Start the Week 15th January 2024

The Post Office horror has highlighted the consequences of private investigators being motivated by money . BBC licence enforcement is carried out by companies which in turn employ private citizens to get prosecutions for not having a TV licences – a criminal offence. Perhaps the time has come for better control of such activities – or the replacement of the licence with a subscription ….

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  1. digg says:


    Get in line everybody!

    …. And apologies for the fruity language I may have used from time to time last week… blame it on the BBC, they keep winding me up!


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  3. tomo says:


  4. tomo says:

    YouGov at it again



  5. tomo says:

    Someone’s going to get a visit?


  6. tomo says:


    • Deborah says:

      Perhaps it is warmer in Munich than the north of England. I noticed the men are all in t-shirts, could it have been filmed a while ago ? I am sure someone who speaks German or is a techie could advise.


  7. Eddy Booth says:



  8. Lucy Pevensey says:


    • JohnC says:

      The biggest problem here is that the BBC do this again and again and OFCOM stay quiet.

      THEY should be the focus of huge pressure to force the BBC to reform. Instead we only hear about them going after right-wing channels. And the ultimate ones responsible – our politicians – do nothing. All of those who had the courage to stand up have been removed – by the BBC and their ability to apply immense public pressure. Including a Prime Minister.


  9. JohnC says:

    Six held over plot to disrupt London Stock Exchange

    I nearly didn’t bother reading this on the BBC as the headline is so flat and boring, I assumed it was just some criminals aiming to profit in some way.

    Then I see the express headline:
    ‘Pro-Palestine mob plotting UK economic chaos by ‘shutting down’ London Stock Exchange’
    ‘Police arrest pro-Palestine protestors for ‘locking on’ plot to shut down the London Stock Exchange’ from CNBC
    So it gets my interest.

    The BBC report just says:
    ‘The Met Police said information suggested activists from the Palestine Action group were intending to target the exchange on Monday,’
    That’s it. The ‘Palestine Action Group’ is not mentioned again and neither is any motive or description of what else they have done.

    ‘Thomas thanked the Daily Express, who supplied the information, for “their willingness to provide the information gleaned from their own investigation”’

    Isn’t it amazing that despite all the billions they get for free each year, the BBC NEVER turn up anything like this against the agenda ?.

    Instead they put some clueless clone into BooHoo for 10 weeks to tell us ‘They pretend they can get a lower price in order to get suppliers to drop their quote’.

    What a complete a total farce the BBC have become.


    • andyjsnape says:

      Good morning John

      I was scrolling up the page, and first saw you had typed “What a complete a total farce the BBC have become” – I didn’t need to read anything else, you immediately got a “like” from me 🙂


    • tomo says:

      PAG – they’re the “Gas Da Jooz” crew from Sydney Opera Hose iirc.


  10. JohnC says:

    They were Israel’s eyes on the border – but their Hamas warnings went unheard

    … and another completely selective, completely out of context article from the BBC which is very obviously missing one whole side of the story.

    And why would the BBC do that you might ask. Here’s why : they are women:

    You get an idea of the ‘professionalism’ of the reporter for such a serious topic when you read:
    ‘In their free time, the young women would learn dance routines, cook dinners together, and watch TV programmes. For many, their time in the military was their first time living away from their families, and they describe forming sisterly bonds.’

    Once again it’s an article for idiots written by a kidult. It’s right from the ‘Panorama’ mold where only things to support the desired conclusion are used.

    The author is the same as that recent empathy-extravaganza ‘Awni Eldous: The Palestinian boy who dreamed of YouTube fame’ : Alice Cuddy.

    It tells us everything about what the BBC has become that people like her are writing articles like this.


    • Eddy Booth says:

      “Noa, not her real name, says ..”

      So how come the BBC never use this concealed identity ploy with Palestinians in Gaza – to tell us what they might be thinking about Hamas etc?


    • Up2snuff says:

      JohnC, another example of the BBC’s misandry – that was my first thought as I read the ‘taster’ a.k.a. ‘clickbait’.


    • JohnC says:

      Good God – the BBC have put this feminist/misandrist tripe as the top headline on the main page !!!.

      They are completely out of control.


    • Kikuchiyo says:

      I’m not clear on what your criticism is.

      All news articles are, by their nature, “selective”. How can it be ‘completely out of context’ – the context is October 7th. Obviously.


      • JohnC says:

        The context is the whole situation leading up to and during the attack by Hamas.

        The BBC article trys hard to infer that if Israel had listened to these few women, the whole massacre may have been avoided.

        When you start seeing empathy in stories like this, it’s a new technique I’ve noticed they use where they plant an idea with no actual evidence but then quickly bring in emotion to stop you thinking about it. It’s a very dirty trick.

        There is a LOT more to the story the BBC have deliberately missed out. Like when they told us Egypt had warned Israel of an attack. It was not a specific warning, it was a vague warning that something might happen. No time frame or anything. The BBC missed that out because they are trying to infer the blame for it is with the Israeli government.


  11. Fedup2 says:

    An easy win for the Far Left BBC – a survey of 14 000 voters on voting intentions in the general election showing the coming wipe out for blue labour – …I think I was part of the survey ….

    Anyway surprisingly it predicts blue labour will still have a 3 figure number of MPs – 169? With various dross cabinet ministers booted out ….

    My mp – ids – will be replaced by a far left Muslim Hamas supporting woman ….

    The comments in the Telegraph are almost wholely pleased that these fraudulent tories go – border – taxes – green crap will do for them … and the next lot will be the same ….

    Meanwhile more fraud being practiced in Iowa US where they are going through the motions of democracy by pretending votes count …. when Obama is set for his 4th term ….


  12. AsISeeIt says:

    Seen stepping off a UK Border Force vessel edition

    The mildly, residually, conservative Daily Telegraph gets the big thumbs up from our BBC news online press review with instant promotion to the top spot for this main headline: Tories facing 1997-style wipeout

    How could the boys and girls at the Beeb fail to place that frontpage in poll position (you’ll forgive my pun): Most extensive election poll in five years predicts party will retain just 169 seats… Rishi is predicted to lose some 200 seats according to YouGov polling (Telegraph)

    And yet perversely one senses the eletorate is increasingly of the national conservative, socially conservative bent. The explantation of course is that the Tory leadership in our parliament is neither and the public have at last sussed them.

    Read beyond those headlines that have so titillated the BBC newsroom crew and you read this telling analysis: ‘None of this is driven by huge Labour popularity. It is the result of a collapse driven by dissatisfaction’ (Telegraph Commentary, David Frost: Lord Frost is the former chief Brexit negotiator)

    Meanwhile on the left – they do say that all Starmer has to do now to win and prove Rishi was simply his seat warmer is not drop the Ming vase. Or perhaps rephrase that to not promise the Chinese communist govenrment to return the Ming vase as colonial reparations? But of course the wet Tories have already done that with Greece and our Elgin Marbles.

    The left do so love a slogan and to borrow one from an over-priced tea mug so often seen for sale in some tatty Pakistani-run London Oxford Street tourist trap souvenir shop – which is all we’ll have left to display after we’ve repatriated all the museum treasures of the world – meanwhile naturalising all the populations of the world with the gift of a long-stay visa: “Keep calm and carry on” – less so: “Carry on Sir Keir” – starring a somewhat hapless Jim Dale as Starmer, a brassy Barbara Windsor as Angela Raynor, Charles Hawtrey as Hilary Benn, a young Kenneth Williams as that young gay one and perhaps a welcome return for a black-face Hattie Jacques in the role of Diane Abbott. Not so much a digression there as a flight of fantasy… not fancy

    The Guardian, rather sensibly, keeps calm and carries on plugging away at those safe issues for the left: Our NHS and Brexit: NHS drugs shortage poses threat to patients’ lives say pharmacists… Alarm as scale of crisis revealed, with high costs blamed on Brexit – Keep those pills popping, eh?

    Measels is back… returning across the country, after low vaccination rates… – gosh, I wonder what could have knocked public confidence in vaccination? And what communities, mind you, might be most failing to vaccinate? …low vaccination rates led to a large outbreak in the Midlands (Times)

    The pound shop Guardian that is the ‘i’ newspaper shows why political attack is best left to the real thing: Revealed: UK grants asylum to Rwandans despite claims country is safe – where to start unpacking that gone off at half-cock in the ‘i headline?

    Firstly, style-wise, there’s the rather naff and now so old hat deployment of the hackneyed ‘despite‘ construction. No wonder the BBC relagated this frontpage to a mid-table spot in their press line-up – much prefering the Broadcasting House office party Champers cork popper in the Telegraph.

    Then there’s the substance of the report – it’s song from a hymn sheet that plays well to a youth-orientated choir – but wins over no neutrals – instead confirming conservative priors that our present blob will grant asylum to just about anyone from anywhere on earth on just about any pretext and that the Tory Rwanda scheme is naught but a hollow sham.

    I suppose – in the interest of balance – we have to check what the Rishi lackey loyalist Daily Express has to say on the matter: Tory rebels told Rwanda Bill will stop ‘evil’ boat gangs – the word Bill capiltalised, no less.

    The freebie giveaway Metro does a Daily Mirror style bleeding heart job today (meanwhile the real Labour-supporting Mirror nurtures that Ming vase carefully by sticking safely by that Post Office story: We can’t let them off the hook – is today’s rather revealing continuity screamer)

    As 5 migrants drown in Channel… Stop the boats, rows, DEATHS (free corporate advertising low wage supermarket employer giveaway sheet Metro – doing a Mr AsI-style headline correction job) – further down in the text of the latest report from our sea border: A separate group of migrants was seen stepping off a UK Border Force vessel hours earlier after being rescued near Dover – further comment would seem superfluous.


  13. andyjsnape says:

    Todays “always someone else’s fault” brought to you by the bbc

    Police left children at mercy of grooming gangs in Rochdale, report says


    • Fedup2 says:

      Andy – meesh having a chat with a bbc droid at a plod press conference ….. she wondered why the police – led by chief constable Mohamed and the council – run by his brother – councillor Mohammed didn’t do anything about the child rapists ( the term grooming is hence forth banned on this site )

      The bbc droid didn’t answer the question – so I will – it’s because if plod had done anything Muslims like meesh would be screeching about ‘racism’ – the paki element as 3rd world rapists was left out of the piece – of course ….

      And – in common with the post office horror – Grenfell – blood scandal – the names of those responsible are left out – as is any punishment – carry on as before – promotions all round …


  14. Doublethinker says:

    The ruling neo liberal elite is beginning its expected war on dissenters.
    We have seen in Poland that the EU withheld money , 80 billion Euro, until Tusk was put back in power .
    In the USA the blob, deep state , call it what you will, is determined that Trump will not be elected. Some Lee Harvey Oswald figure will already be lined up in case all the other ‘insurance’ policies , and there are many, fail.
    In Germany the blob is laying the groundwork for the AfD to be outlawed on the grounds that it , or at least a few of its members, are undermining the German constitution. On the other hand In Spain the left are keeping the right out of power by doing deals with separatist parties which are clear breaches of the constitution. The law can be made to do the bidding of the blob in any circumstances.
    In Holland Wilders is struggling to form a coalition because none of the other parties will work with him. Why not? Does the EU have anything to do with it? You can bet your bottom dollar that they do.

    What will happen this summer at the elections for the European Parliament? It is likely that many countries will vote for parties of the right that are Euro sceptic . But these national parties don’t have strong links across national boundaries and so are easy prey for the Brussels bureaucrats to bribe, blackmail or threaten and pick off one by one. So even with the voters of Europe swinging to the right the Euro blob will still find a way of keeping their project on the road.

    The hyperglobalist neo liberals have all the levers of power and they will use them ruthlessly to protect and extend their hegemony. In these circumstances democracy alone cannot overthrow them.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Double – I think the EU will use the Obama / Biden method of vote fixing …


    • Scroblene says:

      You’ve awakened the Keats and Yeats in me, Double!

      I read that as ‘Blobalist hedge-money’!

      Your euros are definitely in the post!


    • Up2snuff says:

      Double, one world government is on its way!


  15. Foscari says:

    “BIG BROTHER, how are we at the diversity department
    of the BBC going to handle this latest enquiry into what
    is called the grooming gang scandal?”
    ” Listen up everybody this is a directive from BIG BROTHER.
    When we are writing the scripts for the news . On NO
    account are we to mention British Pakistani men.
    This is paramount. If I find out that if anybody lets the
    word Pakistani slip out . They will be sacked immediately.
    Just like the men that drove through Golders Green in
    London using megaphones screaming out ” we are here to rape your sisters and mothers” they are to be referred to as
    ASIAN men.
    ” But BIG BROTHER they don’t come from Japan, Korea, ,
    Uzbekistan etc.”,” Patel you are sacked.”


  16. DiamondLights says:

    Just flicked on BBC Breakfast this morning whilst munching on my toast, to see a piece on potholes and how the AA and RAC have responded to hundreds and thousands of road incidents owning to the poor state of our roads.

    It took less than 10 seconds for the Beeboid presenters to attribute the proliferation of potholes to…yes, you’ve guessed it – climate change.

    Whilst some weather conditions may affect the condition of asphalt on our most used roads, they made it sound like we, as a nation, are actually responsible for the neglect because we still eat meat and drive diesel cars. Oh do f*ck off!

    Perhaps I’m wrong, but I thought local councils were responsible for upholding the state of local highways? Our taxes pay for the upkeep surely? Maybe there’s a shortage of manpower (sorry, person-power) to physically fill in, well, all the ruddy holes?

    May I suggest a PR exercise of mobilising all our tax payer funded asylum seeker filled hotels with men of fighting age to pick up a spade and get stuck in? Nope, didn’t think so.


    • tomo says:

      saw the www version … commented below

      I’m down £350 d/t Somerset Council’s potholes in the last 3 months.


    • Up2snuff says:

      DL, there is a lack of supervisory knowledge and skill at the Borough Engineer level. I got talking to a foreman of a gang of pot-hole fillers a while back and he was moaning at me that it was the third time they had been called out to that stretch of road because the Local Authority had used two incompetent gangs on the first two occasions that had not been instructed properly by the Borough Engineer and had not had a foreman in charge who knew how the job should be done!


    • Kikuchiyo says:

      “Potholes are the bane of many of our lives and put drivers, cyclists and even pedestrians at risk of serious injury,” says Roger Harding, director of Round Our Way. “The weather extremes that climate change brings are sadly creating many more of them at a time when cuts mean repairs are already not keeping up.”


  17. Thoughtful says:

    Good morning readers! The start of a new week, a nice bright sunny day and it’s below freezing here.

    Just pondering the whys and wherefores of todays Tory party I have reaced the conclusion that after they were deprived of policy and direction by Brexit, they turned to aping the US Democrat party.

    Pre Biden the US Democrats were centre Left not as far to the Left as the UK Labour party, and certainly not as far to the Left as Jeremy Corbyn, but then because the Tories are lazy and dim, they didn’t notice that Biden had moved the party to the far Left and that they were now following policies which were verging on Marxist.

    The latest example of aping the US Democrats is the taxation of what are colloquially known as “Side Hustles”. So now if you sell more than £1000 on Ebay Inland Revenue will be informed.

    This is deeply anti free enterprise, from little acorns might oaks grow and who knows what small beginings might be stifled without the much needed small amount of capital the taxman will now grasp.

    These tiny efforts of individuals sometimes known as kitchen table enterprises or pin money in the old days are the life blood of a free economy and country, this Marxist government is attempting to destroy those small sparks which can grow to a fire.

    As I said previous, the Tories are lazy and dim, everyone knows just how unpopular the Biden (mal)administration is and the Tories are equally unpopular, I’m just surprised we haven’t heard the chant at sports stadia, F*** Rishi Sunak !


    • taffman says:

      Reform/UKIP or even both?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thoughful – I saw that you posted a thing about US car ownership … I started watching it but realised the chap talking about it was not talking about car ownership but finance .

      And it reminded me that america is big – states are big – only the car can reliably get from A to B ….. and that a key economic indicator for voters is ‘the price of gas ‘ – so I concluded the chap is stupid and gave up .


      • Thoughtful says:

        He covered many issues in block form, finance being one of them, as he got further through he covered the history of how far back this planned policy goes and how it is still policy today. He was able to present facts to support his assertion which is why I posted it.

        The USA is an incredibly badly designed and planned society, a place where a builder can build thousands of homes without any supporting infrastructure at all. There are no shops, schools doctors surgeries, nothing at all but houses, and because our muppet politicians slavishly follow their American masters it happens here too.

        If you want to be a functioning member of society car ownership is essential, the nearest shop might be over an hours drive away, When you consider this a 15 minute city makes sense – it’s when the muppets try to apply US policy to the UK it becomes like banging a square peg into a round hole.


        • Lucy Pevensey says:

          “USA is an incredibly badly designed and planned society, ”

          Absolutely, verifiably false. I’ve lived in 3 different American States and visited dozens of others. It’s a new country compared to ours and the grid-systems of the major cities are extremely well planned. The smaller towns are sometimes different but hardly lacking infrastructure. You need a car mostly ‘out West’ in the big states where building is spread outwards not upwards. Building is spread out simply because they have much more space. Not because planning is bad.

          Schools, doctors & shops of all kinds are in abundance everywhere people dwell. even on the Native American reservations.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Thoughtful, when I were young the US Democrats under Jack Kennedy were very much a MAGA Party – Make America Great Again.


  18. tomo says:

    The roads the cars run on….

    The US has major issues with infrastructure maintenance finance …

    Meanwhile here, rather predictably from the BBC – we get “Potholes are climate change”


  19. tomo says:

    This snippet from the Australian Senate Finance and Public Administration Committee is doing the rounds.

    Likely to trigger indignation at the BBC?


    • Deborah says:

      I know many organisations are obliged to receive information on the gender pay gap. I am just wondering how the pay of those who are Arthur on some days and Martha on others is included. And then there are those who define themselves as somewhere in between. Inclusion of they / thems must cause a real headache.


  20. andyjsnape says:

    Zayn Malik: Fans rejoice at ex-One Direction member’s Urdu single

    News? Rejoice?

    bbc get a life, stop trying to appeal to the foreigners – they do not pay your tele tax


  21. digg says:

    Greater Manchester Police grooming gang expose of total failure to act. Even the BBC are being forced to report on it….

    I wonder if this means that the BBC will now formally apologise to Stephen Yaxley Lennon otherwise known as Tommy Robinson for all the smears and accusations they aimed at him?

    And will the police and solicitors and courts who handed him jail time to try to shut him up also apologise?


    • Guest Who says:

      My wife handles the family finances, partly because she studied bookkeeping and partly because I tend to buy chain saws at Lidl when sent out for milk.

      So I am prepared to concede the fairer sex can be quite responsible with budgeting.

      However, it is noticeable that Surkeer tends to send out his front bench wimmin to blow the gazillions Labour is set to secure from all the billionaires staying in London to get their homes repossessed, on each of their respective briefs.

      Ms. Debonair is shovelling it the arts, now JSO has shut down sponsors. Rach at everything. The bobs at theirs…

      And so far no obvious challenge from the political of money media, presumably assured of fat salaries and guaranteed pensions for running cover?


  22. tomo says:



  23. tomo says:

    Easy to think Tusk’s crew in Poland are trialling the EU’s plans?


  24. StewGreen says:

    It’s interesting Lineker chooses to NOT tweet about
    He and Vorderman only seem to tweet about agendas that Labour activists tweet about


  25. pugnazious says:

    Yeah, right….Andy Burnham says….

    ”It is only by facing up fully and unflinchingly to what happened that we can be sure of bringing the whole system culture change needed when it comes to protecting children from abuse.”

    Which is why no-one at all mentions the fact that the rapes and abuse in Rochdale and Rotherham were race and religion based….the girls were targeted because they were white and non-Muslim…so they didn’t matter.

    Listening to the Today show you’d think the BBC was at the forefront of any campaign to expose what was going on…but they weren’t…they play catch-up and do their exposés long after the fact and then try to claim credit for doing so. No mention of race or religion just the BBC’s Rowan Bridge repeatedly mentioning how brilliant the BBC was.

    Looking at it fully and unflinchingly they’d tell us the truth…but even that ‘fully and unflinching’ is a lie….maybe one the BBC will expose in 10 years time eh?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Yes i heard that lie – that rewriting of events . The BBC happier targetting mr yexley than the muslim paki paedo rape gangs .
      Perhaps after the post office drama the BBC will do a drama on paki rape gangs – plenty of coloured actors about these days ..


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      On the BBC lunchtime news they were still talking about “Asian men”!


  26. andyjsnape says:

    Veganuary recipes lectures, so many to not choose:-


  27. tomo says:


  28. G says:

    “Pathological Liars: What To Do When Your Child Can’t Stop Lying”.

    Boris, Biden, Rich Sunak & Co. et al.

    All together now,

    “Liar, liar, pants on fire………….”


  29. taffman says:

    As the Tories flail about making pre election “Pledges” eg., immigration, and “stopping the boats” etc., remember this one published in 2015?


  30. pugnazious says:

    Ah yes, housing…we’re very short of houses and the young are being betrayed.

    How can the BBC’s flagship current affairs and news programme look at the housing shortage without once asking why we’re short of houses? Almost like they didn’t want to go there and reveal the answer…..mass, massive, immigration, legal and illegal. Just where do you house 700,000 new ‘Brits’ in one year?

    I haven’t heard the BBC mention this…but they must have, they hate Elon Musk and this would have enraged them…..

    ‘Elon Musk warns migrants are ‘coming for your homes’ after NYC kids forced out of classroom ‘

    As even the Mail tried to rubbish this, despite it being 100% true, the BBC must have slammed him again….the Mail claims…

    ‘There is no proof that any local government in the country has moved to force people to house migrants in residential homes or has plans to do so. ‘

    Hmmmm…and yet the good citizens of Massachusetts were asked by the Governor to open their doors and give room to migrants…

    ‘“Most importantly, if you have an extra room or suite in your home, please consider hosting a family. Housing and shelter is our most pressing need and become a sponsor family,” said Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll.’

    We know it happened here for Ukrainians and that in Germany it was compulsory…people housed in local authority housing were told to leave and find themselves a new home so that migrants could take over their old home.

    How long before it is compulsory…not just forced to live next door to a massive immigration centre but forced to ‘sponsor’ a migrant or two? Of course we already sponsor them with our taxes…but let’s not talk about that….and the legal migrants cost us as well…billions more than what they earn according to Migration Watch.

    Look at what is happening in New York and elsewhere with the system breaking down and you can see drastic measures will have to be taken…especially as the floodgates remain wide open and more and more people swamp America and Britain.


  31. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – naughty Mishal, naughty!

    Mishal Husain can be forgiven – as a Muslim – for not being completely knowledgeable about the Bible but she has obviously heard and repeated a Blood Libel from the Old Testament (perhaps from Judge Napolitano’s interview with Professor Sachs?) and raised the ‘Ahimelech’ thing with Grant Shapps on TOADY this morning. Shapps cannot be forgiven (his parents were Jewish) for lack of Biblical knowledge.


    As I understand it God used the Children of Israel as a tool of judgement in a pagan world without policemen and Courts of Justice to bring justice for humans who were being mistreated by the Pagans. For example, child sacrifice and children and adults being made to walk through fire or on hot coals, also groves and statues and altars to pagan gods. That is why the Old Testament of the Bible has a lot of slaying and blood in it.

    A good example to read up on is Jericho in the book of Joshua here: and note particularly the sin of Achan and its judgement by God, including the medium to longer term judgements and their effect on Israel, in chapter 7 of Joshua.


  32. andyjsnape says:

    Germany’s far right seek revolution in farmers’ protests

    its those bad Far Right people again

    Even bbc verify is on the case, so what!


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      Andy: “both farmers and others who attend these demos have told us they feel too much money is being sent abroad – a common refrain of the far-right.”

      Getting fed up with globalist money laundering = nazism


  33. Terminal Moraine says:

    NBC News not even trying to hide it any more:

    “A network of public interest groups and lawmakers, nervous about former President Trump’s potential return to power, is quietly devising plans to foil any effort on his part to pressure the U.S. military to carry out his political agenda.”

    Reply: “You literally just described the deep state. Still think it doesn’t exist @NBCNews ?”


  34. Terminal Moraine says:

    “AI could be used to stop vandalism of historic sites. Research published by Prof Robin Bryant found an increase in the defacement of churches, castles and monasteries in an area of Kent […] ‘approximately one in five listed buildings and one in four places of worship in Kent and Medway experience some form of crime each year. AI offers the possibility to link offences together to the same offenders.’”

    I’m confident I could work out who’s doing the vandalism equipped only with my old ZX81. It wouldn’t even have to be plugged in.

    Well done Flaminia Luck, a glittering career in investigative journalism at the beeb awaits (if you’re real that is, and not an AI creation).



    • Fedup2 says:

      AI – an anogram .. must be some good AI stuff on 1 april …


    • Guest Who says:

      Not blonde, but….


    • StewGreen says:

      23 Dec Guardian article just happens to have some lines the same
      Bryant said that
      AI offers the possibility to link offences together to the same offenders:
      “That, in classic policing terms, is normally a very good start in terms of an investigation.”

      Friday 6am BBC article
      “AI offers the possibility to link offences together to the same offenders
      … . In classic policing terms, this is normally a very good start in terms of an investigation.”

      BTW 3 hours later another website copied the BBC article changing the start but being lazy at the end, as entire sections were the same

      Churnalist : someone who copies and pastes PR material… churns it
      The Guardian article is much longer
      I’d expect she made a condensed version of the Guardian article
      or just happened to have been sent the same PR material


  35. Thoughtful says:

    The Marxist Sunak is facing pressure and possible rebellion from some different Marxists in his party !


  36. tomo says:

    How long before the BBC claim Putin’s controlling those revolting German. Polish + Dutch farmers?

    Anybody seen claims that Labour “are considering” a plan to house migrants in spare rooms across the UK?


  37. tomo says:


    • Guest Who says:

      Maybe a special shuttle for BBC reporters, Judges, etc?


      • Docmarooned says:

        I assume this is part of the net zero garbage. Scare the travelling public that the pilots are OK from a DEI standpoint but probably poorly equipped to fly the plane so zero passengers.


    • vlad says:

      Gad Saad is joking, of course, but it’s a fact that US airlines have been prioritising diversity in their recruitment policies. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that a door recently blew off an Alaskan Airlines flight.
      DEI is all very well for useless jobs like BBC employees or HR departments, but when it comes to pilots or surgeons, call me old-fashioned but I prefer them to be selected on ability and qualification rather than race or sexual orientation.


  38. Fedup2 says:

    The instinct of the Far Left to ban or cancel a threat runs very deep – whether it be attempts to prevent someone running to be U S president – or a german political party which is too ‘ popular’ – the Far Left MSM – led by the BBC – will pile on

    I notice – in the case of the US – that out justin is in iowa – an old hunting ground – praying that the folks wont vote for president trump – but knowing deep down that for all the MSM – democrat poison- he d romp a fair election …


  39. pugnazious says:

    Not surprised to hear Muslim Mishal Husain suggesting we should be bombing Israel as we do the Houthis….though why she thinks the two situations are in anyway comparable is somewhat questionable. Presumably she thinks own navy should bomb itself for daring to bomb the innocent Houthis.

    The enemy is definitely within.


  40. StewGreen says:

    The Quds account has nearly half million followers
    Are they Hamas PR ?


  41. andyjsnape says:

    Blue Peter announces new presenter



    • Guest Who says:

      PPE at KCL.

      There’s a thing.

      It used to Engineering, Medicine and Law. Now it seems to be standing outside protesting.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      I wonder if any white people bothered to apply? It is getting to the stage where there is just no point.


  42. tomo says:

    Pootine’s agents foment unrest

    … it’s definitely building… I wonder if Merkel’s made herself scarce … thinking 1920s here


    • G says:

      No in-depth reporting by our, “Worlds Most Trusted”, no doubt anxious to prevent any ‘flame fanning’ duplication here in the UK. God forbid.


  43. vlad says:

    While one expects the leftist, elitist, globalist, snobbish BBC to sneer at Trump, how depressing that our right-leaning press do the same.
    A recent hysterical article in the DM claimed a Trump victory would spell the end of democracy, and yesterday a headline ran: “We Britons are flabbergasted he really could be President again, but…”

    Well, this Briton is not at all flabbergasted.
    And far from threatening democracy, Trump is the last hope FOR democracy in the US, and it’s the Obama / Biden regime that are the real threat to Democracy.

    Another article in today’s DM warns that the world order is being “shaken to the core by hostile states like Russia, China and Iran”.
    And who, pray, enabled and emboldened those states, if not Obama/ Biden? And who warned about them if not Trump?

    A very good case could be made that if Trump had won the last election, the Afghan debacle would not have occurred, the US would be much more powerful militarily, economically, and energy-wise, which would have deterred Russia from invading Ukraine, and China (‘Chai-na’) from invading Taiwan. The Abraham Accords would have pressed ahead and advanced peace in the Middle East.
    Obama / Biden could not have pursued their insane policy of pumping billions into Iran, the greatest sponsor of terrorism and instability in the Middle East and beyond.
    Hamas would not have carried out their murderous attack on Israel.
    Oh, and as a bonus for us Brits, Anglophile Trump would have signed favourable trade deals with the UK as opposed to Anglophobe Biden’s stalling.

    In other words, on EVERY SINGLE major issue, Trump was right and Obama/Biden were wrong.

    Added to that, at home Trump would have rolled back the lunacy of Trans madness, BLM madness, DEI madness, Pride madness, Open border madness, Globalism madness and Climate alarmism. He would have continued speaking out against the nefarious spread of Islam, and at least attempted to drain the swamp, and halt the long march through American institutions.
    The latter are domestic American issues but the ramifications would have spread out to the Anglo world, such is the cultural influence of the USA.
    To sum up, under Madman Trump the world would be a safer, saner, more peaceful and more prosperous place.
    And still they mock him !!


  44. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch # 1 – oh, that is a coincidence, is it not BBC?

    Top of the Bog! er …. Blog: is bad news for Rishi Sunak and the Conservative Party that he leads. See the Daily Telegraph front page. Unfortunately, Lord Frost is not a hereditary Peer so he cannot resign his Peerage and become Tory Leader


    • StewGreen says:

      The Marquess of Salisbury, who retired in 1902, was the last Prime Minister to lead a government from the Lords.

      In Trollopes lifetime there were seven PM’s who governed from the HOuse of Lords
      often it was in their second term as they went up to the Lords and still stayed PM


      • Up2snuff says:

        Stew, yes that is correct. I’m sadly old enough to remember Alec Douglas-Home who resigned his hereditary peerage to be elected as an MP and then won the election (did they have them in those days, maybe it was just by popular acclaim?) to become leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister.


  45. StewGreen says:

    9am Radio 4 Green Supremacist show
    11am Radio4 Black Supremacist show

    9am Climate show When I heard BS tweets I looked to join the Twitter discussion during the show, but there wasn’t any
    As if no normal people were listening to the show.
    Rather there were just PR tweets from agencies or mates of people on the show
    They gathered very few Likes

    8:12am Michael Meeedith’s own pre-show PR 23 Likes
    9:06am Michael Meeedith’s college PR tweet 1 Like ..4 followup tweets almost no Likes
    1:20pm second Michael Meeedith college PR tweet , zero Likes
    9:15 Hannah Ritchie PR tweet 2 Likes
    9:25 #ClimateCapitalism #Davos2024 tweet Likes
    11:19 @Data4JusticeStA PR tweet for Hannah Ritchie zero Likes
    11:42 @AkshatRathi PR tweet 3 Likes
    11:49 Michael Meeedith British Arctic Survey PR tweet 7 Likes
    12:44 @GongComms PR tweet : zero Likes

    1:45pm R4 ‘The Kids are Alt Right’. James explores the recent success of radical right parties & how their support base is often younger than expected.


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      Regarding no normal people listening, digital radio is a wonderful thing. So many stations to choose from. 🙂


  46. tomo says:

    I wonder what’s going on at Diego Garcia?

    That’s the place they stockpiled loadsa whizz-bangery last time the crazy USN admirals thought they’d get a crack at Iran.


  47. tomo says:

    Rape gang judge burned out…


    Grim hardly covers it and looking through what he’s had to deal with … it seems (very) likely that if it were widely known there’d be some vigilante stuff going down


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      Off to the Seychelles with the useless bar-steward. Make sure it is a one way ticket too.

      The legal system has done everything to manufacture this problem. Right from who we import, to the removal of the best protector of children i.e. the biological father, then the waycist witch-hunts.

      We have had legal activism after legal activism after legal activism.

      If I was an undertaker I would rather have 100 customers who were judges than 1 bBC reporter.