249 Responses to Start the Week 27 March 2023

  1. StewGreen says:

    XR activist Phoebe Plummer is on @GBNews Rees Mogg
    ..she has more chemicals in her pink hair
    than you use in your car

    I switch to BBC4
    The pinkhaired Alice Roberts is presenting

    I guess it’s a #GreenSupremacist #WokeSupremacist uniform


    • StewGreen says:

      How dare you call Phoebe a Drama Queen


      • StewGreen says:

        Someone took down that tweet within 15 mins
        calm JRM vs the hysterical Phoebe Plummer
        She made some over the top claims about wheat/potato crop loss for 2022, then
        “People will be fighting over the loaves at Lidl”

        This is a screenshot THE VIDEO button doesn’t play



        • StewGreen says:

          They did actually put up another video tweet a few minutes later
          almost exactly the same
          .. https://twitter.com/GBNEWS/status/1640438976543596566


        • TrickCyclist says:

          In an idle moment of wondering why Phoebe Plummer wants to spend her youth indulging in attention seeking ‘protests,’ one possibilty presents itself.
          Among the Just Stop Oil crowd, Phoebe is the looker.



          • Thoughtful says:

            Why? because the big oil companies are paying her a minimum of £400 per week to undertake this ‘protest’.
            Big oil made massive profits this year and Just stop oil helped them achieve that, they’d like to keep it that way hence the misdirection which fools a lot of people.


            • Dickie says:

              Anyone know what young Phoebe Plummers background is? She doesn’t sound very “ordinary”. Bet Mummy and Daddy don’t come from a working class background.
              Mad as a box of frogs


              • digg says:

                The big thing with many young people these days is to get fame… many go the route of trying to become “influencers” using fashion, make-up, lifestyle and other meaningless vehicles via the internet to try to achieve glory, some however may not have the nouse to bring this off but can still try to achieve fame via the use of fashionable faux protest.

                Notice how many of the protestors adopt what can only be described as theatrical garb as symbols of “being different” but is actually a statement about themselves and their own aspirations.

                My guess is that our Phoebe falls into this category.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Fear is a great motivator – will she stop using dye in her hair today?


    • StewGreen says:

      You can’t get working Twitter images by clickng on the pic

      either post the entire tweet
      or rightclick over the image to get the URL


      • StewGreen says:

        I’m guessing that’s a cropped photo of him with his Mum and Dad
        then two Pakistanis on the left
        rather than entire crowd of Pakistanis


      • Flotsam says:

        Scotland has always been diverse, there’s a substantial population of Scots there


      • MarkyMark says:

        “I think it harks credit to the diverse and vibrant Scotland we have.”

        In Mecca, only Muslims are allowed, while non-Muslims may not enter or pass through. Attempting to enter Mecca as a non-Muslim can result in penalties such as a fine; being in Mecca as a non-Muslim can result in deportation.


  2. StewGreen says:

    Foodbank news : Tescos today, own brand weetabix were priced at 19p for 24 biscuits
    I bought *6 packets* for £1:14
    (They were TE Stockwell dated February 2024 , so I guess the range are simply being cleared)

    Then in B&M 10 small packets of crisps for 50p

    Later I was in the socialist Coop store
    They had a special display of branded Weetabix
    £3 for 24 biscuits

    Cans of Pepsi were priced at £4.60 for 6 ..about 80p per can !
    The coop are looking after the public ?


  3. StewGreen says:

    GBnews catchup with Climate predictions


    • G says:

      Watching the GB video, its clear that the gullibility of the political class has become astronomical. Unless, unless, unless……….there is another motive………


  4. G.W.F. says:

    Not verified, but if true the BBC and all have some work on their hands. (Stew, still have problems copying some tweets)

    Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈
    BREAKING: Audrey E. Hale, the 28-year-old woman who identifies as he/him and uses the name “Aiden,” is identified as the now-deceased suspect who shot up a Christian school in Tennessee, killing 6, including 3 children. The killings follow the state banning the medical transitioning of minors & adult cabaret (drag) performances in front of children. #trans



  5. tomo says:

    Surprised that today’s Nashville school shooter’s “gender” is mentioned on the BBC (it is too prominent in US media to ignore)

    – testosterone OD?

    The UK press agencies are going for misgendering



    • Loobyloo says:

      Yes I’m annoyed by that report as they’re starting to conflate gender and sex, the latter of which is determined by your sex chromosomes, not by how you feel. A cunning plan. Also, the US police appear to have called her a transgender woman – have they got it wrong? The comments on Twitter imply that it’s a trans man.


      • JohnC says:

        I knew the shooter was white as soon as I saw the ‘live feed’.

        ‘Police say the shooter, a 28-year-old white woman from Nashville, gained entry to the school by shooting through a door.’

        They are being very specific about the ‘transgender’ in the report part to make sure we all know it was actually a man.

        Anyone ever seen the BBC describe a murderer as ‘black’ ?. I can’t remember any. It’s now the default option if we are not told they are white.

        Just reading through their report, they say very little about the shooter. They clearly want to avoid the transgender elephant in the room. They are concentrating on other issues like vigils, local residents and gun control laws.

        How long before we are told he/she/it was a victim of hate and it’s all the fault of the right ?.

        And some weasel words:

        ‘85% of mass shootings in US involve an ‘assault weapon”

        How many plain old ‘shootings’ in US involve an ‘assault weapon’ BBC ?. 0.1% ?. Less ?.

        And how many of those are by ‘white’ people ?.

        Same old agenda based cover-up. BBC news is now worthless. You have to work out where and why they are lying to you.


  6. Loobyloo says:



    Brilliant article from Jordan Peterson.


    • Zelazek says:

      Sorry to sound like a pompous know-it-all (occupational hazard) but I have been saying what Peterson says here for years. It is the pusillanimity of the medical establishment that is at the heart of modern day transgender madness.

      Fifty years ago gay activists pressured the American Psychological Society to remove homosexuality from its classification of mental illnesses.

      This showed that professionals could be bullied into redefining reality. A lesson learned by deluded deviants ever since.


  7. JohnC says:

    Shooting survivor: ‘Aren’t you tired of covering this?’

    How lucky for her to turn up the day after to a microphone stand already set up and the BBC camera rolling to cover her ?.

    Apparently she is from Highland Park Illinois and ‘survived’ a mass shooting there. Now she happens to be at this one.

    It’s quickly obvious she’s an activist so I take everything she says with a large pinch of salt. I bet she wasn’t even at the event she describes in Illinois. But when she says ‘Gun violence is the number one killer of children and teens’ it’s a deliberately, pre-rehearsed misleading statement worthy of the BBC themselves.

    In 2020, 45,000 people died from gunshots in the USA, 20,000 of which were murder.

    38 (0.19%) died from ‘mass shootings’. Which makes them statistically irrelevant.

    12,179 Black Americans were killed with guns, compared with 7,286 white Americans. Now I will assume from other things I have read that as a general rule, the black people were shot by other black people and vice versa.

    So we have 60% of gunshot murders being carried out by the black 10% of the population.

    Now why can’t I find a single place across all the news and information websites – or from hysterical activists with big mouths such as this woman – which confronts that basic truth ?.

    She’s there on purpose and the BBC are right in on it. I bet if we knew who she was, we would learn that all is not as it meets the eye here.

    As I keep saying, these people don’t care about anyone who gets killed if they are no use to the leftist agenda.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Looks like the BBC is putting trannie types in bed with Muslims and coloured folk – unless the ‘identity ‘ cannot be denied / concealed . A few people will notice the nuance but a lot won’t see the Truth …
      Meanwhile ‘mental illness ‘ grows ..


      • JohnC says:

        With transsexuals being a fraction of a percent of the population, I think this single event probably puts them straight to the top of the ‘mass murder by population segment’ chart.

        You can be sure we won’t get anything like the background analysis of those incel weirdos for this one. It would be a great justification to expose how nasty and violent the trans community is towards everyone else.

        In Thailand, they say ladyboys are as crazy as a woman with the strength of a man. They are allowed to say that here because a) it’s true and b) they don’t have a twitterful of woke activists.


    • Guest Who says:

      BBC TNI partner?


  8. JohnC says:

    Martine Vik Magnussen: Billionaire’s son admits role in death to BBC

    Nothing to do with the story. I couldn’t care less.

    The other day I posted a picture of a black BBC reporter who used a picture of herself on TV for her twitter account.

    Well, this story tops that one for the type of narcissistic clones the BBC now employ. Look at this one taken from that article:


    It’s the reporter herself on the phone doing the interview the whole article is based on !!!. Actually it isn’t because I guarantee they took it later and lied for the caption. I’m not sure if she is trying to fake ‘shock’ at the revelations she is hearing.

    All in all, a two sentence story filled out with guff to try and make it seem important by a woman clearly obsessed with this man and herself (she gets her name in there 5 times and even writes about herself in the third person).

    This picture almost made me laugh out loud. It’s her again – this time showing the fruits of her years of research – which actually looks more like something someone knocked up in 15 minutes.


    It’s so pathetic from the once great BBC, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    Maybe she’s after Marriana’s job. She is certainly cut from the same cloth.


  9. Guest Who says:

    Vile’s armoury increases.


  10. micknotmike says:

    At the top of the bbc home page, there is a selection of tabs which lead to pages for the big rolling stories of the day. Yesterday I noticed that the “Coronavirus” tab has disappeared. This , of course, is because more and more of the establishment lies are being revealed, along with the costs and backhanders (PPE, track&trace, anyone?). The whole gravy train is being exposed and the bbc don’t want you knowing about it.
    The bbc will now need a seriously heavy-duty concern to go on and on about in order to keep the populace frightened. I think that the Chinese threat, along with the Russian alliance will serve for the next couple of years.
    I’m more concerned with what the Americans will do. They have given away so much of their arsenal that they couldn’t start a fight with anybody. The problem is that any powerful state becomes more dangerous as their power drains away. That won’t be the new story on the bbc of course.


  11. Guest Who says:

    Simpo and Pants. Dream team.


  12. Guest Who says:


    Ongoing coverage will very much depend on how it started, encompassing inmates, activists and Heels Up. Or not.


  13. Guest Who says:


    Last year, it was confirmed that Gladiators, the iconic show which aired between 1992 and 2000, was being revived by the BBC.

    And now, wrestler Cassius Paule says he’s been approached to take part.

    Full story in the comments 👇


    3 guesses what it was about Cassius that first attracted them to them.


  14. AsISeeIt says:

    Praise the Lord and Pass the Nammo edition

    Our BBC seems pleased as punch about this: Ukraine war: Germany sends much-awaited Leopard tanks

    And the Telegraph, in lockstep, is keen to see: First UK tanks reach Ukraine in major boost

    Major Boost – obviously he was an old army chap. Along with Major Bumsore of the cavalry

    Meanwhile the FT frontpage feature Datawatch, so beloved of statto fans, this morning remarks on: Arms race… share of weapons exports… The five largest arms exporters account for more than three-quarters of global sales, with the US and France lifting their shares considerably over the previous five-year period. North America and Europe account for 87 per cent of exports. In case you were wondering – Russian arms exports have fallen from 22% to 16% according to the graph

    Oddly, the FT neglects to put the UK’s numbers on the chart. Such omissions set Mr AsI’s bias anteni twitching. He searches elsewhere: UK defence and security export statistics: 2021… on a rolling 10-year basis, the UK remains the second largest global defence exporter after the USA… The UK and France have historically vied with Russia for second or third place behind the USA. (Gov.UK)

    Amusingly, the FT short form news Briefing today goes with this little snippet: Guns spiked by cat videos… Nammo, one of Europe’s largest ammunition makers, has said it is struggling to expand because a data centre for TikTok is using up spare power in the area – 1st April come early over there at the globalist FT we wonder? Would they really joke about such serious matters as leathal weaponry?

    Nope, kid’s TV show Grange Hill had a character named Zammo, and it turns out there really is an arms manufacturer named Nammo. The Guardian says so – so it must be true: Norwegian company says TikTok data centre is limiting energy for manufacturing Ukraine ammunition… The chief executive of Nammo, which is co-owned by the Norwegian government, said a planned expansion of its largest factory in central Norway hit a roadblock due to a lack of surplus energy, with the construction of TikTok’s new data centre using up electricity in the local area.

    Either the cute kittens are in league with Putin or we blame Chinese state-controlled TikTok – I’m sure our media will get back to us when they’ve decided the narrative on this one.

    Our BBC tends to admire female firsts – ever keen to bring us male dominance challenging, patriachy-busting, glass ceiling smashing ladies: Nashville school shooting: Victims include ‘saint’ and adored little sister – for a moment there Mr AsI thought this must be a convent shooting and was expecting a quote from the Pope – apparenly several nuns down. However, the Beeb counts a lot of public sector teachers among its loyal audience and so it is school staff who are awarded such elevated semi-religious standing. One has to delve deeper for the female first. One reads on and on. No detail on the shooter. Suspiciously, five of six dead are named by the Beeb – one suspects they know more than they are letting on at present.

    Our print press aren’t quite so enamoured with US domestic news or so enagaged in the issue of US gun laws – perhaps they can’t afford so many US-based journos as the licence-funded outfit? Anyway, only the big broadsheet frontpage of the Telegraph finds room for this snippet: Woman, 28, kills six in US school shooting

    Get back to us BBC – when you’ve got the story straight

    ABC News blows the gaff and spills the beans and lets the cat out of the bag for us: Who was Nashville shooter Audrey Hale? The shooter who attacked students and teachers at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, on Monday was identified by police as 28-year-old Audrey Hale, who law enforcement said may have once attended the school… A police spokesperson told ABC News that Hale was assigned female at birth, and pointed to a social media account linked to Hale that included use of the pronouns he/him – which is all perfectly normal behaviour and these days to be rather encouraged and celebrated, rather than questioned, right?

    We look forward to our BBC explaining the gender intricacies of that one. When they get their story straight – so to speak. And perhaps asking a comment of the new-minted Scots First Minister – such mindbending gender issues are apparently right up his street?


    • Fedup2 says:

      I understand that the reason there have been delays getting the whole UK tank force to Eastern Europe is that they were waiting for the rainbow paints to dry …..


  15. andyjsnape says:

    Coronation street parties?

    As of 4hours ago the bs corp mentions that most councils needs to know by the end of March if your having a street party

    The mixed race women explains we have 3 days to arrange with the council, thanks for the notice


    • JohnC says:

      I wonder if they have to have ‘Terrorist assesment plans (not far-right terrorists either)’ and insurance before they are allowed.

      The BBC will be scouring them to find BAME for the news because very, very few will attend. They have no interest whatsoever in being ‘British’.


  16. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    On Mogg last night there was a young girl with coloured hair.

    Whoever is responsible for raising her, parents/school/whoever, they should be charged with child abuse.

    She came over as a terrified little girl seeing doom, death and destruction everywhere.
    She has been brainwashed and looks like she really believes all the lefty rubbish and end of the world crap.

    She is the result of the ‘progressive woke’ and they are turning more and more of the youth into gibbering nervous wrecks.

    Shame on the people responsible for doing this to her.

    Maybe it’s people like that gobby wimmin Dunlop who shouts everyone else down.

    I’m sure GBN get these extreme mad lefties on to show how stupid and silly they are. There are so many of them now on GBN.
    It must be on purpose.


  17. andyjsnape says:

    Ukraine war: Germany sends much-awaited Leopard tanks

    Yes 2 tanks


  18. Dickie says:

    Written by paula 0508 on the UK Column community site:

    hi guys, Im new here so please forgive me if im posting in the wrong place….erm, Ive seen something that doesnt make sense to me and even if im totally wrong here i felt i had to share it…I went on a site yesterday being nosey.

    Anyway, i think i have come across payments from Pfizer Ltd and Astrazeneca Biontec to doctors, nurses, consultants and pharmacists across the UK. It shows their names, where they work and what they were paid. There are 750 payments from Pfizer and around 1,100 payments from Astrazeneca. I couldnt think of any good reason they would be paying doctors and nurses…. The pages wont let me share them so you would have to see for yourself. All i can do is give you the link to the site, scroll down you will see pharma company , click that , text pfizer in search box. Then you will see pfizer ltd box…click that then go to 2021 , then click on HCP….ITS ALL THERE …..heres the link https://search.disclosureuk.org.uk/ let me know how you go…..🙏🙏


  19. andyjsnape says:

    Muslim Council of Great Britain: Yousaf election ‘momentous’ for Scotland and UK

    Not much longer the take over is nearly complete


  20. Flotsam says:

    Yes. Her name is Phoebe plummer. An absolute fruit cake, a loon, utterly brainwashed. I thought JRM handled her pretty well, he was like a psychotherapist dealing with a mental patient, more of a therapy session than an interview.
    These people have zero idea how the real world works, she’s been brought up and lives in a world which works on oil and energy.


    • Thoughtful says:

      She’s a useful tool of the oil industry paid for by them and helping them preserve enormous profits.


  21. andyjsnape says:

    Bargain hunters visiting supermarkets four times a week

    Got to admire the bs corp, the prices are going up, because…. we are partly being ripped off (sorry inflation)

    The bbc does nothing to help the average person, other than talk prices up!


  22. Dickie says:

    Nothing like a bit of humour unless you are a woman with nuts:



  23. G.W.F. says:

    BBC report on the Nashville shooting. Careful not to misgender the murderer. Chosen pronoun ‘They’.

    ”The shooter was armed with three guns, including a semi-automatic rifle, and was shot dead by police.
    They had left a manifesto and had drawn a detailed map of the school, with entry points. Police are now studying those documents”.



    • tomo says:



    • JohnC says:

      I wonder how long it is going to take them to realise how ridiculous they are and backtrack on all this pronoun nonsense.

      In the latest report, it seems the favoured description is ‘the shooter’. They use it no less than 7 times. But when I then see a quotation from a mother who said ‘”I think he’s doing better now that he knows that the shooter is dead,” I don’t believe it. I think the BBC wrote that.


    • tomo says:


      • Thoughtful says:

        Somewhat tasteless after the latest US school shootings.


        • tomo says:

          It’s not a leap I feel to suspect that the perp in Nashville had a wardrobe of black clothing activist accessory items that we’ve become familiar with?


    • theisland says:

      Newssniffer reveals that the bBC took over 16 rewrites to get to this point. There was a shift between versions 9 and 10 when the term ‘transgender’ was introduced.

      However, the current plan is to imply that the pesky US police were confused “There has been some confusion about Hale’s gender identity – with police initially describing the attacker as a woman, and later saying that Hale identified as transgender.”


    • Charlie Farley says:

      Dickie ,
      Wished you had put Warning on that….eg ‘ some may be Violently Sick after viewing this ‘ !


  24. atlas_shrugged says:

    Well overdue justified criticism of the pet BBC and big Pharma go to statistician Spiegelhalter:



  25. tomo says:

    Local nut job busybody twits appearing on streets…


    • Guest Who says:

      Further data to support my theory on hair dye impacts.

      Pink for XR Feebs, Blue for Sadiq SoiBois?

      Good knows what happens if they breed.


    • digg says:

      What amazes me is the number of twitters who defend these utter twats by pointing out that there is a no traffic sign.

      If this is what they think is appropriate and right then it leads to hordes of these blue haired weirdos standing underneath every speed limit sign all over the country with their own gatso speed guns. Not to mention using tape measures on parked cars to make sure they are not too close to junctions or too far away from the kerb.

      Maybe they can also start randomly stopping cars to check documentation such as MOT.

      Or maybe they could knock on random doors to check the occupants TV license.

      On the other hand it would save a lot of money as we could sack all the traffic police.


  26. Peter Sausages says:

    I do not know who the BBC employ to put news info on the ticker,but I have noticed loads of spelling mistakes,for example today Juiter is align with Mars ??


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      You reminded me that a month or so ago listening to R5, newsreader Karishma Patel read out Hartlepool as ‘Hartel pool’.

      I guess they can’t get the staff these days. Until Rishi opens a few more legal routes.


      • moggie63 says:

        I was under the impression that a dinghy on the south shore already is a legal route. I don’t class being put up in a hotel, given food and money as any sort of punishment under the law.


    • TrickCyclist says:

      I remember something like this from years ago when Mark Austin was still with ITV.
      He read out Didier Drogba’s name as ‘Dee-Dee-Ay Drog-Bar,’ emphasis on all syllables.
      I’m guessing he’s so simple his autocue has to be written phonetically.


  27. Fedup2 says:

    Peter – I used to look at it more than I do now – but it’s a sick game really – the posters are about 22 – 30 , femail, media studies graduate from a former poly – London / Manchester based …. Green crap – godless – far left – ‘bi’ – drug taker -never had a real job – good group thinker –

    I think the standard drops even further at weekends


  28. Thoughtful says:



    The image won’t post maybe someone more savvy could help ?


    • tomo says:

      use https://imgbb.com/ and copy the image address (you might have to edit a .jpg onto the address and upload) – then chose “BBCode full linked” as the address to paste here, trimming off the url tags…


      The statistical likelihood of random seems erm… remote?


  29. tomo says:

    O’Brien doing what O’Brien does….

    Can’t be long now until Owen Jones weighs in….


    • Guest Who says:

      Jimbo, late of Newsnight parish, can’t fathom stuff but plumbs depths anyway?

      Desperate stuff, LBC. Even for you.


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      We need more gender dysphoria and hormone blockers; ban guns and Christmas cards.

      It’s the only solution.


  30. Guest Who says:

    The new form of journalism has many facets, this one being…. ‘Deciding it is not news because it does not, as such, suit’.



    • MarkyMark says:

      The BBC has been strangely silent about the EU’s u-turn on the banning of sales of new internal combustion engine cars.

      The EU Parliament originally voted last year for the ban, which would take effect in 2035. However Germany and Italy led a rebellion to block the move, and demanded that ICEs should still be allowed so long as they were able to use “carbon neutral” e-fuels, as I noted last week. The EU has now caved in to German demands, but curiously the BBC does not seem very keen for its readers to know!

      I wonder why?


  31. tomo says:


  32. Terminal Moraine says:

    A fake image of the Pope in a puffer jacket was going around recently. Innocent enough, but as someone points out it shows the increased need to be skeptical of fabricated stuff in the AI-generated age.

    All fair points and the same message that Wendling and Marianna etc patronisingly explain is a bad thing for everyone. But this is the fun kind of fake news, and ubiquitous use of AI has nothing to do with the 4th Industrial Revolution (a conspiracy theory) so BBC senior factchucker Rachel is fine with it.

    Rachel and her school chums are pushing to govern evidence and knowledge in the public space. The stupidity is getting really hard to take.


  33. Thoughtful says:

    Like many on here I have just received my notice that a price increase on Mobile and broadband charges will increase by the maximum amount Ofcom will allow mid contract and it’s left me wondering just who Ofcom is actually working on behalf of, the consumers as it’s supposed to, or the big oligarchy communication firms.

    They are allowed to raise prices by the CPI plus 3.9% this has seen increases to bills of over 14% this year at a time when people are struggling with other costs rising, the justification of this is state by Ofcom:

    “We regulate wholesale telecoms prices in a way that sets the right conditions for companies to build these faster, more reliable networks.”

    So it is admitting it is not working in the consumers interest at all, just in a way which allegedly encourages the providers to expand network capabilities.

    Ofcom now claims that it has woken up to this issue, and is aware it isn’t at all in the consumer interests, however this is what it states:


    “Our enforcement programme is looking at contracts entered into between 1 March 2021 and 16 June 2022. On 17 June 2022”

    So they are looking at a very narrow band of contracts and only then to see if they informed consumers of the rises to be expected during the contract period correctly.

    Ofcom clearly state that they are not going to be changing the above inflation maximum price rises for the big companies, and that their primary consideration is the big companies ability to expand 5G capacity. They are not interested in the struggling consumer one little bit, and it makes me wonder if this corporate philosophy is extended to the BBC oversight they are supposed to be excercising, it would explain a lot if it were.


    • digg says:

      Thoughtful… thereby hangs a tale of my own recent broadband experience….

      Having had a Business Broadband account with a Northern supplier who shall remain nameless but claim they will “do you proud” in a very Yorkshire way, they suddenly informed me that in future they will no longer be offering a business level service and basically I would need to take my custom elsewhere whether I liked it or not.

      So…. I needed the business service for it’s fixed IP address as I need to log in to secure servers when working from home.

      They suggested I take a look at one megalith business broadband company as an alternative. (Keeping a bit quiet that the same business actually own them!). They offered to negotiate to get me all set up which they set about with gusto once I agreed.

      I went ahead and pretty quickly I had my new broadband up and running with a painless switch-over albeit with substantially higher costs.

      The killer blow came when I received my “Final Bill” from the original supplier which billed me a huge wedge for “early termination” as if I was somehow at fault.

      Furious is not the word!


  34. Guest Who says:

    The media, never, the most trustworthy of entities, has utterly dragged itself below any measure of credibility. At all levels.

    This quote I saw recently resonated:

    Even back in 1944, the CIA knew how to ruin a meeting. They listed a few tactics in their Simple Sabotage Field Manual—a guide for undermining enemies during World War II. If you run workplace meetings, or are someone who attends (too many of) them, I’d be willing to bet some of the “tactics” will seem familiar. Such as “haggle over precise wording of communications.” Clearly the CIA had not studied newsrooms…

    Think BBc EdGuds.

    And then…


    To be fair, they do this with any questions to the narrative.

    Of course, in GIGO terms, fear is a great tool.


    I am very much loving the output of UN Soaf, who combines Justin Rowlatt, Greta and Springster all too well.

    But when on the defensive, or offensive, go ism.


    A worthy list of lazy cubicle spin in this piece.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      There was no CIA in 1944, it was created by the National Security Act of 1947. The writer probably means the OSS, but who needs facts?


      • Fedup2 says:

        Rob – ha ha that’s what they wanted you to think …
        ( actually who cares )


  35. Zelazek says:

    So, Humza Yousaf has become First Minister of Scotland.

    My first instinct, believing as I do that racial and religious homogeneity is crucial for a peaceful and trusting society, is that this is a disaster for Scotland.

    Yousaf is a Muslim. This is another significant step in the Islamic takeover of the West and the destruction of our white European Christian civilisation. Yousaf likes to wear a tartan tie and he plays down his faith when it seems prudent to do so but he has the totalitarian mindset typical of his fanatical desert religion. His Hate Crime Bill was antithetical to the precious freedom of speech that has been hard-won over many centuries in this country. The man wants children to report the dinner table remarks of their own parents. He is a ferocious racebaiter. His hatred of white people became apparent during his notorious diversity speech in which he spat out the word “white” 19 times. He also accused the Hindu owners of a children’s nursery of racism and used questionable tactics to try and prove it.

    And yet I take a few positives from his election. I do not see him persuading more Scots of the independence argument. He is just too unlikeable. He is surprisingly unpopular among the SNP where he wasn’t the first choice for leader of even half the members. He is even more unpopular among SNP voters and is thoroughly disliked by the rest of the Scottish electorate. I have heard that he is not liked even amongst Scottish Muslims. In my view his incompetence in all the cabinet posts he has held predicts a spectacular failure as First Minister. Surely this will lead to a disillusionment with the SNP and the demand for indyref2 to fall away.

    Yousaf’s election may actually be a promising development for those of us who would like to see the SNP decline and the union strengthened.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Daft Comments to Scottish Muslims | No Offence But…



    • Thoughtful says:

      It’s a great opportunity for Scotland to rid itself of the Scottish Nazis at long last.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Some might say that one way or another it’s the opportunity for 50 million in England to get rid of @80 000 SNP ……

        Really need to start planning for a solid border should it come to it …. Independence really must be total independence in every way …. Not the ‘best bits ‘….

        Personally I’d like to see an `English parliament – but it will never happen …


  36. Guest Who says:

    A couple more I came across:


    Clearly Springster and a be-wellied collection of rainbow country walkers need to head out to reinforce this. Me, I may stick with the gamekeeper.

    And then, for balance…


    I do not hate her. I do not know her. What I am aware of seems at best odd.

    What I am aware of is what the media has so far made of the court case, and the ebb and flow has been interesting.

    Initially she was fair game, like Mr. Depp. Certainly out of the blocks the person matters more than the facts.

    Now… as folk get stuff unfiltered by the MSM gob teams, and holes in plots widen… they are backing off.

    But hey, law, luvvies and lampreys with space to fill.

    What is not to distain?


  37. Guest Who says:

    And finally, as the tea brews, recall a recent post about local democracy propaganda in the shires?

    Well, not me down with a BBc bung, it has made the big time….


    Well, inasmuch as HTFP’s readership of six hacks is ‘big’.

    But look at it… ‘demands’, ‘defended’…

    Tripe like this will only hasten their demi… oh…


    A report has found something!

    “say that communities are demanding local news outlets be supported and saved from extinction and call on funders and policymakers for support.”

    A quick look at the comments to the blatant propaganda by the paper above suggests not.

    And reasons are not hard to find:

    “‘Most local newspapers in the UK are owned by three large corporations, which have received millions of pounds in handouts from the government, big tech and the BBC.”

    The dead hand of the BBC infects all.

    Anyhoo, with a set of elections coming, who can be trusted to ensure things are rigged properly?




  38. Philip_2 says:

    We come to expect the left trashing the ‘conservatives’ (small C or little c), That the BBC has become a spokesperson and apologist for western values. It values are predictably big state EU, one world global political union of Bolsheviks with tinges of Trotsky (for balance). Any hope of impartiality (posing as English values) are lost in the meaningless jumble of post colonial ‘British’ values posing as ‘multiculturalism’ that has failed elsewhere in Europe, the BBC point to the ‘success’ of its adoption in the UK. The BBC have long despised the lower classes of the UK, preferring to promote minorities over the masses who tend to vote against what the BBC promotes as another ‘human right’ based on EU principles that no nation is above any other than Brussels. The New Roman empire to eradicate the nations state and make us all ‘plebs’ in an EU super-state where only the elite rule in a closed loop of false promises and sham democracy with huge payouts for the EU tunnel vision. The BBC failed to admit that it took EU money to promote EU values in its accounts which is already based heavily on a state controlled TV tax called the TV license. May of us fail to see that the BBC is in fact part of the UK civil-service elite, and its ONLY independence is the BBC TV license. When the BBC claims its impartial it obviously untrue, but its very existence is based on that Charter claim to exist, unquestioned as it is in parliament (where even Conservatives) state that its impartial, when its obviously not, and has not been ever. It is VERY partial as we all know on this site. Very partial and bordering on Marxism by its over inflated and BBC trained staff to follow ‘editorial guidelines’ (by self admitted and proud) Trotskyists.

    The few that have escaped to question the BBC ‘reality’ is Robin Aitken (who often writes in the Telegraph) about the BBC perversions and antics. You can read more here from 2013 here on quotes of shame. https://biasedbbc.tv/quotes-of-shame/

    I read Robin Atkins book many years ago, and I did not realise how biased and systematic the BBC perversion and distortion was then and now (worse). It was called ‘Can We Trust the BBC?” the answer is obviously NO!. Nothing on the BBC can be trusted. The BBC are taking us to hell-in-a-handcart, and each and every bite sized piece of socialism for the masses, is recycled ‘world wide’ as ‘proof’ that the BBC is still a ‘global-leader’ – ‘independent from governments’ — as if that was actually true and NOT in practice. In ‘truth’ the BBC is now only bound to its Charter in a ‘war time’ national emergency and His Majesty’s pleasure (for what it worth). Events such as COVID are also emergencies. So the BBC were only following orders then by a governemnt spokeman called Chris Whitty. Only later did we learn that he took orders and prognosis from WEF and Bill Gates.
    The WEF are saving the planet. The UN has made a series of ‘global’ targets to save the world by 2030, many of which go back to the 1970‘s when a collection of Marxist realised that the only way they can ‘change’ the world is via a series of ‘soft’ socialism targets and step by step agenda’s designed to boots the vanity of government leaders. The Human Rights act is one of those contract the UK invented and grossly abused by the EU and UN to enforce a ‘global’ social idealism that only China and Russia are members of. By that, they have to destroy all Western values, create death by Abortion (as a human right), make transgenderism (a human right), a life on hard drugs – paid by the state (as a human right), abolishing the family unit (recently the UN were over ruled on that this month, but for how long). The UN claim the ‘family’ is sexist and should, be abolished. The word ‘parent’ and Mother and Father being (according t the UN ‘sexist’).

    The very foundations of our society are being torn apart by the very people who claim to be saving the world. The same people who claim the ‘antidote’ to all future COVID outbreaks (and ensuring that EVERYONE gets a compulsory injection of chemicals, including vulnerable children). The same people who managed to get IMMUNITY from prosecution form ‘adverse effects’ to all drugs based in and around COVID ‘vaccines’. Even when there is no ‘vaccine effect’ the rule applies, even if the exact cause of death is the ‘vaccine’. You cannoy sute the US drug companies, in fact they they are all IMMUNE. This was imperative (we were all told at he time, necessary as it was a national and global ‘emergency’. Te kind of thing the BBC has ‘immunity’ from most prosecution (not the sexual perversions) but all manner of news and views (which tend to be views more than news).

    You have to ask where the BBC is in all of this, and its far deeper than the BBC itself. it is simply ‘following orders’ that it has to ‘air’ as if it was true. And truth, as we all know, can be entirely contrived to support an Agenda. So Climate Change, Abortion and total abolition of the nation state and the entire ‘concept’ of family are all for the chop in this Brave New World built around Climate Change. A cor-ordinate d disaster where the very ait we breath is now ‘toxic’. Every Left wing Council are currently enforcing it, the Mayor of London even has the backing of the rump of ‘Conservatives’ in a so called national ‘Climate Tzar’. He endorses what the Left are trying to do, as a national ‘net zero ‘ strategy that is a far from Science based as you can possibly get. CO2 being an obvious exaggeration, yet necessary for all like on Earth to exist.

    We are witnessing the total destruction of western values in our lifetime.
    Global politics, the BBC is just a pawn claiming ‘impartiality’ when it never had any to begin with. And even when proved otherwise, continues to distort the UK and global news for its audience and sponsors. Its on the take, and has been for most of my lifetime. It also takes ‘Ads’ as documentaries. You really have to dig deep to find that kind of information, that never gets as far as UK parliament ‘question time’. The BBC have there own ‘question time’ designed to make it appear ‘totally’ normal that social norms can be changed to suit a noisy minority. For the BBC the ‘end of the world’ is a global business. And it makes a lot of money claiming that ‘apocalypse’ is just around the corner.

    The End of the Western World. (A series of six videos by the new Culture Forum)
    I think this series is imoprtant. The antidote to the BBC posturings, UN agenda.s, The EU impostions, the Green zealots. the progressive cults of doom. The Bollocks of the BBC claims of BBC ‘impartiality’ that still calls itself ‘progressive’ social champions and funds the Labour party and employs them as ‘experts’ in debates.


    I hope to watch them all. This is the first one…. Liberty or Death?


    • MarkyMark says:



    • MarkyMark says:

      Has the BBC ever lied to me …. YES.
      “Gavin Hewitt in 2015 replacing video with still photos to hide a nasty refugee pushing a pregnant female refugee and small child onto a train track, the BBC made it look like the border guards were being tough.”

      Has the BBC ever hidden news from me …. YES.
      “May 2018 the Day of Freedom march was not reported on the main website or the main news channel and is not available on the BBC £3.5bn online search page – other news agencies including the Guardian reported it.”

      Has the BBC kept the public in the dark …. YES.
      “We know that the UK MP expenses continues and should be investigated with the £3.5bn BBC New Service every year to keep the MPs on their toes, David Lammy bought a bike for £650 on expenses (Claim Ref:387540/17oct2014) which is blatant misuse of Tax Payer Money. How come the BBC don’t check up each year?”

      Has the BBC ignored politician’s lies …. YES.
      “UK Politicians are on TV shouting austerity and recession but all have taken an 18% pay increase from 2010 to 2018. How can they talk for the people when the live in their own bubble?”

      Has the BBC moved from news to social engineering …. YES.
      “By 2020, the BBC wants its employees to comprise 50% women, 8% disabled people, 8% lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people and 15% people from black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds.{bbc.co.uk 14sep2017}”

      Has the BBC let journalist break their guidelines …. YES.
      “Gary ‘£1.75m’ Lineker uses his twitter account to say Brexit is bad, EU is good. But not once has he confronted Jacob Rees-Mogg or Nigel Farage to talk about it. It is a one sided echo chamber.”



  39. s.trubble says:

    Will Mr Tim Davie hold on to his position now that he has had his reporting line changed to Mr G Lineker.


    • Kaiser says:

      I see old jug ears is keeping his £4.9m

      wonder if he will donate it to the RNLI


  40. tomo says:

    Compelling evidence ?


  41. tomo says:

    Thin end of the wedge


    • MarkyMark says:



    • Fedup2 says:

      Tomo – whilst the French get well into the street demos the best the British do is put boxes over ULEZ cameras and try to torch concrete road blocks … damn Far Right threat again …


      • tomo says:

        The French street demo thing is healthy imho – but sometimes I’m not sure who’s doing what !

        The left impersonating the right etc., etc. Some of the Gilets Jaunes stuff was obviously pissed off locals – but seeing the riot cops down batons and join the protesters … that’s never going to be on the BBC.

        I know people who are very angry indeed over ULEZ and furious at the lying from TfL, Khant and the grasping fining swines at London Borough Councils – we *will* see torched cameras and cut cables.

        Fixed speed cameras in the SW haven’t been a thing outside of towns for some time as many only lasted a few weeks. I hear Bristol + Bath ULEZ and bus lane cameras are being targeted but reporting is muted.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Tomo – I’m angry as hell over ULEZ and I congratulate anyone doing the cameras ….

          ….. new thread time …


  42. StewGreen says:

    MOnday BBC local newsPR
    “A ship and its crew of ECO WARRIORS are getting ready to leave Hull to protect whales”
    “team from around the world”
    ” we are going to BLOCK Icelandic whalers”
    The claim tjhat the organiser Paul Watson founded Greenpeace
    but left cos it doesn’t do enough DIRECT ACTION lawbreaking


  43. tomo says:

    Best place for London cyclists?

    I wonder if it connects chez Vile with Portland Place?



    • TrickCyclist says:

      Have you ever used the Greenwich Foot Tunnel? (Goes under the Thames from Cutty Sark to Island Gardens)
      Cyclists are required to dismount to use it. Signage tells you not to cycle. Common sense tells you not to cycle.
      But arseholes will be arseholes.


      • tomo says:

        yes – used it once a long time ago – on a visit to the ship and the pub for the legendary deep fried whitebait


  44. tomo says:

    Seeing a claim that 300+ US Marine Harriers have been moved to Poland – possibly the entire US inventory…

    Wonder if it’s true – or some sh1t-posting by moronic click hungry gits?


  45. Dickie says:


  46. Fedup2 says:

    Come on then – which nations’ tank is gonna get zapped first ?

    Or maybe they’ll stand guard over the presidents’ palace .

    The bounty putin must have put on getting one must be worth it …