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  1. Northern Voter says:

    Beat you up2. Must be time for midweek maxi to rear his ugly head.


    • Up2snuff says:

      NV, I was awake at 9.02 p.m. but doing different things. Tuesdays are a day for summat else. I could have, should have(?) looked in here as I heard quite a bit of TOADY in the morning and had something to post. Am pleased to see someone else in the top slot but your post was a bit short on BBC bias.


  2. StewGreen says:

    Argentine lefty politician


    • JohnC says:

      I notice how the BBC completely fail to mention that.

      You can be sure she would have been labelled ‘far-Right’ if she was right wing.

      A standard BBC lie by omission.


      • Guest Who says:

        Certainly not one for Dateline London.

        How is Gavin Esler these days?

        Impartial as ever?


        • Up2snuff says:

          John and Guest, I seem to recall that Kerchner was called ‘populist’ on today’s News during TOADY but I listened to the first hour and three quarters in bed and may have dreamed that.


  3. JohnC says:

    Maxi generally comes on the Thursday night NV – after his substance abuse and subsequent mood swings demand he vents some spite on someone. I would like to feel pity for him – but he’s such an unpleasant character, I can’t find it in me. But that’s what most forum trolls are like I suppose.

    Anyway, that’s not why you called:

    King Charles: Man arrested after reports egg thrown in monarch’s direction

    Lets see a picture of the little sh1t then BBC. Of course this is exactly what you want. We can’t have a socialist state with a monarch. This is what happens when you stoke up the woke, clueless students against the Royals like you have with your utterly ridiculous hype around ‘Ngozu Fulani’.

    Then next on the agenda in the same article is some schoolchildren being shocked at learning they will sing for Charles. It’s another entirely agenda-based, completely staged video which has about 50 girls in it and about 5 boys – and more than half are black.

    What makes me laugh is how obviously fake it is. As all these black and white girls jump about in celebration and excitement, the camera keeps jumping to different positions where there is clearly no camera in the other shots. Which means they did multiple takes to film it – which means none of the reactions are real. And as the soundtrack continues, people instantly change how they are stood between different camera angles.

    Good old BBC. They have absolutely no ethics whatsoever about what they fake to give you the impression which suits their agenda. Just like the very heavily edited video of Trump and the ‘disinfectant’ talk where they completely misrepresented what happened.

    How far the once mighty BBC has fallen. It’s now ‘news’ by woke kidults for woke idiots.


    • popeye says:

      That reminds me of the BBC South Today item a few years back. A children’s Christmas Carol concert was held in Southampton, a city with national average “diversity”. Of the about 50 children taking part the WHOLE of the front row of the children were BAME. A result similar to shuffling a pack of cards and dealing out 13 of the same suit. Those poor white kids must have excitedly had told their parents they would be on tele only for the parents to be disappointed. Fortunately in Beeb world I’m sure they would have happily agreed that it was for the benefit of the “community” for their kids to be ignored and wouldn’t have made them bitter and racist at all, no sirree.


      • JohnC says:

        I find that sort of thing just amazing.

        They think that the way to compensate for black people being treated as second class citizens in the past is to treat white people like second class citizens.

        It fails on every count :

        The black people are how they are for a lot more reasons than that. They don’t deal drugs and murder each other because white people are unfair. It’s their culture, exactly as it is in Africa where they don’t have the ‘racism’ excuse any longer but still they murder each other for their own gain. In the UK, the murder rate is about 1 per 100,000. In South Africa it is about 35.

        And second it simply drives another wedge down the same racial divide. This time it’s white people who are the victims of racism in favour of BAME people.

        And still the Left wring their hands and wonder what else they can do to appease people like BLM and demonstrate to everyone else how morally superior they are. The answer is nothing whatsoever. Whatever they do, it will never be enough.


    • Banania says:

      “Man arrested after reports egg thrown in monarch’s direction.”
      Not actually at him, then, so not so bad.


  4. tomo says:

    Shocked ….


  5. StewGreen says:

    There maybe a trick in the wording there
    cos normally Europe would import zero LIQUID Russian gas
    it would come in gas form via Nordstream 1 & 2 etc.


  6. StewGreen says:

    Farnborough enriched by Albanians
    .. so this internet guy claims
    So blue lights at the end are fake.


    • JohnC says:

      I think you will find those men are VICTIMS of some evil white criminal boss who has lured them in and exploited them against their will.

      At least that seems to be the official excuse for it at the moment.

      The trouble is, I kind of understand why they are making such statements. The problem is absolutely huge now and if confrontations between the British and the immigrants really kicks off, it could be a big problem in every city.

      The solution of our Establishment is good old fashioned fascism where one side is oppressed. For their own protection you understand.


      • andyjsnape says:

        Hello John

        Dont forget the invading boat people – its the traffickers fault, apparently, as the news keep telling us

        softly softly this country is becoming a turd world c.pit


  7. BRISSLES says:

    Call my a cynic, but I’ve just watched an episode of The Crown, and a lot of it features Marmaduke Hussey with a couple of scenes featuring his wife Susan. Now, I’m wondering if Ngozu Fulani binge watched the series before she went to the Palace, and……. you know where I’m going with this, because she would have known who would have been at the reception. I feel if it hadn’t been Susan Hussey, then it would have been another Aide who would have been in the firing line. This was probably her one and only opportunity to be in the presence of royalty so she was going to make the most of it, and not in a nice way, given her utterings on social media how she sides with the Montecito pair.

    Earlier in the evening watching Foxy on GBN he played a video of this lady sorting her wardrobe out and indicating what to wear to various occasions to get maximum impact. Again, this shows this is no shy, retiring lady, but someone who wants to provoke a reaction.


  8. JohnC says:

    Just been checking anything on Alex Belfield and it seems a few people are reporting that he has been put into a ‘Category B’ prison and that they are hell-holes to be stuck in.

    Checking the net, I see they are for ‘long-term and high-security prisoners.’. Reading the definitions, he should clearly be in a category ‘C’.

    Now I don’t know if this is true, but after the Tommy Robinson interview where he claims the guards pushed him into a room full of Muslim prisoners then locked the door, it seems our ‘establishment’ has special ways of dealing with right wing activists to teach them a lesson and not rock the boat.

    If these are true, they are very sinister things to contemplate. It’s what places like Russia and North Korea do. And from what I have seen the establishment is prepared to do to in order to put down the politcial Right in order to prevent conflict with our enrichment sub-cultures who live by their own rules and are quite prepared to create a bloodbath to get what they want, I am inclined to believe it.

    Seems like an excellent subject for ‘Panorama’ to investigate. What are the chances ?.


    • JohnC says:

      Just checking further it seems he quite possibly will be moved out to a cat C then a cat D.

      What I did find though was that the vast majority of the articles I came across while trying to find out were chock full of hate and people saying things like Hopkins should have been jailed with him.

      God help us all if the Left ever get absolute power again. It will be the Nazis part 2, but this time based on political ideology. Remainers would start the concentration camps for Brexiteers today if they could.

      One thing I don’t understand is that they justify his 5 1/2 years because a mentally unstable BBC presenter said he felt suicidal. IMHO, that is not a factor in the sentence. Alex should have been tried for what he did which was against the law. Not for the emotional state of the ‘victim’. He can’t be expected to know that.


  9. Nibor says:

    A little bit on the Ngozi Fulani / Melanie Headey farrago .

    I bet the BBC now regret putting this as front page news and the proof will be seen in about three weeks . The BBC now want to drop it and haven`t mentioned Melanie Heady`s previous form .
    When the BBC do the year of 2022 in retrospect as they normally do this palace incident won`t be mentioned .

    The BBC love denunciations without proof , as many of you here who dont pay the telly tax can confirm . every month the libellous threatograms intimidating innocent folk are sent by their agents .

    This article about racism is the usual from the BBC . They make a song and dance about a person who wants to distinguish herself from the British people being upset when she`s asked by someone else what distinguishes her from the British people . Meanwhile on the internet and other forms of communication everyone , whatever their race , thinks the Melanie woman is trying to a be a victim where no victimisation has taken place .
    But the Establishment has fallen for her tricks .


    • JohnC says:

      I think they really, really want to run it but it has dawned on them that they are on the wrong side of public opinion yet again.


  10. Zephir says:

    Said it before and I will say it again this is what happens when you allow 3rd world to infest your country:

    “Morocco fans in cities across the world clash with police as celebrations over historic World Cup penalty shoot-out victory against Spain in Qatar turn ugly”



  11. andyjsnape says:

    A few things that annoy me (well too many to list) about the ex british BC reporting:-

    When the bBC always incorrectly refers to NATO, as Nato,
    why? Maybe it sounds nicer to not capitalise Northern Atlantic Treaty Organisation

    This mornings reporting:- Trump OrganiZation found guilty of tax crimes after New York trial

    OrganiSation in the UK, so why a Z – copy and pasted from its special partner in the US (Cnn, sorry CNN) no doubt

    “Therefore, ‘organisation’ remains the correct form in the U.K. and all of its former colonies and dependencies where English is spoken, whereas ‘organization’, with a Z’, is only correct in the United States”

    Why not label the NHS, Nhs, and UN Un, based on the bbc incorrect spelling etc etc

    PS a few victim alert reports on the bBC this morning, firstly

    The airline policy that cost pregnant flight crew their jobs


    Holmfield Hum: Yorkshire villagers say they’re ‘tortured’ by noise

    Please will some put down this organisation, surely its past its sell by date



    • Hardy says:

      ‘Organization’, as in ‘Trump Organization’, is what’s known as a proper noun therefore, as it’s the name of an American enterprise, the use of ‘z’ is correct, even if you don’t like the fact that Americans employ alternative spelling for certain words.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        Is the entity found guilty actually called “The Trump Organization”, or is that just a name the BBC has given to it so as to tie it in to Trump?

        They wish to establish the narrative that Trump is a criminal. They have been trying to get him since 2016. In other news, I see the creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti has just got 14 years for fraud. At one point he was all over the MSM telling them Trump would end up in prison. Has the BBC reported this?


  12. JohnC says:

    World Cup 2022: England fans ‘can’t wait for the quarter-finals’

    Did you wonder how many women at the world cup supporting England ?. Well, it’s about half according to the group the BBC picked to interview in the above article. During the interview he lets slip he was talking with them during the game – so they’ve been ‘latched’ onto as a covenient agenda-friendly group who will no doubt feature several times. Just like that black woman with the union jack draped over her shoulders who was a clear BBC plant.

    The most revealing part is their responses in the video. The two men were dumb-but-coherent. The two women were on their own planet saying absolutely nothing of value whatsoever. A bit like the studio commentators I expect.

    But the most interesting part is what is missing : no black people. It seems to me that virtually none feel patriotic enough to go support England. Hows the multicultural experiment going BBC ?. It’s been about 20 years now and they integrate as much today as they ever did. How much longer is it going to take you to realise they never will ?.

    Here’s a pic of the England fans. Try to count how many women you see outside the BBC’s fake bubble and how many black people you see (Indians can be ignored as they are workers in Qatar supporting anybody).



  13. andyjsnape says:

    UK weather: People urged to heat main rooms as cold snap begins

    Yes it will save money. But is there more to this report – ie not enough gas in storage

    IE pricing goes up, deters the consumer from using – but the bBC puts the slaint on the report that it will save money.

    I rarely trust the worlds most trusted

    Just breaking:-

    German raids target group who plotted coup

    Its the FAR RIGHT again, nothing to ever see on FAR LEFT “news”


    • Dickie says:

      Perhaps it’s all the fault of President Putin.


    • JohnC says:

      The Far-Right are always arrested while ‘plotting’ and the Muslims are usually shot dead or blown up when they do it.

      I presume that is because the bar for arresting whites is much lower than the one for arresting Mohammed because whitey doesn’t have so many representation groups chomping at the bit to shout ‘racists’.


  14. tomo says:

    Immigration …


  15. Fedup2 says:


    Oh no – a coup conspiracy in the Reich – a re run of Valkyrie. An excited exchange between 2 Far Left BBC types – Jenny hill and our Justin (£) over a ‘far right ‘ plot to remove the government . Arrests have been made – the Reich is safe . The fuhrer has addressed the nation ….
    ….but not much by way of explaining why people would be so angry as to actually plot to remove their government .

    I reckon this story will be expunged because they don’t want people getting ideas ….


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, I was going to ask on this Thread whether anyone mentioned on TOADY the arrests in Germany. It was a brief item in the 8 a.m. News towards the end and busy as I was, it didn’t really register because it was so brief and, some might say rushed, by Viji Alles.

      Here’s a puzzle, Fed. According to an Internet search, Viji is now UK Asian Editor for the BBC but he also does Continuity still. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGBkr2F4SNY


      • Fedup2 says:

        The BBC has made a point of putting on coloured announcers with deeeeep voices .
        I keep on thinking vishy? Is gonna break out into ‘ old man river ‘ any minute but thats my racism coming out …


    • JohnC says:

      “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”


  16. tomo says:

    A metaphor for how the BBC (+ Anglophone MSM) operates at the moment?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thanks – mushroom heaven – my favourites … I remember picking them in fields as a kid ….


      • tomo says:

        Kept in the dark and fed on sh1t

        – I wonder how that would look in Latin as a modern day BBC motto.


  17. Fedup2 says:

    BBC News

    Another happy place – and a good example of spin – president trumps’ PLAN to return to the White House is replaced by the word PLOT .

    The feds / stazi have gone after some former trump employees for tax evasion – but they couldn’t get mr trump ….

    And a Republican candidate in Georgia failed to win the seat after a ‘recount ‘… I think we can guess how that recount went – the Biden method …..

    I can’t see the point of president trump running again . It’s fixed .


    • Up2snuff says:

      Good spot, Fed, well done. Very similar to Q: “When is a demonstration not a demonstration?” A: “When it is an attack on the Capitol in Washington on 6 January.”


  18. Guest Who says:

    Jane might not have helped the bbc here.


    • JohnC says:

      lmao, I was unable to find any member of the public who agreed with the rail strikes when I read the DT comments on the story yesterday.

      I suppose it depends entirely on who you choose to ask …


  19. Fedup2 says:

    The anniversary of the attack on Hawaii. Without that our closed allies would have sat on their hands allowing Blighty to be flattened by the Germans . Always worth remembering when dodgy politicians do that ‘special relationship ‘ nonsense …


  20. Fedup2 says:

    I wonder if bbc presenters are inherently arrogant or get that was after doing the job ? Today the outgoing health secretary was grilled by meeeshall – who is a union rep for the NHS,

    Give them a pay rise sez Meeeshalll – go on – give them more money ( it’s only taxpayers ) – on and on ….

    I think they should all get their 20% pay rise – the whole public sector – and then in a year or two – give them a 30% pay rise because of ‘inflation ‘…. Yeah – and tax the punters more to pay for our ‘angels ‘…
    Don’t forget to clap – maybe on the 21st ….


    • Up2snuff says:

      Beat me to it, Fed. I think there should be a knee jerk reaction on the part of a Conservative Minister to a) the constant interruptions, and b) the suggestion of a pay rise. Had I been Stephen Barclay, I would have said in response to Mishal’s question: “You do know there is a cost of living crisis, don’t you? We could put the top tax rate up to 75% on incomes like yours to fund the NHS. Would you be happy with that? The BBC complained about the rise in NI contributions in the Spring Budget, that would have made more money available to the NHS.”


  21. andyjsnape says:

    Are women getting angrier?

    So what


    • Guest Who says:

      It’s a mystery.

      But a wild guess…despite having direct line to bbc cubicle garden PCs for any perceived BS, in this case it might be the Getty image with insufficient pit hair to discuss around the group.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Nice line …..

      “Tahsha, a hypnotherapist and life coach, has since been gathering women from all over the world on zoom to talk about everything that gives them rage and then scream it out.”


    • digg says:

      Keep telling certain “groups” including women that they are short changed like the BBC does ruthlessly and you are likely to breed more anger, justified or not! It’s human nature.

      The idea here is to breed anger as a useful tool in the armoury of the lefties to grow support. All part of the great BBC plan!

      It worked for the Soviet and Chinese Communists and look how that panned out!


  22. tomo says:

    Are Sunak and his crew stupid ?

    – perhaps they are not complete imbeciles – but they need to show that and demonstrate they are doing their job / on the case. On the evidence of this move on gas – the signs are not good.

    Do not expect the BBC to report on the arithmetic of the US fracked gas import game.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Tomo – thanks – I don’t think it’s just ‘stupidity ‘ – it’s a game – a hobby – if they screw up this country there is another one just a Lear jet flight away ….


    • Guest Who says:

      BBC ‘reporting’ on anything now, especially the US, is not encouraging.


  23. Fedup2 says:

    Today again

    It seems both meeeshall and our Justin have bred and have twins . So we had a long section on twins yesterday and today …nice for them …
    …………… but as my finger got nearer to the off switch I realised something was missing . Sex . Now the bbc is obsessed by queers and weirdos wanting to become girls / chaps / farm animals – but there was no mention of their favourite subject – apart from coloureds or Muslims of course …


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, and ‘man of the moment’ Viji has had twins as well. I listened to the van Tullikens yesterday and while it was interesting it probably didn’t do what it said on the tin. Maybe next week?


  24. tomo says:

    The BBCs morning News Editor panel on whether to spin or ignore this would be interesting to be a fly on the wall at?

    I’m guessing that the rock, scissors, paper game went for “omit”


    • Charlie Farley says:

      Victor Orban there’s a vacancy here in the UK for PM and Home Secretary…..please send your very best available….it’s URGENT !


  25. Sluff says:

    A bit slow on the uptake but I read somewhere about the cost of living ‘crisis’ affecting school children and their exam results, with attendant problems at home and ‘mental health’ issues, the de rigour issue of the day.
    Inflation is currently 10% (totally unacceptable btw and an indictment of our useless government)

    So just for fun I delved into the archives.
    When I took my O levels, inflation was 16% and mortgages were 12%.. Two years later, for A levels, there had been little change.
    But what I don’t remember is anyone talking about a cost of living ‘crisis’. And I certainly don’t remember anyone using the inflation rate as an excuse for poor school exam performance. No ‘mental health’ issues for school kids back then. It was just teenagers growing up.

    In other words, we don’t have a ‘crisis’ per se. What we have is a left-wing perpetrated construct, designed to foment discord and eagerly taken up by the left’s fellow travellers. The wall to wall coverage of the ‘crisis’ on the BBC tells you everything you need to know.


  26. AsISeeIt says:

    Baby it’s cold outside… You’ve gotta laugh edition

    Brrrrr! Winter is here, it’s official and our cold warriors are busy this morning: West must pay whatever it takes to back Kyiv. Martin Wolf (FT)

    Really, must we? On a lighter note…

    Uh-oh! It’s so cold even Amanda Holden has put a coat on – quips the cheeky Daily Star

    I’m put in mind of that punky comic character that was celeb door-stepper Dennis Pennis. Accosting Basic Instinct actress Sharon Stone on a red carpet somewhere he asked: “If the movie role demanded, would you ever consider keeping your clothes on?”

    Puzzle Planet – no, not David Attenborough’s latest BBC wildlife doc, door-stepping baby polar bears and demanding of them the difficult question how we cut our fossil fuel emissions to net zero and yet he still gets to jet around the globe, we avoid freezing at home in the UK this winter and we punish Putin – all at the same time? Puzzle Planet was in fact the Daily Star’s 8 page games and teasers filler

    Comic scribbler Matt in the Telegraph has neighbours joking: “My husband won’t turn the heating on and now David Attenborough is film Frozen Planet in the hall” – nice gag… but oh, the layers of irony that lie therein – Global Warming activist Attenborough having helped lobby our reasonably priced reliable UK energy sources almost out of existence. 

    The coronaphobic ‘i’ newspaper has gone down with a new symptom of long-hypochondria – jonesing like a junkie for a fix of some drug or other: UK’s Strep A fightback may need extra antibiotics – pleads the left-leaning ‘i’

    Government may have to buy extra supplies of amoxicillin to protect primary school children from infections amid concern that current stockpile is not enough to cover widespread use

    And how come the kids have gone down with the formerly rare Strep A?

    Strep A surge linked to lockdown, health officials admit for first time (Telegraph)

    So, Lockdown policy was supposed to protect us all (especially the elderly) from a dangerous infection but: As Strep A and winter bugs continue to run riot, experts are pointing to Covid restrictions and a potential ‘immunity debt’ ? (Telegraph)

    One’s mind turns to that old childhood nonsense song:

    I know an old woman who swallowed a fly
    I don’t know why she swallowed a fly – perhaps she’ll die!

    I know an old woman who swallowed a spider,
    That wriggled and wiggled and tiggled inside her;
    She swallowed the spider to catch the fly…

    You know how it goes.

    Whereas, the ‘i’ lobbying for more spending on drugs reminds one of a rather more adolescent punk rock ditty: New Kind of Kick by The Cramps (1983)

    Life is short filled with stuff
    Don’t know what for
    I ain’t had enough
    I learned all I know
    By the age of nine
    But I could better myself
    If I could only find
    Some new kinda kick
    Something I ain’t had
    Some new kinda buzz…

    Perhaps, given inevitable NHS pay rise commitments coming down the pipe, we will have to consider some of the off-patent generic remedies as suggested by The Cramps in their outro?

    Drano hotshot
    Whack attack
    Nitrous oxide
    Some new kinda kick

    The giveaway corporate advertising sheet Metro is having lots of fun with this Baroness Mone lobbying scandal – on this occasion one resists the guilty pleasure of Abba’s Money Money Money

    Baroness bra PPE bust-up. Mone Alone. Isolated lingerie tycoon steps back from Lords (Metro) – caught with her knickers down is it time for the Dear Lady to make a clean breast of it?

    Top right corner of the same free advertising organ the feature headed: How to trap Mbap – that’s about the football, honest.

    These foreign footballers, they do have some funny names: Bono gives Morocco the Edge – that’s The Sun punningly amused by the name of the north African goalie… and U2 may now allow yourself a smile.


  27. Guest Who says:

    Marlene wearing it to the Wakanda Forever screening in the W1A bunker for Xmas?


  28. Guest Who says:



  29. Charlie Farley says:

    Sorry everyone…just watched 15 seconds of BBBC breakfast , usual agenda promoting our new superior class of Racing Drivers…more Lewis lookalikes….what’s next Racing Dinghys across the Channel ?
    Yesterday a Threatogram arrived just in time for Christmas ….will have to recycle in the logburner as usual 🙄


    • andyjsnape says:

      Hello Charlie Farley, piggy malone – remember the sktech well, when the bbc did do comedy…

      I had a “visit” from the tele fax goons recently, followed up by the letter to save the green planet by just throwing it in the bin – by the way the ring door bell is a great present for someone at christmas


  30. Guest Who says:

    Some don’t.


  31. Fedup2 says:

    🎼and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for ( remote – keys – specs – Wallet – credit card ….)


  32. Guest Who says:

    But… but… experts…. who say…


    • AsISeeIt says:

      Experts say… forget the news, always go with agenda items


    • digg says:

      When an organisation becomes massively over staffed by empty minded youngsters for reasons of equality and diversity this is what you end up with!

      They all have to be given something to do!

      So with little real journalistic experience they just cut and paste titbits from social media.p and call it reporting!


  33. Guest Who says:

    Next, the BBC North Sentinel Island Editor still has not got back to them…


  34. tomo says:

    “Mundane Meddling”?

    I think not – similar antics obviously used in the UK I feel.


    • MarkyMark says:

      The Dragonfly project was an Internet search engine prototype created by Google that was designed to be compatible with China’s state censorship provisions.[1][2][3] The public learned of Dragonfly’s existence in August 2018, when The Intercept leaked an internal memo written by a Google employee about the project.[4][5] In December 2018, Dragonfly was reported to have “effectively been shut down” after a clash with members of the privacy team within Google.[6] However, according to employees, work on Dragonfly was still continuing as of March 2019, with some 100 people still allocated to it.[7]

      In July 2019, Google announced that work on Dragonfly had been terminated.[8]



    • Guest Who says:

      Selective meddling….?


  35. andyjsnape says:

    Harry and Meghan: ‘A ripple of hope can turn into a wave of change’

    The RFKHR is a human rights advocacy organisation that focuses on issues such as mass incarceration, racial justice and gender-based violence

    … where diverse up-and-coming talent have a platform to have their voices

    Any news to report?


  36. Jeff says:

    So, I’ve just had my morning constitutional. A brisk half hour walk around the block, then home for a pot of tea and a round of toast, dripping in butter. Lovely…

    It’s bloody freezing; there’s not a breath of breeze and we’re enveloped in a low misty fog. I don’t think we’ll see the sun this side of Christmas.

    So, what are Rishi and his merry men going to do about the energy crisis? Well, we’re certainly not going to frack, or dig coal, that’s for sure. We don’t want any of that nonsense, oh no…But we will build more bat slaughtering wind farms and have fields smothered in those hideous solar panels. Just perfect for today…

    Meanwhile, we’ve just done a deal with the US to import gas…that was fracked.

    This country is a bloody loony bin…


  37. micknotmike says:

    Opinions not my own; just pondering…..
    Despite the slant put on the German story being put forward by the bbc and their Berlin agent Jenny Hill (Who always reminds me of a skateboard) I’m sure quite a few folk have looked at this far far right takeover plot and thought “You know, that might just work….”


    • digg says:

      The German Government seem to be reverting to type. Waves of Stormtroopers running about dressed like Star Wars troopers, carrying batons, snatching old people from their homes who have “bad attitudes”.

      When did we see this before?


    • MarkyMark says:

      Berlin, Germany 2016
      Arrested German spy was a onetime gay porn actor — and a secret Islamist {washingtonpost nov2016}
      “BERLIN — Two weeks ago, German intelligence agents noticed an unusual user in a chat room known as a digital hideout for Islamic militants. The man claimed to be one of them — and said he was a German spy. He was offering to help Islamists infiltrate his agency’s (In April 2016, the man began working for the BfV, assigned to monitoring potentially violent Islamists in Germany.) defenses to stage a strike.

      Agents lured him into a private chat, and he gave away so many details about the spy agency — and his own directives within it to thwart Islamists — that they quickly identified him, arresting the 51-year-old the next day. Only then would the extent of his double life become clear.

      It’s not only a rather bizarre, but also a quite scary, story that an agency, whose central role it is to engage in counterespionage, hired an Islamist who potentially had access to classified information, who might have even tried to spread Islamist propaganda and to recruit others to let themselves be hired by and possibly launch an attack”


    • Beltane says:

      Never seen a skateboard with hooves Mick.


  38. Sluff says:

    BBC London have a feature on Sad Dick Khan invoking severe cold measures to provide some protection for the destitute living out on the streets.

    Economic chancers…..errr I mean ‘vulnerable refugees’ arriving on the many rubberised cross channel ferries have no such problems. Nice warm cosy hotels all round the country await.

    I wonder if the BBC will notice this difference? Perhaps they could ask Sad Dick Khan why he doesn’t provide hotel accommodation for the homeless?


    • tomo says:

      The Mayor of London Sad Dick Khant ?

      I leave the exact pronunciation to you.

      “Piece of work” hardly covers it …

      Will London vote for him again?


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        With London now being a white minority city there’s every chance they will vote for him again.
        The only thing against him is that all these enrichers hate each other as well as whitey so their vote could be split.
        They might need to borrow some of the American vote machines to make sure they get the result they want.


  39. tomo says:

    Ardern is a mediocre socialist who’s been allow to run amok – the Kiwis should be utterly ashamed of themselves for electing it.

    If they believe her BS another time they deserve whatever follows….


    • digg says:

      The problem is that once someone like Ardern get into the public position they are henceforth protected by a ring of steel made from allegations of pure misogony, diversity, sex discrimination plus numerous other constructs.

      From that point on any criticism of her falls under one of those gotchas so everyone backs off and keeps quiet for fear of getting ostracised and falling foul of the mob.


  40. Sluff says:

    BBC 1 1 pm news.

    Stop press. A live OB from Bridgenorth. The temperature went down to freezing last night. OMG!!!!!!!!

    Cue doom-mongering about eat or heat.
    They are just totally desperate.

    Such quality ‘journalism’ for only £4 bn a year.


  41. Fedup2 says:

    Excellent news – on l
    Ambulance strike days The national Lottert has teamed up with the NHS . You select 3 numbers ( not 999) and when you ring for an ambulance if your 3 numbers are ‘right’ you might get an ambulance – it might be the following day – or two …


  42. Fedup2 says:

    I was on a bus listening to PMQs – and guess what ? Rishi has thrown Michelle Baroness Moan under a bus ! . He didn’t even fall back on the ‘no comment there’s an inquiry ‘ line – she ain’t a Tory any more – says rishi and I could hear quite a bit of ‘wow’…
    …. Will Michelle be helping police with their inquiries ?

    This thing really stinks and those who took advantage of huge amounts of taxpayers’ money washing around in the covid panic deserve to burn ….
    …. I bet there is a long list …


  43. Dickie says:

    The MHRA need to be investigated. They are funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which doesn’t leave one with a feeling of confidence in their decision making:



  44. Dickie says:

    You wont be informed about this on the BBC webshite:



  45. G.W.F. says:

    Socialism starting in Oxford.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Diane Abbott: Chairman Mao “on balance did more good than harm”


    • tomo says:

      Oxford Council

      Why aren’t we seeing the perpetrators being collared by reporters and asked to justify their antics?

      – same goes for the officials that are behind the councillors — egging them on


      • atlas_shrugged says:

        Not to be outdone Cranebridge will introduce a £5 congestion charge per day. You will be tracked. Reminds me of the Prisoner:

        I am in the village and I am not a free man.


  46. MarkyMark says:

    Chairman Mao did a similar thing in China during his ‘Great Leap Forward’ and it ended with citizens eating their children. His regime forced collectivised farming across China, promising that it was ‘fairer’ and more ‘community-minded’ than all that self-interested private agriculture.

    Learning nothing from the deaths of 45 million Chinese, the Dutch Minister for Nitrogen moved closer to the limelight and allure of giddy, climate-worshipping reporters.

    ‘For agricultural entrepreneurs, there will be a stopping scheme that will be as attractive as possible.’



  47. Fedup2 says:

    Hancock to stand down . He is going to make documentaries about railways ……
    ……………..peerage Matthew ? – do you get the feeling their regard for their constituents is just – nothing ?


    • G.W.F. says:

      Rats and ships springs to mind. Mind you, I would not vote for a Tory MP who is dumb enough to choose to sink with this Government at the next election.


  48. digg says:

    BBC tell us that the border force staff will be going on strike over Christmas…


    For once, the public will see no difference from a strike except that the Albanian mob bosses will probably go into overdrive mode!


  49. MarkyMark says:

    Mr Serwotka said PCS members, such as nurses, paramedics and other public servants, had “no option” but to strike because they are “currently skipping meals, not being able to put the heating on at home because of the poverty they are living in”.


    “currently skipping meals, not being able to put the heating on at home because of the poverty they are living in”

    “currently skipping meals, not being able to put the heating on at home because of the poverty they are living in”

    The struggle is real comrades.


  50. tomo says:

    Rishi pointing at Mark Serwotka’s new house?