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  1. Fedup2 says:


    Watching vennels it comes as no surprise that she was the head of an NHS trust – heartless – deceitful – buck passing – ideal attributes for a monster in that position – caring about one thing – her advancement ….

    It seems that the post office inquiry has been unable to find the chief IT manager at the time of the victimisation of subpost masters – he should be the one to explain about Horizon and Fujitsu
    Might be a big problem for the report …


  2. Fedup2 says:

    Telegraph reports tha lord Frost has been prevented from standing as a conservative MP because he is a Conservative …. More follows ….
    You might recall that I put up a piece by lord frost on why you should vote conservative maybe a day or two ago – I wonder if he might change the content of that a lot …. ?

    Just cannot make it up ..


    • Thoughtful says:

      I thought the rules were since the civil war the house of commons was for commoners, and anyone of aristocratic rank could only sit in the house of Lords.
      It was not legal for any of the aristocracy to stand for election??


  3. The Mouse says:


    Only 2 of the 5 could be leader of the country. Ed Davey, Caroline Lucas and Richard Tice know themselves its not going to happen for them. The LibDems never appear to have any real conviction. The greens have conviction but one that is not shared by a sufficient number of voters. Under another leader REFORM have a chance, Richard Tice is keeping the seat warm. A serious leader will wait until the time is right, e.g. a real challenge by REFORM to the Tory vote, the country is in a bigger mess and screaming out for a change of direction having experienced the red-blue-red-blue-red and voters vision is completely ‘blurred’ (anag. almost).

    Pinching something from Orwell.
    The voters looked from Tory to Labour and Labour back to Tory and couldn’t tell them apart.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Make Work Pay: Lift income tax start to £20,000 from £12,571
      ❑ Cut Wasteful Government Spending: save £5 in £100
      ❑ Brexit opportunity: remove daft EU regulations
      ❑ Freeze non-essential immigration: 1 in, 1 out
      ❑ Scrap job destroying multi trillion £ burden of Net Zero



  4. tomo says:

    Somebody said Reverend Vennells has turned in the waterworks again 💦…..

    Actions have consequences – high time that was rammed home to these public sector quangoista wrongdoer scum.

    Handy that it’s on a Friday, eh?


  5. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    July 4th. Election news.

    I see that the MP who has had his feet amputated is not standing.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Rishi is already tied to USA 4th of July! HA HA HA! Showing his allegence!


  6. MarkyMark says:


    Gaslighting is a colloquialism, loosely defined as manipulating someone into questioning their own perception of reality. The expression, which derives from the title of the 1944 film Gaslight, became popular in the mid-2010s. Merriam-Webster cites deception of one’s memory, perception of reality, or mental stability.


  7. atlas_shrugged says:

    Now that it is election time this bunch sound interesting:


    Looks like I am not the only one dreaming, so good for them. Although this chap is a lawyer on the good side he has not had a TV for 16 years. Which means dada ..

    He does not watch the bBC!


    • maxincony says:


      Now that it is election time this bunch sound interesting:


      “Table of Contents:

      The central role of Zionist Jews and the culture of Jewishness

      1. The development of Jewishness

      2. The nature of Jewishness

      (1) Jewishness: Hatred and contempt for other races and cultures

      (2) Jewishness: This culture has caused many authoritative Jews to publicly express intense hate towards while people

      (3) Jewishness: The Jews have set up a formidable Jewish Protection System

      (4) Jewishness: The hidden practices of Jewish Favouritism and the passing on of inside information between Jews against the interests of non-Jews

      (5) Jewishness: Exploitation of host races and cultures and the exploitation of vulnerable people

      # Major involvement by the Jews in the American slave trade

      (6) Jewishness: Official approval for deceit and immorality at the very heart of Jewish religious ceremonies

      (7) Jewishness: The racist claim that Jews are the “chosen people” of “God”

      (8) Jewishness: Jewish Privilege and accusations of anti-semitism are the unacceptable face of Jewishness”


  8. Fedup2 says:


    Day 3 has now ended and Vennels presumably now becomes part of a criminal inquiry – conspiracy to pervert the course of justice – Maybe .

    I saw that as CEO of the post office she was paid £700k a year – as is always said – you have to pay to get people of the right calibre .
    …..Paula is that rarity – one of those droids being held to account – but she wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her …

    …. Lessons so far for criminal companies –

    Avoid using emails
    Avoid putting stuff on paper
    Make sure you as boss can prove you haven’t been told what you’ve been told …. Vennels depended a lot on the last one above .
    She is evil – and a vicar ….


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      There’s a reason Tony Blair never sent an email when he was PM.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Whilst I take your point on how absolutely awful the contaminated blood scandal was I believe the Post Office scandal was worse, because the people behind it did so deliberately and out of malevolence.
      With the contaminated blood it was negligence, they should have known better but so far as I am aware it wasn’t malevolent.

      Maybe I have it wrong but I haven’t been following either in recent days.


  9. Fedup2 says:

    The Muslim who is in charge of the international criminal court has told Israel to stop fighting Hamas – go figure

    Keep going IDF – try to go faster ….. 3 more dead hostages today I think …


    • MarkyMark says:

      Stop fighting Yemen?
      Saudi to stop shooting migrants on border.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Judge Piotr Hofmański (Poland), President

      Judge Luz del Carmen Ibáñez Carranza (Peru), First Vice-President

      Judge Antoine Kesia-Mbe Mindua (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Second VicePresident

      Judge Marc Perrin de Brichambaut (France)

      Judge Bertram Schmitt (Germany)

      Judge Péter Kovács (Hungary)

      Judge Chang-ho Chung (Republic of Korea)

      Judge Solomy Balungi Bossa (Uganda)

      Judge Tomoko Akane (Japan)

      Judge Reine Alapini-Gansou (Benin)

      Judge Kimberly Prost (Canada)

      Judge Rosario Salvatore Aitala (Italy)

      Judge Joanna Korner (United Kingdom)

      Judge Gocha Lordkipanidze (Georgia)

      Judge María del Socorro Flores Liera (Mexico)

      Judge Sergio Gerardo Ugalde Godínez (Costa Rica)

      Judge Miatta Maria Samba (Sierra Leone)

      Judge Althea Violet Alexis-Windsor (Trinidad and Tobago)

      The International Criminal Court (ICC) is
      composed of 18 judges, who are elected
      for terms of office of nine years by the
      Assembly of States Parties (ASP) to the
      Rome Statute, the founding instrument
      of the Court. They are not eligible for reelection.

      Click to access JudgesENG.pdf


  10. Fedup2 says:

    I think it’s another kangaroo court – keep going IDF –


    • Charlie Farley says:

      Sorry Fedup2 …. thought Kangaroo Court’s only happened in Australia !
      I’m still BBC free with no Licence for years now and it really does help with mental health . Apparently there’s an Election thing happening somewhere 🤔


      • Fedup2 says:

        It’s the ICJ apparently – which is part of HamasUN …- I don’t know if Israel can declare war on the ICJ or South Africa – which I assume is funded by Iran ….


  11. Fedup2 says:

    I think I might have to break the ‘no separate thread ‘ rule – for green cards election gaffes – so far –

    Calling the election at all
    The wet look announcement
    Asking about wales and the euros (sorry Taffman )
    Boasting about the smoking ban law then letting it fall
    Going to a brewery and being Tea total
    Having 76 MPs standing down – 100 by Monday?

    Being rushi Sunak

    More follows – very soon ….

    UPDATE – Sunak went to the place where they built the Titanic in Northern Ireland …

    Tomorrow he ll be visiting an undertakers’ and trying out a coffin ….


    • Sluff says:

      Is that before or after he has made a speech at the Gravediggers annual conference?


  12. Fedup2 says:

    BBC News at 5

    A feature on MPs leaving their parliament as it closes tonight thank god . I guess they assume it is regarded with respect and even affection – but not me .

    But I wondered – I suppose they are busy putting in their final expense claims …. I wonder if they are now paying for their own TV licence rather than getting taxpayers to pay for them ?

    It would be great if parliament was sold off in the next 42 days …


    • Thoughtful says:

      Our Father in Heaven


      “Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain”

      I wouldn’t bother telling any agnostic slob any of this, but you Fed are a religious man and for the benefit of your own immortal soul you need to think on the use of Gods holy name.


  13. Philip_2 says:

    Always good to know the Post Office acknowledges there are those made bankrupt under Horizon had ‘lifestyle’ problems. Paula Vennels said in glee, as I read the email she sent to those on watching a pro ‘Post Office. program on the BBC… It was all a success (they thought). PO had nothing to worry about now…

    (excerpt from DT)
    ‘The Post Office’s former PR chief said Horizon victim Jo Hamilton had “lifestyle problems” on a live BBC interview.

    Mark Davies made the comments on The Today programme in December 2014, when he said, “I’m really sorry that people have had – have faced lifestyle difficulties, lifestyle problems as a result of their having been working in Post Office branches.”

    Addressing the comments in his witness statement, Mr Davies, who gave evidence last week, described the phrase as “literally a slip of the tongue in a high pressure media interview” and said he was “very sorry for any offence caused”.

    When asked about the phrase, Ms Vennells described “lifestyle” as “completely the wrong word”.

    Unbelievable. I lost the actual email she gave today, but many comment how they work in Post office type public jobs and they say the civil service is STUFFED with identical managers and CEO’s.

    It should all be in tomorrow’s papers(Saturday/Sunday). It still is shocking, she has no idea what Horizon did, has no technical knowledge at all, and failed at several basic management levels to ask any questions. And yet she was ‘promoted’ beyond ability and has a gold plated pension waiting (as they all do after four years in public services) at CEO blinker-vision. Ditto BBC for giving her ‘comfort’ that they had nothing to fear from ‘the people’!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Phillip – I forced myself to YouTube the last 3 days of Vennels . I have worked for a very senior board member in an organisation with 70000 staff – or ‘colleagues ‘ as she kept calling people .
      My job was to spot the problems and if I couldn’t sort them out on behalf of my boss either find someone to do it or warn my boss of the problem .

      It seems – as one of the KCs said – Vennels surrounded herself with people who she knew wouldn’t tell her stuff which might be a problem – like Horizon – yet alone the devastating consequences for the victims – who plainly vennels just saw at little people …. Vennels was ‘driven ‘ and thought she could ‘wing it ‘ and be gone to a better place if the crap hit the fan .

      I wonder how many people in positions like her watched her at the inquiry ? I suspect that by their nature they were too busy doing what she did – personsl advancement above all ..

      I suspect plod won’t find enough evidence to get a criminal charge against her or any one other than the ‘expert witness ‘ who actually consigned the innocent to prison .

      The post office should be sold to Amazon – vennels personal wealth should be removed – and she should do some ‘time’ even out of symbolism for those affected …

      I’m interested – now – in what her victims think of her and her ‘evidence ‘ …


      • atlas_shrugged says:

        > It seems – as one of the KCs said – Vennels surrounded herself with people who she knew wouldn’t tell her stuff

        Ahhhh the old Manuel defence – I know nahthing!


        • Fedup2 says:

          Atlas – at the end of her day a really sharp KC asked her how it felt being in a similar position to all those sub postmasters her organisation sent to courts ….. thought that was a nice touch for all those people who were watching ….


        • StewGreen says:

          It’s really simplistic to think that someone who joined the Post Office 14 years AFTER they started falsely prosecuting innocent people, is the main culprit.

          … #scapegoat


  14. Foscari says:

    We are so lucky in London to be able to watch four
    times a day a regional programme dedicated to
    supporting Hamas.
    Asad Ahmad was at the “vigil” as he called it
    outside the Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley.
    Which was showing a documentary film about
    what Gary Lineker called that “thing” on October 7th.
    All the” vigil “wanted was to close down the cinema and
    peace. A little piece of Israel from the river to the sea.
    For once the Metropolitan Police did their duty. Because
    Finchley is not a place for Hamas supporters to go to.
    Or in fact Asad Ahmad and BBC Londonistan.


    • Fedup2 says:

      ‘ Vigil ‘ – joins ‘mostly peaceful ‘…and ‘mixed legacy ‘ used for the dead ‘butcher of Baghdad ‘,,,


  15. Guest Who says:


    Mason for Lab… how many ex BBC stalwarts have become Conservative MPs?


  16. harry142857 says:

    Joey Barton loses libel trial brought by ‘bike nonce’ Jeremy Vile. Two nasty people, but it is OK for JV to say JB has a brain injury.


  17. Fedup2 says:

    A story we won’t be hearing about on the MSM – more Irish are getting Fedup with being swamped by the third world – and there is nationalism in the blood which has been suppressed in Britain .
    Irish nationalism may have found a new enemy – not the British for a change …


    • taffman says:

      The Republic of Ireland is part of the EU. The The EU is not defending its borders and hence, the swamping of Europe by the third world.

      We, in Great Britain are being swamped because the present ‘so-called’ Tory government are not defending our borders despite the fact that we have a natural moat called the English Channel protecting us.


  18. taffman says:

    Tories are jumping ship .
    Has Goove gone now? Has he observed the growing, national support for The Reform Party ?


    • Fedup2 says:

      The dishonours list is getting longer – gove is number 77 – will it make 100 by Monday ?

      Imagine some deluded blue candidate fighting this election ….?
      BTW – I’d put money on Ian Duncan smith not bothering any more …


    • Daniel says:

      Goove? Do you mean Gove by any chance Taffman?

      Unfortunately the Reform Party has lost over 100 General Election candidates. What’s going on?


  19. Fedup2 says:

    New Thread Time ….