Weekend 1 April 2023

All Fools . A day when it was fairly easy to spot the April Fools gags . But now that the world has gone truly mad – it’s far more tricky – such as people still paying for a TV Licence . Just Stop .

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  1. digg says:

    Didn’t expect to be first but anyway….

    Lots of chatter about meat being sold which is bad, cleaned, by some companies…..

    Don’t make me puke, thus is just another vegan attack….

    Just leave it you dopes….

    We know what you are up to!


    • Up2snuff says:

      I dig that, digg. Well done on your pole position. Many years ago a family friend worked in a jam factory. The tales from which could put you off jams and conserves for life.


      • TrickCyclist says:

        Similarly many years ago I knew someone who worked in a. . . fast food outlet. (I’d better not name it but as the late, great Jethro said, “Hasn’t he done well since he had that farm?”)
        Anyway this bloke told me, without explanation, “Just don’t ever eat in one.” And I never have.


        • Scroblene says:

          I had to do a project management survey at a meat prep firm several years ago, and to this day, cannot enjoy pate after seeing how it’s squ………….



    • MarkyMark says:

      Digg, being first means we all lose – please kneel to everyone to show you have no competitive edge and can end racism on one knee.


      • Scroblene says:

        I’m so sorry Mark, I put my post in above yours, although you were here first…

        Please accept this million splonder cheque for reparation for this, I’ll feel so much less guilty now, and can carry on being a smug little git, beaming down at all the dross potential Grauniad readers whom I soak when I rush through puddles in my 7×7 and curse at for being in my important way…


  2. MarkyMark says:

    Live reporting on 1st April 2023 in London…


  3. MarkyMark says:

    Local councils are implementing LTNs, 15-minute cities, allowing drag queens into libraries, demolishing historic buildings and chopping down ancient trees for cycle paths, bus lanes and ‘regeneration’.
    To prevent more of this destruction and chaos, join and stand for the Heritage Party.

    Join the Heritage Party: heritageparty.org
    Support me here: http://www.davidkurten.net/donate-2


  4. MarkyMark says:

    As Ramadan continues Glasgow-born Aisha Murray will observe the daily fast. She became a Muslim revert well over a decade ago and while she is accustomed to the requirements of Ramadan now, her first attempt at fasting was a struggle.



    2017 ….

    That is why the Saudi Report was cancelled and never revealed (I believe) …. it would show what is happening in an instant.

    Amber Rudd, are schools teaching “Islamist extremist material” being tracked?
    A DEGREE OF INFLUENCE: The funding of strategically important subjects in UK universities
    “What is noticeable from the research undertaken in this report is the disparity
    in the levels of funding from the countries studied. There are huge amounts
    of cash currently being donated by Arab and Islamic sources (University of Cambridge / £1.2m / UAE / Appointment of a full-time lecturer specialising in Islam / 1996)
    , and this has undoubtedly
    led to a degree of influence in the oversight of UK universities. China,
    however, while donating only a relatively small amount of cash, has managed
    to gain a disproportionate amount of influence in UK higher education via its
    Confucius Institutes. What is also clear is that, in terms of money donated, the
    likes of Japan and Russia do not appear to have the desire to influence higher
    education in the same way as China or certain countries in the Muslim world.”

    Remember when the BBC actually chased the story …
    “…birthdays, remember, are the practices of disbelievers and immoral people. {bbc panorama video 2010}” @8:33
    “… the books (supposed to originate from London) turn out to be the Saudi Official National Curriculum. {bbc panorama video 2010}” @22:13



  5. MarkyMark says:

    Start The Week
    Radio 4, 27 March 2023

    In a live discussion on the topic ‘Climate – Past, Present and Future’, Professor Dame Jane Francis (Director, British Antarctic Survey) referred to recent events in Mississippi and mistakenly said that hurricanes have become more frequent and worse. The weather event in Mississippi was a tornado, and while there is evidence that climate change leads to an increase in some extreme weather events, the link between hurricanes and tornadoes and climate change is still being investigated and the science is uncertain.

    uncertain …. mistakenly said … uncertain …. mistakenly said




    • StewGreen says:

      Little Rock tornado: Emergency declared after ‘devastating …
      https://www.bbc.co.uk › world-us-canada-65131914
      57 minutes ago — In pictures: Mississippi tornado devastates town … It is unclear if the severity of the storm was fuelled by climate change, and the link

      In typical BBC sermon style they end with the line they want you to take away THE TAKE

      It is unclear if the severity of the storm was fuelled by climate change, and the link between tornadoes and warming weather is complex.
      The world has already warmed by about 1.2C since the industrial era began and temperatures will keep rising unless governments around the world make steep cuts to emissions, says the United Nations’ climate panel

      That fails to mention that the Earth has a long history has been way hotter many times.

      Another sermon
      5 days ago “More storms feared after Mississippi tornado”
      End lines

      The impact of climate change on the frequency of storms is still unclear, but we know that increased sea surface temperatures warm the air above and make more energy available to drive hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons.
      As a result, they are likely to be more intense with more extreme rainfall.


  6. Guest Who says:

    Almost worth a meme, but, well, now….


  7. Zephir says:

    I was around on Friday afternoon and the town was full of kids at 1 PM, I thought it must be a school holiday, nope it seems the teachers want to go home early.
    6 weeks work and they need a few days off as well:

    School year (2022/23)

    Start of term: 1 September 2022

    Half term holiday: 24 October 2022 – 28 October 2022

    Christmas holiday: 22 December 2022 – 4 January 2023

    Half term holiday: 13 February 2023 – 17 February 2023

    Easter holiday: 3 April 2023 – 14 April 2023

    Half term holiday: 29 May 2023 – 2 June 2023

    Summer holiday: 24 July 2023 – 31 August 2023


  8. Richard Pinder says:


    Ten reasons the BBC has banned April fool jokes

    (1) April fool jokes are Fake News
    (2) April fool jokes are Misinformation
    (3) April fool jokes are Disinformation
    (4) April fool jokes are Malinformation
    (5) April fool jokes are Russian interference
    (6) April fool jokes are not authorised by OFCOM
    (7) April fool jokes are not authorised by the Ministry of Truth
    (8) April fool jokes are not authorised by the Trusted News Initiative
    (9) April fool jokes are not authorised by the Behavioural Insights Team
    (10) April fool jokes are not authorised by the Disinformation Governance Board


    • MarkyMark says:

      Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi admits taxpayers paid power bill for his stables
      This article is more than 9 years old
      MP promises to repay the part of £5,822.27 expenses claim for second home energy bills that relates to electricity for stables




    • MarkyMark says:

      Max Miller, the “Cheeky Chappie” of Britain’s music hall, liked to say that the great thing about comedy was that it was the only job where if you’re really bad at it nobody laughs at you. The dead hand of the demographically exhausted German state is taking it to a whole other level:

      The German government has approved a criminal inquiry into a comic who mocked the Turkish president, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced.

      By law, the government must approve any use of an article of the criminal code on insulting foreign leaders.

      Mrs Merkel stressed that the courts would have the final word.



  9. Zephir says:

    Looking at some of the stupid things people have been arrested for recently, I found a mountain bike abandoned on the path outside of my house yesterday and called the police, they told me to leave it, I asked if they were coming and they said no.
    I feel sorry for whoever owns the bike.

    I looked and found this afterwards:

    “If your bike gets stolen, don’t expect the police to help.

    How effective is the UK police force at combating bicycle theft?

    In London if your bike is stolen, you have a 4% chance of ever recovering it. As previous miraculous stories from readers show, you have an uphill struggle to get the police to help you.

    This is exactly what the crew discovered, when they setup a bike fitted with a GPS tracker in Hackney.

    As the YouTube video reveals, the bicycle which was secured with a flimsy lock was stolen within a few hours.

    The stolen bike was then tracked via a GPS tracker (one that we’ll be reviewing soon on London Cyclist) and found in a block of flats in Haggerston.

    (See also: How to get your bike stolen)

    A met police car arrives on location

    The film crew then travelled to the location and called the police. Fifty minutes later a car arrived. The crew notes that this is twice the time it takes a police car to arrive in Budapest.

    After spending half an hour checking the details of the individuals, they initially refused to take any action. Eventually, they agreed to knock on some of the flats.

    Unfortunately, they didn’t get any results, as the film crew was not allowed to follow them in with their radio beacon which could accurately pinpoint a location. In the mean time, the bike was moved to another flat.

    This time the police outright refused to help and left the crew to take matters in to their own hands.”



  10. JohnC says:

    Trump will not appear in court in handcuffs – lawyer


    Today: The same f*cking woman:

    So ONE ‘protestor’ outside Trump Towers and the press are there to photgraph her. It’s very clearly staged. And the BBC run her picture as front-page headlines 2 days running.

    And this flood of articles comes after they have totally cancelled ALL positive stories about Trump or the election fraud for years now.

    What REALLY stinks to high heaven about this though is that they used their majority to try and impeach Trump THREE TIMES and failed. Now they launch the first ever prosecution of an ex-president on a ridiculously unimportant charge.

    It’s very very obviously political persecution on a scale which belongs back in the old Soviet Union or in a corrupt third-world Asian country. It should have no place in our advanced ‘democracy’.

    But this is the REAL problem : none of the media will even suggest that. Because they are now as corrupt as the politicians. They want rid of Trump. Our democracy is gone and the free-press check-and-balance is gone.

    The BBC get away with it because OFCOM are bascially the same people.

    These are very dark times for ‘freedom’.


    • Zephir says:

      This will backfire big time, I have looked at online news story comments and many of those ambivalent to Trump are seething at the injustice compared to Biden, Clinton and their corrupt and sexually criminal families and cohorts.

      I saw the Biden son video before it was “cleaned ” from the internet, he likes his drugs and he likes very young naked friends.


      “Joe Biden, President of the United States, is not having the best of times at the helm of the world’s leading power as his son Hunter Biden has just been caught on video with a prostitute and drugs that he allegedly bought himself.

      In the audiovisual clip, which lasts approximately 18 seconds, the US president’s son can be seen talking to a prostitute about whether she has any crack, i.e. cocaine in rock form.

      Naturally, the video has gone viral in a matter of minutes, as you can clearly see Biden Jr’s face as he smokes and weighs about 21 grams of crack.

      In the video you can also see the belongings of his female companion, who could be a sex worker. Now, this is not the first scandal involving Joe Biden’s son”



    • popeye says:

      On the front page of the BBC News there are FIVE articles about Trump. Strangely, given this prominence, none are in the Ten Most Viewed. Not everyone shares the BBC’s TDS


      • StewGreen says:

        screenshot of the BBCnews webpage



        • StewGreen says:

          I agree with this tweeter


          • MarkyMark says:

            YOUR COMPLAINT:

            President Trump’s 100 Days President Biden’s 0 Day 

            Dear Winston Smith in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth,

            You covered President Trump’s 100 Days and then produced a Beyond 100 Days to hold power to account.

            Why have you not done the same for President Biden to hold power to account?

            ‘Omission is the greatest form of lie.’ 


            Thank you again for contacting us,

            BBC Complaints Team


  11. Zephir says:

    Other videos are available


    • MarkyMark says:

      Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook restricting a story about Joe Biden’s son during the 2020 election was based on FBI misinformation warnings.

      The New York Post alleged leaked emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop showed the then vice-president was helping his son’s business dealings in Ukraine.

      Facebook and Twitter restricted sharing of the article, before reversing course amid allegations of censorship.

      Zuckerberg said that getting the decision wrong “sucks”.



  12. Zephir says:

    He should go to the police RE hate speech ?

    “Gary Lineker used Nazi slurs to smear my wife… I lost family in the Holocaust and I find that disgusting: He’s never given an interview before but Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s husband was so incensed by the BBC star’s tweet he HAD to speak out”



  13. Zephir says:

    “‘I’ve always tried to keep out of it but this time it feels personal,’ he says. ‘It’s too much.’

    The tipping point? He calls it ‘the Gary Lineker intervention’. His wife has become used to being vilified on social media but last month, the most extraordinary debacle unfolded when Match Of The Day host Lineker publicly took issue with Braverman’s most high-profile policy: the Illegal Migration Bill, which aims to ban illegal migrants from settling in Britain.

    It is undoubtedly a contentious Bill but Lineker, who as a BBC figure is subject to impartiality guidelines, tweeted to his eight million Twitter followers that it was an ‘immeasurably cruel policy directed at the most vulnerable people in language that is not dissimilar to that used by Germany in the Thirties’.

    All hell broke loose. Lineker was suspended from his £1.35 million BBC job and taken off air amid claims the attack on the Government was breaching BBC impartiality, but was reinstated after other celebrities backed him.

    The controversy is still rumbling on but the abuse directed at Suella since then has been significant.

    ‘There have been mocked-up images of Suella standing outside concentration camps, outside Auschwitz, laughing,’ says Rael. ‘Well, I am Jewish. I lost family members in those concentration camps. I find that offensive.’
    He was appalled enough at the original tweet. ‘I was disgusted. Personally, I think making comparisons between our politicians and our country and Nazi Germany is intellectually lazy — and when you have public figures doing that, you kind of legitimise the abuse, make it acceptable.

    ‘I don’t think it’s any concidence that the memes and Nazi slurs appeared after Lineker’s tweet. At least I hadn’t seen any before.

    ‘It’s unacceptable on so many levels. It really minimises the horror of what went on. It’s disrespectful to Holocaust survivors and to those who lost family members in the concentration camps — and that includes my family.’ To be fair, Gary Lineker did not use the word Nazi. ‘Moot point,’ says Rael. ‘He might as well have done. If he was not referring to Nazi Germany, what was he referring to? I’d like to hear that from him. What else was he talking about?”


  14. JohnC says:

    Dars: BBC education show in Afghanistan helps children banned from school

    Ahhhh – all become clear now why the BBC have been pushing such ridiculously over-the-top articles about girls and schools in Afghanistan.

    They were building up the picture to be as sad and desperate as possible ready for this monumental agenda-based virtue-signalling stunt.

    1) Why are the British public funding this ?.
    2) I guarantee we won’t get told how many people actually use it.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Bacha bāzī (Persian: بچه بازی, lit. “boy play”;[1] from بچه bacheh, “boy”, and بازی bazi “play, game”) is a slang term used in Afghanistan[2][3] for a custom in Afghanistan involving child sexual abuse by older men of young adolescent males or boys, called dancing boys, often involving sexual slavery and child prostitution.[4] Though outlawed, bacha bazi is still practiced in certain regions of Afghanistan.[5][6][3] Force and coercion are common, and security officials of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan stated they were unable to end such practices and that many of the men involved in bacha bazi are powerful and well-armed warlords.[7][8][9]

      During the Afghan Civil War (1996–2001), bacha bazi carried the death penalty under Taliban law.[10] Under the post-Taliban government, the practice of dancing boys was illegal under Afghan law, but the laws were seldom enforced against powerful offenders, and police had reportedly been complicit in related crimes.[11][12] Despite international concern and its illegality, the practice continued under the post-Taliban government.[13][14]

      A controversy arose after allegations surfaced that U.S. government forces in Afghanistan after the invasion of the country deliberately ignored bacha bazi.[15] The U.S. military responded by claiming the abuse was largely the responsibility of the “local Afghan government”.[16]


      Mama Ru presides as fabulous queens aim to be the UK’s next Drag Race superstar. Who will dazzle the celeb judges and the amazing Michelle Visage? Join the party, squirrel friends!


  15. taffman says:

    “Dover ferry passengers warned of long delays as coaches queue up”
    They should ‘tool up’ and get buying some ‘used’ rubber dinghies ?
    How long before the beeboids blame Brexit?


    • Mrs Kitty says:

      Yesterday I’m sure they were blaming Brexit for something,everything is always Brexits fault.


  16. AsISeeIt says:

    The usual suspect edition

    BBC education show in Afghanistan helps children banned from school (BBC) – that’s our licence fee well spent then. I’m sure we’ll all feel the benefit of that expenditure so generously made on our behalf.

    If there’s one thing worse than having to pay a tart for sex, it’s having to pay her again to keep quiet about it… and then she runs crying to a judge: Trump to turn himself in as indictment rocks US politics… Hush-money allegations… Ex-president claims ‘witch hunt’ (FT)

    Orange man bad, pink paper good: The Financial Times has won newspaper of the year at the 2023 Newspaper Awards for its ‘powerful editorial content’ (FT blowing it’s own trumpet there)

    No need to guess the liberal-leaning Times full-colour frontpage pin-up today: Stormy Daniels said she was not afraid to face Donald Trump in a courtroom: “I’ve seen him naked. There’s no way he could be scarier with his clothes on”

    The Mirror flags up: Storm warning… Ex-porn star Daniels: Trump charge will lead to deaths – looking on the bright side – his presidency didn’t see America starting any of their new wars around the globe – which was rather unusual and may perhaps have irritated a few in the State Department. International relations have turned somewhat more stormy since Biden took office.

    Our Stormy might serve as segueway to our BBC’s utter obsession with US local weather reporting: US tornadoes leave four dead, including one at Illinois music gig – BBC US-based reporters over thre copying and pasting reports for us this side of the pond – nice gig indeed

    Meanwhile: COP27: Climate anxiety is rising – it might be a good thing… particularly among young people, who have mostly only known a world affected by climate change – there’s something of a casual admission of our kids’ indoctrination there: By Georgina Rannard, BBC News Climate & Science. Us of the longer in the tooth generation can still recall scientists warning us of an oncoming new ice age. And our parents advising us to put on a vest. Or perhaps an extra football jersey…

    Football kit redesigns highlight climate change (BBC) – I’m calling April Fools on this story – and sincerely hope it is a joke. But it is a fun challenge, nonetheless. Let’s see… I’ll start the ball rolling… Nottingham De-Forestation… Tottenham Hot-spurs (Obviously)…over to you dear readers.

    Of course Stormy Daniels won’t always had have to face her clients – no doubt sometimes she will have been asked to do it doggie-style…

    O’Grady’s legacy… Star’s death sparks £100k surge in donations to his beloved dogs home (Mirror)

    There’s little more difference than a chip paper between the editorial politics, style and outlook of the Times and Guardian these days…

    The Guardian likewise takes the opportunity to picture a pro on their frontpage – but she’s not what you think – this is: Protesters took to the streets in New York following news that Donald Trump was to be indicted – did anyone protest against his arrest we wonder? This Guardian-friendly trendy-looking young lady straight out of central casting in pink woolie hat and rose-tinted glasses (I kid you not) brandishes a professionally printed placard assuming the verdict: “Trump is Guilty


  17. Jeff says:

    It’s April 1st, All Fools Day and I haven’t been out to buy the papers yet. I wonder what the headlines might be…

    President Trump indicted…We’re being encouraged to eat insects to “save the planet”…Teachers are striking in favour of longer holidays…Proof that the Moon landings were a hoax, or…

    Rishi Sunak says we’ll immediately deport any dinghy dodgers straight back to Calais.

    Oh, do me a favour, I’m not falling for that one…


  18. JohnC says:

    ‘Racism claims against Vaughan found ‘not proved’

    That would be innocent until proven guilty BBC. But you just can’t bring yourself to say it can you ?. Because every white male is racist and every BAME is a victim.

    But the bit which really stunned me is what racist remark he made to get him into such trouble. Prepare yourself to be shocked:

    ‘Vaughan was accused of saying “there’s too many of you lot, we need to have a word about that”‘

    That’s it. Enough to ruin somebody in the world of the BBC and the Left.

    I can guarantee that the people he was talking about used far more racist language. It just wasn’t in English which for some reason makes it OK.

    Just imagine what they would do if they didn’t have to prove someone was guilty : their opinion was enough.

    Well you don’t need to imagine : just look what Hitler and the Nazis did. He was a far-Left socialist as well – however much the Lefty academics try to tell you he was far-Right.


    • Guest Who says:

      Innocent until proven guilty? How very last Speaker. Not.

      Wonder if this was when 19,999 other bbc employees were talking to their US ringers about the biggest… nothing burger in US political chicanery?


      • MarkyMark says:

        Zoe Kleinman
        BBC Technology Editor.
        Mum of 3.
        Lego always underfoot.
        Agent –
        UKzoekleinman.comJoined July 2008

        Lego always underfoot.

        Lego always underfoot.

        Lego always underfoot.


        From John Gatto, it’s not just children that don’t want to know about the real working world anymore. Swap child for adults in the following article …

        The children I teach are indifferent to the adult world. This defies the experience of thousands of years. A close study of what big people were up to was always the most exciting occupation of youth, but nobody wants to grow up these days and who can blame them? Toys are us. … Time for a return to democracy, individuality, and family. I’ve said my piece. Thank you. {naturalchild.org – john gatto – jan1990}

        relates to Westerners: Guilty of Reading the News {atestoneinstitute.org 27sep2017}

        – this is also why NewsPapers should link to a report if it is mentioned and not make it paywall’d



  19. Foscari says:

    BIG BROTHER from the BBC diversity department has
    announced today that the BBC must uphold its unbiased
    policy. He, she, or it has informed Getty’s imaging that at least 10% of images sent to the BBC on public interest features
    must include one Caucasian adverting model . Ant at least 3%
    feature a white male. Also the Advertising agency standard
    authority , has informed advertising agencies . That when
    producing adverts for TV. In a family unit. Only 90% of the adverts can feature mixed race mums and dads. I reiterate
    these new standards will operate from today April 1st.
    As an appendage also included in the new doctrines, are smaller
    changes . Such as interviewing ” experts ” in the studios. The
    general public in the street. Business owners etc. Here and
    this is a really important concession ,especially by the BBC,
    One in four must be of UK indigenous ethnicity. All these
    new standards apply , even to the Londonistan programme.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Rainbow does not include the colours black and white so is racist.

      The term LGBT+ does not include heterosexuals so is exclusive and NOT inclusive.

      …. and to top it all off your TV Tax Money, paid under threat of prison, is being used as a social experiment ….

      “By 2020, the BBC wants its employees to comprise 50% women, 8% disabled people, 8% lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people and 15% people from black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds.{bbc.co.uk 14sep2017}”

      * note that LGBT stands at 1.5% in the UK, but the BBC want 8% – so over representation.



  20. Fedup2 says:

    Ok – no today today – in fact little or no bbc at all … but I did read or hear yesterday that the new emir of Scotland promises to be good entertainment value in his fiefdom parliament .
    He is , apparently , evidencing the depths to which he is unfit for a job like that . His new cabinet is even less capable – and his new ministry of wellbeing ?( really?) is going down a storm ….
    This last bit might be an unintentional attempt by me to lay a ‘fool ‘ before midday – but it seems it is real … or am I the fool ?
    Must keep an eye north of border – but some how I think the BBC will do a ‘Biden ‘ to him …

    BTW – it seems the ‘special relationship ‘ doesn’t go so far at Biden coming to the king making thing – perhaps because he landed up in row zed at The Queens’ funeral – and he is an ‘Irish republic Sinn Fein IRA supporter after all ….

    All fool things welcome – especially from our third world readers and ‘new arrivals ‘…

    Lastly – I note that we still seem to be here and that the solar wind event yesterday hasn’t done much – although I’d blame it if spurs don’t turn up for the first half again ..


  21. StewGreen says:

    Garbage In Garbage out , artificial intelligence GPT learnt from humans to lie about Climate


  22. Fedup2 says:

    Piece from the DT – world gone mad –

    STARTS Some of Britain’s tallest buildings, including the BT Tower, are to be converted into wind turbines to help Britain reach net zero under radical plans secretly approved by the Government.

    Ministers are so determined to make the country carbon neutral by 2050 that they intend to requisition landmarks and fix propellers onto them to provide “green” electricity.

    Earlier this week Rishi Sunak unveiled the Government’s green energy plan, which included an overhaul of planning rules to speed up the building of new wind turbines.

    Among the landmarks that are being sized up for wind turbines are Blackpool Tower, the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, the Radio City Tower in Liverpool, the Angel of the North near Newcastle and the Emley Moor Mast in Huddersfield.

    Plans for the conversion of the BT Tower into Britain’s biggest wind turbine, seen by The Telegraph, have already been submitted to Mayfair & Fitzrovia Council.
    They propose fixing a three-bladed propellor to the 620ft tower, using its famous revolving restaurant as a means of turning the turbine into whichever direction the wind is coming from.

    The Treasury is understood to be “hugely supportive” of the scheme, because ministers believe it can be achieved cheaply and will help bring down the cost of electricity in the capital, helping to solve the cost of living crisis and contributing towards the drive for energy security.

    A contract for the work has already been awarded to French firm AF engineering, with construction expected to start a year from today.

    The company’s chief executive, Olaf Pirlo, said: “Simple ideas are often the best, and repurposing existing buildings by turning them into giant windmills is much more cost effective than having to build a new turbine from scratch.

    “The BT Tower is a good place to start because it’s basically the same shape as a wind turbine, but without the propellers. So we just need to stick some on the side of it.

    “Other structures will be more challenging. For example the Blackpool Tower has sloping sides, so we will probably put a horizontal propeller on the top, like a helicopter. Hopefully it won’t take off when there is a strong wind!

    “We are confident we can start work on the BT Tower Turbine by April 1 next year.”

    The council is braced for strong opposition, however, as the BT Tower, formerly known as the Post Office Tower, is a Grade II listed building and is one of London’s most famous landmarks.

    Completed in 1964, it was the tallest structure in London until 1980, when it was overtaken by the NatWest Tower.

    The revolving restaurant was closed in 1980, and has not reopened since. In its heyday the restaurant would revolve once every 23 minutes, which engineers say would be quick enough to re-orientate a turbine fixed to the side of it so that it could respond to changing wind direction.ENDS

    the article able it attributed to Lois Raplof


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Just a thought:

      “Lois Raplof” is an anagram of April Fools and “Olaf Pirlo” is also one, of April Fool. AF Engineering has the same two initials. But the Green obsession of our pink/red government is believable enough and no joking matter.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I ve googled Lois and sent her an E mail . She assures me it is an anagram but is just a coincidence …😎….but as observed … the world is so absurd that it is harder to find ‘truth ‘….


    • G says:

      I’m becoming increasingly convinced that they all are infected with some sort of mental illness. Origins?

      Factual Causation: Davos


  23. taffman says:

    “UK-Asia trade deal to boost UK economy by 0.08%”
    This could be good for Great Britain although the Europhiles at the BBC are playing it down.
    If the EU join that trade deal it would mean the end of the EU’s political cartel as we know it ?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Taffman – can you imagine the conversation about where the decimal point should go ?


  24. StewGreen says:

    If Musk is not a lefty how come the context annotation says Nancy Pelosis “mistakenly” stated the law ?
    Many think she intentionally did.


  25. tomo says:


    • StewGreen says:

      It was a simple question “what is the source”
      Instead of answering Khan misrepresents the questioner, so he can attack him
      This is how Sadiq rolls, surely the voters know this
      If they vote for him are they doing so out of anti-white racism ?


    • MarkyMark says:

      This ancient Catalan oath of allegiance was sworn by the leaders of the council to theI swear…. monarch of Catalonia and Aragon..
      who are as good as you
      swear to you,
      who are no better than we,
      to accept you as our king and sovereign lord,
      provided you observe all our liberties and laws;
      but if not, not.


  26. tomo says:


  27. tomo says:


  28. StewGreen says:

    11am FooC was on early
    See how it’s used as a vehicle to attack righties in the US and Israel.
    Whilst countries like Austria and Ukraine get soft fluffy items.

    Israel : following mass street protests, Prime Minister announced a pause on his planned overhaul of Israel’s justice system
    Tom Bateman from Tel Aviv.
    Governor Ron DeSantis put several laws into force that restrict what can be taught in classroom to shield children from liberal indoctrination around issues of race and sexual orientation. Chelsea Bailey visited one high school, where teachers say they are being scared into silence.
    “They stopped students watching a Disney film about an African American girl in the Civil Rights era”
    northwest Nigeria, gangs of bandits have been raiding villages and kidnapping men, women and children for ransom. Villagers have become reliant on local vigilantes
    Alex Last was in Katsina.
    Ukraine, James Landale met a bartender who decided to start a new business during the middle of a war.
    a new bar, which shares its profits with the families of troops on the frontline.
    Austria : Bethany Bell reflects on ‘stammgast’ the elevated status afforded to regulars of bars and restaurants in.
    It it can take years to be invited into this select circle.


  29. tomo says:

    April 1st gags time out in another 15 mins?


  30. tomo says:


  31. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    April Fools day isn’t fun anymore.

    There was a time when some spoof article appeared in a newspaper or on the news and people would be wondering if it could really be true until they realised it was April Fools day.

    Going through the papers today, there are so many articles that could be April Fools spoofs but are in fact, true.
    Everything is so daft and barmy now.
    Almost every topic.
    Gender for example, but it’s just about everything in this Alice in Wonderland world.

    In the olden days if a newspaper headline said ‘Man gives birth to twins’ you would know immediately that it was a spoof.
    Now you could go to jail if you question it.

    So then, looking at the papers, a good 50% could be April Fools stories (but would have been considered too far fetched and ridiculous just a generation ago)


  32. StewGreen says:

    Here’s a Justin Webb tweer

    @JustinOnWeb Replying to @SteveChalke and @BBCr4today
    Thanks for replying Steve.
    Will get in touch privately
    but worth saying publicly the BBC and other responsible organisations cut their ties with Stonewall
    because of this kind of claim – widely challenged for instance here
    (link to website debunking Stonewalls 45% trans suicide claim)

    The tweet seems truthful
    First there was a pile on from Trans jihadis
    Then Owen Jones came in
    going on to smear Webb as a righty, and saying righties shouldn’t be on the BBC


    • tomo says:

      Focus on pathological victimhood is what Radio 4 seems to be about these days – they can rarely get through a few minutes without a wallow.


    • StewGreen says:

      Owen Jones opening Tweet was just Ad Hom
      rather that tackling the actual data
      It says
      #1 Stonewall are fantastic , so can’t be criticised
      #2 Transtrend are evil, so you shouldn’t listed to their data


  33. tomo says:


    • StewGreen says:

      Translation : Douglass Mackey was convicted for ELECTION INTERFERENCE because he’s a meme maker who in 2016 made a few tweets saying that Hillary voters didn’t need to vote in person they could vote via text message.

      And anti Trump comedian Kristina Wong made the same joke against Trump Voters
      but didn’t give them an actual number to vote.

      He’s not reached the end of his appeals , so the conviction might be overturned
      He was convicted in New York, which is stuffed full of anti-Trump bias, so it is easier to get a conviction
      Prosecution “Leading up to Election Day, at least 4,900 unique telephone numbers texted “Hillary” or something similar to the 59925 text number, the U.S. attorney’s office said.”
      So that is NOT on election day,
      nor proven texts from proven voters instead of machines
      nor proven that individuals didn’t vote

      Yes people are stupid, but they haven’t proven that 4,900 people lost their vote.

      No one attempted to prosecute anti-Trumper Wong



  34. tomo says:

    Trans singer to release ” ‘wondrin star”

    BBC exclusive



  35. StewGreen says:

    12:57pm “The data is in : wettest March since 1981”
    Let’s look at the old BBC “scientists say” article

    Apparently places like the Met Office and lots of scientists can accurately predict what is happening to the weather worldwide to demonstrate climate catastrophe.
    But somehow on March 16th they didn’t know the following 2 weeks would make it the wettest March since 1981





  36. StewGreen says:

    Global Warming trend


  37. StewGreen says:

    Anywhere with blue has had significantly MORE rain than average
    see that includes Cornwall, which is officially in drought still and has a hosepipe ban
    Anywhere with brown has had significantly LESS rain than average
    Anywhere with white has had rain about average


    Their reservoir levels page is 13 day out of date
    It has still not been updated with the data they took 6 days ago


    • Thoughtful says:

      Just so folks know, and I hope some do remember this.
      There is a formula used to calculate the profits water companies are allowed to make based on something known as ROCE (Return On Capital Employed). If a water company can persuade Ofwat it needs to build a new reservoir that takes a lot of capital and they can increase their profits, but it they are forced to repair leaking infrastructure that does not increase their capital and therefore is money down the drain (pun intended).

      Therefore they will take every opportunity to push for large capital projects regardless of any other reality. Once you understand this their behaviour becomes completely understandable.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Funny how the green types seem to think the British weather has a fixed system – apart from it being cold in the winter and warm in the summer everything else is variety – but I suppose they see what they want to see and use ‘extremes ‘ as an excuse to control our lives .


  38. StewGreen says:

    Guardian March 14th

    BTW after printing, the online article title was stealth edited to become
    “UK river levels already at record lows forecast to be ‘devastated’ by dry spring”


  39. StewGreen says:

    And in 2020 BBC news was pulling similar narratives


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Last week the Met Office was predicting rain from Tuesday 4th April. Now they are predicting a dry spell from Sunday 2nd April to Wednesday 12th April. The Met Office are useless after 14 days. Piers Corbyn’s Weatheraction are good up to 40 days. But I expect the soil will still be to damp to weed on Wednesday 12th April. Anyway, I expect runaway Global Warming will continue until August, drying the soil. But I think the idea that runaway Global Warming will continue until Xmas is an April Fools joke or Fake News from the BBC.


  40. Thoughtful says:

    This post is worth a read as it concerns reports made on both CNN and Fox about the de-dollarisation and the effects it would have.

    The effects are remarkably similar, the report of how America got here are different with CNN inevitably attempting to Blame Trump for something which actually started under Bush as a result of the banking crisis.

    The upshot is though that Bidens aggressive weaponising of the US Dollar has speeded up the process and that the USA is now looking down the barrel of uncontrollable high interest rates for years to come, or even hyperinflation as per Weimar Republic or Zimbabwe depending on how fast it runs.


    In this scenario commodities are the only real hedge against inflation, and are priced quite well at the moment, precious metals have in the past been seized by the state at prices advantageous to them of course, and failure to surrender them has resultes in criminal sanction.

    Uranium might well be a good investment obviously through a fund of some kind or Gold mining although there is always the possibility of the government nationalising that mine.

    The gold reserves in Fort Knox have not been audited since 1974 and there are rumours that there is no gold in Americas reserves, I do not know what the consequences would be were that to be shown to be true, but I can’t imagine it would be anything good.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thoughtful – thank you – as frightening as ever – there is so much end of the world stuff about to keep pessimists like me happy ….


    • MarkyMark says:

      In his giant New York Times bestseller, America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It, Mark Steyn predicted collapse for the rest of the Western World. Now, he adds, America has caught up with Europe on the great rush to self-destruction. It s not just our looming financial collapse; it s not just a culture that seems on a fast track to perdition, full of hapless, indulgent, childish people who think government has the answer for every problem; it s not just America s potential eclipse as a world power because of the drunken sailor policymaking in Washington no, it s all this and more that spells one word for America: Armageddon. What will a world without American leadership look like? It won t be pretty not for you and not for your children. America s decline won t be gradual, like an aging Europe sipping espresso at a café until extinction (and the odd Greek or Islamist riot). No, America s decline will be a wrenching affair marked by violence and possibly secession. With his trademark wit, Steyn delivers the depressing news with raw and unblinking honesty but also with the touch of vaudeville stand-up and soft shoe that makes him the most entertaining, yet profound, columnist on the planet. And as an immigrant with nowhere else to go, he offers his own prescription for winning America back from the feckless and arrogant liberal establishment that has done its level best to suffocate the world s last best hope in a miasma of debt, decay, and debility. You will not read a more important or more alarming, or even funnier book all year than After America.


  41. MarkyMark says:

    1st April ….

    “Truths turn into dogmas the instant that they are disputed. Thus every man who utters a doubt defines a religion. And the scepticism of our time does not really destroy the beliefs, rather it creates them; gives them their limits and their plain and defiant shape. We who are Liberals once held Liberalism lightly as a truism. Now it has been disputed, and we hold it fiercely as a faith. We who believe in patriotism once thought patriotism to be reasonable, and thought little more about it. Now we know it to be unreasonable, and know it to be right. We who are Christians never knew the great philosophic common sense which inheres in that mystery until the anti-Christian writers pointed it out to us. The great march of mental destruction will go on. Everything will be denied. Everything will become a creed. It is a reasonable position to deny the stones in the street; it will be a religious dogma to assert them. It is a rational thesis that we are all in a dream; it will be a mystical sanity to say that we are all awake. Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two make four. Swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in summer. We shall be left defending, not only the incredible virtues and sanities of human life, but something more incredible still, this huge impossible universe which stares us in the face. We shall fight for visible prodigies as if they were invisible. We shall look on the impossible grass and the skies with a strange courage. We shall be of those who have seen and yet have believed.”

    ― G.K. Chesterton, Heretics



    Labour conference: Wrong to say that only women have a cervix, says Keir Starmer
    MP Rosie Duffield staying away from Brighton gathering over online threats

    Andrew Woodcock
    Political Editor
    Sunday 26 September 2021 13:54


  42. Richard Pinder says:


    Three people who love freedom and free speech. All censored and hated by the BBC. One is the nephew of a great American President, trying to throw the BBC out of America, using an antitrust lawsuit.


  43. Thoughtful says:

    Well here’s another one every one in the financial world appears to be referencing at the moment, a report ironically by a Credit Suisse exec by the name Zoltan Pozsar



  44. Guest Who says:

    One certainly knows about damp patches and dry spells.


  45. MarkyMark says:

    Bear Grylls Meets President Zelenskyy

    Bear Grylls travels across Ukraine to meet the President and to meet and learn from the people who are enduring their winter of darkness



  46. tomo says:


    • MarkyMark says:

      £130K dollars? Barry Gardiner says hold his beer …

      Barry Gardiner defends donations worth £500,000 from Chinese agent
      The Labour MP said Christine Lee appeared to be ‘operating as a legitimate person in the UK’.
      Amy Gibbons
      Thursday 13 January 2022 20:23


  47. tomo says:


  48. tomo says:

    shocked… not



  49. tomo says:

    April fools ?


  50. tomo says:



    • MarkyMark says:



      ‘My first thought as I came round was Oh God! What have I done?’: Man suing the NHS over trans surgery he bitterly regrets has bravely waived anonymity to share his ordeal
      Ritchie Herron, 35, says life has been unbearable since surgery four years ago
      His case first emerged after he shared experience on Twitter under pseudonym
      He claims NHS failed to take mental health crisis into account before procedure

      PUBLISHED: 22:11, 25 June 2022 | UPDATED: 17:16, 28 June 2022