Midweek 22 March 2023

A couple of easy bias targets for the Far Left BBC – Tuesday gives the unchallenged report of Dame Casey – Wednesday provides the Parliamentary kangaroo court on the conduct of a former PM . But is gives us more evidence of their institutional bias . They like ‘institutional ‘….

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  1. MarkyMark says:

    “What we learned from Scotland is that you don’t make changes that you can’t bring the public along with, which is why in Scotland they should reset the situation. I think there are lessons from Scotland and the primary lesson is that changes which don’t carry public confidence are almost certainly not the right changes… I do feel very strongly about this, which is we have made real and significant progress when it comes to women’s rights and we must not roll back or retreat from any of that, and one of them is safe spaces… we cannot roll back on that.



    Labour conference: Wrong to say that only women have a cervix, says Keir Starmer
    MP Rosie Duffield staying away from Brighton gathering over online threats

    Andrew Woodcock
    Political Editor
    Sunday 26 September 2021 13:54





  2. Messenger says:

    Surely it is up to parents to supply children with toothbrushes, not the dentist.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Victory for Marcus Rashford as free school meals eligibility extended
      Campaigners ‘tremendously happy’ after government decides to permanently allow children from families with no recourse to public funds (NRPF) to access free school meals

      May Bulman
      Social Affairs Correspondent
      Friday 25 March 2022 09:03


      Manchester United Home Shirt 2022-23 – Kids with Rashford 10 printing


  3. MarkyMark says:

    A retired eye doctor has lost “the ability to function at a high level” since a 2016 skiing collision with Gwyneth Paltrow, a court in Utah heard.

    Terry Sanderson was a “high-energy person”, but “deteriorated abruptly” after the crash, Dr Wendell Gibby testified.

    Mr Sanderson, 76, claims the Hollywood actress caused the collision. He is seeking damages of $300,000 (£244,000).

    Ms Paltrow, 50, has countersued over what her lawyers say is “utter BS”.


    Why is Gwyneth Paltrow selling a candle that smells like her vagina?
    Gwyneth has made a candle called This Smells Like My Vagina for her website, Goop. And, of course, it has sold out


  4. MarkyMark says:

    The closures follow a warning in July by the heads of MI5 and the FBI of the espionage threat posed by China to UK universities, and highlight the government’s hardening attitude on the issue.


    Barry Gardiner defends donations worth £500,000 from Chinese agent
    The Labour MP said Christine Lee appeared to be ‘operating as a legitimate person in the UK’.
    Amy Gibbons
    Thursday 13 January 2022 20:23


  5. MarkyMark says:

    SHOCK STORY! Gets clicks and news.
    BORING RETRACTION! No one is bothered.

    Paul Whitehouse’s Our Troubled Rivers
    BBC Two, 12 March 2023

    The programme heard from an oyster processor, Graham West in Whitstable, who said his business West Whelks had been affected by sewage discharges. He said there was ‘a major problem in selling anything coming from Whitstable … because of the pollution’ and that people did not want the world-famous Whitstable native oyster ‘because they associate them with pollution’. Mr West also said he was buying Jersey oysters because ‘I’ve got more of a guarantee they are clean’.

    In hindsight we should have also given an indication of the way other businesses have dealt with risks from pollution, so viewers had more context when considering Mr West’s views.

    The Whitstable Oyster Company, which is based in the town, has since been in touch to say that water quality is obviously an issue of paramount importance and it has heavily invested in both process and plant, in order to protect the quality of its oysters. The company says that ‘due to its enhanced and rigorous purification and testing programme, production and consumption are both up – and Whitstable Oysters are safer than ever’.




  6. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – I get the distinct impression ….

    …. that the BBC are in some disarray. I think the D-G’s recent comments about the Licence Fee together with LinekerGate and the possibility that Bojo might reveal a link between Kuenssberg, Crerar and the Civil Service are making all the staff very nervous. If HMG removed the LF from the BBC there would have to be salary restraint, possible job losses and definitely no inflation increases until the alternative to the LF (subscription) settled down.


    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-the-papers-65047174 – five are missing.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Newspaper headlines: ‘Johnson in peril’ as he ‘fights for his future’


      Save money – stop paying the BBC TV License and save £159 per year.


    • Up2snuff says:

      There may have been distribution problems with some newspapers today although why the Guardian is missing from the BBC Blog, I know not. Is it still printed in Manchester? The BBC was said to have copies delivered from the first edition so that they could get an editorial ‘heads up’ from the rag.


  7. Thoughtful says:



  8. MarkyMark says:

    Liz Truss Keynote Speaker
    56th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (for TWO WEEKS)
    Champion of economic growth across the Free World
    Leading Global Conservative Politician

    “She is a long-standing advocate for limited government, low taxes and freedom both at home in the UK and around the world. ”

    Parliament’s £13 billion restoration.

    HS2 £150 billion, original budget £36 billion.

    Track and Trace £37 billion – no tracking or tracing where this money went.

    £1.1bn of COVID small business loans identified as fraud

    £4 billion of unusable PPE bought in first year of pandemic will be burnt “to generate power”

    13 + 150 + 37 + 1.1+ 4 = £205 billion

    Nuclear reactor = £6 billion


    Theresa May, Former UK PM earned £1.86 million in her 2 years since leaving Downing Street, figures show

    Barry Gardiner defends donations worth £500,000 from Chinese agent

    Matt Hancock, who lost the Tory whip after it was announced he would be appearing on the ITV programme, is still being paid as an independent MP and is rumoured to have been paid £400,000 to appear on the I’m a celebrity.

    Boris Johnson earns £315,000 for 30 minute speech and ‘fireside chat’ in United States


  9. MarkyMark says:

    Liz Truss has signed with the Chartwell Speakers agency and immediately booked a big gig: she’ll be delivering the 2023 Margaret Thatcher Freedom Lecture for the the Heritage Foundation on April 12.

    Margaret Thatcher Freedom Lecture = EU Freedom?

    Margaret Thatcher Freedom Lecture = EU?



  10. andyjsnape says:

    Cost of living: Food banks used by 3% of UK families

    Surely the bbc will look into if these are racist, and I wonder if the majority are whites – nothing to see here

    PS I know people who go to various food banks, but actually just go for the “free” food from each place, not they actually are in need – maybe someone should look at the actual statistics of people in need

    Panorama investigation is needed


    • MarkyMark says:

      2017 ….

      “…sixteen and a half thousand people in County Durham in receipt of food parcels. To the nurses, to the junior doctors, to the firefighters…” @3:27 {Laura Pidcock | Maiden Speech | jul2017}

      A nice clear speech, but Linda Pidcock can you clarify …

      – do you mean 16.5K people need food parcels or do you mean 16.5K food parcels are used? Two very different things.
      – is 16.5K parcels just for the nurses, doctors and firefighters or for people in other circumstances, you focus on these professions because more of them use food banks?
      – do you have a breakdown of the people collecting food parcels with a link?
      – Population of County Durham (50K @ 2011) and a food parcel being usable for one day means parcels feed 0.09% of County Durham?
      – if 16.5K people are using food parcels all the time, then 16.5/50 then 33% of County Durham are struggling to be feed – this statistic would be very scary indeed and a better one to use if correct?

      *statistics can be so confusing*



  11. Fedup2 says:

    Mohammed abbkr 28 charged with trying to kill men by setting them on fire – it’s a cultural thing …. This story will be killed ..


  12. Fedup2 says:

    Late Today watch

    The PM of Albania – on a visit to try and get more cash from Rishi ( taxpayers ) Thanked “New Labour” twice for the effect on his lovely country …. I choked on me tea again …. I could hear the winces from the Far Lefties that Albania has been turned into a socialist Blair style paradice that they all jump in dinghies lol…


    • MarkyMark says:

      Albanian gangsters running UK cocaine market but one ‘protected’ city won’t let them in
      Violent criminals from Albania now run the cocaine market in most parts of the UK, but so far have not managed to get a foothold in one particular city due to local gangs “protecting” the streets

      Hellbanianz gang
      The Hellbanianz gang is one of the most infamous criminal groups in the UK (Image: Essex Live / BPM Media)
      ByChiara FiorilloNews Reporter
      12:50, 14 Jan 2023
      Albanian gangsters have been running the cocaine market in most parts of the UK for the past two decades, but have reportedly been warned to stay away from Liverpool.


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      Fedup the dinghy to blacked out Mercedes saloon is the most common upgrade path. It’s all the rage, at least in my bit of London.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I’m waiting for the londonistan boro of Waltham Forest to start Albanian courses for our new friends – I wonder how they get on with Jonnie Turk up in N17?


  13. MarkyMark says:

    China’s Xi tells Putin of ‘changes not seen for 100 years’
    China’s President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin bid each other farewell following talks in Moscow.



    Barry Gardiner defends donations worth £500,000 from Chinese agent
    The Labour MP said Christine Lee appeared to be ‘operating as a legitimate person in the UK’.
    Amy Gibbons
    Thursday 13 January 2022 20:23


  14. MarkyMark says:

    Boris said Russia were alone?

    In turn, Putin said “all agreements have been reached” and that economic cooperation between Moscow and Beijing was a “priority” for Russia.

    “We signed a statement on deepening the strategic partnership and bilateral ties which are entering a new era,” Xi said following talks with Putin in the Kremlin on Tuesday.


  15. MarkyMark says:

    2022 ….
    PM unveils ‘largest and most severe economic sanctions Russia has ever seen’ – 24 February 2022 • 7:54pm


    2023 ….
    In turn, Putin said “all agreements have been reached” and that economic cooperation between Moscow and Beijing was a “priority” for Russia.


  16. Guest Who says:

    As with Springster, the clearly effective new technique is to mostly ensure that whatever the topic, the camera is pointed mostly at you.


  17. vlad says:

    Here’s a nice punchy headline in today’s DM:
    ‘Lineker costs the same as the axed BBC Singers choir. I know which one I’d keep!’
    – Stephen Glover


  18. MarkyMark says:

    Splitting couples face fine for refusing mediation


  19. MarkyMark says:

    Mark Steyn’s solicitors in London have put the thought police – Ofcom – on notice. Get all the details at SteynOnline.

    Watch the full episode of The Mark Steyn Show here: https://www.steynonline.com


  20. Fedup2 says:

    Danny blanchflower – who has moved from being a great spurs player to an economist based in the states was on WATO – he thinks rate rises will trigger a deep recession ….

    …. Living – sadly – as I do – in The Real World – the combination of breathtaking supermarket price increases – community charges – broad band – water bills – fuel costs and the rest will cut down on disposable income by huge numbers .

    Neither lady wotshername nor Danny blanchflower acknowledged this simple fact . If they really wanted to suppress inflation they’d have gone for .50% but just won’t . The next rate change is May ….. I reckon the real inflation rate will be 11% by now against an official one of 10.4% – which was expected to be 9.9% ….


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, if I was David, I’d wish to shed the ‘dead footballer’ tag.


    • pugnazious says:

      Interest rates rising is supposed to stop you spending and causing the economy to overheat as prices rise due to demand outstripping supply…however the recent price rises have been caused by the war and rising fuel prices not rampant consumer spending creating a sellers market…..so you might question the cure…especially as when inflation rises you rein in your buying anyway.

      Interest rate rises will increase your mortgage, and rent, to eyewatering levels…you then demand extra pay, businesses then increase prices to pay you…so err….you get inflation…caused by interest rate rises….and you have no choice but to pay your mortgage or rent, or be homeless…but with inflation you can cut back or buy cheaper…essentially the interest rate rises are the Bank of England giving free money to the banks…they haven’t earnt it at all…..but you pay for the Bank’s largesse….and to add insult to injury the banks don’t pass on the rate rise to savers.


  21. tomo says:

    Let’s enter fantasy land ….


  22. BRISSLES says:

    Don’t know if a lotta people know this, but in 1961 Danny Blanchflower was the first person to refuse to appear on his own This is Your Life show.


  23. Up2snuff says:

    TWatO Watch #1 – Q: how many economists does it take to have an argument over economics? *

    David (‘Danny’) Blanchflower was invited onto TWatO to, surprisingly, rubbish the MPC’s decision to increase Base Rate by 0.25%. He said that it was the wrong thing to do and it would have been better to cut Base Rate and by a large amount. As an economist he really ought to know that with inflation you usually get job losses following close behind. He thinks putting up interest rates almost guarantees a recession. Slashing them has not worked for the UK in avoiding recession in 2007-2009 has it?

    David also stated on the programme that he thinks inflation will just go away later this year and next. Inflation never goes away Mr Blanchflower until you have a period of equivalent negative inflation as I like to call it, because calling it deflation gives some people the heebie jeebies and pause. The Montacutie did not know enough about economics to correct David Blanchflower on either point. How much is she paid?

    * A: One. David Blanchflower could have and should have said “On the other hand …..”


  24. TrickCyclist says:

    Nothing to do with the BBC, I got an email from Barclays this morning.
    Under the heading “Consolidate your debt” was this picture.
    Good job I’m not looking to consolidate any debt as I don’t see myself represented here. (That’s the usual complaint these days, isn’t it?)



  25. andyjsnape says:

    Splitting parents face fine for refusing mediation

    you will go or we will fine you

    Nice image of the bbc couple by the way


  26. MarkyMark says:

    TikTok has been banned across the Parliamentary estate. In a joint statement released today, the Speakers of the Commons and the Lords announced the social media app will be blocked from Parliament’s WiFi networks and all Parliamentary-issued hardware:

    “Cyber security is a top priority for us all and we believe that this is a necessary step to ensure our parliamentary digital devices remain as secure as possible.”


    Barry Gardiner defends donations worth £500,000 from Chinese agent
    The Labour MP said Christine Lee appeared to be ‘operating as a legitimate person in the UK’.
    Amy Gibbons
    Thursday 13 January 2022 20:23


    Cyber security is a top priority for us all ….. £500,000 from Chinese agent

    Cyber security is a top priority for us all ….. £500,000 from Chinese agent

    Cyber security is a top priority for us all ….. £500,000 from Chinese agent

    Cyber security is a top priority for us all ….. £500,000 from Chinese agent


  27. pugnazious says:

    An oddly subdued report…..

    ‘Man in court charged with mosque fire attacks in Birmingham and London’


    Absolutely no speculation as to motive or indeed, name aside, the identity and background of the ‘man’. If he’d been white we’d immediately be getting a torrent of BBC comment and speculation about the ‘Far-Right’, social media and Marianna Spring chuntering about QAnon…and 15 minute cities being a climate lockdown is a far-right conspiracy….it’s all linked don’t you know…no really….when Lee Anderson said that Calais refugee charities are “just as bad as people smugglers” the BBC went mad…talking about this they then went off into a eye-spinning, mouth-frothing denouncement of him and how this was all linked to the Far-Right and conspiracy theories about climate and 15 minute cities and naturally the result, I kid you not, will be, says the BBC, a ‘Jan 6’ type moment as maddened far-right people are whipped up into an angry mob who will attempt to overthrow ‘democracy’ [lol] by force.

    The BBC curiously redacts part of the story……

    ‘In a statement, the Metropolitan Police said officers had worked closely with detectives from the West Midlands force in the investigation.’

    Here’s the Guardian…and others…spot the difference…

    ‘ ……“This was a joint investigation between West Midlands police, counter-terrorism policing and the Metropolitan police.”

    …..Earlier this week, British counterterrorism officers were called to assist in the investigation.
    “This was a joint investigation between West Midlands Police, Counter Terrorism Policing and the Metropolitan Police,” West Midlands Police said in a statement.

    …..He is due to appear at Birmingham Magistrates Court toda (March 23) following an investigation etween West Midlands Police, Counter Terrorism Policing and the Metropolitan Police. ‘

    Why has the BBC removed any reference to terrorism?…suspect being black with a Muslim name.


  28. pugnazious says:

    Is it just me or is Nicky Campbell getting even more blatantly biased and partisan since ‘Lineker’?

    Again and again he now openly states his opposition or hatred of something or some issue. Previously his own prejudices could be easily guessed by the way he treated the various speakers on issues….the red carpet and smarming for those he liked but abrupt interruptions and constant questions and attempts to break up coherent narratives of those he didn’t approve of. He frequently would apologise for putting the other side, have to do it ‘for balance’, and after reading out many messages for whatever you know he supports he will read out a couple against it….but in a dismissive manner and again ‘just for balance’…not because they may have valid points to make….and then carrying on as if there was only one real way to think about the issue on point.

    Campbell is indulged way too much by the bosses….about time he was brought to heel…along with the rest of them.


    • Docmarooned says:

      Campbell is an obnoxious shit. He was at university at the same time as I was and was a self obsessed wanker back then. I have fond memories of my brother giving him one well deserved whack in his smarmy puss at a party when he thought he was being funny. Laugh! – we certainly did.


      • pugnazious says:

        Campbell bullied and abused at university….that’s got to be another series on the BBC and a good few podcasts worth of angst and wailing from Campbell.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Douglas Murray on BBC’s The Big Questions


    • MarkyMark says:

      Is Jesus Christ an Extremist in today’s world? The Big Questions. Nicky Campbell. BBC. 25 Mar 2018


  29. MarkyMark says:

    Angela Rayner took £500 (paid to a charity) plus expenses to speak at an elite £30,000 a year Swiss school, Liz Truss was only compensated in expenses for her Tokyo speech and, as reported elsewhere, Lee Anderson is raking in a £100,000 salary from his GB News promotion. No doubt he’ll be pleased with his employer’s shiny new studio…





    • G says:


      Nice illustration. I note the creators point about, what I would call, ‘Sardines in a tin can’. That’s not good for wellbeing and health particularly when some will be brandishing a kitchen knife…….


  30. MarkyMark says:

    Pat Sharp breaks silence as he’s axed from radio show after ‘appalling’ joke
    Radio presenter Pat Sharp has apologised for his actions after making an “appalling” joke at an industry event which resulted in him being axed from his Greatest Hits radio show

    Lizzy was given a T-shirt with Pat’s face on it, which saw the radio star tell her: “That’s the only way I’ll get on your t**s today.”


  31. pugnazious says:

    BBC reports that the government is banning TikTok on government phones…and reels off a list of organisations set to do this….but misses out…er…that the BBC itself advises staff to delete TikTok from work phones….

    ‘BBC urges staff to delete TikTok from company mobile phones’


    I can remember the BBC criticising Trump for his decision to ban TikTok in the US…..hmmm…guess he was right…..as the TikTok boss boasts it has half the US population on TikTok, and is of course hoovering up their data.

    What else was Trump right about? Building walls? Braverman is trying to send illegal migrants to Rwanda and the BBC et al go nuts…and forgets to tell us that the EU and Germany amongst many others have similar plans…and indeed the EU has a nice anti-illegal-migrant barrier stretched out across its borders.

    Why does the BBC not mention these plans in the same reports as they inform us how inhumane the Tories are? Is Germany like 1930’s Germany Gary? He’d probably welcome that, you may suspect, judging by what the Jewish Chronicle reports about his attitude towards Israel.

    In 2022 the BBC reports…

    ‘Which other countries send asylum seekers overseas?’

    Ah yes….Australia, Israel and Denmark…..boo hiss….the usual ‘right-wing’ suspect countries. No-one else then?

    The BBC oddly forgets this….

    ‘In 2019, Rwanda signed an agreement with UNHCR to evacuate refugees and asylum seekers in need of international protection from Libya to Rwanda.

    During a visit to the Gashora transit centre, the European Union ambassador to Rwanda announces €22 million in renewed funding until 2026 in support of the country’s hosting of refugees transferred from Libya.

    Rwanda has become a transit hub for most migrants after it strike a deal with the likes of UK and the UNHCR.

    “So it’s a partnership between Rwanda, the African Union and UNHCR. We consider that these are African solutions for African problems. It shows a generosity within the continent to be able to welcome refugees who are in extremely difficult situations,” said Belén Calvo Uyarra, the EU Ambassador to Rwanda.’


  32. pugnazious says:

    BBC blitzing us about footballers taking planes on internal flights….this is not ‘news’, this is an outright BBC campaign to vilify them and to influence behaviour and regulation.

    They’re coming for you…and your pets who apparently produce far too much CO2…climate rationing and lockdown is being forced upon you bit by bit and the BBC is the cheerleader in chief for this dystopian future as we go back to the stone age and hunter-gathering [less the ‘hunter’]…oh, but to get there we have to get rid of the billions of people…just not sustainable….I’m guessing the mass wars that will break out as a result of ‘green’ economies’ imploding and failing to provide jobs, money and food and the other comforts of a decent society, along with the billions of climate refugees invading us, will wipe out a good few billion…necessary murders no doubt to save the planet….but let’s not talk about that eh?

    The future’s green and it’s going to be great!


    • MarkyMark says:

      We are all equal….

      It’s like they’ve just stepped out of a salon! It’s the hair-raising question of football in lockdown: how DO so many stars have such stylish cuts when hairdressers are banned?
      Premier League players seem to have immaculate hair, despite restrictions
      Many of these players’ new dos appear more accomplished than a DIY job
      Newcastle United’s Joelinton was fined £200 after posting a snap at the barbers



      • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

        … not forgetting the unlovely Nancy Pelosi and her US lock-down in-fringe-ments (corny pun fully intended).


    • StewGreen says:

      Jockeys and top club DJs have also traditionally used a lot of planes.
      And when people are millionaires don’t they spent their money on things like helicopters

      “Johnny Depp’s helicopter arrives at Lincoln antiques market”
      was the story last week.


  33. MarkyMark says:

    p.s. I cannot find this in the document … hard to search it.

    U.K. – Whilst you are distracted the Government has EXTENDED The Coronavirus Act 2020 order … for another 6 months!

    No media, no announcement just a sneaky extension.

    ‘Temporary’ powers become permanent like this!


  34. MarkyMark says:

    Mark Steyn: ‘The lamps are going out all over Europe all over again.’


  35. StewGreen says:

    ITV local news PR
    #1. “Beverley could lose it’s two incredible historic churches”
    Is that news or is it PR ?

    The item revealed that the churches renovation fund has made only half of its £8m target
    ie the item for the multi-billion pound Church of England who say they don’t have enough money to repair churches
    .. Presumably cos they prefer to spend money on other stuff.


  36. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    Four of the family, including an eight-year-old girl, died last year in Montreux.

    Conspiracy theorists led family to death in Switzerland

    An FB post with a Getty Travel shot.

    I am not clicking the link to figure this out, as this is the BBC and their subbing now is beyond silly.


    • StewGreen says:

      The event happened 1 year ago.
      French family leapt to death just as police knocked on the door to execute a warrant in relation to home schooling.
      The couple’s 15-year-old son was seriously injured and has been hospitalised.
      Alexandre Bisenz, a police spokesperson, told the 20 Minutes newspaper the family of five appeared to have jumped from their apartment, near the town’s lakeside casino
      .. neighbours claimed the family were part of a cult.
      Apartment smelled of incense.

      BBC this year ” planned group suicide over the mother and her sister’s obsession with survivalist and Covid conspiracy theories”


  37. StewGreen says:

    ITV local news PR
    #2. “Hull hospitals have received a poor quality report”

    featured Labour MP Diana Johnson saying
    “13 years of under funding”

    That’s a bollocks robotic reply

    The UK Labour Party is the world leader in robot tech
    They have tens of thousands of units that chant
    “13 years of Tory cuts”, “Tory austerity” “Tories, Tories, Tories”

    The actual blue socialist spendthrift party are less chanty and far less hatey”
    but most them dutifully hate Trump, and climate skeptics
    and nany HATE Brexit too.


    • StewGreen says:

      six months ago the TV headline said Aren’t Hull hospitals great they’ve spent all this money on Castle Hill solar farm.

      Doh if you spend money on crazy green gimmicks, it’s not available to spend elsewhere.

      Is it surprising Hull hospitals are under pressure ?
      Hull is the city with the UK’s highest rate of smoking
      It’s hardly UK city of fitness.
      There’s probably still loads of spice-drug addicts downtown.


  38. Guest Who says:

    #AskItOftenEnough from Vile, who rotates these clowns.

    Subtle, ain’t he?


  39. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #2 – totally missing the point but they would, wouldn’t they

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-65037292 Why is UK inflation higher

    The BBC skip over two inconvenient truths:
    1. We tax diesel fuel very highly in the UK and there are other punitive taxes and costs on hauliers, and,
    2. We rely on a lot of imported food that is not seasonal.

    1. Every good in a shop reaches that shop via fossil fuel burning vehicles, usually diesel trucks or vans at the end of the chain but ships and aircraft may be involved as well. While electrified rail lines do not burn fossil fuels directly the upward pressure on utility prices will affect the cost of rail haulage as well.

    2. The media, including the BBC, constantly bombard people with ‘diet fads’ and recipes that often include fruits and vegetables that cannot be grown in the UK in winter, except in hothouses such as Thanet Earth. Again the high cost of electricity will be a factor for that sort of grower and possibly gas as well.

    Marks out of ten for the BBC on this article: 2/10 and that is being a little generous on my part.


    • Nibor says:

      Up2 ,

      Hauliers can’t use red (rebated) diesel to power the fridges on reefer lorries . Food prices would go up .


  40. MarkyMark says:

    Nigerian senator Ike Ekweremadu and his wife Beatrice have been convicted of exploiting a young man from a poor village by bringing him to London to donate a kidney. As they await sentencing, the BBC reveals details of the conspiracy.



    EU motto. “United in diversity” was adopted as the European Union’s motto in 2000.


  41. MarkyMark says:

    Europe 2023….

    A council has requested help from the Cuban government to fill healthcare roles at a hospital in County Fermanagh.

    The Cuban embassy in London responded positively to the request from Fermanagh and Omagh District Council.

    Emergency general surgery was temporarily suspended at the South West Acute Hospital (SWAH) in Enniskillen last November due to staffing numbers.

    The Western Trust is responsible for recruitment at the hospital.


    A letter sent from the council in January asked “if the Henry Reeve Brigade” – a body of medical professionals set up by the Cuban government to provide international aid – “could provide assistance to the hospital so that it can meet its required staffing standards”.


    Russia writes off $32bn Cuban debt in show of brotherly love
    This article is more than 8 years old
    Agreement, which stipulates that Cuba must still repay $3.2bn over 10 years, comes as President Vladimir Putin prepares for Havana trip. The Moscow Times reports



  42. MarkyMark says:




  43. MarkyMark says:



    order-order.com comment

    “D’ya reckon they’d let you project Merry Christmas onto the Kaaba?
    Short arsed twat is looking to be provocative and he’s managed it.”


  44. MarkyMark says:

    Analysts say the UK is more exposed to rises in the prices of wholesale gas.

    Experts are still predicting price rises to slow in the coming months, but if the UK gets more surprises like February’s and high inflation persists, more questions will emerge of why the UK is an outlier.


    King Charles to donate profits from £1billion wind farm deal for ‘wider public good’


    Prince Charles to get funding from ‘blot on the landscape’ windfarms


  45. MarkyMark says:

    Nicola Sturgeon has defended her record in government during her final First Minister’s Questions.

    “Does my successor have a tough job? Of course, because we live in tough times but I’ve got confidence that whoever my successor turns out to be, they will continue to build on that record and they will continue to retain the trust of the Scottish people.”

    SNP’s education record gets an F as party considers school exam reform
    The reforms will look at the importance of coursework and will consider if outside of school achievements should be part of the process


    Firefighters have called for the Scottish government to resolve concerns over school safety following reports that classroom doors could be trimmed.

    The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has requested immediate talks to address “mixed messaging” around fire safety and the ventilation required to reduce coronavirus risks.

    Councils have a new fund to improve classroom airflow to slow Covid spread.

    Nicola Sturgeon said cutting the bottom off some doors was “common sense”.



  46. MarkyMark says:

    TikTok creators and supporters gathered outside the US congress to protest against a potential ban
    TikTok has been accused of ‘aggressive’ data harvesting. Is your information at risk?
    TikTok promotes engineering and maths in China, while making youth in other countries addicted to twerking and porn

    Moreover, there is a lot of content that promotes problematic content, such as twerking, gender-altering therapies, and even teaching children how to hide their “gender identity” from their parents. A report in Daily Mail in December 2021 alleged that TikTok was promoting gender change surgery as something “cool” among the children, and by the time that report was published, such videos were being watched over 26 billion times.

    TikTok runs by the name of Douyin in China. It is owned by the same Chinese company ByteDance. Compared to the content that the users in the West see on TikTok, what it promotes in China is completely on the other side of the spectrum. It is noteworthy that there is a policy in Place in China where government-regulated content can be shown on any platform, and any other content cannot get any desired promotions by the platform.


  47. Guest Who says:

    Soaf and Springster… the SS, saving ze werld!


    • Guest Who says:

      Luckily, the home of 28Gate was spared.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Come back Greta, all is forgiven! This Kianni creature sounds dreadful.


      • Guest Who says:

        Seems to have the old boys in the various political clubs circling her little finger.


    • JohnC says:

      Not being an expert on these things, I wonder what on Earth ‘Cultural marxism’ is doing at the top of that list. Why is it anti-semitic ?.

      From wikipedia (written by the Left of course):

      ‘The term “Cultural Marxism” refers to a far-right antisemitic conspiracy theory which claims that Western Marxism is the basis of continuing academic and intellectual efforts to subvert Western culture.[1][2][3] The conspiracy theory misrepresents the Frankfurt School as being responsible for modern progressive movements, identity politics, and political correctness, claiming there is an ongoing and intentional subversion of Western society via a planned culture war that undermines the Christian values of traditionalist conservatism and seeks to replace them with the culturally liberal values of the 1960s.’

      ‘According to Minnicino, there were two aspects of the Frankfurt School plan to destroy Western culture. Firstly, a cultural critique, by Theodor Adorno and Walter Benjamin, to use art and culture to promote alienation and replace Christianity with socialism. This included the development of opinion polling and advertising techniques to brainwash the populace and control political campaigning. Secondly, the plan supposedly included attacks on the traditional family structure by Herbert Marcuse and Erich Fromm to promote women’s rights, sexual liberation, and polymorphous perversity to subvert patriarchal authority.’

      That sounds exactly like what is going on. But I don’t associate it with anti-semitism at all. I associate it with left-wing socialists who want a socialist state. Every single employee of the BBC for example.


  48. JohnC says:

    Those of you hoping the absolutely dire state of BBC drama is just a blip and are hoping it will improve are going to be seriously disappointed.

    BBC Drama announces new Commissioning Editor and Head of Development appointees

    They are:
    Danielle Scott-Haughton – a black woman
    Nick Lambon – from ‘multiple series’ of Dr Who
    Sami El-Hadi – the new BBC Drama Head of Development of Channel 4’s BAFTA winning We Are Lady Parts fame.

    All appointed by Director of BBC Drama Lindsay Salt.


    Couldn’t find Lindsay on twitter, but her supporters praising her were the farthest-Left, anti-Tory mob.

    … and …
    BBC announces appointment of seven new Assistant Commissioners across the UK

    Here they are:

    All appointed by Dawn Beresford, Director of Talent

    Here she is at ITV:
    ‘Had a great induction training day at ITV yesterday.’

    I’m absolutely speechless.