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  1. Scroblene says:

    As is the wont of Senora O’Blene, after a moderate intake of tinctures before the midday comestibles, an erudite comment emerged while I was serving lunch…

    “How do you think the Spencers feel about Charlie being King with Camilla then…”!

    I was somewhat taken aback, the sauteed fish began to suffer from overheating, my glass was stubbornly empty, and I realised that I hadn’t seen a single item in the press about what Diana’s family all felt about the new arrangement! (I’m talking about Diana’s Paternal/Maternal family, not necessarily about her kids).

    On checking, as expected, the awful, trashy beeboid stuff they fill their kiddish website with didn’t mention the issue, but a bit more came from some sort of babble on some sort of a website called Bookface, or Twatter…

    If my dear sister had been treated like this, I might have become more than a little unhappy to say the least!

    As usual, beeboids ignore real stories and never actually do any journalism, they just fart around with their sad little opinions.



    • Mrs Kitty says:

      Given Diana’s brother Earl Spencer’s track record I don’t think he would speak, I’ve read that both boys are close to her sisters and one of them (i forget which) said when Charles and Camilla got married that Diana would just want the boys to have a loving and stable relationship with their father and to be treated well by Camilla. From all accounts there were tensions ( like any family) at first but over time had settled into one of mutual respect until a certain woman appeared , now as far as Henry is concerned all bets are off.


      • Scroblene says:

        Very true, Mrs Kitty…

        It should feel a bit strange to the Spencers, that their relationship with the current king is only a connection by marriage, whereas when William gets the job, it’ll be a straight blood relationship!

        I guess it’s all happened before, but as history wasn’t my best subject, someone will put me right, hopefully…


  2. Flotsam says:

    I’ve been very interested in the monologue regarding the EU by Michael Portillo that you will hear repeated on GB News regularly.

    He says that although he has Spanish descent and has lived in Spain as well as travelling extensively in Europe, he is a profound Eurosceptic. Someone who we might consider to be a potential natural Europhile. He says that the differences between Britain and European countries as well as between European countries are unbridgeable.

    It is something that I have always argued. We are completely different to any European country. Most EU countries have been authoritarian, Police States or been occupied by one in recent times. Spain under Franco was in many ways the worst of the lot. Look at the bureaucracy that exists in France and Italy for example. There’s no doubt that the State is in control of its citizens lives far more than exists in the UK.

    Let’s thank God we’re out of the EU.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Flotsam – I disagree in the degree of state control imposed in citizens in the UK and EU statelets . What freedom is there in the UK ? Cameras everywhere – transport / movement control rapidly being imposed – a one party state – huge state bureaucracy- taxation without representation – welfare state dependency ….. for starters ..


      • harry142857 says:

        My simple analogy of the EU.

        Every month 10 people meet up for a few drinks in the pub. The four ‘richest’ mugs pay for the drinks all night. It’s such a good night out they miss the last bus home. So, to add insult to injury the ‘four’ have to pay for the 10 taxis home. Not only that, one of the ‘six’ asks if they can bring their skint mate along for the next night out. A few years later, it’s a 25 person event funded by 4.


        • Doublethinker says:

          You are forgetting the effect of the Euro. I don’t know how to work its effect into your pub analogy but the Euro makes Germany richer and most of the other countries poorer in perpetuity.
          The EU is a club run by the liberal left globalist elite in order to secure their power and to prevent their overthrow by democracy eg Brexit. Consequently the EU must not allow Brexit to be a success and neither must the British representatives of the liberal globalist elite, the Remoaners, hence the sabotage of Brexit we have seen from most of our politicians and Civil Servants.


      • Flotsam says:

        I agree. Britain’s authorities have become more bureaucratic and controlling, we are less free than ever. The rot really started under Bliar. The public sector grew and became more powerful under Bliar and the EU and has continued into the Tory era. We are now out of the EU and have the opportunity to be free and put the public sector back in their box. Will we?


        • Scroblene says:

          Quote for the day…

          “The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are now outnumbered by those who vote for a living.”

          Amen to that…


  3. Flotsam says:

    The asylum seeker boats have to stop, but how? I think a fairly brutal solution has to be applied. A fleet of lifeboat size boats should be bought, about 20 of them. Simply, once a rubber boat is picked up on radar a patrol boat blocks its path for as long as necessary for it to return to France.


    • Doublethinker says:

      The only viable solution is something like an internment camp from which the only way out is for them to volunteer to be repatriated. There is zero possibility of them being given asylum or even the chance to apply for it. The conditions in the camp aren’t inhumane but are very basic and there is no contact with the outside world. The message is if you come here you go in a fairly unpleasant camp for years and can’t get out unless you agree to go home. In effect you waste years of your life with zero chance of improving it.

      We can’t sink the boats . The outcry would be enormous and be followed by international sanctions. We can’t push them back to France without drowning them and that would lead to the same outcome as sinking them.
      The French who could stop this very easily if they wanted to , see it as part of Operation Punishment forBrexit. That may change if Le Pen wins but that is four long years away .

      All of the above is unlikely under the Tories and absolutely impossible under Labour. If the government of our country won’t do what we want then we need to resort to civil disobedience. Otherwise we are condemned to being overrun by aliens. It’s already very very late in the day.


    • Mrs Kitty says:

      The problem with that is the same one the French have, the channel hoppers threaten to dump the obligatory child onboard over if the french go near them knowing that they will contact the border farce to pick them up.
      My solution although appearing much harsher after about 10/15 boats maybe more effective. Small drones controlled from a secret location ( stop protestors and agitators) with cameras and enough explosive to ensure sinking of small boats in French waters then they have a choice drown or be picked up by the french, people will stop giving the smugglers money and the government can disclaim all knowledge.


  4. Sluff says:

    Normally if you pay for a product or service and do not receive it, you have recourse to get your money back, at least.

    Now the junior doctors are ending their strike, the nurses are about to start again and apparently there will be no cover in A and E or Cancer wards.

    We are paying the thick end of £200 bn a year plus about £50 bn in future pension benefits, all out of our taxes, for a service we are patently not getting. The unions as per normal in nationalised industries are blackmailing the public.

    I want my money back.,


  5. Fedup2 says:

    You know how we rightly slag the state funded BBC ? Well I thought I’d catch the ‘France 24’ 10 pm news – the Big Story of Riots after the Macron victory got scant coverage – I guess that’s because it is ‘state funded ‘….


    • Doublethinker says:

      In the UK I think we have a unique situation. Rather than the BBC doing the governments bidding the government does the BBC’s bidding. Or more accurately the BBC and all of our recent governments have shared the same basic set of beliefs , liberal globalism.
      I suspect that this is true in France. If Marine Le Pen is elected President the French media will attack her relentlessly if she implements the anti globalist agenda she promises to.


  6. Eddy Booth says:

    Another suddenly?

    “The Script guitarist Mark Sheehan dies aged 46”


    Usual pattern,: a famous musician I’ve never heard of
    “died in hospital on Friday following a brief illness ”
    Plus the usual
    “It asked fans to respect the privacy of his family and bandmates.”
    And that’s it..


    • Deborah says:

      I used to assume youngish pop stars going to an early death was due to cocaine use affecting their heart. These days I am not so sure.


  7. Richard Pinder says:

    A nice British Heart Foundation advert, showing a little girl playing football after her clot shot, which causes her to collapse suddenly, as the clot enters the heart, causing a sudden heart attack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRJ3rFQ6U5s

    The government employed behavioural psychologist told the little girl “Ring-a-ring o’ roses, A pocket full of posies. A-tishoo! A-tishoo! We all fall down if we don’t get the jab”

    However, all the little girls who did “fall down” were jabbed.


  8. JohnC says:

    Periods: Menstrual cycle shame ‘hurts mental health’

    Is there no limit to how unfair life is to women ?.

    Not at the BBC it seems.

    That assertive quotation as the headline is not the result of any study. It is a statement by one person. This one:


    Who said: Molly Fenton said embarrassment linked to girls’ periods could affect them “emotionally, physically and mentally”.

    Molly is 20. How many people seek out 20 year olds for psychiatric advice ?. Perhaps the BBC should have added their ‘Without providing evidence’ to it. Oh I forgot, that’s only when it’s convenient for the agenda.

    The BBC use this ‘assertive statement in quotes’ method of lying a lot these days. It’s intended to make a single persons opinion appear as actual fact. They have been doing it in overdrive for the Ukraine war.

    Later we get:
    ‘Kate Shepherd Cohen says it is “not acceptable for anyone to not be aware of the menstrual cycle and the impact that it has on society”‘

    Really ?.

    Unfortunately the article doesn’t extend that principle further to these women treating men like sh1t during their periods. They deserve it anyway for not understanding according to this article.

    Brought to you by yet another BBC narcissist who looks like she hates men and wants everyone to know she was on TV:



    • atlas_shrugged says:

      Periods: Doesn’t the bBC know that there is an injection that cures that.


  9. vlad says:

    While the wretched BBC continues to kiss Biden’s skinny old ar*e, Farage points to a small but significant detail indicating that the crooked Imbecile despises the UK.


    • Flotsam says:

      Protocol on State visits will have been tended in the utmost detail by Biden’s minions who will refer decisions about such matters as flags, which hand to shake first etc to Biden. The minion will ask what flags to fly on the Presidential car, the reply from Biden will have been …………..


    • Fedup2 says:

      I wonder what the effect of the ridiculous tourist trip by paddy obiden will be in Northern Ireland ? When will the next ‘terrorist attack be ? This weekend ? Now that the false president has laid out his support for the Republican cause – dislike for Northern Ireland / Britain perhaps he has set back peace / politics there some way –
      But I’m English and in London and haven’t been to Belfast for a while . …

      I thought I heard Biden hint that he was too old for a second term . Certainly his faculties – even reading the autocue – barely held up . No wonder they never let the press near him and the liberal press shame themselves by allowing this without comment …


      • JohnC says:

        The only thing this talk of the Good Friday agreement has taught me is that the terrorism never stopped. They just keep it among themselves now and the BBC keep it quiet.


  10. tomo says:

    California is a sanctuary state for trannies …


  11. Guest Who says:

    Maybe if she was also a Labour MP and never out of BBC studios too she could scape together the dosh to find a partner too?

    If not the time.


    • Fedup2 says:

      If she’s any good as a doctor I’m sure Australia would take her … but maybe she’s not that good … or maybe get a better job .


      • Guest Who says:

        Australia? Maaaate.

        They are all racists there. Apparently. As ‘reported’, er… here..

        Something about tummies?

        Meanwhile, the big stories break like record waves…

        Plonker Editors at the weekend.


        • Guest Who says:

          As the weekend shift is clearly in charge, something more serious…

          Oh, Ian, Ian, Ian… they so are not.

          And noting that something surely easily checked factually has been left in the ‘says’ column on the vague side to good, if negative effect.

          Maybe Springster and The BBC US Tech Co-Conspirator could find out from their respective office cubicles?


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      And there in a nutshell is a big part of the problem. There are now more female than male doctors. Naturally they want to have families. But when they do so, they cease being able to work full time. Typically, they switch to part-time work, spending 2 or 3 days a week in the GP surgery. Which means that two doctors now have to be trained and employed to provide the required level of coverage, or expensive locums are hired to fill the gaps. It also means that it is no longer usually possible for a patient to see their regular or preferred doctor – the concept no longer applies and you see (if you are lucky) whoever is available.

      None of the above is judgemental, it simply describes the the (unforeseen) consequences of the generational transition from predominantly full-time, lifetime career male doctors, to part-time, female doctors whose career often lasts 10-20 years and is interwoven with raising children. As described to me by a good friend who is a doctor, female and Asian.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Ian – I understand that the majority of teachers now are the standard version lefty females . The boy children don’t have much contact with men as they are all paedos . Mum dumped dad so no ‘model ‘ there either .. really going well ….
        But I do like the attitude of not being able to afford kids – but a very minority view …


      • Sluff says:

        Excellent post Ian. A factor wholly absent from discourse in general and the useless bBBC in particular, as they salivate over waiting lists.

        We periodically hear about initiatives to encourage more girls and women to take up Maths and Engineering.

        We NEVER hear a word about initiatives to get more boys and men to take up veterinary science, medicine, or dentistry, to name but three. I suppose such issues are beyond the capability of the BBC’s ‘investigative journalists’. I mean, where on earth would you find relevant data?



  12. Guest Who says:

    BBC Desperation Editorial #456732


    It is ongoing but interesting to follow in terms of establishment politico-media posturing.

    Clearly a blatant pr punt by both ‘sides’, rallying extremes from inevitable ‘sides’.

    On social media some commenters are offering possible context that may or may not be true, but has been left unverified on bbc social media when not raised in editorial.

    I am, as ever, interested in facts.

    Clearly a delicious hoo haa serving all concerned, and not to be left alone.

    When it broke I was trying to understand the legal position, and am still none the wiser.

    As it stands, the BBC appears to feel the police and prosecution case needs an outrage boost, but framing the ‘story’ around losing an industry award being withdrawn comes as weak as Bud Lite.


    • Flotsam says:

      In Prestbury a very upmarket village near Wilmslow Cheshire, there is a pub called the Black Boy complete with a sign showing the portrait of a black boy.


      • Scroblene says:


        Fabulous, well-known pub here!

        Bit too far for me to visit nowadays, but it was a great stop for returns after away matches!

        Seem to remember I lost my voice singing in the coach on the way home after one prolonged visit, and croaked for days afterwards…


  13. AsISeeIt says:

    Long story short, no evidence edition

    You join us this morning as our press report how our nurses have just applied the cold spoon treatment to us patients who may have had momentary rising hopes that the NHS might some day soon get back to some state approaching normality, or – heaven forbid – something approaching efficiency.

    To be honest this bulge of optimism only ever amounted to what one might term a semi. A minor rush of blood to the head.

    You do understand what we mean by the cold spoon treatment, right?

    Nurses to target A&E in most extreme strike yet (Telegraph) – we’ll postpone our appointments with casualty then? How does that work? The rot seemed to set in when they started calling it A&E rather than Casualty.

    Nurses set for more strikes (Times)

    The left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper boldly references the underlying politics involved – the obvious fact that the NHS is institutionally (structurally as we say these days) very much Labour Party territory: Nurses strike to hit cancer care and A&E as Sunak pay offer rejected

    The Guardian go with a resounding ‘could‘: Nursing strike could go on until Christmas – how will this affect the price of turkey and plum puddings?

    Nursing rather than Nurses? One detects something like the passive voice employed there by the Gruan in their headline attempting to absolve our nurses of personal responsibility perhaps?

    Says who, anyway?: Sources… (Guardian) – I say sage and onion to their sources

    Doc Holiday

    Junior doctors’ leader apologises for booking holiday during strike (Independent)

    Or alternatively, did he perhaps arrange the strike so as to coincide with his holiday? There’s a thought that never seems to occur to our teachers. You won’t catch them striking during any school hols

    Teachers’ strike dates: When and where are schools affected? Members of the National Education Union in England will strike on Thursday 27 April and Tuesday 2 May. (BBC) – not over Easter or on the May Bank Holiday Monday then? Still, it makes a nice long weekend for them by taking the Tuesday 2nd off.

    Our Lenny Henry (he’s been quiet lately) emulates the Guardian this morning with a resounding emphatic ‘could‘: ‘The Windrush scandal could have happened to my family’ (Times) – coulda, woulda, shoulda? No, no, no… we enjoyed little Lenny and his Frank Spencer impressions and his sketch show in the 80s “Katanga, Katanga, my friends!”

    In fact there’s little in the way of substantiated verified factual news on offer anywhere in our media these days – especially on those big issues of the day: Covid will stay a mystery, says Chinese expert (Telegraph) – but… surely… The Science…?

    The true origins of Covid may never be revealed, according to the Chinese official who was in charge of the country’s pandemic response… “It’s too sensitive, too politicised… long story short, no evidence” (Telegraph)

    So we’ll just have to leave that one hanging, as it were.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Even though it’s the criminal ULEZ it’s nice to see EU citizens being treated as badly as EU states treat us – long queues to get passports stamped going to the EU – but not coming here ….roll on summer …


  14. Foscari says:

    I have written to ” BIG BROTHER” at the BBC be it be a he , she or an it ,with
    a suggestion of a way out of NEVER showing the image of a white
    male in a feature on the cost of living crisis .Or in fact ANY
    public interest topic.
    First of all one would have to know if Getty’s who provide the
    BBC with these images have any white male models working
    for them. It is possible they don’t. Of course that would be
    a major problem. BUT if they only had one. Just occasionally
    they could use him looking at a utility bill , or a bank statement
    or prices in the supermarket , wearing a BRA !!
    I reiterate I wrote to BIG BROTHER saying that this for sure
    would solve all the understandable problems of diversity,
    inclusiveness, positive discrimination , quotas etc.
    A white male model wearing a bra . Don’t you think that this is a great idea? Why hasn’t anybody else thought about it before?


  15. tomo says:


    • digg says:

      I think what is required is an independent contact line where children exposed to teachers like this rat can report the incident anonymously in a similar manner to child line. Sure there will be some revenge reports but if for instance the same vile rat pops up from multiple children then it should be reported to the education authority concerned to look into.

      The country needs to weed out these bullying thugs before they have total control.


  16. JohnC says:

    So today we have ‘Periods: Menstrual cycle shame ‘hurts mental health” by a 20 year old girl who knows nothing about anything as a front page UK news item.

    But ‘Zaian Aimable-Lina: Boy guilty of Croydon stabbing murder’ is nowhere to be seen.

    It’s yet another case of a boy too young to be identified stabbing another boy to death. And yet again the BBC write a short facts-only report without batting an eyelid. This is a horrendous reflection on our society – but as it doesn’t fit the agenda, the BBC just don’t care and try to brush it under the carpet. The Left truly are the most appalling of people. Their double-standards are simply off the scale – but they are completely brazen and shameless with them.

    So much for ‘Black Lives Matter’.

    Here’s the boy who got stabbed. I think we know roughly what the boy who did it looks like.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’ve long wanted everyone – irrespective of age to be named – it’s effectively a free pass for killers and their families . It stems from the early 1970s when red red labour was in charge .

      But any attempt to change the law would be difficult – and certainly not ‘blue labour ‘ thinking …. The body count will head up next week as the ferals go back to school to settle Easter scores …..


  17. Jeff says:

    On a whim this morning, I picked up the Daily Mail . Let’s be frank, it’s not a great paper these days. There’s a cringing piece about Boris’s airhead, bottle blonde, supporter, Nadine Dorries, something about creepy “trans” model, Dylan Mulvaney and stacks of adverts for holidays none of us can afford.

    However, tucked away on their entertainment page was a little interview with veteran actress, Diane Keen. To chaps of my vintage she’ll be remembered as the totty who turned up in things like The Cuckoo Waltz, The Sweeney and The Shillingbury Blowers. She was a real corker. Petite, big brown eyes, a lovely figure and a gorgeous…ahem..anyway…I digress…

    She’s now76 and still appearing on stage…good on her…In typical, safety first Mail “journalistic style”, they cover themselves by telling us that the actress has some views on “colour blind casting” that will raise eyebrows.

    She found Bridgerton “Odd” and went on to tell us she wasn’t enthusiastic about …”having a coloured actor playing James Bond. “If he (Ian Fleming) had wanted Bond to be African, Chinese or whatever, would he not have written that?” Yes, indeed!

    She was particularly nonplussed at the casting of a black actress as Anne Boleyn. “It doesn’t make sense.” she says.

    I can’t believe that there are many sane people who disagree with anything she’s said, but…most of this woke nonsense isn’t sane, otherwise we wouldn’t have BAME actors starring in Dickens, or as historical royals and most incredibly, leading William the Conqueror’s army at The Battle of Hastings. Utter insanity!

    It was refreshing to hear someone willing to tell the truth.

    There’s not many left…


    • Fedup2 says:

      Jeff – well she will go the way of JK rowling and the other casualties of our times .

      I caught something about a US brewing company- anhauser – busch losing billions off its share price because of some woke queer thing – its crap booze anyway so no loss

      As for coloured actors in wrong roles – i had the misfortune to see the latest jimmy bond film – a chunky coloured girl as an 00 – too many chicken wings – an a dire boring film


      • JohnC says:

        We are all supposed to pretend that fat people are beautiful now to try and stop them being so full of hate for themselves and everybody else on twitter.

        That way the 1% who are nutcases won’t self-harm or whatever it is they do.

        Of course any visit to a nightclub to see who ‘cops off’ will expose what complete hypocrisy it is.

        The world has gone mad. The activists at the back of the stadium have been given the microphone.


  18. StewGreen says:

    R4 FooC : Sebastian Usher’s narrative OrangManBad so Saudis making friends with Iran and China is GOOD
    and OrangeMan and Saudi making friends was bad


    • StewGreen says:

      Other FooC items
      Young Mexicans preparing to join the priesthood don’t only have to struggle in ‘cartel land’.

      – Paraguay the new highway to counter the Panama Canal crosses Chaco where Mennonite groups compete against Ayoreo indigenous people : Jane Chambers
      (She doesn’t context the geographies and that the road is unlikely to steal more than 1% of the Panama Canal’s business)

      – “talks between Serbia and Kosovo. Guy De Launey” cynical

      “The beaches of Jersey, Christine Finn foraged seaweed”
      #1 Jersey is not FOREIGN , it’s Britain
      #2 The reporter is from Jersey so it’s not FOREIGN to her either,


  19. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – no mention of Jewish Christians, I wonder why?

    It maybe/possibly/probably/definitely* doesn’t suit the BBC’s purpose and narrative.

    (*delete those which you think do not apply)


  20. StewGreen says:

    I’m looking at this old BBC’s Seb Usher tweet
    What’s it say ?

    #1 Why’s it get so few Likes/replie
    #2 It’s not HIS scoop ..lots of other reporters used the same phrasing
    #3 The tweet MISINFORMS cos it makes it seem Trump wanted to KILL BLM protesters
    whereas the Pentagon guy claims Trump talked of shooting them in the leg
    And I still wouldn’t take his story as true either.


  21. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Someone on here mentioned looking for Just William on tv but couldn’t find any.

    On Talking Pictures Just William’s Luck is on at 08:50 tomorrow morning. Sky channel 328


  22. tomo says:


  23. Fedup2 says:

    There seems to be a woke ‘trend’ of wealthy people giving ‘reparations ‘ for their involvement in the slave trade . Ms Laura trevelyn of the BBC trevelyns has climbed her moral mountain and is now calling on others whose ancestors benefited from slavery to make amends . I understand the guardian has done the same .

    Now I don’t care one way or another if fools part with their money to bongo bongo land . But I fear it ends with you and me being forced to put our hand in our pocket and send it to the third world by way of taxes …. And that is wrong .

    What is done is done – I’m from peasant not landed stock and I think it likely that my family did not – directly or indirectly – benefit in any way from slavery – yet that claim is coming – despite the British people suffering the direct consequences of importing the third world to ‘the mother country ‘….


    • Doublethinker says:

      Agree. If idiots want to make a donation for what their great great great great great grandparents did they can. But if they think that they get us all to contribute they can foff.


  24. tomo says:



  25. StewGreen says:

    Dramaqueening GBnews web article shows masses of empty cereal shelves and says Tesco and Aldi have done a big recall.
    Nope a particular batch of a special type of cereal “Free From Bran Flakes” ie no salt/sugar/gluten) have the possibility of a few hazelnuts in

    and Aldi has some other issue
    The labels on its Harvest Morn High Protein Bars do say they have peanuts in, but they forgot to put the word in bold.


    • Deborah says:

      Stew, for some of us (ie me) it really does matter if there are even a few nuts in something that says it hasn’t. But equally infuriating is when manufacturers say, ‘may include nuts’ when they really don’t. I once tried to buy stir fry vegetables in Morrisons which had a sticker on claiming, ‘contains peanuts’ but looking at the list of ingredients there were no such thing. When I asked the staff I was told ‘just in case’.


      • Guest Who says:

        It’s a tricky one, complicated by an out of control media and legal industry.

        I absolutely can exist on a plane flight without a peanut and am happy to do so for the sake of others.

        However, I have doubts on any parent gambling with their kid’s life in a fast food joint staffed by minimum wage drones for the sake of a snack out.


  26. Sluff says:

    Extremist nutters are holding up the Grand National invading the course,
    Here’s an idea. Let the race go ahead, and if the protestors get trampled on, tough.
    In fact, even better, excellent!


  27. StewGreen says:

    “Equivalent deaths” does not equal real people dying
    so it is well known you shouldn’t use it that way
    BBC Politics did to promote the views of Labour MP Rushanara Ali in their video tweet
    It spread propaganda
    Then they quietly deleted it later

    BBC policy is to shout #FakeGreens claims LOUD, & OFTEN

    Then when truth comes out
    correct LATE, & QUIETLY
    … took 12 days #ImpartialMyAss



    • StewGreen says:

      For a similar prog in January
      someone took their complaint to the higher level : the ECU
      but their complaint was clumsily worded
      so it got brushed it aside
      .. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FtxITYBX0AQcYlV?format=jpg&name=small


      • Guest Who says:

        The ECU will use any semantic trick it can.

        Seems vaguely exclusionary for many the BBC claims to serve.


    • Sluff says:

      On either ITV or BBC London this evening there was coverage of a smallish anti ULEZ demo which led to an unchallenged throwaway remark by someone of ‘4000 premature deaths’.

      Have a look at this very useful website and try and work out why Sad Dick Khan is now so extremist about air pollution.


      Not obvious is it? Which is why I don’t think ULEZ has anything to do with pollution and everything to do with a) socialists hating the independence and liberty that the motor car brings to private citizens, and b) a desperate attempt to rescue TFL’s appalling finances by jerrymandering poor people with old cars to spend their money on more TFL public transport

      PS is the Imperial College referenced as the source of pollution-deaths statistics by any chance the same one that produced the dire domesday covid statistics that forecast virtually mass extinction unless we locked down indefinitely?
      Just as I thought. Yes.


  28. tomo says:



  29. Thoughtful says:

    A thought on the Grand National ‘protest’.

    Our Gestapo goes out of their way to assist ‘protestors’ in their illegal occupation of busy roads sometimes even stopping the traffic to escort them onto the carriageway where innocent people going about their business are delayed for hours. The gestapo do very little to remove them sometimes even offering refreshments.

    Contrast that to Aintree where the “Sport of Kings” was taking place, and it’s a very different story with the Gestapo doing all they can to prevent peaceful protest.

    Something strike you as double standards here? If they can prevent peaceful protest at a race meeting then why can’t they prevent the roads being closed in the same way?

    Of course people will applaud the loons being arrested, but that is failing to see the bigger picture of the plebs not mattering to the establishment.


    • Fedup2 says:

      This incident shows the problem the woke plod create for themselves – selective enforcement of laws – a kind of self appointed judge – approval – of some protests and not others .

      It has added to the degradation of the reputation of plod – which some – such as me – see as an untrustworthy alien non presence …… and I know – as a taxpayer – will get a third class response – if any response at all .

      Personally I wish the national had been voided . It would have saved my 50p E/w ….. but ITV seemed to have enjoyed it – with AP turning into a racing version of Roy Keane …


  30. Guest Who says:



  31. Terminal Moraine says:

    Refugee promo piece online:

    “A Ukrainian woman who came to the UK as a refugee said she hoped her guided tours of Liverpool during Eurovision will help people “de-stress” […] Since arriving in the UK she used her fluency in English to help other Ukrainians settle in the UK. She now plans to run free Ukrainian language cultural tours of Liverpool.”

    A quick look reveals she has years of previous ‘good connections’ with the BBC, having lived in the UK before and worked as a journalist. Here she is requesting the removal of a dissenter who dares to call into question the integrity of Ukrainian democracy. When the reality check team aren’t at their desks, I guess you can always ask a BBC gruppenfuhrer to step in and get rid of wrong thought.



  32. Richard Pinder says:


    Authoritarianism. Assange and mandated medical procedures. Violations of The Habeas Corpus Act 1640 and the Nuremberg Code.

    The only supporters of the Nuremberg Code in Parliament are Andrew Bridgen and the Tories, Sir Christopher Chope, Danny Kruger, Sir Edward Leigh, Sir Desmond Swayne, Sir Greg Knight and Sir Jeremy Wright. The only Labour supporter of the Nuremberg Code is Graham Stringer. The rest of Labour are corporate socialists or what Mussolini called, Fascists.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      My God. Are you implying that the present House of Commons has only nine pairs of testicles between them?
      No wonder the invaders can do as they please.


  33. atlas_shrugged says:

    A very nice takedown of the bBC Antisocial program and their pet ‘damn-lies’ statistician Spiegelhalter:


    Specifically this was the program with the hit piece on Bridgen MP. There was no balance it was pure edited bile from start to finish.


  34. Guest Who says:

    The BBC in particular.


  35. tomo says:


  36. Dickie says:

    Vaccine damage and unfortunate death:



  37. tomo says:


  38. Guest Who says:

    Why does this seem daily SOP?


  39. Guest Who says:

    Sir Boaty and Sleepy and Boris and Surkeer.

    A Net Zero level of competence.


    • taffman says:

      Guest Who
      Time for a new government that will put its own people first . Lets make Britain again !
      Time for The Reform Party …..


    • Richard Pinder says:

      A pessimistic senile old man says, “For some reason it’s warmer than last month. Things are going to get worse. We are doomed if it gets warmer next month, because warm mRNA jabs cause people to suddenly drop down dead. If that happens then the jabbed will become extinct”


  40. taffman says:

    Guest Who
    Time for a new government that will put its own people first . Lets make Britain GREAT again !
    Time for The Reform Party …..


  41. tomo says:


    I don’t think so


    By Marco Silva
    BBC Climate Disinformation Specialist


  42. Richard Pinder says:


    1984: The Ministry of Truth. It purports to be focused on the pursuit of truth when in fact, the ministry is concerned with erasing the truth of the past and present and replacing it with whatever the Party deems “correct.” Those in charge of the ministry decide what “truth” is. The slogans of the Ministry of Truth are “WAR IS PEACE”, “FREEDOM IS SLAVERY” & “IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH”

    2023: The Trusted News Initiative. It purports to be focused on the pursuit of truth when in fact, the initiative is concerned with erasing the truth of the past and present and replacing it with whatever the Party deems “correct.” Those in charge of the initiative decide what “truth” is. The slogans of the Trusted News Initiative are “SAFE AND EFFECTIVE”, “TRUTH IS MISINFORMATION” & “CENSORSHIP IS JOURNALISM”


  43. tomo says:

    Makes more sense than the state broadcasters’s coverage….



  44. Zephir says:

    “‘typical hypocrisy’ Sir Keir Starmer convicted just 55% of sex offenders in final year as nation’s top prosecutor”



  45. Zephir says:

    “Just 55 per cent were found guilty in 2013 when he quit as head of the Crown Prosecution Service — down from 61 per cent the year before.

    Latest Ministry of Justice figures, meanwhile, show the current sex offender conviction rate is at almost 81 per cent. “