Midweek 5th June 2024

The 5th of June – the original D Day – but held up because of the weather . During the BBC coverage of the 80th anniversary on the 6th – will there be a reference to ‘climate change ‘? How much will the BBC devalue such a sacred anniversary ? Rest in Peace all those boys whose lives were taken from them to free Europe ..

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  1. non-licence payer says:

    I have always wanted to post on this site that democracy and the BBC are incompatible. It has only taken a few years to get around the IT gremlins; better late than never.


  2. StewGreen says:

    Recap “staged” was trending earlier, due to the way many libmob were tweeting that the milshake attack was surely a STAGED stunt by Farage and Reform and that the proof was that the attacker a blonde bimbo is @emilyhewertson girlfriend of the Reform PR guy
    .. That of course is a CONSPIRACY THEORY
    Yet the same people are always screaming at their political opponents that they Conspiracy Theorists and therefore second class citizens .

    As ever PROJECTION is a libmob characteristic

    Here’s an ex-beebois and now LBC LOndon-Broadcasting-Communists presenter

    Context : the police always said the perp was a local and at 7:30pm the Sun named her as a Labour supporting OnlyFans tart.


    • StewGreen says:

      Owen Jones endorsed the milkshaking by tweeting the photo with the word “Art”
      Are his lefty clique hatey ? Well 13,000 of them Liked his tweet

      Righties pointed out his contadictory tweet



  3. StewGreen says:

    Jet2 have deleted their tweet ..CCBGB’d



  4. Sluff says:

    Not BBC.
    Pretty warped questions carefully chosen by ITV on the Sunak Starmer show. Chosen for effect but not to elicit useful information. The politics of envy was again present.


  5. digg says:

    Reap what you sow BBC…..


    STI diseases at record high….

    And boy do all you freaks at the BBC sow this shit.


    • Sluff says:

      I notice the BBC article highlights particular groups. And they are among their favourites. One is Black Caribbean men! Another is ‘men having sexy with men’ (we used to call this homosexual but perhaps the BBC are trying to avoid that label’.
      Another issue imported because of leftist sensibilities.


      • digg says:

        What really amazes me is that the BBC were front runners in the “you must social distance” crap but nowhere to be seen in the “don’t put your member in unsavoury places” advice….

        The tide will turn when enough blokes have died I guess.


      • Khaa2091 says:

        I know it seems bizarre, but genuinely there are many men who have sex with men who do not identify as homosexual. The phrase improves uptake of testing and treatment, which can only be a good thing.


    • Peter Grimes says:

      Uphill gardening?


  6. non-licence payer says:

    Killer post – only just seen first post and top of the leader board.


  7. Sluff says:

    Now here’s a thing. Bear with me.
    This morning we had to endure an execrable ‘interview’ of Nigel Farage by Mischal Hussein on Toady, as reported on the previous thread.

    Just to recap Hussein tried to paint Farage into a ‘Far Right’ corner ludicrously claiming that ‘Allahu Akbar’ is always being shouted all the time rather than accepting his glaringly obvious point about the Islam-infused sectarianism in Oldham, Bradford and elsewhere. Got that? Hussein reckons criticism of Islamic sectarianism is Far Right.

    So with this in mind, I offer the following, quoted from a local newspaper in my part of the Islamic Socialist Republic of Londonistan.

    An independent candidate has denied running a ‘divisive’ campaign and accused Labour’s candidate of inaction over the Gaza crisis. The Labour candidate who is standing for re-election took to social media to accuse the Independent candidate of ‘trying to toxify the town’. Labour’s parliamentary hopeful claimed the independent Muslim candidate had been trying to get one faith community to ‘vote in a block’.
    End quote.

    So here we have an unusual but real example of a Labour MP, not Nigel Farage, attacking a one-issue Gaza sectarian Muslim candidate. Indeed Labour are going to be running scared that in areas with large Muslim populations, the left’s favourite religion are going to display their thanks for decades of Labour Party sucking up and gerrymandering open door immigration by openly revealing their racism and splitting the Labour vote. How ironic is that?

    Hussein’s attack on Farage is thus shown to be just another example of BBC odious bias.

    Will Mischal Hussein be apologising? Will the BBC be apologising for its clear anti-Reform bias? What do you think?


  8. StewGreen says:

    Narinder apologises
    Leftmob think they can tweet any old BS as long as it supports their narrative
    .. https://x.com/narindertweets/status/1798100203276546205


  9. Fedup2 says:

    Just received the 5 second clip of Nigel Farage holding a McDonald’s ©️milkshake ‘my milkshake brings all the people to the rally “ ….
    You can understand why NF was reluctant to run – especially when he expected to have another few months ….

    I hope The Lord protects NF – he is sorely needed .

    I wondered what the viewing figures for the pantomime debate was – not an hour I’d waste with the uniparty .. even if I had a TV


  10. tomo says:



  11. StewGreen says:

    Another big account endorsing milkshaking
    Is it a Labour supporting account ?
    Full time Senior care worker, part time Tory-disliker!
    Help I’m trapped in a Reform held constituency until the next election!
    he/him #TorysOut

    Dewberry calls him out

    find it revolting that people are celebrating this attack on @Nigel_Farage & even, calling for more
    (The fella below is a ‘care worker’ blimey😳)
    It is never ok to assault someone, just because you disagree with their politics.
    I especially say that to the ‘tolerate left’

    People suggest that their Tory supporting elderly relatives won’t be safe in his care


    • JohnC says:

      Throwing an unidentified liquid for political purposes should be classed as terrorism and should have a minimum 6 months in jail. I can tell everything I need to know about that stupid girl ‘activist’ just from the picture.

      How long before one of the nasty b@stard Lefties DOES use battery acid ?.

      The BBC have it here:
      Woman held after milkshake thrown at Nigel Farage

      Which – depsite the title – degenerates into a sneering political article with statements like this:

      ‘Mr Watling told BBC Essex that Mr Farage “doesn’t give two hoots” about the constituency.’
      “I don’t want to see the residents of Clacton-on-Sea taken for granted and sacrificed on the altar of his vanity.”

      That quote was in a paragraph with the title ‘Altar of his vanity’ in big letters.

      Natasha Osben, who will stand in Clacton for the Green Party, called Mr Farage a “career politician”.

      And this from the BBC themselves:

      He didn’t make it onto the pier itself – that hadn’t been booked.

      At the eighth time of asking, will Farage take a seat in Parliament?

      It seems all the other parties only had bad things to say about Nigel. And nothing bad about each other.

      This is how the BBC get their bias into our politics. This kind of thing is expected from partisan newspapers who we have the option of funding, but the BBC should be held to a completely different set of standards as they are the only one who are publically funded and supposedly impartial.

      OFCOM ignore that last bit and just judge them by the same rules as everybody else. They are not fit for purpose.


  12. StewGreen says:

    Farage tweets after Stand Up To Racism tweeted endorsing the ATTACK on him
    The left-wing group called ‘Stand Up To Racism’ have encouraged and then celebrated violence against me.

    As the president of the group, will @HackneyAbbott condemn this behaviour?

    Their tweet got 45 Likes, they’ve locked replies … https://x.com/AntiRacismDay/status/1798044588541948145
    It was one of their 3 campaigning against him being allowed to stand in Clacton


  13. StewGreen says:

    Photos of the Kennedys entourage show them smiling at the moment JFK was shot
    …. Rory Stewart and Alastair Campbell mocked Farage’s entourage
    .. https://x.com/RestIsPolitics/status/1797984824575361465

    .. https://x.com/oflynnsocial/status/1798000426669019571

    Them: ‘we need a better standard of political discourse’
    Also them: ‘haha milkshakes’


    • JohnC says:

      On my phone ‘news feed’ theses activist ‘news’ sites who run all the BBC TNI stories are positively gloating over the milkshake. And I am quite certain they would be happy if it were battery acid in that cup.

      They would say ‘Not a good thing to do, but he deserved it.’.


    • Guest Who says:

      Foghorn at LBC and Kaur of Vile have made unsurprising ventures into commentary, if ill advised.


  14. JohnC says:

    Internet troll threatened to kill JK Rowling and MP

    … and another example of what nasty b@stards the Transgender mob actually are.

    The first thing which strikes me about this is that he threatened to murder multiple people due to social media yet didn’t go to prison. Alex Belfield got 6 years for harassing people online – but didn’t threaten to murder anyone.

    The second thing is about Rowling. She is being held up as a beacon against the nasty trans-activist looneys. I was surprised when she did this as she is unpleasant, very left-wing and has a big chip on her shoulder against men.

    So when I was reading some of the things she said during my many excursions to research people, I discovered that it’s not the ‘transsexual’ thing at all : she simply doesn’t want scumbag men to be allowed to say they are women. It’s 100% misandry. I saw no comment about women becoming men so I assume she’s fine with that.

    So that makes much more sense and she is still exactly the person I though she was. But as Winston said, ‘the enemy of my enemy’ and all that.


    • tomo says:


      I feel it’s important to recall trans activists in the USA have a grisly record to date – so much so that their violent intimidatory nutsos have liberals reduced to cowering obeisance, covering up for raving maniacs.

      Rowling is a sideshow, merely being a prominent gobby lefty – who has a retained PR agent.

      The aggressive trans movement is flat out strange-weird, cross dressing gender benders historically have afaics been keen to be accepted and largely left alone and actually not bothered people much – this aggression is a new(ish) thing?

      Mental health issues subborned as political tools.


  15. JohnC says:

    Girl’s death in Florida a tragic accident – family

    And now yet another article about some girl who died on holiday in the USA. Why is this such big news at the BBC ?. OK, she ticks a couple of agenda boxes – but is her death so significant ?, she wasn’t even in this country. What’s the agenda here ?.

    Meanwhile there’s a manhunt going on in Londonistan which the BBC don’t even bother reporting:
    Lewisham stabbing: Detectives hunt ‘dangerous’ man they want to speak to after attempted murder of woman

    Is it because he looks like this ?

    And this has been buried straight into ‘regions’:
    Man jailed for double murder after nightclub row

    Is it because he looks like this ?

    As we all know, the bias of the BBC is shown much more by what they don’t tell us.


  16. andyjsnape says:

    ‘Vote or face war’: Poland PM’s stark warning ahead of EU election

    Only slightly scaremongering!


    • JohnC says:

      Donald Tusk. His interest is the empire of the EU. They want their own army and this is their ticket to get it. But it’s not to fight Russia, it’s to make sure member countries know who’s in charge.

      Not a chance Russia are going to declare war on any NATO unless they are given absolutely no choice.

      This scaremongering is simply outrageous.


  17. Fedup2 says:

    The Sun reports that one of the BBCs very own ( via his production company -Stayt Limited ) is in trouble with HMRC after failing to pay the taxes he is due to pay to his State …

    It reports that Charles ‘Charlie ‘ Stayt has been served with a ‘bankruptcy petition . .. the bbc has said it doesn’t comment on staff personal matters -( just every body else’s as it stands in judgement over us). ….

    It says stayt has 2 children – bought a house in twickenham for £800 000 which is now worth £2.2 million … nice one comrade …


  18. Fedup2 says:

    The msm carried a story about 3 babies abandoned in the street in a small area of newhamistan over a few years .they are all the product of sex between the same pair . The babies are all coloured and all now adopted .

    Plod – apparently – can’t be bothered to track the couple down – but – since the area concerned is a small one I’d have thought Scotland yards finest wouid have got there by now – but it seems not …. Is something missing from the story? Will there be coloured dumped baby number 4 ? …..

    Maybe the lack interest is because that part of londonistan really isn’t England any more – and best avoided .l


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      This is the dream socialist couple. Their children are nationalised right from birth.

      The rest of the comrades wait until school starts where the children can be taught life skills such as jacking up, disrespecting teachers, lesbian parenting etc etc.

      Any parent who does not want this can look forward to being whacked with a 20% tax on an independent education.


  19. Flotsam says:

    My younger son and girlfriend work in an office in Manchester. The office building is split and occupied by different enterprises on each floor. They are allowed to take their pleasant, well behaved pet dog to the office during the working day. there are others who also take their dogs to work. As we all know there are a lot Moslems in Manchester and some work in the building, but not on their floor are objecting to dogs being there. It goes further than that and the Moslems are now also demanding that women must work and eat in separate areas.
    Welcome to Manchesteristan.


  20. tomo says:


    • Fedup2 says:

      Tomo – funny how history repeats itself – last time an organisation did the same – the nazis – all the German atomic scientists went to UK or US and got the bomb before anyone else ….


    • MarkyMark says:

      “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics, is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”


  21. Fedup2 says:

    Tv debate 1

    Didn’t watch it – probably the first one I missed since being a kid . Why bother ?- they really are all the same . Taxes will go up with both for the foreseeable future -welfare and national debt means more taxes .

    But how to raise taxes . I’ve read that the reds are looking at isas – either cutting them back or putting a limit on how much can be kept from the taxman

    Also pensions – at the moment when taking an annuity you can take 25% in cash tax free – the reds are after this too – certainly from my recent experience with a pension the investment companies are overwhelmed with people taking their pension now – before the reds come for it .

    I reckon a lot of new taxes will be done by reducing reliefs and thresholds and increase stealth tax where they can .

    The biggy will be revalueing property taxes – your home – talk of moving up tax rates and introducing a new upper council tax for those with big value homes .

    Certainly with all the promises about not putting up Income taxes they’ll have to look for the sort of stuff I’ve mentioned .

    As for debates – unless Farage or Galloway are there it will just be rehearsed sound bite injections ….


  22. tomo says:


  23. AsISeeIt says:

    Beverage report and game show set and match edition

    I thought Sir Keir Starmer was supposed to have been one of our very top lawyers, a highly skilled advocate?

    Snap poll on which of them ‘won’ last night’s debate suggests that Sunak edged it 51% to 49% (left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper)

    Of course the Rishi lackey loyalist Daily Express were cheering desperately for their man: PM’s knockout blow in firey general election debate… Kapow! Feisty Rishi floors Starmer over £2,000 tax rise… Rumbustious Rishi – I’m sure he’s been called many things, but rumbustious is a new one

    Mind you, if frontpage photographic press presentations are anything to go by, the Express would prefer Julie Etchingham to have the nation’s top job

    Meanwhile: Ponderous: Sir Keir Starmer (Daily Mail)

    Rishi the Edge Lord versus the stumbling Sir Keir

    Snap poll finds Tory leader edged it – admits the Starmer bromancing Labour-curious Times

    Starmer on the ropes over tax (Telegraph)

    Tim Stanley in the Telegraph provides our premier ring-side commentary: Keir Starmer is going to be prime minister, the ITV debate didn’t change that. But now we know he’s going to be a bad one. Nervy, shouty, easily flummuxed, he insisted being a nurse is “in my DNA”… Not only did he appear pettier than the PM, but thanks to the magic of TV, managed to look smaller – and Rishi shops at Mothercare (Telegraph)

    Don’t expect strong rhetorical ability and well expressed arguments soundly based on clear ideas from this former Director of Public Prosecutions – apparently instead he’s inherently blessed with more of the natural knack for making up a bed with neat hospital corners.

    One has to quote our Tim just a tad more as he describes our nation’s top two political figures as having: …smiled creepily in waxwork poses on a set that screamed mid-Nineties game show.

    Fascinatingly, other popular print title frontapages switched off the ITV debate and endeavoured to turn our attention elsewhere. Afterall, we all know all too well how Starmer will inevitably eventually cross the line with his Ming vase more or less intact, to take ownership of the shit show that is 2024 Britain – albeit, cracked defective and shoddy – the Ming vase that is.

    Python: Britain’s crappy (Daily Star) – Mr AsI contends Lockdowns demoralised the workforce – nothing works anymore because we’ve all become far too Eric Idle

    The giveaway corporate adsheet that is the Metro assumes its youth-orientated metropolitan liberal audience will enjoy a hit job on the newly self-crowned Reform party leader: Nigel Farage had a McDonald’s banana milkshake thrown in his face outside a Wetherspoons – two commercial brand names namechecked in the first sentence – nice going for the freebie advertiser-financed title.

    Shaky start for Farage… Suffice to say he’s not lovin’ it (Metro) – now Mr AsI is as big a fan of a good witty tabloid punning headline as the next man – but the corporate adsheet riffing off Maccy D’s prize ad slogan is a bit rich.

    Mind you, the gynaeceum that is our never caught advertising anything (honest) BBC News Staff press headline pickers would very likely side with the: 25-year old woman arrested on suspicion of assault (FT) – left-leaning junior poundshop Guardian that is the ‘i’ sends their best: Special report from Clacton by Kitty Donaldson… Farge mobbed then shaken – and our BBC gynaeceum were certainly “lovin’ it” for their daily double headline whammy: ‘Leaders clash’ and ‘shaky start for Farage’ (BBC)

    That anti-Farage hit fits the BBC’s narrative to a T – but will it work? BBC Newsnight’s former finest prize party political monologuer thinks not: Emily Maitlis This time it’s nearly impossible for Farage to lose (‘i’) – Reform top job share partner to Nige our nice Mr Tice likewise suggests not: “The juvenile moron who threw a drink over Nigel has just gained us hundreds of thousands more votes” (Metro)

    Oh, and if you need a good defence lawyer to argue your case, luv… I wouldn’t give the brief to Keir Starmer – last night when he acted as his own advocate – he was busy living up to his middle name – Rodney – acting the right plonker – as Del Boy Trotter would say.

    Bit of advice, Sir Keir. Firstly, never conduct your own defence – leave that to the professionals in your friendly left-leaning media. And if you happen to find it’s all going pear shaped… just say NHS

    Leaders clash on migration, tax and NHS… (Guardian); Prime Minister is jeered… NHS waiting lists (‘i’)

    No wonder the Labour-supporting Daily Mirror sidelines headlines about their man fluffing the first big TV debate. The big-hearted Mirror goes dewy-eyed as per usual as it goes with: Overwhelming emotion as the heros return – let me guess, is it the nurses? – somewhat off-message we’re told: These are good men… D-Day 80 years on… Tears flowed… (Mirror)

    Luckily for us overwhelming emotion and an attack of the snivels didn’t prevent these brave chaps of a past generation hitting the beaches back in June 1944

    As previously alluded, our dedicated anti-Brexiteer, the FT, also carries the beverage report – splashing the pic frontpage: Farage makes light of assault… shaking it off – BBC prefered shaky start – and if that’s not masturbatory enough headline news for the globalist audience Martin Wolf is busy on his usual beat: Rising nationalism puts world order in peril (FT)

    Remember folks, it’s not a conspiracy theory, if it’s true.

    Can we get a far-right with that milk shake? Near enough: FT view: …hubristic Hindu nationalist BJP – whereas the cuddley: ANC weighs centrist deal (FT)

    Sticking with the pink paper there’s an outbreak of outraged pearl-clutching in the senior common room over: Universities slip down rankings… ratings decline this year… higher eductation sector – roundly blamed on: ….domestic political attacks on its reputation (FT)

    Let’s close with a nice reassuring calm down dear: Move over Mrs Robinson… The older female lover has a new golden age (‘i’)


  24. tomo says:



    • Flotsam says:

      I don’t know if he was actually involved in the prosecutions or provided any evidence on how the Horizon software worked, or didn’t. I should point out though that the provision and operation of the Horizon software was contracted out to Fujitsu.

      My guess is he would have been responsible for providing the computer network and platform for running Horizon but didn’t actually involve himself in the operation of software applications. He may have had very limited knowledge of Horizon.

      I have seen the way this operates in large companies. There is often a virtual firewall between the IT department and the software run on the hardware and operating systems run on the company IT systems.

      Vennels probably doesn’t know this and now passes the buck. I have to say this is supposition but I’m just saying what is common practice.


      • tomo says:

        He was supposed to appear – but they “couldn’t find him”.

        It seems that the errors in the software were an open secret inside IT and general management – I even heard about it as an ICL contractor decades ago (“don’t go there, it’s insane”).

        The stench is strong enough to kill your smell sensing cells….


      • Fedup2 says:

        Flotsam – having no skills in IT I was once made project manager of system which timed to roll out 3 months after I took it on .

        I found the whole thing beyond belief with different bits having no clue /regard as to what others needed or were doing ..

        In short it was renamed project disaster . I performed a miracle and used my degree in common sense to fix it – and did – within budget and time . I didn’t even get any thanks but the outfit was brutal – run by people like Vennels …..
        I agree that the IT blokd probably only stuck to his performance targets to get the bonus – not the greater welfare of the organisation and its’ people and the punters ..
        I hate performance management – just screws everything up


  25. Guest Who says:

    Sunak has been dropped in it by a mandarin and the crowd goes wild. Every single political editor running the exact same flounce at once.


    @BBCr4today @BBCNewsnight @ChrisMasonBBC @JustinOnWeb @Emmabarnett is @BenChu_ another @UKLabour labour activist pretending to be impartial??
    He uses words like “disingenuous” & “questionable” easily about @Conservatives but he’s silent when labour lies about the economy? 🤔


    • Guest Who says:

      Mike knows things.

      So here’s the question:
      Are @BBCNews going to show they’ve learned from their absolute clangers in the Brexit referendum…
      …and steadfastly call out the £2,000 lie?
      …or quiver spinelessly before it like they did over the £350 million when Vote Leave were unrepentant?

      Given it has been wall to wall all day, he must happy.

      The gibberish from Labour Bobs and Berks endlessly… quietly left alone.


  26. tomo says:

    Not a million miles away from electing a Jehovah’s Witness then?


    • MarkyMark says:

      650 MPS to use NHS and public schools!

      . . . . . . . .

      “I (Diane Abbott) had to choose between my reputation as a politician and my son.”

      When Prime Minister Tony Blair sent his eldest son, Euan, to the London Oratory, a selective school, she criticised him, saying people voted Labour because they believed in equality.

      And when Solicitor General Harriet Harman sent her son to a selective grammar school in Orpington, Kent, Ms Abbott said: “She made the Labour Party look as if we do one thing and say another.”

      The Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP, who became Britain’s first black woman member in 1987, told the programme her constituents would understand – “particularly black mothers who know the position I’m in”.

      – reputation or moral high ground when saying what other people should do?
      – how come we could not choose between having her as an MP or doing what she tells other people to do?
      – reference – found this on order-order.com by hohum
      – The People Love Her in 2017 – GE#17 // Labour(Hackney) // Diane Abbott // Votes 42,265 // share 75.1% // change+12.2


      • Fedup2 says:

        When meesh started asking Nigel Farage whether his children could speak a second language I thought it was time for a bit of transparency all round …

        For instance – a declaration of the type of school all politicians and bbc broadcasters send their kids to – and maybe – how much it costs per term ….

        It’s all very well any politician or BBC journo on the moral high grounds deciding about you and me – but maybe it wouid allow punters to judge them betterer …. Which will never happen of course ….
        It’s a bit like ‘who are they married to ?’ Eg journos married to politicians – which should be a factor in determining the ‘honesty ‘( I know ) of these people …
        Is there a website already I wonder ?


    • Peter Grimes says:

      Der Starmbannfuehrer didn’t say so, but what he really meant was that he would rather you or I died rather than let them get treatment from an independent doctor.

      In the same vein, he would rather our children were indoctrinated in state schools rather than be educated and taught to think for themselves.


    • Flotsam says:

      Of course he would pay for private medicine if his family’s health was at risk. He’s lying of course which is why Socialists are always hypocrites. It’s a gotcha trick unanswerable question for Starmer. It’s a bit like asking a Moslem if he was starving to death whether he would eat a bacon sandwich.


  27. tomo says:

    too true

    I wonder at the tactic of putting wildly overpriced stuff into the discount tubs by the checkout – akin to mugging.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “Stansaid Airport
      00 Days 00 Hours 00 Mins & 52 Seconds since last near miss. Parody.
      Essex airport ‘innit?samaritans.orgJoined October 2013
      5,654 Following


  28. harry142857 says:

    BBC news 24 now, reporting on last night’s debate, one of the Verify© team spinning his ‘impartial’ view on proceedings, every segment so far has been anti Conservative, whilst no alternatives of what Labour will do if elected.


  29. tomo says:

    NATO is nuts


  30. tomo says:


  31. StewGreen says:

    R4 Now Chris Packham sneering at his co-presenter saying the weight of world ants is more than humans
    Turns out 5 years ago HE himself made the same claim on TV


  32. tomo says:

    I feel the BBC uses Packham as an irritant


  33. Sluff says:

    Yesterday there was coverage that a baby abandoned when just a few hours old last Winter is genetically the same as two other babies left abandoned also when just a few hours old some years ago. In other words all three have the same parents.
    I notice that photographs of the babies show that they have, shall we say, darker skin tones.


    Another fine example of the benefits of multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion.


  34. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    If this girl who threw a milkshake into Farage’s face for some likes, followers or whatever gets let off or a gentle admonishment then it means all are fair game to have liquids thrown in their faces….sadiq Kahn, Kate Middleton, Carol vorderman and anyone else.

    She MUST be given a serious sentence or the door is wide open for everyone to join in.


    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      She’s a whorebag who sells photographs of herself naked for money. Probably worth it, £60 fine and probation, 1m+ people go to see her online.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Probably ‘not in the public interest ‘ to prosecute – I reckon the case will be bounced way beyond 4th July …


  35. Fedup2 says:

    Unexplained deaths

    The British state instructed the MSM to not report unexplained deaths – or if there was no choice -not to link them to Chinese virus vaccines

    Heroes such as mark steyn were silenced – anyone – including next of kin – were ignored or ridiculed .

    But guess what – research being published in non UK – perhaps more open States – are pointing to the link – and some papers are starting to report this ..

    Another scandal in the making – or already made ?


  36. Althepalerp says:

    Labour planing to impose VAT on private medical treatment.
    It doesn’t stop with education.


  37. Fedup2 says:

    Just looking at some of the ‘reviews’ of the TV debate – it seems starmer didn’t do himself any favours . I don’t get it – the reds have tied themselves up with promises not to raise ( the rate ?) of a number of taxes … will this just be broken promises ‘because we didn’t know how bad it is ‘ ( one of those excuses regularly deployed from the 1960s …

    .. or will the forthcoming manifestos alter the promises ? Look i o know that no one reads manifestos or pays any regard to them – but they are meant to mean something .

    I just hope some responsible journo analyses differences in them – I bet it will be tricky ….

    Apparently green card told people to ‘start saving ‘ if the reds get in – and that an additional £2000 tax increase will come our way – no difference from the blues then …

    I guess the bbc get the next go – who gets the gig ? Clive ? Meesh ? The QT lefty ? I’d watch only for the bias and whether anyone has the courage to take on the BBC …


  38. MarkyMark says:

    Stamer to lead in assisted deaths for all the country!


  39. MarkyMark says:

    650MPS to ensure all there kids use NHS and state schools and join the army aged 16!


  40. andyjsnape says:


    Television programming and broadcasting activities – (aka tax avoidance)


  41. MarkyMark says:

    6,500 new Islamic Teachers from Africa?




  42. tomo says:



  43. tomo says:


  44. Fedup2 says:

    Marky – someone in the X comments section of the ‘capture ‘ boxes complains about whether the whole of traffic lights have to be ‘ticked ‘ or just the lights … a valuable moan … in fact that captcha thing needs looking at …


    • moggiemoo says:

      I find it ironic that a robot is checking to see if I’m a robot. And why should I know what a bloody fire hydrant looks like? I’m British, let me identify teapots not something we don’t even have here.


  45. andyjsnape says:

    Its all going really well:-

    New knife attack wounds local German politician

    “prompting the government to say it may allow deportations to Afghanistan” its a start, but too little too late maybe


    • MarkyMark says:

      “A local politician has been attacked in the German city of Mannheim, five days after the fatal stabbing of a police officer in its market square.”

      . . . . . . HISTORY HAS LESSONS …..

      Religious infiltration almost complete …
      USA 2009
      On November 5, 2009, a mass shooting took place at Fort Hood, near Killeen, Texas, (USA). Nidal Hasan, a U.S. Army major and psychiatrist, fatally shot 13 people and injured more than 30 others. The shooting was the worst mass shooting on an American military base.

      Berlin, Germany 2016
      Arrested German spy was a onetime gay porn actor — and a secret Islamist {washingtonpost nov2016}
      “BERLIN — Two weeks ago, German intelligence agents noticed an unusual user in a chat room known as a digital hideout for Islamic militants. The man claimed to be one of them — and said he was a German spy. He was offering to help Islamists infiltrate his agency’s (In April 2016, the man began working for the BfV, assigned to monitoring potentially violent Islamists in Germany.) defenses to stage a strike.

      Agents lured him into a private chat, and he gave away so many details about the spy agency — and his own directives within it to thwart Islamists — that they quickly identified him, arresting the 51-year-old the next day. Only then would the extent of his double life become clear.

      It’s not only a rather bizarre, but also a quite scary, story that an agency, whose central role it is to engage in counterespionage, hired an Islamist who potentially had access to classified information, who might have even tried to spread Islamist propaganda and to recruit others to let themselves be hired by and possibly launch an attack”

      USA 2017 (no lessons learnt)
      US Army names Muslim chaplain spiritual leader of 14,000 mostly Christian soldiers {jihadwatch feb2017}
      “Army Lt. Col. Khallid Shabazz, a Muslim chaplain, has accepted the job of handling the spiritual affairs of 14,000 mostly Christian soldiers.”


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      Here is the Daily Mail link about the same attack. Hopefully the readers are spared being triggered by the term far-right.


      The victim was an AFD politician.


  46. Terminal Moraine says:

    Andy, just posted the same.

    Meanwhile BBC America news is promoting this interview with Mishal: “Former white nationalist: ‘I feel an enormous guilt’. As a teenager, R Derek Black was described as the “heir” to America’s white nationalist movement by ex-KKK leader David Duke. Now, the author of the memoir “The Klansman’s Son”, is an anti-racism activist.”



  47. tomo says:

    unequivocal, really….


  48. MarkyMark says:

    Uganda ( HA HA HA HA HA)
    “Contains some strong language.
    Romesh Ranganathan explores Uganda, its people and culture, its past and its modern complexity, to find out whether Brits should add this this visually stunning, landlocked country the size of the UK to their holiday bucket list. ”


    Tolerant Uganda ( HA HA HA HA HA)
    Diverse Uganda ( HA HA HA HA HA)
    BeautifulUganda ( HA HA HA HA HA)

    ‘Racist’ Gandhi statue removed from University of Ghana


  49. wwfc says:

    6 Years old but still a good watch


  50. tomo says:

    No such thing as peak Guardian (or BBC)



    • G says:


      Comparisons of the EU, and various politicians with Stalin. Then, UK Police Force with the Stasi. Why not?

      Let’s keep going…………


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