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  1. Dickie says:

    Do view this excellent website:



  2. Flotsam says:

    The Freeview chainel ‘Legend’ are re-running the old ‘Prisoner’ series.
    It’s very eerie how prescient it is. Control, surveillance, CCTV, brainwashing. It’s all there.
    I used to think it was a bit silly, there certainly is some silly stuff but at it’s core is a very scary story which seems to have become all too real.


  3. Fedup2 says:

    The Prisoner message about ‘conforming ‘ and being ‘approved ‘ really does reasonable now – and that white balloon turning up to smother rebels really is BBC Verify ….

    The Prisoner message could have been better if the crew hadn’t all been on medication though …


    • Scroblene says:

      Talking of medication, the best meds were five pints at the local, as it was a Friday, before walking home to watch the Lotus 7 career down to the car park…

      Dad and I were always ready to be dismayed, and always hoped he’d get away, but that’s what five pints of Fremlins Best Bitter does for one!


  4. Fedup2 says:

    What is the real value of having a mayor ? I throw this out because they were hyped as being better at ‘local accountability ‘ than central government .

    But would the mad ULEZ have happened without an idiot labour mayor running London . ? Surely the test should be – what has been improved by having a mayor ? If their good stuff is better than the bad > ? Fair enough .

    But Londonistan ? The Emir seems unable to improve anything … in fact has he improved law and order or transport or anything ? The answer is ‘no’ …


    • Flotsam says:

      It is democracy, the problem is the electorate. Metropolitan, Multi ethnic and many public sector employees.


    • Sluff says:

      A massive strategic error by the Tories (again).

      Mayors in major cities are nearly always Labour, you need a fluke to get a Tory.

      Which just creates a new centre of opposition. Using the SNP playbook everything is then blamed on lack of funding from the heartless evil central Tory government.

      Meanwhile in the rural Tory shires there is no sufficiently large population centre and a Mayoralty becomes a meaningless concept supported by no-one, ergo there are few Tory mayors.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Yes just another example of why blue labour is not the sharpest knife in the box . ‘Local accountability ‘ translates into tyranny by the most active pressure groups – such as cyclists and Muslims … the ordinary taxpayer just gets to pay for cycling crap and Muslim fraud …


        • Scroblene says:

          We still have to put up with useless ‘Chief Executives’ in the Shires. These are usually the sort of Local Authority lounge Lizards, who change ‘jobs’ every two years to another authority or quango, for a huge hike in salary and pensions.

          Their usefulness is pretty dire, as they normally have no commercial expertise to speak of, are not very clever and waste a huge amount of taxpayers’ money!

          The golden piss-off-shake for Kent’s was well over £400,000, and she’d been utterly useless for just over a year!

          The bloke from Kent’s inward investment bunch was always moving around the sinecures to get more personal dosh, mostly just before he was found out as a total waste of time and money!


    • Thoughtful says:

      Many cities like Manchester told Cameron they didn’t want a mayor, but he wanted his beloved Labour party to control every citiy in the UK so he imposed the mayors against the peoples wishes in an astonishing display of anti Democracy.
      The story of the sale of regional newspapers is another doozy,with Cameron stopping the monopolies commission investigating the takeover by Mirror group ensuring that the Labour party message was the only one heard in every town and city in England.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Maybe it’s something they put in the water at Eton which makes them produce chaps who float to the top like a turd and just make dumb decisions – even granting a referendum – from a remainer perspective was dumb and never to be repeated .

        The creation of more layers of the state – mayors dumb and dumber … today Cameron must be like a begger in Whitehall looking for crumbs to supplement the miserly £300k pension …


  5. Nibor says:

    In re; the ULEZ charges and other matters .

    When I had my own trucks I eventually registered them abroad . The advantages were enormous .
    Lower vehicle tax , lower insurance,easier MOT equivalent, no parking tickets, and no problems with speed cameras.
    And now no ULEZ charge .
    Would folks be interested in a company that can transfer the registration of your car to a different country ie ; flagged out .?

    There would be drawbacks, such as a set up and small yearly admin costs and the need to take a small holiday over the water every six months .
    Would anyone like this package ?


    • StewGreen says:

      insurance ?


      • Nibor says:

        Stew ,

        At the time NL insurance was cheaper the British insurance.
        Britain is seen as the banking , insurance, legal advice, IT service sector to the world.
        But that is , to the world – the corporate world . Not the average Joe world .
        And now that the financial institutions are more interested in diversity and inclusion rather than straightforward commercial deals with their own stakeholders in mind it’s a time to disinvest in them .


    • Fedup2 says:

      Nibor – it’s too late for me sadly – but I think a lot of people would find such a thing very attractive – and anything to get around vermin like Khan would be a big plus . The premium on the service would be nothing like the £12.50 a day …..


      • Up2snuff says:

        Fed, sooner or later the economic water will become a flood and wash Khan away. The origin of my User Name is a great example. Two or three centuries back, Chancellors of the Exchequer thought it would be great to tax windows and snuff, in order to prop up the Monarch’s Treasury or pay for some wars or somesuch. There was no income tax.

        What happened was that the economic reality soon bit back. Architects designed houses with poor light from windows; in addition people owning houses with lots of windows actually bricked them in. You can still see this in places, especially in London.

        What was the effect? Treasury receipts went through the floor and people started to suffer poor eyesight through eyestrain or even went blind. It affected the quality of the national potential for fighting wars and doing work and earning a living. With snuff it was slightly different but it led to a big crisis over food adulteration. Because snuff was taxed, unscrupulous people and rogues started to mix it with cheaper stuff to increase the income they could derive from selling it in order to pay the tax. Later on, in the Victorian era, food was treated in the same way, again damaging the health of the nation. This led to the expression “Is it up to snuff?” meaning is it of true quality.

        I adopted the name in 2009 because the BBC demanded a User Name for their Blog forums. I wanted to hold the Labour Government of the day (and the BBC) to account for their political, economic and business policies: it was the first thing that popped into my mind as I had been taught a bit about the history of taxation.

        A big lesson for Chancellors (and now Mayors) is ‘Be careful what you tax, it may have unintended consequences!’ An equally big lesson for Mayoral advisors and for Civil Servants is to ask the big and small ‘What if … ?’ questions.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Up2 – thank you – studying revenue law – I loved’ tax avoidance schemes ‘and if I’d been in the business I’d have loved working on beating the tax man .

          As many here know – a crunch is coming where the current socialist state can no longer keep cutting down money trees to pay welfare and keep the feckless in a living standard higher than they deserve – im a believer in work or starve – and don’t kids if you can’t afford them .

          How Blighty is going to react when this happens – I really don’t know – obviously the yoof will riot and attack apple shops – but more deeply will the civil disorder be deeper ? I’m ready to dump the UK as a failing state …


          • Up2snuff says:

            Fed, there is a dignity that comes with work that is extremely Christian and Biblical. I have been briefly unemployed, had to in order to get Maggie’s shilling and work on her farm (ie. start my own business) and I didn’t like relying on the State but those were the rules. It also coincided with a medical problem, sorted out very quickly and by good people in the NHS.


            • Fedup2 says:

              Too many welfare junkies – and entitlements …. The older I get – the further to the Right I get …. And the whole welfare state will crash when the made up money runs out …..


  6. StewGreen says:

    “The burning freighter Fremantle Highway near Terschelling will probably be towed this weekend.
    The ship will then be taken to a temporary anchorage 16 kilometers north of Schiermonnikoog,”
    Still burning but lower temperature

    NL government live news feed


    • Doublethinker says:

      Wow. I didn’t know that the heat wave was reaching as far north as Holland nor that it was hot enough to set fire to a ship, a forest yes but a ship! You are sure that this story has been vetted by BBC Verify aren’t you ?


  7. StewGreen says:

    Impartial BBC @PaulLewisMoney

    Farage has always said he was standing up for ALL left or right when banks bully and close accounts
    And on Thursday night when the Gina Miller news came out I’m pretty sure I heard Farage or Mogg or some GBnews presenter say they’d stand up for Gina Miller too
    Farage officially tweeted support at lunchtime Friday

    … Yet the leftyverse put out loads of tweets saying “of course Farage won’t condemn Miller’s bank for closing her account”

    8:44am Friday Paul Lewis tweeted to score points for his hatey anti-Brexit anti-Farage gang

    No outrage from Govt
    or Mr Farage against @monzo
    for closing @thatginamiller’s party’s bank account.
    Perhaps because she campaigned to stay in the EU
    and is a strong critic of the present Govt
    so they can’t call it ‘woke’ or ‘virtue signalling’

    Then he went into hinting that there was conspiracy and GBnews had designed the incident tomake money by shorting Natwest shares


    • Fedup2 says:

      Ah yes – Comrade Lewis – careful to keep is BBC contract by making approved libel ….perhaps he should be summonsed to the court of verification – judge Marianna presiding ..with her pet kangaroo …


      • Docmarooned says:

        Lewis sums up perfectly the absolutely pathetic mindset of bBBC droids. Bloody clown! As you say fedup just brown nosing for his bosses.


  8. StewGreen says:

    Broadcast looks at BBC low viewing figures
    “THURSDAY: Actor David Harewood can’t match previous BBC2 doco on black America
    His new doco Blackface shocks with 426,000 viewers”


    • Zelazek says:

      Based on those viewing figures, 0.63% of the UK population care about blackface. That sounds about right.

      Most sensible people realise it was harmless and wasn’t intentionally insulting. But because we are decent people and realised that some might have been offended, we stopped doing it ages ago.

      It’s not a thing anymore. Like the North Atlantic Slave Trade. These things are long gone.

      But I suppose if the racebaiters draw any conclusion from the low viewing figures, it will probably not be the obvious and correct one.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        Maybe a programme by a rich and successful black actor whinging about things that happened long in the past just does not appeal?


  9. Fedup2 says:

    Looks like a ‘no news ‘ day .bbc fails to lead with an end of the world green crap story and instead goes for a non story about the true US President being accused of running for office in order to stay out of prison – the rep. candidate is probably now in hiding ….
    The railways are on strike as usual – and there’s an Ukraine queer March today in the cess pit of Liverpool – nice of the BBC to promote queerdom isn’t it ?

    PS – Do you notice the Alice in Wonderland reverse – they want him in prison because he is running ….


  10. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – “Is there a cost of living crisis?”

    Question asked in true BBC style! Further evidence suggests maybe not. See front page of Financial Times here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-the-papers-66344161


  11. Sluff says:

    It’s official!

    On the BBC eco-fanaticism (should that be eco-fascism) IS the new religion.

    On Toady around 0745, there was a carefully framed ‘news’ item that the heads of organisations ‘representing 20 million people’ had written to the government demanding no rowing back on environmental policies (in the wake of the Uxbridge bye-election). No mention of the organisations needless to say.

    The chosen spokesperson, from the Woodland Trust, launched into an eco-rant which even involved air quality ( think ULEZ). He sounded like a Just Stop Oil loony on a day off. He was, of course, completely unchallenged.

    Here’s the thing. The very next item was ‘Thought for the Day’’ which turned out to be about Global Warming!!!

    Guilty as charged, your honour.


  12. Fedup2 says:

    Today watch

    I’d turned it off but thought I’d get the 0845 discussion – and so it was – 4 green crap zealots telling us how to live to ‘stop the change ‘ – apparently the sea is gonna rise 24 feet in 150 years
    Yes – that’s more like it -proper fear – all those rich people with estates on the coast – washed into the sea – no more Obama – no more Gore . Londonistan on sea – sounds great . And all those treacherous Caribbean islands washed away ….

    But then – less land means higher prices – buy land futures …
    This green crap thing has got out of hand ….like ULEZ – which will stop thousands dying in the street because they can’t breath – some nazi medical professor was chirping yesterday about thousands being saved because I’ve been forced to sell my little car – bet he’s an effing cyclist …


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      Fed, have you thought about the ulez effect on the population of London.
      It will soon be increased by 4,000 a year (on top of the other increases all needing housing and benefits)


      • Fedup2 says:

        Eg – fortunately population densities increase and there is more mobility because we are all on bycles the spread of a life ending virus will be rapidly increased before any half wit state does anything about it – thus reducing population numbers and making the city far more green crap …

        I’ve decided the Chinese virus was just a test to see how bad these hopeless western states are at dealing with it and taking reprisals at the Chinese cause .
        The next one if the biggie – maybe the flu which is due in some coming winter . Be strange if it target the 16 – 24 lot like 1918/9


  13. Dickie says:


    • Fedup2 says:

      Even Katie wonders where Simon Jack is …. I think he is with Dame Stazi on her secret Coutts island …


  14. digg says:

    I see Kickback against khans stupid ULEZ balls has unearthed all the WEF funded usual stooges, scientists say….Children’s health Etc etc etc.

    Both the BBC and The Guardian have taken up the climate cudgels to defend Khans anti-citizen agenda this morning. It’s so coordinated it can only be coming down from their Global masters. I do wonder what they have been promised in return!


    • Dickie says:

      Shed loads of dosh, the promise of being able to live in a gated community and free flights to anywhere in the world.


  15. Sluff says:

    The penny has dropped even for Tony Bliar.

    From the Telegraph the other day. Other sources are available.

    ‘Public must be spared huge burden of net zero, says Tony Blair
    Former PM says UK can play its part in climate change fight but its efforts risk being dwarfed by impact of countries such as China’


    • Flotsam says:

      Fine, Blair has had his Damascene moment. Green crap and nett Zero is and will cost the public £Billions. Some of the extra costs are in extra taxation, energy levies, ‘green’ energy costs, improving insulation, and expensive product changes.

      So what’s Bliar’s radical idea? I guess he’s going to suggest the Government is going to have to pay. Hang on a minute, where does Government money come from?


      • Doublethinker says:

        It’s beginning to look as though Global Command has instructed Blair to join the EU and others in a slow strategic retreat from Net Zero . Clearly they realise that until they can persuade/ force the likes of India and China to join in and also that ordinary folk just won’t accept the cost .
        China and India are big enough to tell Global Command to sod off, and those countries probably thinks it unnecessary anyway, so GC are looking to push back the time scale prior to perhaps abandoning it altogether in the future . They realise that if they keep on pushing the climate catastrophe people will probably start to move towards the ‘populists’ or nationalists and threaten the global hegemony of the hyperglobalists . ( Of course if ordinary folks had any sense they would push back and hyperglobalism in any way that they could)
        But GC won’t give up on their One World mission. There will be another global scare , which doesn’t cost people so much so directly as NZ , which will be used to promote the One World Government that the hyperglobalists want . What will it be?


  16. Foscari says:

    The “Manchurian Candidates” which the Frankfurt school
    of anarchist Marxist university lecturers have sent out
    to destroy the western way of life may of had its first
    important loss with their Nigel Farage debacle.
    BUT there are still hordes of these graduates in every branch
    of the establishment doing their lecturers bidding.
    Be it in advertising. The film industry. The media, particularly
    the BBC. But also other major media outlets.
    You will probably find the dodgy dossier on Farage was
    put together by two or more of these “candidates” at Coutts.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Being a connoisseur of bbc omission I was fascinated that the BBC moneybox programme – which is largely aimed at the feckless to get more welfare ( other peoples Money ) made no mention of the Farage bank fiasco – particularly since the comrade in charge of it made accusations against mr farage re Gina miller …
      Only by the omission – a most important one about the misconduct of banks – can the bias of the bbc be measured .
      What if a bank refused coloured folks’ ( Nigerians ) bank facilities because of their national hobby of fraud …

      If anyone answers this please provide your bank account number – but don’t forget to include the PIN


    • Doublethinker says:

      Totally agree. There already is a non stop barrage of attacks on any dissenters , particularly leaders of such dissent , from the hyperglobalist orthodoxy. Legislation will be passed to make it difficult for dissenters to communicate with each other and wrong thinking will soon be openly penalised. The chasm of 1984 is before us.


    • Fedup2 says:

      If I remember correctly – Ukraine had nuclear weapons when the USSR folded but stupidly gave them up . Putin would have had to think it through if he wanted to invade a nuclear Ukraine .
      At least when the nuclear world war comes the UK can finally go through the target list – Tehran – Islamabad – Riyhad – Bradford …. Liverpool


  17. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    We contribute 1% of the man made carbon.
    China about 27%

    When we outsourced our industries they used the trick of outsourcing the carbon as well so that a car made in the UK is responsible for so many tons of carbon but a car bought in the UK but made in China is 0 carbon.

    If we calculate the carbon per head of population which is a much better way to measure the carbon produced we are not much different from China with its 1.3 billion population.
    When you add the carbon they produce when making goods for the UK to the UK carbon total and remove it from the China carbon total I would think the difference in carbon produced per head of population compared to the UK would be negligible.
    Do that for all its exports and we get a very different picture.

    It’s like saying London produces more carbon than Ambleside but not mentioning the population difference.

    Of course, we all know this but you don’t hear it from all the talking heads


    • Sluff says:

      Do you mean Ambleside in the Lake District, or Ambleside in Vancouver BC?
      Because to support your carbon per capita thesis, Canada uses about double CO2 per capita compared with the UK.

      The worst offenders in this regard are the Middle East. I seem to remember Qatar, where the football World Cup was, emits about five times as much CO2 per capita as the UK.
      A fact which Gary Lineker may not have mentioned.

      And neither do the eco-warriors. Which only goes to show they are more interested in undermining the market economy in the UK than they are actually campaigning for their claimed interest. Marxism in action.


      • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

        It could have been any smallish place.
        I used Ambleside as many will know it from holidays in the Lake District but it could have been any town.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Sluff, way back in 2001 the Guardian, surprisingly, did an article about worldwide pollution which knocked on the head the idea that the USA produces the most CO2 emissions. Apparently Oceana is the worst offender, but that is explained by most of the traffic between the many islands of Oceana is by oil burning boat or light aircraft plus larger passenger jets. In addition, the train that runs across 5,000 miles of Australian outback is diesel powered. Can’t see that line being electrified any time soon.

        Wish I had bought a copy now or taken a pic (I was reading in the local Library) either photocopy or with my very first digital camera.


        • SillyGrandad says:


          I’d love to see the JustStop dickheads try and stand in front of the mile long Aussie trains doing a slow walk. Ol’ Bruce will say “bugger this” and open up the taps on the 5000hp diesel loco and leave the feckless idiots as a sort of roadkill or should it be Bushkill?

          Besides the green brigade are pretty close to finding an alternative way of moving 30,000+ tonnes of freight 3,000 miles a time year round aren’t they?


    • MarkyMark says:



  18. tomo says:

    E.ON can foxtrot.oscar.

    The usual ad-effniks applied.


    • taffman says:

      E.ON should focus their attention on India, China and the USA not Great Britain .


    • MarkyMark says:

      It’ time to invade china to save the world?


      Dear Darren Henry,

      Do you know about the following which will have a big impact on the World’s climate and our future planet?

      China allows three children in major policy shift
      Published 31 May (BBC)
      – Large population growth China currently has 1.4 billion people at present.

      China’s Monster Three Gorges Dam Is About To Slow The Rotation Of The Earth
      Cutler Cleveland , The Energy Watch Jun 18, 2010, 2:23 PM (Business Insider)
      – Rotation of the Earth can change weather patterns and climate.

      China is the largest developing country in the world. China is still considered a developing country based on the criteria of the World Bank and the United Nations. (World Atlas)
      – Thus China can get cheap loans and be exempt from impositions put on developed countries.

      China has banned BBC World News from broadcasting in the country, its television and radio regulator announced on Thursday. 12 February (BBC)
      – I guess you if you cannot report on a Country then it can do no wrong.

      Did you know about the above and if not then what are you opinions on them and their impact on the World?

      Yours sincerely,
      Mr H



  19. pugnazious says:

    Not on the BBC yet….in the Mail….

    ‘Searing Arizona heatwave that’s delivered 110F weather for 30 days straight kills off state’s iconic cactuses, as locals bake cookies in CARS and complain of melting roads’

    Yeah…..cactus dying….er….since at least the 1940’s….so not the current heatwave doing it…..we are not ‘boiling” cactuses….

    ..Oh…and this report is from 1991…..


    ‘One of the most enduring symbols of the American Southwest, the tall, crook-armed saguaro cactus, is dying out, and scientists do not know why, a biology professor says.

    “They’re dying,” she said. “Their arms are falling off. They’re keeling over. The mature cacti are turning brown prematurely. We can’t say what causes the decline.”

    Symptoms of demise, ranging from brown outer skin to loss of spines, have been slowly spreading through the saguaro population since the early 1940’s.’


    • Fedup2 says:

      Sounds like me …


    • Up2snuff says:

      pug, I seem to remember melting tarmac roads from my childhood in the 1950s and 1960s. Where have they gone? None available in 2022 or 2003. Very strange that.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Snuffy, did you sit on the kerb and press the tar blobs too ? The times my mum would hit the roof when she couldn’t get the tar off my 5 year old fingers. No kids today would be outside the front door on their own let alone sit with their mates on the kerb 🙂


  20. Justaddalcohol says:

    I confess to being a lurker on this, predominantly Marky Mark show and rarely contribute, though I do enjoy reading a lot of the contributions. But this whole Ukraine thing and “what is really happening” is getting to me, because unless you are there in the trenches, you are not qualified to comment.
    Of course, the BBC and the rest of the MSM distort the Ukrainian situation as per their masters’ orders, but as for other media channels, such as the barely disguised Moscow mouthpiece The Duran – it’s the X Files in reverse – the truth is NOT out there. So despite all the links to sites that with their own agenda, claim to tell you what the rest of the MSM aren’t, I don’t believe any of them.
    I’m not the only vet on this site and so am surprised by some of the comments and blind belief in these crap stirring you tube channels.
    It may be, of course, that I’m a cynical old bar steward…


    • Fedup2 says:

      I just prefer the common sense line – Russia has more of everything than Ukraine – it’s ‘good ‘ at taking losses and can afford the long game – yet the msm sells Ukraine as for ever ‘winning ‘….
      How does it pan out ? Draw ? Both ‘winners ‘? Putin victory in 3 years time ?


    • JohnC says:

      They all have some bias one way or another but when there is most definitely a significant Russian push in the North East and most definitely a significant Ukrainian push in the South where fierce battles are being fought and many soldiers are dying on both sides, and the utterly insignificant BBC headline for the day is:

      ‘At least nine people have been injured including two children after missiles hit two buildings in the eastern Ukrainian city of Dnipro, officials say.’

      You know something is very, very wrong with the MSM reporting.

      Common sense tells you very quickly when someone on youtube is just laying down propaganda : they lay it on so thick it’s like a 12 year old wrote it. And I see a LOT more Ukrainian propaganda nonsense than I do Russian.


      • Justaddalcohol says:

        John. We all know that something/everything is very very wrong with MSM reporting whether it’s Ukraine or anything else. I just don’t waste my time with seeking out the so called truth because it will drive me insane and put me into depression


        • JohnC says:

          I don’t blame you for that.

          Nothing we can do will make any difference any way. The policy for this war is being decided in the USA and everybody else is being bullied/coerced into going along with it.


          • Justaddalcohol says:

            Agree with those sentiments. Whatever has happened since the war started though doesn’t take away from the fact that Russia invaded. The stupidest thing Putin ever did. Now it’s well underway, there are plenty of people queuing up to line their pockets and I include Ukrainian officials in that.


            • tomo says:

              I’ve followed the Ukraine situation for well over a decade now (as I’ve said here before I worked with Ukrainians a lot over 2010 to 2015 period).

              Most of them despised both the corrupt old Soviet nomenklatura and the Banderivtsi with equal venom. They predicted a proxy fight between Moscow + Brussels / Washington and profoundly resented the involvement of foreigners after they saw how the western taxpayer cash was being divvied out to “crooks”.

              I notice that both Brussels and Washington are extremely reticent over audits of what “loans” have been re-payed – and those brown envelopes started arriving before the 2014 coup.


              • Up2snuff says:

                tomo, I seem to recall it all kicked off in Ukraine in 2014 when Cathy Ashton visited Maidan Square in her role as an EU Commissioner for something or other.


            • JohnC says:

              Don’t forget this is all about Ukraine joining the EU and NATO. Russia view it as an existential threat. The border is right on their belly with Moscow not too far away. And of course the ‘spoils’ of all those resources will be greatly appreciated.

              And also remember Putin has the full support of everyone in his government (and a lot of people not aligned with the USA). In fact, he is the moderate. The hard-liners want to mobilise fully for war. He’s not the madman the MSM want us to believe.

              I’ve said many times here : I believe the root of all of this is the desire of the USA to remove Russia as a threat because they anticipate war with China in the next decade. I notice they have already started giving weapons to Taiwan.

              This war will end when the West tires of paying for it. A deal will be reached where Russia keep whatever they have already got in a buffer zone on the Eastern side. Russia will never simply give up because then Ukraine will be fast-tracked into NATO.

              Zelensky will be tossed aside once his usefuleness ends.

              And I agree completely : the corruption wil be massive – especially by the Ukranians. Biden can simply give them whatever he wants to whoever he wants from a special budget.

              The world seems to think the Ukranians have suddenly become saints. They are absolutely corrupt (as are Russia of course).


  21. Fedup2 says:

    I haven’t seen TV in 2 weeks – so I wondered how the viewing figures for the girly footy is going ? Normally by now the BBC would be shouting about full stadiums and billions tuning in … but haven’t noticed the propaganda noises yet …


  22. Richard Pinder says:



  23. JohnC says:

    Wagner could pose as migrants to enter EU, PM Morawiecki warns

    Had to laugh at this ridiculous ‘Wagner bad’ scaremongering BBC front-page headline.

    What a shame they aren’t more concerned about all the possible terrorists who are illegally entering the UK as migrants EVERY DAY.


    • Charlie Farley says:

      There is a vacancy for a proper Border Force here in the UK…….Wagner might be what’s needed to stop the Dinghy Invaders !
      Anyone seen Simon Jack ……has he crawled under a stone somewhere with Maitless ?


  24. Richard Pinder says:

    1980’s: Some Wildfires caused by behavioural scientists on holiday, who smoked a fag.

    2020’s: Most Wildfires caused by behavioural scientists on holiday, who have a vested interest in arson.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Why behavioural scientists. If arson was involved and it seems likely that it was then I would think that if the arsonists were scientists it would be those who stood to gain the most from stoking up ( forgive the pun) the climate catastrophe hysteria. That would be climate scientists who get bigger and more frequent research grants the more the hysteria grows. They don’t get research grants for coming with data which indicates it’s all a scam!


      • Dickie says:

        Climate nonsense in the US and elsewhere:



      • Richard Pinder says:

        The Climate scientists don’t appear on the telly because they fear getting sacked if they disagree with Greta. But the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) is a massive government brainwashing operation employing up to 500 people and training a further 20,000 Civil Servants. It runs thousands of projects using social engineering techniques in psychology and behavioural science techniques previously used by British intelligence on foreigners. The purpose of the organisation is to manipulate the British public into supporting government policy, no matter how loony the policy, in order to improve compliance with government policy by the British electorate. This replaces the idea that the government represents the ‘will of the electorate’, with the government ‘brainwashing the electorate’ to support government policy. Climate Change and Net Zero has replaced the ‘Get the Covid Jab’ propaganda as the main goal of David Halpern and his unelected ‘Psychocrats’.


        • Lefty Wright says:

          Richard Pinder
          The Nazi propaganda boss Herr Goeballs said that if the same lie is repeated enough times then it becomes accepted as the truth.
          I might add that if the same lie is repeated in our mass media then ————–??
          Nuff sed.


  25. pugnazious says:

    Tucker Carlson speaks truth to power…or rather to those without any power. A truth of course that the BBC will never bring you.

    Why are the big corporations, media and Dems supporting BLM, Antifa and anti-police rioters? It’s a massive transfer of power and wealth away from the people to a very small group who want to control everything….and BLM etc are the shock troops that kick in the doors to the house so that it can be torn apart and rebuilt as they like it.

    Carlson, ironically perhaps given that he was a Fox News Fascist, channels the lefty Chomsky who said long ago….

    ‘The right to lie in the service of power is guarded with considerable vigour and passion.

    There’s a very committed effort to convert the US into something resembling a Third World society, where a few people have enormous wealth and a lot of others have no security …

    Now that … workers are superfluous, what do you do with them? First of all, you have to make sure they don’t notice that society is unfair and try to change that, and the best way to distract them is to get them to hate and fear one another.

    The big transnationals want to reduce freedom by undermining the democratic functioning of the states in which they’re based, while at the same time ensuring the government will be powerful enough to protect and support them.

    … it’s ridiculous to talk about freedom in a society dominated by huge corporations. What kind of freedom is there inside a corporation? They’re totalitarian institutions – you take orders from above and maybe give them to people below you. There’s about as much freedom as under Stalinism.

    The goal is a society in which the basic social unit is you and your television set. If the kid next door is hungry, it’s not your problem. If the retired couple next door invested their assets badly and are now starving, that’s not your problem either.’


  26. Mik the sceptic says:

    Sir Tony of Liar County really is showing just to what extent he is now becoming the new Gepetto of domestic politics.
    Let’s hope the story of the puppet maker adheres to the original Italian version and repeats itself, when his creation PinoKier buggers off and ignores Gepetto.

    PinoKier tells lies, is indecisive, but that’s just part of his general misbehaviour; he’s selfish and unreliable. He, as we might say today, makes a lot of poor choices.
    The moment the old man carves him out of the miraculous block of wood, PinoKier runs away and refuses to go home. His antics lead to poor Gepetto’s arrest.

    If only. One guaranteed like; Reg Keys.


  27. taffman says:

    “Wagner could pose as migrants to enter EU, PM Morawiecki warns”

    ‘Horse, door and bolt’ comes to mind?


  28. harry142857 says:

    Konstantin at the BBC.


  29. Fedup2 says:

    Not the BBC

    I’ve just finished reading ‘the cruel sea ‘ by Nicholas monsarrat. You’ll know the film of course – and I’ve seen it countless times .
    But the writing – I never knew monsarrat – who had a naval background wrote so well . It was written in 1948/49 and the film -I think – was about 1953?

    Anyway – so soon after the war – the emotions the book / film must have raised at the time don’t bare thinking – particularly for those who went through it and their relatives .

    The book doesn’t hold back – and it’s very British – from a time and place long gone .

    But if you are looking for a ‘Summer Read ‘- it’s a place I’d go – but don’t look for laughs .

    The story is similar to the film – but includes a lot of stuff skipped over in the film – but not the horror of the war in the Atlantic ….


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      Fed. That was the first ‘grown up’ novel I read. I remember I was off school with a bit of flu and it had a huge impact on me. It was a great story. I never read Enid Blyton again.


  30. Guest Who says:

    Simpo of course enjoys exemptions by being… um… BBC.


    • Guest Who says:

      100 degrees Centigrade is of course boiling point. It is very hot; enough to kill most living organisms.

      Invoking this sound bite now is very Benjamin.

      Don’t be a Benjamin. Benjamins are utter cretins.


    • Guest Who says:


      • Guest Who says:

        When insufferable arrogance meets epic hypocrisy and delicious irony.

        Can anyone be this thick, other than a bbc editor?


        • MarkyMark says:

          3 teachers hide in Batley from Islam – they see a different view of the World.


    • MarkyMark says:

      By the late Middle Ages, indulgences were used to support charities for the public good, including hospitals.[7] However, the abuse of indulgences, mainly through commercialization, had become a serious problem which the church recognized but was unable to restrain effectively.[8]



  31. Fedup2 says:

    The outgoing green card PM has apparently ordered a ‘review’ of ‘anti car schemes – the schemes authorised and paid for by the blue labour government – the sooner they are gone the better …. California beckons rishi – the unelected PM ….


    • MarkyMark says:

      A PM who is committed – HA HA HA HA —-

      Rishi Sunak admits having US green card while chancellor – as his wife says she will now pay tax in the UK
      Sky News reported earlier that the chancellor and his wife Akshata Murty held US green cards – permitting him residence in the country – until more than a year into his time at 11 Downing Street.

      Friday 8 April 2022 21:42, UK

      A U.S. green card allows a person to live and work in the United States and start the process to become a naturalized U.S. citizen. This card makes the holder a permanent resident of the United States, entitled to many of the same benefits as a citizen, but not all.


    • Guest Who says:

      George of course has reviewed the editorial guidelines. #CCBGB


      Wonder if Gaz will be giving him a lift to join Simpo over a cheeky white in the Med using a tax free fuel Lear on loan from Kerry?


  32. MarkyMark says:

    Whoever it was who was so keen to clean up Hudson’s past did a poor job of clearing up their own digital tracks. The Soviet-style censor seems to have edited and removed various facts on Hudson’s page … and nothing else. Not everything is so easily deleted, however. Guido has reported before on Hudson’s rebellious streak and unpopularity with his colleagues in Parliament. And then there’s the Commons register of interests, which shows Hudson remains on sabbatical leave from his position as a lecturer at his local university … in Edinburgh. Good luck with the West Suffolk selection tomorrow…


  33. Mik the sceptic says:

    Twenty months ago, Ian Botham penned an article for the DT saying that since he joined the HoL a year earlier, a lot of people had been writing to him about the BBc.
    It seemed that ordinary Joe & Josephine were saying that Auntie was turning against them, doesn’t see them, or listen to them.
    Quite why they waited until Beefy became a Baron, before putting pen to paper / finger to keyboard remains unclear.

    Maybe he was using the article to sabre rattle following his spat with Chris Packham, over Beefy’s ‘everyone in the country is pro hunting’, but nevertheless it highlighted
    the general anti-beeb distain garnered by their continuing woke attitudes.

    Tim the Dim Davie has been at the helm at the BBC for around the same time that Beefy has been in the Lords.
    Now I’m certainly no fan of Davie, particularly after the Linekar debacle, but it seems he voted through the ditching of Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme and
    Workplace Equality index. Davie didn’t come up with the ditching idea. He merely copied Ofcom and Channel 4 (who themselves had followed other local and government
    bodies) hoping to retain some degree of impartiality.

    All of us here see that course of action has spectacularly backfired in the national broadcaster. The wokeness has increased. Not only on the LGBTIQA+ front, but in
    race, global boiling and also gender identity.

    The BBc will never change, as much as it would like to. Society is enabling changes on all fronts that are introduced by those who think they are making a better society.
    But in promoting instead of just reporting these changes, the BBc can never be impartial. They just can’t help themselves.

    Like me, you’ll disagree, swear a lot and moan about it.
    But if you’re brave enough to put your head above the parapet to challenge wokeness, boy are you in trouble.

    One phrase that I remember from a motivational event organised by a former employer: “We all get what we tolerate”. I sincerely hope not.


  34. Fedup2 says:

    BBC News has decided to switch to comedy in broadcasts today . It leads with the outgoing blue labour reviewing its own policies on cars .

    Mark Harper is the current transport minister – preceded by Anne Marie someone ( one month) then grant shapps – 3 years and Chris grayling …..

    The chaos in British cities was caused / allowed by these characters . Public consultation? Yeah right . Shapps threw hundreds of millions at labour councils to allow them to close your roads and support the cycling nazis .

    So in the run up the the coming red labour victory the blue labour lot are thrashing around to ‘win back voters ‘ . Do they think we are that dumb ?

    Uxbridge was an anomaly – the locals may have voted against Khan and ULEZ but that won’t get Right Wing voters like me to vote Blue Labour . I might write to my MP -IDS – to tell him not to expect to save his deposit …

    The road view will join the meaningless review of BBC funding as another waste of taxpayers ‘ money for reports that will do nothing …


  35. Charlie Farley says:

    Not BBC but..Climate.
    As an occasional watcher of TalkTv , Andre Walker last night , A Climate ” Expert ” cut off in mid argument …Excellent ! , So what’s with this new ” The World’s Boiling ” ?
    Come back BBC Panarama in-depth investigations…..must be due one on Climate or Banking !


  36. Guest Who says:


    The comments are even better, especially the one from Nish’s agent.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Guest – it’s tricky reading an article like that when one has already deleted any belief that the BBC does comedy . Am I really gonna waste a minute on someone called ‘nish ‘ or a name I can’t pronounce yet spell ?

      In the piece she refers to 4xtra as excellent – maybe it’s good for kidult girls but otherwise – strain yourself trying to find something without ‘the message ‘ … so glad I will never pay for it …


  37. harry142857 says:

    Don’t laugh.

    Islamic Iran is engulfed by sex tape scandal: Senior regime official is suspended after video is leaked ‘showing him having sex with a man’

    Senior Iran official suspended over video of ‘him having sex with man’


    Iran has been engulfed in a sex tape scandal after a senior government official responsible for promoting Islamic values was suspended after a video was leaked of a man alleged to be him having sex with another man.

    The video which has been shared online reportedly is of a man said to be Reza Tsaghati, the head of culture and Islamic guidance in the northern Gilan province.

    However the identities of the two men in the video and its authenticity have not been verified, the BBC reports.

    Iran is an Islamic nation where homosexulity is illegal, carrying a potential death sentence, and LGBT+ people face constant threats of abuse, harassment and violence.

    Mr Tsaghati has reportedly been suspended from his position pending an investigation by the authorities – and the government have denied any prior knowledge of his alleged behaviour.

    The video has been shared across social media in Iran and has caused fury.

    The Iranian official is the founder of a cultural centre which focuses on piety and the hijab, an Islamic headscarf.

    Iranian culture minister Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili today said they had not previously received any reports which cast Mr Tsaghati in a negative light before the publication of the sex tape online.

    Critics of Iran’s regime have noted how the treatment of senior officials accused of crimes differs to LGBT+ people or women charged with not following Islamic values.

    Iranian law, which is based on Islamic Sharia law, same-sex relationships are crimes and carry a maximum sentence of death – although this is not frequently used, gay people do face overwhelming discrimination.

    The government did not publicly acknowledge the sex tape at first when it appeared online


    • Sluff says:

      For full-on Islam you don’t need to bother with Iran. The BBC’s Toady on Sunday will do very well.and then there’s the main news. A lady footballer was wearing a Hijab.


    • Dickie says:

      Probably Hunter Biden😂😂


  38. AsISeeIt says:

    The Chateratti In-House Rules apply and our media tend see the hypocrisy, but not the irony edition

    The PM plans to outflank Labour with carbon capture scheme that will create 21,000 jobs (Sunday Times) – I’ll wager this hot air puff and nonsense won’t create 21,000 jobs – and what precisely are these supposed jobs… people sent out with big nets to catch CO2 out of thin air?

    I am on motorists’ side, says PM as he orders review of anti-car schemes (Sunday Telegraph) – well that will certainly create some jobs… a nice big make-work scheme for our wonderful climate change alarmist-minded blob of pen-pusher civil servants: The Prime Minister has ordered the Department of Transport to carry out a review


    Green Jobs: creating the workforce to deliver net zero… in the national government’s independent Net Zero Review, which included the following recommendations: Provide guidance, reporting mechanisms and additional capacity and capability support to enable local authorities to better monitor and report their net zero progress. (Local Government Association) – in other words – a nice opportunity for local council green department empire building – fewer motorists – more monitors… less private sector traders – more public sector guiders and reporters.

    Newman the left-leaning cartoonist on the frontpage of the Sunday Times tends to deliver those gags that Mr AsI often rules as no balls – wide of the mark. Fair play, today he has a couple beside the Surrey Oval under an umbrella – although we’re given to understand in his drawing that it’s not yet raining. She says: “It’s for the tears when they come off for rain” – not exactly a side-splitter and for no particular comedic or compositional reason our Newman also includes some bod in an orange hi-viz jacket in his would-be wisecracking tableau. Talk about make-work schemes…. now we’re even seeing minimum-wage crowd control and stewarding public-private corporate crony contracted numpties deployed in our over-manned humorous cartoon sketches.

    Today, HS2 Ltd has confirmed that work on Britain’s new high speed railway is supporting 9,000 jobs around the country… Over 30,000 jobs will be supported by the programme at peak construction… Delivering HS2 is a manifesto commitment. (Gov.UK, Published 23 May 2019) – how’s that working out, then, Rishi?

    HS2 appears unachievable, says watchdog… after the official infrastructure watchdog warned the “successful delivery” of the multi-billion pound project “appears to be unachievable” (Sunday Telegraph) – oh well, at least it has kept another new civil service department busy: The Infrastructure and Projects Authority… We are the government’s centre of expertise for infrastructure and major projects… IPA works with the Cabinet Office and HM Treasury (Gov.UK) – methinks the Telegraph overplays somewhat the term ‘watchdog‘ since there’s no sense of independent oversight from government that I’m getting from the statement: works with the Cabinet Office and HM Treasury

    Sunak to pour millions into North Sea – sorry, I left out a crucial word from that Sunday Times headline – although given the state of our state finances care of former Chancellor and now PM Sunak he may as well have tipped the contents of the treasury into the ocean: Sunak to pour millions into North Sea oil – or perhaps this version would seem more apposite: …millions into the pockets of the energy coporations

    British Gas profits soar by staggering 889% to record £969m as households struggle with huge bills (Independent); ‘Not again…’ Winter energy bills to soar… due to lack of gas storage facilities to prevent supply shortages (Sunday Express) – what, we’ve not enough gas storage facilities in this country? So where was our much vaunted Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA), asleep on the job… or not our job, guv? IPA = Pale Ale, indeed

    Matt is our cartoonist hero, regularly doing satire that cuts through some of the nonsense on the frontpage of the Telegraph. Today he has a bloke confronted by his bank manager at NatWest: “We’re closing your account. We’ve just noticed your PIN number is the year of the Brexit vote”

    And on that theme Mr AsI contends that the recent Simon Jack-Dame Alison Rose scandal provides us with a telling case in point – a microcosm exemplar of one crucial strand of BBC bias.

    Mr AsI’s thesis has always been that our captured-by-the-left state broadcaster takes upon itself the function of providing and widely disseminating leftist talking points. Despite its waning relevance the BBC still has the dominating reach in terms of audience and of course influence on other media strands. The messages it sends matter still.

    We know the hoary old saying – the lie is already halfway around the world before the truth is out of bed and has got its boots on.

    Think back a few days and just imagine a world in which our Nige hadn’t got a hold of that smoking gun – his Subject Access Report with the telling detail that his credit rating with Coutts was just fine and they were really debanking him for his views.

    Chateratti In-House Rules apply

    When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed. (Chatham House)

    Dame Alison’s version of events – not honestly above board delivered properly miked-up to camera in a studio – but rather whispered deepthroat-like into the ear of a BBC hack at some exclusive celebrity attended charity soirée – in our woke banker’s full knowledge and confidence that her misinformation [Trade Mark: Marianna Spring – or should we call it Trade Craft in the sense of the term used by John le Carré about his fictional secret agents, the likes of Smiley’s People] such gossip would be eagerly – nay, ravenously lapped up – taken as read by the Beeb bod and trumpeted to the world and attributed to sourcestop sources at the bank, no less.

    There goes the corporate lie care of the BBC off winging its way around the world – the leftist talking point duly delivered to counter Nigel’s recent announcement of his debanking.

    Farage lost his account at the posh peoples’ bank because he’s skint, ha, ha, ha! Despite all that Russian loot he’s supposedly pocketed? As that other non sequitur leftist talking point runs.

    But this time the truth was wide awake and ready to throw off the duvet and have its boots on in double quick time ready to give the BBC and the bankers the good public kicking they deserved.

    Here endeth the lesson

    Meanwhile, the Sunday Mirror sees the hypocrisy, but not the irony: Sunak’s copter cop out… He travels 200 miles in Tory donor’s chopper… Outrage as world roasts in climate crisis – copter… cop out… COP26… get it?

    Ah, Rishi Sunak, or to honour him with his full title – apparently this was tweaked in 2019 to add reference to the Union (don’t laugh – news out of Scotland is so muted lately you’d think it had already gone off on its own independent way – but I digress) our Prime Minister is also ex officio First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for the Civil Service and the minister responsible for national security (Please, no sniggering at the back) In 2019, the office of minister for the Union was established. Mr AsI likes to append the office of Seat-Warmer for Sir Keir and General Fluffer for Labour with the additional title Local District Manager for the Swindon region.

    Jeremy Clarkson My guide to cashing in on on climate change (Sunday Times)

    EU Grand Frère

    Holiday chaos fear over EU ‘big brother’ visas… As Brussels finalises controversial scheme for EVERY Briton to be fingerprinted before travelling to Europe (Mail on Sunday) – no problemo – lets simply retaliate like-for-like to foreigners at our borders – and see how they like it?


    • Fedup2 says:

      True that scotland has gone quiet . Rumours that crankie and tokon partner are due to be charged disappeared – as did the one about meghan dumping the spare .

      The kids are now in charge as the kidults go off to network for the Summer. We can expect ‘stories ‘ to rise and fall for a whole 4 hours .

      And then there is the traditional‘ ‘recall parliament’ scream for those poor MPs wanting boosted expenses ….


  39. Sluff says:

    Not BBC but fellow travellers. And bitterly disappointing.

    Yesterday we went to the recently re-opened National Portrait Gallery. It has many superb pictures and not to mention also photographs. So far so good.

    Problem is it has gone fully left wing woke. Approving descriptions of the left, women ( that usually no-one has heard of), minorities, gays. Disapproval of the British Empire. Tumbleweed on the centre right. Thatcher gets an awkward corner as part of a group. Arthur Scargill gets the full Monty. The worst part were the toilets. Outside them was a slide set of covid lockdown photos. Did I see a single white straight male? The toilets themselves were of course, Unisex. And hidden behind an extra door. Confused people queued outside. And boy was there a queue. With no urinals, men took as long to pee as the women. And the sinks were in the cubicles. Thus there was no opportunity for parallel processing. The resultant queue stretched a long way out into the foyer. All to avoid ‘causing offence’ to the minuscule minority of trans people.

    The result of all this is that true giants such as Dorothy Hodgkin get reduced to bit parts, in her case being in a side corner next to a large if striking David Hockney picture of a nobody.

    A damining indictment of the right-on left wing public sector that wastes taxpayers money, and a sad thing to see a once-great collection reduced to a pawn on the Marxist chess-board.


    • moggie63 says:

      Queueing was a big part of the day for anybody living in the Soviet Union so it’s inevitable here.


  40. NISA says:

    It was a trip to Florida after GW Bush became POTUS that made me aware of the left wing approach to travel informatiion published by Lonely Planet. It came as little surprise when the publication was acquired by BBC Worldwide, “investing” cash laundered from the licence fee income.
    I am reminded of this today with a puff piece about the title’s founder in the lefty Times.
    The financial failure of the BBC entrepreneurs can be read at Wikipedia. A loss of £80 million over the 5 year period of BBC ownership


  41. brexiteerkent says:

    BBC Radio Solent this morning. Tuned in for the local news.

    Ten minutes about 40,000 Muslims gathering in Hampshire today for some festival or other.

    ” Tell us how wonderful this will be for the local community” asks BBC presenter. ” It will be wonderful for the local community, 40,000 Muslims coming from all over the world to the festival, the local people will be so happy.”

    ” Later today you will all be holding hands to celebrate how peaceful you all are ” ” yes, so wonderful”

    How wonderful would the “local community” in, say, Saudi Arabia feel if, say, 40.000 Christians went there and held a “peace” festival ?

    Why Hampshire ? Did they look at a map of the UK to see where they had not yet conquered ?

    Oh, and second item on the news was Southampton university has done research on how bad climate change will be.

    Only the BBC can make me quite so sad, depressed and angry all at the same time.


  42. brexiteerkent says:

    Actually correction required:

    “Why Hampshire ? Did they look at a map of the UK to see where they had not yet conquered ?”

    Forgot about Portsmouth and Southampton. Both places where white British seem to be becoming ever more outnumbered.

    In fact, the festival is near Alton. I looked the festival up. Alton is a largely still British small town in lovely countryside. In fact I was there three weeks ago. So sad. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-hampshire-40763046

    “Love for all hatred for none” is what Muslims stand for says the BBC in the above video.