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  1. Up2snuff says:

    Just to honour George Galloways election as MP for Rochdale I think all those on here who have TV Licences should think about terminating them.

    Defund the BBC!


  2. StewGreen says:

    Sunak’s speech
    Main chunk, note how he is ony really talking about anti-Israel crowds, but throws around the idea that on the other side of the street there is an EQUIVALENT “far right” movement.
    .. I suppose if he didn’t the left would attack, by shouting “You are being cruel to Muslims, you didn’t even mention the far right”.

    ….. nearly everyone in Britain supports these basic values,
    but there are small and vocal hostile groups who do not
    – Islamist extremists and the far right
    They feed off and embolden each other
    They are equally desperate to pretend that their violence is somehow justified
    when actually these groups are two sides of the same extremist coin
    Neither group accept that change in our country, can only come through the peaceful democratic process
    Both loathe the pluralist modern country we are
    Both want to set Britain against Britain to weaponize the evils of anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim hatred for their own ends
    The faith of Islam peacefully practiced by millions of our fellow citizens
    is emphatically not the same thing as the extremist political ideology of islamism
    which aims to separate Muslims from the rest of society
    Islamist extremists and far-right groups are spreading a poison
    That poison is extremism.
    It aims to drain us of our confidence in ourselves as a people and in our shared future
    They want us to doubt ourselves to doubt each other
    To doubt our country’s history and achievements
    They want us to accept a moral equivalence between Britain and some of the most despicable regimes in the world
    They want us to believe that our country and the West more generally is solely responsible for the world’s ills
    And that we along with our allies are the problem

    (That’s from the Youtube transcription)
    published version : https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/pm-address-on-extremism-1-march-2024


    • Fedup2 says:

      Big turn out by Hamas on Saturday eh?


    • StewGreen says:

      Rafe Heydel-Mankoo
      “.. Sunak remains petrified by political correctness, unable to discuss the Islamist mountain without also mentioning the far right molehill.

      It was a speech with neither policies nor solutions.

      No recognition of the dark side of diversity.
      No warning about the politics of Pakistan coming to Rochdale.
      No plan to combat the extremism in mosques and Muslim ghettoes.
      Nothing about restricting immigration from Islamist hotspots.”


    • JohnC says:

      … and what about the Far-Left shouting with the Muslims Sunak ?.

      If he just blamed the Muslims there would be more violence from the Muslims and politicial division by the Left. Even this speech about the threat from Muslim and Leftist extremism has been changed because of that same threat.

      The key point here is that all the reaction by the Right is a CONSEQUENCE of the Leftist and Muslim extremists. They are an effect. Not the cause.

      Reminds me of the joke I have seen on the back of a small coach-hire company:

      ‘Bob Jone coach tours to Blackpool and Las Vegas.
      But mainly Blackpool.’

      Similar to:
      ‘Sunak warns of extremism by Muslims and the Far-Right.
      But mainly Muslims’


  3. StewGreen says:

    Undercover with Galloway canvassers
    “No we don’t just target Muslims”
    … Doh they are using a list of addresses which clearly says at the top, it’s a FILTERED electoral roll that only lists Muslims

    He adds “George Galloway supporters have been hounding me non stop for the last 24 hours for exposing his dodgy election tactics”


    • JohnC says:

      lol, a young erk who looks like he doesn’t shave yet has more guts to report the truth about the Muslims than anyone in the entire BBC.

      If they watch it, they will be horrified at how it might offend other Muslims. The actual truth it contains will not get a second thought.


  4. Fedup2 says:

    There’s a long piece in the DT about some Indian who is the controller of Radio 4 – I can’t be bothered to read it – or even cut and paste it – just another globalist infesting what used to be a British institution -but in decline just like the country ….


      • Fedup2 says:

        No no – no more bee lady – to be replaced by a tick box ethnic – but it will always be the approved story …… or maybe Huw makes his inevitable return …. Or there will be a space soon for an unemployed ex blue labour MP ….. maybe that one who is the minister for girls ….


      • StewGreen says:

        “I believe profoundly that Radio 4’s job is to help, that it has a civic responsibility to say to people, ‘here is the information you need to the ballot box so you can feel properly informed’.

        R4 spin and deceive by omission DELIBERATELY to cause their mates to win


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        Mohit Bakaya. Good English name. I’m sure he has his finger on the pulse of the country. Or North London, at any rate.


  5. BRISSLES says:

    Just watching Walter Presents – the political drama Pandora. Clearly filmed months ago (Belgian), but episode 2 could have been taken straight from our political handbook here in recent days. About Islamic fundamentalists and lack of integration. Nice to know the UK is not alone in political rhetoric !


  6. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Well worth a listen if you have not seen it. The Discussion is about the methods media uses to deceive. Although not specifically about The BBC, you will recognise the techniques BBC uses.


  7. Flotsam says:

    The Rochdale by election outcome should surely signal the end of postal voting. If someone wishes to carry out the serious civic duty of voting then they can damn well turn up at a polling station with ID.
    What should also happen is the Electoral Register must be fully audited with home visits, identity checks and confirmation of right to vote. The electoral roll is compiled on trust and with minimal investigation, wide open to abuse.
    Labour are talking about the ludicrous proposal of giving votes to sixteen year olds. I wonder how many million little Mohammeds will appear on an updated register.


  8. tomo says:


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      Please tell me that isn’t real


    • Deborah says:

      It was even worse when I turned up the volume. I presume this person is in the American armed forces. They sound so delicate, I would assume they had difficulty swatting a fly.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Look at all the medals he/she/it has accumulated: Pink Heart, Special Award for Diversity in the Barracks, Personal Pronouns Champion, Rainbow Queen… What chance does Ivan and his AK-47 have against such a fierce Western Warrior?


  9. tomo says:


  10. StewGreen says:

    Elites are upset that Galloway stole a seat , to collect money and push his own pet agendas

    ..cos they see that as their role


    • Flotsam says:

      Galloway winning is the best news there’s been for a while.


      • Flotsam says:

        Just so I’m not misunderstood, I don’t approve of Galloway or his ideas. By good news I meant it gives Smarmer and Labour a huge problem.
        The only plaudit I’d give Galloway is that he says what he means, you know where he stands, a rare quality in politicians. He does have the merit of exposing the rottenness in Islamic Britain.


  11. tomo says:


  12. pugnazious says:

    Sunak’s speech…transcript:

    ‘errrrr….Lee Anderson was right’


    Abridged…..read it and for some reason ‘the BBC’ will spring to mind as one of those ‘forces of extremism trying to tear us apart’, to doubt ourselves and to doubt our country’s history and achievements….

    ‘ I fear that our great achievement…

    …in building the world’s most successful multi-ethnic, multi faith democracy…

    …is being deliberately undermined.

    There are forces here at home trying to tear us apart.

    Our democracy itself is a target. ….groups are spreading a poison, that poison is extremism.

    It aims to drain us of our confidence in ourselves as a people, and in our shared future.

    They want us to doubt ourselves, to doubt each other, to doubt our country’s history and achievements.

    They want us to accept a moral equivalence between Britain and some of the most despicable regimes in the world.

    They want us to believe that our country, and the West more generally, is solely responsible for the world’s ills…

    …and that we, along with our allies, are the problem.

    In short, they want to destroy our confidence and hope.

    When these groups claim that Britain is and has been on the wrong side of history, we should reject it, and reject it again.

    No country is perfect, but I am enormously proud of the good that our country has done.

    Our place in history is defined by the sacrifices our people have made,

    …in the service of our own freedom and that of others.

    And when these groups tell children that they cannot – and will not – succeed because of who they are…

    When they tell children that the system is rigged against them or that Britain is a racist country…

    This is not only a lie, but a cynical attempt to crush young dreams, and turn impressionistic minds against their own society.

    You cannot be part of our civic life if your agenda is to tear it down.

    We must face down the extremists who would tear us apart…

    …there must be leadership, not pandering or appeasement.

    When they tell their lies, we will tell the truth.

    When they try and sap our confidence, we will redouble our efforts.

    And when they try and make us doubt each other…

    …we will dig deeper for that extra ounce of compassion and empathy…

    …that they want us to believe doesn’t exist, but that I know does.

    This is our home.

    So let us go forward together, confident in our values and confident in our future.’

    Nice speech…but just meaningless waffle….for a start if he really meant it he’d shut down the BBC, the most toxic spreader of hate and division in Britain today…but also he’s not going to stop the hate marches…just, lol, ‘police them better’.
    And note the usual appeasement….which is the biggest and most dangerous lie….

    ‘The faith of Islam, peacefully practised by millions of our fellow citizens…

    …is emphatically not the same thing as the extremist political ideology of Islamism…

    …which aims to separate Muslims from the rest of society. ‘


  13. Nibor says:

    It’s serious.
    The Prime Minister of Great Britain addressed the nation behind a lectern outside 10 Downing Street .

    Well it’s not a nuclear attack , Russian tanks rolling into a NATO country or a new even deadlier virus . The banking system is intact and no visitors from outer space . The Thames Barrier is not needed to stem a tsunami in the channel.

    But there’s some nasty words being said . And so it needs to be countered by , well not action but by me , Rishi , saying some other words . Words that have so much meaning.

    First by saying what’s not acceptable, but has been accepted by the Powers That Be and throwing out of the Conservative party anyone who pointed out what was not acceptable.

    Secondly by saying the police should do their job . Previously it was acceptable that the police did not do their job but there has been a by-election and now I Rishi Sunak will support the police . I’ve bought a scarf with their colours and shout silently Up The Metro Police .

    Thirdly I’m going to spend more more money on Prevent and security for MPs .

    Now I know what you want . You think the nation should decide who comes into Britain, for how long and what their behaviour should be , that bogus asylum seekers from France should be sent back immediately, that you the people of Britain should decide our immigration policy and not international treaties or judicial activism, that foreign criminals should be deported immediately .
    That asylum seekers should be vetted, kept in secure places, away from the general public while they are processed, in islands or ships while the truth is found out about them .
    That they only have one appeal against the U.K. immigration system ,
    that they do not get houses , doctors, dentists etc before British people.

    All this will happen immediately after the general election if I’m voted back in power .

    Unless it doesn’t look good with the BBC .


  14. Eddy Booth says:

    “Rents soar in towns as tenants priced out of cities”


    “UK average rents up 30.7% in 3 years”

    “Rightmove, also said there was an average of 15 enquiries for every available rental property ..”

    I wonder whose now living in all the much cheaper council /social housing in the cities?🤔
    And how long before Britain has it’s first favela.


    • Flotsam says:

      The large increase in rents has been caused by the lack of rental property. Landlords are getting out of the market, the reason, Government policy, increased legislation, taxation, registration Green measures etc. A lot of the problems have been caused by Tory Governments but the prospect of a Labour Government is causing concern. The final major issue is of course immigration.


  15. JohnC says:

    What video and eyewitness accounts tell us about Gazans killed at aid drop

    The more I read these ‘BBC Verify’ reports, the more obvious it is that the whole farce is an attempt to present the BBC agenda as ‘fact’. It’s a very dirty trick by these activists.

    ‘BBC Verify’ reports are presented as ‘fact checkers’ who simply confirm something by their own research. As they just sit in their London office using google, this seems to be limited to using google maps to ‘prove’ they ‘geolocated’ it to where everybody said it was. As their capability is so extremely low, they have started ‘fact checking’ things which are not in doubt.

    Note this ‘checking’ does not extend to inconvenient truths – such as confirming Hamas are fighting from UN schools for example.

    Anyway, I digress. My point here is : on what planet is giving a soap box to a selected group of totally biased commentators – including terrorists – considered to be ‘verifying’ anything ?.

    For example:
    ‘Dr Mohamed Salha, interim hospital manager at al-Awda hospital, where many of the dead and injured were taken, told the BBC: “Al-Awda hospital received around 176 injured people…142 of these cases are bullet injuries’

    What they should be telling us here is that without any doubt, Dr Mohamed is 100% certainly appointed by – and reports to – the Hamas terrorist organisation. He is about the most unreliable ‘witness’ you could possibly imagine.

    And WTF is this doing in there:
    ‘Mahmoud Awadeyah, a journalist who was at the scene, told the BBC: “There was a large number of people looking for something to eat and a bag of flour.”
    It’s just empathy to pull you to the side of the Palestinians.

    The article is clearly trying to make you think it could well have been Israel shooting everybody but ‘BBC Verify’ seem unable to get any information of where the shooting was coming from. Either that or they chose not to mention it. One thing you can be 100% certain of : Hamas will be guarding these convoys. And there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that they will shoot looters on sight. They don’t care one bit how many of their own people they kill.

    60 odd people and this is the kind of complete, pointless rubbish ‘BBC Verify’ are churning out. They have added nothing whatsoever to the story which can be trusted. Not quite ‘verify’ is it ?.


    • Deborah says:

      BICOM gives this version of what happened. It seems fuller in facts but unlike the BBC, I cannot verify them.

      • While reports conflict, it appears that:
      o Before dawn yesterday morning, approximately 30 trucks containing aid entered the Gaza Strip to deliver food to the Rimal neighbourhood of Gaza City.
      o At approximately 4.40 AM, thousands of Gazans swarmed the trucks. Drone footage of the event shows some of the trucks attempting to drive through the crowds, presumably in an effort to extract themselves and deliver the aid they were carrying.
      o After a number of trucks were able to continue north, armed men opened fire on what remained of the convoy.
      o While the IDF has admitted that its troops did open fire, it says that this was only “when they encountered danger, when the mob moved toward it in a manner that endangered the force”.
      o The IDF also says that it “did not fire toward individuals seeking aid and we did not fire toward the humanitarian convoy from the ground nor from the air.”
      o It is being reported that at least 112 Gazans were killed in this incident, with approximately 760 being injured. However, as these figures originate from within the Hamas-run Palestinian Ministry of Health, their veracity is questionable.
      o The IDF’s initial inquiry into the incident has concluded its troops’ fire killed only 7 or 8 people and that the majority were killed in the chaos, not by shooting.
      o “The tanks were there to provide security for the trucks. Our aircraft gave the troops on the ground a full picture from above,” the IDF said.
      o “When the hundreds turned into thousands, the IDF complied with international law… Israel did not limit the quantity of humanitarian aid entering Gaza. We recognize the suffering of the Gaza residents.”
      • In the aftermath of this event, much of the international community has reiterated calls for an immediate ceasefire and increased aid being allowed into the Gaza Strip.
      • At the United Nations Security Council, Algeria sought to issue a statement which explicitly blamed Israel for this deadly incident. While supported by 14 out of 15 council members, it was blocked by the US.
      • When asked why the US had not supported this statement, Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Robert Wood said: “We don’t have all the facts on the ground – that’s the problem.”
      • He also said that in the face of contradictory reports, the US was trying to establish facts, including regarding the “circumstances around how people died”.
      • President Biden has also discussed this incident with Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. According to a White House statement, they agreed that it “underscored the urgency of bringing negotiations to a close as soon as possible”.
      • The White House has also called for this event to be “thoroughly investigated”.

      Context: Israel will conduct a thorough investigation into an incident which further highlights the complexity of distributing aid to the Gazan people and the urgent necessity of forming a civilian infrastructure to prevent further incidents of this kind.
      • There are also suggestions that plans are being considered to parachute aid in, or to bring it from the sea in the northern Gaza Strip, avoiding the need for road convoys. Even prior to yesterday’s incident, the US and Canadian governments were reported to be considering their own airdrops.
      • The Jordanians, in cooperation with Israel, have been air-dropping aid since the beginning of the war. For example, on February 27th, 160 packages were successfully delivered to the residents of southern Gaza.
      • The UK FCDO yesterday confirmed it was providing Jordan and Bahrain with parachutes to enable further aid to be dropped. “Together with our international partners we will continue to get humanitarian aid to those most in need,” it said.
      • Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) statistics show that 268,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid – food, medical equipment, water, as well as shelter equipment – have been delivered on 14,545 aid trucks since the beginning of the war. 1246 water trucks have entered, ensuring 28.5 million litres of water a day.
      • The aid enables 20 bakeries to currently operate across Gaza, providing 2.5 million bread rolls and pita breads a day.
      • US and Qatari-brokered negotiations between Israel and Hamas aimed at securing a ceasefire and the release of hostages captured on 7th October had been slowly progressing. However, President Biden has indicated a concern that this incident will “complicate” negotiations.
      • In a press conference, Prime Minister Netanyahu has said that Hamas has put up a “brick wall of delusional, unrealistic…demands”, seemingly pouring cold water on the possibility that an agreement leading to a ceasefire and hostage exchange is imminently reached.
      • Hamas branded yesterday’s incident an “unprecedented war crime”, while the PA President, Mahmoud Abbas, referred to it as “an ugly massacre conducted by the Israeli occupation army on people who waited for aid trucks”.


      • Doublethinker says:

        War is disorganised confusion with scared Soldiers who fear death and who make mistakes in the heat of the moment.
        Hamas knew that following their terror attack that there would be retaliation and civilians would dies. That is what they wanted . But they expected that after a few weeks Israel would bow to international pressure and agree a cease fire on terms advantageous to Hamas. Then they would regroup , re equip and sometime in the future attack Israel again.
        Well Israel has withstood international pressure, quite rightly, and is going to finish Hamas off.
        As to the Palestinians my message is ,if you become a terrorist state you can expect daily life to be very unpleasant. Seek peaceful coexistence with Israel and your lives will be transformed. Once again the choice is yours.


  16. Zephir says:


  17. Zephir says:

    THIS is what we have allowed into this country



    • Deborah says:

      I knew a young American student at the local university in 2018, who after having placed a lit chanukiah in her window (as is supposed to happen), her life was made intolerable by other students for her remaking two semesters.


      • Zephir says:

        Disgusting in this day and age, who were the “other students” ?

        was anything done ?


        • Deborah says:

          Sadly I didn’t know what she was going through until just before she was due to return to the United States. I assume they were the Far Left students from what she said. It was never reported to CST but I had the opportunity a couple of years ago to meet with the MP for the constituency where the university is based. She now certainly knows what antisemitism was going on, on campus.


  18. Zephir says:



  19. Zephir says:



  20. Zephir says:



  21. Zephir says:

    And the left leaning media lies continue:

    “President Joe Biden mixed up Gaza with Ukraine twice as he gave the green light for military aid airdrops. In his speech, he mentioned airdrops to assist Ukraine, but White House officials later clarified that he was actually referring to Gaza.

    The US president said that “food and supplies” would be dropped “in the coming days”, in the speech after one insider claimed he has a tactic to avoid embarrassing gaffes.”



  22. Ian Rushlow says:

    EMERGENCY WARNING. Please do not visit London today. I have it on good authority that 100,000 Far Right Extremists, some of whom have even questioned the Covid-19 response and Net Zero, will be having their usual Saturday march through London. They will be blocking roads and bridges, waving swastika flags, and shouting their slogan: “From Britain to Ger-man-ee, Albeit macht Frei”. The House of Parliament will be targeted, the police will stand by and do nothing, it won’t even be reported by the media. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

    I know all this is true because Rishi Sunak and the BBC have drawn the moral equivalence between the Islamists and the Far Right.


  23. Zephir says:

    “One major omission from Rishi Sunak’s extremism speech is a much bigger problem

    Three times he referred to “Islamist extremism” and twice to “the far right” but at no point did he mention the “far left”. Sometimes it feels that “far right” is used as a convenient counterbalance to allow politicians to address Islamist extremism to sound fair and not target one group.

    But in reality much bigger than those two problems is the far left. And the Prime Minister did not mention them once.

    Problems with the Far Left

    Let us start with the shocking Rochdale result last night. The winner George Galloway, a former Labour MP, has been described by Sunak as “an antisemite” and glorified terrorists such as Hezbollah. Galloway is from the far left of politics.

    Then who was it who turned the Labour Party into a vehicle for antisemitism to the extent that the current leader Sir Keir Starmer felt the need to apologise? The answer is Jeremy Corbyn from, you guessed it, the far left of politics.

    Tellingly it was Corbyn’s friend and ally John McDonnell who attacked the Prime Minister’s speech on extremism last night in a social media post as did many others on the left which is why “Tory gaslighting” was trending.

    While Islamists have been rightly blamed for much of the awful behaviour on the pro-Palestine “hate marches” (as Suella Braverman described them), the reality is that they have involved the far left of British politics as much or even more than Muslims. Many of those carrying the worst banners such as ones comparing Israel to the Nazis were white non-Muslim leftwingers.

    The Palestine issue and its accompanying hatred of Israel and, by extension, Jews has been a trope for the Left since the 1980s with or without Islamist involvement.

    Touching on other issues – who was it who tore up cities with the now discredited Marxist Black Lives Matter protests? It was the far left tearing down statues and rioting in our city centres.

    Who was it who have blocked roads or vandalised buildings and priceless works of art? It was far left activists in groups like Just Stop Oil.

    Who was it who attacked the Prime Minister’s own home? The answer is far left activists from Greenpeace.

    Which groups have links with evil dictatorships such as Iran? The left as well as Islamists.

    The list could go on but you get the point…”



    • Fedup2 says:

      What Sunak has done is enable plod to crush down on any objection to Hamas supporters . There will no change in plods’ attitude to Hamas protests – or attacks on supporters of Israel .

      Starmer has to support what sunak says – but note that the repulsive Eddie davey didn’t go with the gig …. He says the blue labour mob planted the seed of extremism . Bet he didn’t mean that allowing hundreds of thousands of the third world ( Muslims) into the UK is leading to a failing country ….


  24. JohnC says:

    Republicans probe FBI about Biden informant accused of lying

    So now the Democrat Nazis are going after the FBI whistleblower who told them about Biden and Ukraine. Apparently he was a trusted informant for 14 years but all of a sudden he’s a liar and is being prosecuted.

    Seems like they have simply put the star witness into prison and the Republicans have been shut out from seeing him.

    You simply could not make it up. The most astounding thing of all is how the MSM are complicit.

    Just look how the BBC phrase this:
    ‘He fabricated claims that a Ukrainian energy firm paid bribes to Hunter Biden and his father, prosecutors said.’

    Classic BBC : there is no way you would normally write that sentence like that. You would always write ‘Prosecutors said …’

    He has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial in jail. Prosecutors asked that Mr Smirnov be held without bail, citing alleged “extensive” contacts with Russian intelligence agencies.

    The West is slowly turning into a corrupt shithole as the Left edge closer and closer to ‘absolute power’ where they can do anything they want unchallenged. And then this kind of thing will happen more and more.

    And the BBC are 100% complicit. Because it’s all about hatred of the Right.

    And sure enough – like a bad smell – this one turns up again. The well adjusted, regular gal who was on anti-depressants at 17:


  25. Zephir says:

    One, two, three, four

    White riot, I wanna riot
    White riot, a riot of my own
    White riot, I wanna riot
    White riot, a riot of my own

    Black man gotta lot a problems
    But they don’t mind throwing a brick
    White people go to school
    Where they teach you how to be thick

    And everybody’s doing
    Just what they’re told to
    And nobody wants
    To go to jail

    White riot, I wanna riot
    White riot, a riot of my own
    White riot, I wanna riot
    White riot, a riot of my own

    All the power’s in the hands
    Of the people rich enough to buy it
    While we walk the street
    Too chicken to even try it

    And everybody’s doing
    Just what they’re told to
    And nobody wants
    To go to jail

    White riot, I wanna riot
    White riot, a riot of my own
    White riot, I wanna riot
    White riot, a riot of my own

    Hey you, standing in line
    Are we gonna sign an agreement?

    White riot, I wanna riot
    White riot, a riot of my own
    White riot, I wanna riot
    White riot, a riot of my own


  26. Zephir says:


  27. JohnC says:

    Israel Gaza: Large number of gunshot wounds among those injured in aid convoy rush – UN

    Third line in we get:
    ‘Hamas, which governs Gaza, has accused Israel of firing at civilians, but Israel said most died in a stampede after its troops fired warning shots.’
    With the clear inference here that as there were so many gunshot wounds, Israel shot them.

    Then you have to go halfway down to get:
    ‘Mark Regev, special adviser to the Israeli prime minister, had earlier told CNN that Israel had not been involved directly in any way and that the gunfire had come from “Palestinian armed groups”, though he did not provide evidence.’

    So what evidence did Hamas provide then BBC ?. And if – as I suspect – it’s none, why didn’t you put the same qualifer after their statement ?.

    If I am asked to believe which one between Hamas and Israel would shoot 150 odd people looting an aid convoy, the answer is absolutely clear. The ones who are murdering scum terrorists. Because they will be keeping a large part of that aid for themselves. All with the help of the UN staff who are basically the same people.

    So why are the BBC protecting them ?.


  28. Fedup2 says:

    The 0810 interview – it’s got to be a follow up to the grave speech about the country being taken over by Islam the PM gave Friday night – right ?
    But oh no – it’s a chat between bbc droids about the Iranian ‘election ‘ – which some claim – is modelled on the Obama Biden model ….. – tip – always have spare batch of votes ready if the approved candidate isn’t getting enough ( also used by the Galloway gang )


  29. JohnC says:

    Just reading an article on my phone about how Judge Aileen Cannon is about to allow Trump to delay his trial for the classified documents case.

    Judge Cannon was appointed by Trump. I guarantee 100% that if the BBC report this, we will be told.

    Unlike all the other Democrat Judges handling this banana-republic persecution of him where they don’t want us to know.

    I just searched for it and the BBC have indeed reported it. Here’s what they wrote:

    ‘Judge Aileen Cannon, a Trump appointee, …’
    The bias is beyond ridiculous now.


  30. StewGreen says:

    Tim Stanley is trending
    He’s getting huge abuse on Twitter from lefties, cos he was the only non raving libmob establishment person on
    The other 3 were Lammy, Caroline Lucas, and Baroness Warsi, who the Tories put in as a peer, but she is Mulsim first and anti-Tory next

    The lefties abuse Tim Stanley by shouting Tory scum
    Yet actually he became chairman of the Cambridge Labour Club in 2003
    and a Labour parliamentary candidate in 2005


  31. Thoughtful says:

    NYCB New York Community Bank is on the verge of bankruptcy. It isn’t a GSIB (global systemically important bank) but it is a major bank.

    Of course New York like California is strongly Demonrat, so there’s a chance those corrupt weasels will bail it out as they did with Silicon Valley Bank especially is their donors are affected, however this is just another crack in the dam wall of international banking and there will be many others to follow.

    No one knows exactly what will be the trigger to start the nect financial crisis, but one thing appears certain, that it’s not very far away.

    Last time in 2008 Gordon Brown was PM, he had spent many years as chancellor under Tony BLiar, and much as pains me to say he did handle it quite well, and better than Bush did in America, who simply threw money at it.

    Today we have Jeremy Hunt and the thought of a financial crisis being handled by the inept muppet we have in power is utterly terrifying !


    • StewGreen says:

      Cameron’s own tweet invoking the danger of the far right .. 3.3K Likes
      was beaten by Galloway’s reply 4.2K

      but actually Martin Daubney’s reply : What “far right groups?” got even more : 4.5K


  32. StewGreen says:

    Sargon says Sunak has a cheek by claiming everyone else over there is a danger to democracy
    when he himself is part of a system that’s been trampling over democracy for years
    .. and staged a coup to get into power.
    Video https://twitter.com/Sargon_of_Akkad/status/1763728166831399176


  33. Guest Who says:


    Seems Sky is being targeted by the Too Far Gone Now


  34. AsISeeIt says:

    Trouble at t’ mill edition

    Navalny buried in Moscow as crowds chant anti-Putin slogans (BBC); Navalny buried Mourners defy threats to voice public dissent with Putin’s war (FT): Farewell, Navalny, thousands brave threats of arrest to say goodbye (Guardian, photograph Reuters)

    Give it a rest lads, this propaganda of yours just isn’t cutting through. How about you update the BBC battlefield map? Ukraine in maps: Tracking the war with Russia (By the Visual Journalism Team BBC News – last update 21 February)

    According to Bloomberg, Ukraine’s current assessment of the situation on the battlefield looks “bleak” as its troops are unable to hold off Russian attacks as they try to ration the number of shells they can fire before completely running out… At the moment, some of the heaviest fighting in Ukraine continues west of Adviivka, where Russian forces have reportedly captured several settlements… Geolocated footage analysed by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) shows that Russian forces have so far advanced into fields south and southwest of Stepove, to the northwest of Avdiivka, and northwest of Lastochkyne, which lies west of Avdiivka. (Euro News)

    Remember folks, it’s not a conspiracy theory, if it’s true…

    From tracking the price of pork bellies… to the cost lab monkeys

    Plunging price of China’s lab monkeys highlights slow down in drug research… the first two years of the pandemic saw “booming investment” in drug development (Financial Times) – any further comment there would seem superfluous – suffice to say perhaps the word pandemic ought to have been in scare quotes whereas booming investment could be left in plain type?

    Given that rogue constable Wayne Cousins was enabled to lure a sober sensible adult woman into his car under the sole pretext of our extraordinary Lockdown rules then in force, one wonders whether the Angiolini Inquiry might share evidence with the concurrently sitting official UK Covid-19 Inquiry, to show that at minimum one additional fatality is directly attributable to government Lockdown policies.

    The shadowy Whitehall unit at the heart of the British government’s covert strategic communications campaign was inspired by a clandestine cold war propaganda programme…

    But while the cold war offensive targeted communism, trade unionists and newspapers in developing countries, the current operations are aimed at Muslims, both in Britain and the Middle East. The British-based element of the campaign is part of the Prevent counter-radicalisation programme and is run by the Home Office’s Research, Information and Communications Unit, or Ricu. (Guardian, this article is more than 7 years old) – well that went well, chaps, didn’t it!

    Banish the hatred from our streets, implores PM (Times); ‘Democracy under threat’ (Telegraph); Democracy is at threat from ‘extremists’, claims Sunak… hastily arranged Downing Street statement… condemned the election of Galloway, who easily won a chaotic byelection… sometimes rambling and contradictory 10-minutes address… (Guardian)

    Trouble at t’ mill – a humorous phrase sometimes used by British people to refer to a problem, especially at home or at work. It is said in the accent of the people of northern England, especially Yorkshire or Lancashire, where there used to be many mills (= factories where cloth was made), and where the word ‘the’ is often not fully pronounced. The phrase suggests the idea that there were regular disputes between the workers in the mills and their owners. (Thank you Oxford Learners Dictionaries)

    What’s up, Sunak, trouble in your ‘world’s most exciting economic zone‘ – the place we locals call Britain?

    Democracy, Rishi? Gorgeous George was more democraticly elected to his present status as MP for Gaza North West than you were to your position as PM of this ‘exciting economic zone’

    Apologies to the Bard

    This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle,
    This exciting economic zone,
    This other Eden, demi-paradise,
    This open border built by Tony Blair himself
    Against infection and the hand of war,
    This unhappy breed of men, this little world,
    This precious stone set in a silver sea
    Which no longer serves it – while I’m in office – as a wall
    Or as a moat defensive to a house,
    Importing the dross of less happier lands,
    This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England

    When this next type of embarrassing media juxtapostion happened in the world of TV’s Mad Men series, Donald Draper, creative director at Sterling Cooper, would call a crisis meeting to plan how to handle the adverse fall out…

    ‘We’ll beat this poison’ – yells the Daily Express quoting Sunak’s speech, as the Express frontpage carries the prime advert spot for Tescos: Patak’s Tika Masala… Any 3 for 2 Clubcard Price

    Not to worry, Rishi: Chicken tikka masala is now a true British national dish, not only because it is the most popular, but because it is a perfect illustration of the way Britain absorbs and adapts external influences. Chicken tikka is an Indian dish (Thank you Wiki)

    Radio 4 boss: We can reflect woke Britain… controller of Radio 4… Mohit Bakaya… (Telegraph)

    Price of all stamps set to rise again – by 10p… the increase comes despite Royal Mail being fined £5.6million last year for failing to meet delivery targets (Telegraph) – despite or because of?

    Tickets to rise Anger as rail fares go up by 4.9% (Guardian)

    How’s that Bank of England 2% inflation target working out for you, Rishi?

    Of course the Guardian uses that deeply uninspiring speech from the deeply uninspiring Sunak to diss the conservative right: Sunak made points likely to anger MPs on the right of the Conservative party such as Suella Braverman and Robert Jenrick who have sought to frame recent tensions as almost entirely the responsibility of Islamist extremists.

    Whereas the junior poundshop Guardian that is the left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper has been all but convinced for many months now that we already have a Labour government under Sir Keir as PM: Starmer tells UK: I’m sorry about Galloway

    You’ve heard about Déjà vu – there’s a bit of Préjà vu for you on a chilly Saturday morning

    Spring forward Gardens in England and Wales bloom a month early (Guardian) – that’s as maybe, but Mr AsI has his central heating on full blast this morning.

    What about the football? Well, as Alan Hansen famously reminded Gary Lineker about Spurs: “They always let you down”

    And so finally, we hoped to bring you some sport but the left-leaning ‘i’ has let us down – they ain’t really interested in sports personalities who don’t tick the right identity boxes: ‘My wife says I’m called Big Ange because I need to lose weight’ Postecoglou Interview – but what about the football?


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think the Guardian got it right about the sunak 10 minute waffle …. As I listened I got the impression that the speech writer thought he was the one who writted so well for JFK – but then veered off into ‘blah blah Far Right Extremism BLah ‘ I was surprised rushi mentioned Islam at all – but I think there were two mentions .
      I wondered if there is any British politician – who could deliver something about unity versus extremism – but the only one would be Galloway – who bats for the Islamic extremists at the moment – must pay really well…


      • AsISeeIt says:

        Yep, a George Galloway-style hat tip to the Gruan – they got that rambling aspect of their report right enough.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Galloway is the sort of chap who wears a hat indoors . Touchy about being bald methinks … he can’t wear it in the commons ..,


      • Kaiser says:

        islami… oh look far right squirrels


  35. Flotsam says:

    It’s hard to express the depth of anger I feel about asylum seekers being rescued by by the French and dropped off to become our problem. We should stop paying France £millions in order to transfer their problem to us.
    The asylum seekers are costing us at the least £17M a day to deal with them now slightly more honest figures are being released by the Government.
    The only way to stop this farce is to push the boats back. This could be done with a fleet of high power RIBS. They would cost about £300-400K each, we could have a fleet of them for the price of one day’s asylum seekers expenses. Some asylum seekers might die when we start pushing them back but some of them are dying anyway. The traffic would soon stop after a few days push back.


    • Kaiser says:

      and the cost of everyone of them that has been granted leave to stay on top of that £15-17 million a day?????????????????????


      • Lucy Pevensey says:

        And still we send foreign aid to the countries they came from.
        With charities asking us for even more wonga for them.


  36. Eddy Booth says:

    I can’t blame the French, the only reason the immigrant vermin are in France is because attractive Britain is next door – offering full board in a nice hotel etc.
    For them its like having a neighbour who puts food out for rats.

    Sinking a full RNLI boat would be my initial message .
    Could claim an old WW2 sea mine was unachoured from the sea bed by climate change or something .


    • Fedup2 says:

      Sharks – wave machines – ban the RNLI – declare any charity helping the invaders illegal , auto send back to French beaches – pull out of IMO provisions . And ECHR of course .


  37. The Mouse says:

    Agree also, can’t blame the French. If you have got a simpleton weak neighbour and you have a problem, then you could share a big part of the problem with them.

    Sunak’s words are cheap. Action would speak louder but I’m sure we will reach the eve of the next election when Sunak will announce t’he solution is ready to implement, the boats can be stopped, criminals will be deported, so don’t spoil it all by voting labour or REFORM’. Of course after the election nothing will change. They have lied for many years and taken us for fools. The globalists will not change course. Vote REFORM.


    • Fedup2 says:

      68000 granted ‘ refugee “ status last year to clear the books. Just corruption – and sets a benchmark for red labour . Just vile .


  38. Lucy Pevensey says:

    We have to fit in what is left of the Ukrainian population yet.
    Our Globalist traitor government must think Britain is like a Tardis.

    Just keep stuffing them in the door. All of Africa will fit. Britain is bigger inside than geography allows you to believe. And BTW all immigrants are carbon neutral don’t you know. It’s just you native Brits that are the problem. You lot who pay our salaries.

    whoops, ranting, sorry


  39. StewGreen says:

    FooC : Peter Oborne is coming up
    Will he say something nutty ?
    “Al Shabaab withdrew from the Somalian capital Mogadishu
    … there is an even greater menace in the country: climate change ..”

    Other items
    Gaza #1 ” a tragic incident in which more than 100 people were killed as aid was being delivered to Gaza City” Paul Adams

    Gaza #2 Lizzie Porter talks to the Gaza family who fled to Turkey

    Peter Yeung in Ecuador
    “a fleet of solar-powered boats run by Indigenous communities to provide a sustainable model of transport for the future. This has been met with a mixed response by some indigenous leaders.”

    Japan the Naked male Festival – has come up with a solution to flagging numbers of participants: involve women. (in robes) for the first time


    • digg says:

      Stunning how the BBC and other MSM have gone along with the theory that Israeli soldiers shot the Gazan’s ransacking the food convoy.

      No questions such as why would they do that?

      What would they have to gain?

      It’s just assumed that Israelis enjoy killing Gazan’s and that’s the impression the media are desperate to take hold.

      What a Weasley bunch of activists infest UK newsrooms right now.


    • StewGreen says:

      Gaza #1 no mention of any gun shots from anyone except Israeli gun
      though it did say that it seems most deaths cam from trucks driving over people.

      Peter Oborne “the short term reason for the drought then flood is EL NINO, but the real long term reason is Climate Change”
      that seems like contradiction and heavy spin

      Peter Yeung’s solar in Ecuador piecce is a copy of his old NPR article from December 2nd
      which starts with immense hype,
      In Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest, solar-powered boats are a boon for the trees
      but tucked away near the bottom
      Kara Solar is also working against the currents of convenience. The solar boats are considerably slower than gasoline-powered boats, meaning that many still prefer the latter for important or urgent matters. And given the new technology, breakdowns and technological hiccups are still an issue.


      • StewGreen says:

        Yeung had a hard job… NOT
        much of his item was him reading his NPR article, word for word.


    • StewGreen says:

      Oborne’s line ” there is an even greater menace in the country: climate change ..”
      is contrived .. he asked one bloke, he disagreed
      he asked one more and he agreed , but that was the takeaway end line


  40. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I reckon with George Galloway in the h of c things will become a lot more interesting.
    Like him or not you have to admit he’s a good talker and will run rings round the rest of the sheep in there, a proper wolf amongst them.

    Rishi’s speech last night was a nothing event. Nothing will change.
    Just gotta hope the far right are not going to do their usual rioting, protesting and everything else they tell us that the far right get up to.
    It would seem that if we can put the far right back in their box all our troubles will be over…..


    • Chevalnoir says:

      … Galloway – the new Joseph Goebbels. It’s simply a repeat of the 1930′. Feeble, spineless, appeasing politicians, dazzled by the mantra that ‘business is bigger, stronger more important than war’. The politicians will disappear into their already established bolt holes whilst Jo Public, currently leaderless, will pick up the bill by paying in lives fighting the equivalent of the Nazis Hamas.


  41. Zephir says:

    “Furious veterans blast ‘absolutely dreadful’ Royal British Legion for refusing to support funeral of soldier, 57, who had no family as friends claim they had ‘door slammed in our face’

    Roger Southern was found deceased in his home on February 2
    He had served as an armourer in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    The Staffordshire Regiment Association has had to raise money for his funeral

    David Lovell, chairman of Staffordshire Regimental Association Stafford Branch told MailOnline: ‘We made an immediate appeal. Calls to Stafford Branch of the Royal British Legion. The message we got from the Royal British Legion Stafford branch was that they wouldn’t help because he wasn’t a member.”



  42. StewGreen says:

    Radio4 the other day had a prog saying 15 min cities are a bit of a myth

    Yet in 2021 BBC had a glowing article about them

    “With Paris leading the way, other cities around the world have been enticed by this model for resilient, vibrant communities”


  43. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    From Olivia Christie in the Daily Mail online (my comments in square brackets):


    The boss of BBC Radio 4 has insisted that the station is not too woke but instead serves as a mirror to a changing Britain.

    Mohit Bakaya’s comments come amid a shake-up for the station including a later Sunday slot for The Archers and extra airtime for Desert Island Discs.

    He defended the changes saying that the longer slot will give host Lauren Laverne more time to get ‘more out of the guests’ after public accusations she does not ask enough follow-up questions.

    Mr Bakaya has faced a number of challenges at the helm of Radio 4, including concerns about a slide in audience figures [there’s a good clue to what’s happening there], a change in listener habits and claims that the station has become too woke.

    ‘You have to take that seriously,’ he told the Telegraph.

    The boss of BBC Radio 4 has insisted that the station is not too woke but instead serves as a mirror to a changing Britain

    Mohit Bakaya’s comments come amid a shake-up for the station including a later Sunday slot for The Archers and extra airtime for Desert Island Discs

    Mohit Bakaya’s comments come amid a shake-up for the station including a later Sunday slot for The Archers and extra airtime for Desert Island Discs

    ‘There are times when people listen and say that (BBC Radio 4 is too woke). The truth is that Radio 4 is a mirror [to globalist groupthink].
    ‘As Britain changes, you are going to bump into change in Britain on Radio 4.

    ‘If you don’t want change in Britain, or you live in a part of Britain where you don’t see that, Radio 4 can be a rude awakening [you can say that again, Mr Bakaya!].’

    His comments come in the same week that BBC veteran Martha Kearney announced she is stepping down from her role as anchor of the Radio 4 flagship show the Today programme.

    Ms Kearney’s departure is just one in an exodus of BBC favourites [sic] including Andrew Marr and Emily Maitlis – who moved to LBC.

    Martha Kearney announced she is stepping down from her role as anchor of the Radio 4 flagship show the Today programme.

    He said: ‘We have a culture where people are straying towards (outlets) that give them the opinions that reflect their own opinion. That for me is an alarming trend.’

    READ MORE: BBC Radio 4 host Martha Kearney, 66, announces she will step down after the next General Election to front new nature programme – and says she ‘won’t miss that 3am alarm!’

    Mr Bakaya, who was appointed controller of Radio 4 in 2019, said the station plays an important role in standing against a change which has seen broadcasters take a relaxed approach to impartiality rules [this is off-the-scale lack of self-awareness].

    ‘Overall in broadcasting we are seeing people monetise the echo chamber and division [e.g. BBC Asian network?], and that is dangerous. If Radio 4 didn’t exist, you’d have to invent it,’ he said.

    He would not speculate on Ms Kearney’s replacement on the Today programme, but said he gets ‘frustrated’ by the reductive view that it ‘has to be a woman or a brown person … it has to be the best person’, while adding that the station also has to be ‘representative of the nation’ [i.e. metropolitan Leftists].

    Mr Bakaya did admit that efforts have been made to ensure the Today programme has become ‘friendlier’ in recent times, to make it easier for new listeners to navigate.

    Ms Kearney has presented the Today programme for the last six years after joining the BBC in 1988.

    After the election, she will continue working on a variety of projects, including Open Country and is set to front a new interview series celebrating the natural world called This Natural Life.

    The show will focus on each guests’ passion for nature.

    In a statement, she said: ‘I have loved working on Today with its incredible reach and influence but now it’s time to move on to pastures new – literally.

    ‘I am really looking forward to sharing my passion for nature in an exciting new series as well as a much-loved favourite programme. And I won’t be missing that 3am alarm call.’

    In general, Bakaya described it as a balancing act between respecting the original audience and enticing new younger listeners at the station, when adapting to a world that is ‘changing fast’.

    ‘We have to remember that there are people listening who have been there since the first programme was broadcast.

    ‘The one thing I say to programme editors all the time is you have to respect your core audience. If you lose that, then you have lost everything. [Good point … but that ship sailed a long time ago!]’



    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      My apologies to StewGreen above – I didn’t see his earlier post about this interview.


  44. tomo says:

    None of this is about George Galloway


  45. Jeff says:

    I think this is of interest…

    Yesterday, a chap called Sam Melia was jailed for two years for distributing “hate material”.

    Apparently, some of the posters he put up suggested that white people would be a minority in their homeland by (about) 2060…or thereabouts. There was no call to arms, just a warning.

    Meanwhile, in Parliament, a bunch of Muslim louts can project an image onto the tower of Big Ben calling for the annihilation of an entire nation. A genocide…

    And the police, politicians and judiciary do sweet FA.

    Rather telling, I think…


  46. tomo says:



    • Up2snuff says:

      tomo, to understand Islam better, including many of its contradictions and equivocations I would suggest reading ‘The Way of the Strangers’ sub-titled ‘Encounters with the Islamic State’ by Graeme Wood. He is an American who lectures in Political Science at Yale and also is a national correspondent for ‘The Atlantic’. He has also spent time with US troops in Iraq.

      The book has shortcomings, not least of which is the lack of a Glossary of Islamic terms for those of us with rapidly ageing brains who forget things. It is also heavy going in places. He also mentions Islamic converts or fundamentalists that he encountered in the course of the book and forgets to remind the reader of the chapters where they are found. Despite all those shortcomings, the book does inform and can be recommended.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      And the Church of England disappears down the U-bend of history in 3,2,1…


    • MarkyMark says:

      “Islamic rules are incompatible with British laws, claims Archbishop of Canterbury (wELBY)”

      “For these reasons, I am especially sympathetic towards those Islamic groups that do not seek the application of sharia law into the family and inheritance law of this country.”


      Church of England must follow DfE and abandon Mermaids influenced transgender guidance
      12 October 2022


      Row over plans to bury copies of the Koran at a Birmingham cemetery so Muslims can dispose of their worn out texts
      Area is being set aside at Handsworth cemetery in Birmingham for Koran burial
      Korans will only be interred on land where people do not normally walk
      Minority of critics to policy branded ‘clueless’, ‘bigots’ and ‘racist’
      Council and faith groups welcome decision for one of Britain’s first sites

      PUBLISHED: 13:13, 23 January 2017 | UPDATED: 15:29, 23 January 2017


  47. tomo says:


    • Up2snuff says:

      tomo, is he a ‘wannabe bank robber’? A chador plus burka could be quite a handy disguise!