger gave me warmth when I was cold.
        (pic of someone giving someone a blanket or jacket involving 1 BAME)

        There is no end to what they can fake for this. Lots of emotion going around, the BBC will tap it to use as a cover to feed you agenda.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Jeez – almost biblical – but not the rich man not getting into Heaven one … tricky …


      • andyjsnape says:

        Hello Fed

        Item 1 to 4 – and that was just the bBC reporter 🙂


      • JohnC says:

        Your prophecy has come true:

        Man charged with lying-in-state queue sex assaults

        Unfortunately for the BBC he is called Adio Adeshine so it’s a very short article.


  25. JohnC says:

    How Maori remember the Queen



    Give me strength. It’s relentless.


  26. andyjsnape says:

    Climate change: Pakistan floods ‘likely’ made worse by warming

    “likely”, could, might, maybe, maybe not, might not

    Luckily we can trust the bBC to be honest, honestly 🙂


    • Guest Who says:

      BBC use of #quotes around that word again.

      An odd way to highlight their complete lack of professional competence.


      • JohnC says:

        They have learned that they can get away with writing absolutely anything if they put it in quotes. Especially if it’s from twitter – they can then just direct you to the activists twitter account.

        Thinking on my earlier statement, I now amend it to:

        ‘The BBC and The Guardian are two cheeks of the same arse with OFCOM right in the middle’.


    • tomo says:

      yeah – like claiming the floods in “West Pakistan” are the “worst evvah!”


  27. G says:

    The next con coming down the rails to deprive you of money starting from 2030 & Inheritance Tax.


    • Thoughtful says:

      This man is a complete idiot, with a chip on his shoulder about pensions and the amount of money he thinks they should have.

      He sees the matter from one side only and cannot conceive that there is another side which will have to finance his greed driven motivation.

      Yes the government is cheating by using CPI instead of RPI, but more or less all of what he says is plain wrong or so distorted by his own interests it becomes valueless.

      His comment the judges find only for the government is arrant nonsense – ask Gina Miller about that one.

      His comments about inheritance tax also arrant nonsense. The government has a tax take requirement, it decides not to levy this in its entirity on earners to give them more money whilst they are alive, but then requires them to pay the outstanding amount post mortum. Greedy people resent this as a tax on their unearned and undeserved windfall, yet inheritance tax in one of the great levellers in a merit based economy.

      There is no techincal default on UK debt here, and this is why this is the only video you are likely to find claiming that there is one.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Thoughtful -I thought one of the reasons usually rolled out against IHT was that only people in the lower bands of wealth – say – less than £5 million assets land up paying it whilst those with ‘money ‘ use accountants to construct avoidance devices ….
        For the record – I’m against IHT and would prefer welfare and the size of government to be cut to enable those who make money – keep it …
        I am not rich but believe in a small efficient State ….eg smaller NHS …


  28. Doublethinker says:

    There is , predictably, an avalanche of ott articles in the press about how the death of the Queen has brought the nation together, about how the long queue to pay respect in Westminster Hall shows the indomitable spirit of Britain at its best, about how the tireless visits from all members of the Royal Family to the four constituents parts of the UK is saving the Union.

    It is off course right and proper that the nation gives the best possible send off to Her Majesty and that we mourn her very deeply. . But let us not think for one second that the huge basket of existentialist threats to our country has in any way been diminished by this out pouring of grief, the pomp and pageantry so brilliantly displayed.

    We live in a country in which society is splintered , which one shock , like a war or deep 1930’s slump , will see it tear itself apart. The policies pursued by all parties over the last thirty years , particularly mass immigration, have sown the seed of our destruction. It is only a matter of when not if.

    I am pleased that the Queen has been spared the awful consequences of what her governments have created.


    • tomo says:

      The NHS having a place in the funeral procession ?

      sheesh – “they” are going for top end urine larceny.


    • Zelazek says:


      I share your fears about these existential threats.

      I think that more and more of us are beginning to understand a country can only be at peace with itself if it is homogeneous; if its inhabitants are of one race, one ethnicity and one religion.

      It is not impossible of course for a complete foreigner to come to a country, integrate, and become utterly loyal to that new country. But generally speaking that just doesn’t happen. Look at the unfurling of that disgusting anti-royal banner in Warsaw by Celtic fans the other night. These are people of Irish Catholic extraction who have been settled in Glasgow for 150 years yet they still retain their old identity and allegiances. They still hate the monarchy and this country. They have not assimilated. And these are people of the same race who are closely related to us in their DNA! How do we expect totally alien foreigners of other races from faraway continents to behave differently?

      The root of the problem is idealism. People trying to wish a perfect world into existence, sentimentalists who believe people are fundamentally good. Politicians should be realists but unfortunately all our policy-makers have been idealists, especially when it comes to immigration. They want to be like your warm-hearted mother who tells your rowdy bohemian friends of course you can crash out on our sofa, and not like your stern father who tells them their bus must be due.

      Welcoming mothers have created a problem. Stern fathers must now solve it.


  29. Tabs says:

    A couple of days old but a short video of Marianna Spring waffling on about only using trusted sources of information “like the BBC” to get facts about everything related to the Queen.

    Marianna milks her job title to say anything shared on social media might be speculation and not as reliable as the BBC.

    Quick check of the current BBC’s accuracy… This 23 minute old link https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-62872323
    states the wait to see the Queen lying-in-state “is at least 11 hours”. They provide an official link which shows the wait is actually 14 hours.

    Just one example of how inaccurate BBC reporting is. Marianna stating the BBC is accurate is, ironically, another example of inaccurate BBC reporting.


  30. tomo says:


  31. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – if you are an ‘anti-vaxxer’ beware! …

    ….. the media police, headed by the BBC, are coming for you. There could be all sorts of reasons why people become ‘anti-vaxxers’ or just don’t want to have a vaccine (pre-existing medical condition/ undergoing treatment for something which mitigates against a specific vaccine or all of them/wishing to save the NHS money/etc., etc.,) but there was a tone of BBC disapproval in this item covered in the news and also a separate item in the first hour of the programme.

    Of course, the BBC don’t like ‘the new media’ because they see them as rivals to their ‘headship’ and ‘kingly? more like queenly rule’ of broadcast news. In addition, they see the new media as vehicles for populism and any politicians who might exploit that populism.


  32. Philip_2 says:

    Yesterday, the Green media was getting extremely excited about a new paper, which claimed that renewable energy was going to save society millions and billions and trillions of pound by 2050 (or something like that). Ten trillion pounds by 2050 said the BBC.

    However the BBC claims lack date science (which indicates the absurdity of media claims)
    Claims of ‘climate crisis’ not supported by empirical data, Italian scientists find…

    “Four leading Italian scientists have undertaken a major review of historical climate trends and concluded that declaring a ‘climate emergency’ is not supported by the data.
    The four scientists are all highly qualified and include physics adjunct professor Gianluca Alimonti, agrometeorologist Luigi Mariani and physics professors Franco Prodi and Renato Angelo Ricci. The last two are signatories to the rapidly growing ‘World Climate Declaration’. This petition states that there is no climate emergency and calls for climate science to be more scientific. It also calls for liberation from the “naïve belief in immature climate models”. In future, it says, “climate research must give significantly more emphasis to empirical science”.

    ‘Extreme’ weather events attributed by climate models – somehow – to anthropogenic global warming are now the main staple of the climate alarmist industry. As the Daily Sceptic reported on Monday, (BBC again) Sir David Attenborough used a U.K. Met Office model forecast in the first episode of Frozen Planet II to claim that summer Arctic sea ice could be gone within 12 years. ….
    In fact, a slightly warmer and wetter planet and a little extra CO2 seem to have done wonders for global crop yields. For the period 1961-2019, maize, rice, soyabean and wheat global average yields are reported to have grown every year by 3.3%, 2.4%, 2.6% and 3.8% respectively.

    Well-researched, fact-driven, credible scientific papers such as this are crucial in the battle to stop green activists and rentiers having a free run to catastrophise every bad weather event in the interest of promoting a command-and-control Net Zero agenda.” Full link here

    Basically BBC ‘climate’ claims are all proven bollocks. But they persuade the Greta generation its all true. As its from ‘the worlds most trusted broadcaster’ (BBC quote). Also untrue. ‘Lying is justified’ (BBC quote re: ‘Climategate’).
    Another form of BBC child abuse claiming its true. There is no climate emergency.


  33. tomo says:

    The meltdown of the liberals/progressives/Democrats in the USA proceeds apace. Like I keep saying – Kent Council should provide buses to Khan’s house.


  34. Tabs says:

    Carrot emojis hide anti-vax posts on Facebook

    BBC are really proud that they helped shutdown a Facebook group sharing stories of vaccine injuries. It is not “disinformation” or “antivax” to share a story of a possible injury.

    Whatever anyone’s views on the vaccine are is irrelevant here. What is relevant is how the BBC like to censor the public and at the same time elevate themselves to the Ministry of Truth.


  35. Fedup2 says:

    Not BBC
    Farage had one of those weird green crap activists on his show and got a promise that his tribe would not protest on Monday – the final day of National Mourning .

    But what struck me was the absolute certainty of the cause – a kind of totalitarian thing going on about the evil hydrocarbons …
    I’m a dissenter of course and do not accept climate science is developed enough to show with absolute certainty that we are the cause of worstening environmental events – or indeed -that ‘extremes ‘of weather are either ‘extreme’ or all our fault …

    I do believe in being more selective in how we use hydrocarbons for defence purposes as well as conserving the same for future times ….

    Energy self sufficiency is the number one national priority – with food production a close number 2 – with fertiliser plants in Blighty to support – I understand the last one is being allowed to close ….


    • Beltane says:

      Any cause which becomes a religion will embrace absolute certainty.

      CC has most certainly taken over from CoE as a faith for the impressionable, and faith if I remember the quote correctly was once summed up as:

      ‘The refusal to accept or appreciate the infinite variety of truth and the enforced denial of others to promote their chosen variant’


  36. Guest Who says:

    Always love a good ‘standing with’, especially in combo with ‘solidarity’.

    Cheap, meaningless, guaranteed BBC fodder.

    Corbyn does nothing else. Surkeeer too, when not kneeling.

    And it can throw the PR depts.



  37. pugnazious says:

    The BBC has ‘discovered’…..I feel so much safer knowing the BBC’s finest spend all their time chasing this guff…..

    ‘Facebook groups are using the carrot emoji to hide anti-vax content from automated moderation tools.

    The BBC has seen several groups, one with hundreds of thousands of members, in which the emoji appears in place of the word “vaccine”.

    Facebook’s algorithms tend to focus on words rather than images.

    The groups are being used to share unverified claims of people being either injured or killed by vaccines.’

    Hmmmm….The fact that overly powerful and authoritarian tech companies try to control what we see, say and think doesn’t concern the BBC [unless they think the Techies ‘stole’ Brexit….then the gloves come off] but people using carrot emojis is a major, frontpage issue? Then again the BBC is itself doing the very same…this story is part of that as it attempts to demonise, discredit and ‘other’ people who have legitimate concerns about vaccines.

    They do it with this, they do it with climate change, they do it with immigration and abortion….and Islam.

    The BBC should just go all the way and change its name to ‘1984’ or maybe…..‘Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda ‘.

    It is dangerous for us all.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Mel Bragg did a thing yesterday on ‘1984’ -it felt sort of ‘odd’ – as though all those ‘approved’ present were avoiding the big animal with the trunk in the corner –

      – that the BBC is now part of the ministry of truth – busily re writing the past to meet current requirements and turning heroes into baddies and visa Versa ….

      And the bbc makes 2 plus 2 to equal 5 ….


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      One immediate question is: Why does the BBC consider it is its job to follow Facebook groups and report those using the infamous carrot ‘hate symbol’ to Meta? The tone of the article is intentionally misleading, uisng provocative phrases such as ‘The groups are being used to share unverified claims of people being either injured or killed by vaccines.’. Really?

      According to the American CDC, from 14th December 2020 through 7th September 2022, there were ‘16,336 preliminary reports of death among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine’. According to our own Office for National Statistics, in response to FOI request, there were between 10-15 deaths directly attributable to the vaccines, using data as of December 2021. The official Yellow Card reporting system stated ‘between 9 December 2020 and 8 September 2021 there were 1,645 deaths where the person died shortly after receiving one of the coronavirus vaccines.’ The government operates a scheme whereby they will pay up to £120,000 for injuries or death caused by the vaccine. In June, it was announced that a widow will receive the payment for the loss of her husband to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

      There are lots of ifs and buts with any statistics. Recorded incidents do not directly correspond to actual deaths or injuries. Certain events, such as incidents of myocarditis in young people, are probably being under-reported. One could argue that the deaths are sad but proportionate to the numbers involved. But it is undoubtedly the case that there are many fully verified claims of death and injury, which the BBC sees fit to dimiss out of hand, as it does with anything which doesn’t fit ‘the narrative’.







      • Fedup2 says:

        The States know there will be victims of the vaccines – whether in the statistical response or misadventure – but they think these victims are a price worth paying to get the whole population jabbed –
        Therefore suppress news of victims – undermine them – label them ‘misinformation ‘ – get the press and social media to do the same – and watch the upward March of pharma share prices –
        Next virus please ? Monkey pox ? Flu ? Dhengi fever ? New improved SARS ?🥕


  38. Lunchtime Loather says:

    Remember the Today editor who was inviting MPs to resign on air? After going through The Mill this is the response I received from the ECU:

    Thank you for contacting the Executive Complaints Unit. I understand you were concerned at reports a Today programme producer had invited a Government minister to resign on air – and felt this showed the BBC considered the future of the then Prime Minister to be a “childish game” which it wished to exploit.

    The primary role of the ECU is to investigate complaints about material broadcast or published by the BBC, including social media, and assess them against the requirements of the BBC guidelines. This message would not fall into that category. We have a subsidiary function, which is to examine general complaints, incorporating criticism of the way the BBC operates and the policies it pursues. And at the most serious level, this
    might include examining whether the actions of a member of staff risked bringing the BBC into disrepute.

    But my understanding is this was a private message which the recipient chose to make public on social media. And whilst you are entitled to take a view on the wisdom of the producer’s approach, it does not seem to me to warrant further investigation through the complaints process, nor that there is anything I can usefully add to what has already been said.

    This is not be an issue which would fall under the remit of our regulator Ofcom.

    Judge, Jury and Executioner.


  39. Lunchtime Loather says:

    Remember the two low-lifes in the news studio taking selfies as news of The Queen’s death was announced? Nothing wrong with that, apparently:

    Thank you for getting in touch about the BBC’s coverage of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September.

    This programme was broadcast from Studio E, which has the BBC newsroom as its backdrop, and it is normal to see staff in the background of news reports. No-one’s actions in the newsroom were intended to cause any distraction, nor to give any offence, during the BBC News specials.

    We listen closely to audience feedback; yours has been recorded and circulated widely to the BBC News team.

    Thank you, once again, for getting in touch.

    And now I have been put in Annex B (“From now on the BBC will not acknowledge or reply to complaints from you”) because I have been telling the BBC how crap it is for too long. Some years ago they did a similar thing (Expedited Complaints Processing) but continued to respond despite them telling me they would not.


    • Guest Who says:

      And still The BBC will empty chair those they harangue but notice the BBC’s viewer figures and opt out.

      Or get high horsey on FOIs when The BBC exempts.

      Or have fact checkers like Springster who block those seeking clarity on what Toenails read n the Critic.

      One day those hypocritical propaganda chickens will come home to roost.


  40. pugnazious says:

    ‘UK accused of ‘magical thinking’ over Brexit plan for Irish border’
    ‘The European Union has accused the UK of “magical thinking” over plans to create an invisible border in Ireland after Brexit, amid fading hopes of an early divorce deal this autumn.’

    How times change.

    The Irish Times…..so much more newsworthy than the BBC….like GBNews it gets its facts right…or indeed is just more willing to publish ‘facts’ unlike the BBC which censors those facts it deems inconvenient….the Irish Times which told us the infamous ‘Backstop’ was ‘dynamite’ because of its dangerous and enormous implications and repercussions….such as legitimising and mobilising the IRA once again and using them to blackmail Britain into signing….the BBC quie happy to take the EU side and cheerlead for IRA terrorism.

    ‘Brussels offers to reduce Northern Ireland’s physical customs checks’
    ‘The EU’s Brexit chief has said he could reduce physical customs checks across the Irish Sea to just a few lorries a day, as he expressed hope that new British prime minister Liz Truss was ready to do a deal over post-Brexit trading arrangements in Northern Ireland.

    Maroš Šefčovič said the trade border would be “invisible” under European Commission plans — provided the UK gave EU officials real-time data on trade movements.’

    Hang on! WTF! An invisible border…one operated using technology to allow companies to import and export quickly and efficiently without a physical check at a border?

    erm…wasn’t that exactly what Brexiteers and the government were trying to agree on with the EU so long ago? You know that ‘unicorn, magical thinking’ that the BBC told us was an impossible pipedream of deluded Brexiteers…that’ll never work….despite it working with so many other countries already and the technology being available.



  41. Guest Who says:

    Had to laugh at The BBC sub here.

    Why those two?

    Any ad campaign you like, so long as it is….


  42. BRISSLES says:

    Cant help but notice that most of those being interviewed after they have paid their respects are not the majority of these islands.


  43. Thoughtful says:

    One of the most serious and dangerous actions the crazed and insane war mongering Biden administration is being ‘considered’ (read already decided for that) at this very moment and no one in the media (MSM) or even on chat posts are prepared for of discussing the implications.


    Those who bothered to watch the videos on the abuse by the US administration regarding the reserve currency of the Dollar will recognise the danger the US faces in attempting to do yet again what it has been doing for years, and what in many cases now is because the mafia Democrats appear to believe the law to be for the “Little people” plainly illegal.

    But the sanctioning of China is whole different ball game the consequences of which cannot be overstated. In yet another prophetic warning Donald Trump told of the dangers of allowing critical manufacturing to be sent overseas solely to China. Much of the production of medicine has been offshored to China all they need do is refuse to export that medicine and people in the West begin to suffer and die.
    There are many stupid people in the West who if given a vote that they vote Democrat suffer and die a lingering death would indeed vote for them, many though are not so dim and would not, nor would they condemn others to do so either.

    It’s not just medicine of course there are plenty of other items essential to the economy and lives of those in the West off shored to China, and which could easily be simply stopped if the West imposes sanctions.

    It really is a little talked about issue, how the Mafia Criminal Democrat party and its deluded leader have managed to destabilise the entire globe in the short time they have been in power.

    They left a complete mess in Afghanistan emboldening what were competing powers to become enemies, we have seen a war in Europe between Russia and Ukraine; Serbia threatening Kosovo, Turkey threatening Greece, and China threatening Taiwan, with the US making a complete mess of dealing with all of these and throwing its weight around in undiplomatic and disproprtionate manners.

    I compare this to the time Trump was in power when he even managed to put the rabid dog of North Korea back in his kennel and the world was a peaceful prosperous place with a decent economy. Biden has even managed to alienate long term ally Saudi Arabia with his ekwalitee and ‘uman rights, plus non petro Green lunacy.

    The issue of sanctions against China needs to be watched very very carefully and I urge anyone if you have life enhancing medication, find where it is manufactured and if it is in China, make sure you have enough of it to last until any Democrat induced crisis is past.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think someone did a thing on TV showing live footage of Biden ranting ( sundowning – dementia ) whilst the us stock exchange was diving as they calculated a world recession . Biden / Obama passed a law banning inflation ….

      But the question is – will this all show up in the November elections or will it be fixed again ?

      If it’s a disaster for the democrats I think they’ll kill off Biden before 2023 …


  44. Fedup2 says:

    Wall to wall coverage of ‘the queue ‘ – plus no rain – leads to enormous queue . Now it’s a queue for the queue and the smell of disappointment in the air – compounded by ‘celebrities ‘ and politicians using the ‘fast lane ‘.

    It was / is inevitable – but not – I think unavoidable – but sad that there may be discord at such a sad time …


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      David Beckham has just come through the Queen’s queue.
      Waited with the rest of the public it seems. Good on him.

      I haven’t noticed anyone else with celebrity status. I’ve only been observing it off grid so to speak. No media commentary.

      I saw Jacob Rees-Mogg there last night. I don’t think he queued but turned up to pay respects with (4?) sons by the look of it.

      I don’t really care what the talking heads are saying or whether I’m sopposed to be angry, sad or royalist/anti-royalist. I’m just observing the goings-on.

      I enjoyed the service from Llandaff Cathedral today. It has been nice to witness the different national character of each service as they have happened.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Lucy – for David beckham to ‘chance it ‘ in the queue is – I think – quite a thing – and says a bit about him …


  45. Eighthdimension says:

    Alex Belfield sent to jail for 5 and a half years.



    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      8th Dimension,
      I think we’ve seen lighter sentences for child-rapists & class A drug dealers. I hope there will be an appeal.

      The BBC is like a Mafia organisation.


      • G.W.F. says:

        Bellfield jailed. It seems that the courts take a hard line on those critical of the establishment. This is the Tommy Robinson treatment. Bellfield has been silenced.



        • Fedup2 says:

          I don’t know the facts of the case – but I cannot imagine the sentencing guidelines putting a 5 year impt job – even if it was ‘racially aggravated ‘- will be knocked down on appeal – but was there a contempt of court / breach of court orders ?they judges never like that ….
          Echoes of Tommy Robinson type ‘justice ‘….


    • Fedup2 says:

      No politics in courts is there?


      • JohnC says:

        When a gasp goes round a court because of the verdict – like it did when the supreme court overruled the government during Brexit – you know the courts can no longer be trusted.

        This sentence for Belfield is simply incredible.


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      I started irregularly following Alex Belfield after someone posted one of his youtube uploads here. I was impressed with his ability to criticize the BBC without getting deplatformed from youtube. However I do remember some, and in particular StewGreen commenting that Alex Belfield was not a particularly trustworthy source and was possibly an unpleasant individual.

      Later I started irregularly following another youtube rebel – “History Debunked” – and recently was surprised to see “History Debunked” also saying that Belfield was someone not to be trusted and was possibly a charlatan.

      Then I see he lost his court case – fair enough – and now see here that he has been banged up for 5 1/2 years for stalking. I agree this seems very excessive.

      In summary I liked Alex Belfield for his ability to criticize the BBC without being deplatformed and not necessarily for his content. It would be nice to have someone like StewGreen to comment on this.

      Best wishes and good to see the site still going. FedUp is doing a brilliant job as are all the others that are keeping this site going and contributing.

      ps I still monitor the BBC website and maybe one day will analyse the data I have collected and then try to publish my findings somewhere.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Thank you – it’s the smallest ‘revolt’ I can do – StewGreen will tell … but looks like the judge lost the plot or got ‘personal ‘ with mr bellfield
        Speaking out of ignorance – I reckon that will be halved on appeal ….


  46. Terminal Moraine says:



  47. atlas_shrugged says:

    BBC boasts it got rid of vaccine injured group on fakebook:


    I can only conclude the wicked BBC are exclusively hiring psychopaths who have no feelings about the misfortune of others.


  48. Thoughtful says:

    Remarkable news as America celebrates the averting of a rail strike following the intervention of statesman like President Joe Biden !

    Only it’s not like that at all and it’s yet more dirty dealings from the mafia crime party.

    Union leaders all donate to and support the Democrats, so when Union leaders visit Washington with a strike planned for September 19th and knock on effects lagging for a few weeks it’s going to be October before the effects are felt.

    The deal is this. The train drivers haven’t had a pay rise in 3 years, they are now offered a 25% over 5 year deal and one paid sick day per year !

    just work that out, in a country with a real inflation rate of 20% pa, the train drivers are being offered an average 3% a year over 8 years

    Now we are hearing the Union bosses have sold the workers down the river because they put the electoral chances of Biden and the mafia Democrats over and above their members interests.

    They will return the deal to the vote where it will inevitably be rejected but that will take it past the 8th November mid term voting.

    The possibility remains however that the workers will be so incensed by this obvious betrayal they will strike anyway, and that runs the risk of starting an avalanche of strikes and unrest, just at a time the mafia don’t want it.

    Now wouldn’t that be sweet comeuppance?


  49. Flotsam says:

    Talking about censorship. I’m somewhat perturbed that the Government (Ofcom?) stopped Russia Today TV broadcasting after the Ukraine invasion. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the invasion, does the Government not trust its subjects to view such dangerous material without being able to judge what is true and what isn’t? It’s pretty farcical in these days, the age of the internet for them to think that they can control our news and information. Perhaps they’ve shut down pro Russian content on the internet as well?
    Here’s me thinking we’re all grown up and able to judge for ourselves.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      “You might learn something you shouldn’t”

      VPN software can be used to bypass UK censorship. There are dozens to choose from, some have free trials, a couple are free anyway (e.g. Browsec, Proton).


  50. Guest Who says:

    “And what was it about lefty nut job dogmatist James O’Brien that first BBC producers….?”