Start the Week 25th September 2023

I wonder how the BBC inquiry into a former employee called Russel Brand is going ? Will it be fully published ? Or the usual commercial secrecy / data protection stuff be used to prevent those still paying for the BBC from knowing the truth ?

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  1. JohnC says:

    Back where I belong. Give me a moment to gloat.

    OK, gloating over. Lets see what I can find on the BBC news site:

    Chris Kaba: MoD offers military support after armed Met officers turn in weapons

    Compare this BBC report with the one from GB News:

    ‘Urgent review launched after Met plunged into crisis by firearms officers ‘stepping back’ en masse in protest at murder charge’

    This is a DIRECT result of the BLM activist reporting by the BBC (and by extension all the other Leftists MSM who ride along on the crest of the wave they create).

    Even now – when the result of their activism will endanger lives of innocent people – the BBC use their weasel words to hide the real reason and the real impact of their agenda stories.

    I would like to think OFCOM will launch an investigation but I have a better chance of my dog beating me at chess.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Well done JohnC, you’ve prevented my ‘Five in a Row’. You have got to go for ‘Three in a Row’ now.


      • JohnC says:

        lol, my apologies Up2.

        No chance for a midweeker. Always tucked up in bed by the time Fed gets round to it.


        • Up2snuff says:

          JohnC, I have a feeling that Fed might look kindly on a ‘three in a row’ attempt for you and also Brissles, Lucy and Deborah as well as all the other regulars on the site who make it what it is.


          • Scroblene says:


            A ‘Midweeker’!

            Haven’t enjoyed one of those for many a year, but then ‘tempus’ does ‘fugit’ a bit quicker these days…


    • MarkyMark says:


    • MarkyMark says:

      Published: 21:00, 15 Sep 2022 The car shot towards a Met cop who fired his Glock 9mm pistol through the windscreen at Mr Kaba’s head.

      The unarmed drill rapper and dad-to-be, 24, died in hospital.

      Protests from his family forced the Met to suspend the officer.

      But colleagues claim he has been treated unfairly.


      Statement read out at opening of inquest into the death of Chris Kaba

      “On Monday 5 September 2022, Mr Chris Kaba was driving an Audi motor vehicle in South London. The Audi Mr Kaba was driving was believed to be linked to a firearms incident which took place the previous day and an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) marker had been placed upon it.”


      CPS authorises murder charge against police officer following death of Chris Kaba
      20 September 2023|News


      • G says:

        Whilst I have very negative feelings/views on the police force in general, I must sympathise with their dilemma. That of the Clowns in Parliament shovelling more legislation on them with Criminal Law implications over and over again, daily, weekly, annually. Non stop. Then the Clowns reduce the numbers of police. That’s country management for you. No idea, no practicalities.

        As regards the Armed Response Unit of the Met is concerned, sure the Government will act exceedingly quickly as, no doubt, selfishly, the Government will recognise that those same ARU officers withdrawing may well be of the contingent that protects the PM / Parliament down………………

        It’s all a big sick joke.


        • Fedup2 says:

          I guess the military will be used for the ‘serious ‘ stuff and for the standing out side embassy thing if they run out of armed people .
          But I noted that the ;Louise Casey ‘ execution of the Met police is being used by the BBC to criticise armed officers . Very constructive – and I bet ms Casey will be keeping her head down – and mouth shut – until she becomes a prosecution witness in the current case ….

          … the undermining of law enforcement – very Marxist – very BBC ….


    • MarkyMark says:

      He said firearms officers are concerned that they will face years of legal proceedings, “even if they stick to the tactics and training they have been given”.

      Previous reviews have not delivered change, he added.

      Soon …. 2004 … the media can continue upwards and onwards … regardless….

      BRITAIN: Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan was sacked last night as the newspaper’s board finally accepted that pictures purporting to show British soldiers abusing an Iraqi prisoner were fakes.

      Mr Morgan’s position had become untenable after an extraordinary news conference yesterday afternoon at which the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment (QLR) demonstrated the “overwhelming evidence” showing that the photographs were “staged” in an army truck of a kind not used by the regiment in Iraq.

      “It is time the ego of one editor is measured against the life of a soldier,”


    • MarkyMark says:

      On 5 September 2022, Chris Kaba, a 24-year-old rapper and member of 67 …

      Drug trafficking
      In 2018, 67 was identified as running five county lines to neighbouring counties;[30] 16 affiliates of the group were arrested in July 2019 and sentenced to a total of 61 years.[31][32] In 2019, LD (Scribz) and ASAP were jailed for 4.5 years each for their involvement in county lines drug dealing;[33] LD was released in November 2021.[34]


      Members of 67, formed in Brixton Hill, South London, in 2012, have criminal records for firearms and knife possession offences. Ten of the group were jailed in 2018 and 2019 for a county lines drug- dealing operation.

      The police have called 67 a ‘criminal gang’ and have shut down several sell-out shows for fear of violence.

      Chris Kaba, who was known as Mad Itch according to posts on social media, was among a second wave of members, rapping on tracks and appearing in music videos shot on South London estates from 2016.

      There is nothing to suggest that he was involved in 67’s criminal activities.

      Family members stressed that he was no longer part of 67 and was devoted to his fiancee and looking forward to becoming a father.


  2. MarkyMark says:

    President Zelensky secured another $325m (£265m) military package from the White House, but it wasn’t the $24bn biggie he’d been hoping for.


    • JohnC says:

      I sense we are near a turning point in this war. Trouble is, it could be in either direction.

      The recent strike at the naval base was absolutely with full NATO involvement and I suspect was designed to make it look like Ukraine are having success to overshadow the failed counter offensive. The Russians will know this and may well strike the NATO base where these decisions are taking place.

      Will Biden escalate or is it a last defiant act before he moves to end the massive US funding before the election ?.


      • MarkyMark says:

        2022 … CBS partially retracts documentary that outraged Ukraine by claiming that US weapon shipments were going missing
        Sinéad Baker Aug 8, 2022, 11:10 AM GMT+1


        I guess sending billions will not make a difference ….


        CBS said it was updating a documentary that said most weapons sent to Ukraine don’t reach the front.
        It admitted that a figure it cited claiming only 30% of military aid arrives was out of date.
        The documentary angered some in the Ukrainian government. CBS said it was adding “new information.”


      • MarkyMark says:

        It’s strange that we are not at war with Russia yet providing money, tanks and training – but are not at war – yet offering countries expansion with Nato and EU – but not at war.


        This book is a thorough autopsy of the destruction of Yugoslavia by the US and NATO-countries. It reveals the methodology of the so called International community to serve the interests of the big money and submitting to the will of the US. This autopsy gives clues also to the process in Ukraine and elsewhere, where the interests of the US and Germany come together. This book also shows the meager meaning of democracy when it does not serve the power. It also shows how human suffering does not count. This book gives the reader a full understanding of the state of affairs in the world. This is one of the most important books ever.


      • MarkyMark says:

        “When the war started, me and my friends decided to open a record store”
        8 September


  3. MarkyMark says:

    BBC .. Nadia is BACK!


    “‘These eight spices are the only ones I need’
    Is your spice rack overflowing? Nadiya Hussain is about explain how just eight spices are all you need to revolutionise your dishes.”

    Watch Nadiya’s Simple Spices, weekly on BBC Two and iPlayer.


    The cancellation comes amid claims that the BBC became nervous. ‘The word here is that senior executives got cold feet about promoting Islam,’ an insider tells me. ‘They felt that if we were going to broadcast a programme about a Muslim pilgrimage, we would have to make one about other religious pilgrimages as well. ’21 Aug 2018


    • JohnC says:

      My favourite line reported by the BBC for this war is that the cluster bombs Joe Biden has decided to send to Ukraine will SAVE civilian lives by ending the war sooner.

      Not going according to that plan so far. In fact they have just reported that long-range ATACMS will carry cluster munitions way beyond the front line without a single word about the humanitarian cost it will likely entail.

      THAT is why I despise the Leftists and the BBC. They are total hypocrites. Their ethics change whenever it suits them.


      • MarkyMark says:

        “The US has announced it is complying with a Ukrainian request to supply it with controversial cluster munitions.

        The move has been criticised by human rights groups as the weapon is banned by more than 100 countries.”

        Children are particularly prone to injury as the bomblets can resemble a small toy left in a residential or farmland area and are often picked up out of curiosity.

        Russia’s numerous alleged war crimes are well-documented but this move is likely to draw accusations of US hypocrisy.



    • BRISSLES says:

      The BBC will continue to push Nadya front and centre til the next pretty ethnic comes along. Then she’ll be sidelined to hosting the Great British Sewing Bee.


  4. MarkyMark says:

    Black Russel Brand?

    “Lizzo sued by another ex-employee over bullying and harassment claims Published 2 days ago”

    Fashion designer Asha Daniels accused the star’s wardrobe manager of making “racist and fatphobic” comments and mocking black women in the entourage.

    “I really needed this right now. God’s timing is on time,” she said.

    BBC to remove all HER content?


    • JohnC says:

      Dear Asha.

      F*ck off.

      You have no right whatsover to ‘not be offended’ by anything.

      I had no idea who Asha was before making my comment so I checked and was utterly unsurprised to discover she is black.


      This is what taking the knee actually means.


  5. MarkyMark says:

    HS2 northern leg: ‘Money is not infinite’ – Grant Shapps hints at change to HS2 plans as section looks set to be scrapped

    ‘Money is not infinite’

    The NHS Test and Trace app did not cost £37 billion

    ‘Money is not infinite’

    In April 2020, the Health Secretary announced that over £13bn of NHS debt would be written off and converted to public dividend capital (PDC). This was part of a wide range of financial measures the Government brought in for health and social care during the current pandemic.

    ‘Money is not infinite’

    Dear Darren Henry,

    Parliament’s £13 billion restoration.

    HS2 £150 billion, original budget £36 billion.

    Track and Trace £37 billion – no tracking or tracing where this money went.

    £1.1bn of COVID small business loans identified as fraud

    £4 billion of unusable PPE bought in first year of pandemic will be burnt “to generate power”

    13 + 150 + 37 + 1.1+ 4 = £205 billion

    Nuclear reactor = £6 billion



  6. G.W.F. says:

    Huw is back – due to a technical blunder

    ”This morning the Breakfast programme cut to a clip of Newswatch from September 2017, which focused on Hurricane Maria in he Caribbean and was presented by Edwards.

    Breakfast presenter Ben Thompson apologised for the ‘technical gremlins’ which caused the archived footage to be shown. ”


  7. G.W.F. says:

    BBC accused of lying about the protestors in Llanelli.


  8. tomo says:

    Waiting for Justin to test the service…


  9. tomo says:

    An apolitical civil service?

    yeah…. riiight



    • andyjsnape says:

      Hello Tomo

      The 2 party system has had its day, Conservatives are bad, Labour are often worse

      bbc seems to only promote the above 2 parties

      bbc reporting is often reporting in favour of Labour at the moment, guess this helps the bbc and eu’s cause to slowly get us back into the fold

      Never known anything in my lifetime where the likes of the bbc try to overturn the Brexit vote and go against the majority. Guess this helps with more and more people turning against the bbc


      • Fedup2 says:

        I was listening carefully to somrone called Eddie Davey – just back from a lib dem orgy on the south coast .

        Apparently some things – according to Eddie ‘ are not on the table ‘ these include rejoining / remaining in the EU or the single market .

        Eddie was asked why doesnt he go get a table . ? No answer . Usually the unions have a table because they always want someone to get round it .

        Btw – the libs have dropped their 1p increase on Income tax to fund the NHS because ‘ we dont nt care about the NHS ‘ ( i added the last bit )

        Now dont get me wrong – im all for pronciples – but dropping one as big as that suggests no beliefs at all .

        Can someone please say theyd cut income tax by cutting public spend / big government… ?


        • Scroblene says:

          If they’d cut income tax to fund special socks for sandals, I’d vote for them!

          I’ve never had a clue about what that lot stand for, they don’t ever seem to know themselves either, but wearing socks with sandals is a comforting and welcome change from dreary brown brogues or even worse, golf shoes, especially in the lounge…


  10. andyjsnape says:

    Chris Kaba: MoD offers military support after armed Met officers turn in weapons

    Arrh all going really well, so the police dont want to get prosecuted, and understandably

    So prosecute the armed forces instead

    Or could just realise that certain people think they are above the law


    • Fedup2 says:

      Today watch

      I thought I’d dip in as I wondered about the position of the bbc in relation to plod . So I’m treated to meesh talking to Peter Fahy – a woke left Blair appointed retired chief . Fahy is a ‘go to ‘ for the BBC . They know the song he will sing -meh doesn’t get a challenge – there is no opposition to his shallow crappy view.
      As I nodded off listening to this fool – I checked when he retired . 2015 . So even as a chief constable his experience freezes at 8 years ago .
      Is there no one more recent than him ?

      The police shooting case highlights the reality of police not only putting their physical self on the line – but also their freedom should a trial go pair shaped …..

      I’ve mentioned here that the CPS uses the evidential and public interest test to decide on prosecution – surely the public interest test in such cases – allegation of police murder – should be looked at – otherwise no copper is going to carry a gun – and who could blame them ? I understand there’s no financial incentive either .,,

      It’s a tricky one for the BBC – which helps us


      • Fedup2 says:

        Today watch 2

        Something about a strike in Hollywood – a union rep is interviewed – no opposition – no counter argument – just a 5 minute propaganda piece . Anything learnt about the dispute ? No . Any objectivity ? No .
        Yet the bbc moans about GBNews ….


        • digg says:

          So the mindset of these people is along the lines of “I want a job writing stuff and trying to sell it for a good price”.

          OK so far so good, if you have talent you might end up well paid. But these people want to be paid anyway even if their stuff doesn’t get accepted or is a pile of crap.

          I am a self-employed web dev and I know the response I would get if I asked my clients to pay me anyway even when they had no work for me.

          Maybe I could take up another career, a doctor for instance and then ask the NHS to pay me if I got no patients.


          • Scroblene says:

            “But these people want to be paid anyway even if their stuff doesn’t get accepted or is a pile of crap”.

            Digg, the Beeboids do this all the time, and get paid by the TV tax! The ‘comedy’ output is appallingly bad, and the’quiz’ shows for the intellectual lightweights is even worse! Ask David Lammy!


    • JohnC says:

      The BBC/Left have tried to turn this into our own ‘Floyd’ moment and it’s backfiring. Now I can tell they back-pedalling.

      Would he have been charged with murder if Kaba was white ?.

      Using the army is a very, very bad idea. They are a blunt instrument trained to kill.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Let’s not forget Hapless Harry either – blatantly admitting to disposing of 25 insurgents, evidence is there in black and white, so when will the warrant go out for his arrest for murder ?


  11. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – I think the BBC enjoy this HS2 ‘will they, won’t they’

    If it was the Liberal non-Democrats in Government with Labour of course it would only get the briefest of mentions. I don’t know why the BBC don’t get a rail industry expert on to discuss HS2. Actually, I do know why the BBC don’t do that, they are enjoying making life as uncomfortable as possible for a Conservative Party in Government. D-G, it is time to kick the Business Editor, Simon Jack, out of his TOADY co-presenting job and get him to work at the job for which he earns a massive salary: Business Editor.


  12. Guest Who says:

    Again reaping in the audience.

    Bore off.


  13. Fedup2 says:

    Today 3
    Meesh interviewing a lawyer with previous from making her money from the demezenzes cash ( mistaken for suicide bomber after 7/7 ) – she drifted into breaching the rule of discussing the current murder case – I know on one will complain about her comments but it’s a shame the judge won’t be pulling her up for potential / actual contempt .

    This lawyer seems to think law enforcement can get away without guns . Let’s hope she is never a victim …. Although some might say she might deserve to be ….


  14. Jeff says:

    I have to confess that I haven’t actually seen the latest propagandist programme supporting the climate hysteria, fronted by Chris Packham, but I have had a glimpse of what it was about.

    Chris is contemplating joining those protesters that break the law and annoy the bejesus out of most of us. What a plank…

    He follows these two very privileged middle class youngsters (the girl looked about 14!) and saw them daubing paint on a building that they disapproved of. Packham stood there looking very serious.

    You see, as far as I’m concerned, he doesn’t help his cause by being such a sanctimonious pain in the @rse…as are most of them He’s got one of those faces that just exudes sneering superiority.

    Why is it all these pillocks are so well heeled. They get right up my nose. Of course, they’ve never needed to drive a diesel van or get their pristine hands dirty doing jobs they would consider beneath them. And they’re unlikely to be spending their holidays in Benidorm…

    Chris has another flaw that makes it difficult for me to take him seriously…I know this is mean, but… he can’t pronounce this “R”s. So, the climate catastrophes becomes “the climate catastwophe.”

    “The planet is in a state of cwisis”. he sagely opines. “We’re on the bwink of destwuction.”

    Anyway, along with most of his ilk, I just think he’s a wight ranker…


    • Scroblene says:

      You said that last line without a hint of rancour Jeff!

      Beat me to it!

      Packham is just another Beeboid useful idiot, and is doing us a favour by being a total twat about everything he preaches – or should that be pweaches…?


    • tomo says:

      Packham has stwuggled with mental health apparently.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “We’re on the bwink of destwuction.” = still goes on holiday and drives!


  15. Fedup2 says:

    Today again

    They had that Gordon Brown on – megalomania has truly taken over this idiot . He thinks oil producing countries will give up 3% of their profits for green crap – yeah right . Apparently there is another COP green jolly in 2028 ? When all the big oil producers will be required to give their money to various failing states ( Africa ) to build wind farms .
    Maybe this megalomania seeps in when failures like him Seeth ….
    Meesh hit him with HS2 – another failed project which he approved when PM – what a mediocre failure ….


    • MarkyMark says:

      Its henchmen on the Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, who’ve always believed the government should take more proactive and direct action against inconvenient free speech, joined the fray once again last week. Inviting the mass outrage that was duly and furiously voiced (a charge led by a catalogue of media establishment critics), Dame Caroline Dinenage, chair of the committee, set in motion the deplatforming and demonetising of the government’s new ‘Covid’ scourge Russell Brand, outed as a sex pest and alleged rapist by the Sunday Times and Channel Four.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Marky – you posted something from ‘now’ – well done . I’d like to hear a debate as to whether free speech exists in Britain – and a debate about democracy .
        I’d be on the side claiming neither truly exist – just approved people and subjects – anything or anyone else – sooner of later – gets cancelled …


        • MarkyMark says:

          Wonders exist!


          “Hannah Arendt, one of the greatest philosophers of the last 100 years, said that: ‘Once something can’t be said, you’re already in a tyranny.’ So, it is indisputable that we are all now living, in 2023, in a tyranny”


  16. digg says:

    The BBC/Labour/Lib-Dem/anybody but the Tories division on full war footing this morning.

    The Lib Dem’s are getting much footage

    They have even dragged out six figure salary Andy Burham to spout his usual Tories are destroying the regions “comrades” nonsense.

    No Tory voices as yet of course!

    I guess this is the way it will now be until election day!


  17. AsISeeIt says:

    Citing Channel 4 Mr AsI is back with some magical material in this Monday edition

    Let’s kickstart the week with a bit of what I like to call oh-the-irony…

    A nanny hired to work for Boris and Carrie Johnson has claimed that she was unfairly dismissed after having a drink with the former prime minister (Times) – wasn’t Johnson himself sacked for having a drink… at one of those office staff parties inside Number 10 – or was it just a slice of birthday cake he was elbowed out over?

    King Alfred burnt the cakes – in a sort of Great British Bake Off-style – or second thoughts… was it more of a Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmare-style – founding myths of Ye Olde England?

    You’ll notice that every nation preserves for itself founding myths of some sort.

    Our present internationalist Rishi Sunak regime’s founding myth is this: The inside story of the mini-budget disaster… The term “mini budget” will be forever toxic in British politics. (Faisal Islam BBC Economics Editor) – if you say so, mate.

    In further oh-the-irony news: The “free speech” website that hosts Russell Brand could be forced out of the UK under online safety laws… (Times) – that’s up there with: BBC disinformation reporter “lied on her CV” (Telegraph) – or a tad more mildly put; BBC disinformation correspondent accused of embellishing her CV (Spectator)

    Dwelling on the frontpage of today’s Times for a moment, you may recall Mr AsI recently bemoaning or belabouring (depending on your taste and patience) the tabloidesque tendency of our big broadsheets to revert to axes, slashes and shocks in their main headlines.

    As though in cheeky rejoinder to Mr AsI’s weekend semantic complaints the Times redeems itself somewhat this morning with a train-related pun: Osborne rails against scrapping HS2 line

    As though British politics – seemingly awash with former ministers’ back seat opinions – wasn’t just about to get itself the greatest backseat driver of all time – in the form of former PM Tony Blair…

    Richest oil states should pay climate tax, says Gordon Brown (BBC)

    You Couldn’t Make it Up by Richard Littlejohn (paperback edition) is available (used) for £2.78 from an all too well known American multinational technology company focusing on e-commerce

    And on that theme of You Couldn’t Make it Up news one notes children’s favourite construction toy maker Lego have hit problems in an ill-judged virtue signalling attempt to go plastic free – yes, you heard that right…

    The last (plastic) straw?

    Lego’s attempt to build oil-free future demolished by flaw in ‘magical material’ (FT)

    Oh if only ‘magical material’ were a real thing… our Net Zero energy problems would be solved.

    I wonder whether – purely by accident, so to speak – our creaking at the seams Welfare State has stumbled upon a stop-gap solution to the housing crisis: 24 hours in A&E now a reality… 400,000 kept waiting over a day… Dr Adrian Boyle, President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine… Citing Channel 4’s reality TV series ‘24 Hours in A&E is not just a documentary, it’s a way of life…’ (giveaway Metro)

    Does observing the mainstream news on a daily basis these days give you a sinking feeling perhaps analogous to suddenly recognising that poor skinny kid you can remember clutching his free school dinner ticket back in those days of yore – now grown up and emerging from his Rolls Royce supercar after smashing into your old gran’s ageing bog-standard hand-me-down family runabout?

    Road drama… £700k Rash Crash (The Sun); His £700,000 Roll Royce hit a car and traffic island… (Mirror); The 25-year-old Manchester United star’s white motor was wrecked after a collision with a car driven by a gran 74. She was very shaken but unhurt… OAP driver and star OK (Sun)

    Ace cartoonist Matt is absent from the frontpage of the Telegraph today, so I’ll step in to draw the satirical topical word picture…

    I’m imagining the old dear replied – after our Marcus explained he played for United: “Oh never mind sonny, don’t look so worried, things will probably get better for you, eventually” – that’s a football gag.

    I’ll say this for the lad – his PR team are some of the best in the business – Daily Mirror main headline screamer: Crash Rash in rush to help

    In further sports news – or is it climate news? Or is it climate campaigning news? Or propagandistic political news?

    BBC Green Sport Awards: Nominees announced for 2023 awards (BBC)

    In the raunchy corner the Daily Mail answers: 7 mid-life sex questions you don’t DARE ask

    Excuse my mid-life innocent naivety… but what’s a Green Sport?


  18. andyjsnape says:

    Interesting comment I just saw posted on facebook

    “A dog had his chain reduced one link at a time, every few days, until his chain was so short he could barely move. He never resisted because he was conditioned to the loss of his free slowly, over time. Its happening to us all”

    I remember as a kid when the bbc promoted Britain, it now less and less supports us and it has a globalist agenda.


    • MarkyMark says:

      What is the Nudge Unit?
      The Nudge Unit was established in the Cabinet Office in 2010 by David Cameron’s government to apply behavioural science to public policy. Now owned partly by the Cabinet Office, by Nesta and by employees, it has operations across the world.

      Its chief executive is Dr David Halpern, former director of research at the Institute for Government, who is also the government’s What Works national adviser.

      Why ‘nudge’?
      It is called ‘nudge’ after the book by Richard Thaler (who went on to win the Nobel prize in economics) and Cass Sunstein which set out how people are not the rational economic actors beloved of conventional economic theory – but can be influenced by “choice architecture” into making better choices in their own interests.


  19. MarkyMark says:



  20. MarkyMark says:

    “Consider this, I give this example. If immigration continues at the levels it has average over the last ten years. Britain will be adding 10 million people to it’s population in the next 20 years. That means building a new house roughly every seven minutes. Now, we currently have no leadership from the Liberal Democrats, Conservative or Labour Parties saying they are going to do anything to change that course. @5:56 … if any party wishing to get into power doesn’t address this they are committing political suicide….@10:30″ {youtube – Douglas Murray – oct2015}

    … but wait, someone, who is now in power to act out their words, did mention this problem and almost suggests that ‘too high immigration’ should be reduced …

    “Because when immigration is too high (no figure given), when the pace of change is too fast, it’s impossible to build a cohesive society. It’s difficult for schools and hospitals and core infrastructure like housing and transport to cope. And we know that for people in low-paid jobs, wages are forced down even further while some people are forced out of work altogether. … So there is no case, in the national interest, for immigration of the scale we have experienced over the last decade.”

    Theresa May as Home Secretary // Speech to the Conservative Party Conference – in full / 06.10.2015


  21. tomo says:


  22. digg says:


    A week ago I decided to use my GP practices KLINIK app to get an appointment. That was early last week and so far zilch!

    In the 1950’s my mum phoned the local surgery because my younger brother was running a very High temperature.

    Within an hour we had 3 doctors in the house, one coming 40 miles from a specialist hospital and he was whisked off to hospital.

    A few years later a doctor came to our house at 3am to look at my 8 year old son who had started vomiting badly in the night.

    So some figures…..

    Inter web tells me….

    In 1950 the UK had 11,735 doctors and 68,013 NHS nurses and a population of some 50 million.

    Today the UK has 109,509 doctors and 320,422 nurses (minus the ones holding placards outside hospitals) plus an unknown number of other ranks and a population of 67 million yet they can’t seem to get round to answering an email.

    Just saying!


    • andyjsnape says:

      Hello Digg

      About 2 months ago the bbc reported on the RAF airlifting 75 NHS staff out of Sudan – I thought why were 75 in Sudan anyway!

      Let alone bigger countries like India, Pakistan, etc – how much are actually being paid by the NHS but at “home” abroad!


      • digg says:

        It does make me wonder how many patients end up being in a much worse medical condition and thus a bigger problem for the NHS caused by initial consultation and intervention being so slow or non-existent. Maybe the plan is to drive as many patients into private healthcare as possible to free them up for more important stuff like diversity and demonstrating.

        Maybe the BBC could do one of their “investigative reporting” thingies to find out why this should be the case….

        Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!


    • Nibor says:

      More like 87 million .


    • BRISSLES says:

      In the 50s our GP in Ramsgate would house visit on his bicycle with his medic bag strapped on behind his saddle ! Can you imagine ? A world away from now.


    • Kinell says:

      Hello digg,

      I recently had the misfortune to be unwell and needed to go to A&E on three occasions over a few weeks. On average I was triaged and saw a Doctor within 5 hours, not bad.
      If the people not from these shores waiting to be seen, were not in the A&E at those times I probably would have been in and out within an hour.


  23. tomo says:

    The Independent continues its tradition of mind-numbing stupid tech ignorance.



  24. markh says:

    I was unfortunate enough to catch a trailer of some forthcoming drivel on Channel 4- a drama about ‘Partygate’. How surprising. Deserves an audience of about two I reckon.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Make Me Prime Minister (w/t) will follow the ambitious candidates on the campaign trail. They will be put through their paces in a series of prime ministerial style tasks designed to test their leadership skills, resilience, and integrity. These weekly group challenges will be set and adjudicated by Alastair Campbell and Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, two political heavyweights who know exactly what it takes to succeed in office.

      Alastair Campbell and Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, two political heavyweights

      Alastair Campbell and Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, two political heavyweights

      Alastair Campbell and Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, two political heavyweights


  25. MarkyMark says:


    Tourists shot dead after straying from Morocco to Algeria while jetskiing

    French-Moroccan dual nationals took wrong turn at beach resort near Algeria-Morocco border

    Arpan Rai
    Sunday 03 September 2023 14:16


  26. Flotsam says:

    All the anti Tory factions, BBC, Labour, eco zealots etc are attacking the Government over the possible stopping of HS2. One of the arguments put forward by HS2 backers is that HS2 promotes the North and levelling up. HS2 does no such thing, it promotes London as the centre of power and control. HS2 enables the ruling classes to control the North while remaining in the seat of power and wealth. HS2 would have ensured that what remains of power and wealth drained away into the South East of the country.

    Anyway, what a ridiculous project, it’s better roads we need. Ludicrously expensive. Anyone bought rail tickets recently? They are eye wateringly expensive.


    • MarkyMark says:

      On time
      On time

      Standard fare,

      First class fare,

      3h 2m
      1 change


      650 MPS LAUGH!

      MPs’ travel
      Under the Scheme of MPs’ Business Costs and Expenses (‘the Scheme’), travel and subsistence claims may be made for the costs of travel, and travel-related subsistence incurred by MPs or others, which are in support of the MP’s parliamentary functions.


  27. Flotsam says:

    So who is prosecuting the armed officer that shot Kaba? It’s the CPS, a certain Mr Smarmer used to be its head. Is the prosecution an indication of the left and woke penetration of our public sector?


    • MarkyMark says:

      67 (pronounced six-seven) are a British hip hop collective originally composed of rappers LD,[2] Monkey, Dimzy, Liquez, ASAP and 67 Sj.[3] The group has expanded since its inception, with many new members joining. They are best known for their 2016 track “Lets Lurk”, and are widely regarded as highly influential on the UK drill scene.[1] They were nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2016 MOBO Awards.[4]

      The group has been labelled a “criminal gang” by the police, and has had several shows shut down, including their first UK tour after it sold out due to the controversial Form 696.[5]


      Former members
      Itch / Maddix (Chris Kaba; died from a gunshot wound after a Metropolitan Police officer shot him)[22][23]


  28. MarkyMark says:

    For polygamous marriages considered valid in the UK, an award of certain
    means-tested benefits and tax credits can be for more than one spouse. Any
    additional amount payable for the second spouse is however likely to be less
    than the amount they could get were they to make a separate claim as a
    single person.
    Universal Credit (UC) is replacing means-tested benefits and tax credits for
    working age people. Polygamous marriages are not recognised in the UC
    rules. This means that some polygamous households will receive more under
    UC than they would have under the legacy benefits and tax credits system.

    Click to access SN05051.pdf

    There is some anecdotal evidence of people entering into polygamous
    marriage in the UK through religious ceremonies that are not registered by the
    state and are not recognised under UK law. Due to the fact that these
    marriages are not legally recognised there is no indication of how many such
    polygamous relationships exist. Any parties to such relationships do not share
    the same rights as a legally married couple, such as access to financial
    remedies available on divorce or inheritance rights on the death of one of the
    spouses, and are treated as cohabitants. The Government have carried out
    some work with the Muslim community to encourage mosques to undertake
    the civil aspects of marriag


  29. Kaiser says:

    “Theroux’s documentary invited viewers to marvel at the absurdity of such claims. We all knew it was ahistorical and ridiculous to claim that our mediaeval forebears were black. This was presented to us by the BBC as an opportunity to mock a peculiarly American historical fantasy, which was the legacy of America’s distinct racial relations.

    A generation later, the BBC itself seems to have embraced the Black Hebrew Israelites’ worldview. “


  30. andyjsnape says:

    Director of police watchdog at centre of Chris Kaba scandal charged with child sex offences.. reports msn

    “The police watchdog that investigated the firearms officer charged with Chris Kaba’s murder”

    Murder? Guilty by reporting


    • MarkyMark says:

      “Control the language .. control the thinking.”


    • Fedup2 says:

      I wonder how the Home Secretary and DPP? Are getting after deciding to charge a firearms officer ? ..,


      • andyjsnape says:

        Hello Fedup2

        bbc reporting its more than 100 firearms officers

        We know the bbc can’t always add up, more than 100? 175, 225, 500 – all more than 100


    • tomo says:

      The more this rumbles on – the more I’m thinking it’s planned distraction…

      There are loads of Met plod up for investigation – Mark Rowley told London Assembly in Jan 2023 that police are “bracing” for corrupt officers in court until 2025 as ‘systemic failings’ rooted out.

      The Met could’ve been *way* more proactive in defending the actions of the Chris Kaba shooter if they thought his actions were justified. The whole business reeks of authoritarian creep …

      I have zero problem with armed police. I’ve a massive problem with trigger happy twats getting employed. Some are doing a good job – as I said before here – I’ve seen simply miserable firearms handling and scenes involving an armed stop that were more farcical than anything in Police Academy.

      The police heirarchy have been employing sub par individuals and failing to root out underperformers and bad actors – just like the rest of the public sector.

      I remember Operation Countryman … which doesn’t rate a mention these days.


      • tomo says:

        Two or three Met plod in court every week answering criminal charges for the next two years?

        By the look of it the HR department needs looking at!


        • BRISSLES says:

          HR departments are only interested in diversity- paying homage to Stonewall. Decades ago HR was a vital department in companies, with generally mature individuals who knew how beans made 5 and would help and advise. Now they are a joke. Imagine a 48 year old woman or man wanting help and being advised by a kid 20 years younger. And look at what HR do in the NHS, they cover up or move staff around like chess pieces – no one is ever fired.


  31. MarkyMark says:

    In January, Tops Pizza, a 42-store takeaway chain, had its west London warehouse requisitioned because it lies on the route of the new HS2 high speed rail line. More than six months later, the company has not been paid for its land.

    Owners of scores of other properties along the £27.4bn first phase of HS2, which will run from Euston station in London to Birmingham, have had the same experience.

    Despite rules stating they should receive 90 per cent of the compulsory purchase price upfront, there have been long delays to payments and some are considering legal action.

    HS2 Ltd, the company building the line, is currently engaged in the largest land acquisition project since the second world war, involving thousands of homes and properties. It has so far bought about 30 per cent of the land for the first phase but has spent £1.6bn out of its £2.8bn budget, suggesting it may be overstretched.


  32. Dickie says:

    20mph speed limit coming to your locality soon if not already🤔😁


  33. MarkyMark says:



  34. MarkyMark says:

    “Hannah Arendt, one of the greatest philosophers of the last 100 years, said that: ‘Once something can’t be said, you’re already in a tyranny.’ So, it is indisputable that we are all now living, in 2023, in a tyranny”


    Hate can be any incident or crime, motivated by prejudice or hostility (or perceived to be so) against a person’s race, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity or disability. It includes:

    A criminal offence where the law is broken is a hate crime
    An incident that is not a criminal offence is a hate incident


  35. MarkyMark says:


    Removed for wrong thing …. 122,923 views 30 Nov 2022

    Mark Steyn: It’s odd to become a minority in your own capital city within a generation

    Mark Steyn gives his take on the latest ONS census data revealing 36.8% of the London population are ‘White British’.

    Watch on TV: Virgin 604, Freesat 216, Sky 512, Freeview 236, YouView 236


  36. andyjsnape says:

    News in the bbc world

    Louise Redknapp pulls out of Eternal reunion over LGBTQ row

    Do what other people want! or they will throw their dummy out the pram


    • MarkyMark says:

      Louise Redknapp has pulled out of a tour with her former bandmates Eternal, amid allegations that two of the members refused to play LGBTQ festivals and Pride events.
      Monkeypox outbreaks across Europe linked to gay sauna and fetish festival
      May 23 2022
      Written by Rachel Badham

      Safety first! Safety first! Safety first! Safety first! Safety first!


    • TrickCyclist says:

      “Redknapp left in 1995 to pursue a solo career.”
      I’m sure it won’t be found anywhere on the internet but as I remember it, the story at the time was that Louise Nurding’s (as she was then) departure was due to Eternal breaking in the USA. Given the segregated nature of the US music charts, as the only white girl in the group her presence was seen as detrimental to their future success.


    • Loobyloo says:

      Grovelling apology coming in one, two….

      I hope not actually and that they stick to their principles.


  37. andyjsnape says:

    Normally the bbc is campaigning against HS2 and the cost

    HS2: Backlash against scrapping Manchester link grows

    Now, apparently there is a backlash


  38. Dickie says:

    Katie for PM🤗🤗


  39. G says:

    I found a graph for licensed vehicle ownership in Wales to 2018 (latest) that’s just shy of 2,000,000. As a corollary, I’m guessing that it is roughly the same for drivers – 2,000,000 licence holders. So, right now the signed Senedd petition stands at, almost 425,000. That’s 13.6% of the Welsh population and 21.25% of Welsh driving licence holders. Personally, I’ve not known a Government Petition attracting this many signatories, so far. Democracy at work. Expect more. Let’s see what so-called, “Democracy” does for the Welsh drivers.

    Petition still rising at about 10,000 a day…………….


    • tomo says:

      From what I’ve seen of the Senned – their arrogance and hubris won’t allow a reversal…

      The Taffs are going to have to resort to direct action


  40. JohnC says:

    We did it’ – Hollywood writers welcome deal to end strike

    Another ‘Live Update’ and the BBC luvvies seem to be wetting their panties over this. Is ANYONE else outside of showbusiness even remotely interested in what any of these waste-of-spaces are doing ?.

    ‘Alex Zaragoza, a writer on Amazon Freevee series Primo, said she reacted to the news by “crying, screaming, throwing up,(and) crying again”.’

    It’s all about the writers getting more money. And it seems that’s enough to make Alex throw up.

    I do not have the words for how pathetic I think these people are. And it explains why all the new TV series are absolute rubbish. They even stole the excellent ‘Justified’ and turned it into dog poo.


  41. MarkyMark says:


    The term “mini budget” will be forever toxic in British politics.

    So disastrous was then-Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s September 2022 statement – which included £45bn of unfunded tax cuts – that its long shadow still stretches over our economics and politics.


  42. Terminal Moraine says:

    Another day, another institution to reset:

    “Following a two-year inquiry, the Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket (ICEC) reported racism, sexism, elitism and classism as ‘widespread and deep-rooted’ within the sport in England and Wales.” The ECB chair says “we will use this moment to reset cricket.”

    Now on R5 the Asian presenter is talking to someone from the BBC Asian Network about the complaints of the Asian cricketer that originally prompted the root and branch demolition — sorry — ‘review’ of English cricket. And now on to an Asian community cricket campaigner for his take.

    The only thing not deeply depressing about the whole affair is that the chair of the commission is called Cindy Butts.


    • Fedup2 says:

      If I recall – Cindy butts was one of those Marxist cronies of the late comrade Livingstone -partying with comrade Corbyn and ms abbot et al…


  43. TrickCyclist says:

    Apropos of nothing.
    It suddenly occurred to me that it would be a terrific lark if we could get a campaign started to vote for Luis Rubiales as this year’s Overseas Sports Personality of the Year.
    Of course, they would never allow it.
    However, a minute’s research shows that, in typical BBC fashion, the award is rigged by a shortlist drawn up by a panel of ‘experts.’ I’m not even sure the public still votes on it.
    Ah well, another idea of mine stone dead as soon as it was born!


    • Scroblene says:

      Don’t worry, TC, (‘All his best friends call him TC’), ahem, I hope it is a ‘him’ I’m chatting with, if not, ‘Hello, how are you Ma’am…’

      We can always do a ‘Dork of the year’ poll here, with names counted by a team of specialist counters, culled from the outlands of rural Britain where counters are bred to be big and strong!

      I’ll start with Chris Packham!


      • Fedup2 says:

        Scrob – as presiding officer I will adopt the Obama/ Biden counting method …


        • Scroblene says:

          That’s excellent, Fed!

          I will rely on your total honesty, correctness and the results from small brown envelope winging its way to Fedup Towers!


      • TrickCyclist says:

        It is indeed a ‘him’ although I’m not the most tip-top Top Cat (more Benny the Ball these days).
        If you want more nominations for Dork of the Year in the interests of impartiality I suggest my fellow cyclist Jeremy Vine.
        For seemingly putting himself in harm’s way and chasing Twitter clicks instead of keeping himself safe. It would be funny if the QR codes on that van said “If you can scan this, you’re too f***ing close.”


        • Scroblene says:

          Tea-sur-keyboard, TC!

          Some wag once said that,”If all the cars in London were parked in the Edgware Road, there’d be some twat on a bike trying to overtake them”!


  44. andyjsnape says:

    In case “anyone” is interested

    Buy loads of crap to make him rich, on the context of saving the world


    • MarkyMark says:

      Made SustainablyWe use Teemill organic cotton, certified low impact printing and recyclable products




    • Docmarooned says:

      Christ! If I saw anyone with this shit I would think they were mentally defective.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        I’m pretty sure there was a programme recently about Chris Packham being mentally defective… sorry, NOT ‘defective’, mentally DIFFERENT, that’s right, like some kind of secret ‘super powers’.

        IF the foxes are vegan then I guess they might live in harmony with hares, yes, that’s it, it all makes perfect sense now.

        My dog lives in harmony with the neighbour’s cat… not.


        • MarkyMark says:

          Harambe (/həˈrɑːmbeɪ/ hə-RAHM-bay; May 27, 1999 – May 28, 2016) was a western lowland gorilla who lived at the Cincinnati Zoo from 2014 to 2016, and previously at the Gladys Porter Zoo for 15 years. On May 28, 2016, a three-year-old boy climbed into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden where he was grabbed and dragged by Harambe.[3] Fearing for the boy’s life, a zoo worker shot and killed Harambe. The incident was recorded on video and received broad international coverage and commentary, including controversy over the choice to use lethal force. A number of primatologists and conservationists wrote later that the zoo had no other choice under the circumstances, and that it highlighted the danger of zoo animals near humans and the need for better standards of care.


    • TrickCyclist says:

      From Packham’s store, Fox and Hare Hoodie, £40.
      Description reads:

      “The Fox and Hare normally get depicted as prey and predator chasing each, but we wanted to highlight the harmony between these two species and their important place within the ecosystem.”

      Wow, that’s some Walt Disney s**t going on there, Chris. AFAIK, there’s harmony between those animals like there’s harmony between Celtic and Rangers.

      I can’t miss the opportunity to combine the Disney and Scottish idioms, so. . .

      (Scottish accent)
      “What’s the difference between Bing Crosby and Walt Disney?
      Bing sings. . . and Walt disnae.”


  45. Flotsam says:

    People on this forum will probably already know this but I reckon it’s worth airing.
    HS2. So the Government/Sunak have flown a flag to scrap some of HS2. I remember a time when Governments made decisions and announced them. The possible HS2 announcement has been so intensively flagged but will happen?What will happen? It’s a softening up exercise, Government by rumour. It’s no way to do things.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Words are cheap!


    • jazznick1 says:

      Absolutely Mr/Ms Flotsam.

      There was a time, a very long time ago, when governments got advice from their ‘impartial’ civil servants. Who, if they felt ill-equipped to advise, found people who knew the subject who could guide them.

      Not any more.

      They are mainly lefty, woke and totally unsuitable, lacking the skills to advise based on experience and actual knowledge.
      They just choose options that they favour; and that’s it….

      The current inept Tory bunch sense that the establishment is not working WITH them so they use the public, via the MSM, to gauge reaction to a scattergun of various policy ideas that are ‘floated’ via. planned casual remarks that the MSM seize upon
      in their headlines.

      Whichever ‘policy’ gets the least ‘blowback’ is the one chosen.

      What a way to run a country !


  46. JohnC says:

    Chris Kaba: Army stood down as enough Met Police armed officers return to duty

    But, the Met Police said on social media: “As of lunchtime on Monday, the number of officers who had returned to armed duties was sufficient for us to no longer require external assistance to meet our counterterrorism responsibilities.”

    Very light on the major cause of the panic for this story BBC. Why might that be ?.

    Could it be because the terrorist threat which needs all these armed police are Muslims ?.


    • andyjsnape says:

      Hello JohnC

      My comment earlier was the bbc was saying over 100 armed officers weren’t turning in. Over 100?

      Now the bbc is saying upto 300 had returned, big difference in numbers

      PS Mr Policeman the side of the law is still against you, and in the favour the certain type of people, who feel they can do whatever they like. Who just drive off, maybe you have to just talk and hope they listen 🙁

      Hopefully the following isn’t a certain type of person, or more protests and we are overdue a riot

      Motorcyclist killed in central London police-chase crash


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        It might help to explain why are police are so utterly useless, if you thought you might be jailed if you tackled a criminal, you might just prefer to stay in the nice warm station scanning the web for hurty words, and a new rainbow outfit for the next pride march too.