352 Responses to Midweek 12th June 2024

  1. Scroblene says:


    It’s The Senora’s brithday, and we’ve spent the evening watching ‘The Goodies’ (hilarious one), and a ‘Lovejoy’…

    God, we know how to live here – especially with the bottle of red mearby!


    • MarkyMark says:

      Enjoy … The Goodies – intros (with lyrics)


      • Scroblene says:

        It was the one when they all decided to be doctors, and had to ‘pass tests’ to get their credentials to join The National Health!

        Harry H.Corbett was the minister, and had a hilarious part in what the Beeboid chaps did best back then – entertain…

        Sadly, all that has gone now for wokery, political childishness, and general boorish unfunniness!


        • Richard Pinder says:


          Ten ferociously racist episodes of the Goodies:

          (1) The Lost Tribe of the Orinoco
          (2) Black Magic
          (3) The Lost Island of Munga
          (4) The Stone Age
          (5) The Race
          (6) Scatty Safari
          (7) Kung-Fu Capers
          (8) South Africa
          (9) Black and White Beauty
          (10) Alternative Roots


          • JohnC says:

            They weren’t racist then.

            Same as hanging children for theft was socially acceptable hundreds of years ago.

            Times change. The weak masses are conditioned to accept whatever is deemed right and wrong by those in charge of society. The pendulum has swung across since then and overshot by a mile.

            These days most people get offended because they have been taught to be. Not because their own principles say they should be.

            We are now in the ridiculous situation where the Left take it upon themselves to be offended on behalf of others!. It’s a small window into their soul which is actually driven by hate. We see it much more clearly when they get too confident or lose control and the veneer of hypocrisy cracks. As maxi has done once or twice here and shown us what a nasty, ethically barren piece of work he actually is.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Happy Birthday Senora!

      Scrobie, you are on for three in a row!!! 🙂


    • JohnC says:

      I have all the Goodies episodes on my classic comedy 2TB HDD and it’s interesting to watch how they went from a shoe-string budget to their peak in the middle then it all went horribly wrong when they got popular and suddenly got a huge budget.
      Each show tried to outdo the last and it all became stale and stupid as they ran out of ideas and the whole show was written around the effects they could use.


      • Scroblene says:

        Can’t see this ever getting another airing on the Boring Beebtube nowadays…


        • Flotsam says:

          Probably as well they didn’t go blackface


        • MarkyMark says:

          H&M Apologizes for ‘Monkey’ Image Featuring Black Child

          The clothing retailer H&M apologized on Monday for an image appearing in its online store that showed a black child model wearing a hooded sweatshirt that said “coolest monkey in the jungle.” The company removed the image on Monday and said it would also pull the shirt from its stores worldwide.


  2. MarkyMark says:

    “Scorching Olympians toting air conditioners stymie Paris’ claim to greenest Games. Efforts to set up the greenest Olympics yet are being foiled by the stars of the show — athletes who plan to show up in Paris next month with their own air conditioners.”
    5 days ago
    . . . .



    • Fedup2 says:

      Well done Scroblene looks like you own the first spot now . The next thread I put up I will be back in thr UK – currently I’m somewhere where it tops at 24 degrees and the tourist season hasn’t got going yet – and it’s not Majorca …

      Elsewhere – Nigel Farage addressed the latest terrorist attack on him – sadly it seems he might have to cut back on the meet and greets . I think this is wrong – but it’s getting dangerous …


      • Scroblene says:

        Thank you Fed! Have a safe jouney home by Friday!

        The Farage attack was clearly incited by the odious Jo Brand’s inflammatory remarks, which Blair studes and others with limited intelligence, think is acceptable practice.

        Fick Ange did the same thing; which is to incite the thick animal response to reasonable debate, so we’ve got her to look forward to listening to in July, as long as she can keep the Inland Revenue, The Commons Committees on Responsibilty, and the Electoral Commission at bay…

        Fat hope there, when Sucker gets the keys…


  3. Fedup2 says:

    Not BBC – does anyone know when the postal votes are sent out ? I’m out of UK for the vote so need to get the papers to vote Reform ….

    Vote Reform – screw the blue reds


    • Scroblene says:

      Not sure yet, Fed…

      I guess in certain districts of London and oop North, they’ll be sent out around now, the same ones next week, and the week after, (in duplicate), and finally counted the day before to add to the later ones which have been photocopied several times…

      Orders for curtains and screens to cover the windows of the counting stations have been placed with the suppliers.

      Masks will also be provided for free in those areas where ID is required on the day!


    • jazznick1 says:

      Just got my postal vote card.

      It says the postal voting papers will go out on 17th June.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Jazznick1- thanks very much for that – I did trawl the www but couldn’t find that .. looks like I can vote then as I’m out of Uk 24th June …


  4. Fedup2 says:

    Seems the Steyn v BBCOFCOM case is to be decided ‘on paper ‘ according to a piece in the DT . I guess the judge will wait for the election result before deciding against mark steyn – a regular state stitch up …


  5. Nibor says:

    Hitler was a vegetarian .


  6. StewGreen says:

    UK is losing it
    video of Glastonbury 2027


    • JohnC says:

      I would love to hear the real sound they are dancing to. I’m sure it won’t be half as amusing. They are probably dancing on infidels graves or something.

      The amusing part are the youtube comments. Nobody says anything too bad, just lots of unfunny jokes about old men dancing. And then of course one of the clueless idiots feels offended enough to make this comment straight from maxis hymn sheet:
      ‘The amount of hate comments on an innocent video of a group doing a traditional dance shows a much bigger problem at play here.’
      It certainly does : how hate-filled Muslims and far-Left idiots are looking everywhere for reasons to call everybody else racists.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Plenty of shy wallflowers there – I’m guessing a one hit wonder called ‘I’m a Barbie girl ‘ …..( I don’t know why I wrote that)

      That chap in the dark suit is a real mover … cheered me up …

      BTW according to the YouTube comments the lady who lives downstairs didn’t complain …


  7. JohnC says:

    What son’s conviction means for President Biden

    Just checked this to see if the BBC’s answer is ‘Nothing’ and of course it is.

    Paragraph of its own – which the BBC do to make sure we don’t miss the important bits.
    ‘But Hunter’s verdict is unlikely to change how Americans vote in November’s election.’

    Then we get:
    ‘His father’s name will be on the ballot, not his. There’s no evidence connecting the president to his son’s offences. And there has been scant polling evidence that the public is following this trial closely.’
    Do you think that might be because the Leftists MSM (including the BBC) have buried the story right up until he was found guilty Mr Zurcher ?. And what happened about his laptop anyway ??.

    And of course Trump is attacked:

    ‘Trump’s trial became a partisan brawl from start to finish.’
    That would be partisan to the Democrats of course Zurcher, but I am sure you are implying it was Trump who was partisan.

    Hunter’s conviction had a different feel, marking the culmination of a dark period for a Biden family that has known more than its share of turmoil.
    Note how Zurcher uses ‘Trump’ first but then the much nicer ‘Hunter’ for Biden. It’s another empathy trick they used for Shemima Begum.

    ‘… he added that he would accept the jury’s verdict – a contrast from Donald Trump’s rejection of his own conviction as rigged and corrupt.’
    That’s because it was Zurcher. And 47% of Americans think so too. Nobody at all thinks Hunters trial is political. It seems to be more of a diversion from the REAL crimes which involve his father.

    Then Zurcher ends with the usual empathy-laden stuff to garber sympathy for the ‘victim’:
    ‘This guilty verdict means the president’s son – the only surviving child from his first wife, who was killed along with his infant daughter in a car accident half a century ago – may face years in prison.’
    Lets see how many years it is. My guess is a token amount – maybe 6 months – to try and avoid claims of bias but make everyone feel sorry for poor old Joe.

    Nothing to see here : the usual BBC tripe: lopsided, very carefully and very deliberately worded by the commissars. I wonder how many drafts Zurcher had to make before they approved it.


    • Scroblene says:

      I reckon it’s the six-month plan to ease Joe out in time for Michelle to be paraglided in. The recent pics and flicks of Joe, mumbling and stumbling are Act One of the whole ‘saga’. He’s on target to be ‘ill’ by around July, for the Democrats to finalise Act Two, which will be several weeks of utter confusion.

      Luckily, the Republicans are ready for all this, as can be seen on recent articles about Former President Trump. They’ll steel a march during Act Two, then form the basis for Act Three, which will be the exposure of several Democrats’ alleged demeanours, and they will go from there!

      (You can see I didn’t do much Shakespeare, but was quite good at Samuel Beckett…;0)


    • andyjsnape says:

      … “will be a devastating personal blow for his father”

      Devastating lol


  8. AsISeeIt says:

    The Beatles helped popularise 60s pop culture to a mass turned-on audience with the ground breaking album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

    I read the news today, oh boy
    Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire
    And though the holes were rather small
    They had to count them all
    Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall
    I’d love to turn you on

    Then there was the track “Fixing a Hole”

    And so it is that: Labour pledges to fix a million potholes a year in England (BBC)

    Labour already controls most of our local councils. Many of them are either bust or on the brink of bankruptcy. Won’t this new promise, along with multiple additional pledges, necessitate huge tax rises?

    Afterall, even the Guardian is quick to point out when the sums don’t add up: Tories’ ‘implausible’ £17bn tax giveaway condemned

    But then there’s: Labour promises £12 an hour to care workers… 1.5m care workers… will get new wage protection… in similar way to NHS striking deals at agreed national rates (‘i’) – striking perhaps being the operative word… striking NHS-style deals… as in the junior doctors: …thousands of junior doctors in England will start a 72-hour strike. They want a 35% pay rise (BBC)

    Our mate Matt, house cartoonist in the Telegraph, that lovable old cynic, pictures a Labour party manifesto meeting where after what we take to be a difficult long brainstorming session it’s suggested: “Shall we scrap all this and just promise people better weather!”

    Truth these days being somewhat stranger than cartoon comedy, why not consider a vote for the Greens – and pay more for presumably what they promise us will be Net Zero-enabled colder weather: The Greens would increase taxes… (BBC)

    Speaking of colder weather… sometimes these segueways write themselves…

    UK weather: where is summer? June is supposed to be the first month of summer, but it hasn’t really felt like it. In the first couple of weeks, temperatures have generally been around 1-3C below average… Why is it so cold? – it will be rather interesting to see how our Simon King, BBC Weather presenter, squares this one with climate change? Or whether he dares mention the climate?

    Afterall, didn’t we just experience: Provisional Met Office statistics show that spring 2024 – which covers the months of March, April and May – was the warmest on record… the previous record was broken by more than 0.5C – significant in climate terms… unusually warm weather is happening more often while unusually cold weather is becoming less common (Ben Rich, BBC Weather, 3 June) warm weather = climate change of course.

    Word search the latest Simon King chilly flaming June BBC weather report for the term climate and you’ll get nothing but a ding. And a lot of justificatory waffle about the weather

    Our perception of “warmer” may be countered by a unsettled spell of weather though with spells of rain, thunderstorms and brisk winds in to the weekend. Weather is always variable so having a cooler period is considered “normal”… With more than a couple of weeks to go, we will have to wait to see how the statistics for June 2024 turn out to know if it is a “normal” month or not. (BBC)

    I’m about ready for a few good settling calm down dears

    Rodent men Cheesy dating trend is a tale as old as time (‘i’)

    The sad rise of the sigma male (Guardian)

    The mildly conservative Telegraph meanwhile asks: Where is Lady Starmer? Why Labour leader’s wife is out of the picture

    Why you’re never too old for a bikini (the female interest Times)

    Anything to declare? The new rules for office flings (the formerly serious Times)

    Of course it takes all sorts…

    Spacey: ‘I was too handsy’ Actor admits he touched men ‘sexually’ against their wishes (‘i’)

    But wait, all things being equal and all that… and that Spanish football bloke getting had up for his celebratory kiss… then how come? : Spacey was found not guilty Wednesday on all counts. (Los Angeles Times, July 2023)


    • Fedup2 says:

      Asiseeit – it’s dangerous starting with Beatles tracks – I call your ‘fixing a hole ‘ with ‘taxman ‘- a tune which shows nothing changes … and with reference to the current weather – John Lennon s ‘Rain ‘….


  9. atlas_shrugged says:



    Before MRS JUSTICE FARBEY DBE | COURT 2 | At 10:30 AM
    The King (on the application of STEYN) v OFFICE OF COMMUNICATIONS

    Does anyone have any details of the next days of the Steyn .v. Ofcom case? Fedup made a reference to the case proceeding ‘on paper’ which I translate from legalese into plain English as meaning a ‘secret court’.

    The reason I am asking is that I would like to attend but I do not want to go all the way to londonistan without being able to attend open-court.

    Do the Chinese advise visitors to Londonistan to invest in a stab-proof vest yet?


  10. Fedup2 says:

    Nice bit of selective bias as usual – it’s a standard practice that when the bbc wants to talk about American politics it goes to a democrat ex Obama staffer . Same today with the Biden conviction – the usual blah blah – but relying on the lie that the us judicial system is ‘fair ‘ – as i understand it – the charges here were ‘absolute ‘ so not much by way of a defence – even a democrat court could nt fix it . But I bet the appeal will …


  11. Fedup2 says:

    Green Party manifesto … I love it when politicians say they want to ‘tax those with the broadest shoulders to pay a little bit more ‘ …. It’s the same lazy ritual language as ‘ hard working families ‘ or the out of fashion ‘underprivileged ‘ …

    I would have thought greens would lead with a need to cut the population size – but no doubt they’d want old people dead rather than the ending of third world imports … 1 in 30 people arrived in the last 2 years …


    • MarkyMark says:

      The “super rich” will be asked to pay more tax in the Green Party’s manifesto to “mend broken Britain”.

      The party, led by Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay, will tax “multimillionaires and billionaires” to fund improvements to health, housing, transport and the green economy.

      . . ..

      ➤ Gary Lineker – £1,350,000-£1,354,999

      Match of the Day, Premier League, FA Cup, World Cup 2022, Sports Personality of the Year

      2021/2022: £1,350,000-£1,354,999

      2020/2021: £1,360,000-£1,364,999

      ➤ Zoe Ball – £980,000-£984,999

      Radio 2’s Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, Radio 2 Terry Wogan Tribute

      2021/2022: £980,000-£984,999

      2020/2021: £1,130,000-£1,134,999

      ▼ Alan Shearer – £445,000-£449,999

      Match of the Day: Premier League, FA Cup and World Cup 2022

      2021/2022: £450,000-£454,999

      2020/2021: £390,000-£394,999

      ▲ Huw Edwards – £435,000-£439,999

      News at Six and News at Ten, News Channel and news specials

      2021/2022: £410,000-£414,999

      2020/2021: £425,000-£429,999

      ▼ Stephen Nolan – £400,000-£404,999

      The Nolan Show on Radio Ulster, Nolan Live on BBC One (Northern Ireland), The Stephen Nolan Show on 5 Live

      2021/2022: £415,000-£419,999

      2020/2021: £405,000-£409,999

      ▼ Fiona Bruce – £395,000-£399,999

      Question Time and presenting on BBC One

      2021/2022: £410,000-£414,999

      2020/2021: £405,000-£409,999

      ▲ Greg James – £395,000- £399,999

      Radio 1 Breakfast Show, Radio 4’s Rewinder, Radio 1 Big Weekend

      2021/2022: £390,000-£394,999

      2020/2021: £310,000-£314,999

      ▲ Ken Bruce – £390,000 – £394,399

      Radio 2’s mid morning Show, Eurovision Song Contest, PopMaster Special

      2021/2022: £385,000-£389,999

      2020/2021: £365,000-£369,999

      ▲ Lauren Laverne – £390,000 – £394,999

      BBC 6 Music Breakfast Show, Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs

      2021/2022: £380,000-£384,999

      2020/2021: £395,000-£399,999

      ▲ Sophie Raworth – £365,000 – £369,999

      BBC News at Six, BBC News at Ten, Sunday morning politics show, TV documentaries

      2021/2022: £305,000-£309,999

      2020/2021: £280,000-£284,999

      ▼ Steve Wright – £360,000-£364,999

      Radio 2’s Steve Wright in the Afternoon and Steve Wright’s Sunday Love Songs

      2021/2022: £450,000-£454,999

      2020/2021: £465,000-£469,999

      ▼ Naga Munchetty – £335,000 – £339,999

      BBC Breakfast, Radio 5 Live’s Naga Munchetty Programme

      2021/2022: £365,000-£369,999

      2020/2021: £255,000-£259,999

      ▲ George Alagiah – £335,000 – £339,999

      News at Six and News at Ten

      2021/2022: £325,000-£329,999

      2020/2021: £325,000-£329,999

      ▲ Amol Rajan – £335,000 – £339,999

      Amol Rajan Interviews, Radio 4’s Today programme, Radio 4’s ReThink, TV documentaries, Media editor (to December 2022)

      2021/2022: £325,000-£329,999

      2020:2021: £240,000-£249,999

      ▲ Mark Chapman – £325,000 – £329,999

      Radio 5 Live Sport, Match of the Day 2, World Cup 2022, Rugby League World Cup 2022

      2021/2022: £250,000-£254,999

      2020/2021: £250,000-£254,999

      ▲ Mishal Husain – £315,000 – £319,999

      Radio 4’s Today programme, BBC One presenting, Today debates for Radio 4

      2021/2022: £275,000-£279,999

      2020/2021: £275,000-£279,999

      ▲ Laura Kuenssberg – £305,000 – £309,999

      Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, Newscast podcast, Political Editor (to May 2022)

      2021/2022: £260,000-£264,999

      2020/2021: £260,000-£264,999

      ▼ Scott Mills – £300,000 – £304,999

      Radio 2 show, Radio 1 show, Radio 5’s The Scott Mills and Chris Stark Show, Big Weekend and Jubilee Weekend

      2021/2022: £400,000-£404,999

      2020/2021: £375,000-£379,999

      ➤ Nicky Campbell – £295,000 – £299,999

      Radio 5 Live Nicky Campbell Show, Your Call, 5Live Breakfast Show

      2021/2022: £295,000-£299,999

      2020/2021: £295,000-£299,999

      ▲ Victoria Derbyshire -£295,000 – £299,999

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      Daily show on Radio 2

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      ▲ Justin Webb – £280,000 – £284,999

      Radio 4’s Today programme, Americast podcast

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      Radio 4’s Today programme, Radio 4’s Political Thinking podcast

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      Analysis Editor, Outside Source

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      ▼ Faisal Islam – £230,000 – £234,999

      Economics editor

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      Middle East editor

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      Europe Editor

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      ★ Sarah Smith – £220,000 – £224,999

      North America Editor

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      A range of TV programmes and series

      2021/2022: £215,000-£219,999

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      BBC News Channel, BBC One

      2021/2022: £200,000-£204,999

      2020/2021: £175,000-£179,999

      ▲ Simon Jack – £210,000 – £214,999

      Business Editor, Radio 4 Today cover

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      2020/2021: £190,000-£194,999

      ★ John McEnroe – £205,000 – £209,999

      Wimbledon coverage

      ★ Lyse Doucet – £205,000 – £209,999

      Chief International Correspondent

      ➤ Louis Theroux – £200,000 – £204,999

      A range of programmes, podcasts and series

      2021/2022: £200,000-£204,999

      2020/2021; £200,000 – £204,999

      The rest of the list:

      £195,000 – £195,999

      Rachel Burden – 5Live Breakfast Show

      Mark Easton – Home Editor

      Jonny Dymond – Royal Correspondent

      £190,000 – £194,999

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      Stephen Sackur – Hard Talk interviews

      Charlie Stayt – BBC Breakfast

      £185,000 – £189,999

      Emma Barnett – Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, BBC Two’s Newsnight

      Colin Murray – 5Live Colin Murray Show, 5Live Fighting Talk

      Alex Scott – Football Focus, Women’s Super League, World Cup 2022

      Jonathan Agnew – Cricket correspondent

      Sue Barker – Wimbledon and Queens

      Jon Kay – News correspondent BBC Breakfast

      £178,000 – £184,999

      Michael Vaughan – TV and Radio cricket coverage, Tuffers and Vaughan podcast

      Clare Balding – Sports coverage, including Wimbledon and Sports Personality of the Year

      Sally Nugent – BBC Breakfast

      Yalda Hakim – BBC World News and television documentaries

      Rick Edwards – 5Live Breakfast Show

      Matthew Amroliwala – BBC World News presentation and BBC News Channel

      Orla Guerin – International Correspondent

      John Simpson – World Affairs editor

      Craig Charles – 6Music weekday afternoon show, The Craig Charles Funk and Soul show


  12. MarkyMark says:

    Not enough coverage

    What is the subject of your complaint? No mention of Rishi “UK exporter of energy” News


    This is big news, we will soon have cheaper bills and even export energy to other countries but none of your BBC news picked this up. “UK to become a net exporter of electricity.” (c) Rishi Sunak 11.06.2024 https://youtu.be/3CNThBxJjm4?t=2368#Conservative Party launch manifesto

    It does beg the question why isn’t the UK doing this already or why aren’t we after 14 years of Tory power we in a position to sell energy or why haven’t Labour go the same policy?

    Plus how is this going to be achieved? This is big news missed by the BBC.
    Thanks, Mr.H



  13. Fedup2 says:

    The green card ITV interview is on tonight . When asked about being deprived when young – he was – his family didn’t have Sky . The self awareness of this Winchester boy is quite something …
    And apparently he apologised for being late to the interview because the DDay commemoration ‘over run ‘….

    If ever we saw a man who doesn’t want to win – it’s green card


    • MarkyMark says:

      Chancellor Rishi Sunak held US green card until last year
      Published 8 April 2022

      A Green Card holder is a permanent resident that has been granted authorization to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis. As proof of that status, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) grants a person a permanent resident card, commonly called a “Green Card.”29 Sept 2022


      Matthew 6:24
      New International Version
      24 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.


  14. MarkyMark says:

    £9bn vs 2p. HA HA HA HA HA!

    “Sir Ed Davey has pledged a £9bn package for health and social care, while Mr Sunak has promised a 2p national insurance cut to revive his campaign.”



  15. Fedup2 says:

    Let’s hear it for one Josh Greally , 28 – who is charged with a public order offence against Nigel Farage – he unfortunately has been granted bail due to appear Barnsley court 26 June …

    .. I understand that Josh is a kidult ‘media ‘ type …. Which presumably means unemployed and on a state funded lawyer


    • micknotmike says:

      Morning Fed,
      If I ever get appointed to the judiciary, I have a solution for this. It’s easy, it’s cheap, and emergency powers could implement it in a heartbeat.

      The arrested party is not granted bail. They are held in a low-security prison for 7-14 days, starting immediately. Imagine if you are a young person with kids to care for, a job to turn up for, any amount of other things. You’d have access to a monitored phone to make alternative arrangements, but that would be far more inconvenient than a piddling fine or community service. One heck of a deterrent and something on the criminal record to show future employers.

      For example, take that chap who lobbed bricks at Nigel Farage. Assume he’s got a family and a job. He’s got to ring them and explain why he won’t be around for a couple of weeks.

      I’m sure there is a downside, but unless action is taken quickly and sharply, something serious could occur and then you will see rioting in the streets. If this behaviour is allowed to continue somebody will find a way to point a rifle at one of the party leaders. And, no, it won’t be a far-right extremist with mental issues.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Mick – surely an even better version would be to try the case on the day – in this case – there s video – no question of challenging identity – I’ve seen it – it’s all there – even the continuity of arrest – so why have another 14 days ?- unless it’s to get the lawyer more money ..?

        The other thing is the cost of locking up – it should be self financing -where possible – like the savage thing they do with old people in care homes having to self fund over £23k assets even with dementia …


        • Flotsam says:

          I think they operate instant justice in USA Courts. Some of their lower level Courts operate 24/7.


  16. Fedup2 says:

    Tried an experiment – the truly awful grant Shapps is warning about the reds getting a big majority meaning starmer can do whatever he wants ..
    The experiment was to read the Telegraph comments – I got to 100 – I guess 98 were ‘vote reform ‘…


  17. Sluff says:

    Caught a bit of the Greenpeace vs Putin doc on BBC2, presented needless to say from the eco-warrior stand point.

    What is so striking is to witness the virtuous entitled mindset of the Greenpeace fanatics. They acted as if they were entitled to wreck the working of a Russian oil rig and were surprised when there was pushback.

    Putin had them locked up. Rightly in my view, though admittedly the totally politicised Russian legal system leaves a great deal to be desired.

    What a contrast with the witless useless UK, where dozens of Police are required to protect pink boats preventing ordinary people in Oxford Street going about their business.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Pro-Palestine activists ‘smash up’ city centre Barclays branch as bank responds
      Barclays bank in Birmingham city centre was smashed up and covered in red paint


      Activists from ‘Palestine Action’ and ‘Shut the System’ said they were behind the vandalism. The groups said it was carried out to “demand the bank divests from Israel’s weapons trade and fossil fuels”.

      bank divests from Israel’s weapons trade and fossil fuels

      bank divests from Israel’s weapons trade and fossil fuels

      . . . . .

      fossil fuels = paints used to paint the bank in protest.


      • digg says:

        Should be 10 years inside for everyone caught doing this vigilante crap. It’s just a good jolly for the twats who do it no doubt corralled on some despicable social media rats nest designed to fire up idiots with very low IQ’s


  18. pugnazious says:

    Is there an election going on and does the BBC want Labour to win?

    One might think so judging by its output….15 minutes of Today was pure Labour propaganda….and the headline on the website is apocalyptic rubbish…

    ‘UK economy fails to grow during wet April’

    Nice to mention the rain because Today didn’t in Faisal Islam’s long rant on Today based purely upon the somewhat insignificant point that the economy neither grew nor contracted in April…or as the BBC dramatically termed it ‘flatlined’. Islam told us that this was an indicator that the future is very dark and bad news in the middle of an election…for the Tories ho ho ho. No mention that the slowdown was due to heavy rain mainly rather than some deep-seated death spiral of the economy.

    We also had a survey that showed deep distrust and dissatisfaction with politics…a survey done by a BBC stooge…hence the claim that Brexit was the main problem….especially the failure on immigration. Hmmm…nothing to do with Brexit but with the politicians who threw open the doors after it and betrayed the people. And ironic the BBC exploiting people’s dissatisfaction with the massive rate of immigration. This was a highly politicised and ‘manufactured’ survey whose conclusion was that we need proportional representation rather than analysing and diagnosing the real problem…the media…whose highly politicised pressure upon politicians means they make decisions to please the media rather than do the right thing or do what people want them to do.

    For example public spending…the BBC answer is always, always spend more money…but no idea where that money is to come from. The BBC raises expectations and puts enormous pressure on government to meet those raised expectations however unrealistic they are.

    Connected to this is Gus O’Donnell…seemingly a constant voice on the BBC at the moment…can always be relied upon to pour cold water upon the Tories…as he did this morning telling us how dreadful things were under them…and of course…we need more spending….oh and he once said this….as the once head of the civil service perhaps it gives an idea of why the civil service tries to block any immigration controls….

    “[w]hen I was at the Treasury I argued for the most open door possible to immigration … I think it’s my job to maximise global welfare not national welfare.”

    Three narratives…all anti-Tory with some anti-Brexit rhetoric thrown in for good measure.

    If there’s dissatisfaction with politics maybe we should look at those who stir up that dissatisfaction and manufacture discontent with disinformation and outright lies.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “[w]hen I was at the Treasury I argued for the most open door possible to immigration … I think it’s my job to maximise global welfare not national welfare.”


      “Because when immigration is too high (no figure given), when the pace of change is too fast (what is acceptable pace?), it’s impossible to build a cohesive society. It’s difficult for schools and hospitals and core infrastructure like housing and transport to cope. {independent oct2015 – not that long ago, nothing has changed as of aug2017}”
      – Theresa May as Home Secretary // Speech to the Conservative Party Conference / 06.10.2015


  19. Sluff says:

    Only three weeks more of Blue Labour and then we get a lot of years of Red Labour.

    Mrs S and I were musing this morning over Brexit which led to our conclusion of how meek and apologetic the Tories have become. When did they last get on the front foot ? True, they did not really have ‘14 years’ to do stuff. They had 5 years of coalition, 2 years of minority government and 2 years of covid, and 2 years of high inflation exacerbated by the Bank of England being asleep on the job. Yet even given the above, the sheer incompetence, tactical, strategic, and in communications, has been astonishing. They know the BBC has been against them for years. But what did they ever do about it? Zippo.
    Starmer must be the luckiest leader in history. All he has had to do is….nothing at all. And it has fallen into his lap.


    • Flotsam says:

      I reckon Smarmer has done plenty in fact.

      Covid plus after effects, four years. Labour Smarmer and the BBC made sure Covid became far more of a problem than it should have been. I think Smarmer realised that driving the lockdown agenda hard the economy would be damaged and the Tory Government with it.
      Labour, Smarmer, the MSM and BBC made sure Brexit progressed as slowly and badly as possible. Brexit was damaged, the Country was divided, the economy damaged.


      • Sluff says:

        I can concur with your direction of travel, though not sure Starmer was clever enough to be the sole or even main architect of the sequence you mention.
        My point is the Tories consistently did nothing about it. Well, except maybe keep digging a bigger hole for themselves.


        • MarkyMark says:

          “My point is the Tories consistently did nothing about it.” – expenses filled in and good times had by all!


    • MarkyMark says:

      Starmer can say men can have a cervix and laugh!


  20. Althepalerp says:

    Cancel your TV Licence.
    And Vote Reform.


  21. pugnazious says:

    Good old BBC….deliberately employ people who hold views diametrically opposed to normal people…..

    ‘JK Rowling has accused the BBC of having a shameful record on gender issues after it put a man who has dismissed concerns about trans women competing against female athletes in charge of its sport coverage.

    The Harry Potter author said it was “utterly predictable” that Alex Kay-Jelski, the broadcaster’s new director of sport, had downplayed fears raised by sportswomen such as Martina Navratilova about biological men participating in female categories.

    The journalist, whom the BBC announced it had hired in April, has faced criticism for an inflammatory column he wrote for The Times in 2019 while he was the newspaper’s sports editor.

    He said that Navratilova, seen as one of the greatest tennis players of all time, and Sharron Davies, the Olympic swimmer, were “not experts” on the matter of trans participation in sport.

    Both have repeatedly raised fairness and safety concerns over the participation of male-bodied trans athletes in female categories.

    Mr Kay-Jelski appeared to compare those who portrayed trans athletes as being “threatening” to racists who warned, “don’t let black men in the same shops as you or they’ll rape your women”.’



    • JohnC says:

      The problem I have with Rowling is that she isn’t concerned with trans people per se, she just doesn’t want men b*stards being allowed to be women.

      I demand that anyone who publicly declares their pronoun to be ‘she’ be treated exactly like a woman and not allowed to pick and choose which bits they want. They can do anything a woman can do including womens prison, womens toilets, womens sports etc etc.

      I could go further and demand women do not get special treatment for anything because we are constantly being told by the feminist misandrists at the BBC that they are 100% equal to men. So no ‘womens’ league or ‘mens’ leagues. Everybody all together. Again, they are not allowed to pick and choose which bits they want.

      Perhaps that will finally demonstrate what a complete and utter ridiculous farce it all is. Men and women are different. Period. (pun intended).


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      I wonder when J K Rowling will realise that the left hate her and want her dead?


    • MarkyMark says:

      Put men and women in the same boxing ring!


  22. JohnC says:

    Hamas seeks ‘complete halt’ to war in Gaza proposal response

    This is the BBC’s way of saying:
    ‘Hamas reject UN endorsed peace plan’

    Biden has been telling lots of BBC-style lies about this ‘peace plan’. Mainly the ‘omission’ type. Because the only reason he’s doing it is that he’s worried the terrorist supporting immigrants and wokies won’t vote for him. He doesn’t give a shit about anything else now.


    • MarkyMark says:



    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Hamas want a ceasefire because Israel is on the verge of destroying them. I think that Netanyahu realises that now is the time to hold his nerve and finally destroy this terror organisation. There will never be a better time to do it.


  23. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    After seeing the latest clips of Bidet in France shitting his pants and at the blackathon at the Whitehouse where he froze, it’s pretty obvious he can’t debate Trump on the 27th June.
    Despite no audience and left wing Democrat adjudicators, he simply cannot converse.
    I’m going for some ’emergency’ prior to the debate that renders him unavailable, and they will cook up his replacement before the DNC Convention 19/8/2024 to parachute in a suitable replacement.
    Gavin Newsom (Pelosi’s Nephew) most likely. Younger, smug creep in the Tony Blair/Macron mould.
    I don’t think Obama’s husband will take the job.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thatch – that’s a good assessment – 27 June is very close and however they feed him stuff upfront and rehearse him- he is not going to make 5 minutes yet alone -say 14 minutes before an ad break ..he ll have to,Chuck a sickie …


      • Scroblene says:

        Luckily, Billery is too old and tainted now by serious allegations, which will come to light if/when Donald Trump is crowned in November, (or whenever).

        The Pelosi ‘influence’ just stinks.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Buy now – prices to go up when painted from jail!

      “Hunter Biden’s paintings have sold for a total of $1.5 million
      Gallery owner, a Trump donor, has sold the work to 10 buyers; some bought multiple paintings”


    • JohnC says:

      I’m still laughing at how they have changed the debate venue from one which is bound to be neutral to being held at the 100% partisan CNN and ABC news.

      The second part of this farce – now they can do anything they want – will be to change the format so Biden doesn’t have to think on his feet.

      Trump should demand they both take drug tests immediately after the debate. I am 100% certain Bidens team will refuse. He’s going to have eyes like saucers focussed on infinity …


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      That has to be a possibility. They can pump him full of whatever it is he takes, but it’s not working anymore. He can’t even speak half the time. He’ll have to be “ill” or something, he simply cannot debate Trump.


      • Scroblene says:

        Bamalam is just loving this!

        A fourth term with an even sillier puppet is a definite now!


  24. Sluff says:

    BBC headline
    ‘Economy fails to grow during wet April’.

    See that? Use of the word ‘fails’.

    Many economists expected a drop because of the effect of the poor weather on retail sales. So flat growth might actually be quite a good result.

    But the BBC are determined to exploit every opportunity.to be negative. ‘Economy surprisingly weathers the bad weather’ could have been the headline. But it was never going to happen.


  25. MarkyMark says:

    This ambition will deliver a zerocarbon electricity supply and security of supply over short and long periods of low generation, with sufficient electricity for all cars and vans to be electric, for all homes and buildings to stop using fossil fuels, and for most industry to transition to clean energy.

    Elected Greens will push for:

    Wind to provide around 70% of the UK’s electricity by 2030.
    Delivery of 80GW of offshore wind, 53 GW of onshore wind, and 100 GW of solar by 2035.
    Investment in energy storage capacity and more efficient electricity distribution.

    Communities to own their own energy sources, ensuring they can use any profit from selling excess energy to reduce their bills or benefit their communities.


    use any profit from selling excess energy ??????
    use any profit from selling excess energy ??????

    . . . .

    25 to 30 years
    When you’re doing your research for this sustainable energy source, it’s important to factor in how long solar panels typically last. The industry standard for most solar panels’ lifespans is 25 to 30 years.

    . . . .

    A good quality, modern wind turbine will generally last for 20 years, although this can be extended to 25 years or longer depending on environmental factors and the correct maintenance procedures being followed.

    . . . . . .

    When wind turbines are grouped in large wind farms, they can have a significant effect on radars and specifically on radars used for aviation, as they are typically designed to show only moving objects and filter out anything stationary.


  26. MarkyMark says:

    Phasing out fossil fuels

    Cancel recent fossil fuel licences such as for Rosebank and stop all new fossil fuel extraction projects in the UK.
    Remove all oil and gas subsidies.
    Introduce a carbon tax on all fossil fuel imports and domestic extraction, based on greenhouse gas emissions produced when fuel is burned.
    Nuclear power

    We want to see the phase-out of nuclear energy, which is unsafe and much more expensive than renewables. The development of nuclear power stations is too slow given the pace of action we need on climate. They also create unmanageable quantities of radioactive waste and are inextricably linked with the production of nuclear weapons.

    Accelerating clean energy investment and delivery

    . . . . ..

    (CHINA) The country accounts for more than 90% of global solar cell production, according to BloombergNEF, and will doubtless remain the world’s largest solar manufacturer in 2024.17 Jan 2024



  27. MarkyMark says:

    “We would make the tax system faired by taxing the 1% more.” HA HA HA HAHA



    • Fedup2 says:

      Cut the NI rate but reduce income tax thresholds even more …using the blue method


    • Sluff says:

      Just imagine if the 1% were all black. Or gay?
      It appears that for the Far Left equality does not apply to some minorities who deserve all they get.


  28. Flotsam says:

    The only way the country’s finances can be rectified is to scale back public sector spending. Public sector spending can be a good thing if efficiently used, but clearly it isn’t. The public sector is out of control, Liebour will only make matters worse as they have to pander to the Unions. The only source of money, ultimately, is business and industry, without them there will be nothing.


    • Fedup2 says:

      No no no – borrow more money and use that to pay off the rising interest debt – simple … er …


  29. pugnazious says:

    Amazing how sympathetic the BBC’s report is on Hunter Biden’s legal problems ….Joe maybe President but…awww shucks…he’s a father too…and yeah Biden will be back in court in September for a massive tax avoidance scam but you know what…his family will be anguished….it all being ‘ the culmination of a dark period for a Biden family that has known more than its share of turmoil.’


  30. Fedup2 says:

    Grant hopeless shapps conceded the election and warns against big majorities – oh the irony – grant didn’t a party once get an 80 seat landslide and go on to be a party on the brink of rightful destruction …? Wot a dimwit


  31. Sluff says:

    What happened when ten teens gave up their smartphones?
    So asks a BBC webshite headline.


    I merely mention that Labour wants to give these people the vote!

    Of course, the juxtaposition between voting at age 16 and all the things you cannot do at that age, like drive a car or drink in a pub, or be identified by a criminal court, is not mentioned by the BBC.


  32. Fedup2 says:

    I must get the odds on the reds taking the Uk back into the ReichEU by 2028 .. although by then it may well be the Reich -lol


  33. MarkyMark says:

    Adrian Ramsay (green) had an even better one: he wasn’t allowed pets until he forced his parents to relent. Anyone have a tissue?

    . . . .

    One of the most often cited studies was conducted by Gregory Okin, a geography professor at UCLA. According to his 2017 study, feeding dogs and cats creates the equivalent of around 64 million tons of carbon dioxide in the US each year. That’s roughly the same impact as 13.6 million cars on the road.27 Feb 2024


  34. pugnazious says:

    So very Soviet and 1984 as the BBC tries to keep its grip on ‘Truth’…by telling lies.

    A small series of programmes on the BBC’s favourite bête noires such as climate, vaccines and social media….the Truth about these issues being purely from the BBC’s own perspective….the language and speaker chosen for the climate programme indicates exactly how the BBC approaches things….Paul Nurse being a fanatical man-made climate change propagandist…and are they ‘deniers’ or merely critics of the ‘settled science’ lobby?….

    ‘Nobel Prize laureate Sir Paul Nurse wants science, not politics, to guide the debate surrounding climate change. But how do you convince the denialists? ‘

    Then there’s a very selective projection that only women are threatened on social media…

    ‘Attacked on social media – how Nobel Prize laureate Maria Ressa came under fire for doing her job as a journalist in the Philippines, covering the presidency of Rodrigo Duterte…the fight to stop social media being used to spread lies and hate against powerful women….. the digital threat faced by women in politics. ‘

    The BBC hates ‘social media’…indeed they were whining about it this morning as they complained that it allowed people to talk to each other and get information not controlled and filtered by the MSM…this is dangerous apparently.

    And of course there’s vaccines…

    ‘How Nobel Prize laureate Katalin Kariko got caught up in the Covid vaccine disinformation wars. What was it like – as someone behind one of the vaccines – to be in the eye of the false information storm?’

    The main peddler of vaccine disinformation is the BBC itself which denies there is any problem with the vaccines and sees it as its job to silence anyone who raises questions and failing that to demonise and trash them….never mind one of their own journalists, Lisa Shaw, was killed by a covid vaccine….the BBC disgracefully barely acknowledging her death in contrast to the copious and emotional eulogies they normally put out for one of their own.

    The BBC is one of the world’s most dangerous spreaders of toxic disinformation on so many important and consequential issues.

    The world might well be a safer place without the BBC.


  35. tomo says:

    The dude on Biden’s left is Philonise Floyd >>> George’s brother.

    They are urinating on you and saying the sun is shining.


  36. atlas_shrugged says:

    Whenever I get depressed about the political state of what was our wonderful country I can always get cheered up by the brilliant people that we have in the UK.

    Vote Peter Hitchens, Vote Early, Vote Often – well I can dream can’t I?


    • MarkyMark says:

      A British Bill of Rights.
      Our freedoms must be codified and guaranteed. Political freedom, personal freedom, economic freedom. Never again can our entire country be locked down on shoddy evidence and lies.



      Bill of Rights 1689
      The Bill of Rights 1689 is an iron gall ink manuscript on parchment. It is an original Act of the English Parliament and has been in the custody of Parliament since its creation. The Bill firmly established the principles of frequent parliaments, free elections and freedom of speech within Parliament – known today as Parliamentary Privilege. It also includes no right of taxation without Parliament’s agreement, freedom from government interference, the right of petition and just treatment of people by courts. The main principles of the Bill of Rights are still in force today – particularly being cited in legal cases – and was used as a model for the US Bill of Rights 1789. Its influence can also be seen in other documents establishing the rights of humans, such as the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights.


  37. tomo says:

    The BBC loves Soros…



  38. Fedup2 says:

    Seems that starmer favours closing road – LTNs – . Living in the London borough most enthusiastic for LTNs it won’t make any difference to me … but to you … dear reader …. Ugh

    I fancy the job of going around working out the best way of screwing up the traffic – what a rewarding job that must be ….


    • tomo says:

      the job of going around working out the best way of screwing up the traffic

      – very easy indeed to think that that is exactly what’s been going on ?


      • Fedup2 says:

        Yes – closing the routes ambulances use must be so rewarding … stops the queues in the hospital car parks and corridors as the third worlds get free treatment ..


      • atlas_shrugged says:

        … and even that our politicians may have sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies. This means they may actually enjoy harming ordinary people.

        Which is now why I think our politicians should have psychological screening. This for the protection of the public.


  39. digg says:

    Ten groups who in my opinion unwittingly or not have created an atmosphere which is a more vindictive, uncomfortable, divisive, dangerous and ugly place for mankind than it has ever been. In no particular order:

    1. BBC
    2. Guardian
    3. US Democrats
    4. Stonewall
    5. Islam
    6. Swathes of Acedemia
    7. The EU
    8. Militant Unions
    9. Green Lunatics
    10. Climate Pseudo Scientists

    And all share a tendency to assume that their generally left-wing groupthink is the only acceptable mantra.

    Feel free to add to this list!


    • Up2snuff says:

      digg, good list. I would add Whitehall & the CS to that list. I know some retired Civil Servants and I made the point of asking one (in December 2019) whether Whitehall would work against a Government now and he replied in the affirmative. Would it have happened in your day? Oh no, he replied. He worked for the Ministry of Fun a.k.a. Ministry of Culture, Media and Sport.


  40. tomo says:

    and they’ve obligingly turned their AIS transponders on… USN only do that when they feel like it – see records for Baltic around time of Nord Stream….


  41. tomo says:


  42. MarkyMark says:

    Around two million British citizens who have been living abroad for more than 15 years can now vote in UK general elections, following a rule change by the Conservative government. BBC News asked four of them if they will cast their ballots.

    “I deserve to have a say in what’s going on,” 76-year-old Valerie Stacey says from her home in central Madrid.


    To qualify, Britons must have previously been registered to vote in the UK, or have been resident there. They can apply online to vote by post, by proxy, or in person if they are in the country on 4 July.


    Although she has lived in Spain since the early 1980s, Valerie has strong views on the NHS and social care in the UK.


  43. tomo says:

    Nasty old creep Biden at it again


  44. tomo says:


  45. Fedup2 says:

    Ok – I’m the PM – I don’t want to do it any more – I’m not allowed to resign so I have to lose the election . This is how I’m gonna do it

    1 call an election without any planning or prep –
    2 don’t tell anyone
    3 announce it in the street when it’s raining – no cover
    3A go to where they built the titanic
    4 make sure labour is 20% ahead in the polls
    5 make sure the economy is shaky or dead
    6 leave a d day commemoration early for ITV
    7 tell itv i had it hard – no sky as a kid
    8 allow ministers to beg not to give the reds a big majority
    9 leave the biggest campaigner – boris – on the shelf
    10 convince voters your rich and out of touch
    11 make sure there are plenty of gaffes ……


  46. tomo says:

    There’s going to be a Darwin Award?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Stay on the ground floor mate …


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      We are watching literal madness. This gaylord must surely know that Hamas kills queers. It’s not a secret. Yet he ponces about in a Palestine flag. They would kill him in a second if he set foot in Gaza, but he is campaigning for them. Orwell got it so right in 1984.


      • tomo says:


        It’ll carry on until their funding dries up…

        Black Roads Matter


  47. Sluff says:

    Meanwhile in Switzerland…..
    Swiss parliament defies ECHR on climate women’s case

    The women, known as “climate seniors”, previously took their case to the court in Strasbourg, France, arguing the Swiss government’s inadequate response to climate change – and in particular extreme heat events linked to global warming – was damaging their right to health and life.


    That’s the way to do it.
    See Rishi. It could have been done.


  48. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Here’s something for the Reform manifesto.

    Scrap Ofcom and replace it with something neutral.


  49. Guest Who says:

    Luckily the BbC has no journalists.

    I wonder what the hundreds of wrongly-convicted postmasters think of all this fooling around by Ed Davey, the former postal minister. If I were still a TV reporter I’d take a few appalling-treated postmasters to the next Davey stunt and see what they think. Amazing what short memories journalists
    sometimes have.


  50. Terminal Moraine says:

    On the home page:

    “BBC goes inside estates where residents say crime has made life brutal […] Ed Thomas spent three days there speaking to people, and found that the impact of drugs and knife crime was at the forefront of their minds.”

    Robbery, vandalism, drugs and knife crime all serious election issues which warrant a 7 min video with zero minority representation. It turns out the BBC can still find white people in the UK if it suits them.