200 Responses to Weekend 23rd September 2023

  1. Up2snuff says:

    Come on you lot or I’m going to have to post something.

    Are you all watching something really good on TV? Or listening to Question Time on Radio4?

    I think giving up the TV Licence is a good thing because of:
    – BBC bias on Global Warming and Climate Change
    – the awful behaviour of some BBC presenters including Lineker and Brand
    – the political bias of the BBC, well-known for its Liberal and progressive (ie. non-Conservative) attitudes
    – the poor state of the BBC web-site
    – the current inability of the BBC executives to manage the Corporation
    – the BBC’s waste of TV Licence Fee (ie. taxpayers’) money.

    Have a really good weekend everyone and cancel those DDs!


    • BRISSLES says:

      We’re all busy doing other things around 9ish every night.


      • Deborah says:

        Bangers and Cash in this house at 9pm tonight.


        • digg says:

          One of my favourites too Deborah as I have driven or owned many of the cars being sold but I do wonder when it will have to be preceded by a warning along the lines of “The following program depicts scenes of mainly older white men buying cars being auctioned by mainly older white men on behalf of mainly older white men in a room filled with mainly older white men” ?

          For balance however It does have a delightfully sassy and funny blonde sales lady who doesn’t mince her words!

          A scene in todays morning edition had a lovely funny clip of a Yorkshire lady carrying a Yorkshire terrier which was wearing typical checked Yorkshire peaked flat cap strapped on!

          Love it, go Yorkshire!


  2. Fedup2 says:

    They are watching the Mariana spring show on BBC1 …..

    —- almost a week and mr brand has neither been arrested or charged … when will it happen ? Will it happen ? Apparently when he had a bbc radio show he hit paid £4000 a gig – nice work but I suppose it went on white powder ..


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, item last on my list above but maybe should have been item first for reasons for cancelling the iniquitous BBC TellyTax.


  3. tomo says:


  4. G.W.F. says:


  5. Flotsam says:

    That’s TV on Freeview are re-running Rab C Nesbitt, complete with repeated content warnings, “contains language and attitudes considered acceptable at the time which viewers may find offensive”. Please let me be offended, wonderful, what a brilliant comedy, pre PC.

    Might have been a BBC Scotland production.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Flotsam – it must be some mad sociology – but ‘acceptability ‘ seems to have a shorter and shorter fuse . For instance the Russell brand stuff – acceptable in 2008 but not in 2023? How does that play out . ?

      Will it be down to less than a year ?


    • Doublethinker says:

      I lived in the west of Scotland in the seventies and eighties , Rab C wasnt a comedy programme , it was a fly on the wall documentary!


    • Jeff says:

      They’ve even started doing that with Dad’s Army, believe it or not…

      I’m astonished. What on Earth can anyone be offended by with this sublime piece of nostalgic comedy?

      “You stupid boy”? “Fuzzy Wuzzies”? “My sister Dorothy’s upside down cake”?

      Or is it Corporal Jones’s famous observation, “They don’t like it up ’em…THEY DO NOT LIKE IT UP ‘EM!”

      I suspect it’s the latter.

      I reckon a lot of these modern TV types do like it up ’em…


      • Up2snuff says:

        Jeff, one comedy I wish the BBC would repeat, not for me as non-TV viewer – I just don’t have the time now – but for the younger generation, is ‘All Gas and Gaiters’.


        • Scroblene says:

          Aaah yes, William Mervyn, Robertson Hare, John Barron and Derek Nimmo!

          Available on Ebay for four or five quid!

          Funnily enough, only yesterday, Senora O’Blene mentioned that very programme, and I could easily remember Robertson Hare partaking of the sherry – until The Dean arrived…

          Seem to remember that that series started Derek Nimmo off pretty well!

          The very first pilot was called ‘The Bishop rides again’!

          TV nerd? Me?


          • harry142857 says:

            The 11 surviving episodes are all on YouTube plus some radio broadcasts.
            The BBC in its wisdom wiped the tapes of the other 2/3rds to save money, a crime against media.


            • Fedup2 says:

              When I was a kid I was taken the radio theatre to watch an episode being made – I deserve a badge – I think I was too young to appreciate it – but nimmo and hare were naturally funny – but Burke and hare were natural born killers …


          • Deborah says:

            In this household a glass of sherry can never be mentioned without recalling All Gas and Gaiters, and the words, ‘Ah, Dean.’ But I am too young to remember the story lines.


  6. Flotsam says:

    “Laugh??? I Nearly Paid My Licence Fee”

    A BBC Scotland comedy program, Does anyone remember it?



  7. Lucy Pevensey says:

    BBC is STILL using the “far right” smear tactic. They live in their own world.

    BBC doesn’t have any entitlement to be paid by the public to broadcast. They don’t represent us and should be shut down entirely. They’ve had years to reform but have only become worse.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Always that non definition of ‘far right ‘ – maxi – maybe you can tell us what ‘far right ‘ is .. is it love of an identifiable first world country which can pay its ‘ way – or maybe something else … ?


    • taffman says:

      Is using the words “Stop the Boats” racist?
      What do you call a mass of people entering you country against the wishes of the government and indigenous people of that country other than an “invaders? Who is that guy talking with a ‘plumb in his mouth’? Who is still funding the BBC following that broadcast ? Scrap the Telly Tax!


    • taffman says:

      BBC Propaganda using edited snips .

      “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” Speak to the real taffmen of Wales.


  8. digg says:

    I now read the PM is playing with possible new laws to prevent the selling of cigarettes to anyone born after 2009….

    I don’t smoke but how much more bizarre and authoritarian can these elected society fixers get?

    As per monty python, walking in a strange way, smiling in a strange way, wearing an offensive tie…? It seems public purges go on and on…

    My suggestion is that NOTHING can be banned or changed that affects large groups of or the general public as a whole without a National Poll with binding results.

    That includes arbitrarily setting speed limits, banning the sale of petrol cars, fining people for owning the wrong car in the wrong place etc.

    We are allowing elected politicians to become policemen and judges which is not at all what they are supposed to be. They simply cannot be allowed to set public standards and laws by their own personal preferences.

    We must push this hard in the forthcoming elections or we will become cannon fodder zombies for these autocrats.

    I thought Rishi was a free thinker but it seems even he has swallowed the global iron hand on society shit!


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      re- elected politicians. Sunak is not even elected.


      • Scroblene says:

        Next year, when Starmer, Abbott and Growler are in No 10, they’ll be giving the vote to sixteen year olds, and the following year, when the kids are seventeen, they’ll be on the local councils – especially the socialist ones, so that’ll be the end of reality in business experience, common sense and a British way of life!

        I’m not sure how these kids will juggle their school curriculum, while making up odd little laws, but you can bet that they’ll be helped by their teachers, and of course, the very local authorities who let them get on the councils, so they’ll have a job for life in ‘administration’, after having absolutely zilch knowledge of the business world in the private sector!

        There’ll be numerous visits to the EU states on the school buses, lots of sweeties to bring home, (no booze as they’ll be under age), and with Starmer’s Abbott’s and Growler’s help, will become the new apparatchiks on the block near you!

        In the words of Harry Enfield’s pub bore, “Is that what you want, ‘cos that’s what’ll happen”!


        • Fedup2 says:

          Scroblene – as someone who isn’t to enthusiastic about the current ‘democracy ‘ I think some hare brained idea about dropping the age to 16 might be useful . The 15 and 14 year olds will then being saying how unfair it is they can’t vote . ….

          If I look at things now there is little evidence that sane grown ups are ‘in charge ‘ so why not give it to the kids ? Free vapes for all …. No more skool ….


          • Scroblene says:

            Fed, that’s too true, sadly!

            An old chum used to say that all government should be put out to tender, and forget the politicians entirely!

            There again, would a 16 year old understand what to do then?


            • Fedup2 says:

              I can’t see the 16 thing going through because of the law of unintended consequences. …. I reckon the demographics of the third world teens might land up dominating politics in a way the swamp wouid not like ….


          • tomo says:

            Drakeford’s advisors are looking at ways to get eggs and sperm the vote in Wales.


          • G says:

            And including more imported children to boot ! The only ones breeding.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I’ve not had much contact with ‘msm’ recently but I thought I’d catch the R4 7am news . It led with ‘Boris Johnson critises plans to scale back HS2’. I wondered why the BBC is now interested in the views of an ex MP -who lost the slight moral authority he had and achieved nothing whilst PM.

      And who gives a damn about HS2 ? A grand scheme from another time long ago . Everyone knows if taxpayers ‘ money is used on the railways it should be for upgrading existing stuff not some ego trip …


      • Scroblene says:

        It’s Boris’s Dome, or Concorde, or all the smaller council ego/fantasy trips eventually bailed out by the taxpayer!

        I certainly have no truck with HS2, if I’d have wanted to get up North in a hurry, I’d get out of bed and leave the house a bit earlier, but that’s beyond yer actual politician’s intelligence!


      • Flotsam says:

        MP’s voted for HS2 because a lot of them use the railways to travel to and from London.
        Their travel needs are very different to most travel undertaken by the plebs. They are travelling to and from London, strangely enough .ost of us don’t. More importantly they can claim expenses on the very expensive tickets. They can travel first class. Expenses will pay for the Taxis at each end. They generally don’t need to carry tools, goods and equipment. For many of us travel on the train is unaffordable and impractical.

        HS2 has to be one of the stupidest projects ever.


        • Up2snuff says:

          Flotsam, I have a suspicion that CSs in Whitehall felt they could no longer afford the asking price for detached properties in the green belt around London and cast an eye further afield to some lovely houses in the Warwickshire countryside; they then used the false excuse “We need more capacity on the rail lines, the industry has told us.”

          It is true that we need more capacity on the rail lines emanating from London but to carry freight and at night. HS2 will do neither 1. because of its speed, and, 2. It cannot carry freight because there are no ‘passing places’.


  9. Guest Who says:

    The bbc and ‘trust’ have always inspired total confidence.


    “Interesting to hear Russell Brand talk about the ‘Trusted News Initiative’ this morning, a cartel of left wing established legacy media providers (BBC CNN etc) who collaborate on the narrative you are exposed to in conjunction with various government and commercial organisations.”


  10. Guest Who says:

    Other than Brillo (not perfect), has any ex Beeboid turned out not to be a raving ideologue?


    “Novel twist, now trains are the enemy”

    Roger Harrabin
    People concerned about the #climate will be delighted if #HS2 is cut, because it will take until next century for the line’s operational carbon savings to outweigh the embodied CO2 in the steel and concrete used to make it. @KatieAustinNews @BBCJustinR @ProfMarkMaslin @IOM_UK


    • Up2snuff says:

      GW, you need to inform Mr Harrabin that Hitachi (I think they are making the locomotive units) have warned that there are no environmental savings of CO2 to be made, rather very High Speed rail is electricity therefore energy inefficient. The Japanese should know.


  11. Doublethinker says:

    On Spectator TV Douglas Murray was commenting on the problems in Lampadusa with the enormous number of invaders. He pointed out that Meloni had done very little to actually preventing the invasion apart from make a lot of noise. She was disappointing many of those who had elected her.
    He went on to say that Salvini had been much more forceful in preventing migrants from landing and forcing migrant bearing ships to dock in other countries. He also mentioned the case of a Danish politician who had forced through legislation to secure Denmark’s border . Both Salvini and the Dane had performed great service to their countries ,said Douglas.
    But then the globalists came for them and both have been successfully prosecuted in their own countries , the Dane has a suspended prison sentence and neither will get a cushy retirement job. Their opposition to the globalist sponsored invasion will personally cost them and their families a great deal. Meloni has been scared off by this sort of intimidation.
    We have examples in the UK, Tommy Robinson springs to mind , Russel Brand might be going the same way, Nigel Farage and debanking , etc etc . In the US Trump is another example but Douglas doesn’t support Trump.
    Fighting the globalist blob is a high stakes game! Which is all the more reason why clever erudite thinkers like Douglas should be supporting Trump not denigrating him as crude . Trump knows the game and keeps on fighting unlike Meloni who has been neutered by intimidation.


  12. Guest Who says:


    Springster pulling a double from her cubicle?

    “What makes Elon Musk tick? I spent months following the same people as him to find out who fuels his curious worldview”


    • Guest Who says:

      That would be this Graun…


      “Only 22% of Britons trust Sunak on climate, finds Guardian poll”


      • Doublethinker says:

        Well it’s probably true that only 22% of Brits trust him on climate change, I myself don’t trust him. Mind you of the 78% who don’t trust him the majority probably , like me, think that if he does win the GE he back slide to full on Net Zero.
        Sunak is a globalist and one of the key planks of globalism is a One World Government and one their best weapons to achieve this is to convince everyone that there is a global climate crisis and that you can only stop the crisis by concerted global action under the auspices of a unified government. Even if they can’t persuade China et al to play ball they are well on the way getting the West to hand over sovereignty. So Sunak will eventually comply.


  13. Guest Who says:

    Mini YAB harpie is thicker than thought possible.


    “Call me old fashioned but the National Trust’s purpose is to protect nature.

    I’m a member and I’m perfectly fine with its statement on Rishi Sunak’s green policy u-turn.

    If some members aren’t keen they could (and I say this very reluctantly).. leave. “

    Awesome precedent, love. And I say this laughing my socks off.


  14. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – pretty poor show, Mr Jack, you have a lot to learn as a TOADY co-presenter

    Simon Jack partnering the Bee Lady this morning. Subject HS2. Simon opened the batting and he did not challenge his first interviewee at all when the subject made extremely questionable assertions. For example, proponents of the scheme say the HS2 line will provide extra capacity. It will not. The rail industry has made that quite clear. No challenge from Simon Jack.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Very much a kidult airhead – so fits well in the BBC – he dodged the bullet on the Farage bank business …. Meanwhile tales of the sexual activities of a Mr Brand continue ( to thril ) I’ve just wasted my eyes on the story of a ‘lady ‘ who met him on an airplane and later that day had consensual sex with him …
      This – apparently – was a story ….

      … no arrest … yet …. Will there be one ? … or just a series of unproven allegations …. ? … made on the same trash TV station which employed him ….


  15. G says:

    Very interesting.

    As of writing, the Welsh Petition is running at 395,000 and still going strong.

    I thought it would be interesting to look for the number of drivers in Wales with a full licence and compare the number of signatories with that. More meaningful than simply the population. However, seeking that info led to:


    Not said but you will see that from 2012 the information is, “Not Available”. Why? Interesting.
    However, I found this interesting Gov spreadsheet which, so far as I can see, is for total UK which does not explain any factorials in the legend so, looks like for 2021 ‘All Adults’ 34.91 million. If anyone wants, to work out Wales alone take the ratios of population in Wales relative to England and work off that. Personally, I don’t have the time at present.


  16. StewGreen says:

    New Tony Heller video is packed with goodness
    If Packham cared about CO2 he’d be going over to China and breaking the law there.

    Prince Charles took two jets to a gourmet Climate Conference

    others ask why Dinenage hasn’t taken action against Packham for incitement to law breaking.


  17. JohnC says:

    Ukraine war: US to give Kyiv long-range ATACMS missiles – media reports

    This is how far the BBC have betrayed their ‘humanitarian’ Leftists principles:

    ‘Meanwhile, the Washington Post cites several people familiar with the discussions as saying Ukraine will get ATACMS armed with cluster bomblets rather than a single warhead.’

    So they are long-range cluster bombs for firing way beyond the front line. Which means civilians.

    And not a single word about what a terrible thing that is.

    The only good thing about this war is how it has exposed to enormous hypocrisy of the Left who can change their ethics in an instant when it suits them.


  18. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Do the trains in Wales also have a 20mph speed limit?
    The arguments will surely be the same for trains as it is for cars etc.

    Will HS2 be restricted to 20mph in the future?

    All to keep pollution down and save lives (we will be told)

    Will labour bring the age to go into pubs and buy beer down to 16 if they think 16 is an adult and can vote.


  19. StewGreen says:

    The BBC news bulletins about the new Russell Brand video were not accurate
    They lied by by omission
    cos they chose to omit a number of points he made.

    It’s only 3 mins


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think he and Mariana should ‘hook up ‘’ be good for her career – Which Is The Only Thing That Matters ….

      He makes a good point that if you see ‘trusted ‘ used – there will be lies and bias …


    • Eddy Booth says:

      I won’t sap my energy by watching it.
      But see at the top, gives his new rumble video link.
      Leading to
      “Become a supporter and get access to exclusive content and the ability to engage with the Community Center
      Enter an amount to give USD per year: $60.00”

      Kindly pre filled in for his fanboys at 60..


  20. taffman says:

    Anything on the BBC about the growing tide against the 20 MPH dictatorship in taffland ?
    Beware ! England will head the same way.


    • tomo says:

      Municipal bandits across the land are salivating at the prospect of another way of charging people to use town centres – even better if there’s fines….

      Around here municipal car parks are overpriced and near entirely empty while the supermarket car parks are brimming…


  21. taffman says:

    “MPs call for energy bill help to stave off winter crisis”
    Scrap the ludicrous Carbon Tax !


  22. taffman says:

    Merssage to the Tory Government – Ware we getting to full Brexit ?


  23. NISA says:

    I noticed that BBC World Service reports of the indictment of US senator Menendez failed to mention his party allegiance. I knew why of course he is a Democrat, the BBC online report confirms this in a slightly roundabout way “The embattled senator has rejected calls from fellow Democrats back in his home state of New Jersey to resign his seat

    The report also states “Mr Menendez and his spouse, Nadine Arslanian,” Is wife a dirty word now?


  24. Fedup2 says:

    That comrade nick Bryant popped up on ‘correspondent ‘ talking about the Australian referendum on giving their country to the abo s .
    Comrade nick – you might remember – was one of the bbc chorus of trump abusers but thankfully retired with his bbc pension …
    Anyway – comrade nick tried to chart an unbiased course through some woke hare brained idea lefties in aus have of giving abo s more ‘rights ‘ than ordinary ( white ) people .

    Comrade nick was doing well until he started talking about the opposition – which he described as ‘trump like ‘. Comrade nick mate – you blew it – that old deep hatred flared up .

    Listening to comrade nick – it sounds like sanity will prevail and normal people will vote against the abo bill whilst the metro wokes will vote for it …. With echoes of brexit thrown in …..

    .. Australia splitting itself – not so lucky country …. I’ve just remember the blackbird sized spider that dropped on my windscreen when I was there ,,., ugh ….


    • StewGreen says:

      Just accidentally heard #BiasedBBC news covering the Australian “the voice” referendum
      It was extremely biased towards #VoteYes2023
      as it complained bitterly that voteNo was winning


  25. TrickCyclist says:

    I saw this last night, a very short video of 1m 34s, and thought it was worth re-posting here. It’s not clever or funny but the hypocrisy is simply breathtaking.


  26. DamonJ says:

    Dame Marianna is vigorously plugging herself again on Twitter.

    “What a response to this! At Most Popular on BBC iPlayer”, she’s exclaiming of her TikTok programme.

    Her Twitter fan club hasn’t arrived yet, so this is the main type of response so far…

    C M Merzbach @ChadMerzbach, 36m
    “You’ll have to forgive me for checking that for myself.
    “You don’t have a great track record of telling the truth about your achievements.”

    Just checking the BBC’s Most Popular page – one hour after Dame Marianna’s boast – and Chad’s caution looks justified.

    She says she’s ‘At Most Popular’ – which most people would assume means ‘most popular programme with BBC viewers’ – but ‘Most Popular’ is a page that shows the top 40 BBC TV programmes. It’s led by Eastenders. Her programme only comes ninth. So she’s ‘Among Most Popular’, not ‘At Most Popular’.



  27. tomo says:

    I thought that “scanners” had discovered a clinical explanation for malingering public sector employees.

    There will be a percentage of people who develop complications from near any pharmaceutical product, infectious disease or clinical intervention – from anecdotal evidence I’d suggest that the prevalence of “long covid” is skewed hugely towards public employees seeking sickie days.

    I’m not denying that there can be complications but in my direct experience there can be people who magically can’t work – but can lollop off on holiday or indulge some leisure citing non-attendance as being due to long covid. One acquaintance declares he’s got long covid but when asked when he was infected gets all evasive…

    Anyway – Dominic Hughes carefully swerves any mention of what we all know – that severe (terminal, even) outcomes are significantly linked to pre-existing conditions. Lightweight scare porn is still scare porn.



    • Richard Pinder says:

      I have read that ‘Long Covid’ is caused by DNA in the mRNA jab. In some jabs, they found that up to a third of the mRNA, was actually DNA. The book ‘mRNA Vaccine Toxicity’ by Doctors for COVID Ethics, also mentions that the jab caused mRNA-induced autoimmune and immunosuppression diseases which damage major organs like the heart leading to ‘Sudden Death’ etc. The mRNA jab generated 20,000 times more Spike Protein in the body than the Chinese bioweapon called Covid. The nanoparticles remain in the major organs with no sign of being removed by peeing or shiting.


      • tomo says:

        I’ve read claims it’s caused by ᚼᛒluetooth radiation interacting with magnetic intelligent nanoparticles in vaccines. (For clarity I thing that’s just bonkers)

        Autoimmune problems … – that is serious, as are claims that certain types of cancers have been occurring more frequently and growing faster than has been previously observed.

        There’s obvious motivation for the pharma crooks to muddy the waters and misdirect up cul-de-sacs to both preserve their cash mountain and move ahead with flogging more untested, ineffective and possibly damaging concoctions.


        • kingkp says:

          You think magnetic intelligent nanoparticles in vaccines is bonkers? Really? This is from 2016
          “Biggest Little Self-Assembling Protein Nanostructures Created
          DARPA-supported team designs protein cages that build themselves from scratch inside living cells and could serve as delivery vehicles for a range of novel therapies”


          “The breakthrough offers a potential solution to a pressing scientific challenge: how to safely and efficiently deliver to cells new and emerging biomedical treatments such as DNA vaccines and therapeutic interfering particles.”

          DARPA, who were behind the development of the jabs – yes it’s a military operation – have been working on using Bluetooth 2.0 for decades as well. I’m not saying they are going to use version 2.0 but they have been talking about the internet of bodies for a long, long time.


  28. Fedup2 says:

    Not BBC – another dog attack . This one in londonistan – in my neck of the woods the ferals strut around with their animals . The threat is there all the time . I’m not a dog person but I feel for decent folk who have nice dogs which are probably going to be victims of these killer dogs .

    As for dealing with them – make the burden of proof that they are not dangerous – so a lot can be killed off sooner rather than later …


  29. Richard Pinder says:

    To protect Britain’s Moderna profiteering criminal Prime Minister from being exposed as a Mass murderer, the evil Tory Stalinist responsible for the Orwellian ‘Online Safety Bill’. Dame Caroline Dinenage, the Chair of the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee, wrote to the social media platform Rumble on a House of Commons letterhead, expressing her concern that Russell Brand, who has 1.4 million followers for his daily weekday shows, “may be able to profit from his content on the platform” and enquiring “whether Rumble intends to join YouTube in suspending Mr Brand’s ability to earn money on the platform”. Rumble’s CEO stated: “We regard it as deeply inappropriate and dangerous that the U.K. Parliament would attempt to control who is allowed to speak on our platform or to earn a living from doing so. Singling out an individual and demanding his ban is even more disturbing given the absence of any connection between the allegations and his content on Rumble. Although it may be politically and socially easier for Rumble to join a ‘cancel culture’ mob, doing so would be a violation of our company’s values and mission. We emphatically reject the U.K. Parliament’s demands.”

    The letter prompted her fellow Conservative Philip Davies MP, who is a former member of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, to publish an opinion piece backing Rumble’s refusal, and wrote “We simply cannot have a situation where whenever anyone has allegations made about them, they instantly have their livelihood removed from them by a self-appointed lynch mob. We believe in the rule of law in this country for good reason, and everyone – including select committee members (perhaps especially select committee members) – should remember that.”. Davies accused Dineage of breaking protocol “I should also point out that whilst the letter has Caroline’s name at the bottom of it as Chairman, normal protocol requires that all letters from select committees are agreed upon by the whole committee before being sent…” and called for Dineage to apologise: “Caroline Dinenage should apologise on behalf of the committee for the wording of the letter, and acknowledge that expressing concern at Russell Brand’s continued employment was inappropriate.”

    On GB News, Together’s Alan Miller described Dinenage’s grotesque intervention to trash due process or any sense of “innocent until proven guilty” as “Stalinist”: https://dailysceptic.org/2023/09/21/rumble-rejects-mps-dangerous-demand-to-cave-into-russell-brand-cancel-culture-mob/

    So on Monday, we should all watch Russell Brand attack the BBC lead ‘Trusted News Initiative’ on Rumble.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Dinage = scum


        • Richard Pinder says:

          Dame Caroline Dinenage’s husband is Major General John Mark Lancaster, former deputy commander of the British Army’s 77th Brigade, responsible for creating cognitive dissonance and psychological and behavioural manipulation of the British public, and working with social media companies to censor scientists, doctors and the vaccine injured, from criticising big pharma and the government.


          • tomo says:

            Baron Lancaster of Kimbolton is the correct form

            One wonders how he fits it all in?


          • Deborah says:

            Caroline’s father was Fred Dineage who was on the children’s to programme ‘How’. Also had Jack Hargreaves. I don’t think it is relevant to the On Line Bill or what she tried to do to RB but just to place her.


          • G says:


            Still don’t hear any one of the ‘New’ parties stating that they will repeal unwanted legislation when/if in power. Perhaps as the legislative burden gets heavier between now and next election, that will be their ‘trump’ card?


        • Fedup2 says:


          Oops – i might have moved up the detain / kill list .. i must make sure i look both ways crossing the road .,her letter still made her tory scum though . Although a tory would never have done that . Women MPs big mistake ( ex mrs t )


    • Doublethinker says:

      I have got the Rumble app this morning. I listened to some of his podcasts and he certainly has a case that big pharma, big tech, msm and most ‘liberal’ governments are in cahoots and react very badly whenever they are challenged. Taking out a high profile challenger line Brand would send a message that the establishment can take anyone down.
      I’ve no idea what he was like in the past , apart from the awful Sachs thing , after which he should have been been damaged goods, I never came across his tv or radio shows.
      If the accusations against him are fairly investigated and then proven in court and if he broke the laws which existed at the time of the offences , then he should be punished assuming he gets a fair trial. But until then he is innocent and should be either put on remand or allowed to do his business.


  30. JohnC says:

    ‘The state says our kids don’t exist’ – how LGBT life is changing in Italy

    Not nearly as straightforward as the BBC are desperately trying to make it sound.

    Basically what they are doing is already illegal in Italy and most of Europe and the government are making it illegal for them to go to other countries to do it. Not a ‘step change’ like the BBC are trying to suggest.

    So how many words do you think this article warrants ?. 200 ?.

    Nope. 2045 words of empathy laden, LGBT agenda-centric rhetoric like this.

    ‘Claudio and Davide’s surrogate gave them a teddy bear which plays an ultrasound recording of their son’s heartbeat’

    And as usual, you will not be surprised in the slightest to see what the author looks like:
    (A picture which looks totally fake – but that’s not unusual for anything to do with the BBC these days).


    • tomo says:

      Certainly got some auxiliary, off camera lighting there – look at the reflections on her jewellery and eyeballs…

      A make-up artist this side of the camera too?


  31. Eddy Booth says:

    “American bully XL: Owner sought after man attacked in south London park”


    “A man was rushed to hospital on Friday evening after being attacked by a dog, believed to be an American bully XL, in a south London park.

    A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said the victim, aged in his 40s, was bitten on the arm in Pasley Park, Walworth, just after 18:00 BST.

    They said that the owner fled the scene with the grey dog before officers arrived.”

    Description of dog but not owner..


    • JohnC says:

      lol, that usually only means one things at the BBC.

      Have some aliens arrived and zapped these dogs with some rage-rays to start attacking people – or has been going on all the time and they just haven’t bothered to report it ?.

      I never understand what drives our ‘free press’ to report what they do sometimes. They are supposed to be a democratic reality ‘check and balance’ but they are usually the opposite. They present a totally warped view of the world (especially at the BBC).


    • G says:

      But, at least, we know, the dog will have “Mental Health Problems”……


  32. Guest Who says:


    Has to be said, Sopes still adds value.


  33. JohnC says:

    Brexit called ‘a huge mistake’ by protesters at rally in London

    Brexit protest’s epic failure: Desperate activists struggle to muster crowd as they demand UK rejoin EU

    The Guardian arse-cheek article is absolutely typical of the far-Left utter garbage they churn out trying to pretend it represents the British people. Their article ranks in the same league of ‘tosh’ as the reports we get about Ukraine. Totally and shamelessly lopsided without a hint of any regard to tell the truth.

    Absolutely typical Lefties. I detest them and their complete lack of ethics.


  34. Eddy Booth says:


    “Man on the run for 32 years giggles as he is cuffed

    Greg Lawson, 63, was found guilty of second degree attempted murder in 1991, but fled during his trial.

    The FBI shared this video, saying the fugitive had been located in Huatulco, Mexico, on 19 September, following a tip off, and was now in jail in Louisiana.”

    Latest in BBC’s current obsession with man hunts.
    Any runner wil do.
    I guess these stories are to reinforce in people’s heads how futile any escape attempt is ?
    You Gonna Get Your Mind Right Boy.


  35. Deborah says:

    Today, at long last, I have tested negative for covid (and first time I have had it).

    I have had time for reflection and given me time to have growing concern for the way the people in the UK are being manipulated. Whether you chose to have the vaccine, should be the choice of the individual. I have no problem the State providing people with the facts concerning vaccines, their efficacy, the risks, how long they provide protection for etc. If they are any good, then the facts should speak for themselves.

    I have watched and read about the new variant, Pirola. I have read (it was probably on the BBC as well but I avoid news there) about the number of number of mutations, especially on the spike protein. The BMJ states, ‘A new SARS-CoV-2 subvariant with a high number of mutations that could help it neutralise the immune system has emerged’. BMJ 2023; 382 doi: https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.p1964 (Published 24 August 2023)

    In spite of the dire warnings in the BMJ, neither hospitalisations nor deaths have gone up according to the weekly covid figures on the gov.uk website. And only a day or two ago there was a very small article on the Daily Mail website which suggested that Pirola wasn’t as worrying as those in the know had been concerned about. The article soon dropped out of the main website news. ‘Phew’, I thought now that the autumn booster season has arrived they can stop their manipulation of the news.

    I also thought I would check the Yellow card website to find out the numbers of reactions stood at. It’s ok. The government has either taken down the data on serious adverse reactions or hidden it so well, I couldn’t find it.

    Then this morning I received a message from a friend. She and her husband have decided they need the jab after all because they had seen on Sky News that covid can cause long term brain damage and lung damage. I will have to give you notice on that one as I only tested negative today. However, I searched for what these latest warning are about. It is research carried out At Oxford University on hospitalised patients most of whom had co-morbidities. I didn’t read the whole paper. I wasn’t hospitalised. My concern is how easily people are still easily manipulated re covid. I have friends mainly linked with the medical world, still calling out for masks to be worn again. They are the sort of people who already knew about Cochrane reviews pre covid but cannot bring themselves to believe these ‘gold-standard’ findings.

    It terrifies me how much people can still be manipulated by the press and how the MSM appear to still being used to alter behaviour with effect to covid.

    This brings me on to the on-line safety bill and Ofcom. Is this the open-door to manipulate people further? If anyone dares to suggest that claims that temperatures are not rising, or that the number of hurricanes and floods are not increasing – will OFCOM decide that these claims cause harm and need to be taken down? The excellent Notalotofpeopleknownthat or Wattsupwiththat sites could be taken down.

    Meanwhile it wouldn’t have made any difference to this recent covid attack of mine. The NHS website states that protection lasts between 3 months and 6 months. The last booster availability was more than 6 months ago. I wouldn’t have been protected whatever. No ‘what ifs’ for me.

    So each to their own on vaccinations. But it would be nice if there could be total honesty from government and the press.


    • Loobyloo says:

      Hi Deborah, out of interest, if you hadn’t tested would you have known it was Covid?
      For a long time I’ve been saying to all I know – don’t test. My mum had an op in hospital last year and sadly didn’t recover (another story, illustrating our envy of the world health service) and I had a terrible cough so I did test then (negative) and wore a medical type mask. From what I’ve read the tests aren’t reliable and the result affects your psychology.
      Hope you are feeling better.


      • Deborah says:

        Yes, I would have known. I had very achy tops of arms and an achy wrist, enough to keep me awake at night unless I took ibuprofen. Runny nose only lasted 1 day but even 12 days later sapped of energy. I have had other bugs over the years, probably some as bad as this. I kindly gave it to Mr D. He didn’t have the runny nose but has headache and sore throat. Again he is sapped of energy. So yes, without tests I would have known it wasn’t a cold (maybe flu) but was it worth closing down the world? For us, no.


      • Deborah says:

        Sorry Loobyloo, I should have sent you condolences for your Mum. As in my earlier post, the Cochrane Review (highly rated as reviewers of other people’s research] decided masks do very little to reduce transmission even the N95 I think they are called ie the ones the Germans insisted on. I have heard that some people do have covid but they continue to test negative. Last year my son had covid and couldn’t manage a sentence without coughing (but test showed it was the bug).


    • Richard Pinder says:

      You need “Informed Consent” so buy the book “mRNA Vaccine Toxicity” by Doctors for COVID Ethics.



  36. Thoughtful says:

    Heard of Senator Bob Menendez? Probably not , but he is the latest in a string of US senators suspected of corruption and now he’s been charged – for a second time.


    He is one of the stauchest opponents of an investigation into the corruption of Joe Biden (and hypocritically the most gung ho for the prosecution of Donald Trump).

    The US is rotten to the core, the Democrats 90% and Republicans 50% to the extent that in Alan Dershowitcz’s estimation it’s pretty much a banana republic now, not that you will hear this on the MSM all hoping to profit from this corruption

    Trump has no chance of sorting this and nor has Kennedy Jr, it’s a lost cause we can only watch at the entire rotten corpse collapse under the weight of its own corruption.


    • Dickie says:

      Well, Biden is certainly a walking corpse.


      • JohnC says:

        … and the longer the BBC go refusing to report anything about his very obvious incomptetence to hold such an office, the more ammunition they give us to prove what a completely leftist partisan outfit they have become.

        They absolutely despise Trump (and Farage and Rees Mogg).

        This is the most obvious and clear failure of their duty to report the truth according to their ‘impartial and unbiased’ mandate. All because they want to keep Trump out. And where are OFCOM to rectify this gross bias ?.

        They should be jailed for what they are doing to the world. The river of blood in Ukraine is on Bidens hands and the BBC are complicit.


    • G says:


      …….and we inexorably follow.


  37. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    We must be approaching peak ban soon.
    They will be running out of things to ban be it dogs, smoking, car controls, free speech, fracking and all sorts of other stuff.
    Fatty foods, alcohol and salt must be some of the few things left they will be banning.

    Full control is everywhere from schools to the ‘civil service’ and all of this diversity, woke and inclusion crap is making criminals of more and more of us trying to live our lives.

    How much longer can they impose all their whims and daft ideas on us.
    All this net zero, windmills, ulez, 20mph zones and other controls are being pushed onto us by the politicians yet most of us disagree.
    On the other hand, they will not do things we want such as control mass immigration or child grooming gangs such as in Rotherham.

    Will we ever say ‘enough’ or will they keep on ratcheting down our freedoms after seeing how easy it was during Covid.


    • G says:


      I see a slight glimmer of hope. The Welsh petition. Now at 412,000 as I write. Last 24 hrs? Almost 16,000 and still going strong. A beacon for the rest of the UK? Because this is the second major battle after the continuing ULEZ and using ‘their own’ democratic machinery (the Petition). If that fails to garner attention and a withdrawal, then what? It will be the beginning of anarchy. The people have numbers and for so many to see patently, democracy doesn’t work, what next? As in London with the damaged/stolen cameras etc.

      For sure, if Drake’s and Ducks….ford denies the Welsh population he and his Communist cronies are out. For sure.


  38. taffman says:

    “Wales 20mph limit: Cardiff protest march as petition tops 400k
    Wake up England ! Its coming your way.
    Without doubt , it will hit the economy .

    “Wales’ 20mph limit absolutely insane, says Penny Mordaunt”


  39. Guest Who says:

    Springster is going to have a field day with this.


    “So not even a brief mention on @BBCNews tonight of the massive #RejoinMarch in London with many 1000s demonstrating to reverse Brexit.
    The people the Tories placed in BBC management have done their job.”

    Or, maybe not.


    “A simple search reveals this picture to be 3 years old.

    If your ex MEP can lie to you on social media it says a lot about the type of people the EU trough attracted.”

    Maybe Femi can clarify on Vile or JO’bsworth?


  40. Guest Who says:

    Teeth being pulled.


    The BBC has admitted 4 July Nigel Farage headline was wrong.

    Jack, S hit the wrong note?


  41. AsISeeIt says:

    Multiple axes to grind edition

    You’ll often hear people these days dismiss an argument with that now familiar cleverly academic-sounding phrase “that’s just semantics” and they’ll speak of “mere semantics

    Given that semantics in fact refers to a branch of logic and linguistics that deals with meaning, that’s either a naive mistaken understanding of the word or more significantly perhaps an intentionally casual brush-off.

    Prompted by the sudden outburst of news of the personality that is Russell Brand, one recalls that other often anachronistic in his speech walking thesaurus, the latterly lefty BBC favourite but sometime amusing and innovative author Will Self – who, whilst in linguistically pedantic mood, once complained of broadcast traffic alerts that habitually speak of “sheer weight of traffic“. Self, phonetically alert and acutely sensitive to media semantics, said no, no… they ought properly to be referring to “mere weight of traffic” as the apparent cause of delays. And if you think about it, he had a point. It’s just that broadcast traffic reporters had got themselves – and their audience – hooked on the formulation sheer weight of traffic and no one was in the mood to be motivated to think about the linguistic nuances.

    We might nowadays – mindful of pervasive and sadly familiar so-called Net Zero anti-motor car rigmarole – come to imagine the phrasing sheer weight of traffic as a generalised and indeed sloganised complaint as to the number of cars on our roads. Whereas mere weight of traffic sounds more akin to an unfortunate albeit localised bottleneck at a particular point. The difference between sheer and mere… “That’s just semantics” I hear you complain. Yes, to a point – but is it?

    Our major national newspaper top headlines contain three axes, a slash and a shock this Sunday.

    Axe looms over HS2 in £8bn cost shock (Sunday Telegraph)

    Sunak pushes to axe HS2 link ahead of Tory conference (Observer)

    Sunak revives plan to slash inheritance tax (Sunday Times)

    Rishi will not axe triple lock on pensions (Mail on Sunday)

    The Observer’s odd formulation “pushes to axe” one finds the most egregious of this collection of dubious semantic constructs.

    I’m not interested in the substance of these tentative news stories – frankly, what’s the point, given our Uniparty politics? We’ll just wait for the powers that be to dictate to us on these issues what best suits them. I’m interested in the messaging and the subtle meanings behind the messaging.

    Our BBC, while tending to eschew the blunt weilding – or indeed as the Observer would have it – pushing of the axe, still yet delivers some peculiar phrasing so as to provoke our attentions to their way of thinking… encompasing grappling, sparking and indeed that old tabloid favourite shock

    How Zelensky is grappling with Western war fatigue (BBC)

    Here I’m reminded that ITV’s Saturday World of Sport would welcome its audience to their regular wrestling fixture with the words grapple fans – but I digress

    Russell Brand accuser sparks debate about staggered age of consent (BBC)

    Our BBC puts itself in a liguistic bind here. The attention grabbing nature of the word staggered tends to suck the air from the intended eye-catcher sparks (my unpleasant mixing of metaphors there duly noted).

    AI-generated naked child images shock Spanish town of Almendralejo (BBC)

    Remember folks, they’re shocked, so you’re shocked

    Mere semantics – or sheer semantics?


    • TrickCyclist says:

      It was Kent Walton who used to say “Welcome back, grapple fans!” on Saturday afternoons. And it was ‘hideously white’ Greg Dyke who had the wrestling slot cancelled.
      I still remember the last installment with Pat Roach standing with a microphone in the middle of the ring, telling the audience that wrestling would no longer be seen “in your front parlour.”
      Now there’s some semantics you don’t hear nowadays.


  42. tomo says:


  43. tomo says:


  44. BRISSLES says:

    Just a heads up that I won’t be first on the rostrum tonight at change of shift, am off to a Murder Evening at a neighbours.


  45. StewGreen says:

    PRtickery is a characteristic of REMAINIAC activist accounts
    So yesterday they blurted
    “The BBC refuses to cover our huge Remain march”

    #1 The march was 3,000 people
    #2 but many accounts deceived by tweeting pics of a 2019 one when Big Ben was covered in scaffolding
    #3 Of course BBC did cover the march
    #4 The GBnews footage shows the protesters looking like idiots