Start the Week 20th November 2023

The coming week Budget – Tax – welfare – ( not enough )JFK( who dun it?) – Israel surrender ( ceasefire ) victory for Islamic Hamas – the BBC narrative <- mostly peaceful attacks on Jews .. look away in case it upsets the ‘community ‘….

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  1. MarkyMark says:

    Jo Cox husband sorry amid claims he grabbed woman by throat and said ‘I want to f*** you’
    Rachel O’DonoghueAssistant News Editor
    10:40, 18 FEB 2018UPDATED11:52, 18 FEB 2018



  2. tomo says:


  3. Zephir says:

    Regarding North Herts museum and referring to a Roman Emporer as “she” have a look at the curator, no surprise there


  4. JohnC says:

    Biden confuses Britney and Taylor at Turkey ceremony

    The BBC have tried to make this ceremony into a light-hearted comedy piece with jaunty music and lots and lots of careful editing.Every video of him is modified now to cut out the embarassing parts. Which prove beyond doubt that the BBC are deliberately covering it up.

    But no amount of effort by the BBC can cover up the excrutiating gaff by Biden at 1:00 as it was a ‘key’ part of the speech. There’s something macabre about watching a senile idiot struggle with serious mental issues like that while the BBC play oboe music as if it’s all a joke.

    No doubt the clip was put together by a couple of 20-something year old excited clones who were interviewed by another quota-clone who only wants useless people under them so they don’t get shown up.


  5. andyjsnape says:

    Gaza Strip in maps: Life in Gaza under siege

    We have seen many staged pictures from Gaza bought to us by the bbc

    Just look at the main picture #GETTY IMAGES on the above link


  6. MarkyMark says:

    0 voted for Rishi.
    0 voted for Cameron.
    Net zero interest.


    Samantha Cameron: Chinese factories can be better than British ‘sweat shops’
    Cameron said her fashion label Cefinn is manufactured in China because British factories failed the audit

    Anita Singh,
    26 June 2020 • 7:27pm


    Do ministers have to be MPs?
    No. Technically, ministers do not need to be members of either house of parliament, although it is convention that they sit in either the Commons or the Lords. This is because it is a core principle of the UK constitutional system that minsters are accountable to parliament.


  7. MarkyMark says:


    Since 2003, China has poured more cement every two years than the US managed in the entire 20th century. Even after a dip in recent years, China uses almost half the world’s concrete.28 Feb 2019


  8. Guest Who says:

    And now for a lighter moment, not featuring Nish. interns: “Sorry boss, we couldn’t find any race-baiting stories today”.

    BBC Boss: “Just find me something, I don’t care what it is!”

    BBC interns:
    BBC News (UK)
    Black women most likely to die in medieval London plague

    But enough levity… this is serious:
    “Mike Davis Vows to Jail and Deport Mehdi Hasan if Trump Reelected”

    Land of free speech it may be, but what if a loophole is found with recent import MSNBC hate preacher Hasan?

    We might get the weasel back here!


    • StewGreen says:

      @KemiBadenoch MP replies

      BBC “Black women most likely to die in medieval London plague”
      This study is unreliable and the headline inaccurate and alarmist.

      The 675 year old remains of 49 people who died of the Black Death were analysed and 9 were found to be “probably” black.

      The Black Death killed over half of London.
      Making it a racism issue is nonsensical.

      Too many organisations (and news outlets) use misleading race statistics to alarm ethnic minorities and whip up tensions around history and racism.

      This undermines social cohesion in our country. I’ve written to the Museum of London expressing my concerns. (2/2)


      also : The bbc omit to mention that Dr Dorothy Kim, is not a scientist,
      but Assistant Professor of English, a medievalist, digital humanist, a intersectional feminist.


  9. JohnC says:

    Watch: Jeremy Bowen on what it’s like to report from Israel and Gaza

    ‘The BBC’s international editor Jeremy Bowen has returned to London after more than a month reporting from the front lines in Israel and Gaza.’

    Well well well. I wonder if he has been recalled because his clear support for the terrorists has become a major embarassment for the BBC trying to hide their position officially but using innuendo and fake pictures to influence opinion.

    I for one have no stomach to watch that ethically barren liar. Let me know if he says anything interesting ….


    • MarkyMark says:

      “Israeli official says 50 hostages to be released over four days
      The BBC has been hearing from a senior Israeli official about a potential deal.”



    • Guest Who says:

      More likely he has made life tricky, if not impossible, for the ECU.

      They can blow off almost anything, but inaccuracy is impossible to fudge away, and he and team have, and been allowed, to step over way too many lines.


  10. Zephir says:

    Send back to shithole she came from please:

    “Hate crime task force member in Maryland suggests babies murdered by Hamas were fake, compares Israel to Nazi Germany ”


  11. Zephir says:

    @ JohnC

    “The BBC’s international editor Jeremy Bowen has returned to London after more than a month reporting from the front lines in Israel and Gaza.’

    Having proved his abilities beyond doubt, Now working for Jackanory ?


  12. JohnC says:

    Mizzy: TikTok prankster detained for posting videos without consent

    Immediate alarms bells for this one : black guy sent to prison and the BBC article falls over itself to make sure we aren’t told what he has done.

    Apparently he goes round entering other people houses and videoing them for TikTok. Of course they don’t know if he has a knife or whatever and they will be terrorised. All in all, another lawless black scumbag piece of sh1t.

    Which of course is why the BBC don’t tell us. They protect people like him to use as ‘victims’.

    Here he is being interviewed by people who aren’t racists like the BBC.


  13. Guest Who says:
    We are aware of a number of inaccurate claims being made online in relation to last night’s episode of University Challenge and we utterly condemn the abuse that has been posted and shared.

    For the avoidance of doubt, this episode was filmed in March. The mascot is one of many chosen by the team during the course of the series and is one of their favourite animals.

    The jacket worn by one of the contestants was navy blue, orange, pink and green, bought from a High Street retailer. It has no connection to any flag.

    – BBC spokesperson

    Methinks they spokesweasel too much.



  14. tomo says:

    I think Silvio makes some fair points there…

    Doubtless others doing the same – time there was a cull.


  15. tomo says:

    Crisp salesman links to Owen Jones


  16. digg says:

    There are so many twisted and deranged people now in positions of supposed power who are desperately trying to shove their warped ideology onto society it is jaw-dropping on where they are prepared to go….

    It is basically sad people trying to justify their own deviancy.

    The bigger problem is the eagerness that our national media jump onboard…..

    It says much about the level of basic understanding employed.These people are simply mad!


  17. digg says:

    Just so we know where we are, the Muslim political leader of Scotland wants the UK to endorse a bloodthirsty bunch of bastards in Gaza as a legitimate organisation. Just take a minute to think about what this means for his intentions in Scotland and finally in this Country….

    He wants to urge the recognition of a Palestinian state. The fact there is already one seems to escape him…

    He refuses to admit that any “state” for Palestine is only acceptable if it means Israel is obliterated.

    I would urge Israel to keep going until not one belligerent Palestinian twat is still walking. It’s the only way they can guarantee their country is safe.


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