Weekend 11th November 2023

With Thanks to Lawrence Binyon

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

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  1. digg says:

    300,000 Muslims descend on our capital city to demand English Christians bow down to Islam…..

    So our “British” police arrest 100 Britains who disagree and not one Muslim agitator.

    Well, we all know who is running this country now don’t we?

    The police might think they have declared their allegiance to right-think which in this case means Islam but the British people will not forgive or forget this absolute atrocity by these pathetic weevils in our society.

    Time for a clean out of the Augean stables that is now the British police force.

    Henceforth for me…. Police uniform means traitor and weasel with no right to respect, our grandparents would be shocked by what has become of the country they sacrificed so much to protect.

    Do the British police really think it is fine for 300,000 people from a different culture to parade their cancerous hate of Christianity in the streets of our Capital City?

    Unlimited immigration fine?


    • Thoughtful says:

      As I’ve said before, the Muslims of the Middle East have a lot of money and are prepared to pay our political elites, the people of the country are not prepared to pay them so they have to accept the consequences of that.

      Pay them properly and make sure they cannot accept any money from other sources, and if they do, the penalty should be the bill of attainder.


  2. Thoughtful says:

    Well Rishi Washee and the Blue Labour party has done the unthinkable and handed over control of the Royal Navy aircraft carrier strike group to America & Biden.

    What is the point of having a government and a military if they are going to recind control to other country at the first sign of trouble?



  3. Dickie says:


  4. StewGreen says:

    searched “for being present in a pub”

    I’m seeing quite a few tweets saying “my friends all got arrested for just being in a pub”
    .. now they would say that wouldn’t they .
    And I have no way of verifying if there was a stitchup or not

    but I spot this where a guy asks the police to let him film him being searched “for being present in a pub”

    Basically things can be theatre either way
    Bad police and agitators can manufacture arrests where there is little trouble
    Good police can take crowds where are rowdy hotheads and handle them in such a way that there is no trouble
    but when you have actual crowds throwing flares/fireworks that is not made up


  5. vlad says:

    British man mobbed by savages for wearing a patriotic pin. Notice who the police push around!


  6. vlad says:

    Half a dozen cops arresting a diminutive OAP.
    Not sure what his crime was – wearing a poppy perhaps?


  7. Jeff says:

    Well, not surprisingly the entire media are in lockstep. “Far right thugs cause havoc. 300,000 peace loving Muslims, largely peaceful.”
    Over a hundred arrests, mostly of the far right.
    Come on, we all knew what there game was…

    There’s quite a bit of film showing some “far right thugs” kicking off with the police, but there’s no context. Then the cameras shows us peace loving Muslims strolling, peacefully, towards the American embassy. Yes, all very “peaceful”…

    Of course, there’s nothing about the antisemitic chanting, the Nazi symbols and the fact that thousands of Jews are hiding indoors. Of course there’s not.

    The BBC even managed to interview some benign looking old Muslim who was wearing a poppy. Bloody Hell, I bet he was the only one.

    You know what, call me an old cynic, but

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the BBC stuck that in his buttonhole…


  8. vlad says:



  9. StewGreen says:

    Martin Daubney has a thread about a guy he helped
    Would you be “peaceful,” Ben, if a cop had just swung a baton into your skull, and made it pour with blood?
    So easy to be a Twatter observer, isn’t it?

    .. https://twitter.com/MartinDaubney/status/1723432877164015891


  10. StewGreen says:

    Channel 4 deleted tweet
    .. https://twitter.com/channel4news/status/1723414229322027397

    Multiple big accounts had called it out


    Julia Hartley-Brewer
    This is disinformation from @Channel4News
    This is a blatant lie. From a “news” organisation.

    Richard Tice 🇬🇧 “Lie of the day….@Ofcom this is deliberate biased ”

    @PatrickChristys “This is categorically untrue”


    • StewGreen says:

      The tweet they then put up

      The ‘vast majority’ of arrests were from Far-Right counter protestors who clashed with police.
      But Michael Gove needed police protection from pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

      That’s been mocked cos not only were their lots of Hamas incidents
      There was 150 people throwing fireworks so they are all being searched now


  11. tomo says:


  12. taffman says:

    Scrap theTories and scrap the BBC.
    Vote Reform or UKIP. We are being run by a bunch of cowards .


  13. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    I’ve been watching the coverage of Saturday’s marches and I can see that the UK is in a very bad way. It’s not just the BBC, but just about every other news organisation has bought into the far-right thuggery narrative. Even GB news and that disappoints me.
    As for the PM well, words fail me. (printable ones that is)
    Luckily Douglas Murray is still articulate and when he says “We are in the fight of our lives” you’d better believe it.
    It’s not just Britain, but across the Anglosphere.
    We will know how how bad things are when Rishi Sunak makes his decision about Suella Braverman. If he demotes her then the situation will become more dire, but at least we will know how things stand.
    The amount of vitriol directed at Suella Braverman is simply horrendous. She is a person of colour who doesn’t want to play the victim and will not buy into the liberal narrative. This infuriates the Leftards more than anything. I hope the British public stands by her even though she’s a member of the rotten Tory government. When the fighting gets tough one should look for allies not more enemies and those on the right of the spectrum should realise this before its too late.


  14. Zephir says:

    The real far right nazis on our streets yesterday:

    “Police launch probe as Jewish families leaving north London synagogue are ‘targeted’ by pro-Palestinian activists spraying green smoke and shouting from cars after Armistice Day march”



  15. Zephir says:

    BBC series:

    When Jadwiga Berger was confronted by a man she had never met on her doorstep in October 2019, the 82-year-old was faced with a shocking revelation. The frail and vulnerable pensioner was told that her estranged daughter, 49-year-old Michelle Berger had died, had left an unclaimed estate and Berger could be a beneficiary. But there was a catch.

    She would have to sign a contract handing over ten per cent of the estate, which she duly did. It is a contract that is now the subject of a bitter High Court dispute.

    However, what is most shocking is that this incident is not illegal, far from it, but rather is common practice across England and Wales. This tale, which we will return to, is not laid out in a Victorian melodrama but in a High Court claim that might tempt one to conclude that where there is brass, there is muck.

    Welcome then to the world of the so-called heir hunters; the probate detectives and genealogists who track down next-of-kin to unclaimed estates in return for a generous cut.

    So, good material, one might think, for a documentary series. For more than a decade the BBC’s hit series, The Heir Hunters, tracked down people entitled to a slice of a distant relative’s unclaimed estate.

    What the BBC was less assiduous in exploring was the murky practices deployed by some of these probate detectives in a world that is entirely unregulated.

    ‘It was only a few weeks between her daughter dying and this guy turning up at the door. The whole thing has been very distressing.’ Berger’s High Court defence claims that the agreement Ms Berger purportedly entered into is void and unenforceable on the grounds that ‘Ms Berger did not know or understand the detail of what she was signing or why’. It adds that she was ‘vulnerable to suggestion and persuasion…lacked independent legal advice, spoke English as a second language… and was not aware of the size of her daughter’s estate.’ It also claims Finders are ‘morally culpable’ and that their representative ‘told her there was a fee of one per cent, alternatively two per cent, relating to Michelle’s estate.’

    During our investigation, The Mail on Sunday has learned that Labour-run Birmingham Council, where Michelle Berger had previously lived, signed a lucrative contract with Finders International to feed them bona vacantia leads.”



  16. Zephir says:

    “BBC faces criticism after dropping the Christian terms BC and AD from teaching materials for seven- to 11-year-olds.
    Critics say the decision to abandon BC – which stands for Before Christ – and AD, which translates as In the Year of our Lord, is an attempt to undermine traditional values.

    Frank Furedi, emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Kent, said: ‘The terms BC and AD do not merely possess religious connotations but also cultural ones.

    They are originally connected to the cultural tradition that has informed the outlook of Britain and other Western societies for many centuries.’

    He added: ‘So what’s at stake with the BBC’s decision to displace BC/AD with BCE/CE is not so much the replacement of religious with secular terms but the goal of breaking with the cultural tradition through which the distinction between the two eras was understood.'”



  17. Zephir says:

    BBC lies, again

    “Radio 4 Nick Robinson’s flippant ‘apology’ in row over Boris’s non-existent gold wallpaper… but Tories tell him to put record straight live on air

    The Johnsons’ former flat was actually painted red and had no wallpaper on it.

    BBC presenter Nick Robinson was last night forced to row back after giving the impression he had seen gold wallpaper in Boris Johnson’s Downing Street flat.

    The Radio 4 Today host last week challenged an account by former Cabinet Minister Nadine Dorries that the wallpaper never existed, claiming it had been ‘pointed out to me’ by someone inside Downing Street.

    But, in an embarrassing U-turn, Mr Robinson last night told The Mail on Sunday that he had been mistaken and the wall he was shown in the Johnsons’ former flat was actually painted red and had no wallpaper on it.

    Ms Dorries will tomorrow make a formal complaint to the BBC, with Mr Robinson facing calls to set the record straight on the Today programme this week.

    The bizarre dispute is the latest twist in ‘Wallpapergate’ – the furore surrounding claims that the Johnsons extravagantly redecorated the Downing Street flat with £840-a-roll gold wallpaper.

    But, in an embarrassing U-turn, Mr Robinson last night told The Mail on Sunday that he had been mistaken and the wall he was shown in the Johnsons’ former flat was actually painted red and had no wallpaper on it.

    Ms Dorries will tomorrow make a formal complaint to the BBC, with Mr Robinson facing calls to set the record straight on the Today programme this week.

    The bizarre dispute is the latest twist in ‘Wallpapergate’ – the furore surrounding claims that the Johnsons extravagantly redecorated the Downing Street flat with £840-a-roll gold wallpaper.

    The Radio 4 Today host last week challenged an account by former Cabinet Minister Nadine Dorries that the wallpaper never existed, claiming it had been ‘pointed out to me’ by someone inside Downing Street

    Allies of the former Prime Minister have always insisted the claim was untrue and part of a campaign to attack Carrie Johnson. In her book The Plot: The Political Assassination Of Boris Johnson, exclusively serialised in The Mail on Sunday and Daily Mail, Ms Dorries quotes a source blaming Dominic Cummings, Mr Johnson’s former chief adviser, for planting the false story.

    During an interview with Mr Robinson on the Today programme on Thursday, Ms Dorries insisted: ‘You know, Nick, there was no gold wallpaper. It doesn’t exist. It was never quoted for.’

    But as he brought the interview to a close, Mr Robinson appeared to suggest he had seen the wallpaper himself. He declared: ‘Funnily enough, I’ve had that wallpaper pointed out to me by someone inside 11 Downing Street.’

    Ms Dorries later took to X, formerly Twitter, to claim he admitted to her off-air that ‘he hadn’t actually seen gold wallpaper’.

    The MoS understands Mr Robinson was given a tour of the Johnsons’ former flat above 11 Downing Street by its current occupant, Jeremy Hunt.

    It is believed Mr Hunt pointed to a painted wall in the apartment’s dining room and joked that it was once covered in golden wallpaper.

    The quip was not, however, supposed to be taken seriously.

    Mr Robinson last night said: ‘I hadn’t heard about the alleged scandal about the gold wallpaper before Nadine mentioned it to me on air.

    ‘I was so surprised I responded by saying that ‘I’ve had that wallpaper pointed out to me by someone inside 11 Downing Street.’
    The bizarre dispute is the latest twist in ‘Wallpapergate’ ¿ the furore surrounding claims that the Johnsons extravagantly redecorated the Downing Street flat with £840-a-roll gold wallpaper

    ‘It would have been more accurate to have said ‘I’ve had the wall on which that gold wallpaper was alleged to have hung before it was painted red pointed out to me.’ I apologise to Nadine for the distress I seem to have caused by implying that her friend Boris Johnson’s £112,000 refurbishment of the flat had involved gold as against what the designer Lulu Lyttle calls distinctive yellow wallpaper.

    ‘I congratulate her for fearlessly stripping back the ungilded truth which others had papered over.’

    Mr Robinson’s apology was, however, dismissed by senior Tories, who called on him to correct the record on air. Former Brexit Minister David Jones said: ‘That is not an apology – it sounds like another dig at Nadine.

    ‘Nick Robinson should correct the record on the Today programme at his first opportunity.

    ‘He is the lead presenter on the most influential Radio 4 news programme. It is essential that that programme broadcasts the unvarnished truth and if mistakes are made, proper apologies should be made also.'”



    • Guest Who says:

      Toenails (yawn) is clearly frustrated that being Teflon at the bbc means it is very hard to get fired to join Sopes and gang or JO’bsworth at their half hour of hate shows and is going the pure deliberate inaccuracy route. This is harder, but not impossible, for the ECU to shrug off.


  18. Guest Who says:

    It is fortunate the media has access to such expertise in the form of thick, Teflon, diverse academics to properly assess matters.

    Not hate crime – misappropriation of ‘coconut’ by institutional racist structures like Police is intentional & solely to push an agenda of White Supremacy.
    Black/Brown ppl call racial gatekeepers like Braverman & Sunak ‘coconut’ for the hate they perpetuate on their communities

    Just needs Abbott to weigh in, though she does ‘protect’ her output to avoid correction.

    At least Starmer and Cooper know their places in the new Pantone order.


    • Guest Who says:

      Tv hosts have plenty more where she came from.

      Coconut 🥥 Coconut 🥥 Coconut
      Said it before, say it again- its a word used in the brown community to each other, its our word and not for the white man to tell us its racist .

      Selected, probably by a Tarquin, for this very purpose.

      The media are the problem.


    • StewGreen says:

      Court precedent disagrees with Dr Shola and Narinder Kaur
      People get found guilty for using the term “coconut”


      The police did a punishment raid against the WHITE guy who did a video about the illegal Bethnal Green Roal Palestinian flags


  19. andyjsnape says:

    Far right, again

    Rishi Sunak condemns criminality on day of protests in London

    Full might of the law against the “far right”, the religion of peace never does any wrong in the reporting from the bbc

    Suppress the people who love this country, and constantly allow everyone else to do what they like

    The establishment want us gone, we are done for. All our forefathers fought for, is given away


  20. andyjsnape says:

    Gaza’s most beautiful neighbourhood

    Looks like a holiday destination from the the above link, previously the bbc kept telling us its a refugee camp in its reporting


  21. Thoughtful says:

    On a different topic that of US debt and the failed bond auction last week. The speaker here has the wrong conclusion that it is because of unwillingness to buy because of risk, however what is the real reason is the weaponisation of the USD and no one wants to buy something the US government might simply freeze and refuse to pay.

    Once the big sovereign buyers refuse to buy including China, Saudi, Russia, Japan and others it’s game over.
    Bidens profligate spending is destroying the USA along with other insane policies, he has a year left in office, although he might not make it until the end of it. To date since he took office Biden has increased the national debt by 40% and it shows no sign of slowing down. It’s time the deluded UK government distanced itself from the collapsing rotten USA.


  22. AsISeeIt says:

    Truism edition
    As we borrow some useful words from India – and I don’t refer to pyjamas

    Our BBC likes Reach Group stablemates Sunday People and Sunday Mirror for their top two picks in their online press review line-up stakes this morning. And why wouldn’t our BBC enjoy the two tablods’ screamer headlines each shouting for the canning of a Tory home secretary who said something out loud that she shouldn’t?

    Look what you’ve done… ‘Braverman must go’ after 100 arrests in Poppy Day clashes (Sunday People)

    Sack her now… PM must axe Braverman after ugly scenes on Armistice Day (Sunday Mirror)

    The BBC’s in-house subheader explains: About 300,000 pro-Palestinian protesters marched to call for a ceasefire… Counter-protesters made up the “vast majority” of 126 arrests on Saturday, police said. (BBC) – which rather tends to endorse our Suella’s remarks exposing the police for their politically partizan unequal treatment of different shades of protest as being somewhat of a truism.

    You can add to that policing bias the BBC’s leftward slant and its long shadow cast over much of the mainstream, via the lefty-stacked quango Ofcom, among other more subtle levers such as preferential employment of lefty journos: Suella Braverman accused of ‘sowing the seeds of hatred’, as pressure remains for her to resign (Sky News)

    Calls for Sunak to sack Braverman mount as she is accused of spawning ‘hatred’ (ITV – accompanying photo credit to PA for their image of Suella Braverman caught looking as though she’s about to be sick in her own mouth – admittedly she’s no oil painting. That pear-shaped visage of her’s reminding Mr AsI vaguely of kids’ cartoons the Moomins – there’s one for the teenagers)

    Six of one, half-a-dozen of the other, as they say…

    Despicable… 126 held, 9 cops hurt in clashes on Poppy Day… PM slams EDL thugs, pro-Hamas extremists (The Sun)

    Sunak: Far-right thugs and Hamas sympathisers disrespect our heroes (Sunday Telegraph)

    Thugs, Rishi? Is that our watchword of the day?

    Derivation of the word thug: Where did the term thug come from? Thuggee (UK: /θʌˈɡiː/, US: /ˈθʌɡi/) are actions and crimes carried out by Thugs, historically, organised gangs of professional robbers and murderers in India. The English word thug traces its roots to the Hindi ठग (ṭhag), which means ‘swindler’ or ‘deceiver’. (Thank you Wiki)

    The Guardian on Sunday doesn’t even pretend balance: Hundreds of thousands rally as police arrest far-right protesters (Observer)

    The Sunday Times does hint at some naughtiness on the part of the pro-Palestine side: Antisemetic chants heard as 300,000 march for Palestine

    Jews playing the part there of a form of human shield for the concealment of basic nihilistic anti-British sentiment on the part of the socialist worker/islamist-leaning allied masses, now an undeniable feature of our weekend city streets.

    Karma is a wonderful invention. And just as we must thank the Germans for the handy term schadenfreude, so we borrow from ancient sanskrit to help us describe how pro-mass immigration Tories are at last getting to enjoy first-hand the full benefits of their wonderful enrichment…

    And despite the obvious karma – which you’re supposed to just relax and endure – to quote from Jonesy in Dad’s Army “They don’t like it up ’em!”

    Gove jostled and abused by pro-Palestine hate mob… Flashpoint: police move in to protect Michael Gove as he is mobbed by protesters…mobbed and abused by baying pro-Palestinian protesters as he tried to make his way home… The Levelling Up Secretary was ‘engulfed’ by thugs at Victoria Station… One MP said the attack… had a ‘chilling effect on democracy’. Others called it ‘vile’ (Mail on Sunday)

    Now to borrow from Levantine lore – the genie is now well and truly out of the bottle

    Which I guess only goes to show that despite the Rishi regime hoping to craft a uniform media image of 300,000 peaceful pro-Palestinains ‘largely peacfully’ marching entirely overshadowed by a dozen or two skin-headed nutjobs (with a police agent provocateur or two embedded, no doubt) they can’t completely control the enitre narrative. And who’s still taken in anyway?

    Credit where credit is due corner.

    While Matt in the Telegraph sometimes misfires. Hardly raising a chortle today – more of a knowing shrug – with his sketch of a pair of Tories heading away from No10 Downing Street: “Life was so much simpler when we could blame everything on Matt Hancock”

    Instead left-leaning Newman shines, amusing us with his response to the Sunday Times report: City where 1 in 5 are on NHS waiting list… Southend is England’s NHS waiting list hotspot – with his sketch of that seaside town’s most famous attraction: “If you think the pier’s long, you should see the hospital waiting list”

    What, all those immigrants coming here to work in our NHS… and it’s still crap?


  23. JohnC says:

    Rishi Sunak condemns criminality on day of protests in London

    So I’m reading on the BBC that basically the Far-Right have been causing all the trouble and the vast majority of arrests were counter-protesters.

    The BBC tell us ‘The Met also condemned “extreme violence” by right-wing activists.’

    They have a video on that page showing police screaming at the ‘far right thugs’ which is very, very odd. Is this the ‘extreme violence’ ??. They are waving and throwing empyt waterbottles. The only violence in the clip is plod hitting whitey with a truncheon.

    I actually downloaded it to watch it more carefully and it’s clear the Muslims on the right hand side have come forward to an area of counter-protestors and are stood in a line taunting and waving at them. The police are completely ignoring them. Instead of pushing them away, they are allowed to stand there and continue while the police face the other way shouting at the whiteys who are taunting back. It’s all a bit bizarre – almost like it was staged.

    The icing on the cake though was at the very end : the BBC cut off the clip just as one of the Muslims jumps in the air to throw something very aggresively.

    So I looked around and saw how the police dealt with whiteys going near the Muslim protestors:


    The first video there is titled ‘Counter protesters moved back as pro-Palestinian activists …’ where all the counter-protestors are kettled in front of a shop as the Muslim protestors go by.

    Then we see another video from X:

    Where the huge crowd is chanting ‘from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’ and plod is stood watching.

    ‘This rallying cry has long been used by anti-Israel voices, including supporters of terrorist organizations such as Hamas and the PFLP, which seek Israel’s destruction through violent means.’

    I thought that was classed as hate-speech ?. It seems it’s now allowed.

    What’s clear is that the police tactics for this have been exactly as predicted. They prevented violence by keeping whitey away from the Muslims while allowing the Muslims to do whatever they like so they don’t get upset.

    What complete gives the game away is that after the BBC tell us ‘the vast majority of arrests were counter protestors’, we have to go inside the article to discover they were arrested to “prevent a breach of the peace”. Which means they were simply removed.

    I don’t condone any of those thugs, But what I am 100% certain of is that the Muslim protests had many, many more who are much, much worse. We didn’t get to see them because they police made sure nobody bothered them.


  24. Foscari says:

    It’s full steam ahead for the BBC preparing the UK for ,
    as sure as night follows day that we have a Muslim
    majority in the UK. It’s of course birth rates which
    will produce this.
    So there should be no surprise that the BBC is supporting
    Hamas in the Middle East conflict. The latest example of
    this unbelievable madness. Is for the BBC to produce books
    for children where BC and AD are omitted to use historical
    dates. This may offend Muslim children and their parents.
    How about preparing us, BBC with starting your morning
    programmes with the ardern?
    The latest poll reports that more than 50% of Muslims want
    homosexuality BANNED in the UK. Then we come ti what
    Mehdi Hasan the prominent religious English Muslim commentator said
    said 10 years ago, on ” Question Time ” anti -Semitism is our dirty little secret.”
    But Mehdi , not only amongst Muslims . And not always a secret .We are seeing hundreds of thousands of examples being
    seen openly ,every week now in London. And succoured
    by that the BBC supports them.
    Where were these protests against China and their repression of the Muslim Uyghurs ? Where were the protests when thousands
    were being slaughtered in Syria.? Then there is Oman etc etc..
    The Jews of the UK at least have somewhere to go. As their
    brothers in Algeria, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria etc were expelled from these countries in 1948, There are no Jews left
    in these countries. BUT when UK Christians start to be
    persecuted, Where will they go?


    • popeye says:

      Ask your liberal friends; “of the 53 Muslim-majority countries, which do you see as a paradigm for the UK in 2050?”


  25. Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

    Look what’s happening in Oz.


    • G says:

      The IDF is, ‘on a roll’. They must have been researching and planning techniques to destroy underground tunnels for years in preparation for, inevitably, what was to come. Many of the tunnels are, apparently hundreds of feet down. If you’ve got a rat infestation you need to deal with the sewers where the rats live and use as thoroughfares. With their ongoing success in cleaning out the Gaza sewers completely, what chance they will suspend the action under pressure from the rest of the flaccid World?

      Remember the carnage at the beginning of WW2 when relatively few German subs started decimating convoys? This country focussed its attention and lo and behold, developed systems/procedures and weapons to deal with those who hide in the dark out of sight. Was that wrong………….


  26. StewGreen says:

    Because now most BBC output is like listening to London Labour student radio . I don’t listen/watch most stuff I used to.. I only dip into stuff ..mainly local stuff like local radio news
    Now today on my mobile the BBC feed is screwed up
    I was a a minute late for the 10am news so I clicked “start”
    and instead of going back 1 minute it appears to have gone back 6 hours to some overnight programming even though the screen says it’s still the live prog
    I got British news, followed by Ukrainecast
    The news I got was Labour student on steriods, totally spun : The start was all about far right far right, peaceful Palestinian march etc. … 100 arrests, far right saying they were protecting statues , but all being totally drunk etc.
    .. then 2 minutes in it got to “Palestinian marchers firing fireworks, a policeman hit in the face , 140 detained”
    ie totally contradicting the start of the news.

    On the laptop the “start” button doesn’t give the same fault
    And I can’t check the middle of the night prog , it appears as unavailable.


  27. vlad says:

    Much of the press are pleased to sit on the fence and denounce both sides of yesterday’s demonstrations, ie the Islamofascists and the counter-demonstrators.

    (The BBC go further and favour the former in their reporting.)

    It’s the same moral equivalence as they adopt between Israel and the Palestinians or Hamas.

    In both cases they are wrong. In both cases, Israel and the Counter-protestors in UK are responding to years of provocation.

    One side are the aggressors, the other are the defenders.

    To equate the two is dishonest, biased, and dangerous.


  28. Zephir says:

    “Suella Braverman was right about biased, woke policing. I should know – I’m an officer on the front line

    We have seen appalling anti-Semitism, with mobs calling for jihad against Israel
    It is obvious to me – and to many of my fellow officers – that there is a clear bias”



  29. StewGreen says:

    I’m trying to work out how many tweets SkyNews deleted after they’d served their purpose of pandering the left mob



    • Guest Who says:

      Sky is utterly discredited. Beff has a loathing of the Tories and the HomeSec that has seen her go beyond professional reason.

      Suella Braverman has been accused of emboldening far-right protesters who clashed with police in London on Armistice Day.
      It follows calls for the home secretary to be sacked after branding pro-Palestinian demonstrations “hate marches”.
      Read below 🔗

      #accusedof backed by….

      Who can reply?
      Accounts @SkyNews mentioned can reply

      And folk are noticing.

      Why is this the 6th time you’ve posted this in 18 hours???


      • StewGreen says:

        Multiple repetition of tweets is CAMPAIGNING, not reporting
        SkyNews did 13 Tweets in the last 12 hours saying : Suella Braverman “Far Right”

        For that particicular tweet @TigeraxGG was one of two replies there before SkyNews SWITCHED OFF replies to kill the conversation
        ..we can’t even reply to him


        • Guest Who says:

          BBC ‘quotes’ and Labour attack lines are interchangeable.

          Labour calling for Braverman to be sacked – could there be a reshuffle as early as tomorrow ?

          An opposition ‘calling for’ is no more news than The BBC acting as their PR. But the ‘could’ lets her off.


        • Guest Who says:

          I might be going mad but didn’t Gove mysteriously turn up in the middle of a protest at least once before? I’m sorry he got ‘jostled’ & ‘abused’, obviously, but do wonder how it’s ended up on the front page of a newspaper when multiple police officers were literally injured.

          Self awareness on sanity aside, and a class bit of retouching on the face usually seen exploding with rage, but JO’bsworth is not the only one to think highlighting something they imagine serves the narrative likely doesn’t.

          Maybe it was coincidence; maybe not, but Ministers being out and about there is hardly unusual.

          But fascinating he, Champion and the rest think the day was theirs to do as they wished. Including threaten and/or injure people. Who should not be out there.

          Rather undercuts the decision to hold it that day, and call it a ‘peace’ march/protest.


  30. Zephir says:

    Amazing, from the above article:

    “After a big recruitment drive around a third of Met officers now have less than four years’ experience. This means its culture will only become more biased in coming years.”

    “And then there is the double standard. Anti-lockdown protests were policed much more forcefully because police chiefs knew those protesters had no serious political support. As a result, there would be few complaints and MPs would not pile in and attempt to hound them out of their jobs.”

    “People I know who were policing Pride celebrations this year were ordered not to wear the Thin Blue Line emblem: a black-and-white Union flag with a horizontal blue line that commemorates colleagues killed in the line of duty.”


  31. popeye says:

    Just back from a wonderful Remembrance Service (Hamble Parish, Southampton). That, to me is England, MY England. An England that liberals are determined to destroy.

    Well, over my dead body


  32. Zelazek says:

    Watching the Remembrance Sunday Commemoration at the Cenotaph. Let’s be fair, it is one of the things that the BBC still does well.

    A few instant reactions:

    “The Flowers of the Forest” was very moving. You can’t beat the sound of the pipes and this lament is just the job for sombre and sacred occasions.

    The Duchess of Cambridge looked beautiful and dignified. She’s going to be a great Queen – if we still have a country left.

    Stephen Flynn, the leader of the SNP at Westminster, looked very sour.

    Sophie Raworth is a terrible interviewer. Closed question after closed question. Reading autocues is her strong point.

    David Dimbleby’s commentary is good. Gives salient information and then shuts up. (Only half way through the programme though. Still plenty time for him to start wittering in his ponderous manner.)


  33. StewGreen says:

    SkyNews accidentally pushing Hamas dogma again


  34. Guest Who says:

    Irony abounds.

    Sure. But when there’s 300,000 protesters in town, police stretched, you’re a public figure, maybe avoid?


  35. Guest Who says:

    BBC regular Kev is trying to boost.. a petition.

    “The Home Secretary is using dangerous rhetoric to divide communities. The consequence of this rhetoric were the scenes of far-right disorder we have just witnessed in London.” – ⁦@hopenothate petition for Suella Braverman’s sacking.

    As Stew noted yesterday, Nick has now rebranded his outfit ‘Hate’, which is in line with Mirror efforts in the back of trucks.


  36. StewGreen says:

    SkyNews posted last night with replies turned off


  37. vlad says:

    Again and again, I hear some Libtard on the BBC, referring to the Islamo-fascist demonstrations, trot out the lazy mantra that our glorious dead fought for the right of people to protest.

    NO, NO, NO.


    They did NOT fight and die for the right of the enemies of our country to invade our streets; spew their hate; terrorise our veterans, politicians, anyone wearing a poppy; and disrespect our dead and treasured institutions.

    They did NOT die for the right of a hostile, fascistic, totalitarian, religio-political ideology to impose itself on us and take over our institutions.

    They did NOT die for the right of invaders to fly their hateful flags, and chant their hateful war-cries.




    They did NOT die for this


    They did NOT die for this



  38. StewGreen says:

    National Youth Theatre guy @DanielYorkLoh (Looks Mayalsian or Indonesian to me)
    Got 5,000 Likes for tweeting Fake News

    I was at the cenotaph as part of the ceremony. They were chanting and singing during the silence. While the prayer was being read we could hear ‘oh Tommy Tommy’.

    The Far Right were NOT there to ‘honour the fallen’

    Dozens of replies call him out
    So he corrects himself and gets just 5, 8 Likes for that etc.


  39. Doublethinker says:

    Yesterday I posted on this site that the police needed tear gas, water cannon , rubber bullets to control riots. Fed Up said that once he would have agreed but that he now thought that such equipment would be much more likely to be used against British people than the various ethnic mobs who descend on our capital with the subliminal threat of violence always just under the surface.
    Events prove how right he was. The police simply back the ethnics and double down on the British. I noted how few police wore poppies. Were they scared of upsetting the Muslims or don’t they support the memory of those who fell for this country?


    • StewGreen says:

      Have you seen the vid where early on after Tommy left the riot squad split the group and get half on a quiet street and search them all ?


  40. StewGreen says:

    BBC Paul Lewis getting called out for his fakeNews on Tommy
    Of course Tommy never led any clashes, he was being livestreamed all the time until he left about 11:30am in a taxi

    BTW PaulB’s tweet there is now suppressed, it doesn’t appear on the list of quote tweets


    • vlad says:

      Mahyar Tousi was with Tommy Robinson and says he was peaceful the whole time and there was no trouble. He has the footage to prove it.


  41. vlad says:

    BBC: “300,000 attend pro-Palestinian march as about 100 counter-protesters arrested.”

    No mention how many Pro-Hamas protesters were arrested. Or don’t the police even bother anymore?



  42. vlad says:

    All these leftie useful idiots change their minds about Hamas when they read the small print about what it stands for.
    Instant red-pilling.


  43. Guest Who says:

    BBC still at it. From invitation to edit.

    [Sunak’s words] were almost an invitation to people to… misbehave, knowing they might see off the Met commissioner”
    Labour peer Shami Chakrabarti and former Tory MP Nadine Dorries say the PM has some “responsibility” for protest unrest
    #BBCLauraK https://bbc.in/3QwDaPX

    What was it about these two that first attractedThe BBC to get them in?


  44. digg says:

    The BBC and The Guardian are both vociferous in their repetitive reports that the Israeli military is attacking hospitals in Gaza, cutting off their electricity, Oxygen, Food and Fuel.

    Meanwhile an Israeli official has rubbished that pretty much, saying that Hamas are forcibly keeping Palestinians in the hospitals. cutting their own electrical supplies etc. and have their central command bunkers right underneath the hospital thereby forcibly putting sick Palestinian people between them and the pursuing israeli Military.

    Not exactly Geneva Convention stuff is it?

    Given the track record of Hamas so far I know which side I tend to believe.

    If I am correct, in my view that makes the BBC and The Guardian bedfellows with Hamas, in fact acting as pretty much Hamas propaganda agents whether by design or ignorance.

    I have yet to see the Israeli counter claims about this in either news source, so pretty balanced hey?


  45. Guest Who says:

    Sun’s back out..

    Just as Femi and friends start ‘debating’ ‘coconuts’ and Uncle Toms.

    Tony Blair pushing diversity to the fore has really improved the country a lot.


  46. Fedup2 says:

    I’ve avoided much of what has happened in the last 48 hours – but I read a piece written by Keir Starmer in the DT about how the words of Braverman have undermined what all those fought and died for in The Great War Part 1 and 2 ……

    … but the comments are forensic in their critique – ranging from his support hot Corbyn and his ‘friends ‘ to knee taking to taking his poppy off when addressing Muslims .

    Actions speak louder than words . In his article there is no reference to the fears of Jews – or the fears of the ordinary British who also sees Islam as a reason to fear ….. the echoes of the rise of nazism – appeasement – and the consequences are there to see – just substitute the word ‘Islam ‘ for nazi …..

    Doesn’t fare well for the future does it ?

    Meanwhile the campaign to depose the `home Secretary continues . But i d bet that although sunak might want to sack Braverman when he sees her popularity in the opinion polls he won’t be wise to do it ….
    Whichever way – she seems to be the future of blue labour – and might recreate a Conservative Party – but it’s all meaningless for a good few years to come ….


  47. StewGreen says:

    13:25pm Scarlett MccGwire on GBnews “but instead Tommy Robinson came down and threw stuff at the police
    92 arrests that is quite a lot !”

    Doh of course he didn’t.. live footage showed TR walking along peacefully
    At one point a smiling Pakistani journalist at one side of him and @MahyarTousi on the other
    .. https://youtu.be/R6BC7E4biPs?t=4419


  48. Zephir says:


    “Moment two poppy sellers at Victoria Station are surrounded by chanting pro-Palestine activists and are forced to pick up and move their stall – after many volunteers were left too terrified to raise cash over protest fears

    Footage shows dozens of protestors surrounding the poppy sellers yesterday
    The volunteers are forced to move from the area due to the ongoing disruption ”