Midweek 20 September 2023

The Director General has ordered an inquiry into Mr Russel Brand and his employment by the BBC across a number of years – whitewash time

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  1. Guest Who says:


    Toenails (yawn) really living up to his rep.


  2. Dickie says:


    • Up2snuff says:

      Dickie, I read that label far too quickly and thought Alistair Cooke is dead. Then I realised there was an r in the surname. It would be interesting to have the late, great, Alistair Cooke around today and doing ‘A Letter from America’ on Biden’s presidency, the US support for Ukraine, the trials of DJT and his possible nomination for the Republican candidacy, etc.

      Back in Alistair Cooke’s day the BBC was good.


  3. Sluff says:

    Yes, our NHS heroes have only gone and done it again.
    This time, firmly in the ‘you can’t make it up’ category.

    Lincolnshire hospital discharges elderly woman to stranger’s home


    Thank goodness we have the finest health care system in the world. And it’s free.


  4. Dickie says:


  5. pugnazious says:

    The BBC’s very selective and deceptive ‘BBC Verify’ tale…..

    ‘Seven bins and Sunak’s other net zero claims fact checked’


    Oddly it does not mention the infamous ‘meat tax’….despite BBC news repeatedly asserting there was no such thing ever proposed….oh but it was…as we now know…

    ‘‘Climate committee revives calls for meat tax to cut emissions’
    ‘Calls for a potential meat tax could be back on the agenda after a new report by the Committee on Climate Change called for a 20% reduction in meat and dairy consumption to tackle the climate emergency.’

    What about 7 recycling bins….we all know this is true one way or another…..6 bins or 7 or 9….whatever…

    ‘Council leaders have accused the government of delaying controversial plans to make households in England use up to six different recycling bins until after the next general election.

    The government says the move was postponed until 2025 as part of broader changes to recycling policy. ‘


    ‘Councils are asking householders to sort their rubbish into as many as nine types to boost recycling, a survey suggests.

    Newcastle-under-Lyme had the largest number, with nine bins, bags and boxes.’

    What about this…

    ‘Are homes unsuitable for heat pumps? ‘

    BBC Verify asserts not true…..and yet no-one else believes all homes are suitable……you need large radiators and if you have micro-piping it has to be replaced as well as many other measures…not to mention the difficulty of fitting all the equipment needed for a heat pump. Many homes will just not be heat efficient enough to make a heat pump work…water is not as hot as from a gas boiler.

    ‘Although the government is pushing for heat pumps to become more commonplace – even aiming for all new heating systems installed from 2035 to be low carbon – currently, 54% of UK homes aren’t suitable for them.’

    The government has a website that assesses the suitability of your home….so I’m guessing not all are suitable…lol….

    ‘Check if a heat pump could be suitable for your home ‘


    And this?

    ‘Is the UK cutting carbon the fastest?’

    The BBC quotes Sunak…

    ‘The prime minister said: “We’ve decarbonised faster than any other economy in the G7.”‘

    The BBC tries to undermine the claim by saying Germany is going faster….

    ‘Since the international climate agreement was signed in Paris at the end of 2015, Germany has been reducing its emissions faster than the UK.’

    But note Sunak said ‘We’ve decarbonised faster’ not we are decarbonising faster.

    Germany has decarbonised by 40%, we have by 47%….and Germany is pumping out almost twice the emissions we are.

    BBC Verify seems to be just another BBC tool like its ‘Reality Check’ that is utilised to spin facts to suit the BBC’s own worldview….and exploits the BBC’s reputation for, lol, accuracy and honesty, giving it the BBC seal of approval…..rubbish and lies dressed up and presented as the Truth.


  6. Flotsam says:

    MNGW and Carbon

    I’m a member and contributor to an outdoor sport forum (UK). I suspect many of the other members are young and probably students, there also seems to be a number of University academia. There’s been a recent thread regarding offsetting carbon emissions created by travelling and doing the sport, I kid you not. Most contributions examine the relative eco merits of flying, driving, going by rail etc. Some are spreadsheeting the calculations necessary to offset these modes of travel. Some accept that buying carbon credits might be a con, planting trees marginal. A small number brave the wrath of the zealots by saying they are wasting their time.
    What strikes me is the single minded zealotry of the obviously propagandised and brainwashed people who buy into this nonsense. There’s a lot of supposedly well educated young people who have bought into this tripe. It’s no wonder people are glueing themselves to roads.
    I’m reminded of a shopping trip to Aldi after the lockdowns and mask mandates were lifted. I was queueing at the checkout behind a couple who had decided to keep masked. I kept a decent distance in view of their obvious issues The woman turned to me however and demanded I stood further back. Her intense Covid hysteria was obvious, she had been propagandised into paranoia, fear of a cold/flu type virus.


  7. pugnazious says:

    Heat pumps not suitable for illegal immigrants….could kill them…legionella…..heat pumps don’t heat water to a suitable temperature to kill legionella….also heat pumps can’t produce enough hot water to both heat the home and provide hotwater…

    From the National Energy Foundation…


    ‘Can I get my hot water from an air source heat pump?’
    ‘The short answer to this question is ‘no’ although it can make a significant contribution depending on the configuration of your system.

    On initial consideration, it might be hard to understand why this should be the case. Most heat pumps are designed to heat water (to run your central heating system) to 45-50°C and domestic hot water is used at 38-42°C. However, unlike a combi boiler, a domestic heat pump cannot produce hot water quick enough to provide an adequate flow of water to baths, taps, and showers. Also, most domestic heat pumps are not designed to be able to provide hot water at the same time as providing space heating, with the demand for hot water taking priority.

    One way to get around this problem is to store hot water in a cylinder until it is needed. However, care is needed when storing water between 20 and 45°C due to the risk of legionella, particularly if the water remains in the cylinder for long periods of time. Heating the water in the cylinder to 60°C for at least 30mins or 55°C for at least 5-6 hours is the conventional way to kill legionella bacteria in domestic properties, although for safety and simplicity, the usual advice is to keep the cylinder thermostat set to 60°C.’


    • Philip_2 says:

      Many of us will be surprised to know, considering the media coverage – (BBC inclusive hysteria) and national ‘plugged’ coverage of the benefits of a heat pump in your home outside of ‘Tower Hamlets’ (not covered, as yet, for some strange reason).

      It seems that for just £15,000 to £20,000 ‘cash’ and with a HMG ‘top-up’ discount of £5,0000 (read ‘bribe’ or ‘subsidy’) – you could be the proud owner of an ‘air’ or ‘ground source’ heat pump, all the plumbing, service costs and hot water at 40 degrees (at best) for an always on slightly noisy fan, some inconvenience and unsightly appendage to your building for a princely SAVING of just (cough), and I am NOT joking – of just £200 per year!

      And this will, (according to the BBC, somehow) save the planet!, as someone (somewhere) gets seriously rich, peddling this rubbish. It would be cheaper to buy and run a full size Windmill in your back garden. And don’t forget you can use your EV batteries to power your home during the power cuts. (Not that you will be able to travel that far, due to lack of chargers and cost of supply). If your lucky you can then buy a diesel generator as back up. (No diesel as it will be called ‘non-bio’ synthetic fuel). Just thrice the price of normal fuel. Germany is already planning for that, as it heads towards poverty and strife.

      You will need to buy an EV (and extra £20,000) plus power cables to your home. Don’t forget that your home will have to be ‘re-wired’ to take the current that your EV will demand.

      Electricity will be slightly more expensive due to those requirements to achieve net zero.

      As you can see just like the BBC TV license fee it all adds up to ‘infinity’. And whilst you pay to line the pockets of the already rich, you will be warm under the ‘cosy-glow’ of having ‘saved the planet’ for those that could not care a fig. Its all manipulation, nudge, innuendo and eventually, the wooden stick.

      Its also why the BBC still exists to lecture us, even when it has no clothes. Its suits them, just fine. But, as Sunak has said, it may not happen ‘as fast’ as the BBC eco zealots would like it to happen.

      In fact it may not happen at all. But there is an awful lot of money to be made, if it can be made to happen.


  8. Dickie says:


  9. Terminal Moraine says:

    Well Rachel Verify, who scribbled together the hit piece on Brand and his ‘half-truths’ today, quotes at length a social psychologist from Stirling University. Bless their cotton socks, I can well imagine the girls at Verify think by invoking social psychology they’re bringing a gravitas from the higher echelons of academia; one that bolsters the skillset of their ‘highly specialised team with a range of forensic capabilities’ (their words).

    Instead it’s a load of fluff that, quite honestly, would struggle to reach the level of intellectual insight found in your average Take A Break magazine. For example:

    “‘I suspect Brand has been emboldened by his following, encouraged by the popularity and motivated to continue,’ she says, adding that making money could have been another incentive.”

    According to her Twitter bio Dr Carol Jasper is a “Social psychologist interested in inequality, social identity, and veganism.”

    Shocked I tell you.



    • StewGreen says:

      bio @RachelSchraer “Senior reporter for @BBCNews and BBCTrending, covering health and misinformation. ”
      She and the BBC tweeted the story quite a few times
      got big ratios

      As ever since projection is a libmob characteristic
      The behaviour they accuse others of, seems to be a mirror of their own behaviour

      Russell Brand: How the comedian built his YouTube audience on half-truths
      The comedian has spent recent years building an online presence, often getting millions of views.

      A reply .. “Regretful slappers are not the most reliable of witnesses.”


  10. Northern Voter says:

    What do you say to a Social Psychologist?

    Big Mac and Fries please.

    I’ll get me coat.


  11. tomo says:

    Canadians out on the streets in large numbers – liberal MSM again simply not covering it and police getting out of hand too – similarly not covered.



  12. tomo says:


  13. tomo says:


    • MarkyMark says:

      Canadian PM Trudeau Shares Call to ‘End White Supremacy’ After Somali Refugee’s Terror Attack {.informationliberation.com 02oct2017}
      ‘Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded to news of a Somali refugee’s terrorist attack in Edmonton by sharing a call to “end white supremacy” and insisting “our diversity is our strength.” ‘

      … earlier in the same Universe …

      Trudeau (I’m a feminist) hails “ (Muslim) sisters upstairs” at sex-segregated mosque


    • G says:


      Just think: if they had face recognition software, they could stop the bank accounts of protestors………………


  14. andyjsnape says:

    Brand all over the front page of the bbc webshte AGAIN!

    Try and report some news, instead of campaigns


    • Scroblene says:

      Yes, some ‘news’ might be welcome!

      For example, this stuff: –


      If everything is still ‘ongoing’ then why bother to write this drivel? It’s not ‘news’, it’s just the usual Beeboid tactic of cramming in as many ‘definite maybes’ as they can to fill a few paragraphs, which are essentially meaningless!

      My local rag does non-stories like this better – there are only so many squirrels to see…


      • Fedup2 says:

        Scroblene – small beer compared to the BBC s own Russel brand . Liz kershaw in the DT today describes the relationship between the controller of Radio 2 ( female – perhaps ‘done ‘ by brand ) and those who complained about what he said and did whilst a lefty favourite .
        Although saville isn’t mentioned – the same ‘blind eye’- talent ‘ approach is there – this time it’s not ‘it’s ok it’s jimmy ‘ this time it is ‘it’s okay it’s Russell ‘ . Meanwhile the BBC will be deleting their records and stalling its own inquiry ….


        • Guest Who says:

          The BBC’s ability to compartmentalise and divorce segments of itself into mutually exclusive areas is as blatant as astounding that they get away with it.

          The Moaning Emole of course leads with yet another allegation. No doubt as verifiable and ignored back then as it can be massaged in ‘investigation’ now.

          Meanwhile the gutter media social pages are rammed with has-beens ‘opening up’ with their drug addled recollections now stuff has ‘resurfaced’.


        • Scroblene says:

          Of course they will, Fed and Guest, like any civil serpent-orientated crowd, they cover their arses and pretend it never happened, letting a silly kid like Marianna wotsername fiddle around with no-facts and expect the public to understand.

          I don’t read The Daily Telegrout any more as it has a paywall, so can’t comment, but if the MSM keeps at it, they’re making a mistake, as more and more pople will decide to go to alternative media for their news – as Brand offered – and their influence will suffer even more.

          It’s clear that the BBC engendered all Brand’s stuff years ago, they loved the pezazz, forgetting that animals like Savile would lose them their status years on! Brand wasn’t really in that category.


  15. andyjsnape says:

    Voters aren’t talking about Brexit, says Lib Dem leader

    Limb Dems will talk about Housing & Health – what about illegal immigrants?

    Still talking about it – no we moved on and left, its just the likes of the bbc still trying to overturn the vote, instead of trying to unite the country it still tries to divide and get its way

    I remember the Lib Dems a political party from 1980s, together with Labour when they were relevant


  16. Fedup2 says:

    Another day – another report of declining BBC numbers – this time it’s ‘football focus ‘ i Saturday footy show which I watched years ago . It was a bit take it or leave it – but then the BBC dropped a dumb girl as the ‘anchor ‘ and that was enough – off switch .
    Anyway – since said lady took over viewing number have continued to fall rapidly . I could tell the BBC why this is but they always know better – but it will be about the BBC approved ‘message’ being vomited out every 2 minutes that will be the reason – plus loss of old white ex footy player who know their stuff and replacement by chippy mediocre clowns or worse – wimmin .
    Anyway farewell ‘football focus ‘….

    Wouldn’t it be good to be able to monitor the decline of BBC number across its’ range of lefty crap ? At the moment it seems very difficult – the bbc won’t care because they know they have taxpayers cash whatever dumbed down lefty crap they throw out ….


    • JohnC says:

      I was reading just yesterday about their declining radio audiences across the board.

      No doubt they will hold lots of meetings full of the same, useless quota employees who caused it deciding how they will fix it.

      None of that matters : what does matter is we have to fund them the same however bad they get. That’s why they can make their agenda more important than quality and not go broke.

      What is most shocking to me is how they have systematically abused their power and ruined all the politicians who were the major threat to the licence fee – and they have got away with it.

      It seems OFCOM are there to protect and police BBC policy rather than regulate it.


    • harry142857 says:

      BBC doesn’t make Football Focus for the viewers, it makes the programme in the vision of the production team, 99% middle class degree laden unimaginative automatons.

      It has sucked all the joy out of the working man’s game.


      • andyjsnape says:

        Hello Harry

        We often find the bbc is VERY keen on womens football, probably because its cheap to sponsor and helps keep their costs down, Sorry I mean its “promoted” as women are equal


        • Fedup2 says:

          If it was any good sky would have it by now …I see that the FA is trying to change real footy to make it even more profitable – such as finally removing the 3pm live ban on Saturdays – as well as putting games on to suit other countries – the fan – of course – has no value at all apart from selling £50 shirts …


    • JohnC says:

      Election coming up – and Biden has no conscience whatsoever about who or how many Ukranians he throws under a bus. It’s turning into his Vietnam and he knows it. Maybe he will have to deal with those who have the dirt on him first …

      We will start getting conditioned ready for ceasefire talks soon. It will be completely coordinated across the MSM with another bucketload of lies for the reasons.

      Whether Russia will go along with it is another matter altogether.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I disagree with you on so many points here
        1 there isn’t an election coming up – just obamas 4th term
        2 Biden doesn’t know the time yet alone Ukraine
        3 as a US politician – no conscience
        4 it’s not another Vietnam – no US coffins
        5 the dirt will remain. ‘Suppressed ‘ – see MSM

        I’m sure Obama must be thinking hard about whether to risk Biden being given another term . There is only so much that the gimp press secretary can cover up – maybe Obama will decide to dump joe and put his wife in … although that has risks – I’ve go 50p on her at 40/1 …


        • Guest Who says:

          The saintly Jean Pierre covers nothing up.

          She gabbles wibble.

          And almost no media challenge or indeed report.

          Saz and Lurch in the Sopes spot.


        • Scroblene says:

          Fed, won’t it also be Slick Willy’s turn to be ‘president’?

          He could drag the raddled Pelosi along for good measure as well!

          We’ll never forget Bamalam telling us we were going to ‘be at the back of the queue’, and with the shallow, ineffective quality of the GB cabinet at the time, he saw a great opportunity to make life difficult for us over here, especially planning a future few terms with a senile old bloke and a stupid VP as well!

          I sincerely hope The Donald watches his back, checks under his car, and beats the whole bloody bunch of them!


  17. Guest Who says:

    This is what happens when governments indulge state media (or in Trudeau’s case, bribe all media) too long….


    It is seldom pretty.


    • Guest Who says:

      Oops, already posted above. Still, comment stands.


    • JohnC says:

      It’s 100% right on the BBC agenda issue. But in the wrong direction – so they are ignoring it.

      Any protests FOR the agenda are quickly on the front page – even if it’s just 6 women on a street corner in Afghanistan who assemble for 10 mins just for the pictures then leg it.

      Impartial and unbiased my @rse …


    • MarkyMark says:

      “Scenes from Ottawa right now where thousands of parents and kids are protesting explicit sexual content in schools and radical gender ideology.

      These protests are absolutely massive and across the entire country. #1MillionMarch4Children”


      RuPaul’s Drag Race UK series 5 cast: Meet the queens battling it out for the crown
      The wait is over: RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is back, with a cast of delectable queens ready to bring sweet surprises to BBC Three.



  18. Guest Who says:


    A civilised exchange. Unlike anything involving a BBC host.


  19. MarkyMark says:

    BBC Terrorist …


    • JohnC says:

      I wonder if they will use all their weasel words to make everyone think Russia blew it up before having their discussion …

      50p says they will.

      And I wonder if they will touch on how the story was very quickly dropped by the MSM (and why).

      50p says they won’t.


  20. MarkyMark says:

    UK MP Who Pressured Rumble To Demonetize Russell Brand Received Donation In Kind From Google
    The MP also cited Google-owned YouTube’s actions against Brand in her letter to Rumble.

    By Tom Parker
    Posted 2:30 pm




    • Eddy Booth says:

      Can only see half of the image.


      • MarkyMark says:

        “Tech giant Google provided a donation in kind worth £3,302 (approximately $4,060) to the UK Member of Parliament (MP) that recently sent letters to Rumble, TikTok, Facebook, and X that pressured them to demonetize comedian and commentator Russell Brand after anonymous sexual assault allegations were made against him.”


        Name of donor: Google UK Ltd
        Address of donor: Belgrave House, 76 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9QT
        Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: Two tickets with hospitality and accommodation as guests of YouTube at the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Arts 2023, value £3,302
        Date received: 26 June 2023
        Date accepted: 26 June 2023
        Donor status: company, registration 03977902
        (Registered 18 July 2023)


        Name of donor: Jamaica Tourist Board
        Address of donor: 1-2 Prince Consort Rd, London SW7 2BZ
        Estimate of the probable value (or amount of any donation): Air travel and accommodation for two people, value £3,950
        Destination of visit: Kingston and St Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica
        Dates of visit: 1-8 August 2022
        Purpose of visit: Lords and Commons Cricket delegation for the 60th Anniversary of Jamaican Independence, including UK High Commission event with ministers and parliamentarians and presenting a donation to the BREDS Cricket Academy.
        (Registered 31 August 2022)


      • MarkyMark says:

        Changes to the Register of Members’ Interests
        Caroline Dinenage

        Name of donor: Sky UK Ltd
        Address of donor: 1 Grant Way, Isleworth TW7 5QD
        Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: Ticket with hospitality for the Soho House Festival, value £250
        Date received: 6 July 2023
        Date accepted: 6 July 2023
        Donor status: company, registration 04416605
        (Registered 24 July 2023)



        • Fedup2 says:

          Snouts and troughs – bet she’s got her £job £sorted out when she is thrown out of office next year …. Probably OFCOM


          • Docmarooned says:

            I hope fedup. I believe she is the MP for Gosport. Her predecessor was “duck pond Viggers” who was MP when I lived in Gosport for 10 years. They would vote for a dog turd there if it was painted blue.


      • moggie63 says:

        Open the image in a new tab, it’ll show the whole thing.


      • StewGreen says:

        Eddy rightclick or long press over the image
        then select “open image in new tab”

        But I wish people wouldn’t post huge images on this forum in the first place.


  21. G says:

    Welsh Government? Either a democracy or a Totalitarian State?
    We’ll see shortly.

    Petition against 20 mph now at almost 375,000. That’s now over 12% of the total population and still going strong. I didn’t think my fellow countrymen had it in them ! Locally, this issue is seen as war and I’ll wager many people are being persuaded to sign the petition. It’s sure circulating like nobody’s business. First question when you meet anybody (even over initial pleasantries), “Have you signed the petition?”

    Perhaps as the population take unprecedented action the ‘worm is turning’. Will make life very interesting come election time……….


  22. MarkyMark says:

    The woman says it happened in 2008 when she was working in the same building as the BBC in Los Angeles. The encounter left her stunned, she says.



    ” left her stunned” – happy stunned or sad stunned?


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      ‘Russell Brand: Woman says star exposed himself to her then laughed about it on Radio 2 show’

      They’ve just noticed now?!!

      As someone who was ‘of the right age’ to be the ‘target audience’ of Chris Moyles, Chris Evans, Brand, Ross et al. on Radio 1 and 2 at the time, and listening to them on the daily commute, I recall these sort of ‘school boy shenanigans’ and ‘banter’ all the time on air in the late 90s/early 00s.

      It’s the sort of thing that really put me off the BBC to start with. I’m hardly a ‘feminist’ – at least in the BBC sense of the term, but my impression of all the ‘talent’ at the time was that they were childish, cruel, foul mouthed, ignorant, and stupid – ‘crass’ is the term I’d use, but ‘sexist’ too, yes, definitely.

      I remember thinking there was a kind of weird hypocrisy in the BBC at the time – on the one hand that kind of bollox (on TV and the radio), and on the other constant supercilious nagging about ‘feminism’ and how misogynistic ‘all’ us men were. Am sure that surprises no one here, and we all know who won that particular ‘tug of war’, now it’s just ‘white, hetero man bashing’ 24/7.


      • Guest Who says:

        It’s bizarre, if hilariously tragic.

        Do they really think stuff they ‘have just unearthed’ is not still recalled by anyone not part of the bbc kindergarden intake?

        Next they’ll be saying he bit the head off bats.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Loose Women!


    • MarkyMark says:

      Introducing carrots and sticks is not compatible with the NHS Constitution. The seven key principles include the following:

      1. The NHS provides a comprehensive service, available to all.

      4. The patient will be at the heart of everything the NHS does.

      Health choices should always be free from coercion and the failure to take up whatever is on offer should never result in punitive consequences disguised as being ‘for your safety’.


  23. Flotsam says:

    People I despise the most:

    Keir Smarmer
    Tony Bliar, most of all

    One might query why ai haven’t named people like Packham or the prominent eco zealots. Smarmer and Bliar don’t believe in anything other than being in power or being powerful. At least people like Packham and the eco zealots believe in something.


    • Fedup2 says:

      650 MPs plus 803 peers ….


    • markh says:

      Flotsam- might I respectfully add Sadiq Khan to your list? He believes in nothing apart from himself and the ruination of London.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Sadiq Khan is flying to New York for four days to attend a series of events including an international climate conference.

        The mayor of London is expected to speak at the United Nations climate ambition summit on Wednesday.

        He will also use the visit to meet representatives from US businesses and investors looking at London.





        • Guest Who says:

          The responses to the Scottish FM getting his ‘I love the big sanctuary city’ t-shirt are, well, rarely positive either.

          These chaps do not appear concerned. Why?


      • Flotsam says:

        I’ve given up with London


        • MarkyMark says:

          2019 … Kings of cocaine: how the Albanian mafia seized control of the UK drugs trade
          ‘They’re sophisticated, clever – and they always deliver’: from the ports of Europe to the streets of London, one criminal network is now at the top of the UK’s £5bn trade

          Mark Townsend Home Affairs Editor
          Sun 13 Jan 2019 07.00 GMT


          Such relationship-building has left Liverpool as the only part of England not routinely selling Albanian-sourced cocaine. Not only has the Merseyside port its own direct access to South America, Saggers says that its turf is jealously guarded by the city’s own criminal gangs.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      I feel there is something distinctly Satanic about Blair, maybe it’s the eyes?


  24. MarkyMark says:


    The next free drinks on Monday will be at 3:30 p.m. in the Midland Hotel’s Petersfield Suite for drinks at the Conservative Action for Electoral Reform’s House of Lords discussion.

    On Tuesday it’s the Speccie again, 11 a.m. at Exchange 11, this time with Tom Tugendhat, Victoria Atkins, UK Finance’s Bob Wigley, TSB’s Paul Davis, and Kate Andrews talking fraud. Guido will be holding out until 3 p.m.’s Conservative Friends of Pakistan reception. It’s a free-for-all after that…



  25. MarkyMark says:

    We are bringing our changemaking vision to this year’s party conferences. Whether you’re attending the Conservative, Liberal Democrat or Labour conference, we hope you’ll join us for a lineup of exciting events.



  26. MarkyMark says:

    Rishi gives you a peanut (5 years) as he slows things down – after he’s elected – pedal to the metal!


  27. MarkyMark says:

    Rishi Sunak has suggested that the English Channel crossings problem is too “complex” to allow him to fulfil his promise to stop the small boats by the next general election.

    UKRAINE BORDER = billions and tanks
    UK BORDER = complex


    • MarkyMark says:

      “The mandate will require 22% of cars sold by manufacturers to be electric from next year. By 2030, the quota will gradually rise to 80%.”



  28. MarkyMark says:


    Rishi Sunak has suggested that the English Channel crossings problem is too “complex” to allow him to fulfil his promise to stop the small boats by the next general election.


  29. MarkyMark says:

    ‘Fear is motivating’ says Chris Packham as BBC series re-creates past extinction event
    This article is more than 2 months old
    Earth draws parallels between human impact on climate and volcanic eruptions that ripped through planet’s crust 250 million years ago



    ‘Bonkers’ NHS Charities advert that shows ‘Santa being struck down by coronavirus’ before medics save him is condemned by critics for ‘upsetting children’ and ‘looking for reasons to make this Christmas worse’


  30. atlas_shrugged says:

    There seems to be a mystery ailment striking down Harry Potter stars e.g. Paul Grant and Stephen Fry. I wonder what it could be:



    And in other news that is *completely* disconnected from the above here is someone promoting covid vaccines:



  31. MarkyMark says:



    • Guest Who says:

      Interesting where it is not ‘detected’.

      Bit like a Panorama ‘investigation’.


      • MarkyMark says:

        The monkeypox virus was discovered in Denmark (1958) in monkeys kept for research and the first reported human case of mpox was a nine-month-old boy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC, 1970). Mpox can spread from person to person or occasionally from animals to people.18 Apr 2023


        • Up2snuff says:

          MM, that map is incorrect according to your last post. I was expecting more cases in Africa.


          • MarkyMark says:

            What is already known about this topic?

            Human monkeypox is a viral zoonosis that occurs in West Africa and Central Africa. Most cases are reported from Democratic Republic of the Congo. The disease causes significant morbidity and mortality, and no specific treatment exists.

            What is added by this report?

            Nigeria is currently experiencing the largest documented outbreak of human monkeypox in West Africa. During the past decade, more human monkeypox cases have been reported in countries that have not reported disease in several decades. Since 2016, cases have been confirmed in Central African Republic (19 cases), Democratic Republic of the Congo (>1,000 reported per year), Liberia (two), Nigeria (>80), Republic of the Congo (88), and Sierra Leone (one). The reemergence of monkeypox is a global health security concern.




  32. tomo says:

    Biden’s replacement?


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      Looks like an improvement over Biden… let’s be honest, a pot plant would be better the Biden.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I’ve suggested this defective wouid make an ideal Obama surrogate … they deserve him ….

        If you are looking for a serious examination of the reality between the US and UK – there is a documentary – archive on 4 which was presumably made before the lefty kids took over – it covers the development of the atom bomb – and the way the UK provided the knowledge and was then shafted by the US ….


        • Docmarooned says:

          This is true Fedup. In the early days of the Manhattan project a number of top UK physicists went to Alamogordo to develop the bomb with the yanks and others. After the bomb was completed and used they refused to give the information to the UK.


        • tomo says:

          – and were all shafted in turn by Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili?


  33. Guest Who says:


    Oily ex-Beeboid Beeboiding still.

    There’s an excellent clip of Godfrey Bloom literally and figuratively slapping him and some other swamp blob detritus down.


  34. MarkyMark says:



  35. Flotsam says:

    With Smarmer you have to listen very carefully to the words he uses

    “There’s no case for going back to the EU – no case for going into the single market or customs union and no freedom of movement”

    Case? It means he can find a “case for” in the future. Weasel words, never trust a Lawyer.


  36. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    On Farage last night they had a Polish MP on who was telling us about how Poland is not taking any of these ‘migrants’ and saying their crime rate is very low with none of the enrichment we get such as the stabbings etc.
    I wish we could have people like him instead of our rubbish MPs

    Before that, on Dewbs, we were treated to a most unpleasant man called Michael Crick who is on just about every GB News show, almost as much as Nigel Nelson.
    He thought he was being clever with his snide remarks and talking over everybody.
    Michelle put him back in his box but the spoilt leftie still kept on being obnoxious.

    I sometimes wonder if GB News deliberately seek out the worst leftie gobshites they can find to show how pathetic the left really are (Paul Embury excepted, he is an intelligent and very reasonable leftie)

    I may have mentioned it before but I can highly recommend Boom radio for us boomers (and Boom light for those even older)
    Just re-scan your radio (wireless) choose Boom and then store it.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Dover MP Natalie Elphicke told the Commons that the BBC’s “shocking report” contained the “breath-taking” disclosure of free French public bus services being used to ferry migrants from camps to Dunkirk beaches.



      Today the BBC journalists Michael Keohan and Colin Campbell released a shocking report on the channel crossings. It showed people smugglers selling their wares brazenly in the migrant camps and many children living in unsafe and dangerous conditions, as well as—this is breathtaking—a free French public bus service that migrants can use to travel directly from the camps to the Dunkirk departure beaches. Will my right hon. Friend allow a statement on the issue of tackling the small boat crossings and the Government’s response in their work with France?




    • MarkyMark says:

      Michael Lawrence Crick (born 21 May 1958) is a left wing English broadcaster, journalist and author. He was a founding member of the Channel 4 News Team in 1982 and remained there until joining the BBC in 1990.[1] He started work on the BBC’s Newsnight programme in 1992, serving as political editor from 2007 until his departure from the BBC in 2011. Crick then returned to Channel 4 News as political correspondent. In 2014 he was chosen as Specialist Journalist of the Year at the Royal Television Society television journalism awards.



  37. MarkyMark says:

    Depressing news for fans of economic growth as Hunt claimed it’s “virtually impossible” to make any tax cuts until the economy improves on LBC’s Tonight with Andrew Marr.

    Rishi Sunak has suggested that the English Channel crossings problem is too “complex” to allow him to fulfil his promise to stop the small boats by the next general election.


    Jeremy Hunt: everyone will be paying more tax after autumn statement 2022

    Everyone. Everyone. Everyone.

    Theresa May, Former UK PM earned £1.86 million in her 2 years since leaving Downing Street, figures show

    Barry Gardiner defends donations worth £500,000 from Chinese agent

    Matt Hancock, who lost the Tory whip after it was announced he would be appearing on the ITV programme, is still being paid as an independent MP and is rumoured to have been paid £400,000 to appear on the I’m a celebrity.

    Boris Johnson earns £315,000 for 30 minute speech and ‘fireside chat’ in United States

    Chuka Umunna Advisory Board of The Progressive Centre UK think tank (also known as Global Progress)

    Jeremy Corbyn Labour party leader accepted up to £20,000 (about $27,000) for appearances on the Iranian state broadcast network Press TV

    Keir Starmer £18,450 from Harper Collins as an advance payment for a book.

    Boris Johnson Accommodation for a private holiday for my partner and me, value £15,000 Destination of visit: St Vincent and the Grenadines

    Jeremy Hunt £10,000 from Citigroup Centre for speaking at an event on 9 March 2021. Hours: 4 hrs. Fee paid direct to charity. (Charity not mentioned)

    Nadhim Zahawi MP promises to repay the part of £5,822.27 expenses claim for second home energy bills that relates to electricity for stables

    MPs to get £2,200 pay rise from April for ‘dramatically increased’ duties last year

    Philip Hammond accepts £2,000 watch from Saudi sheikh, despite ban on donating expensive gifts


  38. MarkyMark says:

    “But we have learnt somethings in the last 10 years. We have learnt that most of the press in free western countries are cowards. We’ve learnt that most of our artistic establishment are cowards. Most of our politicians are cowards. We’ve learnt that industries that spend much of their year in award ceremonies patting themselves on the back for their bravery, stop when bravery is required.” – Douglas Murray @5:00

    Douglas Murray speaks at “The Danish Muhammad cartoon crisis in retrospect” conference


  39. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – with the BeeLady co-presenting, it is Environment Time!

    In the first hour of TOADY this morning, there was concern about the pollution of rivers. Apparently there is going to be a ‘River Watch’ where people may be able to count the turds floating by check the pollution, speed of water flow and flower and insect life along the river. Strangely there is nothing about this ‘River Watch’ on the BBC web-site. You have to download ‘the app’ and let the BBC extend its tentacles into your previously smart smartphone.

    There was also concern over the pollution on land and mining was mentioned. Most peculiarly no-one on TOADY seemed at all bothered by the necessity to mine cobalt and lithium and copper and gold for electric cars. Where was all the fuss from the LeftMob about this? Where was the praise for Rishi Sunak’s initiative in extending the jobs of carmakers in the industry beyond 2030 to 2035? Nope. Non-existent.


  40. Flotsam says:

    Slippery Smarmer. The gift that keeps giving
    His latest whizzy idea is to pass a Law which gives the OBR a veto(?) Or full oversight over Government spending. Forgive me but I thought it was the elected Government’s job to decide on Government spending.
    So who are the OBR? It appears to be staffed by Civil Servants and various worthies. Presumably staff of the correct persuasion could be put in there if needed. Smarmer might want some Union people or representatives from the EU etc etc.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “What power have you got? Where did you get it from? In whose interests do you exercise it? To whom are you accountable? And how can we get rid of you”
      ― Tony Benn



    • Up2snuff says:

      Flotsam, you beat me to it. Although if Labour do get in, the Militant of the Parliamentary Party’s wing will have a tendency to conjure money – Foghorn’s wishes notwithstanding – out of the Magic Money Tree. I can forsee the Sucker in charge of the Labour Party regretting suggesting that policy, because it sets the Lefty wing of Labour against the OBR.

      There might be some ways around it.

      Blair’s sinstitute having a quiet word ‘Terence Donovan style’ with the OBR, might be one
      – or –
      Stacking the OBR with Lefty placemen and women and …. .


  41. MarkyMark says:

    SOMEONE HAS COMPLAINED …. New images of Sara Sharif have been released by Surrey Police as part of an ongoing investigation.


    original image …


    new image …

    2002 … Saudi Arabia’s religious police stopped schoolgirls from leaving a blazing building because they were not wearing correct Islamic dress, according to Saudi newspapers.
    In a rare criticism of the kingdom’s powerful “mutaween” police, the Saudi media has accused them of hindering attempts to save 15 girls who died in the fire on Monday.

    About 800 pupils were inside the school in the holy city of Mecca when the tragedy occurred.



  42. StewGreen says:

    LIncs police news reports are notable cos for big crimes the names of the victims are often east European and the name of the police office is Polish “Richard Myszczyszyn”

    News is he’s facing claims of professional misconduct, barging into a supermarket and getting the CCTV over a personal issue
    and sumilarly misusing the police computer
    Innocent until proven guilty etc.


  43. BRISSLES says:

    Stew, just shows that despite all the cries that we need migrants to fill job vacancies, we get the dregs of the world. Even the NHS is not immune to recruiting rubbish medics from other lands. I did a whistle-blower job on a locum old age psychiatrist from Jamaica- most of us were convinced he was “high” most of the time. An in depth check of his credentials followed and he was let go.


  44. StewGreen says:

    News media calling a Port Talbot mural which is a memorial to a Welsh born nurse who died of Covid
    a “Windrush memorial”
    on account of her mother being from Jamaica

    “mural depicts Donna Campbell, a much-loved nurse and daughter of the Windrush generation who died during the pandemic, and her mother Lydia

    Now last year some crazy 17 year old lad went around vandalising it and the floor at The Queer Emporium in Cardiff
    Fair enough book him
    He plead guilty and he was sentenced on Thursday
    but ITV news use the headline
    “Port Talbot: Teenager’s anonymity removed after graffitiing Windrush memorial with Nazi symbol”

    It’s kind of FakeNews, cos the anonymity gets removed on your 18th birthday anway
    and that is Sunday
    What happened is the reporters asked the judge yesterday if they could name him 3 days early .. judge said yes
    It’s hardly the big news


  45. MarkyMark says:

    ONLINE HARMS BILL – coming soon – biasedbbc.tv to be shut down due to its hurty word content.


  46. StewGreen says:

    ITV local newsPR last night
    “ooh ooh isn’t it totally amazing that a Finnish company is to open a paper tissue factory in Goole”

    No mention that the region used to have 2 paper tissue factories just 20 miles east in Barton Upon Humber
    However they were closed down in 2012 and is now the Wren Kitchens factory

    2012 Kimberly-Clark closed down production facilities in Europe inc the Barton plants and, the Delyn plant in Flint, Wales.


    • StewGreen says:

      The prog had a tiny mention of CSE abuser complainants urged to come forward
      by The Child Sexual Abuse Review Panel,
      “if they feel the police wrongly failed to take action in cases predating June 2013”


    • Thoughtful says:

      At Brough there was a British Aerospace factory which was once Hawker Siddley, the council were so brain dead they allowed another company to build an enormous chimney right at the end of the runway, rendering it next to useless, and then when BAe closed it down they claimed to be very sad, but unable to understand the part they played in the closure and the loss of reasonably well paid jobs.