389 Responses to Start the Week 28 November 2022

  1. Northern Voter says:

    Justin Time.


  2. Nibor says:

    Radio 4 17.15 The Debate .

    Today about immigration and the dingy invaders .

    It wasn’t a debate . They all agreed ( including the Telegraph columnist who was disappointingly almost woke ) that it’s not a bad thing really , and there’s international obligations on us to take them all in .


    • MarkyMark says:

      Emily won’t get to vote.

      On 22 March 2020, 7-year-old Emily Grace Jones was stabbed at Queen’s Park in Bolton, Greater Manchester, England, while riding her scooter and died shortly afterwards. Eltiona Skana, a 30-year-old Albanian woman unknown to the Jones family, was arrested on the scene and later charged with murder.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Dover MP Natalie Elphicke told the Commons that the BBC’s “shocking report” contained the “breath-taking” disclosure of free French public bus services being used to ferry migrants from camps to Dunkirk beaches.



      Today the BBC journalists Michael Keohan and Colin Campbell released a shocking report on the channel crossings. It showed people smugglers selling their wares brazenly in the migrant camps and many children living in unsafe and dangerous conditions, as well as—this is breathtaking—a free French public bus service that migrants can use to travel directly from the camps to the Dunkirk departure beaches. Will my right hon. Friend allow a statement on the issue of tackling the small boat crossings and the Government’s response in their work with France?




      • king crimson says:

        MM – at the time of your post last night, according to marinetraffic dot com, HMS Ranger, Smiter and Explorer were moored in Ramsgate – as were BF Typhoon, Hurricane, Ranger, Volunteer and Defender (got to love those names).
        Should be a busy day today, as only Smiter, Volunteer and Defender are currently in Ramsgate. Enjoy the start to your week!


    • StewGreen says:

      It’s wasn’t a debate. It was a BBC debate.. ie all lefty London mates
      I heard the lefty female bishop, a lefty black girl screeching BS

      Then finally an ex immigration worker got to speak, but the beeboid then cut him off saying they’d ran out of time.


      • StewGreen says:

        Mishal Husain discusses Channel crossings and the asylum system with a panel of guests
        – the Conservative Leader of Kent County Council, Roger Gough;
        – Rt Revd Rose Hudson-Wilkin, the Bishop of Dover
        – Daily Telegraph Columnist, Sherelle Jacobs (black journo)
        – former head of the UK Border Force, Tony Smith
        – Labour Peer : Baroness Shami Chakrabati.

        @MishalHusain did a promo tweet lst week for her show
        It got just 7 Likes

        BTW if asylum is about getting out of Danger
        then all you need to do is get to the next country .. NOT get all the way to the UK


        • Nibor says:

          Stew ,

          Sherelle Jacobs is great in the Telegraph, but seemed cowed by the BBC audience .

          All BBC audiences on political programmes are like the cackling old woman knitting at the foot of the guillotine at the time of the Terror.


  3. MarkyMark says:

    Had I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,
    Enwrought with golden and silver light,
    The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
    Of night and light and the half-light,
    I would spread the cloths under your feet:
    But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
    I have spread my dreams under your feet;
    Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

    W.B. Yeats


  4. Northern Voter says:

    Old joke coming up

    Sergeant Major addressing young troops says, there’s an officer coming to lecture you about Yeats, and you’d better listen, because I don’t suppose any of you know what a yeat is.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Ronald Reagan used to say that if trivial pursuit were designed by economists, it would have 100 questions and 3,000 answers.


    • Scroblene says:

      Ha ha ha!

      And while he was showing recuits how to break down a rifle, he explained that the butt was made from teak…

      “That’s teak – the wood used in piles for piers, and when I say piles for piers, I don’t mean ‘hemorrhoids for the harseholes of the haristocracy'”!


  5. StewGreen says:

    GBnews 8pm very excitedly claiming libmob got it all wrong
    about the Colorado gay club shooting
    cos at the first chance, the mass shooter’s lawyers claim
    “Oh he identifies as non-binary”

    … so that alone proves that he’s a lefty not a righty.

    Nope it’s more likely the non-binary claim is a RUSE
    There seems to be no evidence he’s previously identified as non-binary.

    He has been arrested for threatening to bomb his mother’s flat, where he also lived
    She’s also been arrested before for crimes like arson.
    Nothing legal happened to the guy that time, as if the police had decided the family are a bit nuts.


  6. StewGreen says:

    Any other agenda pushing on Sunday ?
    ..pretty every BBC prog you bump into

    R4 Profile was of ….. Joe Lycett
    a bit strange cos he is a Radio4 regular

    BBC1 late film happens to have a black lead
    A mild-mannered businessman (David Oyelowo) gets kidnapped on a work trip to Mexico.”

    BBC2 Countryfile “Inclusive Farming”They started with a blind farmer .. Fair enough we are not inundated with blind folks on TV

    Late short drama
    Part1 “British-Pakistani rapper Zed believes he is about to break into the big time”
    Part 2 “In a Glasgow nightclub, Tolu, a Nigerian toilet attendant desperate for survival, manipulates the behaviour of unsuspecting women.”

    9pm Drag Race Canada

    11:35pm Drag Race UK

    BBC Four : Black night from 8pm
    – 1Xtra’s Afrobeats Concerto

    9pm Kanaval: A People’s History of Haiti in Six Chapters

    10:15pm Arena
    The story of Nigerian musician Fela Kuti, who created a sound for a continent – Afrobeat. (R)

    23:40pm Josie D’Arby plays George Gershwin and Ella Fitzgerald


  7. Guest Who says:

    Twitter. And media.


    • BRISSLES says:

      2000 shirts ? how does that work ? what club would that be then ? some poor kid gets a Chelsea shirt when he supports Spurs !


    • JohnC says:

      Corden desperately trying to salvage his reputation after we all found out what a truly unpleasant tw@t he actually is when he thinks nobody is watching.

      Like many of the BBC ‘darlings’ now I come to think about it.


  8. Jeff says:

    Well, credit where it’s due; hats off to the BBC, they’re improving…

    Their lead story tonight, accompanied by some decent film footage, is of the anti-lockdown demonstrations taking part in deepest communist China. Blimey, they have even managed to interview some of those on the demos. And there are no snarky remarks about “conspiracy theorists” and “anti-vaxxers.”Well done.

    Just a small point…
    Last year there were numerous anti-lockdown demos the length and breadth of Britain. Those that I went to in London were attended by hundreds of thousands. Oxford Street, Regent Street and Trafalgar Square were awash with protesters…all of us peaceful. The BBC only had to take a squint out of their bloody windows to see what was occurring, but they somehow missed it.

    Quite amazing.

    Anyone would think they were biased…


  9. vlad says:

    Well I never: apparently firefighters – the toughest most laddish lads in the land – are a bit, erm, laddish.

    Who’d-a thunk it?

    Next they’ll be telling us that putting women on ships and submarines for months at a time will lead to some hanky-panky!



    • JohnC says:

      It makes me laugh because women have been using fire-fighters as sexist objects for many years. But that was OK.

      Women on submarines will lead to randy sailors trying it on and then more outrage and uproar from the misandrist BBC about that.

      It’s all such a complete joke. They are destroying our society.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        If they can find space on a submarine they will be lucky. There is zero privacy on those boats.


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      I think there should be a pink fire brigade with their tenders painted er … pink.

      Then if your house is on fire and you want a one-legged lesbian Uranian to deal with it you dial 998.

      I know which number I will continue to dial.


  10. JohnC says:

    Wellcome Collection closes ‘racist, sexist and ableist’ Medicine Man display

    The most disgusting part of this exhibition worthy of special mention by the BBC is:

    Controversial objects include a 1916 painting titled “A Medical Missionary Attending to a Sick African” which depicts an African person kneeling in front of a white missionary.

    But of course this is quite acceptable:

    It goes on:
    “The result was a collection that told a global story of health and medicine in which disabled people, Black people, Indigenous peoples and people of colour were exoticised, marginalised and exploited – or even missed out altogether.”

    I wonder what contributions these ‘marginalised’ people actually gave the world of medicine apart from witch doctors and voodoo dolls.

    And now they are erasing that history from the museum because of this ‘woke’ cancer which is destroying our society. They are dressing it up differently, but they are fascists.

    And here is the author:

    What a shame these total cretins can’t be sent to live in a world where all these poor ‘black people’ and ‘indigenous people’ were left to fend for themselves and live off their own inventions. They would soon change their tune.


    • JohnC says:

      So is anyone else taking the knee at the world cup – or just England ?.

      Have we really become so much more woke than the rest of the world ?.

      And all because a black career-criminal drug dealer was killed by a bad-penny copper in the USA ?.

      I sometimes wonder if I have been transported to some kind of alternate reality. WTF is going on.


      • Jeff says:

        No, it’s just the men???…wimps… that represent England.

        Even the bloody Yanks, who started this vile, virtue signalling, bollocks aren’t doing it any longer.

        This hideous grovelling is down to the FA, our politically correct media and the increasingly creepy, Gareth Southgate.

        This display makes my flesh crawl…


  11. BRISSLES says:

    Have they mentioned the Red Arrows and all the naughties going on in that outfit yet ? There seems to be a common denominator in all this – uniforms. Waiting for the pornographic goings on by our Posties in the Mail Room next !


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think they need a make over

      Name change to the ‘rainbow arrows ‘
      At least 50% queer pilots
      At least 50% disabled pilots
      At least 50% coloured pilots
      More migrant pilots
      They need to be 0% carbon – so stay on the ground

      This will also reduce noise pollution and prevent neck aches

      Or maybe they should just switch to drones and no naughty pilots at all…


  12. Zephir says:

    The truth about the scum we have let in to our countries:

    “World Cup victory riots break out in Belgium and Netherlands after Morocco’s shock 2-0 win over world No2 team Belgium: Police in Brussels, Antwerp and Amsterdam fire teargas and water cannons at flag-waving crowds smashing cars and setting blazes

    Police sealed off parts of the city, deployed water cannons and fired tear gas
    Dozens of rioters set steps on fire and pelted cars with bricks following match”



  13. JohnC says:

    This is just so absolutely standard for the BBC, I only bother writing it to make sure everybody knows it is constantly going on:

    NOT on the front page today:
    Danville Neil: DNA evidence sees man jailed for siblings’ killing

    The article has the lead picture of the elderly couple who were subject to an appalling murder. This man tied up an OAP then beat him and smothered him over a prolonged attack causing him to die of cardiac arrest. His wife seeing him die in front of her suffered a heart attack.

    Why is the story buried in ‘London Violence’ where nobody will see it unless they go looking ?.

    This is Danville:


    As always, the BBC and the Left don’t care one bit who murders who or how they do it. They only care if they can use it for their own agenda.


  14. andyjsnape says:

    Boy, 16, arrested after two teens fatally stabbed in London

    Nice picture of a police van
    Kearne Solanke and Charlie Bartolo were the victims – guess the names explain why the biased bbc omits from showing the colour of the faces, wouldn’t want us to keep seeing black victims


    • harry142857 says:

      FYI. One of the victims is black, one is white.

      If there’s a connection, why don’t the police tell us what it is, might help catch the murderers.


      • andyjsnape says:

        Hello Harry
        Remember in the old days we would be given a full description, to help the police find the culprit


  15. andyjsnape says:

    Prince William and Kate to visit US for climate change prize

    So travel thousands of miles in aid of climate change?


  16. Guest Who says:

    Easy to see why Moonbat is a bbc staff hero.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Can we get George banned due to ‘false news ‘?
      ( troll fodder )


    • StewGreen says:

      George said his opposition are “fascists”
      .. As ever projection is libmob characteristic.


      • StewGreen says:

        “Don’t yield territory to”

        Unless George is a fascist then free speech territory belongs to all.
        He’s giving away that Twitter was libmob’s territory and not for all.


        • Guest Who says:


          Hard to reconcile how unutterably blinkered and thick these speakers for the nation can be.


          • MarkyMark says:

            1765 …. In a republic worthy of name, freedom to publish one’s thoughts is a citizen’s natural right.They may use a pen or their voice, and should not be prevented from writing any more than speaking …That is the law in England, a monarchical country, where people are freer than elsewhere because they are more enlightened. – Voltaire, Republican Ideas, 1765

            2018 … Jack Fincham from ITV’s Love Island hounded by fans for supporting Tommy Robinson 04jul2018


  17. Fedup2 says:

    Essex fire chief on explaining why fire people are not all bad whiteees .. he said he has sent his deputy on ‘inclusive leadership training ‘ this . Very . Day …..

    It doesn’t happen very often but it was a laugh out loud moment and the other people on the bus must have thought it was a strange ‘English ‘thing – me being the only whitee / English speaker ….

    The fire brigade is balloting for a strike . Would be a thing if people die because some ‘inquiry ‘ has peed them off so much that they don’t want to do the fire thing anymore …. Or they want a better ‘life ‘ balance – 8-4 no Fridays or weekends ….

    Your 999 call is very important to us – stay home and burn ….


    • Sluff says:

      There was a safety survey once into fatalities per 1000 employees. It was in the BMJ or Lancet. The most dangerous occupation by far was fishing. Did you know that ? Probably not. It never gets a mention. But further down the list would you believe it but window cleaning was more dangerous than fire fighting. How often do we hear it for our brave…….window cleaners?

      I suppose window cleaners spend less time sitting around drinking tea and playing cards and pool in working hours than firefighters, and so are more likely to be in a dangerous position per working hour. Oh, and they don’t get a pension scheme allowing them to retire on full pay at 60.
      Unless they are also a firefighter of course.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        When I was little our window cleaners were firemen, doing a bit of moonlighting.

        Good practice with ladders I suppose.


  18. Fedup2 says:

    It seems 60 blue labour MPs have written to the outgoing PM saying any Albanian turning up in a dinghy should be instantly sent home .
    Those 60 must have realised they will no longer be MPs in 2 years and trying to show they are doing something .

    12 years too late – bye .


    • StewGreen says:

      They reckon they have only just realised that other countries like Sweden have rules that mean asylum seekers from countries where there is no war are automatically sent back
      eg Albanians


      • StewGreen says:

        Radio Humberside scouted around for an opposing voice
        so the 11am News led with Pete Walsh @P_W_Walsh of @MigObs
        Saying ‘oh we can’t be like Sweden and send Albanians back, cos the Home Office actually find in favour of Albanians 55% of the time.

        My guess is that is spin
        and that when you have 1000 Albanians, the HO finally get around to deciding 100 cases
        And they pass 55 on very generous grounds and rejected 45 and left 900 undecided eg cos the seeker has changed the story, put in another appeal etc,
        That is not a 55% success rate , it is a 5.5% rate

        It was not mentioned that Most Albanian asylum seekers granted UK visas are trafficked women 86%.

        The next news they’d dropped that guy
        Maybe they are honing the editing etc.


        • Rob in Cheshire says:

          The Albanians string the asylum process out for so long, appeal after appeal, all on legal aid, that eventually the system gives up and allows them “leave to remain”.

          They all claim they are fleeing blood feuds, and will be killed by rival clans of they return to Albania. It’s a big joke at our expense.


  19. Sluff says:

    It’s time for a Toady whingeathon update.

    This morning Knobson ‘interviewed’ a senior nurse. She has to get to Leeds General Hospital. She goes by train. But the trains are unreliable as the drivers (who earn a lot more than her btw) keep going on strike. It makes child care difficult, and she is claiming it is affecting her ‘mental health’.

    So many points not queried by Knobson.
    Here are a few to help the worlds finest investigative journalists.

    1. City councils have systematically penalised car use and so have removed resilience from the traffic system and this played into the hands of the public sector unions.
    2. What was the father of the children doing? Is there one?
    3. Why are ‘mental health issues’ mentioned at every turn? Juggling work and children is the norm.for millions. Raising a family is not ‘mental health issues’ ( btw just as kids at secondary schools do not have ‘mental health issues’ – they are what we call teenagers growing up).
    4. Only 7% of journeys are by train. Why do the authorities continually emasculate the 85% of journeys by car. And forget about the pollution they are claimed to cause. It’s way way down in the last 10 years.

    So when you give it just a little thought, you see this ‘interview’ as the brainless, useless, public sector whinge that it really is.


    • Fedup2 says:

      What’s the problem ? The nurse can work from home surely ?

      Funny isn’t it – the likes of sunak threw money about during the Chinese virus without regard to long term economic consequences – inflation and strikes and the rest …. Doing ‘whatever it takes ‘ doesn’t come cheap …

      Maybe the nurses can strike on the same day as the rail types , posties, teachers , fire brigade … whoever ….


      • Nibor says:

        Has anyone been badly affected by the All For Labour university lecturers strike ?


      • Sluff says:

        Nurses, as with many public sector types, were paid for working full time through the pandemic. For them and those on furlough, there was nothing to spend money on. Holidays, theatre, restaurants, zippo. DIY maybe but building work, no. The result was the biggest reduction in personal debt in history. Followed by billions lying in bank accounts waiting to be spent. The resultant inflation was totally predictable yet the Bank of England saw none of it coming, and useless Johnson lost the best opportunity in decades to reform public services.


  20. StewGreen says:

    8am R4Today the black news reader announced a guy an ex cricketer was to be a Christmas editor of the show he pronounced the name to rhyme with “moth”
    How could anyone not know how to pronounce Ian Botham’s name ?

    List of R4Today guest editors

    Twitter thread https://www.twitter.com/BBCr4today/status/1597115209876967427

    A hatey lefty response


    • Fedup2 says:

      Maybe Today a bit worried of just selecting ‘approved types ‘. I heard that they have the head of the GsEHQ on to tell us the big threat is from The Extreme Right Wing and that vetting the whole internet is necessary to prevent unapproved speech ..


  21. StewGreen says:

    Switched to BBC local radio
    the newspaper reviewer is saying we need to accept more windfarns near our homes, as she thinks that will make electricity cheaper.
    (Wind is an unreliable source that only works with keeping gas power idling .. of course each windfarm makes the grid more expensive)

    Now she is promoting insect eating.


    • StewGreen says:

      The presenter’s promo tweet this morning, got zero Likes.
      It looks like almost no one is listening.

      Ah now he reads out a text message saying he erred by not mentioning the problems with wind farms.
      The presenter replied by falsely saying she was talking about increasing offshore wind mostly.
      ..and that that would be great
      And he said she is from the Lincolnshire Wildlife Association
      ..doh there is no such org
      It’s the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

      Windfarms are not green, and they are not cheap.
      Cos they are unreliable power, you need to keep gas plants idling, so each windfarm connected to the grid increases grid costs.
      That’s why windpower has never made bills cheaper.

      And also there is no mining tax on wind to benefit taxpayers.
      This autumn it was theoretically possible to deliver a few hours of wind cheaper than a few hours of gas, but the way the gov set up the market means costs to consumers didn’t reduce much ..as wind corps jacked costs up.


    • Sluff says:

      ‘More’ wind farms.
      Did she say seven-fold more wind farms?
      I bet she didn’t.
      But that’s what you need to fill the gas generation gap when there is a winter anticyclone.


  22. Fedup2 says:

    X4 luvvie journos spend 4 minutes talking about the Rt Honourable Matthew whoever who has been on an ITV jungle show.
    Apparently this blue labour MP has ‘aspirations ‘ …..

    I suddenly had an idea about ax’ jungle ‘ special with the cast of the ‘today ‘programme going off to Australia …. And maybe not coming back …


  23. Doublethinker says:

    I’m banned from commenting on Telegraph articles as of Saturday. I only post to advise that the DT comments software has become a tiny bit more sophisticated.
    Previously you were just shadow banned , there was no indication that you had been banned , your comments appeared to you but only you no one else saw them. It took a while before you realised that there were no like or dislikes because no one saw them.
    Now the DT pauses after you post a little green wheel appears and goes round and round for another 10 seconds and then become an exclamation mark and you know that you are banned.
    Of course you have no idea why you have been banned nor how long the ban will last , previously I was banned for about three months. I’m sure that my comments are no worse than hundreds of other DT readers when it comes to the editorial policy, migrant invasion, net zero , culture wars, demise of democracy in our country, police , educational system etc etc. All things which most DT reader’s comments indicated they feel very strongly about.
    Perhaps the DT doesn’t want readers like me who now despise the Blairite Tories .


    • Fedup2 says:

      Double – maybe they’ve got some unemployed Twitter refugees on their books . I’m finished with the DT – Times -mat the end of the year . I can’t see a Right Wing paper anywhere ..


  24. G.W.F. says:

    Excellent article on how the Tories suck up to the BBC.



    • Fedup2 says:

      Thanks – a nice piece by David Sedgwick …

      The blue labour lot are so out of touch that they don’t even know they are out of touch . It’s sad that cowards like David Davis are more frightened of incurring the displeasure of the BBC – NGOs – and the rest than doing the Right Thing – which the common sense of British voters demand ….

      … but it’s a symptom of the swamp – the likes of Mr Davis lives in the swamp surrounded by the same creatures ….

      The next 2 years will see the 90% of blue labour MPs about to lose their seat positioning for peerages and gongs and somewhere nice to get money ….

      I can’t work out what the signs of this will be – but they’ll be thinking about the Honours’ List of the outgoing PM …..

      Sunak will go home to the States – others will try to re invent themselves claiming they knew their party was disconnected from their ‘base’ but no one wanted to do anything about it …lies


  25. Dickie says:

    Wonder why the Beeb isn’t reporting on this – anything to do with the Biden WH administration and the Democrats including some Republicans noses in the trough:



    • MarkyMark says:

      FTX partnership with Ukraine is latest chapter in shady Western aid saga

      The corporate media’s failure to explore these questions appears all the more perverse given Bankman-Fried’s flamboyant promotion of his intimate financial relationship with the government of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

      One of the biggest single expenditures was $5,250,519 on a “worldwide anti-war media campaign,” the details of which would only “be published after our victory” due to “security reasons.”


  26. MarkyMark says:

    Prizes for everyone!


    Prince William and Kate to visit US for climate change prize


    In Pakistan, Kate and William took a whopping 14 members of staff on the five-day trip.

    Two private secretaries were among this cohort.

    There was also a communications secretary and four other members of the comms team.

    Additionally, there were two assistant private secretaries, their PA, programme coordinators and Kate’s hairdresser.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Well, its always a possibility that an asst. private secretary, one of the comms team and prog coordinators could go down with Delhi belly, and THEN where would they be ???? its a doubling up of ‘just in case’. Lol !


  27. taffman says:

    Radio traffic this morning –
    things are hotting up in Skegness about mass invasion ? Full hotels.
    European Human Rights come before British Rights .
    Anything on Al Beeb?


    • andyjsnape says:

      Hello Taffman

      Patriotic people should never be able to protest – and the full force of the law applied

      Only the likes of the left is acceptable


  28. theisland says:

    Dare we hope that Tice will be less squeamish than Farage in calling out Muslim rape gangs and their enablers?
    (I’m not holding my breath).
    Have the threats from Kneelers’ ‘team’ started yet?


  29. MarkyMark says:

    All videos removed …

    1. After Manchester attacks … man on BBC finds evidence of hate of Western Ideals in a Mosque “Direct from Didsbury mosque this is a leaflet that I was given on an open day and this says living in a society in which people have accepted Western lifestyle as their way of life brings immorality at every step” – [BBC Question Time 25May2017 @ 25m49s]”
    “What more do you want?” – the evidence is there if you want to see it, the BBC presenter shrugs it off

    2. Brave girl speaks out on BBC in 2017 “I myself am a Muslim…I’m also a realist, there is an Elephant in the room here…we have Saudi trained clerics coming in (to the Mosques) speaking to children as young as seven … I would say, for now stop, close down all Saudi financed Mosques.” [BBC Question Time 25May2017 @47m12s]
    “I would say, for now stop, close down all Saudi financed Mosques”

    . . .

    “A great deal would be improved in this country. If people like you (Mr Islam) came into studios like this, and admitted there is a problem. And admitted that you wanted to join in to find a solution to that problem. Instead of pretending that the problem doesn’t exist.” – Douglas Murray {@3:52}



  30. Guest Who says:

    The Media Skewering Musk derangement is a sight to see. A laughable one.


    “As these reforms have begun to unfold, news outlets have looked at the treatment of staff during this period of ‘transition’.

    What is interesting, however, is that these episodes are not taking place in a contextual vacuum. At the same time that Musk brags that “the bird is freed”, the Online Safety Bill passes through Parliament with an aim to control information on social media platforms. The Bill sets out to regulate what Musk’s Twitter sets out to deregulate.”

    ‘News’ outlets doing political bidding. There’s a thing.


    “It is hard to overstate how manic, primal and unhinged is the reaction of corporate media employees to the mere prospect that new Twitter owner Elon Musk may restore a modicum of greater free speech to that platform. ”


    That must have come as a blow.

    meanwhile BBC staff block any who may show them to be inaccurate or less than impartial.


  31. Thoughtful says:

    BBC journalist was beaten up and arrested ‘for his own good to stop him catching Covid’ while covering protests that have rocked China, local cops claim: Reporter is seen screaming for help after locals tried to stop police attacking him


    In a Socialist country following Socialist ideology you are only safe providing you accept the ideology in its totality something the entitled kidult journalists appear not to have realised yet


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      A few years ago I worked in China. The people I worked with and especially the engineers were really nice.

      During some idle conversation the engineers told me a bit sheepishly that the BBC was unavailable to them as it was behind the great fire-wall of China.

      “Good” I told them. They found my reaction quite surprising!


  32. andyjsnape says:

    China Covid: BBC journalist detained by police during protests

    Ed Lawrence – showing a picture of him on his own. Why when I doubt he was actually in such a quiet area, but actually amongst loads of people. Nothing but yourselves to blame

    Apparently, arrest of an accredited foreign journalist – Accredited, but he works for the likes of the bBC


  33. Nibor says:

    In Re The Debate on Radio4 yesterday .About immigrants and the dingy invaders.

    The reverend woman had no disagreements with the rest of the panel when she said we should not talk about numbers because these are people . This is a meme I hear from the open borders pontificaters .
    Yes they are people . They are people committing a crime . They are consorting with criminals- bad people – to break the law in breaking into our country .
    Putin and his friends are people . Bank robbers who murder the cashiers with a sawn off shotgun then run over a child in their getaway vehicle are people . Nazis and concentration camp guards are people .

    People can do unlawful things . The religious lady should know that . That’s why some people look to religious books like the Bible or Koran to guide them in their life .
    Nowhere in the Bible does it say that people can move into someone else’s land by devious means and lie to the authorities about their situation.
    It was all one way in what purported to be a debate yesterday.


    • MarkyMark says:

      On 22 March 2020, 7-year-old Emily Grace Jones was stabbed at Queen’s Park in Bolton, Greater Manchester, England, while riding her scooter and died shortly afterwards. Eltiona Skana, a 30-year-old Albanian woman unknown to the Jones family, was arrested on the scene and later charged with murder. Wikipedia
      Start date: 22 March 2020
      Cause of death: Stabbing


  34. tomo says:

    It is an obvious absurdity fomented by the BBC and the rest of the herd that Labour is the answer.

    “Labour leads by xx points” and by inference Labour have more effective + “better” policies – really doesn’t make any sense at all if one considers Labour’s policies (or rather lack thereof and the incredible dimwits they appoint to shadow positions)

    The MSM (led by the BBC) are pleased with themselves – in that they obviously think that they’ve corralled the electorate into ConLabLibGreen territory where the MSM set the agendas …

    Past time that they collided with the reality that the political status quo is rammed with substandard MPs nodding through ill considered and unaffordable fripperies that by and large play to the ever swelling public sector.

    There’s a Monsieur Creosote explosion finale moment coming – there has to be…


  35. tomo says:

    and so it begins… will it go anywhere?

    Hunter’s going to have memory problems d/t drug abuse and become a victim ain’t he?


    • tomo says:

      Ernestsaundersitis and then back to crack and hookers?


    • MarkyMark says:



    • MarkyMark says:

      80 years olds.

      Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (/ˈbaɪdən/ (listen); born November 20, 1942) is an American politician who is the 46th and current president of the United States. A member of the Democratic Party, he previously served as the 47th vice president from 2009 to 2017 under President Barack Obama, and represented Delaware in the United States Senate from 1973 to 2009.


  36. BRISSLES says:

    I see from the ads that its a “must have” around Christmas tables to have at least 2 black and 3 mixed race persons seated amongst the family throng.

    How many households does this happen out of a population close to 70 million ? Certainly not in my wide circle of friends. Perhaps I ought to trawl the streets looking for mixed race peoples to invite around my table !

    Returning from my recent cruise, with a full ship capacity of just over 2,000 passengers, I found myself in an environment of 99.99% white (and older) passengers.

    Much is made in the media of BAMEs not accessing the countryside and other such nonsense, yet the cruising sector appears to have been left alone from such vitriolic reporting that cruising is yet another domain of ‘white privilege’ . Perhaps those doing the reporting can’t afford a cruise ticket, so are unaware of what they would call as “a wholly unacceptable state where BAMES are serving meals in white gloves to their white paymasters”. 😉


  37. StewGreen says:

    Lefty immigration lawyers, why are they allowed to publish 8 pages of Home Office documents marked “Official Sensitive Internal Use Only” ?
    That is what I saw Colin Yeo do the other day in his attempt to explain why illegals come to the UK

    #1 If the Home Office has declassified docs , then copies should be available without the warning on.
    #2 Sure there are cases where it’s OK to publish such docs eg when the reason to keep them secret is spurious
    Or when it’s the only way to expose illegality

    In that Twitter thread no one contests his right


  38. andyjsnape says:

    What has the following in common
    Scott Mills, David Haye, Naga Munchetty, Brian McFadden, Ruby Wax and Lawrence Chaney

    A reason not to watch, The Weakest Link


  39. Guest Who says:

    It would be good to be able to read science reporting with some confidence.



  40. Guest Who says:

    WaPo is a BBC trusted partner?


    • MarkyMark says:

      2017 …
      With everything it should be about facts, but you have to admit that the BBC uses, omits words, replaces video with photos and information in ways to tell different story to that which happened.

      On this site you will find many examples, sometimes it can be the poster who gets it wrong, sometimes we want to see something that isn’t there.

      But the BBC is paid, under threat of prison, by the public. Which means we cannot punish or stop such things as …

      To keep giving a fraud a platform to sell more fraud, to give a pedophile a safe-space, to pay opinionated people large wages who are supposed to be socialists but thrive on capitalism, to forget the 71 genders when drawing contracts, to pay grown ups who phone people and talk about having sex with their granddaughter and then invite them back for more pay, to let Directors claim £34 pounds on expenses when they earn 450k, to give these people on high wages free pass to opera and nights out, to write news that hides details by showing still images rather than the video, to over use a term like right-wing and forget the left-wing, to give Labour an easier ride, to drop the term Islam and Muslim, to pay a person who backed a religious bounty to kill an author of fiction, to not report on updates on news because it is awkward, to forget Roy Larner, to make everything political.



  41. Guest Who says:


    Doubtless a raft of beeboids in tow, plus Sofe.


  42. StewGreen says:

    What do you think about the INSURRECTION ?
    The actual insurrection was AGAINST Trump, and was led by big media and big tech
    It started before the election and went on day after day until the last day of the presidency and continues.
    The Jan 6th thing was almost a nothing-burger except for the lady got shot.
    You had a crowd where 95% stayed within the law
    Say 300 walked in without breaking any laws
    and what say 30 to 150 were involved in crossing the line ..joining in at pushing through barriers ..actions that injured some cops.
    It seems to have been more peaceful than the average of dozens of BLM demos
    Things should be put in context.

    It is characterized by school bully gang behaviour
    It’s unfair and undemocratic cos instead of each person being equal the little people are excluded.
    SHUNNING is a form of such bullying
    And as people mentioned above it’s almost routine
    .. BBC staff who are paid to serve the whole country BLOCK out many righty voices on Twitter
    An eternal punishment with no proper process or appeal
    .. Twitter and the Telegraph SHADOW BAN people .. a playground bully type thing where you don’t even get to know that no one is hearing your voice.

    One end product is SELF CENSORSHIP , due to people being afraid of being excluded.
    Another is people prioritizing VIRTUE SIGNALLING by many in the playground, as they seek to signal to the bully gang that they are with them, and so shouldn’t be excluded.



  43. tomo says:

    In the immortal words of BSM Williams
    Oh Dear …. – you know the rest



    • andyjsnape says:

      Hello Tomo

      Warning Warning, we have a RED BACKGROUND, Scary stuff

      We do not consider this a credible explanation – maybe the Chinese need to ask the bBC what is, and then just copy/paste like when reporting twitter as fact


    • MarkyMark says:

      Diane Abbott says …. Mao did more good than harm!


    • MarkyMark says:

      Mao did more good than harm (c) Diane Abbott


  44. MarkyMark says:

    For good measure, Guido asked his office if they could provide a precise date when he’d be back. Apparently, it’s up in the air at the moment. Though his dyslexia bill – of which he made no mention during his stint in the jungle – is up for its second reading on Friday…

    The UK public elects Members of Parliament (MPs) to represent their interests and concerns in the House of Commons. MPs consider and can propose new laws as well as raising issues that matter to you in the House. This includes asking government ministers questions about current issues including those which affect local constituents.

    current issues including those which affect local constituents
    jungle for £400K

    current issues including those which affect local constituents
    jungle for £400K

    current issues including those which affect local constituents
    jungle for £400K


    • StewGreen says:

      It’s a bit boring to focus on Handcock
      For a start where’s Labour’s Nick Brown, missing for twice as long as Hancock?

      Various MPs had extended time off whilst they went through the courts on things they were found guilty of .. Labour perjury and SNP travelling whilst Covid positive etc.

      It’s naive to assume your local MPs office is just one person
      Looking at expenses shows each is employing a team.
      but in Handcock’s case I don’t know if someone else has been looking after constituent affairs.

      BTW in some cases I saw that MPs were working as a team with their partner even their children
      similar to what Trump did.
      I don’t mind that as long as its verified they put in the hours.
      IN many cases it works out better for the taxpayer that the MPs partner is sharing the same transport and hotel accommodation.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Oh Stew – so naive – there are some of the corrupt bunch of self serving MPs employing wives -daughters – sons – …
        I reckon a sign of this is where everything an MP can claim for – is claimed . If the MP put as much effort into their job as they do into claiming expenses the country might be better governed
        – actually – I retract that – would make no difference what so ever.

        The Asian Tory MP who I think resigned on the day he was convicted was allowed to claim for stuff after he was a serving MP – very convenient ….( can’t remember his name – there are so many – it was for some sex crime )

        A quick search shows a free article on huff post saying 87 MPs have declared employing family members – including Dorries employing her daughter as a ‘researcher ‘ which is nice …..I wonder if it’s just below income tax threshold ….


      • MarkyMark says:

        Jess Philips – husband a researcher – no proof of work required.


  45. andyjsnape says:

    Balenciaga campaign: What did the fashion house do?

    “they see as “over-sexualising” young children”

    I guess a bit like when the bBC encourage a male or female child to change sex – only the bbc knows what is right and wrong!



  46. tomo says:

    Well, – all those windmills are presently producing ca. ⅓ of the solar panels and they’ve wound up the interconnectors to Europe…

    The PR crew are priming the emergency BS pumps.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes



  47. Zephir says:

    Just turned to the racist, sexist bbc to see Korea play in the Woke Cup and just in time to hear the lying twats spend a couple of minutes advertising about how they tell the truth and make sure they witness wherever possible etc etc

    How brazen, no mention of forging documents like the lying Bashir, or photo-shopping out violent black rioters and looters to make the police look bad.

    Ven (sic) we get the usual illiterate black announcer announcing the match and the fact that “bofe” teems are lookin’ for FREE points ..

    FFS the racist c”’s


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      Zephir is that TV? On my radio I seem to have accidentally pressed the button for women’s commentary. Can’t seem to find the switch though, maybe it’s in the instructions


  48. Terminal Moraine says:

    The WHO rename monkeypox “mpox”; according to CNN “to avoid discrimination and stigma that could steer people away from testing and vaccination.”

    Funny the WHO also decided to change the definitions of ‘pandemic’ and ‘herd immunity’ in the last two years. In the case of the latter, they removed any reference to natural immunity and it now exclusively refers to vaccine immunity only.

    With all their burgeoning fact-checking departments these days, you’d think the MSM would see fit to investigate such oddities. But we live in a dark age when “follow the science” is just cheap sloganeering for the masses.



  49. tomo says:

    Quite surprising that the present UK government don’t have somebody as articulate as Justin….?



    • digg says:

      I think our Justin clarifys the situation. It is getting more and more obvious that if the average Joe in any Western Country wants to protect his Country, his family and his heritage he will need to take arms against these vipers who are trying to re-create society so they have 100% control for ever.

      I cannot express my hate for people like Trudeau enough without being obscene.

      We are now breeding disgusting twats like this in the UK as well. They are nothing more than pseudo pop stars with inflated egos.

      Time to smash them!

      It will come!


  50. tomo says:

    Stuff you couldn’t make up.

    Doesn’t matter that it isn’t recent…