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  1. Thoughtful says:

    woo hoo


  2. StewGreen says:

    Rod Liddle June 20 2021 The Sunday Times
    A lot of my former BBC chums seem terribly pleased that the GB News channel got off to a rather bumpy start. Ghastly and amateurish, seemed to be the verdict. But then, GB News does not have an annual budget of £4 billion, as far as I am aware.
    Nor has it, so far, fraudulently acquired an interview with a member of the royal family
    or created a programme in which a pallid paedophile makes children’s dreams come true by having them sit on his knee for a bit.


    • Jeff says:

      Yes, we must never forget that the BBC gave Savile his prime-time kiddies programme knowing full well that he was a prolific abuser of children. Jim’ll Fix It made him the nations favourite eccentric uncle and presented him with untold number of children, desperate to sit on the old pervert’s knee. Just think about that…

      The BBC love to take the moral high ground, sneering at anyone who doesn’t quite meet their exacting standards or share their progressive view of the world.

      Working class blokes, who try to expose Pakistani “grooming gangs”, like Tommy Robinson, are vilified, ridiculed and treated like they’re the devil incarnate.

      Meanwhile, paedo’s…welcome aboard…


    • Deborah says:

      When I hear Today has lost an interviewee’s connection, or lose sound etc, I just think to myself, ‘£4billion, and they sneer at GB News?’


    • MarkyMark says:



  3. Sluff says:

    Pointless, BBC 1, Friday.
    4 couples.
    Two were Muslim, with hijab wearing females !!!!!

    Apparently, that’s the BBC version of equality.
    It is not mine.

    PS. The first round was about pop music. One of the Muslim couples knew nothing about the subject, so had to guess. Wrong both times, they were eliminated.
    Second round. Geography. Name cities with longitude between Berlin and Beijing. The Muslim couple picked Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. I wonder why,

    So much for integration.
    Yet perhaps by clearly getting what they did not want, the BBC got what they richly deserved.
    So in an unexpected way, a result.


    • JohnC says:

      Equality is 3 black people for every 10 Muslims for every 87 white people. Equal representation according to society.

      The BBC seem to think it’s 1 black person, 1 Muslim and 1 white person.

      It’s absolutely bizarre.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Has the BBC moved from news to social engineering …. YES.
        “By 2020, the BBC wants its employees to comprise 50% women, 8% disabled people, 8% lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people and 15% people from black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds.{bbc.co.uk 14sep2017}”


        • atlas_shrugged says:


          Yes but will the BBC have moved far enough? I don’t see ‘donkey attracted person’ on their list.

          Cluck cluck


    • Kikuchiyo says:

      “The Muslim couple picked Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. I wonder why,”

      The gentleman from Lurgan in Northern Ireland went for Baku in Azerbaijan, and an English lady went for Manama, Bahrain.
      I wonder why.


    • Helena Hand-Basket says:

      Sluff, I’d love to know how this quiz achieves such an interesting level of diversity. In the course of just a few episodes, Pointless featured several gay couples in which the gentlemen in each pair differed racially from each other.

      Surely such pairings are statistically rare? I was somewhat distracted by wondering how the heck the show had managed to find so many contestants from a tiny percentage of the population.

      Do they advertise the show in the LGBT media? When they interview applicants, do they award diversity points? And if so, what rates the highest score? Sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, religion?


      • harry142857 says:

        Used to watch Richards Osmans House of Games, back when I had a licence. BBC2, 6 p.m.

        Out of the four contestants there was one or more ethnic or non hetero on every week. Then when they had a week of champions returning they added a black guy in who had lost previously, because the last four champions were all white.


        • harry142857 says:


          This week.
          Kriss Akabusi, Grace Dent, Tim Lovejoy and Lauren Steadman.

          Next week

          Jayne Sharp, Adrian Chiles, Greg McHugh and Sukh Ojla test their general knowledge skills in a variety of trivia-based games across the week.

          In two weeks time
          Jasmine Harman, Dave Johns, Suzannah Lipscomb and Jason Mohammad test their general knowledge skills in the first of the week’s round of challenges


      • BRISSLES says:

        Good points Helena. I wonder why those who are religiously and ethnically different would WANT to appear on a quiz show anyway. Having hosted a couple of quiz evenings in the past, – one while working in the NHS, where some Asian medics attended, their ‘general’ knowledge was actually nil but medical knowledge was clearly exemplary.

        The other occasion was when hosting visiting Americans. I was astounded that unless the questions were ‘American’ based, they too had little ‘general’ knowledge of the rest of the world.


  4. Sluff says:

    Anyone know whether St Greta, fresh after her exertions in Davos, is jetting straight over to China to protest about all their coal power stations?


  5. Sluff says:

    And yet another cracking result from our NHS heroes.

    This one is truly appalling.
    A girl whose limbs were amputated after she was wrongly discharged from hospital has had a £39m settlement approved in the High Court.
    She went to Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey with “red flags for meningitis and sepsis” but was given paracetamol and discharged, her lawyers said.
    When her parents took her back to A&E a few hours later, she was diagnosed with meningococcal sepsis and went on to suffer multi-organ failure.
    End of quote

    The hospital trust ( I.E the taxpayer) has been ordered to pay £39 million !!!!!!!!

    Why? How is this calculated? That’s £39 million not available for any other patient care.
    And will anyone be held to account?
    We all know the answer to that.

    The NHS. The gift that keeps on…..taking.


    • StewGreen says:

      Medical negligence claims paid out by the NHS can seem staggering
      but it’s not about putting £39m direct into the parents bank accounts
      Rather a £1m might go straight to the parents lawyers to pay their costs
      then say £200K to modify a home to take care of a severley disabled person
      Then ongoing annual payments to cover care and day care centre places etc.
      thus over 60 years it adds up to £39m
      If the person dies early then less ends up paid out
      I’m not sure if the £39m includes inflation over 60 years or is calculated at today’s prices


      • Sluff says:

        24/7/365 individualised care. Shall we say 6 nurses at £40 k each? That’s £240 k.
        Specialised food, treatment, £50k?
        Equipment £100 k
        Drugs. £29 k.

        Versus £39 m invested returning say 3% after inflation. A typical calculation for say retirement pots.
        That’s £1.2 million a year. Plus the £39 million capital intact.
        It seems an awful lot.


  6. Deborah says:

    My 5 minutes of Today this morning. Was it Lyse Doucet or one of her colleagues who mangle the English language? She was travelling with a woman UN Representative who was about to harangue the Taliban about their treatment of women. Lyse told us what the Afghan women were saying. How they want to study, work outside the house etc etc. They may have done, but how do I know Lyse didn’t make up what they were saying to fit the UN/BBC agenda. There may be women there who enjoy being protected by men, who enjoy not having to go out to work, who believe that remaining modestly dressed is what they prefer. If there are such women, the BBC wouldn’t report it. It is all part of my lost trust.

    And if I had some UN Representative telling me what to do I would do the opposite.


  7. Thoughtful says:

    Due to the recent cold weather the benefits agency has issued a warning to single mothers.
    When collecting or dropping off your children from school make sure to wear two pairs of pyjamas and a dressing gown !


  8. StewGreen says:

    Airing now on PBS a prog that they keep repeating since airing it 7 months ago

    Plot to Overturn the Election
    A look at how lies about election fraud made their way to the centre of American politics, after claims that Donald Trump was cheated out of a second term in office

    Since the prog is 6 months old I guess it will not contain Truths about how the FBI ordered the Biden Laptop story to be covered up
    and how Big Tech engaged in rigging debate before the election.
    Rather it will say that any doubt about fairness in the election of Biden is “all LIES”


  9. tomo says:

    In my not so humble opinion…

    This has the potential to escalate quickly and explosively….

    serious stuff


  10. StewGreen says:

    The German’s didn’t invent the diesel engine
    They’d already been made in Lincolnshire factories
    BEFORE diesel “invented” them


    • Square-Eyed says:

      Quite interesting. If only Akroyd had had brown skin we’d never have heard the last of it.


      • moggie63 says:

        Don’t worry, at some stage the BBC might make a drama about it, and he will have.


    • theisland says:

      Thanks Stew.
      Diesel was an arrogant, self-promoting, person but also an odd and unstable character, having several nervous breakdowns and suffering from paranoia.
      Sounds like a few creatures we know.


  11. tomo says:


  12. StewGreen says:

    PH looks at a *2019* BBC story
    and a *2023* TheConversation article (republished by FoxNews)
    Both of which put different angles on Coffee and Climate change

    BBC article is the same jlurno who first used the faked turtle/plastic bag last year
    She did another Coffee Climate story in 2021
    “Climate change: Future-proofing coffee in a warming world”


  13. tomo says:


  14. taffman says:

    Message to the Telly tax payers. When will the BBC defend Great Britain?


  15. JohnC says:

    Monkeypox given new name by global health experts

    Well, I predicted they would do this at the very start and what a surprise : they have.

    The BBC make it sound a trivial thing but the WHO site tells us:
    ‘Assigning names to new and, very exceptionally, to existing diseases is the responsibility of WHO’. The BBC don’t go anywhere near that because it would highlight how exceptionally racist it is. Of course after COVID the WHO have already shown themselves to be a complete joke.

    So we now need to ask black people if they are offended by anything before a disease can be named.

    I do like it when my predictions come true. It’s like a barometer to check whether I still have a grasp on reality. Though I admit this was an easy one.

    This disease is an apt example of what is going on in society today. The Woke aren’t bending over backwards to help black people, they are bending over forwards and we are all getting f*cked.


  16. JohnC says:

    Leeds St James’s Hospital: Man held over terror offence

    I will apply my BBC ‘truth detector’ algorithm to decipher the web of lies they weave into these articles:

    No mention of who is behind it even though they caught somebody ? – check.

    A bomb placed with intent to murder as many innocent people as possible (ie no specific target) ? – check.

    No immediate mention of ‘far-right’ in the headline ? – check

    Statements that it is just an ‘isolated incident’ ? – check.

    Conclusion : Someone from Alan’s Snackbar did it.

    Where are all the actual attacks from that major threat ‘the far-right’ the BBC keep telling us about I wonder ?. They always seem to be people caught in a bedroom after downloading something.


    • Fedup2 says:

      It’s awful when there is a need to decode an event – very soviet where the punter has to examine the language – when is put and and left out ….

      … methinks this one will land up as a ‘mental’ case – with the naughty person only named if there is a British name …..or it disappears completely …


      • JohnC says:

        It’s another sign of how what we are told and how we are being conditioned by Leftists such as the BBC to conform to THEIR idea of what society should be is gradually getting worse and worse.

        ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four is a dystopian social science fiction novel and cautionary tale by English writer George Orwell. Thematically, it centres on the consequences of totalitarianism, mass surveillance and repressive regimentation of people and behaviours within society.

        The story takes place in an imagined future in the year 1984, when much of the world is in perpetual war. Great Britain, now known as Airstrip One, has become a province of the totalitarian superstate Oceania, which is led by Big Brother, a dictatorial leader supported by an intense cult of personality manufactured by the Party’s Thought Police. Through the Ministry of Truth, the Party engages in omnipresent government surveillance, historical negationism, and constant propaganda to persecute individuality and independent thinking.’

        It’s uncanny how he predicted what would happen. And I am absolutely certain the BBC do not recognise it in themselves. They are the ultimate hypocrites.


    • StewGreen says:

      Johns questions are not answered by the police statement page either
      Friday : “5am this morning, a 27-year-old man from Leeds was arrested on suspicion of firearms and explosives offences, after being found in possession of a suspected firearm and a suspicious device in the hospital grounds

      Updated this morning too


      • Fedup2 says:

        On the twitter there is a picture of a man ( 27 white ) who was apparently on his way to an outpatients but was asked by the press about what was going on.

        Since then he / family – has been threatened as the suspect .. ( mistaken ) ….

        I think it will be a nut job …. Like the stabbings in Paris earlier in the week …


    • Sluff says:

      You forgot the ‘mental health issues’ check.


  17. Scroblene says:

    Wonder if the beebolids will show ‘Zulu’ this weekend, to celebrate British fighting men getting their own back on Isandlwhana?

    As we never watch the stuff they do, I have to assume they’ll probably not…


    • theisland says:


      • Scroblene says:

        Wonderful clip, that, The Island thank you!

        Lots of battle memorabilia in the Brecon museum tells many more stories…


        Here’s a celebration of the huge impact Nigel Green had on the story…

        At 4.30, here’s a marvellous scene where Nigel Green tells a young soldier to ‘get up to the ramparts with his mates’!


      • Skeldings says:

        Colour Sergeant Frank Edward Bourne was the last survivor of the Battle of Rorke’s Drift. He was born in 1855 (which meant he attained Colour Sergeant rank by the age of 19) and died in Beckenham, Kent, the day after VE day, May 9th 1945.

        The makers of Zulu took a few liberties with his portrayal. He was quite a short chap, around 5ft 6, unlike the physically impressive Nigel Green, who was 6ft 4 and about twenty years older than CS Bourne was at the time. Understandable, because Green’s impressive build and voice made him ideal for many sneior military roles on film and television during the 60s. Unfortunately he suffered from severe bouts of depression and died by an overdose of sleeping pills in 1972 at the age of 47. It was not determined at the time whether the overdose was accidental or intentional.


    • JohnC says:

      If the BBC remade it, 20% of the British soldiers would be as black as the people they are fighting.

      But of course it does not work the other way around so none of the Zulus would be white.

      That’s the ludicrous state of affairs in our National Broadcaster now.


      • Zephir says:

        No chance,if the Bames found the opposition was armed in anyway they would all become asylum seekers, often found on Ukrainian railway platforms with the wimmin and kids

        They’re fine stabbing and mugging the unarmed though


        • JohnC says:

          More like the Zulu would all be at home feeding children, composing poetry, taking care of kittens and generally being good when the nasty English would come charging in and kill them all.

          Though in that BBC production, the soldiers would all be white.


      • moggie63 says:

        They’d prefer the whole cast to be black but run the risk of anybody watching it thinking it was the BBC’s regional news for London.


  18. Zephir says:

    I see the new electric Mini is selling in Harlem, Nairobi, Kingstown or somewhere according to ITV


  19. Fedup2 says:

    Scroblene -good day – you u folk are well — I think C5 shows it from time to time – like Christmas . They also showed it at the NHS diversity managers’ Christmas bash ….

    Today watch

    Yes ….. seat belt gate ©️rolls on – now with the verminous queer Christopher Bryant – chair of the ‘ethics ‘ committee ….
    ..I posted a couple of spoof comments about this having any importance at all to anyone other than the swamp ……but now it seems real ……

    However – I didn’t realise that the dodgy sedowi? Paying in millions to the revenue to avoid a tax prosecution – is actually the chairman of the so called Conservative Party – and does not have the honour to resign …..

    And next – bee lady with the CEO?of the NHS wandering around a hospital where apparently people were doing what they were paid for . Don’t forget to clap …. A real propaganda piece …

    There is no pressure on the medical mafia to improve the NHS because whenever they fail they know the PM will get the blame .

    Surely there has to be a way to make it totally independent – with a view to selling off at some future date …..?


    • Scroblene says:

      Thanks, Fed!

      See above with Nigel Green’s outstanding performance, which I’ve never forgotten!

      (You may/may not, want to know that I was once a Cadet with the South Wales Borderers, and wore the famous cap-badge with pride…)!


  20. Zephir says:

    More money for nurses, but first can we all be told how many employees there are in the NHS and what proportion are nurses ?

    And, more importantly what are the roles and salaries of all those employed that have nothing to do with treating or testing or dispensing care or medecine?


  21. JohnC says:

    Ukraine war: ‘Frank’ talks as Ukraine pushes Germany for tanks

    Not just Ukraine BBC. You are pushing them too with your daily front-page articles on the subject which in turn give everyone else backup to do the same and result in massive pressure. Which has the power to take down even our own properly elected Prime Ministers.

    Amazing what you can do with a multi-billion pound organisation funded entirely by compulsary tax on the British people and who are free to use that empire to push any political agenda they like without any actual accountability unless they go to the extreme (as the BBC sometimes do).

    THAT is why the BBC cannot continue as they are.


  22. Fedup2 says:

    Strange news values at the BBC – little if no coverage of big protests in France against increasing the retirement age from 62? To 64? Whilst in Blighty the retirement age is heading for 68 with comments about ‘70’ in a few years . ….

    … instead of such important stuff the BBC concentrates on seatbelt gate ©️…. Which in real life is nothing ….


  23. AsISeeIt says:

    Another female interest day… with free 6-pack (keep reading to the end, ladies) plus lenient boundaries edition

    Nope, that headline about lenient boudaries is nothing to do with random Channel migrants taking route one to a British state-funded hotel room

    It is infact left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper jargon for even easier school exams – cooked up to protect lazy teachers being exposed for turning out yet another year class of ever more half-educated kids – what with Lockdowns and now strikes: Exams watchdog hopes lenient 2023 grade boundaries protect students, i understands

    Let’s hear it again for that wonderful rastafarian-sounding patois – a fairly accurate rendition of the brand of grammar now typical of our comprehensive schools

    Please, Sir…

    Keep children at home during school strikes, headteachers tell parents (‘i’)

    Yes, Miss…

    I’ve been dating for 20 years. Why am I still single? – asks Sophia Money-Coutts in the female-interest Times Magazine – errr… feminism, per chance?

    Seems it’s another ladies day in the press – which is reasonable considering the male demographic is increasingly clocking out from engagement with all the misandrist mainstream media messaging

    The formerly patriotic Telegraph celebrates: The British TV boss who decides what you watch – in fact: Bela Bajana… former Miss India… named as new chief content officer at Netflix – well, she makes a pretty pin up pic

    Met police. Specialist officers believe rape myths – contends Alexandra Topping in the Guardian. Parsing this one we find these supposed myths consist of notions: such as the belief that a woman’s behaviour plays a part in her rape – one has to ask, does a person’s circumstance, appearance and demeanour play any part in their becoming a victim of crime?

    Met police: Protect yourself from street robbery. Here are some useful ways to keep you and your property safe on the street. Look confident. You are less likely to be targeted if you look confident. Move with purpose and try to be aware of your surroundings – so it’s not just sexual assault victims who cops reckon can reduce their chances of being targeted. Clearly crime is not a random happenstance that might befall each and every person equally, at any time, in any place, irrespective of their circumstances.

    What the Gruan demands here in complaining of ‘myths‘ is that the Met police instead swallow hook line and sinker all feminist dogma – men are evil, women are completely blameless, always – even of occasional theoretical slight carelessness.

    The Daily Mail happily buys into the left narratives for a short-term political jibe – to our mind always a mistake in the long run: Labour’s woman problem… Rosie Duffield spoke out yesterday after she was jeered by male colleagues… Senior Tories claimed the damning assessment exposed a lack of equality in a party that has never had a female leader

    This headline report is bookended on the Mail’s cover with the showbiz article: Penny Lancaster: Why Happy Valley’s no nonsense cop is my heroine – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… it’s a TV drama, luv. Fiction.

    Beloved by the BBC into their top spot in the online press line-up this morning the Mirror frontpage chuckles over: Another fine mess – there’s one for the teenagers. A Laurel and Hardy catchphrase is hardy even common currency with the now ageing Spitting Image or Have I Got News For You generation, let alone our TikToking, lenient exam grade youth of 16 and 17 now being lined up to receive the franchise by our lefty parties. But this is the very old Labour Mirror – and I digress.

    We do, however, congratualte the Mirror at least for their concise headlines. The anti-Tory story here is: Sunak punished for seatbelt blunder video – somewhat of a victory of the PR-gurus direction over common sense.

    At least they didn’t ask Rishi to play about with a gun on set (in an appeal to help Ukraine promo?): Alec Baldwin to be charged with manslaughter in set shooting (AP News)

    Talk of firearms… have we lost our female readers?

    Charles told to drop his breeches (The Sun) – don’t panic, this is the King being advised to dress in a uniform rather than traditional royal regalia at the Coronation.

    Shock ‘death’ of high street banks by 2027… as analysts warn almost all will be shut within four years… The Daily Express is today launching a crusade to Save Our High Street Banks before it is too late…

    A good idea for a popular newspaper campaign that will certainly resonate with the public – sadly it flies in the face of our inexorable slide toward digital IDs, state-backed digital currency, universal basic incomes and social credit systems coming down the track.

    You’d think the Express had a big enough job on their hands facing down Putin, what with being: United with the people of Ukraine

    One Man, Two Guvnors was a play by Richard Bean, an adaptation of Servant of Two Masters, a Commedia dell’arte style comedy play by the eigthteenth century Italian playwright Carlo Goldoni

    You’d imagine the FT was the quintessential capitalist read – but the globalist-flavoured pink paper displays constant qualms over the system: Fixing the crisis of capitlaism. Martin Wolf. Life and Arts

    And finally…

    A quick survey of the various inducements offered by the deadwood press to encourage their dwindling readership to remain loyal…

    The Remainer Guardian is all about the economic arguments: Save up to 42% on your Guardian

    The blokey jokey working man’s Daily Star goes with an out of character: £5 off when you spend £30 at Holland and Barrett – I’m guessing a Star reader would struggle to spend his £30 at that poncy vegan health food outlet? Why not Greggs? Perhaps he’ll pass the voucher on to his missus?

    The Daily Express teams up with the achingly right-on National Trust to offer: Free family pass for ever reader – that won’t help their ethinic diversity demographic stats

    The Sun is still pushing Panini football stickers

    In contrast with the IRL-minded (In Real Life) save our banks campaigning Daily Express, The Times wants to nudge (push) readers online with a QR code

    The formerly patriotic Telegraph and Daily Mail consider the lure of a free foreign holiday the ideal catnip to attract demoralised conservative UK readers

    And the Daily Mirror brings up the rear with a: Free 6-pack of Golden Wonder Cheese and Onion Ringos – from Morrisons

    Look at me… a press review critiquing feminism plus a Which-like guide to newspaper free offers


  24. micknotmike says:

    Today’s “No surprise at all” award on the bbc. An article featuring predominately white folk. The topic? –
    “Who are the millions of Britons not working?”
    First picture is a young white lady, followed by a white chap in a wheelchair. If they had added a caption “Not only is he not working, look how much of a burden he is” their contempt could’t be clearer.
    How about an article “Who are the millions of Non-Britons not working?”. Unlikely I’d say.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      You can turn this into a sort of game, as I’m sure many people on here do, since the BBC and MSM generally are so biased and predictable.

      Guess what the predominant colour of the skin will be (and, for a bonus point, what gender is suggested) in stock pictures provided to accompany reports on the following topics:

      (1) High grades in the latest school exams as children learn of their results (every August).

      (2) Problems with truancy rates in some schools.

      (3) Knife crime in general and in London in particular, with a pointless pic of a hand holding a knife.

      (4) Millions of Britons not working (post-Covid or whatever).

      (5) Nurses or health workers.

      (6) Older person, possibly a patient assisted by the people at #5.

      (7) Teacher in front of class.

      (8) Manager in an office team setting.

      (9) Cross-Channel migrant “only seeking a better life”.

      (10) Rugby or football player (general pic in article about participation in sport, rather than a specific match).

      The answers, in the unlikely event that you need them:

      (1) Black and/or Asian, mainly female.

      (2) White, either gender.

      (3) White, male.

      (4) White, either gender.

      (5) Black, Asian and/or female, predominantly.

      (6) White, either gender.

      (7) Black or White but likely female.

      (8) As with #7.

      (9) Female, Asian, possibly with baby in tow.

      (10) Female, White or Black.


  25. theisland says:

    How many are claiming benefits for dead people? You know, the sort where burials must happen quietly and quickly in special places and where official death certificates might have been ‘overlooked’.


  26. Fedup2 says:

    I think another concerning thing is to allow claims for infinite numbers of ‘children ‘ .. which .. if I understand .. is currently limited to 2 ….. not very green crap to encourage even more population increases – particularly if they have no affiliation to Blighty apart from milking it …


  27. StewGreen says:

    Ah The Humphreys piece in the Telegraph over Xmas was about plinky plonk background music
    Producers are so out of touch
    #NotClear2Hear #BeClear2Hear



  28. StewGreen says:

    The Sun Says
    “These are all desperate refugees,” they bleat.
    “Have you no pity?”

    Well, those fleeing war and brutal regimes certainly deserve sympathy.
    But many of the tens of thousands arriving each year are, in reality, economic migrants exploiting a broken asylum system.
    And, as we reveal today, there are also some hardened criminals amongst them – including terrorists, murderers, rapists and paedophiles.

    Many now claiming asylum on farcically spurious human rights grounds, their legal cases funded by taxpayers,
    An Albanian wife murderer is running a Midlands car wash. An Iraqi paedophile is found in Surrey, targeting kids.
    An Islamic State terrorist is seized, strolling armed around London.

    It gives us no pleasure to be proved right about the public safety risk of killers and rapists walking unhindered into Britain from our beaches.
    The fact nearly 1,000 are being monitored on orders from Home Secretary Suella Braverman is no great comfort.

    A Government hamstrung by the European Convention on Human Rights ensures that very few will be kicked out.
    Some even claim a “human right” to free NHS treatment as their reason to remain.

    Labour MPs are the most spineless on this outrage.
    But it is the Tories who will pay the price if they cannot end it.
    If that means leaving the ECHR, they had better prepare to do so.


    Sun : HUNDREDS of migrants who sneaked into Britain on small boats are serious criminals — including murderers, terrorists and
    We were handed an astonishing dossier of evidence by a source at a secretive government security agency that oversees threats to national security.

    Drug dealers, gangsters, fraudsters and child sex offenders are also among the tens of thousands who have crossed the Channel — many living in taxpayer-funded homes and receiving cash hand-outs while working illegally.

    The vast majority of the people who arrive by boat do not have criminal records. (they know of)
    The unit is currently monitoring nearly 1,000 immigrants with serious criminal records

    In one astonishing case an Albanian who murdered his wife cannot be sent home on human rights grounds amid fears his victim’s family will hunt him down and kill him.
    (The deceptive Sun only later mention he did serve 10 years)


    • MarkyMark says:

      The family boarded a 15-foot boat intended to take them from the Turkish resort town of Bodrum to the Greek Island of Kos.

      According to earlier reports, the family’s application for asylum in Canada was rejected by Canada, but Canadian immigration authorities told the BBC they had no record of receiving an application for refugee status from Abdullah. Tima later admitted the asylum application for the family was never submitted.

      Tragically, the boat capsized Wednesday. Twelve passengers died as a result including Abdullah’s young sons and wife. He was the only member of his family to survive, but the photo of his 3-year old drowned child on a Turkish beach made headlines across the globe.

      One Australian politician blamed the father for the death of the boy when the Australian Parliament debated the refugee issue. Senator Cory Bernardi told Australia’s Parliament he was not swayed by “these emotive arguments, and in particular to characterise this as some sort of humanitarian mission”.

      While acknowledging that the boy’s death was a tragedy, he said: “That boy and his family had lived in Turkey for three years. The money for that boy’s father to pay the people smugglers was sent from Canada.” He added, “The father sent them on that boat so the father could get dental treatment. They were in no fear, they were in no persecution and they were in no danger in Turkey.”



  29. StewGreen says:

    5:30pm R4 Political Thinking : The Unite union leader
    Sharon Graham, gives a frank interview to Nick Robinson


  30. StewGreen says:

    FooC : Ukraine, Nepal, Iraq, Norway and the US.
    From Our Own Correspondent

    Andrew Harding : Eastern Donbas, close to Russian lines, where Ukrainian soldiers share their dreams of a future after the war.

    Rajini Vaidyanathan : The Yeti airlines crash in Nepal last Sunday She spoke to mourners as they prepared to bury their loved ones.

    Lizzie Porter : Iraq : Iranian produce lines the shelves of stores in Baghdad. But despite the strong commercial ties and shared cultural influences between the two countries, tensions are flaring in the Kurdistan region of Iraq after the death of Mahsa Amini

    Hugh Francis Anderson In Arctic Norway, cod fisherman rely on Russian cooperation to share fish stocks in the Barents Sea.
    One Russian defected.

    Mark Moran reports from Arizona on the water wars in the state, where rural farmers and ranchers are launching a fightback against the move to divert water to the expanding city of Queen’s Creek.


    • StewGreen says:

      Iraq bit claimed after Iran executed Mahsa Amini the woman in the anti-veil protest, they started a border skirmmish to cause a distraction,
      meanwhile Iraqis resent cheap imports from Iran.


  31. Doublethinker says:

    It’s a long , long time since I read All Quiet on the Western Front so I thought that I would have a look at the film on Netflix. It is certainly better than the ludicrous plot of the film ‘1917 ‘ but as far as I remember the main character dies in October 1918 some weeks before the Armistice negotiations began and neither these negotiations nor the officers of the German General staff are mentioned in the book. So why are they featured so prominently in the book?
    I think that the answer is that it gives the film makers the chance to comply with the fashionable leftist zeitgeist of many years standing and blame the generals for the slaughter and portray them as uncaring brutes who live a life of luxury whilst brave men die in their millions.
    For anyone who wants a dose of reality as to the way the First World War was fought , how soldiers actually lived and how officers went about their duty I would recommend Mud Blood and Poppycock by Gordon Corrigan.
    As usual many leftist assertions evaporate in the face of facts.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Double – I watched 1917 at the pictures – which is out of character for me . I watched again on thr TV recently – second time was even more ludicrous – plot wise – and the casting was poor too … I kept waiting for one of the main players to get the iPhone out …


  32. Fedup2 says:

    Guilty secret

    I’ve listened to the ‘money box ‘ radio programme for decades . But now – agenda – today –

    Debt advisors

    1 million fixed mortgages rates coming to an end ( 21 million mortgages )

    Only 10% of eligible people on benefits have opened a government savings account offering 50% return ….

    Maybe ‘money box ‘ should be renamed …. Usually it’s about Foodbanks -petbanks -bank banks -Muslim banks – ….


  33. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I think that we are all fed up with the gold advert on GB News, especially at the end where it gets louder.


    Given that some advertisers are frightened off by the loving and jolly decent woke left who will have them cancelled and destroyed if they don’t do what the woke want, I think that anyone who does advertise on GB News deserves our support.
    If I wanted to do anything with all my spare gold…… I would first of all go to this lot.

    The other thing about that advert is that the actors are all ‘British’ looking and not a mixed couple in sight, as all the woke adverts are.

    So then, 2 reasons to sell your gold to this lot (but please reduce the volume at the end)


  34. Lunchtime Loather says:

    After bombarding the BBC with complaints for several years, last summer they chose to place me in Annex B of the Complaints Process, i.e. they would ignore any complaints I submitted. I did argue my case on the basis of “if you weren’t so crap I wouldn’t keep complaining”, but to no avail. So Annex B it is. This has not stopped me submitting complaints though, if anything it has increased the number. I feel sure that there is human intervention somewhere, even though they do not respond, and knowing via FOI there are over 900 email addresses monitored looking out for us rebels. I use multiple email addresses and variations on my name, but still I get “caught”.

    Imagine my surprise then when I banged one in about Ken Bruce leaving, thanking them for pissing him off so much he wanted to leave, and freeing him from the BBC cess pit at last – and I got a response! I submitted another complaint about the way my original complaint had been handled.


  35. JohnC says:

    Can anybody explain to me why this complete non-story is front-page UK news:
    Jamie and Rebekah Vardy’s home gym destroyed by fire

    ‘A gym at the home of Jamie and Rebekah Vardy has been destroyed by fire.’ ‘Thankfully nobody was hurt’

    And this one isn’t:

    Peckham Rye stabbing: Two teenagers charged with murder

    ‘Nah’shun Thomas, 19, and a 16-year-old, who cannot be identified due to their age’ – note: yet another murderer given protection.

    I would really like to know who at the BBC decides what gets thrust in front of us and what gets hidden immediately in ‘regions’.


  36. Despairada says:

    Just listening to Any Answers on Radio 4.
    Hot topic is blessing gay marriage.

    I feel like phoning in and telling them to get down the mosque and ask whether they will marry two blokes etc.

    They always pick on the C of E

    No mention of Catholic sacrament either.


  37. theisland says:

    No comment other than he was clearly parachuted in for a specific purpose (with the promise/expectation of …?).


  38. Eddy Booth says:

    “Chris Eubank Jr v Liam Smith: What next for boxing after ‘unacceptable’ taunts?”


    Eubank, 33, was the subject of taunts about his sexuality from Smith for much of the event and responded by taunting his opponent about his city of birth, Liverpool, and smearing his marriage.”

    No idea what exactly was said, as usual BBC aint going to say.
    Eubank wearing a homo armband at the weigh-in face off.
    Not up on boxing, casually thought it’d be a 50 – 50 fight but Eubanks is 75% favourite at the bookies.
    I’ll have a fiver on Smith at 2-1.



  39. Fedup2 says:

    Seat belt gate©️
    I was musing that the msm would be looking for unbelted politicians. And guido found a starmer clip .

    Such an insult to voters for something so utterly trivial.


  40. Guest Who says:

    Media Management #101


    Neatly swerves their idiotic fluffing of her actual competencies as a political leader.

    And notice how primed they were to ‘correct’ it.


  41. theisland says:


  42. Richard Pinder says:

    Corruption at the Office for National Statistics. This follows the report that the head of the Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR), Ed Humpherson, criticised the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) for providing statements “Unsupported by the data” and demanded much greater transparency on health data. So the BBC must publicly retract covid vaccine “safety and efficacy” claims made based on ONS data. Vaccine deaths were mostly hidden within the 14 day scam called the ‘healthy vaccinee effect’. Problems with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) data originate from the UKHSA. In fact the Covid rules imposed by the UKHSA are identical to those imposed by the US Centers for Disease Control. This links the British rules with Dr Fauci. Both the USA rules and the UK rules classify people as unvaccinated up to 16 days after they have been vaccinated.



    Click to access d76942_d5fe1cb1d51b4643b9ce09252f732516.pdf


  43. kingkp says:

    Which is highly significant of course. Data analysis has shown the majority of deaths and serious injuries occur within 48 hours of the injection. The fact they are not reporting the vaccination status of the people currently dying tells you all you need to know. They will come again with another fake pandemic in the not-too-distant future. It is vital people wake up to the scam. Now.


  44. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    The road in London will be renamed La Rose Lane, after black writer and activist John La Rose.


    Not the ex head of OFCOM?


  45. Loobyloo says:

    Interview with Justin Webb in the DT today. I took one for the team and read it although I’ve never been a radio 4 listener. Basically vomit inducing, boo hoo poor me, what a coincidence that I followed in my biological fathers footsteps, aren’t I great.


    • Fedup2 says:

      BBC goes big on fathers and sons ….. obviously a coincidence and not by ‘pals’… then Webb will late the regular moral high ground ….


  46. MarkyMark says:

    Braces are cultural appropriation, plus Bollywood lacks diversity.

    RRR: Why the Indian action spectacle is charming the West
    16 hours ago




  47. MarkyMark says:

    Police said: “This is being treated as an isolated incident.”


    22 lost in Manchester (Theresa May used word lost) – police to treat all 22 as individual events.


  48. StewGreen says:

    Local BBC news
    “Both Labour and Liberals want photo IDs to be scrapped from local elections”
    Then a clip of a Liberal councillor

    Is that news ?
    The government made a decision and it is the government


    • StewGreen says:

      Hull City Council that was


    • Flotsam says:

      ID for voting. Where does that leave Postal voting?

      I had reason, a few years ago, to investigate the electoral register in connection with a legal action. What I found was that the electoral registers were full of inaccuracies. There is little or no checking if the people registered are entitled to vote or even exist at all


      • Fedup2 says:

        Bearing in mind that we need verified ID all the time – everywhere – sees only reasonable that democratic processes ( joke ) be supported by decent identification processes – school kids have ID – bus passes have pictures – driving licences – actually – do benefits clai,s need ID ? – surely should … ?

        Actually – no – anyone should be able to vote as many times as they want – and no I’d should be necessary to check who it is – vote early vote often Tom – dick – Ahmed ….


      • G says:


        As indeed, not registering. All warnings of “fines” for the unregistered but from my experience, they are not interested even if you point out a family who has been resident in the UK for about 10 year and cannot be bothered to register. Foreigners needless to say.

        As much of the Civil Service, it can no longer be trusted to issue any accurate details, it can only be questioned in all it issues.


  49. StewGreen says:

    Andrew Bridgen outside the BBC apparently


    • MarkyMark says:

      BBC Radio 4, 26 May 2022

      We said a government cleaner who worked in Downing Street and had been surrounded by people breaking the rules had contracted Covid and died.

      In fact, he worked at the Ministry of Justice.

      His family was reported to have been told by medical staff that he had died from coronavirus but the post-mortem recorded hypertensive heart disease as the official cause of death.

      We are sorry for the mistake.




  50. digg says:

    I read that a bunch of vicious, racist security men tried to spoil the good natured fun being had by a gang of young black men, just because one of these upstanding young blokes was brandishing a machete.


    No wonder these delightful enriching additions to our population are getting annoyed with the way they are treated in our nasty racist Country!

    Surprising that the BBC leave it to the Daily Mail to report on this delightful example of valuable carefree young people expressing their inner-self!