Start the week 18th September 2023

A former BBC employee called Russell Brand is now the subject of an execution by media . Mr Brand is not ‘approved ‘ so – like many others – must be destroyed . But if the BBC is found to have ‘looked the other way ‘ again – it will help our cause of ending the Biased BBC .

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  1. MarkyMark says:


    Government (TAX PAYER) backs Bradford – UK City of Culture 2025 – with £10 million funding boost
    Bradford will benefit from a cash boost of at least £10 million (of money from TAX PAYER) to kick off the city’s tenure as UK City of Culture in 2025 and help grow the economy, one of the Prime Minister’s five priorities.

    …. one of the Prime Minister’s five priorities.

    …. one of the Prime Minister’s five priorities.

    Notes to editors:
    The funding announced today is from:

    £10 million government funding from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).
    £5 million of lottery funding from Arts Council England (ACE).
    £4.95 million of lottery funding from the National Heritage Lottery Fund (NHLF).


  2. andyjsnape says:

    Brook House: Inquiry urges limit on immigration removal centre stays

    Urging a 28 days limit – then what a free house!

    The left really has this country screwed. Reading the “report” these animals should be given everything – even more than what they already get!


    • MarkyMark says:

      In this report, a COVID-19 death is defined as a death in a person within 28 days (equal to or less than) of the first positive SARS-CoV-2 test within their most recent COVID-19 infection.28 Apr 2023


  3. StewGreen says:

    BBC has just REMOVED some Russel Brand content


  4. vlad says:

    I can’t get too excited about the Brand ‘scandal’, but if it implicates and damages the BBC, bring it on!


  5. MarkyMark says:

    New statistics from the Home Office reveal the taxpayer is now forking out £8 million a day to house asylum seekers in hotels, with most of the cost coming out of the foreign aid budget. The overall cost of the government’s asylum and accommodation system is now a whopping £3 billion overall. Yvette Cooper points out that the cost of hotel accommodation has gone up by a third since Rishi promised to end hotel use.


    Yvette Cooper Hasn’t Taken In Refugees Yet – Why?
    10 June 2016, 09:05 | Updated: 3 August 2016, 12:33


  6. StewGreen says:

    TalkTV Ian Collins is ranting ranting against the idea that there could be a conspiracy against Russel Brand
    He just sneered “on a down market TV station someone praised Brand”
    By which he means GBnews and Beverley Turner.

    Sure believing every conspiracy theory at first glance is crazy
    but likewise dismissing every conspiracy theory at first glance is crazy too .. it’s the same type of thinking

    There are some conspiracies in plain sight.

    Maybe The Times & C4 should do an investigation into why Nick Brown has been suspended by Labour for a year? (and two weeks)


    • MarkyMark says:

      arry Gardiner defends donations worth £500,000 from Chinese agent
      The Labour MP said Christine Lee appeared to be ‘operating as a legitimate person in the UK’.
      Amy Gibbons
      Thursday 13 January 2022 20:23


    • BRISSLES says:

      I’ll admit that alongside her colleagues, I too was taken aback at Bev Turner proclaiming Brand was her hero. She should have been more circumspect in her choice of words – will she still be in awe if these allegations have legs I wonder ?


    • Zelazek says:

      I don’t automatically dismiss conspiracy theories. I believe every “conspiracy theory” should be considered on its own merits.

      I don’t buy the moon landing and 9/11 conspiracy theories. But I don’t dismiss them as the ravings of lunatics either. People were right to point out apparent anomalies that needed explaining. There are always strange anomalies in every great event. But most of the time, in my opinion, they don’t indicate conspiracies.

      Through my own study of this interesting subject, I have concluded that there have been three great conspiracies in history:

      1. Jesus never existed. He is a literary invention.

      2. William Shakespeare was a front man. The real author of the plays was an aristocrat, probably Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford.

      3. The Lockerbie Bombing had nothing to do with Libya. It was ordered by Iran and carried out by a Palestinian terrorist group. Britain and America for reasons unknown wanted Libya to take the blame and fitted up an Innocent man.

      I don’t know enough to comment on Russell Brand.


  7. MarkyMark says:

    Dame Caroline, who chairs the committee, says: “My concern is when people in power are aware of rumours or stories yet don’t act, then a culture is allowed to permeate.”

    yet don’t act, then a culture is allowed to permeate
    1400+ raped kids

    yet don’t act, then a culture is allowed to permeate
    1400+ raped kids

    yet don’t act, then a culture is allowed to permeate
    1400+ raped kids

    What programmes have been removed?


  8. MarkyMark says:

    Stopping money to protestors – meh.
    India kill citizen – slightly interested.

    She went on to give a statement saying the “allegations that a representative of a foreign government may have been involved in the killing of a Canadian citizen here on Canadian soil… [are] not only troubling but it is completely unacceptable”.


  9. StewGreen says:

    Another Jessie Smollett
    “Victimhood is a currency”
    “If they make u[ stories, that shows how little racism there actually is”


  10. MarkyMark says:

    Squirrel – man selling food additives on youtube – don’t look here.

    “Barry Gardiner defends donations worth £500,000 from Chinese agent”


  11. MarkyMark says:

    Does Lizzo follow Russel Brand?

    Lizzo sued by former dancers for sexual harassment and fat-shaming: What are the allegations against her?
    Three of her former dancers have filed a legal action against the singer


  12. MarkyMark says:

    Politics latest news: Starmer tells Macron he wants ‘stronger’ UK-France relationship at Paris meeting


    Dover MP Natalie Elphicke told the Commons that the BBC’s “shocking report” contained the “breath-taking” disclosure of free French public bus services being used to ferry migrants from camps to Dunkirk beaches.


    Today the BBC journalists Michael Keohan and Colin Campbell released a shocking report on the channel crossings. It showed people smugglers selling their wares brazenly in the migrant camps and many children living in unsafe and dangerous conditions, as well as—this is breathtaking—a free French public bus service that migrants can use to travel directly from the camps to the Dunkirk departure beaches. Will my right hon. Friend allow a statement on the issue of tackling the small boat crossings and the Government’s response in their work with France?



    French public bus service that migrants can use to travel directly from the camps to the Dunkirk departure beaches

    French public bus service that migrants can use to travel directly from the camps to the Dunkirk departure beaches

    French public bus service that migrants can use to travel directly from the camps to the Dunkirk departure beaches


  13. StewGreen says:

    The FCA have met the banks at the golf club
    and have been told “there is zero evidence they ever debank people for political reasons”
    .. They wrote a little report and leaked it to the FT

    who previously did fakenews against Farage on the matter

    … GBnews reporter is contemptuous

    “ah we didn’t investigate Farage in our report, cos his account was never actually closed”


    • StewGreen says:

      FCA just answered back

      “-Did you commit this crime?
      No officer.
      -That’s fine then. Be on your way”

      Is this a parody?


  14. andyjsnape says:

    Statistics from the US

    Whites killing Blacks — 2%
    Police killing whites — 3%
    Whites killing whites — 16%
    Blacks killing whites — 81%
    Police killing Blacks — 1%
    Blacks killing Blacks — 97%

    From website:-

    bbc to fact check or do a verify on? doubt it


  15. MarkyMark says:



  16. MarkyMark says:

    The majority of children in a landmark study on puberty blockers experienced positive or negative changes in their mental health, new analysis suggests.

    The original study of 44 children, who all took the controversial drugs for a year or more, found no mental health impact – neither benefits nor harm.

    But a re-analysis of that data now suggests 34% saw their mental health deteriorate, while 29% improved.

    original study = found no mental health impact – neither benefits nor harm

    revisit = 34% saw their mental health deteriorate, while 29% improved.

    Mr Freedman argues it is vital that young people and their families have the “best information possible” when making decisions on medical treatment.


  17. Northern Voter says:

    All I can say is, thank the lord it’s Russell Brand and not Jo.


  18. andyjsnape says:

    Bland gate

    In very small letters under the video title
    “Russell Brand denies allegations of sexual assault”

    Honestly what is up with the bbc, it normally likes behaviour like this


    • MarkyMark says:

      “Director general orders review of Russell Brand’s BBC career”

      Timothy Douglas Davie CBE (born 25 April 1967) is a British media executive currently serving as the seventeenth Director-General of the BBC since 1 September 2020, taking over from Tony Hall.


      Huw Edwards is the best-paid journalist at the BBC

      BBC News at Six and BBC News at Ten presenter Edwards made £435,000–439,999 (6% more than in 2022). Nolan earned between £400,000–404,999, while the third best-paid Fiona Bruce made between £395,000–399,999.11 Jul 2023


  19. MarkyMark says:

    But unfortunately for Mr Kennedy and Virgin Media News, the meteorite mystery was far less exciting.

    Footage posted to social media revealed the crater was just a big hole that had been dug with a plastic spade.


  20. s.trubble says:

    This Starmer visit to meet Micron.
    I bet that 45 minute meeting was made up of Monsieur Starmer answering the question from Micron

    Eh Monsieur, quelle est une dame!


  21. Fedup2 says:

    Oil it’s $95 a barrel – happy Christmas …


    • MarkyMark says:

      Fuel duty is currently levied at a flat rate of 52.95p per litre for both petrol and diesel, while VAT at 20% is then charged on both the product price and the duty. Hover over the chart to see exact values.


      There is no upper limit for how much MPs can claim to cover heating costs

      There is no upper limit on how much MPs can claim for utilities bills.




      • tomo says:

        Yeah, well next door MP Danny Kruger claimed ca. £3500 in electricity on his constituency gaff in Devizes – at the time that’d equate to a fan heater running 24/7/365.

        They’re laughing at us – I’m waiting for an MP to set up a scrap metal smelter.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Did parliament spend something like £55 000 of taxpayers ‘ money on a portrait of that lefty traitor ?


    • Eddy Booth says:

      What happened to the g7 price cap on Russian crude oil at $60 per barrel?


  22. Rob in Cheshire says:

    In last night’s “University Challenge” I swear I heard Bobby Sands being described as an “IRA officer”. It was rather quick because Amol Rajan does tend to gabble, but I am sure I heard it. Now I would call Bobby Sands an IRA terrorist, but I suppose I am just a hater.

    I have also just heard an “interview” on Five Dead between Nihal Arthanayake and Hamza Yassin, the fat muslim bloke who inexplicably “won” Strictly last year. They were discussing ospreys. Fair enough, a nice little topic. Except that Hamza insisted that just as birds cross national boundaries, so should humans be allowed to do. Hmm. I think I see a flaw in his reasoning. Of course, Nihal quickly pulled him up to point out that this line of argument was ridiculous.

    Only joking. Of course he didn’t. He just let it pass, because it is what passes for logic in the North London clown world they inhabit.

    In other news, OFCOM finds GB News guilty of bias yet again. Seems like they can’t catch a break.

    Also, the FCA finds no evidence that anyone has been debanked because of their political views. And these are the people who are meant to regulate the banks. How doomed are we?


  23. tomo says:

    AOC is going to get lynched….

    If life was fair the New York Times wouldn’t have any windows intact.

    No sympathy whatsoever


  24. Guest Who says:

    Going to get complex in the TNI News suites…. what to put in, what to leave in… take out… justify, get outraged…


    • MarkyMark says:

      Media is the propaganda arm of Stalinist regimes.

      They LIE!
      And perpetuate WAR

      ….. send more 💰
      BILLION$ 💸


      Why are we funding a country that has American Citizens on a a’Kill List?

      BREAKING: Human Events’ Jack Posobiec added to infamous Ukrainian ‘kill list’



  25. Fedup2 says:

    The BBC has announced that Sir Huw Edwards has been appointed to lead the independent inquiry into Mr Russel Brannd’s alleged legal / illegal shagging activities which employed by the BBC ( just kidding ) . In fact the DG sent an intern to wickes to buy a bucket of white wash ….


  26. Guest Who says:

    One for Springster to arbitrate?

    Or OFCOM?


  27. tomo says:

    The book, published by Bloomsbury and promoted by Arts Council-funded literacy charity The Book Trust, states that “Britain was a black country for more than 7,000 years before white people came, “and during that time the most famous British monument was built, Stonehenge.”


  28. Thoughtful says:

    An interesting insight from George Gammon on the Russel Brand accusations which he doesn’t believe either:


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Here why they are coming for Russell Brand:


      • Fedup2 says:

        But then what of mr brand ?

        Formal criminal allegations
        Arrest and interview
        CPS to decide on charge(s)
        Charges? Court trial game
        Insufficient evidence ?

        Then what ?
        Career ended ?

        But still days and days of column inches with all sorts of attempts to destroy him .

        Until the next character comes along


        • Richard Pinder says:

          ‘The Russell Brand Emergency’. Britain has half a million people injured by the mRNA jab. 7.5 million on the NHS waiting list. Excess deaths are running at 1,000 a week. But all the newspaper headlines say that the most important issue is, Russell Brand was once a very naughty boy. According to the Metropolitan Police, not one person came forward to officially accuse Brand of any crime, and only one investigation is taking place after Downing Street said that the allegations are “very serious and concerning”. But no criminal charges have been made and Brand is assumed innocent until proven guilty. However the British Government are now asking Youtube if they can take Brand down, and are now using the ‘Brand Emergency’ as impetus for passing of the Orwellian Online Harms Bill. Russell Brand was known to have been a very promiscuous person. Victorian morals are very important to the BBC. This is why the ‘Brand Emergency’ is extremely important for the mainstream media the government and the intelligence agencies. Far more ‘serious and concerning’ to the Prime Minister, than war in Ukraine or death and injury from a Moderna Jab.

          Will the next BBC character coming along be Neil Oliver. The Cabinet Office and Moderna arrange for GCHQ staff to befriend former BBC staff who worked on ‘Coast’. See if any of them can be bribed to accuse Neil Oliver of anything. Money talks.


          • kingkp says:

            Brand is another distraction. As you say the real news is the destruction caused by the injections. There were no excess deaths in the UK in 2020. The excess deaths, now running around 150,000-200,000 since 2021, have been primarily caused by the injections. The fact they have barely mentioned this should worry you. Really worry you. They will come with the next ‘plandemic’. They are already locking down people in southern India, so the next ’emergency’ could be called at any time. Gates smiled and told us that the next time it will get our attention.


            • Jeff says:

              I don’t think “distraction” is the right word. I think the word is destruction.

              Anyone who questions the narrative gets hit. Brand’s bad behaviour went back decades, but no-one said a peep. Strange…

              BTW, for what it’s worth, I think (at least some) of the women were telling the truth. But this was known ages ago. The media weren’t interested. Now they are. Why?

              Because… he’s regularly warning his followers about not trusting the media, the government and big pharma…and suddenly the shit has hit the fan.

              There’s an old football adage that’s appropriate here, they’ve not played the ball, they’ve played the man. They can’t take on his argument, so they destroy him via his private life.

              All the while he was a drug riddled, sex crazed left-wing luvvie he was safe.

              Not any more…


  29. Foscari says:

    I am not the only contributor who has pointed out
    that the BBC internet pages through their
    Getty’s Imaging , all but insist that the only
    people in the UK suffering from the cost of
    living crisis are black folk. If you
    go to the cost of living feature on the news page
    from today . You can leave out the ” all but”. The
    BBC is inferring now, that ONLY the ethnic black
    community are the ones whom are suffering,
    Look at the imaging under the ” What is the state pension and
    the triple lock” ” Who is getting extra cost of living payments”
    “What can I do to pay my debts.” You would think that
    you are looking at the web pages from the Jamaican daily gleaner.


    • JohnC says:

      As long I keep seeing ‘Getty’ on pictures of black people in BBC ‘news’ articles which are way, way out of proportion to their representation in our society, I will dismiss anything and everything the BBC tell me as the anti-white woke propaganda it is from the racist group of leftist activists they are.

      Same as Getty.


  30. atlas_shrugged says:

    If I put the seat up to urinate …

    What is funny about this is that the mad fem listening to this gets up and leaves not willing to hear about an equitable arrangement.


  31. Dickie says:

    Think Zelensky is going to be thrown under a bus shortly and perhaps Biden will be as well. Uncle Sam and the democrats won’t want a loser prior to the presidential election


  32. Fedup2 says:

    Seems like the outgoing blue labour PM is to ‘water down ‘some green crap about cars …. But how come ? Either blue labour believes in making people suffer because of green crap or they don’t .
    Personally I’m getting ready to rip my perfectly adequate gas central heating out when they ban it and expect me to freeze to death in the name of climate zero crap ….

    … either they believe in green crap on not …. With the overwhelming popularity of ULEZ and 20 mph limited – as well as closing roads in order to save the lives of disciples of Jeremy vine – I think they should be going further –

    close more car parks or make them only affordable for the super rich –

    Drop the limit to 15mph and 40 on motorways

    Have flexible road use based on time to discourage using cars to take kids to school – in fact let’s ban the school run

    Make those speed humps steeper to slow traffic even more – it’s all pub,ic safety

    Driving tests every year or two – no one under 25 can drive on the road

    Speed cameras on every road

    Environment police with power to seize cars from bad drivers

    More diverse road signs – eg Arabic – braille

    All cyclists will be able to do whatever they want – just like now


    • Charlie Farley says:

      Fedup2 ,
      20mph speed limit for vehicles and then the cyclists
      will have to overtake so they can continue at their normal 30mph !


      • Fedup2 says:

        All cyclists will be issued with head cameras to use to issue instant fines to anyone still able to use a car . No traffic laws will apply to cyclists who can ride wherever they want – including right of way on pavements …..

        Time for the new thread …


  33. Eddy Booth says:

    ‘Russell Brand & Nigel Farage clash over immigration on Question Time (11/12/2014)”

    Hope Brand gets to stay in a nice diverse prison.😃


    • Fedup2 says:

      They are not clapping now – I never had time for brand – and this explains why – what a gob shite brand was .and not right in the head –


    • Jeff says:

      Sorry Eddy, that’s pathetic.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Jeff – I disagree – I think the lefty attitude Brand shows in that extract stands as testimony to him . Farage highlights the effect of rapid increases – millions added to the population in a very short time and the consequences – all brand does is yap about bankers bonuses bankers bonuses ( see hart and Paul)

        Has brand sung a different song in recent times ? I don’t think I’d believe or accept anything he says …


        • Kaiser says:

          its a slow burning left wing thing as they realise they are the useful idiots

          brand has been getting the red pill bit by bit since covid

          over in the states jimmy dore has been getting the red pill since covid

          even raving commie aaron bastani has started to sound a little based