335 Responses to Start the Week 17th July 2023

  1. Deborah says:


    Apart from Mark Dolan on GBNews, has the Huw Edwards story been closed down. If I hear once more that he did nothing illegal, therefore there is no story. I didn’t hear that when Dominic Raab threw a slice of tomato.

    Might I add I am very worried what to do with my old and broken jewellery. The Welsh fella has disappeared from GB News. I also have a little spare time and I was hoping for some advice on what to do with it and was hoping Robert Rinder might give me some ideas. Seriously, we need to support companies advertising on GBNews. I know Fedup, you don’t watch it, but without support we won’t have any options, only the BBC.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:


      There wasn’t even any tomato throwing, that was a big lie perpetrated by civil service leftists.

      There were teenage lads whom Huw Edwards, a married man aged 61 tried to have sex with, but…

      Look, a squirrel!


    • BRISSLES says:

      I agree Deb, but if one thing sends me reaching for the mute button it’s the “hiya” from the weight loss ad, and the grating guitar riff signalling the start of the bloody watch ad.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Completely agree Deborah. Supporting GB News advertisers would be a small way that we could fight back against the Woke panjandrum that is destroying our country in just the same way as refusing to pay the LF is.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        I’d love to support GB News advertisers, but I don’t live in South Wales.

        Thank God for the Taffmen!


        • Fedup2 says:

          I thought my tv was playing up when I was getting adverts for gold shops in merthyr…


  2. Guest Who says:

    The next breathless gush from the BBC’s tech editors is awaited.


  3. harry142857 says:

    I see Jeremy Vine has accepted a £1,000 donation to charity and an apology after a tweet declaring him the “BBC star in the £35k sex scandal”.

    You would think a story like this would be headline news on the BBC, but not a word.

    Operation Cover Up going well at the World’s Most Trusted Broadcaster


    • Guest Who says:

      Vile back asking questions.

      This should be fun.

      There’s always the bbc if you are not diverse.


      • Thoughtful says:

        Rishi Washee, completely confused and out of his depth.

        Kids shouldn’t go to University but then does nothing to offer an alternative.
        He is a dwarf compared to BLiar who he appears to idolise. BLiar engineered universities as indoctrination camps. Spineless Sunak is a blowhard who talks and never does anything, because he doesn’t know what to do and he’s scared to death.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Education …. Diane Abbott … product of BBC’s Simon Schama ….

        “..I’m slightly amazed at our colleagues (Simon Schama BBC@£200K) ability to get big laughs on gang rape…I’m not much of a feminist but I draw the line at the 3 year old getting raped, and the seven year old getting gang raped in a basement. (audience claps)” – Mark Steyn {youtube The Munk debate @4:46}

        “…I’m just struck by how obsessed by sex these two guys (Farage/Steyn) are, it’s a bit sad really… (audience laughs, Simon smiles)” – Simon Schama (£200K BBC Salary) {youtube The Munk debate @2:00}




      • Guest Who says:

        Asking questions has been pioneered by the BBc as a way of saying something without getting nailed for saying it.


        Even has a ‘people are saying’.

        Like the MSM.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Of course Vine is the man who named his seven year old daughter as a director of his company and paid her a salary in order to avoid tax.
      From a persistent advocate of tax and spend policies this was surely immoral but we know that the globalist left is dripping in hypocrisy.


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      Comment from “captain2stroke” on TCW yesterday:

      “The middle-class metropolitan Marxist hacks employed by the BBC and the print media have put up a defensive wall around Edwards, not just to protect him, but to ensure the privilege they enjoy will continue unabated, allowing them to get away with stuff that would have [them] screaming “Tory sleaze” if a Conservative MP were involved in Edwards-ian style activities.

      The metro-Marxists believe themselves superior to we [sic] peasants and that we should jolly well do as we are told and get on with meeting net-zero targets, 15-minute cities, paying ULEZ charges, allowing mass-immigration and abolishing the concept of ” woman”. This attitude of superiority is what is driving their protectionism – Huw is “one of us” and his victim was “probably a peasant – his parents may even have voted for Brexit so serve[s] them right”.

      The BBC, the media, its allies in academia, the Civil Service, the NHS, politics and the law are all arrogance personified.


  4. digg says:

    Trudeau in Canada is finding out how the left eats itself.

    He welcomed a huge number of Muslim immigrants who are beginning to get very, very upset about the LGBT agenda in Canadian schools which he also backs.

    So what does he do? Of course he blames “right wing” white Christian supremicists for agitating.


    Let’s just hope this pushback against this dodgy LGBT cult agenda grows rapidly and goes around the Western World!


    • tomo says:

      The BBC will give the twerp Trudeau kid kid glove treatment.

      As I hear it many Canadians have had enough of Justin and he has to be careful/choosy about where he appears in public.

      Out of curiousity a while back I streamed an assortment of Canadian radio and TV to my phone at work – oh, boy… the patronising fawning drivel about the Liberal coalition was off the scale – something akin to Radio Tirana in the early 1980s – you get what you pay for….

      Imagine The Guardian in control of all UK broadcast media and Owen Jones as Prime Minister.


    • Thoughtful says:

      You hope that the Muslims win? Seriously? The push back we need is the opposite of what you want, you are barking up the completely wrong tree.

      We have seen in Sweden and Italy that the pushback comes against mass migration and Islamisation the anti LGBT comes along together with that.

      Stop making the mistake that my enemies ememy is my friend, because Islam will eat you for breakfast if you believe that.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Yes – Islam is the number one enemy – ok will ‘do for ‘queers – but anyone not on the ‘approved ‘list is also a target – as in – non Muslims … it’s in their owner manual –

        Talking of which -I wonder if anyone wants the Koran bought up to date so as not to ‘offend ‘…


    • MarkyMark says:

      Canadian PM Trudeau Shares Call to ‘End White Supremacy’ After Somali Refugee’s Terror Attack {.informationliberation.com 02oct2017}
      ‘Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded to news of a Somali refugee’s terrorist attack in Edmonton by sharing a call to “end white supremacy” and insisting “our diversity is our strength.” ‘

      … earlier in the same Universe …

      Trudeau (I’m a feminist) hails “ (Muslim) sisters upstairs” at sex-segregated mosque


      • Doublethinker says:

        Impossible to tell from this photo if he had ‘browned up ‘ for this appearance. On balance I think not because he isn’t in fancy dress as he was when he visited India the other year much to the amusement of the Indians. A plonker but a very dangerous one who we need rid of.


        • moggie63 says:

          Does he need to ‘brown up’ if he lives life with his head up his own arse?


  5. Dickie says:

    Nowt reporting on this from the BBC then:



    • JohnC says:

      Ukraine will use these new cluster bombs like confetti in every situation because they will have so many and so few normal shells.

      Then Russia will realiate and start using them the same.

      Well done Joe. Though you did tell us they will actually SAVE civilian lives by ending the war quicker.

      Totally unrestricted warfare with cluster bombs. It’s a future humanitarian disaster. Just as the Nord Stream was an ecological disaster. And the BBC are quiet on both because they are shameless hypocrites.

      It’s all about protecting Joe – just imagine what they would be saying if Trump did it. This is all to try and keep Biden in power and Trump out – whatever the cost.


      • Thoughtful says:

        Did you know that Biden became the first US President to ‘boycot’ the NATO formal dinner?

        Not been in the media that one has it? Bidens cluster bombs are nothing like as bad as the long range cruise missiles the hapless Rishi Washee is sending to Ukraine as they really could spark a reaction we don’t want.

        Imagine if Russia supplied ISIS with a long range missile which hit the houses of Parliament, who would people blame ISIS or Russia? What would they propose we do about it?

        Moscow is a well defended city and they might well shoot down a missile. Britain has no defences at all, not even early warning and we couldn’t shoot down any missile hypersonic or otherwise thanks to the useless far Left Tories


        • Fedup2 says:

          I’m sure Katty and Christian on their daily 30 minute Trump hate show would equally highlight that . Perhaps Biden can’t operate without those ‘cue cards ‘ he now carries in public – or more likely can’t feed himself solids as the dementia increases ….

          BTW – re my last line – this is not me being my nasty self – I have learnt the art of spoon feeding an elderly member of my family so watching the shielded decline of Biden is pretty awful – almost as bad as thinking about his successor .


      • MarkyMark says:

        Sales of cluster bombs are up!


        • JohnC says:

          Are they selling them are are they just giving them ?.

          I’m still not sure. It’s always described as ‘aid’ which I am assuming means ‘given for free’.

          And I expect the vast sums we will then pay to rebuild Ukraine will be called ‘aid’ again. Somehow I can’t help thinking that a lot of people are getting very rich over there. Like Russia, Ukraine is absolutely corrupt.


          • MarkyMark says:

            but of the products of human labour

            “The essential act of war is destruction, not necessarily of human lives, but of the products of human labour. War is a way of shattering to pieces, or pouring into the stratosphere, or sinking in the depths of the sea, materials which might otherwise be used to make the masses too comfortable, and hence, in the long run, too intelligent. ”



  6. AsISeeIt says:

    We’re disengaged and that could be crucial edition

    And now we go over to Huw Edwards for today’s BBC Midday, Midlife Crisis, news headlines

    It’s an old joke how TV viewers could never know for sure whether or not our smartly-jacketed BBC news casters had any trousers on under their desks

    Auntie BBC, eh? What’s that old saying I’m looking for… all fur coat and no knickers

    Meanwhile, here’s the BBC-friendly left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper: Media: BBC-bashers revel in Huw Edwards affair – I guess that’s Mr AsI guilty as charged

    The young royals photographed in the papers today look as though they were enjoying themselves cheering on the winner at Wimbledon yesterday: Charlotte and George… as Alcaraz beat Djokovic in final (Daily Mirror); Charlotte’s Centre Court roar (Telegraph) – I wonder who advised the kiddies which player to support – injecting a bit of royal endorsement?

    One-party state?

    ‘Conservative’ Starmer… doubling down on ‘fiscally conservative’ economic plan (‘i’)

    The present Tory administration is fiscally conservative – on precisely what planet?

    The Labour leader can now almost sniff that hot seat Rishi Sunak has been keeping warm for him and will say just about anything so he can at last sit on it: Starmer: we will keep two-child benefit cap… His shadow work and pensions secretary, Jonathan Ashworth, had condemned it as “heinous” just last month (Guardian)

    Ouch! With friends like that on the left, no wonder Sir Keir has to go all the way up to the master, Tony Blair, to receive help and advice.

    Triple by-election heart surgeon by-pass this week as: NHS consultants strikes: BMA annouces two more walkouts (BBC) – Walkouts, really? More like rev up the Bentley and motor up to Harley Street for a couple of extra days private practice.

    The Financial Times is banking on a Tory wipe out this week: Conservatives are bracing themselves to lose three by-elections on Thursday… A backdrop of scandals, high inflation and ailing public services, along with Boris Johnson’s eye-catching fall from grace, has left many Tory supporters disengaged and that could be crucial – blimey, perhaps things could only get better under a Tony Blair re-tread

    Our BBC is busy desperately lamenting the passing of the Britpop era: The BBC is celebrating 20 Years of Britpop with a week of special programming.

    And promoting this slice of schmaltzy Cool Britannia nostalgia just so as to get us in the right mood: Christmas Actually: Richard Curtis announces festive stage show… Christmas Actually is not an adaptation of his beloved festive film, which was released in 2003. Instead, it will be a variety show in aid of Comic Relief, featuring live music, performance, poetry and comedy… As a screenwriter, Curtis’s credits include Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones’s Diary and Yesterday, as well as TV sitcoms Blackadder and The Vicar of Dibley. (BBC)

    Good old reliable lefty identity politics Curtis, eh? Love Actually director Richard Curtis uncomfortable with movie’s lack of diversity (BBC)

    Just as bad as the old boy network

    Good old reliable lefty identity politics… Financial Times…? Breaking the barriers to more female CEOs

    CEOs like this one: Thames Water’s boss Sarah Bentley has stepped down with immediate effect, a few days after it emerged that the leakage rate from the company’s pipes was at a five-year high and she gave up her annual bonuses over its environmental track record. (Guardian)

    Or this one: Elizabeth Holmes and the Theranos Case: History of a Fraud Scandal. Medical start-up Theranos promised to revolutionise blood tests but the technology didn’t work. Customers received wrong diagnoses and investors lost their money. (EQS Integrity Line – Easily comply with the EU Whistleblowing Directive)

    The rauchy ‘i’ newspaper is at it again: Getting naked with women helped me love my body

    Turning the ‘i’ newspaper’s partisan commentary back on itself: For: Media: BBC-bashers revel in Huw Edwards affair – read: Media: Tory-bashers revel in Rishi Sunak affair:

    PM needs ‘miracle’ to avoid triple by-election wipeout ( ‘i’ )


    • Fedup2 says:

      There seems to the narrative developing – on the coming red labour government – 200 majority ? That they really will be screwed by the economy from the start . Even after firing the Bank of England for enabling inflation to be high and embed .

      One theory on the 3 Bi elections is that each party will win 1 seat . But I can’t see blue labour keeping even one .. ULEZ or not .

      As for ULEZ – there seems no coverage of the court challenge and it’s in in a month in londonistan . Coming your way soon …


  7. tomo says:

    Rehabilitating shit edition

    Another BBC victimhood wallowing piece with added Brendan Cox working the widower thing….


    Glitch in Google’s algorithm this morning – “guardian” in a search string on a phone elicited at least 5 page fulls of Guardian articles (I stopped scrolling)


    • MarkyMark says:

      Brendan Cox, who co-founded Survivors Against Terror after his wife, Labour MP Jo Cox, was killed by a far-right extremist in 2016, said: “An organisation that is supposed to be helping survivors recover and rebuild is instead consistently doing them harm.

      “If the organisation had poor processes and procedures but scored well on other areas, there would be hope for reform. There is not.”


      Jo Cox’s husband Brendan confesses to inappropriate behaviour amid new allegation that he drunkenly ‘grabbed a woman by the throat’ as he is forced to quit the murdered MP’s charities



  8. tomo says:

    Does Fauci still get royalties in “retirement” ?


  9. Foscari says:

    Day after day after day after day after day after day
    the BBC informs us with their Getty’s imaging
    that indigenous white citizens in the UK don’t
    suffer with any cost of living crisis. Today it’s an
    image on the main page with the headline
    “Plan to crack down on rip off university degrees”
    If you click on the feature you are lead to other pictures.
    One is of a girl of Caucasian ethnicity . BUT it is not from
    Getty’s. If you go on to the Getty’s website . You aint seen
    anything like it. A contributor put it on the website the last
    time I wrote about the subject. This is ay the very least
    a type of inverted racism. It is not inclusiveness or even
    positive discrimination .
    To be honest I find Getty’s imaging perverted. And it
    part of BBC’S agenda of ” educating” us , the unwashed,
    Go to hell the BBC. It is you who needs to be educated
    on a number of social issues. The BBC is an absolute disgrace,
    in the way it mocks the 85% indigenous white population, by using Getty’s imaging!!


    • MarkyMark says:

      Douglas Murray talks about the social engineering of google search results.


      • tomo says:

        That guardian glitch in Google on an Android phone browser this morning was amazing – literally 5 full pages of *only* Guardian articles.

        – it didn’t work the same on a Windows PC


      • Foscari says:

        Thanks Mark- And this is what the BBC are using GETTY’S
        for. I reiterate it is inverted racism !!


        • MarkyMark says:

          No problem – good books from Mr Murray.


          • Foscari says:

            Yes- I have read several of his books. Hopefully one day
            we will have from him . ” The death of the BBC”


        • JohnC says:

          Not ‘inverted racism’ Foscari. That implies it is someway a lesser thing.

          It’s pure racist discrimination of the most deliberate and blatant kind. Nothing less.

          The bizarre thing about it is that it’s white people being racist against other white people.


  10. StewGreen says:

    One narrative is “we need Red Labour* cos the NHS is in crisis”

    R4 Radio4 NHS Crisis with Kevin Fong

    “Last winter’s media reports showing queues of ambulances snaking round hospitals and patients waiting for hours to be admitted to A&E was, for many, shocking to see.
    Some commentators say it was a crisis like no other and that the NHS has reached a tipping point”

    * High Spending, WokeSupremacist, GreenSupremacist LondonSupremacist, Globalist, Islington WEF Party, red division


    • MarkyMark says:

      Did Labour account for these NHS beds/doctor requests?

      … “Thorough research by the Home Office suggested that the impact of this benevolence would in any event be ‘relatively small, at between 5,000 and 13,000 immigrants per year up to 2010’. “Events proved these forecasts worthless. Net migration reached close to a quarter of a million at its peak in 2010. Lots of red faces, mine included.”



    • tomo says:

      I listened to R4 in the car earlier where a spokesman for the striking consultants was given total kid glove treatment.

      No mention was made whatsoever of the human consequences of those doctors action or if the striking was a total withdrawal of medical services or if (as seems rather likely) that the scummy swines are redirecting desperate sick folk to their charged-for “side gigs”.

      It’s almost as if the hallowed medics are above criticism or challenge coz they’re participants in “the world’s most envied public health service™”

      A pal’s father has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, admitted to a hospital 55 miles away and is surrounded by disinterested nursing staff (most of whom apparently have abysmal English) and investigation / action happens *once* a week… No feedback from the clinicians – WTAF are people supposed to do? – other than “go private”


      • Dickie says:

        tomo – “go private”. You’re beginning to join the dots.


        • tomo says:


          I joined the dots a long, long time ago.

          Aneurin Bevan knew that UK medics were a conceited, greedy crew and “stuffed their mouths with gold”.

          What’s quite mad in my experience is the medics tolerating (encouraging even) the morbidly constipated, overblown bureaucracy that is the state health provider. Locally, clinical referrals are broken – but the same folk who should be fielding the NHS referrals have set up offices to harvest the frustrated patients.

          As a lifelong overseas traveller for work I’ve seen and interacted with many health systems (not just for myself) – the arrogance of many UK doctors is a standout feature of our system. The humility and honesty of many doctors I’ve encountered overseas has been in stark contrast to most interactions in the UK.

          I find the politicisation of UK medicine simply just beyond contempt – the constant attribution of utterly abysmal service to da eevil taw-wies is at best tiresome.

          Locally the area NHS Trust was simply shuttered overnight by DoH as “not fit for purpose” – it was *that* dysfunctional.


          • BRISSLES says:

            Tomo……. ” the arrogance of many UK doctors is a standout feature of our system”,

            And where do the majority of these doctors come from?……

            During the darkest period of my illness
            i resorted to seeing a private Consultant – he was white English. He swung a treatment process into action, and said to me “you’re really desperate aren’t you to warrant seeing me” which I was. Admittedly he only examined me and made a couple of phone calls but he gave me confidence and even better he didn’t charge me.


            • tomo says:

              Brissles – I’ve had a similar (positive) experience.

              It’s a huge mistake and flat-out wrong to tar them all with the same brush – that’s why I said “many”.

              In my local GP practices we’ve seen simply loads of GPs who should’ve been in other, non medical occupations.

              Poor performers aren’t as a general principle in UK professions weeded out.


            • Fedup2 says:

              Brissles -dearest – I’m glad you made the right decisions on your health . I , too , have the combat experience of engaging with the medical mafia . I think I can sniff a good private medic from some very bad ‘private medics ‘ – now it is easier to do a bit of research ….
              I think some of the mafia start off with idealistic intentions but is soon turns to motivation by bank balance – I just wish they’d be honest about it rather than sheltering behind the emotions of desperate punters ….

              There is still a reluctance to ‘challenge ‘ or even ‘question ‘ because of the respect with which punters treat them – whether they deserve or not ….


              • tomo says:


                • MarkyMark says:

                  In Foundation training, you will earn a basic salary of £29,384 to £34,012 (from 1 April 2022). If you’re a doctor starting your specialist training in 2022 your basic salary will be £40,257 to £53,398.



      • MarkyMark says:

        January 10 2018 @ 14:46




  11. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – we have to keep the Global Warming and Climate Change ‘thing’ going

    Therefore, bring in Chris Fawkes to do the weather forecast at 6.05 a.m. and he tells us heat warnings have been provided for Greece, Spain and Italy, helpfully repeating what we have already heard in the 6.00 a.m. News. Oooh, poor old France missing out again. Just think of all the CO2 that was emitted in the riots and arson attacks. It just hasn’t helped, no good at raising the temperatures in Paris at all.

    No cold warning for the UK, Chris? I jumped into summer clothes this morning and started to regret it within a couple of hours. Now in lightweight jeans and three layers on top. Might need to go for a winter sweater soon although my thermo says 22.4°C but the sensor does sit within a foot, ahem, 30.5 cms, of my right shoulder as I type. I’m sure that in the southern hemisphere it is cold and ‘In Patagonia’ it is freezing.


    • Up2snuff says:

      I intended to post in the above:

      Why do the media, especially the BBC, create such a fuss over heat in summer for Italy, Spain and Greece? Do they not realise that that is why millions of Britons go to those countries for their two weeks annual holiday in order to get warm, get a tan and also escape the variable British summer weather?


  12. G says:

    I haven’t spotted it but, seems the MSM are avoiding this crucial financial detail like the plague. And, needless to say, at the top of that list is, our own, “Worlds most trusted broadcaster”.

    “CHINA Exports COLLAPSE as USA Stops Buying, Economic Downturn Accelerates & Inflation Falls to 0%”

    I wonder why.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “CHINA Exports COLLAPSE as USA Stops Buying, Economic Downturn Accelerates & Inflation Falls to 0%


      Dear Darren Henry,

      Do you know about the following which will have a big impact on the World’s climate and our future planet?

      China allows three children in major policy shift
      Published 31 May (BBC)
      – Large population growth China currently has 1.4 billion people at present.

      China’s Monster Three Gorges Dam Is About To Slow The Rotation Of The Earth
      Cutler Cleveland , The Energy Watch Jun 18, 2010, 2:23 PM (Business Insider)
      – Rotation of the Earth can change weather patterns and climate.

      China is the largest developing country in the world. China is still considered a developing country based on the criteria of the World Bank and the United Nations. (World Atlas)
      – Thus China can get cheap loans and be exempt from impositions put on developed countries.

      China has banned BBC World News from broadcasting in the country, its television and radio regulator announced on Thursday. 12 February (BBC)
      – I guess you if you cannot report on a Country then it can do no wrong.

      Did you know about the above and if not then what are you opinions on them and their impact on the World?

      Yours sincerely,
      Mr H



    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Most things made in China are cheap because they are crap.


  13. Sluff says:

    If the NHS is such a wonderful health model, how come no other country has copied it?

    Meanwhile all the major economies, not to mention several emerging ones, all operate better systems.

    Operate. The irony. There won’t be any of them because the consultants are going in strike.

    The NHS is a nationalised basket case kept alive by the taxes of unthinking people who have swallowed 75 years of propaganda.


    • tomo says:

      I find it jarring that media coverage provincially about the NHS is usually about property matters or Pride flags and nearly never about service and clinical outcomes.


      • Up2snuff says:

        tomo, it is occasionally clinical out comes: Especially hospital disasters, so the Kent maternity scandal and another Inquiry has opened into another regional health authorities treatment of preganant mothers recently but I cannot remember where. Then in the past there was a mid-Staffs NHS scandal, the Liverpool ‘baby organs’ scandal plus a GP, Dr Harold Shipman, who was reducing his workload by killing his patients.


  14. Sluff says:

    Has anyone noticed that public sector pensions went up by about 10% this year?

    They are inflation protected with no ceiling. Almost no private sector workers at all get this perk but do pay through their taxes for this perk awarded to our NHS heroes (often on strike), teachers, civil servants etc etc etc.

    Have the BBC mentioned it? What do you think?


    • Up2snuff says:

      Sluff, the BBC probably haven’t mentioned it because they get similar amounts of pay increases.


  15. Guest Who says:

    Remember BBC ‘Local Democracy Reporting’ where the BBC got to shove some funds into local papers it was killing with its tax funded competition, by shoving BBC compliant trainees into hapless local rags to push agendas, like climate assemblies?


    Their ‘coverage’ of Welsh NHS should be interesting.

    ‘Local democracy’ and ‘reporting’ is, of course, a Sortition thing.


    They are currently pushing this link:


    They have also turned the state into a joke.

    Here though…


  16. Guest Who says:

    What was Justin’s inevitable degree in?


  17. Guest Who says:

    Back to 4th estate.

    This got ex BBC or headed there?


  18. Guest Who says:

    From the look of it, the remake might manage it at last.

    Such BBc audiences surely require an A380 of BBc diversity editors to fly over for the premiere?


    • MarkyMark says:

      Nails need cutting!


      • micknotmike says:

        Not so Marky, those are the nails belonging to someone who never does any real work. I imagine most of the bbc staff have nails like that.


        • tomo says:

          The manner of cutting the nails is that one should begin with the right hand first. In this hand, one must cut the nails in the following procedure:-. 1st- the index finger. 2nd- the fore finger. 3rd- the ring finger. 4th- the little finger. After this, one will continue by cutting the nails of the left hand in the following procedure

          Religiously prescribed nail care eh?

          otoh – in Egypt it was (is?) a thing that people who do no manual work grow one fingernail to ridiculous length as a sign of (higher) status…


  19. Thoughtful says:

    Here is a video from Wion news of India, absolutely disgracful indictment of the UK media that the people of this country are so badly served by their own news media that the citizens have to seek news from other countries in order to find out what is going on.

    In this video we are told the corrupt Mafia Biden owned DOJ have removed all details of child trafficing from their web site, begging the question who exactly are they trying to protect from the mafia Democrats this time?

    It would appear other countries under the US thumb have taken similar steps as well.


  20. Guest Who says:

    In the spirit of of tuckedawayism…

    Ofcom’s Broadcast and on Demand Bulletin issue 478 reports on the outcomes of investigations into the programmes and broadcasters below.


    In breach
    Gavin Marshall Show, DevonAir Gold, 6 January 2023
    Local News, Drystone Radio, 26 April 2023
    The Midweek Mayhem Show, Nova Radio North East, 25 January 2023

    Not pursued, naturally.
    Channel 4 News, Channel 4, 23 May 2023

    Broadcast licensing
    In breach
    Providing a service in accordance with Key Commitments, and retention and production of recordings, Meridian FM Radio

    Notes to broadcasters

    Providing a service in accordance with Key Commitments

    And down here, what is this?

    We have also published issue 40 of Ofcom’s bulletin for complaints about BBC online material.


    Might find time to see what trivia they got excited about, and what they passed on.


    • Philip_2 says:

      Only 40? That is the BBC ‘official’ BBC amounts when they were FORCED to apologise for obviously incorrect facts by biased presenters. The actual amount would top the charts if OFCOM did not also spend its time ‘protecting’ the BBC from any criticism and ‘fines’ other newspapers and TV stations. BBC complaints were at an all time high, before OFCOM ‘forced’ the BBC to admit it had a large number of complaints and then the BBC made an offer to OFCOM that it would ‘deal’ with all those BBC complaints ‘in-house. Mark its own homework. Of course not many complainants would get through the famous ‘BBC complaints dept’. and any that do are simply ‘denied’ (diverted) being a complaint at all and ‘protected’ in its TV Charter. Therefore its their ‘opinion’ over yours, and its immune from prosecution, unless it actually breaks the law.

      Hence 40 complaints are the most serious, that they could not fob off.


      • Guest Who says:

        BBC Complaints > ECU > OFCOM > dcms

        The four weasels of propaganda backed by censorship

        Awaiting the vast template email out for something so serious they can’t be bothered to read any public views.


  21. Fedup2 says:

    At 7am this morning ( because AM is always in the morning ) the BBC played the national anthem because it’s ‘the queens ‘ birthday .
    Early in the day be my immediate first thought was – isn’t the Queen dead …..?

    The days when there was a debate about what to call Charles Windsor ( sax Koberg Gotta ) – spelling – have long gone …

    And the bbc ‘happened today ‘thing happily told us this is the anniversary of the firm adopting the ‘Windsor ‘©️trademark …


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, the late HM’s birthday was in April (actual) and June (official); think you may be ‘a little behind the curve’ there.


  22. Fedup2 says:

    Apparently the green terrorists have launched a big attack on londonistan today . As usual plod is either nowhere to be seen or providing them with tea and cake .

    This is a most dangerous strategy because sooner or later some decent members of the public are going to kill these terrorists in order to go about their business . I wonder if the plea of justifiable homicide will work ?

    Writing that I think I know the answer as the judiciary becomes more and more woke and leftward ….


    • micknotmike says:

      Afternoon Fed,
      I watched a clip (On here I think) where one of these idiots had epoxied his hand to an airport runway and was screaming like a baby as the services chipped away at the hardened resin. Here’s micks idea :-
      Leave the idiot epoxied to the runway. Get a Pneumatic drill and remove a section of tarmac, say three feet square by a foot deep. Lift the tarmac up with a forklift or similar, then drive it away with the protester complaining and shuffling along behind.
      Take him to the top level of the multistorey, and place the block on a parking space.
      Repair the runway with a temporary patch, as quick as poss.
      Leave the idiot to free himself.
      Pray for rain.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Hello mick – I’m not sure your idea is ‘environmentally friendly ‘ or within health and safety protocols . …

        .. but sooner rather than later one or more of those eco warriors is gonna lose bigly ….

        But Since it is a religion ‘ they’ll probably see themselves as sacrifices to the cause …or not


        • moggie63 says:

          Not a chance. Sacrifices are perfectly acceptable as long as it’s somebody else making them.


      • Doublethinker says:

        Too expensive. Leave him there and carry on landings and take offs . Inside a months the rain will have washed any rubbish off the runway.


  23. Fedup2 says:

    For those with an interest in the BBC and the tennis thing – below is a piece by Alan Tyers of the DT about ‘the commentary ‘..

    A funny piece …

    new era in the men’s game, and on the BBC coverage too. Clare Balding in for Sue Barker, a new format and a new host for Today at Wimbledon, a farewell from John Inverdale after 39 years broadcasting from the tournament. And, for many viewers at home, a new high watermark of frustration with the on-screen personalities and the coverage.

    The wonders of social media mean nobody has to suffer in silence these days and one can only hope that the BBC commentators and pundits don’t search for their own names on those sites.

    Here, for instance, is Nick Kyrgios tweeting a typically unvarnished assessment during the men’s final: “Whoever is the clown next to [Todd] Woodbridge in that commentator box needs to just not speak. Spoiling the match big time.”

    Surely even someone as combustible as Kyrgios could not be exercised by Tim Henman, so that can only mean that his displeasure was with the other former British No 1 in the Beeb box. Andrew Castle had got the nod for the men’s final; many viewers were left shaking their heads. Opinions on the internet varied about Castle’s performance, but only in that different people were annoyed by different aspects of it.

    If I may turn to the classics to sum it up? As Chas and Dave so powerfully wrote in their 1981 masterpiece, Rabbit: Andrew, “with your incessant talking… you’re becoming a pest.”

    Henman is one of the most improved ex-pro broadcasters in any sport and has developed into an excellent pundit: genial but insightful and, clearly a lovely chap who would be your mum’s preferred choice for best man. Woodbridge is also of the affable bent, though, and perhaps the recipe needed a little more spice for this fascinating final? A spiky and divisive figure like Novak Djokovic is better illuminated by another wind-up merchant, on a takes-one-to-know-one basis. Kyrgios could be an interesting signing once he packs it in, by the way.

    A personality as special as Djokovic’s lends itself to analysis from pundits who themselves were masters of the dark arts, in the same way that Graeme Souness, for instance, is at his most watchable when dissecting a nice bit of the old ultraviolence on the football field.

    Of course, the BBC has the original and best on its books in the shape of John McEnroe, but he was fulfilling his US media obligations during the match. He had popped up before the final to note that, like Djokovic, he “had the ability to get crowds against me”, hoon about with Pat Cash and lob in a hand grenade or two with Balding.

    The mighty Clare Balding, so reliable for so long on the Beeb, did not burnish her reputation this fortnight. One of the biggest cheers of the week came when Sue Barker was presented to the Centre Court crowd, and many TV viewers have certainly been missing Balding’s predecessor.

    Clare somehow does not seem in her element with the tennis and the tennisers, oscillating between being too obsequious with the talent or too garrulous. She is so good in the Olympics at making the viewer care for two minutes about a plucky British tiddlywinkist who is taking a bronze medal back to Llanelli despite all the struggles he has had with his lumbago and losing his lottery funding, but tennis is an actual proper global sport with international stars and the Blue Peter-y, jolly hockey sticks tone is not the right fit.

    The Today at Wimbledon highlights show was, regrettably, a prime example of the sort of things a lot of people don’t enjoy about the Beeb: chit-chat, the silly cheerleading of British also-rans, earnest guff. Without wishing to put on the rose, erm, tinted glasses too much, the days of presenters like Inverdale might well be drawing to a close. He did his last Wimbledon stint for Radio Five at the weekend; perhaps his interview gaffe nemesis Marion Bartoli sent a carriage clock or a beauty hamper.

    He was good on TV, Inverdale, but absolutely top rank on the radio. On Radio Five, information and discussion about the sport is still allowed to speak for itself without all the flannel that has become part of the BBC TV coverage. Maybe not the worst time to get out.ENDS


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, Dan Maskell was unsurpassed as a tennis commentator. Who sat in the BBC commentary box with him? Was it Jack Kramer or another American?


  24. Fedup2 says:

    Do you have low pressure which needs to be increased ? Do you have ‘anger management’ issues which need testing ?

    Then try listening to You and Yours on R4 .

    Today apparently poor kidults at ‘uni’ are having to do Part Time jobs to pay their bills – sniff …and they might Fail … sniff …
    I was shouting at the radio saying I did my part time Law Degree and my masters whilst doing a full time job …. And doing those qualifications meant going to lectures and tutorials in the pre internet days …. I didn’t bleat because I knew it would mean Hard Work ….

    Next came an item on cinemas closing – the fact that there are crap woke bad films being put out wasn’t mentioned . Short cinemas – they are doomed …

    Lastly – some people who bought properties when the interest rates were insanely low are now being bitten by the realer rates …. Welcome to the real world ….

    Must Stop Shouting At The Radio …


  25. pugnazious says:

    Two problems, one solution…..maybe if the BBC’s finest could explore other solutions to the migration problem other than just inviting them all to Europe we might have a better world….because that just ain’t going to work….we’re already engaged in a low-key cultural if not actual war with different migrant groups within Europe….more coming here will just destroy us all….and not to the migrants benefit either.

    The new policy buzzing around Europe and the US is to ‘de-risk China’…..but who made it ‘risky’ to start with? The rapprochement policies of the West that said doing business with China would turn it into a democratic utopia….with big businesses like Apple sending jobs and technology to China….the result was not a democratic utopia but a communist superpower seeking to dominate the world.

    Then there’s mass immigration from Africa especially…..for economic reasons for the vast majority of migrants…..because the infrastructure and job opportunities stink.

    The solution to both problems ? Divert investment and jobs to African countries thus undermining China’s economic power and reducing the need for people to migrate. Just improving the roads and train systems would be a huge help….instead of HS2 or the silk road to China maybe build road and rail into the depths of Africa and get Apple & Co to build its factories there….one huge benefit is that you’re not investing in just one country like China and thus putting all the money and power into one nation which might like to exploit and abuse it….like China.


    • MarkyMark says:

      2017 …. uried at the bottom of the page … EU ‘running out of money’ to stop migrants travelling from Africa {theguardian20oct2017}
      Fund used to pay African countries to deter migration to Europe needs emergency injection of cash, officials say.

      At an EU summit in Brussels this week, the European commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, warned leaders of a looming €225m gap to pay for migration projects, including border-control in Libya, the departure point for most migrants who risk the perilous crossing over the central Mediterranean to Italy.
      . . .
      But the EU has limited room in its existing seven-year budget to find new sources of cash. The UK’s departure, which threatens to punch a €10bn hole in the EU budget, adds to financial pressures at a time when the EU faces more demands on its funds beyond traditional priorities such as farm subsidies and infrastructure projects.

      . . . . . Let us look back in past . . . .

      Gaddafi wants EU cash (£4bn) to stop African migrants {bbc.co.uk aug2010}

      “Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi says the EU should pay Libya at least 5bn euros (£4bn; $6.3bn) a year to stop illegal African immigration and avoid a ‘black Europe’.

      ‘We don’t know what will happen, what will be the reaction of the white and Christian Europeans faced with this influx of starving and ignorant Africans,’ Col Gaddafi said…

      He told them that Islam should become the religion of Europe and gave them free copies of the Koran, after he had lectured them for an hour on the freedoms enjoyed by women in Libya.”

      Aug 2010 … fast forward … Nov 2016

      Migrant crisis: Turkey (Erdogan) threatens EU with new surge (EU Tax Payers are paying Erdogan £2.6 billion) {bbc.co.uk nov2016}
      “Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned that he will let hundreds of thousands of migrants travel on to Europe if pushed by the EU.

      ‘Listen to me: these border gates will be opened if you go any further,’ he warned the EU on Friday.”

      Sluff – why did they (NGOs?) burn the rubber boats (environmentally a bad idea) when they could just rip a hole in the middle to sink it?

      – European Union is using UK’s money to keep African’s from leaving their own country!



  26. tomo says:


    • tomo says:


  27. Althepalerp says:

    When will any journalist ask Labour how many will switch from Private schools to state schools, and Non Doms leaving when they bring in the new taxes. how many have they factored in to there calculations


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      It’s a good question. The Labour leftists seem to think non doms will hang around to be taxed. The whole point is that they are rich, mobile people. There are many countries which will welcome them and their spending.

      As for private schools, many will go out of business, and the children will inevitably have to go to state schools.

      I would say with some confidence that if the Labour mob go ahead with these schemes, they will end up costing the nation money.

      Socialism in action.


  28. tomo says:



    • MarkyMark says:

      Climate Emergency – when coffee runs out!
      Parking tickets on expenses!


    • pugnazious says:

      It’s a flintstone car…..he’s got 6 migrants in the boot peddling like mad…eco-friendly and gives jobs to migrants….win win. Cheers Gaza.


  29. Fedup2 says:

    Elton to give evidence at Kevin’s’ trial – so many titles …


  30. Philip_2 says:

    Big bucks for BBC bigwigs
    (Bulletin today)

    The BBC was back in the news this week with fresh questions around trust and transparency. While many people were focussed on the headlines, our team was poring over Auntie’s latest annual accounts and making some alarming findings. Shockingly, the bigwigs at the broadcaster are really bringing home the bacon, with a £72 million bill for all BBC employees earning over £100,000. 

    Adding insult to injury the average salary at the BBC for all staff is a handsome £49,305, 78 per cent more than the average salary for the rest of the country.

    The problem with all of this? The BBC is funded through the licence fee, an effective TV tax. No matter what you think of the Beeb, you have to cough up if you own a TV whether you watch the BBC or not. 

    Our chief executive, John O’Connell, was quick to call out this latest kick in the teeth for licence fee payers telling Express readers: “If the BBC wants to pay these huge sums, they should move to a subscription model and axe the tax.” A point that Elliot also made live on GB News, “the BBC is not going through a good time… and people who want to opt out do not have the choice to do so.” 

    Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way.
    Our research has shown just how the BBC can be reformed and the licence fee scrapped.

    Taxpayers Alliance

    Responding to the BBC’s annual report, which shows an increase from 179 to 220 in the number of employees receiving over £150,000, John O’Connell, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said:

    “These bumper pay packets are a kick in the teeth for hard pressed Brits. 
    “With the Beeb mired in controversy and households struggling, this surge in superstar salaries for presenters is impossible to justify.
    “If the BBC wants to pay these huge sums, they should move to a subscription model and axe the tax.”

    (my comments)
    The long running campaign to Axe the BBC tax also highlights the BBC ‘RICH LIST’ each year. This gets reported in all the major Newspapers later on this week.

    No doubt will be reported on GB News, although never on the BBC and occasionally even shocks the poor souls at The Guardian who are paid so little for much the same work.

    Many or these (so called) BBC**STARS** often have (not published as over £500,000) extra – BBC payments hidden in ‘off-shore’ private accounts paid via BBC Worldwide (LIMITED) and extensive UK (PRIVATE) pension funds (not published) along with (BBC paid for) PRIVATE hospital for those seasonal ‘psychological’ problems – when the Police are forced to get involved which is always invariably drugs or child abuse. A total waste of taxpayers money who are forced to pay for it.


    • pugnazious says:

      They deserve every penny….they’re so talented that basically the BBC has to keep the golden handcuffs on in order to stop them flying off to the commercial world and earning megabucks. Nobody else could possibly do their job as well as them…they’re irreplaceable…except if they’re too old, white, male and straight…or they think that the world needs to hear their every thought and insight and so set up their own podcasts to put the world to rights….just who the heck does listen to Maitlis, Sopel and Good4Fall?


  31. TrickCyclist says:

    BBC News at One, the weather with Tomasz Schafernaker. He tells us about the dip in the Jetstream which means we’re getting cooler weather. That doesn’t fit the agenda does it, so half his forecast is about Europe south of the Jetstream where it’s really hot.
    In the BBC London News we’re shown a centre they’re building to combat BDD, or body dysmorphic disorder – people (women?) who imagine things wrong with their bodies. We are told they are suffering from a mental illness but are resorting to plastic surgery. We are told that this is a bad thing. Is it me or is this inconsistent with the way the gender unhappy people are treated?


    • pugnazious says:

      Trans are definitely not mentally ill, autistic nor perverts who like dressing as women and get a sexual thrill out of doing so…no, no, no…..they’re definitely women even if they don’t have bonus holes.


  32. tomo says:

    Climate Change?


  33. Guest Who says:

    An Americast heroine?


  34. Guest Who says:

    Pretty much the tv panel guest list.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Islam is better than .. BBC verified.

      Secretive Saudi executions leave families in the dark
      Published 31 January

      Africa is better .. BBC verified.

      How climate change inflames extremist insurgency in Africa
      Their harvests were growing smaller and smaller. Boko Haram militants promised them a brighter future.



    • BRISSLES says:

      Good selection there. One way ticket to Rwanda ? they wouldn’t be missed.


    • pugnazious says:

      Yes…let’s spend it instead on improving the hotels we requisition for illegal migrats….or, no, big idea…maybe spend it on our own homeless who look on amazed as the migrats get given plush hotel rooms whilst they slum it in the gutters.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Wasn’t that whining old bag threatening to leave the country if the Conservatives won the last election? Why is she still here? Will no-one else have her?

      Didn’t we take her in as a refugee from East Africa? Truly, no good turn goes unpunished.


  35. pugnazious says:

    Oddly not on the BBC whilst being reported on other radio stations and in the papers.

    Old Remoaner Lord Heseltine demands we re-enter the EU….but sadly politicians are ‘ terrified of the populist voice and the effect on the populist votes in an election context’.

    Hmmmm…yeah….the ‘populist vote’….you mean that inconvenient old thing called ‘democracy’…..he’d rather we went back to the good old days when the Good and the Great made our decisions for us…in our interests of course.

    He claims ‘ We have been for 1,000 years and more, part of Europe.’…and thus we must go back in….er….we’ve always been part of Europe but not the EU which only came into being after WW2…there’s a huge difference…and we’re still part of Europe now.

    The only thing of any sense is his idea of a ‘Marshall Plan’ for Africa….put a ring around Europe to stop immigration but make Africa more appealing to Africans…as most migrants are of course economic.

    ‘ The only credible solution is a two-fold solution, one is to put a wall, a ring, a protective barrier around Europe and that would be seen by many people as an immoral reaction to poverty outside but if you were to couple it with a Marshall Aid program, of the sort the Americans did after the Second World War and to come to deals with the countries from which the immigrants are coming to create the conditions that persuade them to stay there, then you have an effective policy and you have a moral policy.’


    Oddly the BBC hasn’t made any comment on Heseltine’s words…normally they would leap upon his pro-EU schmutter and make it headline news….I heard Times Radio mention his Marshall Plan and it’s in the papers…but not on the BBC yet.

    Maybe they don’t like the Marshall Plan….They have no interest in stopping migration nor of improving the lot of people in Afrcia….perhaps they only want mass immigration in order to destroy Europe…..White Europe….get rid of that horrible ‘Whiteness’ that so offends the BBC….and along with it the history, culture and vast improvements to people’s lives that white people have brought to the world.


  36. pugnazious says:

    Yep…..heard the BBC’s initial reaction and it was to dismiss the trade deal as a nothing….of no benefit at all in effect. Remarkable how it talks Britain down all the time….still fighting Brexit of course….

    ‘BBC is accused of talking down Britain’s new trade deal by Conservatives as Kemi Badenoch tells Laura Kuenssberg to ‘stop interrupting’ as she outlines the benefits of joining the CPTPP’



  37. Thoughtful says:

    Doesn’t get any better does it? To think these muppets believe they are the most powerful army in the world.



  38. tomo says:

    Scum oozing “across six European countries”


    Sky calls for new era of collaboration amongst broadcasters to help consumers to decarbonise their lifestyles through on-air content

    Research from Sky and the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) across six European countries reveals 7 in 10 consumers are willing to change their behaviour

    Report shows that TV has power to encourage consumers to decarbonise with 1 in 3 having changed their lifestyle because of content seen on TV



    • Guest Who says:

      No idea who is married to whom in the whole incest world of politics, activism and media, but Sky in particular has gone beyond daft.


      • Guest Who says:

        She seems nice. The BBc should hire her.


        • Guest Who says:

          What, not carried past grinning, per Greta?

          The police are a joke.


          • Charlie Farley says:

            Guest Who .
            Is she on a break from important work with Care4calais ?……looks the sort
            Or going next to the Stradey Park Hotel protest with Migrants Welcome brigade ! …..Taffman will know all about what’s going on there .


    • Guest Who says:

      The BBC sees you one degree, and raises you…


    • MarkyMark says:

      but can be influenced by “choice architecture” into making better choices in their own interests.

      influenced … making better choices in their own interests
      influenced … making better choices in their own interests

      HA HA HA !!!!! You own choice but guided for the better – who decides?

      What is the Nudge Unit?
      The Nudge Unit was established in the Cabinet Office in 2010 by David Cameron’s government to apply behavioural science to public policy. Now owned partly by the Cabinet Office, by Nesta and by employees, it has operations across the world.

      Its chief executive is Dr David Halpern, former director of research at the Institute for Government, who is also the government’s What Works national adviser.

      Why ‘nudge’?
      It is called ‘nudge’ after the book by Richard Thaler (who went on to win the Nobel prize in economics) and Cass Sunstein which set out how people are not the rational economic actors beloved of conventional economic theory – but can be influenced by “choice architecture” into making better choices in their own interests.




  39. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    Not the BBC itself but the globalist ‘i’ chipping in to defend it.

    From the on-line extract [my comments in square brackets]:

    “The personal tragedy of Huw Edwards’ situation is that he has been [passive voice – by whom? By his own actions?] dragged down just when he had reached a pinnacle of trust and respectability in the eyes of the British public.

    The emergence of this sad and sordid tale coincided with last week’s publication of the BBC annual report, which celebrated how the broadcaster “brought the nation together” [just for a change!] in its coverage of the Platinum Jubilee, and the death and funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

    It was above all the assured performance of Edwards, pitch perfect in tone, that set the BBC apart from its competition in reporting these events. At the coronation, he was again exemplary.

    After 40 years at the BBC, which he joined as a trainee, Edwards appeared to have finally elevated himself [active voice] from a hard-working news anchor to a broadcaster of eminence who would be remembered for decades to come. There is now a likelihood that those memories of his many achievements will be indelibly tainted [passive once again] by this episode.

    That is a disaster for the BBC and a boon to its enemies. Edwards has played a pivotal role, over 20 years, in maintaining the importance of the BBC’s “the Ten” as Britain’s pre-eminent late-evening bulletin, even as scheduled TV viewing has waned. In a crowded media market, the BBC needs familiar figures and Edwards, more than anyone, has become the face of BBC News.

    Rupert Murdoch, who not long ago was sitting in Chequers and bouncing Boris Johnson’s son on his knee while urging the then prime minister to shut down the BBC, must have been delighted with the hit job [restrained reporting, some would say] on Edwards by his attack dog, The Sun.

    Murdoch’s new TV outlet, TalkTV, is reportedly planning to broadcast interviews with the parents who allege [but of course!] Edwards gave money to their then teenager in exchange for explicit photos.

    [So it’s really all about Murdoch and The Sun, nothing to do with Edwards’ failings or the young person exploited by him.]


  40. tomo says:

    top reply:

    Change my name to Hunter


  41. Dickie says:

    Garland Nixon


  42. Sluff says:

    Mrs S and I have a G and T around 5 pm and we sometimes watch Pointless.

    Even here, in a gentle quiz, the BBC have to weave their special blend of woke agenda into the questions.

    But joyously they get their egg right on their face when the public or contestants don’t play ball.

    Today in a round with TV programmes by their initials, the heavily promoted black female centred ‘I May Destroy You’ was known to a magnificent 6 out of 100.

    Later, in a round featuring impressionist painters, they include a female painter, and a magnificent nobody at all had ever heard of her.

    But clearly, the public need to be ‘educated’ so the brainwashing will no doubt continue……….


  43. Dickie says:


  44. StewGreen says:

    ITV local newsPR
    “Despite the rain a hosepipe ban could be imminent”
    .. Are these media people on drugs ??

    Ah they have “drought porn” to push as part of their Climate CAMPAIGNING

    syndicated through ITV regions


  45. StewGreen says:

    BBC local news PR “For the Green future, do we have enough charging points ?”

    Actual item is about shopkeepers in Driffield finding suddenly there is an electric charger in front of their shop with a 4 hour limit, instead of the normal 1 hour limit, meaning lots of customers use the same space over 4 hours


  46. digg says:

    Anyone else quizzical about the volume of rewritten children’s classic films with heavy distortion seeping out of Hollywood…. Barbie….Snow White etc.?

    They do seem to have a morbid fascination with getting at youngsters minds don’t they.

    It feels a bit like grooming going on to me.

    Couldn’t have a hidden agenda could they?


  47. tomo says:


    • MarkyMark says:

      Damage limitation – ignore everything she said (but was really ok) – like giving someone £35K then saying you are mentally ill and going t o a holiday resort.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Absence of taxation
      There is currently no personal income tax in the United Arab Emirates. As such, there are no individual tax registration or reporting obligations.