Start the Week /St George’s Day 23April 2024

I thought I’d mention St George’s Day in this Thread because the way things are going it might be the last time it is ‘celebrated ‘ – the BBC will traditionally claim that St George was not British or didn’t exist and put their VERIFY Propaganda department on the case . So many traditions are no approved – together with British history and culture – Saint George is someone the BBC would gladly bin 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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  1. pugnazious says:


    ‘”I think for us, it’s a momentous occasion that where Australia’s history began, in 1770 on the shores of Botany Bay at Kurnell, the spears that were undoubtedly taken without permission are returned to the rightful people.”‘



    ‘”The spears were pretty much the first point of European contact, particularly British contact with Aboriginal Australia. ‘

    yeah….literally…as they speared the undocumented British migrants coming ashore….how racist.


  2. pugnazious says:

    Five people including a child have died while trying to cross the Channel in a small boat’

    More blood on BBC journalists’ hands.

    And really?…..

    ‘The BBC’s Home Affairs correspondent, Tom Symonds, was reporting live as a crowded migrant boat set sail for the UK from Calais in France.

    He said French police made no attempt to stop the boat from leaving, but did stop another group of migrants from trying to get onto the water.

    He also explained that it was unlikely that the boat would make it across the Channel, as a large French military or coastguard vessel was blocking the way.’

    The French navy escorts them across the Channel into British waters. Send ’em back….they’re travellers from France with no documents….return them as you would any such traveller….lol….just heard Nicky Campbell describe similar point made by a caller as ‘hard-line’….bet he doesn’t call ‘open borders’ and mass migration as ‘hardline’.


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      Five people including a child have died ” = five young men including a young man who we think was 14 but could have been 32. When we say they died they could have been thrown overboard for refusing to pay the full fare to the smugglers.


  3. StewGreen says:

    TR Judge ‘I told you my decision would come at 10:30am, now I say 11:30am’
    “Currently no main stream media in attendance. ”

    Tweet from yesterday


    • Fedup2 says:

      Phone calls to politicians for a ‘view’ no doubt – …, ready for the ‘guilty ‘ – appeal proofed ?


  4. StewGreen says:

    Tory MP pushing Hope Not Hate dogma again


  5. Fedup2 says:

    For some reason the DT has not allowed comments on 5 drowned .. invaders …


  6. pugnazious says:

    In case we forget what they’re doing….

    ‘EU should ‘undermine national homogeneity’ says UN migration chief’

    ‘The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said.

    Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.

    He also suggested the UK government’s immigration policy had no basis in international law.

    He told the House of Lords committee migration was a “crucial dynamic for economic growth” in some EU nations “however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states

    “The United States, or Australia and New Zealand, are migrant societies and therefore they accommodate more readily those from other backgrounds than we do ourselves, who still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others.

    “And that’s precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine.”.’


  7. Thoughtful says:

    The Rwanda Bill and what they aren’t telling you:

    Clause 16 of the deal says: “Resettlement of vulnerable Refugees: 16.1. The Participants will make arrangements for the United Kingdom to resettle a portion of Rwanda’s most vulnerable refugees in the United Kingdom, recognising both Participants’ commitment towards providing better international protection for refugees.”

    There are apparantly over 100000 ‘vulnerable’ refugees in Rwanda so what has happened is that Rishi Washee and his Marxists has agreed to take far more ‘refugees’ than he is going to send and we are going to pay at both ends for the privelege.

    It’s difficult to imagine a worse possible deal than this and of course the Marxists in the Tory party don’t want you to know and the BBC almost certainly supports it!

    The ‘Most’ vulnerable require 24/7 medical care which the NHS will have to provide and no doubt we will be having to import medical staff to do that !


  8. pugnazious says:

    Lest we forget.

    Way back in 2013 the BBC published some cartoons favouring Muslim migrants….


    First thing to note is that this is not an article in the magazine, the cartoon is placed, in prime position, without explanation, there is no attempt to explain what the cartoons are supposed to say, who produced them, nor who the audience is supposed to be.
    The question you then ask is….who produced the cartoon, and then you ask why?

    Who is easy……a small link at the bottom of the cartoon leads you to the ‘Open Society Foundations’.

    Who runs and funds that? Billionaire George Soros.

    Curiously the BBC story has been erased…

    But the Soros link is still live should you wish to be brainwashed….

    The BBC not only publishing pro-Muslim migration propaganda but also detailing ‘safe-routes’ for migrants to head to Europe…

    ‘Syrian Journey: Choose your own escape route’

    This video is from MSF….

    Safe routes are a lie….unless you let in everyone who turns up those who are not eligible will find another illegal route and it will continue….millions will race to apply for the ‘safe route’…what are the entry criteria…how many do we let in…can we refuse those who tick all the boxes? Safe routes are an open door and millions will race here to get their free handouts.


  9. pugnazious says:

    LOL…Guido on Rayner…

    ‘This isn’t going away…’

    Clearly no idea how the BBC operates…ignore, bury, discredit the whistleblower, shout racism, sexism, classism…and when Rayner’s found guilty downplay and list every Tory who has ever done something similar.


    • Thoughtful says:

      How many of the BBC’s Lefties avoid paying their full tax liability? It seems to be a corporate sport amongt them, with the revolting Leftie Adrian Chiles trying to defend his own avoidance when it was alleged it crossed the line into evasion


      • Philip_2 says:

        The BBC used to advise its presenters to how to minimse their tax libaility by pretending they has ‘outside’ income. this was highlighted (ten years ago) under a parliamentary questions into (admitted) tax abuses at the BBC which questioned the vast number of ‘well known’ (I.e. Terry Wogan) and many others – all BBC employees having so many ‘freelance’ (or multiple Directorships on ‘non trading’ Limited compananes) set up in Luxembourg – or the Isle of Man).
        This is fact. The BBC admited this in parliament it happend when they reached a ‘certain point’. In parliament The BBC was forced to ‘not advise staff on UK tax affairs’.

        Yet we still have Gary Linekar and Chris Packham stating that are entirely ‘freelance’ for any UK tax when they only have one UK employer (BBC) and are (largely) unemployable outside the BBC.

        The BBC also have ‘several’ BBC production companies to offload any hidden salaries, so they just continue as they did before.. So they can still advise its ‘clients’ on how to avoid tax outside the UK.
        UK COURTS:


  10. tomo says:

    ingrish I no speek


    • pugnazious says:

      Unfortunately all too true. The welfare system, free schooling, the NHS and all the other services will vanish under a tidal wave of grasping parasites…all unsustainable. And then civil society, cohesion, trust and society will breakdown and the wars begin…oh, sorry, they’ve already begun…..Islamic terror and BLM destruction of British history and the ethnic cleansing of ‘whiteness’…with so many collaborators helping the enemy within.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Also get your gas and electric paid for plus the water as well. Bonus payments every 6 months allegedly for new clothes but they can spend it on what ever they please. Oh and a brand new smartphone with a contract they don’t have to pay for.


  11. pugnazious says:

    Careful what you wish for….when they come for you who will speak for you?

    Don’t know the background to this but clearly Tommy Robinson thinks Gideon Falter is suffering what he wished upon Robinson….

    Amazing though to think that anyone can be threatened with arrest for causing a breach of the peace for just being Jewish with the copper acknowledging the real threat was the crowd not the Jew….but there were too many in the crowd to deal with….er…no…just ban the marches.

    Of course the BBC, Times and Sky all decided that the Jew was the problem…provoking the crowd by his mere presence. They all wheeled in rent-a-mouth Dal Babu but always forgot to tell us he is a very active ‘Muslim’, one who often spoke out against the anti-terror programme ‘Prevent’ and of course set up the Muslim Police Officers group. Might think he had a dog in the fight as he said he would have arrested the Jew.

    Just why were all these media organisations so set on targeting the Jew and making him out to be the problem?

    Oh yeah…..

    ‘Tommy Robinson not welcome at march against antisemitism, say leaders’


    • wronged says:

      I am Openly annoyed with the police ‘management’ not the foot soldiers as they are being placed in a difficult position.

      Too many lefty appeasing managers more concerned about containing a protest instead of controlling it.
      These protests are Hamas organised, there is evidence for this. Rowley needs to go.


  12. Thoughtful says:

    I love the fact this sheik had so little trust of the media that he spoke in English so they weren’t able to lie about what he had said in their fake translation:


    • tomo says:

      The Anglophone MSM habitually misrepresent what furriners say – especially in the Gulf.

      Having lived and worked that part of the world for decades I can vouch that is absolutely the case – can’t trust the western media to report honestly at all….


  13. Terminal Moraine says:

    A small detail from Musk vs Australian censorship —

    They want the priest stabbing removed from social media not just in Oz but worldwide. I don’t know the legal side but this seems an extraordinary overreach. Their e-safety commissioner says sharing it “further perpetuates the violence” and it’s vital social media be “an instrument of solidarity and social cohesion.”

    But in January she was complaining about suppression of pro-Palestinian content on Meta/FB/Instagram: “Any suppression of voices online, regardless of background, nationality, or cultural or religious affiliation, concerns me greatly. The absence of diverse voices from the ‘online square’ potentially contributes, in my view, to the normalisation of hate speech on platforms.”

    Try and spot the internal logic in that. Our media won’t because they’re too stupid, too corrupt, or both.

    And a photo, why not.



  14. andyjsnape says:

    Migrants cram onto small boat in Calais during BBC broadcast

    “The weather on Tuesday was perfect for the people smugglers” – why does the likes of the bbc always blame the people smugglers” – if the illegals who need prosecuting and not protecting


  15. tomo says:


    • Non Snowflake says:

      Great news although the live stream was a bit flaky.

      Pretty much every one of the appalling cops was in on this. Excuse after excuse – they had “deleted” their bodycam footage by mistake, they were dyslexic so didn’t understand the paperwork, they had recorded over the video, etc etc.

      I presume the police are now planning something against TR even more obscene.


      • Zephir says:

        Can’t believe they have a a dyslexic cop, how the hell did he get recruited ?

        “you have to write to remain sullen, but anythink you dare say can be ritten in riting and abused in course against you”

        I hope he doesn’t stop me driving and breathalise me

        “Just breath into this bog please”


        • Zephir says:

          Yes your honour, I informed the defendant I have sex daily

          I beg your pardon ?

          Prodecuting barrister: he has dyslexia.


    • Scroblene says:

      It’s nearly 1.45, and still bags of hush from the awful BBC…

      Funny that – I might try Sky then!

      Nope, funny that…


      • Fedup2 says:

        Sadly as predicted – judge must be heading for career end …plod must have been too thick to fit him up – but they have him as a target … wonder what the ‘too Jewish ‘ bloke will say …


  16. Zephir says:

    You know what makes me laugh about the protest in London, that you have the looney left and Muslims waving Palestinian flags, but the Same people call anyone waving a Union Jack or St George’s Cross a fascist or far right.

    I think these people who are anti-semitic and pro Hamas need to have a good look in the mirror.


  17. andyjsnape says:

    The vast ravines swallowing whole neighbourhoods around the world

    By Shin Suzuki, Journalist for the bbc

    Only worked for 2 years with the bbc, no other work experience


  18. Philip_2 says:

    I was wondering if BBC Scotland will still endorse the SNP. Well they have gone quiet – (lights out comrades). But we can be sure, under Labour, the same ‘measures’ will be adopted across the UK (despite the CAS report stating that it clearly is child abuse in another form)’.

    MORE MADNESS IN SCOTLAND, by Madeleine Kearns. “The Telegraph reports that Scottish elementary schools are being asked to appoint children as ‘LGBT champions’ and ask children as young as four if they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. The organization behind this, LGBT Youth Scotland, received … taxpayer money last year. I trained as a teacher in Scotland in 2015 and was required to sit through a presentation by a member of this organization. As I wrote previously: ‘Our LGBT Youth Scotland trainer also told us that we should avoid “outing” transgender children to their parents and, if the child so wished, exclude parents from the process entirely. This approach has the full backing of the Scottish government.’”’


  19. Zephir says:

    And, the bbc headline is…

    “Five including child die trying to cross Channel”

    “Girl who died was partially-sighted, migrants tell me”


    • Zephir says:

      Well, if she was in charge of the compass and map there is so surprise there really.

      “Her last words, “It’s just past the next Fjord, and what’s that hissing sound ?” migrants tell me”


  20. Jeff says:

    I think I may have mentioned once or twice (ahem) that I’m a member of Kew Gardens. I visited yesterday with my niece and her adorable young son…and a good time was had by all, but…

    Everywhere you wander you’re confronted by signs about “Catastrophic Climate Change”…what we should be growing to combat the inevitable Armageddon we’re about to face and other reminders of the deep peril we’re all in.

    You see, having listened to Sir David, Al Gore and Grizzly Greta for yonks, I thought we should all by now be toast…or at least heading that way…but we’re not…

    Polar bears are thriving, The Great Barrier Reef is in fine fettle and the planet is considerably greener than it was twenty years ago.

    Everything they have warned us about has failed to materialise. The planet was supposed to become more arid. Every few weeks we’re told that “This is the hottest day/month/year since records began, but it’s all hogwash. People must be able to see through it by now.

    Anyway, yesterday was nice. It didn’t rain…much…but it was bloody nippy for April. I was done up like Captain Oates and it was still taters.

    I’ve little doubt that in a couple of months the BBC will be showing us a graph depicting this April as the hottest since records began. Yes, of course it was.

    Oh…and a Happy St George’s Day! Keep warm.



    • Zephir says:

      Same here, it was bloody cold yesterday


    • moggiemoo says:

      Weather forecast this morning said the East Midlands was going to be dry so the wife and I went out. An hour later it started to rain and did so for 3 hours. This organisation, that insists it knows what the climate will be like in 50 years time, cant even get the forecast right for the SAME DAY!


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        That’s weather, not climate!


        • moggiemoo says:

          ‘What exactly is climate? Whereas weather refers to short-term changes in the atmosphere, climate describes what the weather is like over a long period of time in a specific area.’ To my mind, if you can’t predict the WEATHER the same day you have no business telling me you know what the CLIMATE will be like in 50 years. I stand by my earlier comment.


  21. andyjsnape says:

    Five dead on migrant boat: ‘We saw people struggling on board’

    bbc is upset, most of the true British public has had enough


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Let me correct that for you:

      ‘We saw watched illegal immigrants attempting an invasion of Britain, whilst the French authorities failed to stop them, despite having been paid hundreds of millions to do so. But in our heart of hearts, we wished them well. Some of us, I’m almost ashamed to say, hoped that there would be a loss of life, as this could be used in our campaign to stop the new Rwandan Bill ever being used”


  22. Zephir says:

    @ Pugnazious above

    “a war came, we were forced to flee the country”

    so many of the UK fled the country when a war came..

    oh, hang on, no they didn’t, every young man fought as did many older men and the women worked in factories and farms to support them.

    Rather confusing that those that fled war don’t flee when they are mobbed up in London or speakers corner, but only when they are outnumbering unarmed individuals, especially jews in London or christian preachers in Hyde Park.

    And many schoolgirls in Bradford and elsewhere will attest to how brave and masculine they suddenly become on occasions with a £3.50 bottle of Blue Nun wine in their hand.


  23. Fedup2 says:

    Tommy Robinson 1 religious police 0…

    Case dismissed …


  24. Emmanuel Goldstein says:



  25. andyjsnape says:

    Just Stop Oil doctor suspended for five months

    How terrible… but read on

    “Dr Benn, who had already given up practising in August 2022”


  26. Fedup2 says:

    Silence from the msm over Tommy Robinson – free press ? No ….

    Show trials – political trials in the UK?



    • Scroblene says:

      Nothing on Sky either!

      Funny that – oh, hang on, this is one reason why!

      Ha ha ha ha ha!


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      Currently it is the fourth story on the London Regional News Section of the BBC website. Headlined as:
      Tommy Robinson case collapses over police paperwork

      As yet the story is not linked to the more prominent sections of the BBC website but the headline is the angle they are going to report it as: Tommy Robinson gets off on a technicality.


  27. Fedup2 says:

    Looking for news of the Tommy Robinson case I looked to the londonistan evening standard – nothing – but there was a double murder last night by arson opposite the now closed walthamstowistan nick …
    Double murders don’t count now …


  28. Fedup2 says:

    Religious police’ clashing ‘ with St George’s day supporters in Whitehall – maybe they should have waved a few Palestine flags …


  29. vlad says:

    Time to kick out Mayor Khun’t and Mr Magoo lookalike Mark Rowley, NOW.


  30. Fedup2 says:

    A cut and paste from ‘magistrates blog spot STARTS Far-right activist Tommy Robinson has been cleared failing to comply with a police dispersal direction.

    Robinson, real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, 40, was accused of failing to comply with a direction issued under section 35 of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

    He has been cleared of the offence during a trial at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, 23rd April 2024.

    Having heard the prosecution’s case – which was, quite frankly, abysmal – District Judge Daniel Sternberg, presiding over the trial, concluded that there was no case to answer. In other words, taking the prosecution evidence at its highest, no properly-directed and reasonable tribunal of fact could find the offence proved to the required standard.

    The offence was said to have taken place on Sunday, 26th November 2023, when Robinson attended a protest march against anti-semitism in central London.

    He was accused of failing to comply with a section 35 direction when he refused to leave the area outside the Royal Courts of Justice on The Strand.

    By way of context, I should explain that a section 35 direction can only be issued where an officer of at least inspector rank has granted an authorisation under section 34 of the Act. Such an authorisation can only be granted for a maximum of 48 hours.

    It now transpires that the section 35 direction Robinson was arrested over was issued outside the time and locality to which the section 34 authorisation applied.

    Inspector Steve Parker-Phipps, who granted the section 34 authorisation, told the court that because his laptop was almost dead, he mistakenly timed and dated it as 10 am on 24th instead of 10 am on 26th November. That being the case, the authorisation had already lapsed by the time Robinson was arrested on the afternoon of 26th November.

    Alasdair Williamson KC, defending, put it to Inspector Parker-Phipps: “This document is not correct, is it? Can we have any confidence that a lawful order was in place?”

    The officer replied: “No.”

    With that it was game over. How could the prosecution possibly prove its case?

    It also turns out that even if the section 34 authorisation had been valid, the manner in which the officer made the section 35 direction was defective. This is because the officer making the direction failed to take into account Robinson’s claims of acting as a journalist at the protest – which, given his vast following, seems an entirely reasonable claim – and also gave insufficient time for Robinson to leave the area as directed.

    This is a complete and utter shambles. How many reviewing Met and CPS lawyers have overlooked the glaringly obvious flaws in this prosecution? Did they feel compelled to get it “over the line” due to the high profile nature of the defendant?

    A total waste of time, effort and public funds in prosecuting an offence that simply didn’t exist. I take personal offence that such a fundamentally flawed, poorly prepared case has been pushed in the direction of the court. It’s an insult. As if that’s not bad enough, Robinson will undoubtedly now receive tens of thousands in compensation as a result of his unlawful arrest and detention.

    This whole episode is absolutely cringeworthy.ENDS

    Inspector Parker – Phipps should go far ….


    • Non Snowflake says:

      From the first line “Far-right activist Tommy Robinson”

      And from near the end “As if that’s not bad enough, Robinson will undoubtedly now receive tens of thousands in compensation”

      Everything in the middle of that report was correct, but you get the feeling the author was annoyed that the police failed rather than be pleased that TR won.

      For the record, TR isn’t far right, he is a normal p1ssed off bloke like the rest of us. And as for compensation, well what’s wrong about that?


      • Fedup2 says:

        Non snowflake – yes I spotted the references – but I thought it gave a pretty good narrative of this politically motivated prosecution – the toll it must have taken on mr Robinson must have been great -so the damages should be worthy – but the religious police will fight him all the way ….

        ..and they’ll try to get him for something else …


      • tomo says:

        TR’s lawyers did a good job, they shouold be well remunerated out of Met plod funds


    • G says:


      A classic case, right now, of so much complex law laid that it is very difficult for the Police to reconcile themselves to working out what has to be done. It is all now too confusing. I recently remarked to the Home Office on a ‘Consultation’ that the Police do not really and honestly contribute to the Consultation exercise. They simply ‘nod in support’ knowing that they haven’t a chance in hell of enforcement. Then add the complexities and particularly dim coppers and ‘Hey Presto’ chaos.

      I posted here some while ago that if each Government Department busying themselves with unnecessary legislation were informed that if each piece of legislation laid that carries a criminal sanction enforced by the Police, the Police could employ x number of extra coppers engaged around the country to take the work on. But would that stop the likes of the Home Office from their zealotry in wanting to legislate for everything? Don’t know but when the Police numbers reach Stasi numbers per population i.e. with informants, virtually one-to-one, it can then be admitted we live in a Communist country.


      • Scroblene says:

        Would it be possible that as Yvette Cooper-Balls has suggested, there will be thousands of PCOS on the streets the day after Strummer gets in, and they’ll all have little cameras, tape recorders, etc., and will be available to stop all the rapes, the racist marches against British Christians, the thieving, the patrols along the South Coast beaches to nab the illegal immigrants, the stabbings in London, the illegal marches for murderous ‘religions’, the muggings everywhere, the police intimidation of Normal Citizens, and the rest of the criminality which paid-for plod have done sod-all about for the last ten years?

        (tumble weed……………………………………)


    • StewGreen says:

      FFS is the author of the article a magistrate ?
      It’s an example of the Guardian/BBC elites who rule over us
      Hence two tier justice
      He begins his article with a boo word smear “*Far-right* activist Tommy Robinson”
      Then he doubles down in the comments, saying he got it from Wikipedia, so it can’t be defamation
      Doh it is defamation

      One commenter
      the STASI invented the idea of Zersetzung
      …literally… to decay (rather DECOMPOSITION)
      The state would target a dissident and make life impossible for them.
      Constant persecution by the police, refusal of utilities services, finance, employment, schooling. Families would be targeted and friends.
      Constant lawfare, constant harassment.
      The punishment us in the process and by doing this they crush and destroy the dissidents, bullying and intimidating others by example.
      Having seen what Robinson has had to face over the years from the police, media, CPS, home office and a score of other organizations,
      it is hard not to draw the conclusion that the British state has used Zersetzung on him.


      • StewGreen says:

        The guy’s article got 44 comments
        I look through his previous articles.. they get ZERO comments
        That is how he has drifted into the bigoted Guardianland stance he has now
        No one has called him out before


  31. wronged says:

    Still nothing on the BBC website celebrating St George’s day. Not a peep. However, they do choose today to highlight -Booing your National Anthem – in Hong Kong. A story they could have put out any day of the week.

    Goebbels style subtle brainwashing for the useful idiots in our country. Don’t be one yourself.


    • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

      CBBC (Childrens BBC) Newsround: “Emma-Louise has your Tuesday Newsround. Find out all about St George’s Day, we learn about the government’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, meet the UK’s newest astronaut and discover why a Gladiator is at the WWE!

      CBBC webpage headline: “St George’s Day: Who was England’s patron saint?
      Article: “… St George isn’t just the patron saint for England. He also holds this position for … PalestineIstanbul … and Venice … he was born in Cappadocia – an area which is now in Turkey …. His mother took George to live in the Middle East, where she was originally from… Legend has it George came to a city called Silene, in a country called Libya, where there was a dragon … One thing that we do know about St George is that he wasn’t actually English


      • StewGreen says:

        the first link there is to a NEW Newsround video
        The second link is to the CBBC webpage which is OLD from 2023


        • Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

          first link: yes they update each day. It is still currently on Tuesdays edition but will change to Wednesdays edition in a few hours from me posting this comment.

          second link: it is the current link and is on the CBBC webpage. Yes it was created last year but they are still using it for this year.


  32. Ian Rushlow says:

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the English began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy-willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the English began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low,
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show,
    When the English began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd,
    It was not taught by the State.
    No man spoke it aloud,
    When the English began to hate.

    It was not suddenly bred,
    It will not swiftly abate,
    Through the chill years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the English began to hate.

    ‘The Beginnings’ by Rudyard Kipling.


  33. Fedup2 says:

    The problems in Whitehall will – no doubt – be laid at the feet of Tommy Robinson – and they won’t recognise that those weekly Hamas marches are not acceptable any more …..


  34. Zephir says:

    How strange, if I did not know better, one might assume the bbc were a little biased from their coverage of national saints days….

    bbc St Patricks day:

    “St Patrick’s Day: Parades and celebrations take place across NI”

    “London turns green for St Patrick’s Day parade”

    St Patrick’s Day parade paints Birmingham green

    St Patrick’s Day celebrations take place across the world

    The Shamrock Tenors, St Patrick night Concert

    St Patrick’s Day: What’s happening in Northern Ireland?

    City’s St Patrick’s Day Parade: What you need to know

    American marching band takes Larne by surprise

    O’Neill and Little-Pengelly fly to US for St Patrick’s Biden meeting

    St Patrick’s Parade back after five year absence

    St Patrick’s Day 2024: Parade and festival return to London

    Patrick Kielty to lead Dublin St Patrick’s parade

    St Patrick’s Day parade set to return

    St Patrick’s Day: Thousands gather for events in NI

    St Patrick’s Day: Why is the US president given a bowl of shamrock?

    St Patrick’s Day: Downpatrick centre goes global for new exhibit

    Welsh secretary backs St David’s Day bank holiday

    St Patrick’s Day parades return to Ireland

    St Patrick’s Day parade returns to Liverpool for first time in three years

    In pictures: St Patrick’s Day parades return

    St Patrick’s Day: Duchess of Cambridge hands out shamrock

    St Patrick’s Day: America’s most Irish towns celebrate

    St Patrick’s Day hopes for Belfast bartenders McGarry and Muldoon in New York

    St Patrick’s Day parade in Belfast ‘for everyone’

    St Patrick’s Day: NI ministers to travel to White House

    St Patrick’s Day parade returns to London after Covid hiatus

    St Patrick’s Day celebrations to return to Belfast

    St Patrick’s Day festival returns to London after two-year hiatus

    Birmingham’s St Patrick’s Day parade axed due to tram works

    St Patrick’s Day: Countries celebrate Ireland’s patron saint

    Coronavirus: St Patrick’s Day celebrations move online

    Covid-19: St Patrick’s Day Dublin parade cancelled for second year

    In Pictures: A surreal St Patrick’s Day

    Everything you wanted to know about St Patrick…. and more!

    Coronavirus: Irish St Patrick’s Day parades cancelled

    Welsh flag flown on St Patrick’s Day by Sheffield City Council

    St Patrick’s Day 2019 celebrated worldwide

    St Patrick’s Day sees global landmarks go green

    St Patrick’s Day: The patron saint who ‘liked a drink’


  35. Fedup2 says:

    The outgoing pm has announced that after the next election every one will get a million pounds . The money will be found by taxing everyone – one million pounds , … rishi and defence ? Ha ha


  36. Doublethinker says:

    We all expected that the St George’s Day march in London would be much more heavily policed than the weekly anti semitic marches are. However, I am very surprised that the police have been so openly , so brazenly, displaying their two tier policing regime . It is clear to me that they don’t care about how things look on TV or You Tube to ordinary Brits . They don’t care if events today prove for all to see that Stella Braverman was right when she accused the Met of double standards.
    This can only mean one thing, the police now believe that they no longer need the consent of the British people to police us. They can do whatever they like to us and we have no way of pushing back. We now live a police state run by Muslims, hyperglobalists and leftists. The law , which has been frequently used against TR can now be used against any of us for any reason which suits them.


  37. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Quentin Letts on Dewbs and Co has just said he believes the Rwanda plan will work and that we’re looking at other African Countries, as are other European Countries, to roll out this plan to send asylum seekers to them as well.

    How long before enterprising Countries start sending multitudes of their young men up to the Channel where they either get accepted here or sent back and the receiving Countries will rake in £billions as well as sending (swapping) their citizens to us with all sorts of illnesses and health problems.
    Clearing out all their unwanted and problematic people and getting fabulous sums for doing it.


    • Scroblene says:

      That’ll make a hell of an impact on the ridiculous ‘comic relief’ too!

      Dim British people will give loads of money to the countries, (most of whom spend it on arms to knock out the neighbouring tribes anyway), and they can then pay for charter jets with the Bono-Geldofgeld, to chuck thousands more of their unwanted natives at us via France via the RNLI, to get our people to pay for them to be flown to Rwanda after a nice holiday in a hotel costing millions a day!

      That makes ‘sense’ – to our stupid government?

      They really can F-R-O at the next election!


  38. Broadcasting-on-Behalf-of-the-Caliphate says:

    As others have mentioned one would never know there were St George’s Day Parades being held today because the BBC have kept completely silent on them. The BBC promote LGBTQ+ parades, they promote pro-Palestine marches, they promote BLM marches, they promote Stop Oil marches, they promote St Patricks Day parades etc etc but not St George’s Day Parade.

    So the BBC’s first story regarding St George’s Day is the following (England News Section & London News Subsection) headline: “Arrests at St George’s Day event in London

    Article: “.…. disorder breaks out at Whitehall event. Six arrested … suspicion of animal cruelty … assault … being drunk and disorderly … large police presence … disorder … the group violently forcing their way through … officers intervened to restore the cordon … a number of people had been seen in the area wearing masks … Section 60AA order in force “giving officers the power to require the removal of face coverings” … Attendees included far-right activist Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon) .


  39. Foscari says:

    Does anybody know if the Tommy Robinson trial verdict
    was mentioned on BBC national news?
    Of course on the Londonistan programme you wouldn’t
    see it being featured in a million years. Day after day after
    day after day after day after day . They report on the failings
    of the Met. BUT when Tommy Robinson is “sorted out”
    and set up. It took a courageous judge to bring them down
    to earth with their absurd charges against Robinson.. The
    anarchist Marxist editors on the London Programme
    will willing do the bidding of what they are told by
    BIG BROTHER from the diversity department, And not report
    on the case.


    • wronged says:

      St George’s day marchers get kettled by the police, charged by horses supported by the TSG riot squad. Marchers were generally stationary at the time.

      Just Stop Oil get offered refreshments from the police while they stop people from carrying out their daily life.

      Palestinian marchers are freely allowed to shout the death cull From the River to the Sea.

      BLM allowed to desecrate statues and memorials for the dead while the police just look on. Nothing to see here.

      Now someone tell me that we don’t have two tier policing.

      Why didn’t the St George marchers march outside the BBC as the BBC, judging by their website, had never heard of St George’s day?

      It’s going to explode soon if the pathetic inactive government aren’t careful. Tories really have been weak and spineless. The true English, silent majority have had enough.


      • kingkp says:

        The true patriots were out on the streets being attacked by the TSG in summer 2020 onwards. The vast majority of the people sat on their ar*** and did nothing to stop the tyranny. In fact on many occasions I had to face abuse from those who had gone along with the madness. Serious abuse from mentally unstable idiots. It isn’t pleasant. Had people simply refused to shut down their shops, ‘socially distance etc. none of what is happening now would be possible. The majority of those out celebrating St. George’s day were a no-show in 2020 and thereafter. True patriotism is defined by real action, not show.


        • G says:

          If shops were not closed down promptly before daily prayers in the Mid East (KSA), it was likely the religious police would enter the property and smash things up. Just saying.


  40. Guest Who says:
    The BBC’s new worldwide ad campaign has just dropped. ( and I’m in the same sentence as these legends!!)
    “Featured throughout the campaign are some of the BBC’s renowned journalists, including Jeremy Bowen, Orla Guerin, Maryam Moshiri, Clive Myrie, and Amol Rajan.” 👏🏽
    @bbcstudios @BBCStudiosPress @BBCWorld



  41. atlas_shrugged says:

    > BBC’s renowned journalists, including Jeremy Bowen, Orla Guerin, Maryam Moshiri, Clive Myrie, and Amol Rajan

    Never heard of them – Thank God.