Midweek 24 May 2023

The taxpayer is now funding BBC VERIFY . BBC VERIFY ‘comprises about 60 journalists who will form a highly specialised operation with a range of forensic investigative skills and open source intelligence (Osint) capabilities at their fingertips.’

But what will the self serving BBC VERIFY verify ? US elections ? Unlikely . Vaccines killing people ?don’t go there . Ukrainian News? Avoid .

VERIFY gives us another tool to evidence the bias of the BBC . Enjoy

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  1. taffman says:

    Two kids killed in taffland . Were they licenced riders/drivers ?
    Gratuitous riots followed, causing wanton damage. Already, I can foresee the Police in the front of the queue as being blamed by the ‘liberal meeja’ .
    Why shouldn’t the police be allowed to follow traffic violators that may, or may not kill themselves or members of the innocent public ?


  2. taffman says:

    First ?


  3. taffman says:

    And second may be ?


    • Up2snuff says:

      taffman, top three places – impressive. You deserve it, having put up with the lot running your country. There was a bloke with a foreign sounding name talking on TWatO this (Tuesday) lunchtime. Apparently he has a show on local radio. He explained how useless the Local Authority was in Eley. He was far too polite to mention the Party running/ruling the Senate but probably could have included them as well.


  4. Fedup2 says:

    Good job Taffman
    Personally as a rider of a motor scooter( 300cc) i dread the electric scooter kids as much as the foreign Uber delivery types …..
    It’s one thing to know that every car driver will kill me if I give them the chance – but up against scooter ‘ delivery kids just adds to the hazard ,

    Had Cardiff ‘gone off ‘ again tonight or did it rain ?


  5. StewGreen says:

    PJW on PCs helping JSO

    The van driver was actually POLICING the lawbreaking JSO toffs


  6. Flotsam says:

    So ULEZ (or LEZ?) is to be extended to most or all of the London Boroughs. I’ve just travelled through London today for the first time in a few years. Some thoughts:
    I’m unsure if I need to pay congestion charge, LEZ or ULEZ. Looking at the TFL site there doesn’t seem to be any way of checking what charges I’ve incurred. I assume they have ANPR’d my number plate but their site doesn’t tell me what I have to pay for under threat of large fines. Apparently I’m supposed to know if I have passed into any zones from the signs. The problem is that there are hundreds of signs. Many roads have a large collection of signs, some of which relate to charges, while trying to drive and navigate in strange areas. Road charging as operated by TFL has the appearance of a scam. I assume there are thousands of very expensive fines

    I used to travel to London regularly some years ago. It was busy then and still busy today.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Flotsam, how were the road surfaces?

      Last time I drove in London they were awful and must be contributing to CO2 emissions.


  7. StewGreen says:

    Do the Police have achievement badges now. like boy scouts ?
    .. “Helped JSO & XR do a stop traffic protest” badge
    .. “Helped Antifa” badge
    .. “Put the boot into Covid protesters” badge
    .. “Help cover up a policeman rapist” badge
    .. “Tazered an old lady” badge


  8. Zephir says:

    Life under labour after the great reset with the bbc at the helm:

    (Except there will never be any meat to eat, only insects)

    “Grocery Day in Russia
    Mikhail Ivanovich was late getting to the state grocery to pick up the week’s allotment of meat and vegetables for himself and his wife. Today, he found himself at the end of a very long line of tired and hungry people bundled up against the January weather, all waiting for their weekly ration.

    He’d been waiting about a half hour, shuffling ever so slowly towards the grocery shop with the rest of the crowd, when the grocer stepped out and in a loud voice announced that there was no more food and that everyone should go home, and come back on Thursday; maybe they’d have some bread and eggs.

    Mikhail snapped. “How am I supposed to feed my family,” he cried out. “We’re starving, and I demand at least some vegetables to make soup! Why is our government starving us?” It seemed no one was paying him any attention as they all slowly made their way home, but suddenly a man wearing a black trench coat and a fedora stepped out of the shadows and sidled up to Mikhail.

    “You should be careful what you say, comrade,” the mysterious man warned Mikhail. “Not so long ago, comments like that made in public would get you shot.” Mikhail looked at the man for a long moment, shook his head in disbelief, then turned to make his way back home.

    When he arrived, his wife greeted him at the door, and noticed he was empty-handed. “What, they’ve run out of food? Again?”

    “It’s much worse,” replied Mikhail. “They’ve run out of bullets!”


  9. harry142857 says:

    Not mentioned by the BBC.

    Rolf Harris

    Notable TV appearances

    18 episodes. 1955-56. Whirligig (BBC)
    7 episodes. 1957.Studio E (BBC)
    8 episodes. 1964. Hey There, It’s Rolf Harris (BBC)
    17 episodes. 1963. A. Swinging Time (BBC)
    38 episodes. 1965. Hey Presto, It’s Rolf Harris (BBC)
    66 episodes. 1967-72. A. The Rolf Harris Show (BBC)
    35 episodes. 1977-80 A. Rolf On Saturday OK (BBC)
    4 episodes. 1989-90. Rolf’s Cartoon Club (ITV)
    9 episodes. 1994-2001. Animal Hospital (BBC)
    7 episodes. 2001-07. Rolf On Art (BBC)
    ?? episodes. 2004-2007. Star Portraits With Rolf Harris (BBC)
    6 episodes. 2012. Animal Clinic (C5)

    Over 50 years at the BBC.


  10. vlad says:

    Bad news for the BBC: GB News has been named the nation’s favourite news brand in a large scale survey, despite all the sneering, the mockery and the brickbats thrown at them by the woke bien-pensants, not to mention the disgusting advertising boycott against them.

    Well, they’re not laughing now.


    • Zephir says:

      The people have spoken, it won’t happen again, there will be allegations of sex scandals just before the next vote and endless legal challenges.


      • Doublethinker says:

        No need for anything like that Zeph the globalist establishment will just send OFCOM round and get it shutdown . They have already forced GBN to part company with Mark Steyn others will follow. The elite can’t allow any news that runs contrary to their narrative . GBN wasn’t much of a problem to them when hardly anyone watched it but if the audience keeps increasing it will have to be silenced.


        • Fedup2 says:

          I wonder how many of those 60 ‘journalists ‘ in BBC VERIFY are assigned to GBNews with a hotline to BBCOFCOM …..the State funded broadcaster can’t have any effective competition …..

          ( mind you – BBC VERIFY probably has an office at BBCOFCOM anyway )


    • taffman says:

      GB News does not get supported or financed by compulsory and offensive TV Tax.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Did all the GB presenters back Mark Steyn? NOPE!


      We have been consistently clear that, under our rules, broadcasters are free to transmit programmes which may be considered controversial and challenging, or which question statistics or other evidence produced by governments or other official sources. It can clearly be in the public interest to do so. However, with this editorial freedom comes an obligation to ensure that, when portraying factual matters, audiences are not materially misled.


      Lisa Shaw death: Legal action ‘only option’ for husband

      Nigel Farage backs Tony Blair to lead Britain’s vaccination programme during dig at ‘low grade’ government



  11. andyjsnape says:

    Ukraine war: US distances itself from Belgorod incursion into Russia

    bBC Verify to Verify? or just the US said


  12. Fedup2 says:

    8.7 % – that’s the current inflation rate – down from 10.1% last month – because of fuel costs reducing apparently .

    In real life I reckon it’s still well above 10% and maybe as high at 15% depending on the sector . ….

    I’m not an economist – bet it seems there are not economists in the Bank of England either .

    How will BBC VERIFY respond to this . Obviously it cannot be described as good news for its ‘ Marxist political reasons . But it isn’t good news .

    Elsewhere – more soil being shovelled onto nut nuts ‘ coffin ( good ) –
    A third more people paying for their own operations – which hopefully will undermine the NHS ….

    And of course – suella the musical – day 4 …..

    I heard the end of a peach of an interview with some foreigner moaning about foreign students being banned from bringing the coach load of ‘relatives ‘ when they ‘study ‘.

    He gave an example of a young woman from some 3rd world sh -t wanting to do a masters but being unable to bring her 4 year old kid with her . Apparently that’s inhuman . I’d say it’s good sense . Foreign student access to the UK should be rationed and very very expensive ….


  13. taffman says:

    Inflation down .
    Could be because people buying less partially because of profiteering?


    • andyjsnape says:

      Hello Taffman

      I had an email through from British Gas to say the pricing was going down in July. That’s such good news in the summer, when the heating isn’t needed, unlike last winter when we were ripped off


      • taffman says:

        They may be down now but when the weather gets colder they will shoot up again all because we have no storage facilities .
        Who scrapped and closed them all down ? Is it a case of ‘follow the money’ ?


  14. andyjsnape says:

    BBC stars’ external earnings revealed as Naga Munchetty takes home at least £50,000 on top of £255,000 salary

    “The £50,000 includes a fee of at least £10,000 in November after she moderated for the International Atomic Energy Agency.”

    Some sort of expert for £10,000 on Atomic Energy


  15. Charlie Farley says:

    BBBC breakfast woe is me edition……it’s all the Torieeees fault….Government must do more , So when Liebour are in everything will be wonderful…can’t wait !


  16. Guest Who says:

    Wild guess, but what is the betting said Perfesser is not from the School of Peckham Studies?


  17. Guest Who says:

    Verified as something he might have said?

    Verified by BBC invited guests.


    • MarkyMark says:

      A woman can “quite clearly” have a penis, Sir Ed Davey has said as he suggested the debate around transgender issues had been settled….18 hours ago


    • Guest Who says:

      Newsnight alumni are the best.

      Mason, Esler…

      As an aside, after a hit job by a teacher at Farage’s school, the trend to be able to acquire negative quotes for media foes seems odd.

      Maybe better than no one recalling Starmer or Corbyn or Cooper…


  18. Guest Who says:

    Love her hat.

    Seems showing the whole thing is a bbc defence thing now.


  19. Flotsam says:

    Is Smarmer the least credible politician ever?
    At least with Lammy and Abbott you know what you’re getting………. complete idiots.
    Smarmer, to me, is a blank, a certain nothingness.


  20. Guest Who says:

    Last time I was in Singapore, every square inch had a high rise with several aircon, and car parks rammed with EVs.

    Woes can be man made, and Verified by Media idiots.


  21. Fedup2 says:

    ‘ Inflation appears to be falling “says bee lady – one for BbCVERIFY – it is the rate of inflation rising – which is slowing ….but in real life it’s as high as ever as petrol and food retailers take advantage of being able to hype margins


  22. Fedup2 says:

    Stock market has dropped after those inflation numbers – suggesting interest rates need to keep going up 4.75% next time ? Or the month after ? Depending on whether the US economy falls apart …


  23. Guest Who says:

    Phew. One can only imagine what happens to others…


  24. andyjsnape says:

    Australia: Watch jewellery store heist by disguised gunmen

    Training video for the future of the islamic state of GB


  25. AsISeeIt says:

    Let’s have a look at the graph edition

    What subtle political messaging and nudging may we divine from a careful reading of our corporate media?

    The globalist FT runs their familiar Datawatch feature today with the somewhat enigmatic title: Stick or twist % who favour these options

    Ah, we wonder… has the FT taken a seasonal thermometer to the fevered brow of the stock market? Is it time to buy, buy, buy? Or do the brokers instead wave bye, bye, bye?

    They did once used to say “Sell in May and go away

    We note the phrase: % who favour these options – options are a contract that creates an agreement between two parties to have the option to sell or buy the stock at some point in the future at a specified price (thank you Investopedia)

    But you’d be wrong to assume that Datawatch concerns itself exclusively with financial market temperament and opinion – if at all. Oh no, Datawatch has a markedly political bent and dare one say bias.

    Today that stick or twist option is concerned with: Stick to tradition or: Open to change

    As for the direction of bias… as that late – very much not lamented – beareded Antipodean TV entertainer was wont to ask: Can you guess what it is yet?

    Is that perhaps the strains of D:Ream’s Things Can Only Get Better I imagine chiming in as we lean toward the FT’s Change option?

    How we made D:Ream’s election anthem Things Can Only Get Better… ‘Tony Blair loved the song. He was always asking me what the chords were’ (Guardian)

    “Change We Need.” and “Change.” – 2008 U.S. presidential campaign slogan of Barack Obama (thank you Wiki)

    A majority of people in most advanced economies think their country would be better off open to change (FT – Source: Global Attitudes Survey via Pew Research Center (Spring 2022))

    As Mr AsI likes to say when confronted with such a survey “Is that a fact? Well, no one asked me”

    Spring 2022..? That would have been almost – but not quite – the end of those seemingly interminable Lockdown restrictions. No wonder people said they wanted change.

    Interestingly, we can’t but notice the colour palette chosen by the FT for their tradition or change options. So as powerpoint standup comic Dave Gorman would tend to say: “Let’s have a look at the graph”

    Conservative blue is the stick to tradition bar chart swingometer option beaten of course by LibDem yellow/orange for open to change – naturally there’s no scary socialist red thereabouts.

    Putative cosy home counties LibDems for change win over the Tory traditionalists in the UK – according to the chart – by 69% to 30% – in case you were wondering.

    Moving on…

    We alight on a brief Times frontpage teaser for a report on upcoming Spanish elections. Of note are the political party designations as employed by the Times.

    To get technical we have the Socialist Parliamentary Group consisting largely of PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party) with regional sidekicks PSC (Socialists’ Party of Catalonia)

    … the Socialist government faces a populist challenge (Times) – there’s no escaping the forthright Spaniards and their socialism – but populism?

    How so? Does the Times mean to say socialism isn’t popular on the Peninsular?

    They do say “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain” and the plain speaking Dons name their lefties socialist. What they don’t do is use the p-word.

    We think what the newly liberal-minded Times in fact means by populist is conservative.

    People’s Party (Partido Popular, PP) — mainstream centre-right party, that is conservative, Catholic and economically liberal and which conforms the second-largest group in Congress and leads the parliamentary opposition. (thank you Wiki) – nothing to scare the donkeys there, surely?


    • Up2snuff says:

      AISI, I was very impressed by the front page photo on the Daily Mirror that suggests Rolf Harris attended his own funeral in a wheelchair pushed by a nurse. Was he going for a ‘green’ funeral?


  26. Guest Who says:

    Now patrolled by an unstaffed, rebranded but still utterly moronic collection of overpaid cubicle juveniles for the £5B national propaganda backed by censorship Corp.


    • MarkyMark says:

      2019 …. freer than elsewhere because they are more enlightened

      “lawfully sacked for writing tweets which criticised government policies.” {bbc.co.uk aug2019} – the death of freedom of speech.

      1765 …. **In a republic worthy of name, freedom to publish one ’s thoughts is a citizen’s natural right.** They may use a pen or their voice, and should not be prevented from writing any more than speaking …That is the law in England, a monarchical country, where people are freer than elsewhere because they are more enlightened. – Voltaire, Republican Ideas, 1765

      2019 …Australia’s highest court has made a landmark ruling that a public servant was lawfully sacked for writing tweets which criticised government policies. The court rejected her claim that she had been denied a right to free speech. – Australia, 2019

      1765 … **In a republic worthy of name, freedom to publish one’s thoughts is a citizen’s natural right.**

      2019 … ** a public servant was lawfully sacked for writing tweets which criticised government policies.**



  27. Fedup2 says:

    Today watch

    An unusual piece – our Justin interviews a journo who keeps an eye on prosecutions for breach of covid rules – which are still going on – with magistrates imposing seemingly wicked fines on those plod have gone after – such as going to an allotment during lockdown …
    This was an unusually ‘public service ‘ piece which had me in WTF mode ….. in passing the was a comment about how enthusiastic plod had been ‘enforcing the law ‘’’ and shows how quickly they can become a true threat … now they are just back to killing 81 year olds on crossings — or tazering 95 year old dementia sufferers using a. Zimmer frame ( in Australia )


  28. Althepalerp says:

    Why is it always Christian teachers that get sanctioned.
    Don`t Muslims believe in Men and women too?


  29. StewGreen says:

    Some won’t agree, but I think much of inflation is driven by world energy prices. and UK’s ability to get the best prices having it’s own energy, energy storage etc.

    In my real world I see the price of price of petrol and diesel has come DOWN
    and that should factor into future prices of other things

    Furthermore as fresh food comes past its “new in season” price there becomes a glut and prices fall
    eg with strawberries and potatoes etc.

    I can point to a couple of prices falling
    The price of milk in Tesco and other supermarkets has gone DOWN.
    The price of Nestle bottled water has gone down in two outlets we use.
    Though of course the base product water comes out of the ground for FREE.


    • StewGreen says:

      Radio Lincolnshire news reported the inflation news straight
      Red Red Radio Humberside news did enormous spin in its elaborate item
      they cherry picked
      choosing to air BBC Ben Boulos saying no prices were going down.

      Then when I check I spot BBC breakfast spinning by putting him in a foodbank today, no hang on it looks like a distribution warehouse.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Ben Rich Fans (With added Boulos!)
        Showing some love to
        amongst others

        This is a fan run account
        Born 19 MayJoined February 2021
        164 Following


    • MarkyMark says:

      Liz Truss blamed for closure of North Sea gas storage before energy crisis
      Liz Truss has been accused of signing off the closure of the UK’s biggest gas storage facility as ministers now rush to reopen the facility before winter.
      Mason Boycott-Owen
      By Mason Boycott-Owen
      Published 17th Aug 2022, 20:00 BST



      • Fedup2 says:

        I’d be interested to know how ‘full up ‘ roughley is now – and what arrangements are in place for the winter in 6 months …. I bet those responsible are all working from home …
        Maybe only power cuts will shake things …


        • MarkyMark says:

          Full up = infinite resources.


          • Fedup2 says:

            Marky – it was / is a serious question . …I’ll go find out elsewhere …


            • MarkyMark says:

              Think it was closed down – due to maintenance but too costly to repair.

              Also of interest is that Amber Rudd is on the Centria Board who are responsible.


            • MarkyMark says:

              2017 … Closure of UK’s largest gas storage site ‘could mean volatile prices’
              This article is more than 5 years old
              Shuttering of Rough facility off Yorkshire coast by British Gas owner Centrica will increase dependence on imports, say critics


              However, the Flexible Generation Group, which represents small generators, mostly gas plants, said the decision would inevitably push up costs to consumers by making prices spikier at times of high demand.


  30. Fedup2 says:

    Stew – I think they say overall food inflation is still at 19%. But my criticism is this – pumping out made up money is not conservative – being slow to tackle inflation is not conservative . Failing to prepare Blighty for energy shocks is incompetence .

    Inflation wouid have come because of covid / Ukraine – but a bit of prudence – such as energy independence would have mitigated the effect .
    Globalism and green crap have joined together to screw all of us …. But the msm will never say so …..

    What is even worse is that no politician will learn from it . There won’t be new nuclear – decades will pass before any new power stations come .


    • StewGreen says:

      What got me was Boulos insisting that ALL prices are still going up
      Yet I can clearly see that pump prices have dropped
      and that directly feeds into almost everything else

      Now on TalkTV Jamie Jenkins is saying the same thing.


  31. andyjsnape says:

    Netflix expands password sharing crackdown to UK

    In the comments forum

    “Netflix – demands payment from viewers that watch Netflix
    BBC – demands payment from viewers that don’t watch BBC”

    Well deserved


  32. Althepalerp says:

    John Lewis App – Discover all departments page.
    Photos of 10 BAME, and 3 white women.
    No white men at all.


    • MarkyMark says:

      BBC fighting ‘fake news’ with fake Twitter accounts
      A journalist with BBC Verify, the British broadcaster’s new fact-checking spinoff, has admitted to deploying multiple fake Twitter accounts to combat “disinformation.”


      • JohnC says:

        And of course don’t forget how Marianna creates fake users on forums then goes baiting members for her ‘evidence’.

        Entrapment in other words.


    • StewGreen says:

      Ha you must be abroad, RT is banned here in the UK
      Here’s the archived page https://archive.is/K18Pm

      In a segment broadcast on Saturday, BBC “disinformation correspondent” Marianna Spring warned the audience that “mistruths can cause really serious harm to societies and the people in them.” She then revealed she had set up multiple “undercover accounts” on Twitter for the BBC’s America broadcast, each one representing different political views so as to better “interrogate” the viewpoints of the network’s target audience.
      While the deception was portrayed as an attempt to “understand polarization online” by observing a cross-section of what kind of content social media platforms are recommending to different demographics, all three “characters” were white women. Emma, a 25-year-old atheist graphic designer with a “live-in partner” based in New York City, hails from the “progressive left.” Britney, a recently-divorced 50-year-old mother of three living in Houston, comes from the “populist right” and works as a school secretary. Gabriela, 44, a married mother of three who moonlights as a nanny, is cast as a “stressed sideliner.”

      The BBC got a £20 million ($24.13 million) shot in the arm from the UK government earlier this year specifically to “counter disinformation,” with Foreign Secretary James Cleverly hailing the network as “the world’s most trusted international broadcaster.”

      The BBC has also hosted government-controlled journalists tasked with waging information warfare against Russia, while its “charitable” arm, BBC Media Action, engaged in covert operations designed to “weaken the Russian state’s influence” in the Balkans.

      Commnts are astonishingly naive . Typically saying the BBC just parrots government propaganda.
      No BBC are very selective ..eg Covid propaganda but anti government line on most stuff.


      • Dickie says:

        Living abroad. Nah, It’s what a VPN is for. Comes in handy. I have about as much trust in this government as I have in the BBC. WEF puppets.

        “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

        Ronald Reagan


  33. StewGreen says:

    The BBC is a GuardianSupremacist way of spreading their agendas.

    More Or Less mentioned one of their mates has died at an early age of 39
    ‘Her pet cause was the Maths Olympiad for Girls’
    They they went ino a long PRasNews item to push that agenda
    To me picking an arbitary group and giving them money is sexism/racism it is not equality

    Then 10am Women’s Hour asked “Why are electric cars lss popular with women ?”
    That was clearly a PR item for electric cars

    The progs in between also pushed pet agendas
    at 9:30am was a repeat of ther series on London black crime.

    9:45am #WhiteManBad “What role did the narrative of a White and culturally coherent west play in allowing Europe to conquer and colonise most of the known world? Read by Nina Sosanya”


    • MarkyMark says:

      Times overtakes Guardian as most popular newspaper bought by the BBC
      By Aisha Majid

      Publication Copies bought in 2020 Equivalent copies per day
      1 The Times 52,652 144
      2 the Guardian 49,349 135
      3 Daily Mail 48,778 133
      4 Daily Telegraph 46,824 128
      5 The Sun 45,897 125
      6 Daily Mirror 42,948 117
      7 Financial Times 27,670 76
      8 Daily Express 27,619 75
      9 i 17,128 47
      10 Daily Star 12,534 34
      11 Sunday Times 6,476 18
      12 Mail On Sunday 6,053 17
      13 Observer 6,009 16
      14 Sunday Telegraph 5,840 16
      15 Sunday Mirror 4,944 14
      16 The Scotsman 4,495 12
      17 The Glasgow Herald 4,431 12
      18 The Sun on Sunday 4,359 12
      19 International New York Times 4,227 12
      20 Daily Mail – Scotland 4,227 12


  34. StewGreen says:

    BBC Woman’s Hour tweet promoting Electric cars
    Note spinwords :
    I could say I INVEST my money in high class prostitutes

    That tweet uses a black face too

    1 like for each 1,500 views


  35. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – “Crisis, what crisis?” © ‘Sunny Jim’ Callaghan, one time UK PM
    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – hmmn, not sure that is the best photo to use

    I don’t know where to start with this, so much was available. ‘The-cost-of-living-crisis’ seems to be a good place to have a go. Apparently there is no cost-of-living-crisis because people are choosing to ‘go private’ for their surgery, as exemplified (by an influencer?) here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-65687231, second photo down. I’m none too sure about the BBC’s mathematics either: sums was not my big subject at school but I think I know that just over 250000 compared with just 200,000 is more like 25%.

    However, we will take your figure BBC, as it demonstrates that, to an extent, the-cost-of-living-crisis has largely been manufactured by those none too friendly to a Conservative Party Government (even if in name only), including yourselves, BBC.


  36. StewGreen says:

    “📣“In the beginning Silicon Valley entrepreneurs had a dream: through their social media platforms they would democratise communication for all.
    But what happened next was quite different.”
    The Gatekeepers with @JamieJBartlett is airing 2024 on @BBCRadio4 @BBCSounds “


  37. StewGreen says:

    @HenryPryor the BBC property expert tweets
    “📻 Once worth millions @PurplebricksUK
    is now being sold for less than the price of a KitKat!
    Is this the end of the online estate agency experiment?
    I’ll being chatting about bricks and clicks on #YouAndYours on
    @BBCRadio4 after 12.00.”

    I suspect the brand is actually being bought for £millions
    but that the corp has £millions in borrowings
    So the two amounts cancel each other out.


  38. StewGreen says:

    Cos there are a very low number of tweets to @BBCradio4 today
    I went to my account not blocked by lefty blocklist
    could still see about 30 tweets in the last 3.5 hours


  39. JohnC says:

    Rishi Sunak decides not to order inquiry into Suella Braverman speeding row

    Rishi Sunak has said Suella Braverman’s handling of a speeding offence did not breach ministerial rules and would not be investigated.

    That should be the end of the story. The BBC should drop it immediately. But no : they run another front-page, big headline about it.

    It’s the BBC who should be investigated for running such a campaign without any basis to do it. It’s an absolute disgrace. Yet they are still doing it and I bet this is not the last article on the topic.

    It’s as plain as day that they are going after Braverman yet again because of her stance on illegal immigration. It’s politically motivated bias in the extreme. Where are you OFCOM ?.

    What a complete bunch of useless, corrupt Leftists they are. Sack them all. Why don’t the government do something about it ?. Are they afraid they too will get the Boris/Braverman treatement ?.


  40. Flotsam says:

    Ed Davey the Liberal leader maintains that women can have a penis.

    The rest of us normal people maintain some Liberals have a penis attached to their foreheads


  41. Guest Who says:

    A whole new era of media censorship and propaganda is here.

    With the ‘evolution’ of Mike Wendling’s risible propaganda and censorship D’uh Platform into VeryFaux, people are already noticing more BBC kapos blocking them in advance through pre circulated lists.

    This prevents them calling BBC horse manure into question and said BBC horse manure being seen as called out.

    For a trusted, transparent and impartial news organisation with global reach, some may see that also as dodgy utter BS.

    Speaking of Global, and BS… the BBC TNI has already coordinated well with its US corrupt partners on Trump, Adams, Musk, etc politically and now that DeSantis has thrown his hat in the ring doubtless Springster will be hopping the RedEye a lot to hook up with Wendy to ensure the swamp messaging is as in concert as it is selective as it can be inaccurate.

    Just got this from ‘Mother Jones’, a Limp eco collection of twats less interested in the environment than rigging elections in the USA.

    I have noted before in this newsletter that some strange invisible force tends to compel all the worst people in the world to find and congregate with each other. Whether it’s in your community or in the public sphere, this axiom holds true. Seriously. Once you pay attention, you’ll start to notice it everywhere.

    This weekend, I watched a segment on 60 Minutes that almost convinced me to respect Jeff Koons, the man behind the hideous giant balloon dog sculptures that plague art galleries the world over. An art critic provided an eloquent case for the subversive power of Koons’ art, yadda yadda. Then, the kicker: Koons is selling a bunch of little moon sculptures as NFTs, then placing them on that luminary clock against the sky to reside for all eternity—with the help of Elon Musk and SpaceX.

    But Koons isn’t the only individual of questionable taste whom Musk is helping to ascend to new heights. This evening, Musk is reportedly planning to help Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announce his presidential run via a conversation on Twitter Spaces. Remember Musk’s disastrous Saturday Night Live appearance? Combine that awkwardness with DeSantis’ general inability to behave like a human being, and one can only imagine how torturous this announcement will be. When you consider DeSantis’ hateful politics, the dreadful prospect of a debate between him and former President Trump, and the potential for DeSantis to “Make America Florida,” the Twitter Spaces announcement becomes almost too much to bear. Will you be tuning in?

    —Abigail Weinberg

    Ms. Weinberg comes across like one of Beria’s less pleasant descendants and an entirely predictable libby media munter.


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      Guest the dreaded Musk is fully in their sights now. It will be interesting to see if this approach helps build trust in the MSM, or whether all their hysterical screeching has quite the opposite effect.



    • Mart says:

      The BBC has started it’s campaign against DeSantas, just mocking him for now but if he gains traction no doubt the acid will be out



  42. StewGreen says:

    Oh are thereany BBCstaff that will promote the “Net Zero” eevnt ongoing in a Hull theatre ?

    – Local reporter Sally 1
    – Local reporter Sally 2
    – BBC David Shukmann 1
    – Radio Humberside


    • MarkyMark says:

      The new rulers of Cambodia call 1975 “Year Zero”, the dawn of an age in which there will be no families, no sentiment, no expressions of love or grief, no medicines, no hospitals, no schools, no books, no learning, no holidays, no music, no song, no post, no money – only work and death.

      John Pilger, Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia (1979)[1


  43. andyjsnape says:

    Rishi Sunak decides not to order inquiry into Suella Braverman speeding row

    It was a mountain out of a molehill, created by the bBC “reporting”

    bBC is in mourning


    • JohnC says:

      They haven’t finished yet Andy.


      • Up2snuff says:

        JohnC, the sybil serpents have popped up – again – in the extra scrutiny of Boris Johnson and I think you are right, they will find a way to attack Suella Braverman again. If Rishi Sunak is smart, he will get MI5 to investigate the leaks and also check out the Daily Mirror’s role in Partygate and also investigate Crerar and Kuenssberg.


  44. StewGreen says:

    Their GreenPR is ubiquitous


  45. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – what a day to have staff absent, BBC …..

    BBC very excited. The inflation figures are out at 7 a.m. and it will provide an opportunity to criticise the Conservative Government. Unfortunately, the BBC has Simon Jack (Business Editor) away, perhaps on leave? They have the Economics Editor away on a jolly to Washington, DC, where – surprisingly, the Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reves, (Lab), is making a speech about Labour’s spending plans if they achieve a majority at the next General Election. Er, should that not be done in the UK?

    In the absence of the Business Correspondent, Sean Farrington, and the Business and Economic Editors, it was left to Rahul Tandon, a journalist, to cover the inflation story. It got worse. The BBC found a non-UK person at the ONS for a comment, and then had in the second hour a comment from an American wimmin (with quite a high voice but fortunately without a really high squeaky voice) and a Dr Wiswadni who seemed to know nothing about inflation. For the good Doctor’s information, inflation only disappears from an economy if you have deflation in that same economy or as I prefer to call it: negative inflation.

    However, deflation gives commentaters on the BBC hysterics, so it is better in my view to call it negative inflation. As for the speech by the Shadow Chancellor, Labour’s Rachel Reeves the BBC’s Economics Editor, Faisal Islam could have remained in the UK and still heard the speech. Just think of the Global Warming and Climate Change emissions that would be saved, BBC!


  46. Terminal Moraine says:

    Seems like with the launch of Verify, the BBC’s Reality Check project is being quietly wound down. Their Twitter account is no longer in use, and looking at their covid page they’ve not been very active post 2020. As more evidence amasses that contradicts the official version, the BBC do what they do best — focus on ‘conspiracy theorists’ for clickbait and avoid the more taxing problems that good scientific research is (and has been) addressing. “When the going gets complicated, the simpletons get going.”

    The BBC is selling Verify as a highly specialised team of knowledge experts and forensic data scientists, when they’re a bunch of fairly dim arts grads dicking around with reverse image search and Google maps.

    But they’ve got ambition and state endorsement so they will go far, much to the harm of those interested in the deeper questions of how to appraise empirical evidence.



    • JohnC says:

      I think they went into panic when the last survey showed only two in five actually trust BBC news. I reckon it was a bit of a wakeup call for them.

      So the kidults got together and came up with ‘Verify’ which is absolutely apalling in how amateur it comes across and smacks of a few graduates surfing the internet all day and finding random and incoherent bits of information which they just bundle together.

      Their latest report where they told us they analysed and verified the video of the 2 Welsh lads on the scooter was from 16:57 pm is an example of how ridiculous they are. It was in the top right of the CCTV video.

      Basically they have the same problem as all the other rubbish the BBC churn out these days : they are suffering the consequences of years of recruitment where quotas based on racism and sexism took priority over ability. Now they have lots of staff who are useless but must be given something to do.


      • Guest Who says:

        Panic is BBC SOP, backed by ineptitude based on being utterly woke and hiring policies such that W!A iscubucle garden brain donors with zero clue run by gated community ideological donkeys educated in 70s art Unis.

        The majority does not trust them.

        In the USA after Sopes and BS utterly trashed the rep of the brand with Americast and airflown fresh Springster for her election expertise, they retained Lurch and Katty and then seem to have imported Wendy as a roving thug to tell Saz what to print to keep Joe in.

        Polishing that particular Team Under Rule of Democrats might struggle on the partial front no matter how many rebranded version of tellitoften enough they burp out in the bubble.


  47. Fedup2 says:

    In New South Wales the 33 year old plod who tazered a 95 year old lady who was using a zimmer frame ( (with dementia – because she had a knife )) has been charged with a number of offences …. It’s gonna take a really good defence brief on that one ….