256 Responses to Weekend 8th June 2024

  1. Guest Who says:

    The important thing is not to be first, but to play the game.

    This message brought to you by the bbc.

    Might not be accurate.


    • JohnC says:

      Is this your maiden first Guest ?.

      The BBC have only one rule now : The ends justify any means they see fit to use.

      It’s been the mantra of the Left and other ideological terrorists for centuries.


  2. tomo says:

    Simon Webb does Kier Starmer on immigration


  3. Fedup2 says:

    Although I didn’t watch the TV debate – I did monitor twitter … the BBC had a ‘plant ‘ in the audience – a pleb in a white shirt whom the camera went to every time Nigel Farage made a point – the pleb shook his head on cue – he even features on twitter ….

    In other news – the englanistan footy team got beaten by Iceland again before the euros start . Last week paddy power was offering 1,2 on England not winning the euros . I put a pound on it – a big bet for me … I wish I’d bet the house …


    • Deborah says:

      I watched about 3 minutes of the debate. I hate them. They are like putting gladiators in for the kill. I too noticed the chap in the white T-shirt immediately in front of the camera. It wasn’t just for Nigel but Penny too that he shook his head whenever they spoke. His position wasn’t by chance.

      When Penny said about crime hot spots and mentioned the West Midlands, Mishal couldn’t get in fast enough that they had a Conservative mayor, however as Penny pointed out that the Police Crime Commissioner was Labour, it appeared that the volume was turned down.

      As Angie baby started to speak, I really couldn’t stay in the room.

      I notice the DM reporting that both Penny and Nigel had put the boot in re Rishi leaving the D-Day commemorations. I just wonder if Penny was positioning herself for post July 4th.


    • JohnC says:

      Reminds me of that black girl with the union jack draped pver her shoulders at the ceremony to respect an empty coffin for the Queens funeral.

      Not only was she in several ‘long queue’ shots, she also just happened to be walking past the coffin for the clip they took for the news.

      The message of course was that black people are English just the same as you and me. Shame all the long shots were a sea of white faces, same as all the long-shots of the boats are young Muslim males. It’s all lies.


      • popeye says:

        I went to Buckingham Palace to pay my respects and lay some flowers following the Queen’s death. In my two hours of queuing, amidst thousands of people, I observed and commented that, other than police and stewards, there was only ONE, yes, ONE black person in the queue. And, to be fair, I did notice many Asians also queuing. How far away is Brixton? I suppose all the black people were at the BBC being interviewed.


        • Jeff says:

          I notice the same thing every year when I attend the Remembrance Day commemoration at the Cenotaph.

          I only have to hot foot it from Surrey, but people come from across Blighty. Other than the ambassadors, there’s rarely black face to be seen. Brixton is a 20-minute bus ride away.

          Cenotaphs must be racist…


  4. Philip_2 says:

    Why the progressive, prejudiced BBC’s ‘groupthink’ audit is doomed.
    The BBC is engaged in a ‘sustained propaganda campaign designed to normalise a new morality, writes Robin Aitken (in DT) 3rd June 2024.

    ‘The forces that shape our cultural reality, the “hidden persuaders” who try to change what we believe, usually manage to keep their machinations opaque and discreet. That’s the way they like it of course: if you are in the business of manipulating public opinion the last thing you want is for us, the public, to suss out that fact. But occasionally the mask slips and people wise up to the fact that they are being led by the nose in a particular direction.

    Which is why it’s become common to hear people complaining about the way that TV ads seem to reflect a parallel universe. In it we see a Britain seemingly peopled exclusively by mixed-race families in which strong and confident women manage, by dint of their all-round wonderfulness, to do the right thing in spite of blundering and usually incompetent men. Adland’s vision of Britain is a cartoonish reflection of the zeitgeist. And it is confected nonsense that, for the vast majority of Britons, bears little relation to real life.

    But people are getting restive. They have woken up to the fact that the ad men are not just flogging stuff – they’re also flogging a philosophy that falsifies reality; because most families in the country are not mixed-race but white and (can we still say it?) not all women are competent wonder-workers. Some are just as useless as the male characters who inhabit TV ads.

    But the alarming truth is it’s not just the ads which indulge in this sinister game of social engineering: TV programmes themselves project into our living rooms a version of reality which faithfully reflect the beliefs and philosophies of the people making the programmes – and theirs is a vision many of us do not share. Which brings me to the latest initiative from the BBC (the grandfather of all “hidden persuaders”) which is going to “audit” its representation of different groups and communities across a wide range of its output to see just how accurate that representation is.

    In an announcement last week, the Corporation said it was setting up a review into “how accurately and authentically the BBC portrays and represents different groups and communities across the UK” and that the report will look for “evidence of groupthink”.

    That is no small task involving as it will examine a huge range of programmes. According to the Corporation the review – headed up by two industry lifers – will “cover BBC UK public service television, radio and online content as well as output from the Nations and English Regions. It will encompass a range of genres, including drama, comedy, children’s, entertainment, documentaries and news”.

    Mr Davie’s chosen mechanism to identify bias is these “audits”. This is the third; the first one looked at the BBC’s coverage of economics and the second immigration, and in both cases they discovered shortcomings. The inquiry into economics reporting concluded that many BBC journalists lack even a basic understanding of the subject. The probe into how the Corporation reports immigration found that programme-makers were nervous about tackling the subject for fear of being seen as anti-immigrant or of upsetting community relations. The big question is: have these findings made any material difference? Is the BBC better now at reporting economics and immigration?

    The main problem is the BBC’s failure to join the dots between immigration and other issues. We are constantly being told we have a “housing crisis”, and so we do. But what do you expect if you increase the population by 10 million people in the past 20 years? That far outstrips the country’s ability to build new houses. It’s not so much a housing crisis as an immigration crisis. But, in what amounts to wilful obfuscation the BBC never explains this obvious truth.

    So what are the chances that the new audit into the “authenticity” of the BBC’s portrayal of disparate groups will be meaningful and effective? Very low, I’d hazard.

    The BBC has chosen two people to head-up this audit and they both come from the broadcasting industry itself: Anne Morrison has previously held a number of senior roles at the BBC and is former chief executive of the independent production company, Nevision, while Chris Banatvala has wide experience of content regulation, with current roles at Sky News and Channel 4, and previously at Ofcom. I think this choice is a warning sign. Doubtless Morrison and Banatvala are fine individuals but are they capable of taking a hard look at the BBC’s content? Aren’t they more likely to share the basic assumptions and prejudices of the Corporation itself?

    It is my contention that the BBC has moulded British society in a way that reflects the biases of the programme-makers who tend to be young, leftish and think of themselves as “progressive”. Over the past 60 years and more, the BBC has become ever more militant in its championing of political correctness; it has used its massive resources in a sustained propaganda campaign designed to normalise a new morality.

    This has involved “de-stigmatising” a range of behaviours that previous generations considered to be undesirable. Progressives set their sights on overturning what they saw as outdated taboos and the BBC was eager to get with the programme. What we see on our TV screens inevitably affects how we think and behave and by normalising things like divorce, casual sex, drug taking, all things LGBTQ, bad language (the list goes on…) they got people to accept that these were “normal” – beneficial even.

    …this new morality is good for all of us(?) If this was true we should by now be a much happier country as the new morality worked its magic; the current rising epidemic of mental ill-health (for which read “unhappiness”) suggests the opposite.

    So when Ms Morrison and Mr Banatvala get down to work I wonder if they will bear this in mind; that there are still, out there in viewer land, “resisters” who reject the new morality and would like some of the old taboos reinstated. And I wonder if they might recommend that BBC programming tries harder to reflect some of our concerns. That would be quite a revolution.’


    In short expect not much change at the top, under Labour (why change a winning formula?). Its a sad display of total arrogance on TV enforcement by a country that largely pays to NOT watch it (insert SKY, VIRGIN, ROKU, PRIME etc. Those that do watch ‘re-inforce’ (or ignore) its effective grip on reality (which as the article states, is a total lack of reality). Bordering on the absurd, perverse in its morality, progressive to the point of not even recognising that its held in cultural contempt for all things it was designed to protect, uphold and entertain. Its now the anti-christ. The Marxist spokesman. The Israel hater and all things juvenile and stupid. An elite that has lost everything bar the license fee and only exists on ‘license’, of which its days are numbered, even if Labour get in, its doomed through lack of money.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Why ‘nudge’?
      It is called ‘nudge’ after the book by Richard Thaler (who went on to win the Nobel prize in economics) and Cass Sunstein which set out how people are not the rational economic actors beloved of conventional economic theory – but can be influenced by “choice architecture” into making better choices in their own interests.


      “making better choices in their own interests”

      making better choices in their own interests

      “making selected choices by GOV without knowing why due to small changes”


    • Nibor says:

      I`m sorry but it needs to be scrapped .
      How many times does the BBC (eventually) admit a bias , a mistake , an unethical broadcast , an omission , a need to clarify , an apology or the ” on reflection we realise …” ?
      Then they just sail on , unlike the crew of the Dali who hit the Baltimore Bridge .
      Because here`s the thing , the BBC have a permanent Get Out Of Jail freecard .
      Due to the Unique Way It Is funded
      Unlike ourselves here . I dont know your jobs , but I know if I ploughed my lorry into stationary traffic and cause carnage , I dont have the Get Out Of Jail freecard , and I can just say I`m sorry I wasnt driving up to my usual standards .
      We only have to see the way the BBC are gleeful if someone somewhere makes the ” mistake ” of being a little bit racist or other discrimination and that`s the end of his/her career .
      Scrap it .


      • JohnC says:

        … and of course OFCOM being staffed by ex-BBC people along with all ministers who vocally opposed the BBC being removed with the ‘live update’ daily headlines fed with dirty from Remainer civil servants.

        Currently there is nobody to stop them. They have seen to that.

        How I wish the empty-shell Boris had kept Cummins arm up his backside operating his mouth instead of swapping it for Nut-Nut’s. I have a feeling the license fee would definitely be gone when renewal times comes up.

        This is the kind of thing we should get a referendum on. And it’s exactly the kind of thing we WON’T because they know what the public think – and we all know we don’t actually live in a democracy any more. We are carefull conditioned before we are allowed to vote.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Interesting that he described it as the anti christ . I do too . And the new amorality – expounded by the BBC – has no link to the hyper sensitivity of the increasing number of ‘mentally afflicted ‘ or work shy ..,


  5. tomo says:


  6. Fedup2 says:

    It would be interesting to find out who the BBC plant is … it was so obvious as to be embarrassing . …


  7. MarkyMark says:

    Rishi day 1- come join our new national service army.
    Rishi day 2- I can’t join as I have an ITV interview about joining the army.


  8. MarkyMark says:

    “To be fair to Sunak, he has served a useful purpose: he’s demonstrated beyond all shadow of a doubt that Britain must be headed by either an Englishman, Scotsman, Irishman or Welsh.
    Gething, Khan, Yusuf, Sarwar etc etc are indeed more proof of the disaster of allowing non-Brits into British politics. But Sunak has left us in no doubt about who he is and what his priorities are.
    No more. The experiment is over.”
    comment on order-order.com


    • BRISSLES says:

      MM I heartily agree, BUT all those with surnames that are from culturally elsewhere, will maintain they ARE British citizens with a passport to prove it – and are quick enough to say so. I just wonder how many African nations there are that have a non-corrupt leader. I suppose the best we can hope for is, that out of a population of around 70 million, we get leaders who don’t wear a head covering in line with their religious beliefs.


      • Ian Rushlow says:

        There needs to be a more realistic definition of British citizens (putting aside the obvious anachronism that people here are legally ‘subjects’ of the King rather than citizens of the country). A fair definition would include:

        Born in Britain and with at least one British born parent. If born overseas (e.g. whilst parents serving in diplomatic service or military etc) then both parents need to have been British born.

        Dual citizenship/nationality is not permitted.

        Non-British citizens cannot run for parliament or hold high office or be in charge of important public bodies (e.g. Bank of England, Head of Civil Service, Head of Armed Forces).

        A new category – denizen – should be introduced for those who live in Britain but who do not qualify for citizenship or wish to be citizens. A denizen would have the same legal and civil rights as citizens, other than with a handful of differences as per the above paragraphs. For example, they could vote in general elections but could not become an MP.

        The above is fair because it does not exclude people on the basis of their name, colour or religion.


  9. StewGreen says:

    Labour vs Conservative
    A race to see who likes Britain the least.


  10. StewGreen says:

    The TV debate
    looking like they were shouting over each other
    … tedious


    • MarkyMark says:

      Master debater!


      • Sluff says:

        TV debates rules.

        1. Ensure a Tory is on the panel.
        2. Carefully select questions with the primary aim of embarrassing the Tories.
        3. Sit back and let it happen.

        The BBC use a variation of this for news bulletins. Sunak’s early return from France took up half of the 6 pm tv news.
        Why don’t they ask Starmer how he feels about all these Muslim immigrants setting up their own pro Gaza candidates? Because it would go against the narrative, that’s why.


  11. StewGreen says:

    Posting again


  12. Sluff says:

    Although I confidently expect Labour to win, there is something to be enjoyed by watching the left eat itself as the decades long mass immigration gerrymandering of Labour comes back to bite. Almost as much fun as the BBC having to choose between its favourites.

    Here in this part of the Islamic Socialist Republic of Londonistan 7 Labour councillors have resigned from the party in order to support the pro Gaza Muslim independen election candidate. And it’s not the only case.


    And to think only a few days ago on Toady the bias, or do I mean bile, was flowing freely as Mischal Hussein haranged Nigel Farage and branded him Far Right over his mentioning the sectarianism self evident at the recent local elections in Bradford and elsewhere. Hahaha.


    Allahu Akbar!


  13. Deborah says:

    I don’t know what has happened to the good doctor Michael Mosley and no way am I claiming this is what has happened to him. But his disappearance has set me thinking about the pressure the tv stars (is star the correct description?). The doctor was always writing/speaking about new dietary ideas. It must get to some that they cannot think of new ideas and must worry that without new ideas their tv career will be over. I suppose they get paid well in recompense for the stress.

    Again I repeat Dr Mosely’s disappearance set me thinking. Stress might have absolutely nothing to do with why he has yet to return, I am just thing how horrible a tv career might be.


    • kingkp says:

      I certainly hope he’s OK as I wouldn’t wish anyone any harm but this guy is the ultimate tool of the establishment.

      One can only assume he has taken the magic juice so I wouldn’t be surprised if he died of a coincidence. There’s a lot of it about.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Personally I’ve always thought there are far too many tv, print media doctors taking an extra stipend for becoming celebrities when we’d be better served by them using their qualifications in actual surgeries. I don’t want colour supplements of healthy recipes, or articles on how to breath to overcome stress, I want to see a doctor, not refer to a book written by one.


      • tomo says:

        In other medical new topically for Pride Month


    • Charlie Farley says:

      Deborah ,
      GBNews had a climate activist ( nutter ) on blaming ” climate change ” for the Doctor going missing…….just how low can these people go ? and I thought the BBC were B#astards !


      • Guest Who says:

        RNLi to be given £1Trillion by Ed Miliband to launch a Rescue Tardis?


      • Deborah says:

        I had noticed how the temperature on the island the day the doctor disappeared keeps on climbing (well in MSM reports anyway). They will use anything to stress climate change, even the disappearance of one of their own.


  14. Fedup2 says:

    From the DT

    Nigel Farage’s Reform party currently polls as the third largest, well ahead of the Lib Dems and Greens, and just a smidgen behind the governing Tories. So why has the BBC placed him on the far left edge of tonight’s debate line up, like he doesn’t matter? Did the leaders draw lots for positioning? If not, and given that Penny Mordaunt for the Government is also marginalised out on the far right, the BBC’s positioning looks bizarre.

    And that brings us to the audience, which at times appeared not to include a single Reform supporter, willing to applaud Farage. Given that some polls say that nearly one in five voters are planning to back Reform, this relative absence of support seemed odd too.

    Meanwhile, despite the debate taking place in England, the leaders of the nationalist SNP and Plaid Cymru, from Scotland and Wales, were getting plenty of audience encouragement. Where on earth did tonight’s audience come from? We can forgive such sentiment with Have I got News For You, but this is slightly more serious.

    Farage, of course, was not disturbed by these oddities, which isn’t surprising as he’s faced similar treatment throughout his career. He knows full well that it’s the watching TV audience that really counts, not the handful of people willing to give up their Friday evening to sit in a TV studio.

    But given that the BBC has had to apologise in the last few days after one of its newsreaders inexcusably broke its code of impartiality and described Farage as using “customary inflammatory language”, we should keep our eyes and ears open for how our national broadcaster chooses to present politicians.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Remember David Dimblebys face the morning after the Brexit poll ? And again when Boris trounced Labour (or was it dodgy Hew?), well whoever is leading the BBC charge on election night, it’ll make interesting viewing if Reform do emerge as the new Opposition. Can’t wait.


  15. tomo says:


  16. Sluff says:

    A Londonistan news item that various schools, affecting 13,000 kids, want to ban the use of smart phones in secondary school years 7-10.
    There seems to be a growing feeling that the phones have a negative effect on the kids. They are young, immature, and impressionable and have to be protected.

    Which is all rather interesting, because Labour want to give those in year 11 the vote!!!!!!

    What an amazing lot of growing up Labour think these kids can do. One minute they can’t be trusted to use a phone responsibly , and the next they can vote.


  17. tomo says:

    Distracted and confused—that’s exactly how the regime wants the American British people. When everyone’s attention is scattered in a hundred different directions, it’s much easier for them to roll out their sweeping plots. Imagine standing in a room filled with TVs, each blasting a different message, and you’re trying to make sense of it all.


  18. tomo says:


  19. tomo says:


    • JohnC says:

      For me now, someone’s credibility becomes worthless if they quote anything from the BBC as their evidence. Particularly ‘question time’ which is about as partisan as you can get.

      It’s the same level of disdain I feel for anyone who quotes ‘The Guardian’.

      That post from Morgan is nothing to do with opinions or policies at all. It’s a pure personal hate attack going for the man, not the ball.

      Shame on you Morgan you arrogant big-mouthed c**t.


    • MarkyMark says:



  20. BRISSLES says:

    3rd ain’t bad for I’m A Cel… given the age group and numbers that actually watch the programme. Morgan joined Talk tv under great fanfare, but haemorrhaged viewers so fast that the Channel is no more. Wonder how long Morgan will keep his YouTube channel going.


  21. JohnC says:

    Penny Mordaunt says Rishi Sunak leaving D-Day event was ‘wrong’

    Here we go. After 8 article about it in the ‘live feed’, the BBC are now doing the second phase of this trick with a new headline every day to keep the story current.

    All it illustrates to me is what happens when you put someone without British values in charge. Normally (eg for Khan) the BBC ignore it as part of their failed multicultural agenda, but obviously not when it suits them. It’s because of them that Sunak is even in this position. Nobody wanted him.

    These is how the BBC influence elections. It’s outrageous that they get away with it.

    Meanwhile why is the BBC presenter ‘Michael Mosley’ disappearing story being given so much profile ?. I never heard of him. What is the significance ?. Is skullduggery suspected ?. Is it another BBC distraction from other stories ?.

    What this illustrates to me is how the BBC can dictate the news. If they run a story every day, all the other smaller news sites copy it as it is now a ‘hot topic’. This presumably non-story is now everywhere and shows how the BBC can abuse their huge resources. Which they have done many times now against Brexit supporting politicians.


  22. tomo says:


  23. JohnC says:

    Danish PM attacked by man in Copenhagen

    I finally relented and went in to see what this report was about. As it’s been a main headline for multiple days, I will assume it is of the same magnitude as Fico being shot.

    I first see:
    ‘The assault took place on a square in the centre of the city where a man walked up to her and hit her.’

    ‘Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen was beaten on Friday evening at Kultorvet in Copenhagen by a man who was subsequently arrested.’

    But to my amazement, what actually happened was:
    “A man came by in the opposite direction and gave her a hard shove on the shoulder, causing her to fall to the side,” the two women told the newspaper.
    They said that while it was a “strong push” the prime minister did not hit the ground.

    ‘Hit’ BBC ?. ‘Beaten’ ?. She was pushed.

    Why has this story been given so much exposure I wondered. I soon found out:
    ‘Ms Frederiksen, 46, became prime minister in 2019 after taking over as leader of the centre-left Social Democrats’

    And just to make sure you blame the right for this attack, for no reason whatsoever the BBC tell us : ‘Soon after, she became embroiled in a spat with then-President Donald Trump after she rebuffed his idea of the US buying Greenland.’

    The BBC are trying to create an equivalence between this ‘push’ and the attempted murder by shooting of Fico for his right-wing policies.

    What a shame they don’t class the attack on Farage the same. But that was done by a woman and they think he deserved it anyway. IMHO it was much worse. It was political terrorism : he could not know what was in that cup. The whole purpose is to intimidate him from appearing in public.


  24. Scroblene says:

    Beeboid’s version of a new ‘programme’, where they make complete arses of themselves, and the public, (those who watch their drivel that is), get to be ‘entertained’ on payment of an unworthy TV tax…

    Believe it or not, this was from the Cubiclists, long before they became over-woke, uninteresting in the extreme, poor in presentation with dislikeable foreigners, biased towards every leftie issue on the planet and generally very, very boring!


  25. Fedup2 says:

    The ‘highlights ‘ of the BBC 7 politician show featured the deputy leader of the red party not knowing the difference between ‘abstract ‘ and ‘abject ‘.

    Ok – I’m a southern snob – but as long as a politician uses coherent words the accent really doesn’t matter … but fick ange ?
    I know people see what they want to see but angee going on about the nuclear deterrent is pretty poor ….

    I understand that mr farage won the debate – particulary with with line in thr closing statements about not needing an autocue ….
    I can’t see him giving maudent a job in ‘new tories’ after the coming rout …


    • Guest Who says:

      “People see what they want to see.”

      Serial sneer Remain obsessive and media tv studio gob Tim Walker posts that ‘people’ are seeing through Farage. those would be those you and the BBC select to #tellitoftenenough.

      “ Farage’s racism just isn’t cutting through any more. People get that it’s his Brexit that’s impoverished them.”

      He knows his audience is limited.

      Farage’s populism is failing as people have at last worked him out.

      Were it not for life and those darn facts.



      • Fedup2 says:

        Guest – the most important message is to make sure people know that the chief reason everything is failing is the strains imposed by adding millions to the population across a few years ……
        Focusing on individual failures such as patients in corridors or increasing rents takes attention to the causes- massive immigration .
        If Nigel Farage achieves one big thing – it’s that . Falling back on racism is the far left metro woke comfort blanket …


      • Guest Who says:

        Got the teeth to give Olney a run.

        Why did they let Nigel Farage out of the jungle?
        His rhetoric is dangerous and inflammatory. He has already divided and destroyed our communities in previous campaigns. No more. He shouldn’t be given any air time. #bbcdebate

        Missed her for a while . She of course was outraged (when are they not?). The tv activists had dug her up as she was upset about the whole Post Off… oh, no, something else.


    • BRISSLES says:

      If Ange ends up as Foreign Secretary (God help us), then she needs elocution lessons (though she might call them electrocution lessons), she needs a stylist to buy her clothes,that doesn’t show “thigh”, and her tatty hair extensions have to go. Oh, and if she has visible tattoos ……..


  26. Fedup2 says:

    Today – Saturday – the state broadcaster is putting out a lot of Orwell’s 1984 …. There’s humour there – where a broadcaster either omits or bends events to meet its ‘ agenda pumps out propaganda to the proles 24 hours a day …. Together with the bread and circuses of strictly and cooking contests ….

    .. but the mindset of the BBC could never see that 1984 is about it …. The evil BBC

    One for ‘verify’.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Fed, I recommend the Goon Show ‘1985’, not least for it’s beginning.
      As it was broadcast recently it is still available on BBC Sounds here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/b00q9xrg . You will need a BBC account to sign in and listen again.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Thanks – contemporary comedy is provided by red angee – who I’m sure has been put back in the box together with all the other embarrassing reds … to be woken up about 4am on the 5th of July to spend the next 4 years squawking about the blues …
        Never really got the ‘goons ‘… although Milligan on his own added value … couldn’t imagine the current BBC having anything to do with him – abstract / abject …


        • Up2snuff says:

          Yes the start of the GS ‘1985’ after an announcement from Wallace Greenslade that is funny in itself has an authoritarian voice saying “Big Brother is watching you.” to which Milligan responds as Eccles “Owwhh!”

          Later on it has Eccles stating “Its good to be alive in 1985.”


  27. JohnC says:

    UN adds Israel to list of militaries committing violations against children

    It’s these reports by the BBC about the UN which fill me with disgust at both of them.

    Firstly Hamas have been put on that list too. Why not ‘Israel and Hamas’ in the headline BBC ?.

    Second we get statements like this:
    ‘The annual list by the secretary general covers the killing of children in conflict and denial of access to aid and targeting of schools and hospitals. ‘
    Not a single word anywhere in the article to suggest that Hamas were using those schools and hospitals as bases to run the war and were legitimate targets.

    This is pure left-wing activism by both the UN and by the BBC. They are both utterly discredited as a reliable source of anything in my book now.

    Both should be torn down and started again. Neither are fit for purpose any longer : they have been infested by the Left. As have all other institutions which are funded by taxes.


    • Scroblene says:

      Too true, John…

      If the Tories had actually spent their many years in office, dealing with the problem of the leftie scams, they’d not have to be going to the polls on an even points scale with a brand new group – Reform, who represent a real new Conservatism!

      When Brown was ushered into No 10 by Blair, when that charlatan knew the game was up, the country was on its knees within weeks, with failing commercial energy owing to high taxation, a laughable monetary policy of selling all the UK’s gold, and making life unbearable for anyone in the private sector! Of course, the snivel serpents, the fake charities amd the quangos full of mental lightweights began to plump their coffers for hardly any work at all!

      Seems like Sunak is the ‘heir to Brown’, unelected by the people, and carrying out a mirror image of the nail-biters’ years. No doubt he and Mrs Sunak will be dusting off the green card as we speak…


  28. Scroblene says:

    Nodding /shaking tee-shirt donkey figures large in the Cubiclist’s take on the ‘debate’…


    I wonder if he gave it back to the producers after the ‘show’, or did they give it to him as a little present?


  29. Right Angle says:

    Well, at least we are not the only ones aware of BBC bias. The Israeli MSM probably picked up on it a long time ago — it just got worse/more obvious after Oct 7:

    The real disinformation machine

    “… Indeed, a genuine interest in disinformation about the war would lead honest observers to concentrate on something far more consequential when it comes to altering the nature of public discourse about the war. Namely, it’s the way that some of the most respected sources for news in the world, including the Times, The Washington Post, CNN, the BBC and The Guardian have spent the last eight months often acting as Hamas’s stenographers (my bolding was successful!) rather than independent journalists.”


    Nothing more to add …


  30. JohnC says:

    The far right could make big gains in EU elections. What would that mean?

    This article from the BBC is so far off the scale, it’s actually funny.

    Katya Adler gets ‘far-right’ in there 3 times and ‘hard-right’ in there 4 times.

    She says:
    Part of the problem here is terminology. Who are the hard right? How far right-of-centre must your political grouping be to be labelled “far right”?
    ‘Right-wing nationalist supporters complain mainstream media and traditional politicians are too quick to use the term.’
    ‘Italy’s Giorgia Meloni is a high-profile example of a former “far right” figure that has sought to become more mainstream, to attract a broader spectrum of voters.’

    What Katya is ignorant of is what she says in the first sentence :
    ‘How far right-of-centre must your political grouping be to be labelled “far right”?’
    Where are the ‘far-Left’ in your debate Katya ?. Or the ‘hard-Left’ ?. They don’t exist because this ‘centre’ she talks about has moved so far to the Left that what was ‘far-Left’ is now just ‘Left’. And what was ‘centre-right’ has become ‘far-right’.

    The concept that the rise of the right-wing is due to people not wanting these far-left policies is lost on her . She has no clue whatsoever what ‘democracy’ really means. She clearly thinks a select left-wing group are the ones who should define policy, not the people. They must be told, not asked.

    And of course at the end, this 1000% remainer uses Trump as a ‘threat’ which means the EU must get more independent and powerful.

    Here she is. One of the BBC’s finest:
    The pic is from a story where she was accused of breaching BBC impartiality rules. Slagging down Michael Gove. No surprise there.


  31. Zelazek says:

    A few belated thoughts about last night’s debate.

    I thought Nigel Farage yet again showed himself to be head and shoulders above everybody else in terms of public performance and communication. He cuts to the chase and confronts the issues directly, unlike those waffle merchants and equivocators who shared the stage with him.

    The other politicians simply cannot or will not acknowledge the massive strains and negative effects of mass immigration on every aspect of our lives today.

    As well as that, they don’t understand something basic about human nature – that we prefer homogeneity to multiculturism. This applies to the immigrants as well. These blind politicians are unaware of something that might be called the character of the people. It is inseparable from the race and the ethnicity of the people.

    Our politicians won’t go anywhere near this topic. They just refuse to see the dangers posed by increasingly confident immigrant groups like Arab Muslims who don’t want to assimilate but would prefer us to bow down before Islam. Import millions of Muslims and they don’t become British – we become Muslim. Import millions of useless blacks and they don’t turn into honest British people with Protestant work ethics – this country becomes Trenchtown or Mogadishu or Zimbabwe where nothing works.

    Only Nigel was prepared to voice the truth about who is committing knife crime. The rest were too cowardly. That Plaid Cymru mediocrity was particularly pathetic blaming it on poverty.

    Can you imagine a Britain without Muslims and without blacks?

    Another thing I dislike is when they use personal sob stories to back up their policies. The deeply unpleasant Stephen Flynn of the SNP claimed he was disabled between the ages of 14 and 31 and was cured by the NHS, the implication being that he is committed to the NHS and his health policy must be right. Politicians do this kind of thing a lot these days. They also like to mention they have a sibling or a spouse in the NHS or in teaching or something, and again we are supposed to infer they must be especially knowledgeable about the subject, are uniquely committed to it, and their party’s policy must therefore be the right policy. This is all rubbish of course but people fall for it. When Nigel simply looks at the NHS figures and concludes that we would get better outcomes if we adopted the French model, they come down on him like a ton of bricks for daring to criticise our sacred cow.


    • moggiemoo says:

      ‘Can you imagine a Britain without Muslims and without blacks?’ I don’t have to, I remember a time when it almost was.


  32. digg says:

    Amazing how patriotic the BBC and the Guardian have become since Sunak’s D-Day early bath.

    You could be forgiven for thinking they are really hurt by the suggested disrespect for old soldiers.

    Whereas everyone on this site knows the truth is that they actually can’t stand this sort of Britishness and will be relieved when every last D-Day veteran is dead and gone.

    So we all know why they are acting offended then don’t we?



  33. wronged says:

    Election debate

    Did anyone notice that every time Farage spoke the camera panned to the planted front row seat of a youth shaking his his dumb head in disagreement. Only for Nigel did this happen.

    Makes my blood boil


    • Fedup2 says:

      Wronged – it was very noticed – there’s even a picture earlier in the thread – embarrassingly poor propaganda – looks like the BBC isn’t even trying to be clever any more – and assumes the audience is as thick as its’ verify gang ..

      .. waiting for the ‘plant ‘ to be identified …


      • wronged says:

        Thanks Fedup2. I missed the earlier comment. Probably down to my wife telling me that only women can multitask when she can’t have sex with a headache.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Gulp – sex – head ache – wife – women – has this turned into X😎?

          … still waiting for the planted clappy to be identified … although I suspect he might be like one of those undercover federal agents Obama put into the Capitol Demo – and then disappeared …


  34. atlas_shrugged says:

    Has pride-all-bleeding-year finished yet?

    There should be ‘winning prizes’ for the most provocative book exhibited in a children’s public library. Perhaps a whole exciting bBC TV evening dedicated to a competition.


  35. Fedup2 says:

    BBC earlier today desperately trying to gloss over the failure of the terrorist ANC from getting a working majority in South Africa – presumably even ordinary people there realise they are being badly governed by a traditionally corrupt African gang hiding behind whitee racism ( see also BLM)


  36. tomo says:

    Chris Snowdon nettles the NHS faithful…


    • Fedup2 says:

      …. But if you want a private ‘consultation ‘ – contact this number and be ready with your card details ….. any time

      Don’t forget to clap …


      • Fedup2 says:

        Caught ‘Malcom tucker v Liz truss ‘ on the you tube – I’ve just realised she was MP for 2 monarchs … wow .. so long …. Apparently she’s standing for parliament again and has a 26000 majority ….


  37. tomo says:

    Shocked I tell you


  38. wronged says:

    BBC election programme

    How is it not biased when you have the representative speakers of Five left wing parties versus One Tory speaker ( left wing ) and Nigel Farage – all given supposedly an equal amount of time to make their point.

    Don’t mention OFCOM as a means of complaint as the Beeb are to all intents and purposes exempt from OFCOM. Beeb mark their own homework.


  39. tomo says:


  40. tomo says:

    Especially the BBC


  41. tomo says:


  42. Guest Who says:

    Piers Morgan as military genius.

    BREAKING: Noa Argamani, whose kidnapping by Hamas on Oct7 horrified the world, has been rescued by the IDF, with 3 other hostages. All said to be in good health. Noa’s mother has terminal brain cancer, and wanted to live long enough to see her girl come home. So happy for her. 🙏

    Two days ago.

    Disgusting & indefensible.
    What the hell are you doing @netanyahu ??

    What Ben used to be doing, and still needs doing.

    Wiki: trained as a combat soldier and served for five years in a special forces unit of the IDF, Sayeret Matkal. He took part in numerous cross-border raids during the 1967–70 War of Attrition, including the March 1968 Battle of Karameh, when the IDF attacked Jordan to capture PLO leader Yasser Arafat but were repulsed with heavy casualties,[41][42] rising to become a team-leader in the unit. He was wounded in combat on multiple occasions.[43] He was involved in many other missions, including the 1968 Israeli raid on Lebanon and the rescue of the hijacked Sabena Flight 571 in May 1972, in which he was shot in the shoulder.[44][45] He was discharged from active service in 1972 but remained in the Sayeret Matkal reserves. Following his discharge, he left to study in the United States but returned in October 1973 to serve in the Yom Kippur War.[40][46] He took part in special forces raids along the Suez Canal against Egyptian forces before leading a commando attack deep inside Syrian territory, the details of which remain classified today.[47]

    Piers’ service record:

    In the wake of the Abu Ghraib torture scandal, Morgan was sacked as editor of the Daily Mirror “with immediate effect” on 14 May 2004, after refusing to apologise to Sly Bailey, then head of Trinity Mirror, for authorising the newspaper’s publication of fake photographs.[52] The photos were alleged to show Iraqi prisoners being abused by British Army soldiers from the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment.[53] Within days the photographs were shown to be crude fakes. According to official British sources, the photographs were apparently taken in North-West England. Under the headline “SORRY..WE WERE HOAXED”, the Mirror responded that it had fallen victim to a “calculated and malicious hoax” and apologised for the publication of the photographs.[54][55] However, Morgan refused to admit that the photographs were faked, and stated that the abuse shown in the photographs is similar to the sort of abuse that was happening in the British Army in Iraq at the time.[56]

    Not needed then, or now.


  43. tomo says:


  44. G.W.F. says:

    Four Israeli hostages freed in raid in central Gaza

    Good news.

    Not really, the BBC adds.
    ”Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry says dozens of people, including children, have been killed and injured in the operation, with images and footage also showing significant numbers of casualties.

    Staff at the Al-Aqsa hospital are said to be struggling to treat the casualties.

    “Dozens of injured people are lying on the ground and medical teams are trying to save them with the simple medical capabilities they have,” the ministry said on Facebook.”



    • Guest Who says:

      So the hostages were behind the Hamas fighters who were behind the children, shooting at the IDF rescuers?

      And this does not spark any ‘analytical insights’?


  45. Fedup2 says:

    Got to appreciate the restraint of the IDF

    Keep going IDF .. never stop …


  46. Up2snuff says:


    I have found an error! In the debate between Keir Starmer and the PM, Rishi Sunak, Sir Kier said this:
    ” “We will raise specific taxes, and we have been really clear what they are.”

    He mentioned putting VAT on private school fees and ending the non-dom status for wealthy individuals who don’t pay UK tax on overseas assets, as well as tax on oil and gas companies.

    “We will raise those but we won’t raise the others,” he said.

    Who does Sir Keir imagine buys the products of oil and gas companies?

    If non-domiciled UK dwelling citizens run businesses in the UK, who does Sir Keir imagine buys the products of those businesses.

    Would you care to comment on your department’s failure, Marianna?


  47. tomo says:


  48. tomo says:


    I’d add that today Virgin Media connectivity to


    and several others, all conveniently likely targets is blocked – proven via VPN


  49. Fedup2 says:

    From the DT more evidence of BBC supporting Islamic Hamas

    STARTS The BBC has defended giving airtime to a retired Egyptian army general who hailed the Oct 7 Hamas attacks on Israel as a “month of victory”.

    Samir Ragheb has been interviewed by BBC News Arabic nine times since the war in Gaza began, despite sharing anti-Semitic material and pro-Palestinian posts online, analysis by the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis (Camera) claimed.

    They included mocking Israeli civilians for seeking shelter during Hamas rocket attacks and claiming that Sinai returning to Egypt in 1982 was an act of “purifying it from the Jews’ filth”.

    Critics accused the BBC of becoming a “propaganda outlet”, but on Saturday the broadcaster defended its decision to host the retired general, insisting that it challenged the views of contributors.

    A spokesman said: “BBC News Arabic is committed to hearing from a range of contributors to offer a variety of views and perspectives across our output.

    “Samir Ragheb is a retired senior officer in the Egyptian army and has previously been interviewed as a military expert across media including on BBC News Arabic. As with all our interviews, we challenge the views provided by contributors on air, as our audiences would expect.”

    Of the nine times Mr Ragheb was hosted by the broadcaster, eight were on “strictly Israel-related issues”, according to the Camera analysis. The ninth appearance was “a broader overview on Egypt’s strategy, which is also about its other neighbours”, it said.

    Camera, which lobbies for “accurate and balanced” coverage of Israel, analysed Facebook posts made by the retired general.

    On Facebook on Oct 7, Mr Ragheb wrote: “For the first time in half a century, the legend of the military that is never defeated is shattered – it is defeated in six hours. A new military miracle by all criteria – strategic, operational and tactical. October is the month of victory.”

    Previously, Mr Ragheb had shared a link to download the anti-Semitic “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and suggested questioning the Holocaust was not allowed in the West because “these people are quietly fooling us”.

    A spokesman for Camera Arabic said: “Part of the problem with BBC Arabic inviting these dubious characters is that they then have the BBC’s seal of approval in the eyes of other outlets with self-professed Western journalistic standards.

    “For example, after Ragheb appeared repeatedly on BBC Arabic, he was interviewed last week by the LA Times.”

    ‘Courts controversy on a regular basis’
    The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism accused the BBC of courting controversy on a “regular basis”.

    A spokesman said: “Some views – like praising the biggest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust and propagating the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Jews control the world – are not the sort of views that the BBC, our national broadcaster, can justify as simply part of a the variety of views and perspectives that they must broadcast.

    “BBC Arabic courts controversy on a regular basis, and these scandals have metastasised since Hamas carried out its barbaric attacks on Oct 7. They have related to anchors, employed and freelance journalists and partiality, bias and inaccuracies in content.

    “We are rapidly approaching the point when the BBC must conduct an audit of the entire department. BBC Arabic risks becoming more of a propaganda outlet than a news service.”

    The discovery comes weeks after The Telegraph revealed BBC Arabic had repeatedly used a commentator who was jailed for his role in the murder of an Israeli without disclosing his conviction.

    Ismat Mansour was interviewed by BBC Arabic at least seven times in the first seven months of the war in Gaza, billed as a “Palestinian political analyst” and “Palestinian author and researcher”, according to Camera.ENDS

    Another dog for the target list .

    Keep Going IDF


    • tomo says:

      yep… those identified should be shamed into donating the full amounts to charity….


    • MarkyMark says:

      Celebrity doctors promoted Covid vaccine without declaring payments
      TV viewers not told they have previously received thousands of pounds from Astra-Zeneca

      Camilla Turner,
      8 June 2024 • 2:41pm


    • kingkp says:

      They are trying to make you believe AstraZeneca is the only problematic ‘vaccine’. The others are just as deadly if not more so. My mother has again received a letter from the NHS asking her to take a Covaids shot. The evil is endemic within every one of our institutions. It’s not just an issue with celebrities.


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