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  1. Up2snuff says:

    What will we get from the BBC this weekend? Mixed in with the football from near the earQatar (it was hot for Wales, I thought FIFA had arranged for matches to be played only in the evenings?) there will be subtle and not so subtle hints that we should rejoin the EU. I note Lord Frost has noticed this trend of mentioning lots of things to do with the EU and our economy.

    It seems a long time since 29th May this year when Jonny ‘Disjointed’ Dymond fired the starting gun on TWoTWeeee for the BBC campaign to get us back in. I understand that Arlene Foster has been enobled and has started to pushback against the fragmentation of the UK, which is a policy of the EU. Good for her. Read all about it here: https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/arlene-fosters-inspirational-move-to-keep-the-kingdom-united/

    Oh, three in a row, at last. Maybe I can retire now? Maybe I can retire now and go to bed for a kip. As the near endless Awards Season is about to be inflicted on us with the BBC joining in, I’d like to thank everyone here, and Mum, Dad, the cat, the budgie and Fed for my success. 🙂


    • BRISSLES says:

      Up2 you would be great on the “fastest finger” section of Millionaire !!!


      • Up2snuff says:

        Brissles, my dear old thing (football is a dreadful interruption to the cricket season) I’m not sure my broadband would be good enough. Should I try for four in a row?


  2. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    IT IS…
    Time to stop the boats.
    Time to scrap the BBC.
    Time to scrap Tory Party.
    Time to get rid of Lab/Libs too.
    Time to scrap the House of Lords
    Time for Proportional Representation.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Yasser, disagree on that last one because you have to have political parties for PR because the vote goes to the Party rather than the candidate. But I gave you an ‘uptick’ anyway for just the first two items on your list. 🙂


      • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

        Up2 snuff. Congratulations on retaining your Number one position. You foiled my dastardly attempt to prevent your hat-trick.
        Thanks for the uptick too.

        Your objection to proportional representation that the vote goes to the party instead of the person is an oft repeated one. It is, none-the-less, an obsolete one. In the Western world people vote for parties and in very few constituencies is it factor. The world has moved on, even in the United Kingdom where people began party identifying around 1906 but, ,alas, the system has refused to recognise the reality for over a hundred years
        Surely with Britain rapidly going downhill it is obvious that the system must switch or the country will die.
        TINA as Mrs T would say.


    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      Scotland is the best example of how PR doesn’t work.


      • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

        TR you are one of the people on this site who I consistently agree with and never skip your comments. On this topic I am sorry to disagree
        The rise of the SNP is due to other reasons than PR. It was a movement that was never taken seriously by Westminster. “Flower People” said Ted Heath. I remember it. Orwell warned against it back in the 1940’s. He could see the dangerous possibilities back then. I would suggest that the uninspiring two party system started to crack in the mid 1960’s and significant sections of the population were looking for credible alternatives.
        To me it seems that ithas been the combination of a lack of foresight by a arrogant Tory Party combined with the stifling oppression of the first past the post voting system that has created a demand for some credible alternative and unfortunately the SNP and PC took advantage of it.
        Thank goodness we have a good PR system here. Jacinda will be gone this time next year. Here the whole population votes to decide. In Britain it’s up to relatively few people in a small number of marginal seats to decide.
        The clock is ticking, nearing high noon. The Tory party has had a Remainer coup and is a disintegrating mess. The Marxist Labour Party can hardly wait to destroy what’s left of the country. Something has to happen!


  3. Nibor says:

    Well the Stupid Party certainly want to live up to that name .
    Or perhaps the Suicidal Party would be just as appropriate.

    First they have never taken on the BBC in a meaningful sense .
    An organisation that has done more to damage them than Labour , the LibDims or the Greens , and they keep it going . Even allow it to expand ! Why not hold a raffle for it?

    Then get people when they are at their most impressionable- adolescence- to go to Gramscian filled universities and have globalist plus Marxist brainwashing pumped into their heads .

    Then import anyone into the country. And bleat about getting them here by circuitous routes pretend to the the do Gooders you want them here ( no votes gained from them ) but pretend they’re wanting to stop the invasion to the general public ( who won’t vote for them on their weak action on this problem) .
    Double talk . As usual from the high ranking Tories .

    Taffman , what’s the answer ?


    • G says:


      As I’ve said before, Messrs. Hunt and Sunak are in position only to front the WEF’s Communist aspirations. Doubtless they recognise that the Conservatives are doomed come next election. They don’t care. We will now see the pair accelerate the WEF programme with gay abandon (can I say that?). In that regard, it will be a sure interesting two years in watching how the rest, when they all wake up to the independent danger of the two and react.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Nibor, maybe the Con-servative Party will get nagged by the BBC to fund our woeful NHS even more and the BBC will push it too far and the Government response is “Well, we are broke as a nation, there’s no money left but we could sell off some assets. We will privatise the BBC and Channel4.”

        Trouble is, the Labour Party and all the other political Parties would swing in against that move and make it an electoral issue. I can see the Royal Mail privatisation coming unstuck this winter.


  4. Nibor says:

    A country has the right to decide who enters it , for how long , and what their behaviour should be .

    Britain does not have an Interior Ministry or a Department Of Internal Affairs or Bureau of State Security

    It has the Home Office .
    A nice , comfy unthreatening part of the government because that’s what it was . An elected person overseeing public servants doing what was right for the people of the country.
    Home Office because most people thought that the rest of the country was an outside extension of their homes and the inhabitants of the country were kith and kin .
    And those people weren’t insular . They knew about the rest of the world. By gad [ old term] they had run a quarter of it as the world’s biggest empire and fought wars to stop evil taking the world over .
    But they were happiest within their own skin . No I don’t mean they were racist , BBC , they were ordinary. Ordinary and good unless the BBC and it’s ilk think ordinary people are bad . In which case they should stop broadcasting to ordinary folk and stop taking money from ordinary folk .


  5. Square-Eyed says:

    BBC silent on political links to organised crime? A view from Northern Ireland (Sir Jeffrey Donaldson):-



  6. JohnC says:

    London Fire Brigade institutionally misogynist and racist – report

    No surprise whatsoever there then. First the Met and now they’ve moved on.

    I’ve been involved with some firemen with my work in the past and I can say that they were all excellent people : a stark contrast to police who tend to be arrogant and aloof.

    So when I watch that disgusting video the BBC have put up as the headline, I ask myself what else is there to that story I’m not being told. What has that woman who claims she is so ‘hated’ done to make everyone dislike her so much ?.

    I did a search for ‘misandry BBC’ and to my complete surprise (not), not a single BBC article came up. But this very pertinent, common-sense article from The Spectator did:


    But to my complete amazement, the BBC now have a dedicated sub-category for Mysogyny !!!.

    Take a look at all the articles. You won’t believe it. Chock full of misandry.



  7. Terminal Moraine says:

    BBC with another mind-numbingly predictable sociology lecture: “Does kindness get in the way of success?”

    The main image is of a hijabbed Jacinda Ardern hugging another hijabbed woman. I did chuckle at the suggestion that “even in politics there’s evidence that a gentler or kinder style can still get you to the top, as Jacinda Ardern has shown in New Zealand…”

    Ardern, who crushed the livelihood and spirit of countless New Zealanders for more than two years and admits creating a two-tier society, based on personal medical choices. (Medical fascism being no barrier to the BBC model of kindness.) Of course Trump gets a mention, on account of his nasty tweets.

    About the author: “Claudia Hammond is the author of The Keys to Kindness: How to be kinder to yourself, others and the world.”




    • JohnC says:

      ‘Claudia Hammond is the author of The Keys to Kindness: How to be kinder to yourself, others and the world.’

      I find these statements by the Lefties to be endlessly amusing because life has taught me that these people are always weak, shallow characters hiding behind a mask and turn into the most nasty, spiteful people you will ever find when the mask slips.

      We’ve seen it from maxi from time to time. Nasty piece of work – but then I suppose you have to be if you are to be a troll.

      I’m sure there a few genuine exceptions, but not enough to disprove the rule for me.


  8. Terminal Moraine says:

    Login screen for international visitors. So much kindness…



    • Eddy Booth says:

      Be kind and let people say NO.
      Not be forced to click maybe later,
      insuring they’ll get constantly pestered in future with the same pop up.


  9. Zephir says:

    Football may nor be coming home but the libtards are getting a taste of what they have inflicted upon other areas of London this week with their wokeness:

    “Maida Vale machete horror: Shocking moment man, 42, is tackled by police after waving huge knife in affluent north London suburb

    A man, 42, has been arrested after waving machete in busy Maida Vale street
    He flailed the huge knife outside a Harrow Road restaurant on Thursday evening”



    • G says:


      “A man”

      Well, we know the perps age, specifically, but not his colour. Strange, its as if it is being withheld. No, no that couldn’t happen, could it?


  10. Fedup2 says:

    A good day – the future of the woke footy manager looks shaky . Not before time – maybe after him there will be an England football team again which plays footy instead of spending time being woke… my double chance on the draw / USA came in …with a bit of luck the woke united will be back next week …


  11. Fedup2 says:

    A good day 2

    On the from of the Times website is a headline ‘we need to be an Aid Superpower ‘ – by Andrew Mitchell -the blue labour plebgate minister …
    …..if ever there was a reason for the oblivion of the Tory Party it is he – heading for the Lords after being thrown out in 2 years time ….


    • Zephir says:

      No, that’s

      “Aldi Superpower”

      Soon to be Poundstretcher


    • MarkyMark says:

      Migrant workers send home £8bn to families
      20 November 2018



      In 2003 China received US$1.3 billion in aid, or about US$1 per capita. Like other countries in recent years, the United States has rapidly reduced its aid to China, reaching about $12 million from USAID for 2011. The aid goes to Tibetan communities, rule of law initiatives, and climate change policy.


  12. Fedup2 says:

    The woke mum of a kid with Cerebral palsy set up some online charity for something or other . The kid uses the internet – social media . Trolls sent messages to the kid with ‘strobe effect’ attachments which can set off epilepsy .

    So we have another ‘reason ‘ to censor the internet . On rolls baroness Kidron ? An unelected mouth firing off on controlling the internet .

    You can always tell when the BBC approves of someone. There was no challenge by our Justin – no contrary view. No suggestion such as kids with epilepsy not use the internet in a hazardous way.
    I was thinking of a parallel . Do you ban cars because they could run kids over if the kid walks in the road ?

    It’s Saturday – let’s ban something . ….


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, you should have heard Open Country and ‘Framing’ Today from 6 a.m. on BBC R4, all about drowned villages and wicked shooters and burning heather moorland and re-wilding and growing trees. Oh, and letting in more furrinners as well.

      It is time to privatise the BBC.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Up2 – I gave up with those types of programme – just depressing – same negatives – lefty campaigns – bit like the dismal foody programme ….

        And usually – of course – it banning something or queer / paki tractor drivers – not enough …


    • MarkyMark says:

      Books are better?


  13. Guest Who says:

    Next on BBC Drs. of Brown… Rosena Khan on reducing council taxes.


  14. Fedup2 says:

    So let me get this right – the London fire brigade failed to deal with a tower Block fire ( stay home and die ) and the Manchester brigade was to frightened to help out at the Muslim terrorist attack which killed 22.

    Yet the BBC is more interested in hurty feelings on minority employees … woke …woke …woke …..

    I’m waiting from a response from the LFB union comrades .. but so far ….nothing … maybe they’ll strike again …


    • MarkyMark says:

      No loner about saving lives….

      This research explores the degree to which gender affects safety behaviors and outcomes in the fire service. Semistructured focus groups and interviews were conducted based on findings from the literature on women and gender in the fire service. Four focus groups (N = 22) and eight interviews were recorded, transcribed, and coded using NVivo 10 software. This methodology explored if female gender improves safety behaviors through (1) weighing the risks and benefits of dangerous situations, (2) focusing on biomechanics and technique, (3) asking for help, (4) being motivated to report injuries, (5) being heard by colleagues, and (6) illuminating a hostile work environment’s contribution to safety. Participants report that women have less of a “tough guy” attitude than their male colleagues and felt that deviating from the modernist American hyper-masculine norm may have a positive impact on their work practices and injury outcomes. If women in the fire service perceive risk differently than their male colleagues, perhaps strengthening efforts to recruit women and creating a culture that values their perspective will improve the occupation’s overall safety outcomes.


      Micah Ables | 02.05.19



  15. Guest Who says:

    No wonder the Economical With The Truth is a BBC VIP gob.

    Such a shame. Used to be a journalistic gold standard.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Has the BBC ever lied to me …. YES.
      “Gavin Hewitt in 2015 replacing video with still photos to hide a nasty refugee pushing a pregnant female refugee and small child onto a train track, the BBC made it look like the border guards were being tough.”

      Has the BBC ever hidden news from me …. YES.
      “May 2018 the Day of Freedom march was not reported on the main website or the main news channel and is not available on the BBC £3.5bn online search page – other news agencies including the Guardian reported it.”

      Has the BBC kept the public in the dark …. YES.
      “We know that the UK MP expenses continues and should be investigated with the £3.5bn BBC New Service every year to keep the MPs on their toes, David Lammy bought a bike for £650 on expenses (Claim Ref:387540/17oct2014) which is blatant misuse of Tax Payer Money. How come the BBC don’t check up each year?”

      Has the BBC ignored politician’s lies …. YES.
      “UK Politicians are on TV shouting austerity and recession but all have taken an 18% pay increase from 2010 to 2018. How can they talk for the people when the live in their own bubble?”

      Has the BBC moved from news to social engineering …. YES.
      “By 2020, the BBC wants its employees to comprise 50% women, 8% disabled people, 8% lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people and 15% people from black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds.{bbc.co.uk 14sep2017}”

      Has the BBC let journalist break their guidelines …. YES.
      “Gary ‘£1.75m’ Lineker uses his twitter account to say Brexit is bad, EU is good. But not once has he confronted Jacob Rees-Mogg or Nigel Farage to talk about it. It is a one sided echo chamber.”



    • tomo says:

      Yet Joe Biden is systematically unchallenged and it’s all too easy to substitute an effigy of Mr. Biden on that steamroller and his name into the accompanying twaddle..

      So much of what the the “left” spew is projection – pure and simple.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        Joe Biden, aka “the Big Guy” aka “Mr 10%” literally leads a crime family, made rich through corruption.

        Not exactly covered by the BBC or the MSM though.


    • vlad says:

      The Economist has been sliding leftwards for years.

      Like the FT.


  16. Guest Who says:

    Hard not to like the guy.


    • StewGreen says:

      Musk is replying to AP’s tweet
      “New Twitter owner Elon Musk said he is granting “amnesty” for suspended accounts, which
      *online safety experts* predict will spur a rise in harassment, hate speech and misinformation


      • StewGreen says:

        AP have not replied
        but their old tweet seems a touch threatening
        ‘advertisers will stay away’

        26 April: Now, the question is how far @elonmusk,
        who describes himself as a “free-speech absolutist,”
        wants to ratchet back these systems
        — and whether users and advertisers will stick around if he does


      • Fedup2 says:

        The woke left really doesn’t know how to handle non approved views – mr musk is a small light in current darkness …
        They’ll do all they can to deal with him . …


    • StewGreen says:

      Oh WaPo sent their crazy reporter to magic up some “experts”
      Then Glen Greenwalk took them apart
      .. https://www.twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/1596141582860025856


    • MarkyMark says:

      Wonder if the BBC/Associate Press would like to replace “Grooming Gang” with “Sadistic Child Torture Gangs” so we think differently about these cases?

      He (Adil Khan/8 year sentence out in under 4 years) told the court: “They weren’t girls – they were women.”
      He (Abdul Aziz/9 years out in under 4 years) ferried the girls as far as Leeds and Bradford and was paid by the stream of men (who will never be arrested) who used the girls for sex, getting £40 for each introduction.

      “For the Many (Raped), Not the Few (Convicted)”
      “Enough(47 Girls Raped?) is Enough (1400 Girls Raped?)!”

      Rochdale child sex trafficker Adil Khan fights deportation {bbc.co.uk 17feb2016}
      “A member of child sex grooming gang who got a 15-year-old girl pregnant has claimed he is innocent as he fights deportation from the UK. Adil Khan, 46, maintained there was a “big story” behind his conviction for a series of child sex offences in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. … They have a seven-year-old son, and if his appeal fails he can lodge a further appeal against deportation on the grounds of a breach of his human rights, the right to a family life, under Article Eight of the Human Rights Act.”

      Family fears missing teenager (Mya Recardo, South East London) could be victim of child grooming gangs {express 27sep2017}



      • tomo says:

        We really (ungently even) need a Chris Morris for today – I think we all know that Jonathan Pie doesn’t cut the mustard….


    • MarkyMark says:

      BBC Balance – twitter is good …

      “Twitter: Romance, business and campaigns born on the platform”

      I met the love of my life
      My side hustle became my full-time job
      Twitter was the obvious solution

      I just don’t see the same level of engagement on Facebook or LinkedIn for example. I think Twitter is interesting, it’s unique in its properties, and I would be really heartbroken if it did break permanently or if we saw a huge drop off in numbers.


  17. theisland says:

    Patrick O’Flynn states the obvious.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Starmer must have the same feeling Blair had before 1997 . All he has to do is keep quiet and allow the corrupt blue labour lot continue to be woke and self destruct … his biggest problem will be what to do with a 200 majority …

      Yes – Mr O Flynn was on GBNews in the week explaining that there is no Conservative Party now . Apparently MPs have to ‘declare ‘ whether they will be standing again in thr next election by December 9th .

      I don’t know if this one of those corrupt conventions or Blue Labour policy – but it must be hard for all those self interested MPs unable to find a lucrative real job to let go of the easy Westminster one .

      Farage was in clackton on Thursday . He invited the ‘local’ MP – on – but the Mp said he’d only appear if he was only asked about ‘the arts ‘. The Tory MP is ….Giles Watling – son of the actor ….


    • MarkyMark says:

      Keir Starmer: It’s wrong to say ‘only women have a cervix’


  18. StewGreen says:

    Cheating at elections, well #ItsOKwhenWEdoIt says Sam Harris
    The 3 month old clip of him saying it was OK to come over all fascist and suppress the Hunter Laptop story cos Trump is a baddie baddie


    • MarkyMark says:

      Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook restricting a story about Joe Biden’s son during the 2020 election was based on FBI misinformation warnings.

      The New York Post alleged leaked emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop showed the then vice-president was helping his son’s business dealings in Ukraine.

      Facebook and Twitter restricted sharing of the article, before reversing course amid allegations of censorship.

      Zuckerberg said that getting the decision wrong “sucks”.


      “This whole thing that is arbitrating what is OK and what is not – I obviously have to be involved in that because, at some level, I run the company and I can’t just abdicate that.

      “But I also don’t think that as a matter of governance you want all of that decision making vested in one individual.”


  19. AsISeeIt says:

    Compulsory attendance edition

    Gotcha! It’s Paddy Pantsdown; Last One To Leave Turn Out The Lights; Headless Body In Topless Bar; Don’t Cry For Me Argie Cleaner; Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster… tabloid headlines, eh?

    Luv ’em, hate ’em, sometimes you just can’t ignore ’em.

    This morning the boys and the girls at the BBC online press review line up are loving those red tops. Mirror, Sun and Star are promoted top three titles in a BBC hot flush of frontpages focusing on the POV of the ladies – unusually for once these days not referencing their menopauses.

    Yawn in the USA WAGs fight to stay awake as England are held to a draw – nags the Daily Star

    Seems that just as wives and girlfriends are often wont to complain of their chaps – England peaked too early at this World Cup – Mr AsI likewise fell victim to an early climax – noticing Southgate’s prediliction for rather fabian tactics Mr AsI predicted the initial Iran match would be the low score bore draw.

    The shrewish Daily Mirror further references, via punning on that classic Bruce Springsteen track: Yawn in the USA WAGs verdict as England draw sets up do-or-die clash with Wales

    And the BBC’s big interest in these repetitive tabloid frontpages here? Surely not that classic Andy Murray slip – ‘anyone but England’

    The Sun completes the troika of popular press titles expressing significant other disappointment at the flop that was our England Friday night performance – once more borrowing from The Boss (Has Bruce rebranded himself CEO yet? This lot played more like the Swindon regional undermanager): Yawn in the USA… WAG Georgina Irwin – reserve goalie Aaron Ramsdale’s fiancée – yawned as she watch the lacklustre display in Qatar (Sun)

    World Cup weary… Lover’s sleep Jack Grealish’s girlfriend Sasha… Bore draw Kyle Walker’s wife Annie (Mirror)

    In polite and appreciative reference to the late lamented comic TV character Mrs Merton – I’m not so sure it was some deep appreciation of Gareth Southgate’s three centre-backs in a 3-5-2 formation that first attracted these WAGs to their millionaire boyfriends.

    Anyway, wives and fiancées aside, how about those members of the squad who are in the uncertain positional zone of boy and girlfriend think seriously about making honest women of their respective WAGs and jolly well take-the-knee (in a real honest commitment for once) and propose marriage?

    Care charities ‘forced to evict disabled residents’ – complains the Guardian.

    Well, they may be making them homeless – but at least they’re not aborting the disabled: Woman with Down’s syndrome loses abortion law appeal… lost her appeal over a law that allows abortion up until birth for a foetus with the condition… She said the legislation “doesn’t respect my life” (BBC) – it’s hard to argue against that observation.

    Apparently it’s yet another one of those ladies’ days in the media today: London Fire Brigade institutionally misogynist and racist – report (BBC) – this never used to happen before we had female firefighters.

    ‘I’d love to play a female Bond’ Catherine Zeta-Jones on packing a punch (Telegraph)

    How Twitter changed three women’s lives for the better… Romance, business and campaigns born on the platform (BBC)

    I hear new owner Elon Musk threatened Twitter employees with compulsory attendance at the office and an 80-hour working week – Twitter sued by former staff as Elon Musk begins mass sackings (Guardian) – suddenly all the women have departed and he’s left with no HR department and just a handful of male techy autists voluntarily chained to their computers morning noon and night.

    Midlife lust My adventures on the really wild dating app… Midlife lust guide: how to have great sex at any age… Sex can be better than ever after 50, says renowned sex therapist (Times) – these media women, they’ve got one track minds.

    Emma Corrin in the Telegraph tells us: ‘I’ve been on a journey of sexuality’ – good for you, luv. I’d just like to catch a train that isn’t cancelled due to strike action so I can visit the rellies this Christmas.

    It may be a media matriachy – but I suppose you gotta love ’em. There’s no real alternative. Especially out there in Qatar.


    • Zephir says:

      “Renowned sex therapist” hmm

      how much does she charge?….does she do “special requests” ?


    • Up2snuff says:

      AISI, I see the BBC are back to their bad old ways of not getting some front page pictures in focus. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-the-papers-63764242 It is strange that the Guardian is always sharp and in focus although they managed to miss the Guardian off the Blog on day this week. Bit strange when you consider how many copies are delivered to the BBC every day.


      • MarkyMark says:

        though sharing a room with someone you are not married to was HARAM?




      • StewGreen says:

        re you commenting on the way the screenshot of the Guardian page is a bit blurred so you can’t read the story ?
        If it was done everyday that would indicate a copyright agreement to not give away too much for free.

        The Guardian reports that severely disabled care home residents are being evicted due to disputes between local councils and UK care charity Leonard Cheshire. According to the paper, the charity has said that it has spent millions of pounds in recent years subsidising care services poorly funded by local councils, but it can no longer afford to do so. “Social care desperately needs long-term investment and we cannot continue like this,” commented learning disability charity Mencap.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Well at least the woke footy manager won’t play one of the best players – Mr Foden – because it will be seen as a mistake . I’m rooting for wales getting a 4 nil against the wokes but I think they’d do best booking a flight home for Wednesday . With the wokes we’re on the same plane ….

      Will wales and the wokes both take the knee ?


  20. Zephir says:

    More enrichment on it’s way:

    “Man who died at Manston migrant processing centre may have been killed by DIPTHERIA, Home Office says”


  21. StewGreen says:

    11:30am R4 FooC “white slavery”
    Ireland : 1631 saw Barbary pirates kidnap English settlers who were taken back to North Africa and sold into slavery.

    Afghanistan : Taliban continues to enforce ever-tighter restrictions on how women live their lives.
    recently announced a ban on women going to parks, swimming pools and gyms this month, while maintaining its ongoing ban on girls attending secondary school.

    China : Gao Zhisheng, a human rights lawyer repeatedly detained by the Chinese governmen since his initial arrest in 2006.
    following his last detention, his whereabouts is now unknown.

    Iraq’s droughts : spoke to local farmers

    Colombia’s new leftist* president campaigned on the promise of tackling inequality and switching to a greener economy.
    But rising inflation and a depreciation of the peso has proved a challenge.
    (* never seen BBC use that term before)


    • vlad says:

      “white slavery”: I demand reparations and knee-taking NOW, for my ancestors cruelly taken into slavery by Africans! I might even do a bit of rioting and looting, and of course the police will just stand by and watch. Or they might even join in?


  22. MarkyMark says:

    Many drugs are illegal in the UK but Qatar’s approach to them is stricter, adopting a zero-tolerance approach.

    Many drugs are illegal in the UK but Qatar’s approach to them is stricter, adopting a zero-tolerance approach.


    It is always safest not to take unknown or illicit drugs at all.

    However, if you do decide to use chems, here are some tips for playing as safely as possible



  23. tomo says:


  24. vlad says:

    Today’s Mail asks:

    “Why did an ex-Guardian editor and his liberal chums (as well as the BBC) give this drill rapper a platform to glorify savage violence?”

    Why indeed?

    Couldn’t possibly have anything to do with his being black and muslim, those two ultimate trump cards?



    • MarkyMark says:

      BBC Search ‘GQ Solo’ …
      2017 Sep “Stormzy handed best solo artist prize at GQ Awards by Jeremy Corbyn”
      2015 Sep “GQ Awards: Sam Smith wins top solo prize (missing person who handed it out in 2015, not so important?)”

      “Never had a MAC-10 ( Military Armament Corporation Model 10 similar to an Uzi) or a trey pound (357 magnum gun/revolver)
      You were never bad then, you ain’t bad now
      Never had the MAC then, little nigga, back down” – Big for Your Boots by Stormzy

      – GQ Politician of the Year 2017: Sadiq Khan (or Kahn) (spelt incorrectly as ‘Kahn’ on the image {twitter – Kate Hopkins})
      – GQ Politician of Year 2016 Sadiq Khan
      – GQ Politician of Year 2015 George Osborne
      – Rapper Stormzy calls Theresa May a ‘paigon’ {dailymail.co.uk sep2017}
      – paigon. friend that lies betrays and isn’t true
      – ‘Tories have been reduced to personal name-calling’: Jeremy Corbyn criticises Boris Johnson’s ‘mugwump’ comment {telegraph apr2017}
      – STORMZY – OH JEREMY CORBYN at Glastonbury 2017 *MUST WATCH* {youtube} (p.s. not very good if you just went to Glastonbury for the songs and not a political broadcast)
      – Diane Abbott discusses online abuse “We are very clear in the Labour Party. That if you are known and you are peddling racist, homophobic, anti-semitic abuse, you will face a penalty. The problem with a lot of this abuse though is it’s anonymous. ” – Diane Abbott @1:56



  25. tomo says:


    it’s gettin daan widdah yoot innit.

    Seems the BBC et al need longer spoons to sup with that lot.


  26. Dickie says:

    An interesting article for those who have the time or inclination to read it:


    So is this video



    • MarkyMark says:

      “The crisis in the Ukraine is not a regional one. It is the US, clashing with the rest of the world, and that starts with a direct onslaught on Russia. The US knew the Ukraine was a bomb waiting to go off… and intends to expel Russia from world financial markets, a radical shift which will alter the face of power worldwide… some pretext will be seized upon to freeze Russia out of the Swift system, and thus forestall all her financial transactions… I may be rowing against the tide, but it’s to save our skins. Were WW III to erupt, you and I along with all those who deride me as a conspiracy theorist will go up in smoke. I’m very concerned, because we are teetering on the edge of war, a great war. Before our eyes, lies the premise for WW III. Before ever the Ukraine enters NATO, something terrible will happen. On the borders between the Baltic States and Russia, preparations for war are underway… The crisis in the Ukraine is the opening shot in an onslaught by the USA and Europe against Russia, for which the sanctions are an indicator. The Ukraine is the stick with which to beat Russia… (Italy) will only recover her sovereignty if she withdraw from NATO and become, once again, a free, neutral and sovereign state. All the more so, that what NATO, what this sort of defence represents, will be utterly useless in the event of war.


      related …

      Peter Hitchens – The EU is the Continuation of Germany By Other Means


  27. taffman says:

    “Manston migrant’s death may have been caused by diphtheria – Home Office”
    Expect more and worse with this useless government running the country. Civil unrest next.


    • MarkyMark says:

      The Home Office is the lead government department for immigration and passports, drugs policy, crime, fire, counter-terrorism and police.

      We are responsible for:

      working on the problems caused by illegal drug use
      shaping the alcohol strategy, policy and licensing conditions
      keeping the United Kingdom safe from the threat of terrorism
      reducing and preventing crime, and ensuring people feel safe in their homes and communities
      securing the UK border and controlling immigration
      considering applications to enter and stay in the UK
      issuing passports and visas
      supporting visible, responsible and accountable policing by empowering the public and freeing up the police to fight crime
      fire prevention and rescue


      Our goals are to:

      cut crime and the harm it causes, including cyber-crime and serious and organised crime
      manage civil emergencies within the remit of the Home Office
      protect vulnerable people and communities
      reduce terrorism
      control migration
      provide world-class public services and contribute to prosperity
      maximise the benefits of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union



  28. MarkyMark says:

    In west women and men have the choice to walk naked. #Taliban


  29. tomo says:

    Looks like somebody got red pilled?



  30. Sluff says:

    Oh, joy.
    Manston migrant’s death may have been caused by diphtheria – Home Office


    Truly the benefits of unfettered mass immigration know no bounds


    • Guest Who says:

      Best response so far.

      Still unsure if this a spoof account or not.


      • MarkyMark says:



      • MarkyMark says:

        Diphtheria is a highly contagious infection affecting the nose, throat and sometimes skin. The NHS says it is rare in the UK and can be treated through antibiotics and other medicines.


        • theisland says:

          “There are now more than 70 suspected cases of diphtheria among those who in recent weeks have been moved from the facility. In 2020, there was just one confirmed case in Britain.”


          • MarkyMark says:

            The Home Office is the lead government department for immigration and passports, drugs policy, crime, fire, counter-terrorism and police.

            We are responsible for:

            working on the problems caused by illegal drug use
            shaping the alcohol strategy, policy and licensing conditions
            keeping the United Kingdom safe from the threat of terrorism
            reducing and preventing crime, and ensuring people feel safe in their homes and communities
            securing the UK border and controlling immigration
            considering applications to enter and stay in the UK
            issuing passports and visas
            supporting visible, responsible and accountable policing by empowering the public and freeing up the police to fight crime
            fire prevention and rescue


            Our goals are to:

            cut crime and the harm it causes, including cyber-crime and serious and organised crime
            manage civil emergencies within the remit of the Home Office
            protect vulnerable people and communities
            reduce terrorism
            control migration
            provide world-class public services and contribute to prosperity
            maximise the benefits of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union



  31. tomo says:

    Given the stuff that Brussels/Strasbourg bureaucratic thugs have jumped on – we have a fight on our hands…

    Give ’em an inch (or even a millimeter)


  32. Guest Who says:

    Weird times.

    On the one hand no ad can appear unless the client and broadcaster have signed off on the diversity quota, but…..

    Small ones are more juicy.


  33. tomo says:

    Some people are beyond help….



    • MarkyMark says:

      ‘She’s nothing less than dangerous’ | Neil Oliver hits out at Jacinda Ardern over ‘tyranny’


    • Guest Who says:

      Don’t forget Sofe.

      Rather suspect Mishal will be flying over to garner her wisdom somewhere exotic as they are both very busy.

      And neither will be suffering much under the new world order.


      • MarkyMark says:

        I’ll be speaking to executives from leading FORTUNE 500s on the importance of climate justice activism and the power of my generation 💪🏼

        This holiday season, try finding old pieces in your closet and giving them new life

        I’ve had this dress since middle school!


      • MarkyMark says:



  34. tomo says:


  35. Guest Who says:

    BBC weekend subbing at expected levels.


  36. Guest Who says:

    BBC and Femi still loyal though?


    • MarkyMark says:

      Germany wants to support rejected asylum-seekers who voluntarily move back to their home countries with a one-time payment of 3,000 euros ($3,570). The Interior Ministry says those who qualify can apply by a Feb. 28 deadline and they would get the money once they return home.3 Dec 2017
      A study by the Institute of German Economy (IW) in September 2020 found that more and more asylum seekers in the labor market are in employment, with the employment rate of people from the main source countries (during the 2015/2016 migrant crisis) almost tripling from 10.6% in 2016 to 29% in 2020.[7]
      .. GERMANY ..
      Arrested German spy was a onetime gay porn actor — and a secret Islamist {washingtonpost nov2016}
      “BERLIN — Two weeks ago, German intelligence agents noticed an unusual user in a chat room known as a digital hideout for Islamic militants. The man claimed to be one of them — and said he was a German spy. He was offering to help Islamists infiltrate his agency’s (In April 2016, the man began working for the BfV, assigned to monitoring potentially violent Islamists in Germany.) defenses to stage a strike.



  37. Guest Who says:

    Tragic. But, in the hands of the bbc, what a family says on medical matters suggests a law firm lurking…

    Then get a Labour MP in the mix…


  38. Richard Pinder says:



  39. MarkyMark says:

    Activism works!

    For the first time in history the UN
    called an emergency meeting to
    discuss the Islamic Republic of Iran

    and just voted overwhelmingly
    to investigate their crimes


    Dear BBC £3.5bn News Service paid under threat of prosecution by the Many, Not the Few,

    I searched for “international blasphemy day” on the bbc.co.uk website and your site only returned ….


    * Click: International Women’s Day
    * Click – Short Edition: International Women’s Day
    * Leeds International Piano Competition
    * Manchester International Festival
    * Dana International
    * Manchester International Festival: MIF 2017

    “International Blasphemy Rights Day, educates individuals and groups about blasphemy laws and defends freedom of expression, especially the open criticism of religion which is criminalized in many countries. Blasphemy Day was introduced as a worldwide celebration by the Center for Inquiry in 2009.”

    1989 … Satanic Verses causes Iran to create fatwa for death of Salman Rushdie.

    . . . 4 years later and they mention it . . .

    1993 … Satanic Verses mentioned by United Nations.

    . . . .10 Years of the UN doing nothing . . .

    1999 … Iran say they will not hunt for the head of Salman Rushdie.
    {meforum jun1999}

    . . . 27 years later and the UN have been laughed at . . .

    2016 … Fatwa on Salman Rushdie renewed by Iran.
    {independent feb2016}

    . . . 29 years after Satanic Verses.. maybe the UN could have more serious words with Iran . . . .

    2018 …. Iran release state emojis that show ‘death to America’ and ‘death to Israel’.
    {bbc.co.uk 25apr2018}

    “The omission is the most powerful form of lie, and it is the duty of the historian to ensure that those lies do not creep into the history books.” – George Orwell

    BBC Nick Robinson Twitter 07nov2017 …‘”If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”. I’m proud those words now adorn BBC HQ’

    . . . .

    Can the BBC £3.5bn News Service explain why this important day has been omitted from history when other international days are reported on? Was it too difficult to report on?




  40. Zephir says:

    Plenty of hotels available for Albanian gangsters or various other sex criminals and ecomomic chancers lying about their age and status yet:

    “Homeless man made final bed for his faithful Jack Russell before dying in the night outside branch of Costa

    Jonathan Ellerington, 41, was a regular in Hull city centre known for his dog
    He made a final bed for his devoted Jack Russell then passed away within hours
    He had a family and partner who he lived with, but struggled with a drug habit”



    • MarkyMark says:


      Parliament’s £13 billion restoration.

      HS2 £150 billion, original budget £36 billion.

      Track and Trace £37 billion – no tracking or tracing where this money went.

      £1.1bn of COVID small business loans identified as fraud

      £4 billion of unusable PPE bought in first year of pandemic will be burnt “to generate power”

      13 + 150 + 37 + 1.1+ 4 = £205 billion


    • StewGreen says:

      The context is that there is accommodation for almost all UK homeless
      Those that sleep on the street are making a choice to.


      • Zephir says:

        The “context” is:

        “Night shelters offer a very basic place to stay for people who would otherwise be on the streets. You usually have to share the sleeping space with others.

        Many have an evening meal or breakfast at no cost or for a small charge. You arrive by a set time in the evening and leave in the morning. ”

        So, still on the streets all day rain or shine, winter or summer…

        I can Imagine the outrage from the racist libtards if this was the option for our gangster and sex criminal “guests”


        • StewGreen says:

          It’s not just night shelters
          I know of people that refused offers of flats. One was female. who spent 6 years on the streets before finally accepting something.
          Intelligent but psychological issues.


    • StewGreen says:

      8 years ago the homeless addict was in the news
      May 28, 2014
      EAST: Hull beggars Peter Frame and Jonathan Ellerington banned in crackdown on street drinking


  41. harry142857 says:

    With Qatar, Iran and Saudi Arabia out of the World Cup, England are the only Muslim team left in.

    h/t to Sickipedia.


  42. Eddy Booth says:

    Iran, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Senegal are all still in it!
    Get your coat lad.


    • StewGreen says:

      Eddy, It’s a joke


      • MarkyMark says:

        “… There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humour in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. …”: Ayatollah Khomeini, jan1980
        – 80 million people in 2017 still follow Khomeini’s ideas about life – ‘There is no fun, humour or jokes’.


  43. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I’m sick of hearing lots of commentators not being challenged when they blame brexit for lots of our economic woes.
    They repeat that it’s double digit poll numbers of leave voters regret voting for Brexit and want to go back in.
    There’s one on Dolan (GBN) now.

    Why don’t these people hosting the shows (like Dolan) strongly point out that we don’t have brexit, we just have a crappy brino and that most of the powers that be are actively working against brexit.

    I would bet that if there was another referendum we would still vote out but almost all the msm are pushing the lie that we’ve changed our minds.

    Do the politicians actually ever do anything that we want because it’s hard to see.


  44. StewGreen says:

    BBC promote sexualised crossdressers dressing as schoolgirls and no one in their Twitterworld bats an eyelid.

    Via Simon Webb https://youtu.be/G5DOmYR1PW0
    Other BBC pic https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/images/ic/1056xn/p0djltcb.jpg
    BBC webstory https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/42778da4-254a-4b17-ac3e-8e99a1b16d4f


    • tomo says:

      I see that Ru Paul’s drag race franchising has been picked up as a political vehicle by Justin Trudeau

      Trudeau told the drag queens it had been “an incredible pleasure to be part of fighting the good fight on the right side” after the show’s host congratulated him for becoming the first Canadian leader to participate in a Pride parade and being “such an ally” in a clip of his appearance shared on social media.

      I wonder if Trudeau’s crew have a Canadian equivalent of Eddie Izzard?


    • MarkyMark says:

      Though Aitkenhead notes that RuPaul picked his next words “carefully,” his answer wound its way to saying that he “probably” wouldn’t have admitted a transgender woman like Peppermint — an iconic New York City performer who made the finals in season nine after coming out as trans on the show — if she had already started gender-affirming surgery.

      “You can identify as a woman and say you’re transitioning, but it changes once you start changing your body,” he said. “It takes on a different thing; it changes the whole concept of what we’re doing.”

      This response immediately sparked a wave of disappointed anger within several overlapping communities: Drag Race fans, the show’s former contestants (trans and otherwise), and trans performers.


    • MarkyMark says:

      WE NEED …. WE … who are we?


  45. JohnC says:

    Nottingham fire death family were planning new life in USA

    Nothing to do with the deaths : it’s absolutely tragic for people to die like this whatever colour or creed they are.

    But just look at the write-up by the BBC. Absolutely chock full of empathy. None of it is relevant to the actual ‘news’ at all : it’s all designed to make sure you have strong feelings of sympathy for the victims.

    Yet there is very definitely a lot more to this odd story than we are being told. When the BBC don’t go anywhere near that, you can be sure they know something they don’t want us to know. They are the worst kind of liars by omission.

    And in a very unusual event, they have put up the picture of the suspected killer. Shock and horror : he’s white.

    Would the BBC have done a story like this if the victims were not Muslim and the killer was not white ?.

    Of course they wouldn’t. They never have. They are extreme racist hypocrites.

    When I read stories like this, I can’t help thinking about that poor Muslim woman who was murdered by being burned alive on the street in Manchester by men in her family and it only made a short, bare-facts only article on the BBC.

    And right next to that article we have:
    Family claim Rotherham Hospital delays led to death of boy

    Another empathy loaded piece based purely on what his family claim,

    ‘Yusuf Mahmud Nazir’s uncle said he had “begged” staff at Rotherham Hospital to treat his nephew’s severe throat infection with intravenous antibiotics.’

    “If he had got IV antibiotics, he would have been here. He would have be playing with us now, if he got that when I begged them.”

    What on Earth are the BBC doing making such assertive claims by an Uncle ?.

    And then just below:
    Jesse Nwokejiobi: Father pays tribute to teenager stabbed in Cambridge

    Jesse Nwokejiobi died of a single stab wound to the chest in a “targeted attack”

    His father, Henry Nwokejiobi, said Jesse was “a good son” and had ambitions to become a doctor.
    Of course he did BBC.

    Sounds a lot more like a gang-member to me. And they don’t go near who might have done it for this one of course.

    What are the odds that the only worthwhile stories about unust deaths in the whole of the UK – which is 90% white – are all BAME ?.

    The racism at the BBC is now beyond ridiculous. As I keep saying, these scumbags don’t care one little bit about who dies. They only care about using their deaths for their agenda.


  46. JohnC says:

    Noora and Adhila: Kerala lesbian ‘brides’ in ‘wedding’ photoshoot

    “We just tried the photoshoot because we thought the idea was interesting,” Ms Nasarin told the BBC over the phone.

    “We’re not married yet,” Ms Nasarin says. “But at some point, we’d like to be.”

    Can ANYBODY justify to me why this utter non-story from India is BBC front-page news in the UK ?.


  47. JohnC says:

    ‘World Cup 2022: Gareth Southgate reflects on England’s solid point against USA’

    The BBC headline for their woke heroes (who looked like complete chumps when ‘taking the knee’ IMHO).

    The rest of the world:
    Gareth Southgate calls for calm after England are BOOED off the pitch following drab USA draw.

    The BBC being as honest as ever.


  48. pugnazious says:

    Hmmmm….BBC radio spent the day telling us how racist, sexist and bullying the London fire brigade, and other brigades, are….but somehow forgot to mention that the BBC was also called out for the same in the same report….they mention it in their web report…but of course way down buried near the bottom of it….if you didn’t get to the bottom of this report and ony relied on the radio you’d never know….


    Mr Afzal said the racism, misogyny and bullying identified within the LFB was far more widespread and that it affected other public bodies including the BBC and NHS.

    “There are members of five different police forces who have approached me and said similar concerns about their own forces, I won’t name them,” he told reporters at a briefing at LFB’s headquarters.

    He said the police forces, the BBC and NHS were “pivotal to the British society… and yet there are people within them that are seriously concerned about the way they’re being treated”.’


  49. pugnazious says:

    Labour’s 1983 election manifesto……get us out of the EU…..

    ‘Britain and the Common Market

    Geography and history determine that Britain is part of Europe, and Labour wants to see Europe safe and prosperous. But the European Economic Community, which does not even include the whole of Western Europe, was never devised to suit us, and our experience as a member of it has made it more difficult for us to deal with our economic and industrial problems. It has sometimes weakened our ability to achieve the objectives of Labour’s international policy.

    The next Labour government, committed to radical, socialist policies for reviving the British economy, is bound to find continued membership a most serious obstacle to the fulfilment of those policies. In particular the rules of the Treaty of Rome are bound to conflict with our strategy for economic growth and full employment, our proposals on industrial policy and for increasing trade, and our need to restore exchange controls and to regulate direct overseas investment. Moreover, by preventing us from buying food from the best sources of world supply, they would run counter to our plans to control prices and inflation.

    For all these reasons, British withdrawal from the Community is the right policy for Britain – to be completed well within the lifetime of the parliament. That is our commitment. But we are also committed to bring about withdrawal in an amicable and orderly way, so that we do not prejudice employment or the prospect of increased political and economic co-operation with the whole of Europe.

    We emphasise that our decision to bring about withdrawal in no sense represents any weakening of our commitment to internationalism and international co operation. We are not ‘withdrawing from Europe’. We are seeking to extricate ourselves from the Treaty of Rome and other Community treaties which place political burdens on Britain. Indeed, we believe our withdrawal will allow us to pursue a more dynamic and positive international policy – one which recognises the true political and geographical spread of international problems and interests. We will also seek agreement with other European governments – both in the EEC and outside – on a common strategy for economic expansion.
    The process of withdrawal

    On taking office we will open preliminary negotiations with the other EEC member states to establish a timetable for withdrawal; and we will publish the results of these negotiations in a White Paper. In addition, as soon as possible after the House assembles, we will introduce a Repeal Bill: first, in order to amend the 1972 European Communities Act, ending the powers of the Community in the UK; and second, to provide the necessary powers to repeal the 1972 Act, when the negotiations on withdrawal are completed.

    Following the publication of the White Paper, we will begin the main negotiations on withdrawal. Later, when appropriate and in the same parliament, we will use our powers to repeal the 1972 Act and abrogate the Treaty of Accession – thus breaking all of our formal links with the Community. Britain will at this point withdraw from the Council of Ministers and from the European Parliament.

    There will need to be a period of transition, to ensure a minimum of disruption – and to phase in any new agreements we might make with the Community. This will enable us to make all the necessary changes in our domestic legislation. Until these changes in UK law have taken place, the status quo as regards particular items of EEC legislation will remain. And this period will, of course, extend beyond the date when we cease, formally, to be members. ‘



  50. JohnC says:

    Daughter barred from watching fathers execution

    She wasn’t specifically ‘barred’ BBC, she is not allowed to by law.

    They have used this word to make it sound aggressive persecution when in fact it is established law.

    And the cold-blooded cop-murderer father is black so they also tell us the conviction was racist.

    The BBC and the Left have no shame whatsoever when to comes to the agenda.


    • Nibor says:

      What the bloody hell does she want to view that execution?


      • JohnC says:

        The BBC don’t care one bit about that : they just want to infer she’s not allowed to because she’s a poor ‘victim’ of evil, racist white people.


        • StewGreen says:

          Care ? The BBC as usual is just cut and pasting from an activist group as usual.

          BTW they used a similar headline before
          implying a woman was forced to watch the execution of her mother.
          It turned out the mother was a baddie who had murdered the father ..and the daughter as victim got to choose the punishment and to watch it. probably coerced by her father’s family.