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  1. Thoughtful says:

    Oh me, me me me !


  2. harry142857 says:

    Congrats, Thoughtful , well deserved.


  3. Guest Who says:

    So, it turns out the bbc has a hub… for identity.


    Which is nice.


  4. digg says:

    UK faces coldest January night in 14 years.


    I’m saying nothing, nothing, just like the BBC.


  5. Jeff says:

    Yes, as digg has just pointed out, it’s the coldest January night for 14 years. It’s 5 to 6 degrees lower than usual for this time of the year. Shiver me timbers…

    And to add a wee frisson of irony to this chilly night, just catching GB News, apparently children’s “Word of the Year” (I had no idea there was such a thing) is “Climate Change”…although as we can all see, it’s two words. Absolute proof, if any were needed, that the brainwashing has been successful.

    I’ve no doubt phrases like, “White privilege”…”Islam is a religion of peace” and “Diversity is our strength” also did well.

    Start them young…


    • Deborah says:

      GBNews said another word was, ‘coronation ‘. Made me wonder if children had a choice of about three words to choose from. The coronation seems ages ago to me and I am not 6 years old when it would seem ages ago, and climate change probably appears in every lesson.


      • moggiemoo says:

        I didn’t pay any attention to the coronation and, even now, if something talks about King Charles I think of I or II. III isn’t even on my radar and confuses me.


    • StewGreen says:

      PRasNews for a dictionary corp and rigged, cos they could only choose from 3 words
      “Children’s Word of the Year.
      The exercise has been going on since 2014: the Oxford English Dictionary people ask children for a word to sum up the year.
      This year, it’s ‘climate change’ followed by ‘war’. ”
      33% and 31% with coronation next at 24%

      “Over 3,000 children aged 6-14 across the UK were asked for their suggested word of 2023 via our Educational Research Forum.
      Based on the most common responses and *themes*in their answers, three words – climate change, war and coronation – were shortlisted”
      So it wasn’t even the most popular words the children initially said

      “In our first survey, conducted with the Educational Research Forum,
      we asked *teachers* to submit contenders for Children’s Word of
      the Year following class discussions about words children felt had
      been important during 2023. Over 3,000 children took part in
      these discussions.
      We analysed their responses and drew up a
      shortlist of three words that reflected the most frequent
      suggestions: climate change, coronation and war.
      As a compound
      noun, climate change also represented submissions for climate.
      In a final survey, conducted with Opinium, we asked 1,000 children to
      choose their Children’s Word of the Year 2023 from the first shortlist,


      • StewGreen says:

        Furthermore the notes say the OUP and BBC are partnering in another PR thing

        “This year OUP is partnering with the BBC again on the BBC 500 WORDS short story competition, which last ran in 2020.
        The stories submitted for BBC 500 WORDS in autumn 2023 are included in the Oxford Children’s Corpus.
        This has enabled the Oxford Children’s Language team to analyse the Children’s Word of the Year findings against the most recent sample of children’s creative writing.
        In the Children’s Word of the Year report, published today, OUP is able to share some brand-new language insights from these stories ahead of the BBC 500 Words Final in February 2024 and OUP’s accompanying BBC 500 Words Report. There will also be a special BBC 500 Words programme with The One Show on World Book Day March 7, 2024”


      • Deborah says:

        When I suggested only 3 words in my post above I thought I had taken it to the absurd. I never thought it was quite so contrived. Thanks StweG.


      • digg says:

        Basically it’s the “teachers reflected to kiddies” word of the year so bunkum.


    • G says:


      Don’t forget: ‘Sustainability’. Politico’s mantra. They cannot articulate a sentence without using the noun. Only problem is, the increased use of the term over the decades has only resulted in………. Sustainable overuse of the noun.


  6. StewGreen says:

    Our local ITV news sometimes airs Leeds stories, but mostly not.
    So one on their website was not covered on our TV
    “Jury told far-right regional organiser from Pudsey was head of racist sticker Telegram channel”
    That headline is a bit loaded cos the story then says he never denied he organiser sticker teams,
    but what he would probably argue against is the labels “far-right” and racist
    and that the stickers were intended to cause harm.
    I suppose like a lot of things there is context to allegations which seem dramatic.

    The article uses the words F-R 4 times
    and then in a strange twist the photo label says
    “Samuel Melia (centre, far right) seen on stage at an anti-asylum seeker protest by Patriotic Alternative in Skegness”
    Well they could have said he’s in the group in the centre, on the right.
    .. But why’s the article even need that photo, cos there’s already a giant photo of him at the top of the article ?

    You know they’ll throw the book at him cos he’s not in a group that libmob empathise with
    whereas if an Islamic immigrant or trans campaigner did the same thing they wouldn’t be dragged to court.
    That itself is a form of state racism cos it says that you expect a lower standard from non-white people.


  7. StewGreen says:

    “The top 3 were”
    .. There only 3 to choose from
    No wonder your BBC tweets get no Likes


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Dead children’s top ten words of the year, censored by the BBC

      (1) Death
      (2) Miocarditis
      (3) Spike
      (4) Immunosuppression
      (5) Genotoxicity
      (6) Turbocancer
      (7) Globalism
      (8) Pfizer
      (9) Propaganda
      (10) Censorship


      • Guest Who says:

        11) we* need to learn lessons from this
        * Inspirational Shadow Minister Fick Ange


      • atlas_shrugged says:

        (2) can’t possibly be a word because if you go onto the website of the anychess, and in the search box type in the word ‘myocarditis’ then anychess does not know anything about it.

        The anychess might prefer the words ‘gender dysphoria’ because it knows loads and loads about that.

        Maybe get bBC verify on the case because they know tons about the anychest.


    • Guest Who says:

      Kids so switched on no one cares about this clear #prasnews award worthy puff piece from yet another idiot young blonde.


  8. JohnC says:

    Great Britain. The pioneers of the agricultural and industrial revolutions which trasnformed the world.

    Now we are doing our best to unpick it all:

    Defendant Abbi Taylor in court accused of dumping soiled adult nappies at South Tyneside nurseries


    Yes – that is ‘Abbi’ – another transgender showing us all what a warped world they live in.

    ”Taylor also faces a charge of outraging public decency, ‘by behaving in an indecent manner, namely by being inside a bin containing the waste of children, including with soiled nappies and disclosed garments and interacting with the soiled nappies in sight of the public’.”

    And EVERY report call it ‘she’ or ‘her’.

    Widely reported everywhere but not by the BBC. They don’t want us knowing about this kind of thing. It’s a bit too close to home.

    Meanwhile our global credibility slips further into the toilet.


    • StewGreen says:

      That story is from a month ago
      but there was one yesterday
      “Norfolk *woman* jailed after stealing M&S underwear from ex-partner’s home”
      Eastern Daily Press

      The article doesn’t say that it’s a trans woman
      but what are the chances ?


      • StewGreen says:

        Oh my error
        The story does say this “The victim, .., told her she was no longer allowed inside the property on April 8 after she had taken *his* car without permission”
        so that seems to say the ex-partner is male
        but strange the story is FEMALE stole M&S underwear from MALE “ex-partner’s home”


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      … cos the bog on the Tyne is all mine all mine, the bog on the Tyne is all mine …

      Oh bugger am I going to be done for Copyright violations now!


  9. andyjsnape says:

    Main & frontpage “news”

    FBI investigate after ex-Abercrombie boss sex claims

    No news then to report bbc? Just this


    • JohnC says:

      Another ‘Hasn’t done anything illegal but the BBC misandrists loathe whitey males doing this kind of thing so we’ll do our best to destroy them with bad publicity’ Panorama story by the looks of it.

      It’s got ‘amateur’ written all over it:

      ‘They alleged Mr Jeffries and Mr Smith would engage in sexual activity with them or “direct” them to have sex with each other.’
      So what ?.

      ‘Documents uncovered by the BBC, including flight tickets and event itineraries, revealed there was a highly organised operation involving a network of recruiters and a middleman, James Jacobson.’
      And again, so what ?. This smacks of BBC misandrists despising rich white businessmen organising prostitutes at these conferences. A practise I suspect is extremely normal for ‘big business’.

      Lets’s see the Panorama kidult behind this report:
      She describes herself as ‘Multi-award-winning investigations correspondent for BBC News and Current Affairs. ‘. I seem unable to locate exactly what these ‘multi-awards’ are – maybe she had help writing her CV from Marianna.

      Absolutely no surprise there.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I contacted her mum and dad – they say she got,a number of awards when she was in the brownies … they are very proud …


      • Guest Who says:

        Maybe she was given the award by Springster?


  10. Guest Who says:

    Envy of the world.

    SpiceJet: Man locked in India plane toilet for over an hour


  11. Guest Who says:

    This is fun.


    Gob on Gob fire.


  12. Fedup2 says:

    The rate of price increases (Inflation) has gone up a bit – but it’s still going up more for food and real stuff …. So it seems any interest rate cut is unlikely to be before the summer – a shaky economy just adds to the likelihood of a wipe out of the blue Labour Party …
    The bbc – of course – is delighted the inflation rate has gone up a bit – just about 6 weeks before the budget – if the current regime ( not a government ) lasts that long …


  13. Guest Who says:

    The FM for Gaza and his lovely Wife strapping on the vests and getting in the microlites?

    Incredible letter written by a NON – Jewish Scottish professor to his students who voted to boycott Israel
    ​Dr Denis MacEoin, a non-Jewish professor, to the motion put forward by The Edinburgh Student’s Association to boycott all things Israeli

    Corbyn and Raisin Brane will be kneeling, shoulder to shoulder, in a studio next to Surkeer and Fick Ange.


  14. Zephir says:

    Comments on an interview stitch up by Channel 4 applicable to the bbc:


    • Fedup2 says:

      Zephir – amazing that the Cathy Newman interview is still kicked around – I did t realise c4 edited down – I wonder if the audiences see the full and the censored version .

      It should have ended newman’s career – using snowflake rules of cancellation – but that doesn’t apply to the Far Left MSM ..

      … as he was talking about being attacked – I thought of Lawrence fox or joey Barton or Tommy Robinson ….or Steyn …or Katie Hopkins … or so many telling unapproved truth …


  15. Fedup2 says:

    Not much news about today – the paki paedo report has been buried again ….
    Not bbc – but I listed for a few hours – to the post office parliament show yesterday and realised that even now the current blue labour regime is failing to treat the sub post office staff properly.
    For instance – they are being given compensation – well there is an argument that they just being given the money stolen by the post office back to them ….

    Payments to them should be huge – particularly those prosecuted …. Damages should be punitive- tax free – and taken from either the post office or Fujitsu …

    There is a big argument that a few real thieves amongst the victims will get money they don’t deserve – I don’t think such issues should be allowed to cloud the need for swift payments .
    There is also an issue about hundreds of sacked sub post masters who haven’t or won’t come forward. These should be tracked down and given what they deserve.

    I wonder when those CEOs who presided over the post office will be put under questioning ? Will they remain silent on advice from lawyers ? Will they be arrested – charged – prosecuted – sentenced – to prison …. ? At least as an example ?
    I doubt it ….


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think I saw a story about a relative of the Hamas bloke running the SNP”falling out of a window following a drugs charge “ … I haven’t noticed much / any coverage of this today …


      • Guest Who says:

        Falling out of windows does get reported on occasion, if the leader of the nation is not a Friend of the BBC.


    • tomo says:

      I’m waiting for the moment it’s realised that fraudsters and criminals have been using Microsoft Excel in their endeavours for several decades…..

      The entire Post Office mess can be laid at the door of the Post Office. That means the near nationalised entity mostly overseen by the likes of the “over-promoted, dim” Vennells who – in turn, was overseen by “over-promoted, dim” politicians of several stripes who colluded in a criminal cover up. Many in the BBC are fellow bureaucrap travelers and look and see “that could be me/us” so they’ve not pushed on this for twenty f-ing years.

      – crap, dysfunctional software isn’t a novelty – many of us deal with it every day.


      • tomo says:

        I see the BBC are back to “It was the computer wot dunnit” this morning and not conniving, dishonest “executives” covering up for woeful decisions, sending innocents to be tormented by the legal system who in turn also covered up known problems in their quest to serve their paymasters…




      • Fedup2 says:

        Tomo – apparently the pollsters trying to work out voting intentions have increasing trouble classifying people into target groups – it’s not just about wealth or ‘class’ background anymore … ok so what?
        Well I was thinking about vennells and her like – the ones who are ‘driven ‘ by that need to ‘advance ‘ – in her case to the extreme of causing deaths – suicides of sub post masters in order to get her bonus and better job .

        The whole state / system is inhabited by these people – OFCOM comes to mind – but all those charities and NGOs and agencies and political parties are full of them …. All moving from one gravy train to another …. We can add the queer and colour element to that now too ….
        Roll out the guilotine..

        BTW – I heard mention that analysis of who voted for president trumps in Iowa suggested all groups approved of him – not included msm and national socialist democrats of course …


        • tomo says:

          Guillotine is far too humane

          Suspended cages at prominent locations (Westminster Bridge and Parliament Square seem appropriate) please.

          Go the full medieval


  16. Guest Who says:

    I confess to being, on occasion, cryptic.

    Here’s media gob and brain donor Matt showing how much fun it is watching them stamp their feet and look even bigger fools.



  17. Nibor says:

    We have a problem .
    If we all , or a lot of us , changeover to electric cars , the infrastructure to get enough electricity to the new mode isn`t enough .
    I propose we close down unnecessary drawers on the electricity supply , like the BBC , to allow this new mode of transport to flourish .


  18. AsISeeIt says:

    Global travel needs for super villains and moving with society edition

    Mr AsI provides your word of the day: gynaeceum

    The one world government globalist-orientated Financial Times celebrated the annual Swiss meet up of the swish elite set at Davos yesterday – Davos, the very name of the resort sounds like a James Bond or Doctor Who villain.

    I refer of course to the likes of Hugo Drax the megalomanic entrepreneur with a god complex who considered himself as perfectly qualified to judge 99% of humanity as being unworthy of membership of his new planned super race, or Davros the insane Kaled scientist from Skaro who betrayed his people to the Thals when they tried to shut down his Dalek experiments.

    But I’m not here to please the nerd-like super fans of these classic British entertainment franchises – now apparently having an identity crisis – and nor for that matter is our BBC here to preserve and protect the valuable intelectual property on the licence payers behalf: Russell T Davies reveals reason behind change to iconic Doctor Who villain: ‘Society has moved on’ Showrunner wanted to avoid ‘associating disability with evil’ when bringing back legendary villain Davros… there’s a problem with the Davros of old in that he’s a wheelchair user, who is evil. (Independent)

    Selling England by the pound

    Because our national broadcaster ‘moving with society’ has worked so fabulously spiffingly for them: BBC sells Elstree studios… the cash-strapped broadcaster has agreed to sell the Elstree studios where Eastenders is produced to Axa the French insurance compay, giving it a boost of up to £70mn (FT) – another British asset flogged to the highest foreign bidder and a cash boost for our BBC to splurge on crap output and their inflated payroll that maintains Gary Lineker in the manner to which he has become accustomed – plus there’s the cost of the BBC’s luxury newsroom make-work gynaeceum: The BBC is expected to hand new jobs to five female presenters who have been sidelined by the corporation for almost a year as part of a merger. The five presenters lost their previous roles as part of the broadcaster’s merging of its domestic and foreign news channels, but have been kept on full pay… Kasia Madera, Geeta Guru-Murthy, Annita McVeigh, Karin Giannone and Martine Croxall (Telegraph)

    Ice Cream Wars

    More from today’s FT: Ben and Jerry’s urges truce… The ice-cream maker’s board has called for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza

    Why Not? – so runs the ad copy in the prime frontpage FT advertising spot bought this morning by Lunajets – don’t panic earth-bound plebs, this isn’t Moonraker come to life just yet: LunaJets is a private jet broker with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland (thank you Wiki); Charter a private jet at the best price with access to over 4,800 recent private jets. LunaJets offers private jet charter solutions for your global travel needs. (Lunajets)


  19. Fedup2 says:

    Asiseeit – I think I disagree about your view on selling elstree – I think this is a good thing because the money won’t last long and they’ll have to sell off something else – hopefully sooner there’ll be nothing left of the BBC ….. ( I realise the danger of being paid out by red labour ) ..

    Abused words –




  20. StewGreen says:

    @BBCMoreOrLess was talking about trolley waits
    THe number of people that get to A&E but aren’t properly seen to for 12 hours

    “by the Autumn of 2021 SOMETHING REALLY CHANGED
    the figures really rose dramatically
    tens of thousands were waiting 12 hrs all year round”

    Sounds like thing that changed was the counting system getting stricter.
    Probably used to count the first quick glance as being “seen to”
    and then counted only when the doctor properly saw to you


    • StewGreen says:

      next ambulance response times
      “In category-1 the target time is 7 mins
      but they actually took a MEAN average of 11 minutes”
      . I can hear her smirking then

      She knows damn well you shouldn’t use “mean averages” cos exceptionals like remote locations and ambulances crashing etc. will really bump up the number of minutes

      The rushed some good news
      “Ambulance calls used to take 90 seconds to answer, now the average is 10 seconds most are answered in the first 1 second”

      Tim Hartford “That is disastrous liturgy for December alone
      and the ONLY good news is that last year was even worse”

      Hang on the good news is that calls are suddenly being answered WAY quicker


    • Up2snuff says:

      Stew, Autumn 2021? The NHS were able to hide behind the fig-leaf of Covid-19.


      • Fedup2 says:

        One might think such a programme would dig into official and unofficial ( illegal ) population growth in the last 10 years and the consequences…
        But then its the BBC and unapproved thought

        Btw – it seems that if the current regime loses its crap rwanda vote it will be ‘oblivion’ for that party
        Do they really think voters are so thick as to realise the idea is just crap? And they are gone whatever they do ?


    • tomo says:

      PR / “corporate communications” peeps shouldn’t be playing with these numbers.

      Every A&E should be compelled to publish live and historical data on the web – they have it for internal use – I’d simply like to know if it’s worth, after talking to 111 and being told to go – if it’s worth driving 11 miles (through a maliciously contrived ULEZ in my case)….

      ditto for GP access – that is simply farcical here.


  21. G says:

    The truth of it is (and whether or not people disagree), Iran should, so the expression goes, “….be wiped off the face…..”. But what can one expect when lunacy combines with the religion of peace.

    “Pakistan Decries Deadly Cross-Border Attack by Iran”

    It’s all getting totally out of control. Good or bad, that’s inevitable when the so-called, “Rules based system” breaks down. Thanks Beijing. It will come back to bite.



    • tomo says:

      “The Muslim world is united”

      I reckon that there’s likely a lot of Iranians who’d like to stuff the mullahs back in the box they escaped from.


  22. tomo says:


  23. Philip_2 says:

    Fame at last. Emily Matlisse is ‘discoverd ‘by ‘The Spectator’ (Jan 2023) as being the sum of her many spare parts. As enjoyed (it is rumoured) by none other than Ed Milliband himself (Millipeed to his friends) who hopes to head up Labour green strategy (as Minster for the Green energy) under Starmer – if and when anyone votes for a him, which is still doubtfull. Still BBC has high hopes it can influence the next election with the help of the globalists.

    “Spare a thought for Emily Maitlis, the former BBC broadcaster turned Global podcaster. The News Agents presenter was in Davos this week with her co-host, Jon Sopel, where they quizzed Keir Starmer on Brexit, trust in the police, and whether he’d rather sit next to Piers Morgan or Jeremy Corbyn…

    Also in attendance at the World Economic Forum was Princess Eugenie. Yep – the daughter of Prince Andrew. Maitlis, you might recall, was the journalist who conducted Prince Andrew’s cringeworthy 2019 interview with Newsnight…”



  24. Doublethinker says:

    Two articles in the Telegraph today both deriding Trump and his supporters. It got me thinking about what thirty years of neo liberalism has done for the West.

    Mass immigration , open borders and multiculturalism and all the problems that those things have inflicted on us and which can’t be solved for many generations to come.

    Foreign policies which are based on the wishful thinking that being reasonable, kind , tolerant , generous , will be reciprocated. When in reality it is seen as weakness and taken advantage of. Hence the problems in Gaza, Yemen and most of all China and many other places.

    The notion that everyone in the world wants liberalism and the values of liberalism when infact most people don’t . Which is why the West was so open to trade with China thirty years ago. They thought that Chinavwould be seduced by the,western capitalist life style. They got a shock after twenty five of courting !

    Welfarism that instead of providing a safety net for the unfortunate in society has become an alternative lifestyle choice for millions paid for by the rest of society , which is slowly undermining that society.

    An ever expanding state and public sector which enriches those who work for it at the expense of those who pay for it.

    The curtailment of free speech , the suppression of truth that the neo liberal elite don’t want known. Endless hours of state sponsored propaganda by the MSM .The use of Lawfare by the state against the dissenter. The use of international law by the elite against national states that dissent .

    Manipulation of democracy and the disenfranchisement of ordinary voters.

    I could go on but this list is enough to demonstrate why so many of us,ordinary folks are desperate to free ourselves from the yolk of the neo liberal elite . But can we do it by democratic means ? It looks increasingly doubtful, elites don’t give up their power and privileges without a struggle.


  25. Terminal Moraine says:

    Why is the BBC dragging this story out again for the home page today when it’s a year old?

    “A serial fantasist’s lies that she was groomed by an Asian gang are set out in 50 hours of police videos […] One video shows her with self-inflicted facial wounds while acting drugged […] A surge in hate crime followed in her hometown of Barrow-in-Furness – Cumbria Constabulary recorded 83 linked to the post, with residents within the Asian community receiving death threats and being verbally abused and spat at.”

    The Rochdale report has been dropped, so of course they want to address ‘community relations’. I’ve posted this before but worth reminding… the day after the Telford report into decades-long sexual abuse of children came out they pushed this as a “Must See”. Deliberately skewing the reality of life in the UK is the BBC way.




    • StewGreen says:

      That Barrow story is on the top of the BBC page, centre right
      The prime spot the brain focuses on in an image

      On Twitter dozens of people call them out .. examples
      “Deflection from the ongoing grooming issue.”

      .. https://twitter.com/HadrianAD122/status/1747530912122741040
      .. https://twitter.com/AnnieB_H/status/1747547577719857474
      .. https://twitter.com/ManKent1418/status/1747544290564170099


      • StewGreen says:

        Narrative control


        • Ian Rushlow says:

          Also note the photograph used in the original BBC article about Rochdale. It shows a (Getty, naturally) image of what appears to be a girl with black hair and brown skin, with the false implication that this is a ‘typical victim’. There are some instances of Sikh and Hindu girls being victims, but the vast majority (98% plus) are White girls and young women, targetted specifically because they are White. A more appropriate image would therefore have been of a girl with brown or blonde hair and White skin.

          Mind you, this is from a news (sic) organisation which thinks it is appropriate to illustrate articles of London knife crime, which is predominately black-on-black, with a photograph of a White hand holding a knife.


      • Terminal Moraine says:

        Thanks Stew, good to see more people spotting their cack-handed propaganda.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      It’s a classic deployment of using a logical fallacy, a technique used by propaganda merchants over the years:

      1. One story about Asian sex abusers and paedophiles is shown to be false.

      2. It’s therefore possible that other stories are false, too, as a precedent has been set.

      3. Maybe even all such stories are false.

      4. Ergo, no such stories at all are true and Asian sex gangs do not exist.


      • Lucy Pevensey says:

        But please let us call them what they are. Muslim gang- rapists. ‘Asian’ is a very broad brush and serves as a camouflage for the Muslim rapists. Our media have used ‘Asian’ from the beginning for that very purpose. Not a ‘failure’ but a deliberate cover-up.


    • TrickCyclist says:

      Terminal Moraine,
      It was just on BBC News at One, I wondered the same thing – why are they talking about a woman imprisoned a year ago?
      The answer is of course they’re promoting a BBC3 programme, “Liar: The Fake Grooming Scandal,” on tonight at 9.00.


  26. vlad says:

    Trump just won a landslide win in Iowa.
    Even CNN (think BBC) called it ‘the biggest win in caucus history’ and ‘one of the most astonishing comebacks in American political history’.

    The BBC, impartial and fair as ever, decides to do a little Vox Pop of voter reaction.
    They elicit reactions from 5 voters : 3 ‘Republicans’, 1 Independent and 1 Democ-rat. Sounds fair, right? Suspiciously so, even.
    Well, not so fast. This is the BBC, remember. Of the 5, only one is pro Trump, and would vote for him at the next election.

    So, after a historic win, a ‘landslide’, an ‘astonishing comeback’, the BBC manages to find 4 out of 5 voters who are against Trump, including 2 out of 3 ‘Republicans’.

    Footnote: the BBC illustrate their piece with a little photo-montage of the interviewees. But, strangely, only 4 of them, with the 5th not appearing. And guess who got left out?

    Bias – what Bias?



  27. StewGreen says:

    Dr Jordan B Peterson @jordanbpeterson

    A higher court in Canada has ruled that the Ontario College of Psychologists indeed has the right to sentence me to re-education camp.
    There are no other legal avenues open to me now.

    It’s capitulate to the petty bureaucrats and the addle-pated woke mob or lose my professional licence.

    Congratulations, @CPOntario ! You won this round.

    Mark my words, however: the war has barely started.
    There is nothing you can take from me that I’m unwilling to lose.

    So watch out. Seriously. You’ve been warned.



  28. Philip_2 says:

    Dally Mail, Tuesday, January 15,2024

    Meanwhile Talk TV has made an investigation into the abuse of powers made by The Post office and discovered that the BBC has the same court powers and has been abusing them for years.

    RESPONSIBiLITY for By Paul Revoir: Taking TV licence defaulters Media Editor to court should be removed from the BBC’s hands, a hit drama Mr Bates Vs The Post Office drew fresh attention to the former director of public shocking treatment of over 700 prosecutions has urged.

    Lord Macdonald, who was DPP for England and Wales between 2003 and 2008, called for these cases to be brought by an ‘independent prosecutor’, amid fears of a potential contlict of interest. About 130 people a day are prosecuted for not paying for a TVlicence, many of whom are among convicted of theft and fraud. The Post Office pursued them independently of the CPS in what has been described as one Of thebiggest miscarriages of justice in British history.

    Figures unearthed through a TalkTV investigation involving tens of thousands of cases show nearly 130 people are prosecuted every day for falling to pay their licence. Among the 44,000 convicted and fined £1,000 in the year to June 2022 were elderly people in their 80s and 90s and those with dementia and cancer – making it the most common court conviction on the the poorest in society.

    Figures show women account for 70 per cent of those fined bu the Courts!’ this offence. TV Licensing, the licence fee collection and enforcement arm of the Corporation, is allowed to investigate and prosecute fee evaders.

    Mote of this on this link, (if it works), scanned and linked from the Daily Mail on Tuesday.

    or here: https://www.imagebam.com/view/MERFSD1

    The BBC have always called the middle ground of the Daily Mail right wing extremists for some reason. At the same time they call themselves ‘unbiased; whilst openly campiaging for Labour style socialism at every general election. Something to do with the TV license and that the public services Quangos need a voice. Which is why the BBC exists, to give ex Guardian readers and options of huge riches and boundless employment in adafe environment where everything can be denied (Saville) and prosecuted you when you fail to pay the TV license.


  29. Terminal Moraine says:

    Social media platforms fighting back against Ireland’s hate speech bill:

    “Reddit has lodged Judicial Review proceedings in the High Court against Ireland’s media regulator, over its designation as a firm to be regulated under a new system clamping down on hate-filled and adult content online […] with fines of up to €20m for breaches.”

    Get your hate out while you’re still allowed…



    • Philip_2 says:

      The hate speech bill is part of a series of measures to prevent free speech and seems to be a UN led WEF/WHO/Global reach:

      The same UN that pushes for a global pandemic accord to control your health decisions or that upholds that religious freedom is less important than the promotion of LGBT ideology – they will now be deciding what you can or can’t read, post, and share!

      “The same UN, advocating for a worldwide pandemic treaty to dictate your health choices and prioritizing LGBT ideology over religious freedom, is now set to control what you can read, post, or share! This UN plan is a direct attack on free speech, targeting those of us who challenge mainstream views on gender, abortion, pandemics, vaccinations, family values, and Christianity. Help us gather 500,000 signatures by January 31st to block the UN’s censorship plot.

      Sign the Petition to Safeguard Our Online Freedom!


      Of course the BBC is in the mix somewhere. Soros and Gates fully support these projects. What the BBC get is kickbacks and street cred for publishing content that is them picked up by the Socialists brand. The fools.


  30. G.W.F. says:

    I have very strong objections to the use of swear words, not for puritanical reasons but because they involve an impoverished use of language and argument. But with apologies to all may I express admiration for this speaker.


  31. Rob in Cheshire says:

    I was just watching the latest “Vera” from the right-on ITV.

    Obviously, in the 98% white North East, the main characters were a bi-racial couple. Naturally.

    The black husband even spoke with a broad Jamaican accent, which you hear so often on the streets of Newcastle.

    It was quite a good story, but the social justice warrior stuff is just cringeful and embarrassing.


    • Guest Who says:

      Not just “europe’ #questionasaheadline



    • Doublethinker says:

      On Monday I had to spend five hours in A and E and had to sit for a large part of the time not far from TV set with BBC news 24 on. It’s at least seven years since I last watched or listened to BBC news and it was pitiful.
      Making the world news on Monday according to the BBC were a story of Gaza’s female Karate champion dying in hospital , earth shattering , and some member of a British pop group who has released a new record in Urdu! Most of the various correspondents were ethnics . It was even worse than I remember it.
      Eventually I managed to get a seat at the back with a pillar between me an the TV set.


      • G says:


        Now only the odd (token) male called upon to give specialist comment/reports on R4 news topics. Virtually all wimmin now. I spot a conveyor belt. Classic FM presenters: a steady stream of ex BBC bods. A Retirement Home conveniently.

        World Service? I don’t understand what most say particularly the Africans.


  32. pugnazious says:

    Holy smokes!!!

    The BBC has finally woken up to the sinister coup in Poland by the EU’s placeman who has taken over the national broadcaster and is trying to turn it into a propaganda mouthpiece for him and his masters….

    ‘Poland’s journalists caught up in battle for airwaves’


    Oh…wait…no…..dumb of me to think otherwise….it is actually the BBC cheerleading the coup and showing not the slightest concern that a government has in reality taken over an independent broadcaster.

    The irony is that everything the BBC suggests was wrong with the broadcaster and made it ripe for ‘nationalisation’ are the same things that the BBC itself is guilty of.

    ‘When Donald Tusk ran for election late last year, his coalition promised to restore balance to the media and stop funding a “factory of lies and hatred”.

    Under the previous, right-wing government, public TV and radio channels had become fiercely partisan – some say dangerously so.

    So in December, the new culture minister sacked TVP top management and the 24-hour news channel was knocked off air….public channels had become a propaganda tool and the home of hate speech.

    The government eventually put them into liquidation, to allow for total restructuring.

    Marching with the protesters in central Warsaw last Thursday, opposition PiS MP Arkadiusz Mularczyk claimed the takeover of TVP was “the way to tyranny” in Poland.

    He swerved the point that public media – funded by people’s taxes – had been a PiS party mouthpiece for the past eight years. ‘

    The BBC is the home of hate and division, lies and misinformation…“factory of lies and hatred”….Brexit, immigration, Islam, trans, covid, lockdowns and vaccines, Israel, Iran, climate…and much more…..if you’re on the ‘wrong side’ of these issues as the BBC views them then the BBC will treat you at best with disdain and contempt but it is quite willing to ramp things up, to ‘draw blood’ and turn the world against you, demonising you and making you into a hate figure, a ‘legitimate’ target for the world to come and attack one way or another.

    The BBC is the most dangerous organisation in Britain….maybe it’s time for it to be closed down, ‘put them into liquidation’, and rebuilt and reformed.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      One can imagine that the BBC stuff were so excited by this – thinking of it as some sort of precedent for getting rid of pesky truthsayers such as GB News and Talk TV – that they had to go the bathroom to relieve themselves.


  33. Dickie says:

    How Bad is My Batch – Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid 19 Vaccines  



    • NameNotNumber says:

      Dickie, My Filipino brother-in-law died in the Philippines last week . Two years ago, immediately after his vax, he began suffering from a body rash which was particularly severe on his leg (calf). The rash was initially put down to shingles but became an open wound that wouldn’t heal in spite of treatment. Over the last months, increasingly, he had found it difficult to walk and he had become oedematous over much of his body. He died from a severe heart attack.

      His sister, my sister-in-law, suffered a brain embolism soon after her vax which has left her permanently disabled, unable to speak or walk.
      My nephew, an NHS nurse in the UK, British caucasian, suffered from heart problems soon after his vax in the UK – he had to have a stent fitted and was off work for months. Although working he’s now on a strict medical regime which he will have to maintain as long as he lives.

      I have three male acquaintances who have lost their wives, all vaxed, to aggressive cancers over the last year (ages respectively mid 60s, just over 70 and late 70s.)

      There’s no need to say any more.


      • atlas_shrugged says:


        Total sympathies. I have the outlaws – both with the project. One had a TAVI fitted together with a bowl cancer op, the other accelerated Alzheimers. It is just so tragic for them and to see the trust they unwisely put in others so betrayed.


  34. Dickie says:

    The following is a brief interview with Richard Black, former member of the Virginia State Senate and one of the very few, if not the only Western politician, to openly speak out against U. S. proxy wars in the Middle East.



  35. vlad says:

    Here’s the sketch the Biden Broadcasting Corporation choose to illustrate their ‘report’ on the latest bogus allegations he’s fighting in court.

    All it needs is a set of horns.
    In fact, there’s a suggestion of just that.




    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Like something out of Der Stürmer circa 1934, only in colour.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Donald Trump must be one of the most famous men in the world. What is the point of any court sketch of him, let alone one which does not look like him? How can an “artist” get it so wrong?

      I expect the “artist” got paid too.


  36. andyjsnape says:

    BBC agrees to sell EastEnders set at Elstree to raise funds

    How about cutting your 21,000+ staff, and why soooooo many channels


    • tomo says:

      sheesh ….

      How-much did they spend on the ‘stenderz set?

      One has to wonder if the purchaser is already set up and if there’s anything “murky” going on.


  37. Guest Who says:


    It has the inevitable deluge of whataboutery in the comments, but all of them have missed the point.

    As have way too many in the HoP, W1A and screaming in marches at buildings.

    I am appalled by the loss of live there has been, is and looks set to continue in Gaza. But the wrong people are being held accountable and screamed at.

    Most of the tragic deaths of innocents are down to the Corbyns, Sultanas, Husains, Bowens, Humzas, etc who know only hate and are blinded so much by it they cannot fathom that advocating the removal of an entire state and staying silent when its first stages get enacted is what is maintaining this.

    You cannot have a solution of any number if you cannot negotiate. And you cannot negotiate with a death cult bent on your destruction to their last child.


  38. vlad says:

    Ever wonder how your taxes are being squandered?
    Well, some of them go to indoctrinating Civil Servants into woke ideology under the guise of counter-terrorism.
    The real danger, you see, is the Far Right, such as… Douglas Murray ! Oh, and Islamophobia. Not Islam, but islamophobia.

    And by the way, the terrorist-supporting state of Qatar has virtually bought King’s College where such rot is being taught. Coincidence?

    Douglas Murray lets rip.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Every Muslim state in the world supports terrorism in one way or another, and there are enormous problems with the fact that they have so much money, even more thanks to the massively corrupt Biden maladministration.

      There is a sect within Islam which is considered so dangerous that over 20 Muslim countries have banned it, and that is Salafism.

      Except in Britain where Salafis are not only welcomed but protected and embraced, despite the fact that every single Jihadi attack in Europe has been carried out by a member of this sect.

      In many Muslim countries being a Salafi carries the death penalty, no wonder so many of them want to come to countries like Britain is it?


    • G says:

      Quite amazing. I note that as of fairly recently Douglas Murray/Jeff Taylor/History Debunked et al, are piling in, virtually no hold barred on what they say/disclose. Presumably in the vain hope of waking the dumb public up to what’s looming. Good luck with that.

      They should take care. Not that I am critical of what they say in any way.


      • vlad says:

        Indeed, Murray seems to be all over the (alternative) airwaves and the (alternative) social media.
        Cause for cautious optimism?

        (However, he hasn’t been seen or heard on the BBC for a very long time, despite being a multi best-selling author and prolific journalist, extremely well informed and popular, and – one would have thought – extremely relevant these days with his profound knowledge on immigration, islamism and a whole range of hot topics.)


  39. StewGreen says:

    Tory MP Miriam Cates puts up video
    Pity it’s an open borders party that’s in government


  40. tomo says:

    I see medical issues with the Royals are grabbing headlines … the 2023 equivalent of “The Queen Mother has spilled her G&T”


  41. Solomon Grundy says:

    Fed is always asking for positive arguments for the BBC, so here goes.

    The programme “Scam Interceptors” reveals Internet/mobile phone scams, the victims and the perpetrators. It airs on BBC1 on Mondays at 8.30pm for half an hour. This is the second series I think.

    The organised nature of the scammers is clear, as is their location. Although not stated, the accents of the scammers are invariably from India (probably Mumbai). Sometimes we see images of them.

    The programme is fronted by two white men, presenter (Ray Wilding) and a software engineer (Jim Browning). A black man, a white man, a white woman and an Asian woman are amongst the technical staff seen in the background.

    It is early evening TV with a clear educational message and it reminds me of what the BBC did well twenty years ago.

    Does anyone agree? (I accept the argument that with that much to spend, they must get something right, but at least give it credit.)


    • Nibor says:

      Occasionally , like the Nazi regime produced the 88 gun and Stalin`s Soviets the T34 and Khalashnikov , a bad regime or organisation will make something of good value .

      But for the billions the BBC extort from those paying it i1d expect much more , and no bias either .


  42. digg says:

    I notice that a raft of legal shark companies are jumping on the poor tenants mouldy wall compensation bandwagon via TV ads…

    I can see this becoming a massive cash-grab fest and we all know who will end up footing the final bill don’t we?

    Social landlords such as councils will just pass this on to the ratepayers like it to not.


  43. Thoughtful says:

    Another old Nazi Labour MP has died. This time Tony Lloyd who was very anti Semitic and visited Gaza long before there were any real issues.
    Said some nasty things was the first interim Manchester Mayor (unelected) when Cameron handed control of all the major cities to his beloved Labour party along with control of all the regional press too.


  44. Dickie says:


  45. pugnazious says:

    Simon Webb points out the BBC’s all too usual attempt to skew the truth in order to muddy the waters…..Williams was sentenced nearly a year ago…so why is the BBC frontpaging this old story now?


  46. Fedup2 says:

    The king – it seems has a large prostate …. And he will be treated for it . Perhaps he will campaign for all men who want to be – to be routinekt screened for prostate trouble from a certain age – from my personal experience the NHS doesn’t give a damn about men getting prostate trouble – but it’s different for kings ….