Weekend 27th January 2024

Do you wonder why the current ‘Conservative government ‘ has done nothing to control the BBC or its’ so called ‘regulator ‘ OFCOM ?. Well here is a clue – in the last 10 years there have been 11 ‘culture secretaries ‘. One might assume from that -that there is no drive to change the Far Left Anti British BBC . It seems that is a job for a real Party to do .

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  1. G.W.F. says:

    I am first. Agree, there is no drive from the Government to change the BBC or get rid of the Licence fee.


    • Thoughtful says:

      no drive from the government full stop !


      • Scroblene says:

        They (the gummint) all yap, yap, yap, but know that they need the Beebicle oxygen afforded by the taxpayer to spout their drivel…

        Beeboidicles just have to be starved of the TV tax! They have to become commercial, and their leftie bias would melt away when they realise that the kidults they ’employ’ aren’t really interesting enough to gain advertising revenue!

        Till then, sod ’em…


  2. atlas_shrugged says:

    Mzzzzz Frazer should do something about the bBC – like make it commercial.

    P.S. Well done GWF


    • Scroblene says:

      Sad that it’ll never happen, Atters…

      Still, what do I care, I don’t pay the TV tax, and can now easily berate anyone who does, with impunity!

      Funnily enough, I get some sort of respect from my efforts too…


  3. JohnC says:

    Hamas attack: US pauses UNRWA funding over claims of staff involvement

    ‘The US is pausing funding for the UN agency for Palestinians, UNRWA, over allegations of staff involvement in the 7 October Hamas attacks.’

    ‘UNRWA says it has sacked several people and ordered an investigation into information supplied by Israel.’

    ‘UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he was “horrified by this news” and has called for a swift investigation.’

    Sound more like he should be resigning to me.

    ‘A number of UN facilities where Gazans had taken shelter have been hit in Israeli air strikes.’

    This is the point where an ethical, unbiased news outlet tell us why – because it is absolutely relevant to the story. But the BBC are neither of those so they didn’t.

    This article has started life as a small sub-pane on the front page late at night when it should be BIG news. I’ll check if it’s gone by breakfast.

    No doubt it will go under the carpet along with the stories of Hamas using UN site like schools to launch attacks.


    • JohnC says:

      Just checked it : it’s bottom right on the front page now, teetering on the brink of obscurity. When it should in fact be the main headline of the day.


      • JohnC says:

        Just checked again and it has indeed been removed from the main news page.
        At least it was up there through the night 😅. I might have just thought it was coincidence if I hadn’t seen them use the exact same trick several times before.


  4. JohnC says:

    ICJ orders Israel to prevent genocidal acts in Gaza but not to end war

    As expected, the UN has said ‘it’s nearly genocide but it isn’t’. Meaning of course that it isn’t, but the want us to think it is.

    The BBC headline is meant to make us think that Israel ARE performing ‘genocidal acts’ and must stop it at once. In fact it says absolutely nothing at all. It just says don’t do them.

    The bit which really caught my eye was this:
    ‘The verdict on South Africa’s allegation of genocide is not expected for years’

    YEARS ???.

    What an utter corrupt farce the UN has become. Another EU style gravy train. No wonder the BBC revere them so much.

    Another swamp for Trump to drain.


  5. Dickie says:

    Judge Andrew Napolitano


  6. Nibor says:

    Why do those white reactionary European judges hold back the progress of Black Africans who don’t desert their homelands on that continent ?

    We are constantly told of the benefits of immigration to this country , socially, economically and morally .
    Well the countries of Africa need a leg up more than we do , and it won’t happen with this ‘ white saviour’ succour that’s being going on this last ,,,,, years .
    How can Africa go forward if we in the west soak up all the best and brightest that risk a leaky dingy to Be rescued by our Border Force once the French navy stops monitoring their sea journey ?
    Imagine if all those brave Albanians that eschewed the cross channel ferries and train and took an unorthodox means to get to the U.K. were sent to an African nation . Well the benefits to that continent would far outweigh what benefits we would get .
    Only the non virtuous would dispute it .

    It’s our duty to send all the migrants to Africa .
    Starting with Rwanda , and spread out from there .

    BBC and Guardian , do your duty.


  7. JohnC says:

    Antoinette Lattouf: ABC presenter sacked over Gaza post ignites row in Australia

    The BBC are outraged by this woman being taken off air for one show – all the way at the other side of the world.

    Why ? – she was sacked for her pro-Palestinian bias of course (she is a Muslim).

    Another trash BBC agenda article full of vague assertions and outrage from people like HRW (Human Rights Watch) who are a corrupt far-left activist bunch of hypocrite who only care about using suffering for the far-left agenda.

    And for no reason whatsoever, the BBC insert their own picture from Getty:

    .. which I suspect the idiot who wrote the article thinks it proves HRW are correct that ‘Israel are using starvation as a weapon’.

    And here she is …
    Another of the BBC’s finest.


  8. tomo says:


  9. JohnC says:

    Donald Trump must pay $83.3m for defaming E Jean Carroll

    Not interested in the story. It’s more political persecution and is so ridiculous, it exposes those who do not admit it for what they are.

    But in EVERY story I check where the leftist fascists are trying their hardest to destroy Trump, the judge is always a Democrat.

    In this case Lewis A Kaplan – appointed by Clinton.

    As I keep saying, I firmly believe the modern Left are the new Nazis. They grow more confident every time the media let them get away with something.


    • tomo says:


      • pugnazious says:

        Yep….all those post office employees who protest their innocence having been found guilty originally must pay the Post Office damages for its hurt feelings and reputational damage.

        Remarkable that defending yourself and claiming you are innocent [and why do we have an appeals system?] is now not allowed in America?

        Seems you can just walk into a court with your lawyer, make a spurious allegation with no proof, can’t remember even what year it was or indeed any details about it, get a guilty verdict on that very vague basis and then sue when the ‘guilty’ party says its all rubbish.

        Shame Trump is more orange than black…if he’d been a shade blacker the BBC would be there fighting for him and complaining about political showtrials and injustice in the system.


  10. tomo says:


  11. JohnC says:

    Post Office scandal: ‘Mum was sent to prison on my 10th birthday’

    Full-on empathy piece here by the BBC’s finest.

    Apparently a boy’s mum was spent 5 months in prison when he was 10 and they told him she was in hospital because she was pregnant.

    ‘Adi thought she was in hospital and only discovered the truth eight years later. Now aged 23, he says he “hated” his mum for leaving him so abruptly.’
    No he didn’t BBC. You wrote that yourself to fit the narrative. A boy of 10 would accept what he was told.

    Of course the poor victim here is ‘Adi Misra’ who is not white. It links to another story about Alana Bates where of the most of the examples there are not white either : ‘Seema Misra’ and ‘the Sethi Family’ and ‘Shaia Saddiq’.

    Goodness I thought – were they ALL BAME ?. How absolutely racist we all are.

    So I checked something the BBC could not tarnish with racist discrimination and found the picture of the 39 who were cleared:


    Oh dear BBC. Most are white. What shameless racists you are.

    Let’s see who wrote it:
    This one:
    .. and this one:
    … and I think it’s this one:
    It took three of them !. Each clearly trying to out-empathy the others.
    This is what the BBC call ‘news’ these days.


  12. JohnC says:

    Women take the lead in India’s Republic Day parade

    Possibly the most blatant sexist and veiled misandrist headline I’ve seen for a while.

    Why do these idiot double-standard Lefties think it’s OK this way round but offensive the other ?.

    Let’s see what breathtaking stunt these ‘leading ladies’ of the Army dazzled the audience with:
    Basically one person high with them standing on different parts of the motorbike to make it look like a proper pyramid. I particularly like the idea to sit one daredevil in the shopping basket on the front.

    Here’s what the Indian Army men’s team do:

    No info on which BBC clone wrote this one – but I’ll bet my hat it was another female who can’t be given anything important to do.


  13. JohnC says:

    Mr Ibu’s hospital funds: Children of Nollywood actor John Okafor arrested

    ‘Two of popular Nigerian actor John Okafor’s children have been arrested for allegedly stealing money raised to pay for his hospital fees last year.’

    Here we go again : a story from Nigeria makes the BBC front page even though it would barely qualify as news even if it happened here.

    Who the f*ck in the UK cares BBC ? – except you and your Nigerian staff that is. Who we are forced to pay.


  14. Flotsam says:

    Post Office Horizon Scandal (again!)
    I’m very struck by the surly, defiant attitude of the Post Office investigators. Basically their defence seems to be “I was only obeying orders”. To be fair, they are foot soldiers for a flawed system in which they are told that the Postmasters are fraudsters. They are given powers second to none as investigators and seemed to have enjoyed those powers rather too much in an unthinking obedient way. Very little, if any, judgement seems to have been used by these people, ignorance being bliss.

    The Horizon fiasco should be a warning to all of us of the power bureaucracies can have over us, totalitarianism in action.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Foot soldiers? These were people who knowingly broke the law in order to secure wrongful prosecutions. They are mostly ex Police and what you are seeing is the corrupt state of Policing in Britain and what they get up to when they think no one is looking.

      The rumour is that they were incentivised with a 40% bonus of what ever money they wrongfully recovered from an innocent sub Postmaster, and it appears they took full advantage of that bonus scheme. They even lied to parliament that they were incentivised.

      It wasn’t ignorance, they knew exactly what they were doing. In one instance a report came back saying there was no evidence of theft, but they illegally witheld that report and prosecuted for theft anyway.

      Lazy complacent judges simply believed the Post Office without question, even when a very few pertinent questions would have revealed something was wrong.

      The worst part though was that all three political parties knew this was going on, and instead of putting a stop to it, decided to cover it up. We know that Ed Davey appears to have corruptly done nothing because his brother worked for the solicitors prosecuting the sub postmasters, and he was rewarded with a £900 an hour ‘consultancy’.

      The only reason anything has been done now is because the outrage has grown to such a level the MPs cannot ignore it any longer. The next scandal will be when the utterly useless Tories fail to do anything about it as usual.

      To date no one has received any compensation save that ordered by the courts, and the corrupt government has clawed 99% of that back again.

      I’m told that my own case was raised in parliament this past week, but I’m not holding my breath.


      • Flotsam says:

        The other alternative pin money jobs for pensioned Police are as Bailiffs and and Private Investigators. Both pretty disgusting jobs. Funnily enough I was going to suggest that the PO Investigators reminded me of Bailiffs.


  15. Fedup2 says:

    Flotsam – yes I’ve seen some of their interviews – I assume most of them are retired plod topping up their pensions . They could care less whether their victims are guilty or innocent and just want their bonus ….

    ….something different on a BBC free day – the Brendan Kavanagh show keeps rolling – he’s the chap who plays piano at kings x and some idiot Chinese tried to stop – well he has embraced the fame and is still giving interviews almost a week after the event … personally I’d like to hear about the plod who tried to stop him too …


  16. Fedup2 says:

    I was sent a survey by – I think – a national newspaper . It asked me whether I’d be prepared to fight if Britain was being invaded . You might guess what the response was …..


    • Thoughtful says:

      One of the issues rarely covered in the Ukraine conflict is the laughable performance of the worlds worst intelligence agency, the CIA.

      The CIA has a history of failure so appalling that they would be better as a carry on comedy team than a serious agency.

      The Russians played them for fools, and the CIA happy obliged. They had two divisions fighting in Maripupol which suffered battle fatigue and losses. The CIA knew about this. The Russians then sent the two divisions to defend a critical area on the front line, only they didn’t. They swapped the divisions numbers with fresh divisions which hadn’t suffered any losses, and the CIA fell for it hook line and sinker. They sent the Ukrainian army into a trap where they were all slaughtered.

      Similarly the Russians at night built a series of defensive trenches and traps, but the inept CIA didn’t notice the defences ahead of these under the trees. In addition forward troops had placed cameras to warn them of approaching enemies. The CIA told the Ukrainian artillery to shell the empty defensive positions and then when they thought they had been softened told the infantry to advance into the waiting untouched Russian defensive positions, who were warned of their approach by the cameras.

      Again total slaughter ensued.

      NATO is just a bunch of old men desperate to keep on fighting the battles of their youth, i.e. the cold war.
      The West needs an enemy and if there isn’t one it will invent one! NATO is on the verge of falling apart, and this is one last desperate attempt to hold it together. Putin and his staff are not unintelligent, they can see that Europe has destroyed itself by liberal woke idiocy, who would want to govern that mess? Even if he did have designs on invading, all he would need to do is wait and the Elites will do the job for him !


    • moggiemoo says:

      I had one in the week that asked if I would fight for my country. I replied ‘yes, but not the UK as it is now, it’s no longer my country’.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      I would fight for Britain, but al Britani? Less so.

      The fact is that people fight to defend their nation. We don’t have one any more.


  17. AsISeeIt says:

    Perma singles, single issue edition

    The formerly serious Times newspaper tends to present us with grave warnings about a dangerous new internet-based social phenomenon – the Incel ( = “involuntary celibate” – the male version of the species, obviously) – the Times tends to go about filling your internet search hits with a veritable plethora of danger signals

    What I found out as a woman on incel sites… When Katherine Denkinson joined a forum for lonely, misogynist men, she was shocked by the sheer hatred (Times, August 17 2021)

    Incels are crackpots and not philosophers… It would be a mistake to elevate grotesque misogyny combined with narcissism into an ideology (James Marriott, Times, August 19 2021)

    Massive rise in use of incel sites that call for women to be raped (Tom Ball, Times, January 03 2022)

    Women-hating ‘incel’ extremists pose new threat (Times, coming in mob-handed for this one – Fiona Hamilton, Duncan Gardham, Tom Ball, August 14 2021)

    Okay, we get the message. What prompted all this?

    Mass murder plot arrest exposes sinister ‘incel’ cult Tres Grenco [sic: Genco] allegedly wrote in a manifesto that he would “slaughter” women “out of hatred, jealousy and revenge” (Times, Charlie Mitchell, July 24 2021)

    Drawing such damning connections between a single (no Incel pun intended) nutcase and a wider demographic is studiously avoided of course in the case of the anti-Christian transgender man, perpetrator of the Nashville school shootings: Nashville school shooting: attacker’s dark warnings to friend ‘This is not a joke … something bad is about to happen,’ former pupil wrote before killing six (Times, March 28 2023)

    Although Tres Genco’s alleged manifesto was widely disseminated in the media for our inspection, nay instruction: Self-described incel pleads guilty to plot to kill thousands of women at Ohio State. Tres Genco, 22, said in writings that he planned to kill women out of “hatred, jealousy, and revenge” (Independent) – on the contrary, Aiden Hale’s (born Audrey Elizabeth Hale), a transgender man who killed three nine‑year‑old children and three adults at The Covenant School, Nashville, his/her/their (?) manifesto was most decidedly intended NOT to be made available for our consideration: Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale’s ‘manifesto’ leaked: Trans murderer vowed to kill ‘privileged white kids’ at Covenant School… Nashville PD had refused to release the information despite media requests (Daily Mail)

    Point being that our Times newspaper is more than happy to play a role in some regime directed targeted media campaign against these “involuntary celibate” chaps

    Whereas, this very morning on the Times frontpage, grabbing, mind you, the attentions of the gynaeceum that is our BBC for their top spot in their online news page press line-up, there’s a teaser for the Times Magazine wherein we read admiringly about a sub-set of the female of the species: Hot, eligible and not dating – not “Lady Incels” of course, but instead: Meet the perma singels… We’re the Perma-Singles — eligible, sexy and unattached… Marianne Power is 46, attractive, funny, with a bestselling book under her belt and her own home in a fashionable part of east London. (Times)

    But don’t be too despondent, all is not lost, lads… there’s plenty more fish in the sea… I want to fall in love, I’m on Tinder: Sharon Stone (Times)

    Whoof! – on the same frontpage exclaims a teaser for a Times Weekend article.

    But sorry, guys, don’t get your hopes up, this is: Woof! What your dog is trying to tell you


  18. Doublethinker says:

    Douglas Murray maintains his dislike of Trump in his Spectator column this week.
    Douglas recognises that Trump will be the Republican candidate with regret . We know that Douglas is a severe critic of all thing woke and has warned about the dangers of Islam for years. He has contempt for the way in which Western politicians have confronted both Wokism and Islam over the past decades. He is a very outspoken supporter of Israel’s right to defend itself. All excellent credentials .
    But he can’t stand Donald Trump . He can’t name another US leader who might take up the causes above that he, Douglas, espouses nor confront the dangers that we face. But although Trump has a proven record of fighting them on our behalf , Douglas wont support him.
    Why not? Well it seems that Trump is simply too uncouth , too vulgar, too brash for Douglas’s more refined tastes. It’s true that Trump is all of those things . But is there anyone else prepared to take of the hyperglobalists neo liberals and the Islamic bully dogs? No there isn’t . So Douglas it’s time to hold your nose , swallow your distaste and get right behind President Trump.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Double – Murray is part of the swamp – if he wasn’t he wouldn’t be regularly getting his fees for turning up on public broadcasters . Maybe he calculates that being a trump supporter would push him over the edge and no more invites ( see Katie Hopkins ) ….


      • G says:


        What amuses me about the likes of Murray and others of that ilk is that their current careers are based purely on condemnation of the World today and selected prominent people and philosophies in it. We all know what the Marxist/communists are up too in their efforts to change the whole of the “evil” western world. They are very successful and will continue to be but, I digress. Anybody that has experienced planning and business management will understand that what the Commies are about, and that must need a massive team, much planning and a, “Mr Big” or collection of Mr. Big’s working clandestinely in the background out of sight.

        Perhaps Mr Murray et al should switch away from the symptoms and investigate who and what coalition are behind the Commies. Is it WEF, China, Islam, US Deep State or is it an unholy collection of them individually or all or what?

        Why do the likes of Murray avoid speculation like this? Perhaps they cannot deal with the bigger picture.


        • Fedup2 says:

          I think the current woke sickness will continue until either huge financial breakdown or something so grave – war – pestilence – that changes mindsets through compulsion …. Whether these things happen within months years decades who knows .

          As for Murray – I ve not read his books but to me it seems easy to point out the disasters being inflicted on us by the swamp – but currently impossible to fix them . My solutions would be unacceptable in the current climate ….


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      Double, Peter Hitchens is like Douglas Murray in some ways. He is always bemoaning the way things are going but when anybody starts to do anything he dismisses them. I can never forgive his comments about Ukip.
      Murray is good for the cause on balance, but I think he’s going a bit wonkey at the moment. Personal success has gone to his head. I think he wants to become a Yank from what I’ve heard him say recently.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Don’t worry Douglas. Word is that in May Mike Obama will replace Biden as the Dem candidate. And you can join the entire media in supporting the first Trannie/female candidate.


    • Doublethinker says:

      More Confusion over where exactly Douglas Murray Stands

      Se. My post re DM column in the Spectator above.

      Then later this morning I read his column in the Telegraph where he says that unless the invasion of the US southern border is stopped the USA may well cease to be United and ultimately cease to exist. All of which could happen quite quickly . ( I think that he means within a decade or so)
      He grudgingly writes that President Trump tried to tackle the problem with the wall but the Biden administration like all those that had gone before has done nothing other than open the flood gates even more widely. He says that even the ludicrous policy of Open Cities , when Democrat run cities said that illegal migrants were welcome and would not face any consequences, are now unable to cope with the illegals bused to them by furious southern states and want the open borders policy to end.
      Even after writing this article Douglas seems unable to bring himself to admit the obvious, either get behind Trump or face collapse of the USA!
      It’s a hell of a price to pay for finding Trump’s behaviours so boorish and uncouth that you won’t support him!


  19. atlas_shrugged says:

    R.A.F. Lakenheath to glow in the dark? bBC girlies already getting their panties in a bunch about it:



  20. Fedup2 says:

    Atlas – very strange – we seem to be in the process of being prepared ( groomed – ugh ) for Something ….

    I assumed the yanks have always kept nuclear weapons on their bases anyway – but it will give the gals something to campaign about in the spring …. I just hope there is good wi fi for them on the base fence … maybe the Americans can provide it …


  21. Fedup2 says:

    There is an unintentionally funny piece in the DT about what Britain would look like if it was at was with Russia – including mines on south coast beaches .
    Clearly such ideas breach the ECHR and a whole line of KCs put up to scream about breaches of treaties …..

    Who ever wrote it bases their scenarios on the last war – some might say we are at war now – and losing every day as more arrive without control ….

    The only reason I can think that the UK wouid be targeted would be to deprive the US of a poodle and some b52 bases….


    • Guest Who says:

      War, huh, what is the media good for….absolutely…

      Displaced citizens sheltering in Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis shared a photo of Israeli snipers’ bullets fired at the hospital.

      Sky, JonDon, Pesto all rely on such sources.

      Meanwhile… Dan Snow is cheering on poor white teenagers into Ukraine with Lee Enfields.


      • pugnazious says:

        The BDS movement must be striking hard as Israel runs out of rifles and has to resort to throwing whole bullets at targets.


        • Rob in Cheshire says:

          Yes, looks like a 50 calibre round, which is odd, as normally only the bullet makes it to the target.

          Just how gullible are these journalists?


  22. Fedup2 says:

    Not the BBC
    But the mail online leads with ‘disgraced Russell brand ‘ is coining it … see picture … ok .. I don’t really know who he is – a personality ? But I recall a couple of ‘allegations ‘ against him by women – but there have been no court cases ? So how is he disgraced ‘- actually – as I write .. I care less …


    • Guest Who says:

      In Beebworld, an allegation against a foe is proven, blanket cover.

      Actual evidence of BBC wrongdoing… crickets.


    • tomo says:

      I was once sort-of couldn’t care, no smoke without fire sort but having seen the evidence with my own eyes and heard with my own ears, these days, I won’t unreservedly accept on face value one single report / story from any media outlet, not one.

      I’ve seen the Daily Mail invent a head spinning assortment of stories on all sorts of topics and also set out to monster people with made up shit – often both at the same time.

      The Daily Star is often mocked but truth is that every.single.outlet is “at it”.

      They fear Brand and quite possibly imho the “two jobbers” have been given the nod.


  23. atlas_shrugged says:

    David Kurten on the Sonia Poulton video suggesting we are all going to be put in the dog-pound for anti-whatever views:


  24. StewGreen says:

    Presenter asks why the names of 3 murdered grooming gangs
    are not widely known


  25. StewGreen says:

    Yesterday SkyNews formally apologised
    “The Sky News presenter in question is Belle Donati, formerly of Al Jazeera.
    A quick flick through her timeline will assure you that this wasn’t a slip of the tongue. It’s how she thinks.”

    @SkyNews say “recognise the complete inappropriateness of this comparison & the offensive nature of those comments.
    Sky News would like to apologise unreservedly for the comparison & to @dannydanon personally”


  26. Fedup2 says:

    BBC crowing over another political trial of president trump in New York – a democrat judge a democrat jury and a democrat prosecutor .. why have trials at all ….?


  27. pugnazious says:

    Should we return all the reparations ‘gold’ that we looted from Germany in the wake of WW1?

    Logically we should…if we return gold items ‘looted’, as the BBC describes it, from the Ashanti in Ghana, which were given to us as a form of reparations, shouldn’t we return Germany’s gold?

    And shouldn’t all those statues of ‘slavers’ be put back up? Erm…I mean, the gold and riches from the Ashanti came from slavery basically…their economy blossomed when they had slaves doing the agricultural labour….and of course the Ashanti were warlike…those slaves came from somewhere….lucky to be slaves as the Ashanti liked a bit of human sacrifice…as well as a bit of empire building attacking their neighbours continuously…hence the neighbours asked the British to help them…and they fought with the British to defeat the Ashanti.

    So yeah…let’s celebrate, respect and return items resonant of slavery, human sacrifice, war and empire…and put the statues back up……the Ashantis who did more than most to capture and provide the slaves for the slave trade.

    Funnily the BBC isn’t too keen to remind us of the truth about the Ashanti empire and the realities of why and who fought them.


  28. StewGreen says:

    Trump court case : The BBC/MSM reports that I have heard made no mention of this powerful argument made by his lawyer

    such #Omission is #Lying



  29. Nibor says:

    The News Quiz yesterday repeated 12.30pm today .

    Last week a top Tory criticised it for being anti Tory .
    This week the programme replies by the very thing the BBC is best in the world for : sneering .

    They show the usual contempt for their critics . Their attitude is How Can You Not Be On Our Side We Know Better . No doubt smirking and winking to each other that there are Others to them .


  30. StewGreen says:

    The Teleford Railway station film show starts at 1pm
    Live footage of the day should appear here https://rumble.com/user/TommyRobinsonOfficial/livestreams

    the stream is not yet running
    Someone has something live running on YouTube
    shows police cars in carpark ready for the event etc,
    .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wvXal8peic


  31. StewGreen says:

    Again #Omission is #Lying

    Telford Live!@telfordlive tweet a story
    Police seek to reassure #Telford residents
    Police reassurance over protest Police are taking steps to reassure local communities ahead of a protest and counter protest taking place in Telford

    reply “There’s no mention of what the march is about or that it was even planned,
    other than this post to inform that it even exists.”


    • JohnC says:

      I presume it’s this.
      No chance the BBC will give it any oxygen. They seem to think they are entitled to ‘cancel’ many people on the Right.

      Increased police presence expected in Telford for Tommy Robinson protest

      ‘The event, which will include a screening of Robinson’s latest documentary focusing on Child Sexual Exploitation’

      One might expect the Left to support such a video. But unfortunately the ‘abuse of children’ card is trumped by the ‘protect Muslims’ card being played with the ‘hate the Right’ joker. Another example that they don’t really care one bit about who does what to who. Only the agenda matters.

      Whenever I see Tommy mentioned now, I can’t help thinking about that stupid, stupid woman calling him a racist and – when he challenged her to give an example – she couldn’t and start shrieking ‘racist’ again and again.

      Sums the Left up perfectly for me. Motivated by hate and not much else.


    • tomo says:

      “There’s no mention of what the march is about or that it was even planned, other than this post to inform that it even exists.”

      Local media very deliberately and assiduously blanked this near me

      – whereas they will report on possible frost damage to the parson’s brocolli or “child’s glove found in town park”.


  32. Fedup2 says:

    From our correspondent

    Mike wheedling – a bbc democrat mouthpiece talking about trump supporters belief in the theft of the 2020 election -naturally he ridiculed them. At the end he said – smugly – if the election was stolen last time – why would it be any different this time ? BOOM …


  33. Lunchtime Loather says:

    A tip for those who, like me, submit multiple complaints to the BBC and get annoyed by the “You have recently submitted this form” message and its consequent delay period:

    Open multiple complaints pages in multiple tabs before starting, and then fill them in one-by-one. No forced delay when doing this!

    HTH 😉


  34. StewGreen says:

    11am politics show was presented the Guardian’s Pippa Crerrar
    BBC is impartial my ass.

    Then FooC
    Kate Adie presents stories from India, Bangladesh, the US, Switzerland and Finland.

    This week, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, opened a grand Hindu temple in the northern city of Ayodhya.
    (I was there in 1992 months after the mob tore down the mosque)
    BBC woman talked about how India is a secular state but PM turned the temple opening into a state event

    “Samira Hussain attends a press conference in Bangladesh, soon after Sheikh Hasina was returned to power for a fourth consecutive term as prime minister.
    With voter turnout at almost half that of the previous election, Samira explores why Bangladeshi voters are feeling despondent, amid claims of growing autocracy in the country. ”
    (FFS they go on an on about Trump yet Labour MP
    @TulipSiddiq’s aunt has completely suppressed the opposition parties )
    “Violent autocratic crackdown”
    “attacks on journalists” “backsliding of democracy ahead of elections in Pak and Indua”

    “After securing victory in the Republican primary in New Hampshire, Donald Trump is currently in a strong position to clinch the party’s presidential nomination.
    Within his base is a sizeable contingent of evangelical Christians. Mike Wendling met with some of them, to hear how they have become a political force.”
    Wendling said Trump gave the evangelists what they want and has cause many more people to label thmselves as evangelists
    quote Wendling “A still common MIS-HELD belief among these supporters is that Trump was cheated out of the presidency by voter fraud.. denied rightful place in the WH”
    FFS denying that the election was seriously flawed with social media being hugely manipulation and laptop story suppressed !
    MW meets someone who shows him that 2020 voter turnout was suspiciiously high “I pointed out that it was a big election and Covid meant there had been a HUGE EXPANSION IN THE number of legal ways to vote”
    Fakenews surely postal vote has always been available
    MW “Millions are convinced there was fraud and no amount of evidence or lack of it will convince them otherwise”
    (That’s his big big opinion rather than objective truth)
    MW “If you truly believed there was fraud last time, why would it be any different this time ?”
    ..doh co Musk has opened up Twitter (Tho he’s still a lefty himself)

    “China’s human rights record has been under the microscope at the UN in Geneva this week.
    It’s attracted particular interest as, since the last review, China has faced criticism for its continued repression of Uyghur Muslims, while clamping down on democratic freedoms in Hong Kong.
    Micky Bristow was there to watch proceedings.”

    “Pakistan spoke in favour of China as did tiny nations like Fiji and Dominica as if coached”
    “China flew in delegates to say it was all misinformation”

    ” John Kampfner visits one of the world’s last remaining museums dedicated to Vladimir Lenin.
    Located in the Finnish city of Tampere, it tells the story of the complex relationship between Finland and Russia over the last century.
    ‘In 1905 Lenin came there as it was autonomous and the Russians had no garrison there, so it was the birthplace of the Russian revolution and Soviet Union’
    ‘interesting the way Finland lost 10% terrotory to USSR but was not absorbed into the Eastern Bloc


  35. Nibor says:

    A bit late but ,

    Yesterday on TWATO , the subject; conscription .

    The Beeboid let slip when he said that the country was more homogeneous [ dictionary definition; formed of similar ] in 1914 and 1939 than it is today !
    Now that’s something, because the class distinctions were much much wider then than they are today . So why ( not asked by the BBC ) would the people then feel more similar to each other and fight for each other than people today ?

    Talking of the elephant in the room ,

    What is going to happen to all these fit young men ( BBC speak ; doctors and scientists) who illegally entered our country if we are at war with another country ?
    Are they going to volunteer or be conscripted to fight ?
    The authorities know where they are , after all they’ve been housing them , giving benefits to them and issuing them with driving licences so they can work for Deliveroo .


    • Fedup2 says:

      More likely to be attacked from within the borders than outside – apart from the French of course ..


  36. G.W.F. says:

    Here is a British Army recruiting ad. Solders doing the Allah Akibar.


  37. Guest Who says:

    The Vilegobasion of today throws up some beauts.

    #BritishColonialism really screwed things up in South Asia. 75 years later and India🇮🇳 and Pak🇵🇰 still fighting over the mess they left behind! Thanks a lot UK for the never-ending #KashmirConflict

    #CCBGB but she has rather highlighted a key aspect of the diverse dominated media narrative’s selective way of viewing stuff.


  38. Guest Who says:

    “A right-wing cabal, largely unaccountable, is waging war on the principles that made our public broadcaster great. It must not succeed”

    This would be ‘must be getting it about idiotic’ discussion attempts?

    Certainly the imposition of cack handed poor optics types by cack handed govt. types has handed the left-wing cabal, all unaccountable, who currently churn out what makes the BBC an unprincipled mess, a nifty distraction.


  39. Guest Who says:

    So the SNP line was that Boris Johnson et al were “human beings” who were under “some of the most intense pressure” and so should be cut some slack?
    Funny, I don’t remember that.

    Nor, clearly, did the BBC babe.


  40. Northern Voter says:

    If the Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation isn’t biased, why is everything on their webshite red? To be truly impartial their corporate colouring should be rainbow coloured, hang on some other “impartial ” entity has nicked that. Revert to deadtree press colours, black print on white background, would be about right 85% white, 13% black and 2% pink for the uphill gardeners.


    • Scroblene says:

      Top comment, Northers!…;0) Wine-sur-keyboard!

      Pity about the FT though – er – black on pink…


  41. Dickie says:

    Richard Vobes – Council Tax


  42. tomo says:


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      Because bBC programs are so toxic they must all be preceded by an informed consent clip and not played unless explicit agreement has been obtained from the viewer.


  43. tomo says:

    and the BBC are more than OK with it…

    the alleged victim did not remember even the year in which the purported sexual assault took place


  44. tomo says:


  45. Fedup2 says:

    Ah the irony – a UN agency with active Islamic Hamas members – no wonder the BBC has such a strong bond with UN mouthpieces day after day bleating about the evil Israelis and the wonderful victim Islamic Hamas Palestinians –

    Even the blue labour regime has had to suspend funding to the UN Hamas branch …..
    Surprise … push on IDF …