Start the Week 10th June 2024

Looks like the BBC will be in full mourning on Monday as across Europe the Far Left is being beaten by partys more interested in caring for their people than those imported from the Third World . And a comment too – about corrupt Green policies imposing unnecessary burdens on us all . Enjoy .

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  1. Scroblene says:


    Just ushering Senora O’Blene to her bed, when I passed the open laptop, and there was a picture of Fed!

    Good Evening Young Man! I hope and wish you a good start to the week, when we can all celebrate the coming of a new government, complete chaos, several Reform MPs and a further denial of all the trash that Beeboids are churning out as we speak!


    • Up2snuff says:

      Scrobie, I hope this is the start of three-in-a-row for you.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Scroblene – a picture of Fed ? Must be an imposter ….

        … meanwhile – the ADF – the German Conservative Party which the Far Left was trying to ban a while ago comes Second in a democratic vote … but this won’t get much of a mention on the BBC ….


        • Scroblene says:

          No, it certainly won’t Fed!

          Macron’s dropped a b*****k in announcing an election, and just at a time when the UK will have an avalanche of Beeboid hatred towards Normal Citizenry…

          Cubiclists will have to be in early tomorrow to see who they can scrag the most!


        • BRISSLES says:

          A picture ? a picture ?


        • tarien says:

          Oh yes you can be certain of that Fedup2- the rottenest of the British Broadcasting Corporation is now during this Election campaign is being clearly seen for what it is- a mouthpiece controlled by the Globalists whose only aim is to continue to disrupt our society. Frankly who can in particular the young voting age Vote for? Confusion is aim of the BBC et al.


      • Scroblene says:

        There will be more, Uppers!

        I’ve been feverishly gardening and making a ‘beehive’ for a lovely chum’s postage and packages by her front door, and also cages and fences on our garden to stop the little/big dog from marauding the passers-by, for several days, and so some time inside to peer at the screen has been limited, but here, this old bloke has arrived, yet again, glass in hand and raring to go for the coming week!


        • Up2snuff says:

          Hope so, Scrobie. I have done it so it must be possible. Happy Birthday wishes to Senora O’blene; in return I hope she will not ply you with too many ‘tinctures’ to prevent ‘Two-in-a-row’.


      • Scroblene says:

        I’ll do my best, Uppers, but it’s the Senora’s birthday tomorrow, and no doubt, copious amounts of Wincarnis will be on display for immediate and immoderate consumption…

        …so I may well be spark out!


    • BRISSLES says:

      Top man Scrob !


  2. Deborah says:

    Hi Scrob, I was just beginning to worry that we hadn’t heard from you for a few days. And then 3 posts in the top 5.

    Just listening to the news on GBNews and there is the Thornberry woman saying the incoming need the VAT on private schools to pay for breakfast clubs. I thought they had said it was to pay for 6000 new teachers.

    I can buy 500g of cornflakes in Tescos for 80p. I can buy 4 pints of milk for less than £2. I can make a lot of breakfasts with that (might even add a slice of toast). Those are breakfasts at home. For a breakfast club the taxpayer will be paying for staff, earlier school heating and probably more waste. Labour love choosing the most expensive way to do anything.


    • Scroblene says:

      Thanks Debs – still alive and kcking, although said little/big dog came charging in the bedroom, crashing around at 4.15 this morning, which was a bit of a surpise!

      She doesn’t need clipping just moults everywhere and mucks up the Hoover! I think I’ll do a Miss Pilchester, (Darling buds), and collect it all for a new jersey, like Tom and Barbara Good did all those years ago, when the BBC did excellent programmes…

      God, I hope they don’t try and remake that series – that really would be sacrilege, with foreigners poking their faces over the fence and growing hideous alien veg…


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      > to pay for breakfast clubs

      Nationalise kids, Nationalise kids, Nationalise kids!

      Give me a child before the age of six and I will give you the wimmin.

      (with apologies to the Jesuits)


  3. Foscari says:

    What you wont be reading on the BBC website or BBC
    TV and radio channels. Was that three of the hostages
    who were rescued by the IDF, were being held in the home
    of an AL JAZEERA journalist !! It wouldn’t surprise me
    if he worked for the BBC Arabic network as well.


  4. tomo says:

    hmmm…. Americast / Verify ‘ll all be on this like…?


  5. pugnazious says:

    Won’t call terrorists terrorists but….

    ‘Macron calls snap elections as far-right support surges in European elections’


  6. pugnazious says:

    Agent Merkel…

    ‘Angela Merkel ‘concealed’ information that Russia could use gas to blackmail Europe’

    It would be easy to make a case that Merkel was Russia’s most sucessful agent….born and raised an enthusiastic ‘young communist’ in Eastern Germany….coincidentally the same time Putin was stationed there as a KGB agent.

    Putin understands the dangers of mass immigration and often threatens to swamp Europe with migrants to destabilise it. Merkel, on her own intiative, threw open the doors to Europe and invited in potentially millions of very alien migrants whom she must have known would bring with them values, culture and beliefs that were diametrically opposed to Western values…the irony being she would claim this was some sort of penance for the anti-Semitism of WW2 Germany…but of course the new migrants were nothing if not anti-Semitic themselves.

    If not a fully paid up agent then a very useful idiot for Putin….but then so are so many in the West…from the US democrats, their media stooges and our own BBC that did Putin’s work for him sowing chaos, distrust and instability across the US political system as they tried to take down Trump using any means possible regardless of the damage it would cause….using [dis]information provided directly from Russian intelligence agents.


  7. pugnazious says:

    ‘How Sweden became a ‘haven’ for mafia gangs and the EU’s gun crime capital off the back of surging migration: As murders surge, police and politicians say the nation is at crisis point’


  8. Fedup2 says:

    Meloni wins in Italy – Europe moves further to the proper side of the fence – Italy for the Italians …..


    • MarkyMark says:

      Meloni then tilts to the left.

      “Truths turn into dogmas the instant that they are disputed. Thus every man who utters a doubt defines a religion. And the scepticism of our time does not really destroy the beliefs, rather it creates them; gives them their limits and their plain and defiant shape. We who are Liberals once held Liberalism lightly as a truism. Now it has been disputed, and we hold it fiercely as a faith. We who believe in patriotism once thought patriotism to be reasonable, and thought little more about it. Now we know it to be unreasonable, and know it to be right. We who are Christians never knew the great philosophic common sense which inheres in that mystery until the anti-Christian writers pointed it out to us. The great march of mental destruction will go on. Everything will be denied. Every-thing will become a creed.”


  9. StewGreen says:

    Sounds like a Metropolitan Police officer is an Iranian government stooge
    who was working hand in hand with another Iranian government stooge in the pro Hamas .. Al Quds march organised by Iranian govt agents
    .video with Potkin Azarmehr.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “Just happens that the police officer who arrested me was Iranian too!” HA HA HA HA HA HAHA!

      Two tier policing!

      “Some more details on my arrest yesterday. This is the Iranian regime crony who tried to set me up 👇
      Obviously he had a grudge against me because of my tweet in 2017!
      Just happens that the police officer who arrested me was Iranian too!
      The detective who interviewed me was fresh from university and didn’t know what Hezbollah was!
      Proper Pallywood!
      I will have more after speaking to my lawyer.
      Will also post more videos from yesterday on my YouTube”


  10. andyjsnape says:

    Widow of IS leader reveals details of their life together

    Podcast promotion to follow


  11. andyjsnape says:

    Anyone bored and has 2 mins to read the following dribble:-

    Nigerian star’s drowning forces Nollywood to look at safety


  12. Fedup2 says:

    The makings of a vintage Today – featuring – starring someone called Nick (Nicholas ) Beak … Europe correspondent . By 620 UK time Nicky had said that France has the prospect of having a ‘hard right ‘ government for the first time since the nazis were in charge ….
    I coughed on my tea ….

    Did I hear wrong? Does the Le Pen party model itself on the Nazi manifesto ? Where do they intend to invade for the ‘volk?’

    Meanwhile apparently the voting was a victory for ‘the centre ‘ with the president of the ReichEU van der helga claiming ‘the centre ‘ won … which feels like a lie – in Germany the ADF came second because people are cheesed off with the third world being dumped on them …and green crap is peeing them off …


  13. Fedup2 says:

    Today 2
    And now it seems that a Palestinian being paid by Islamic Hamas to hold Israeli abductees – hostages – victims – was a ‘journalist ‘ . He and his dad met their moment of truth when the IDF rescue team came through the door and killed them .

    Our Justin reported this through gritted teeth – I was surprised he didn’t describe the rescue as a war crime ….

    Some might say that this illustrates the lie repeated by the BBC – that Islamic Hamas says lots of ‘civilians ‘ were killed by the IDF in the rescue . Complicity should be a life ender .

    Keep going IDF


  14. Fedup2 says:

    Today 3

    It’s Definately a ‘far right ‘ day at the BBC – or is it ‘hard right’ or ‘populist ‘
    I’m vexed – I don’t know what these terms means – I’ve looked on the bbc website but there’s no definition …..

    I’d also like to know why so many Europeans are voting for these ‘far right ‘ ‘hard right ‘ partys. But the bbc doesn’t tell us this .
    Perhaps the BBC – so eager to have the UK overwhelmed by the third world – along with the reds and the blues – doesn’t want to talk about what the majority of the people want …


    • digg says:

      I actually woke up to hear the BBC announce that there has been the biggest swing in France to the “Hard Right” since the French collaborated with the Nazis in the Second World War. Thus getting the word “Nazi” in right away.

      There is absolutely no filthy ditch of slime that these “newscasters” will not drink from when pushed to face the uncomfortable truth which is that the “hard left” have pretty much trashed once proud nations across Europe with their EU – ECJ – WEF – UN grovelling bollox.


    • tomo says:

      others have noticed…


  15. Guest Who says:

    And our man in the critically acclaimed drama no one watched is on VD’s platform in 3, 2….
    ‘We talk about boats … not people’: UK dehumanising refugees, Toby Jones says.

    “People… meeting people… are the happiest people, in the world!”
    Correct, but most child asylum seekers are not challenged about their age.

    See… all ok then.


  16. JohnC says:

    Riley Reid reveals the exact salary she demanded to shoot an adult movie

    This is absolutely scandalous. Riley gets $10K per shoot while the man gets $100 if he is lucky. Though it could be said he got lucky already.

    Does anyone have the number for Panorama ?. I would like this sexist pay discrimination to be investigated and action taken so that the guy gets the same money as whoever everybody actually wants to see. He’s doing the same job isn’t he ?.

    Because if it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander. I’ve seen many articles on the BBC about female luvvies and sportswomen complaining they don’t get as much as the males – and we wouldn’t want anyone to think the BBC are double-standard, sexist and racist hypocrites now would we ?.


    • Guest Who says:

      Wait, the get money too?


      • JohnC says:

        Not always 😂


        • Fedup2 says:

          Im amazed how a story about Riley Reid©️could get inserted into this site . Having now researched the activities of miss reid im sure she must be worried that either age or AI will render her unemployed

          But the point about equal pay for members of the sex industry is well made . Surely hattie harmon or the like should lift the veil on thid scandal and achieve a satisfactory out come … ?


  17. Guest Who says:
    What this EU election and far-right surge tells us

    Rubbing countries’ noses in incompatible diversity was, is and will always be a liberal elite disaster at best?


    • JohnC says:

      People are having the leftist ideology forced on them and they don’t like it.

      It’s exactly how the Nazis started : people were fed up with the way they were being treated and voted for someone who would sort it out.

      This ‘crisis’ has been entirely manufactured by the fascist left themselves who think they should decide for everybody else.

      They are trying to force it on us by rigging and interfering in elections. I heard today how they are trying to stop any secret service protection for Presidents who are convicted of a felony which draws a sentence of more than one year. What an amazing coincidence. You won’t see that on the BBC.
      Would they dare do it to Trump ?. The BBC NEVER goes near the blatantly obvious political persecution going on over there. I think they might try it. The plan being of course to let someone else kill or seriously injure him.


      • MarkyMark says:

        We can see the Far right – but we never see the far left.

        BBC – far right – hard right! HA HA HA HAHA!

        Maybe read out their policies?


      • tomo says:

        This ‘crisis’ has been entirely manufactured by the fascist left themselves who think they should decide for everybody else.



      • atlas_shrugged says:


        > It’s exactly how the Nazis started

        Exactly right. The nazis only started emerging after a successful coup by marxists in Bavaria 1919.

        Ex-soldiers and freikorps then put down the communist revolution in a weeks street fighting in Munich.

        The immediate effect of the existence of the People’s State of Bavaria and the Bavarian Soviet Republic was to inculcate in the Bavarian people hatred of left-wing rule.

        The Bavarian Soviet Republic was referred to as die Schreckensherrschaft (“The Reign of Terror”).


      • G says:

        Thats the problem with this election: The malign actors on the fringes trying to conceal their massaging of the weaker of the candidates manifesto’s. Such as our own, “Worlds Most Trusted Broadcaster” AKA, “Another Beauty”, “Some Say”, the BBC.

        I heard the brief interview on Toady earlier with the LibDem representative about their Manifesto which is to be made public at 1100 today. Previous interviews between BBC (those that I’ve heard) have stayed well clear of the LibDem position on the “Imports” now flooding the country. People polling suggest that this is issue No. 1 for the voter. Irrespective of this, the LibDems will, no doubt go their own way on this topic in their desire to flood the UK further contrary to public wishes. Looking forward to that confirmation later today.


  18. Guest Who says:

    It’s a closely guarded secret.
    Oh and you don’t know what my political opinions if any are either.

    But there are hints. Toenails used to be a young Tory, until the swirlies.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Born in 1959, Boulton is the son of pioneering anaesthetist Dr Thomas Babington Boulton OBE (1925–2016) and Helen (née Brown).[2][3][4] He comes from a family of bank managers and clerks, with a medical tradition on his mother’s side.[5] He was educated at Tower House School, a preparatory school in south-west London, at St Andrew’s School, Pangbourne, a preparatory school in Berkshire, and at Westminster School, a boarding school for boys in Westminster in Central London, where he took A-levels in English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. He then studied at Christ Church, Oxford, and Johns Hopkins University, where he gained degrees in English and International Relations.[6][7]

      In 2013 Boulton received an Honorary Doctorate of Business from Plymouth University.[8]


  19. MarkyMark says:

    HA HA HA BBC radio 4 – “people in china used to locked themselves in a cupboard to listen to BBC to get some resemblance of real news”- Nick Robinson



  20. Fedup2 says:

    Today 4

    By 0830 they had just started asking euro lefties why votes went the way they did …. And so far no one from the Hard Far Extreme Right who won has been spoken to … I somehow suspect that the BBC won’t risk the unapproved message to be voiced –
    That Europeans are fed up with third world invasion
    That green crap is a curse
    That lefty politicians don’t represent them anymore

    A lefty German politician blamed the AFD vote on the stabbing to death of a policeman by ‘an Islamic terrorist ‘ – I bet the editor winced at that one – there is no such thing as an Islamic terrorist ….right bbc ?


  21. AsISeeIt says:

    No plan B after the Fonz edition

    There’s a far-right breakout this morning – as the little wordsearch puzzle game Mr AsI likes to play with the frontpage of the FT on a more or less day to day basis suddenly goes mainstream.

    Well, more or less. Let’s calm down dear, as I like to say.

    Of course the globalist corporate pink paper rarely disappoints, this morning gifting us a prize point right there in their photo feature headline: Voters decide Far-right gains ground in EU… Far-right parties made big gains… – no need to take a maginifying glass to the small print of that article to find the message.

    The FT’s frontpage feature photo, in case you were wondering, has the look of that obsessive Westminster pro-Brussels protester Steve Bray’s fever-dream boudoir – capturing the moment some dusky Mediterranean-looking maid pulls back the blue and golden star spangled curtains to enter… what we assume to be a voting booth. About to cast off her… vote for the far-right. As poor old Steve awakes with a start: A voter in Baleni, Romania, casts her ballot

    Let’s pick up another easy score for a far-right point from the FT’s report on Israeli politics as their man James Potter, Jerusalem, regrets: Centrist Gantz quits Israeli coalition over Netanyahu’s handling of Gaza war… departure follows months of tensions with far-right and ultra religious groups

    We said the dread word search had gone mainstream – but we alight first on the fertile hardly neutral territory that is the Guardian. The house-style may differ from the FT (The Gruan doesn’t hyphonate) but the political bugaboos are similar and the sentiment is adjacent: Macron calls snap election after surge of far right

    We can double-dip this report and discover the return of the hyphon in the body of the article: Macron… allies’ crushing defeat to the far-right

    The midly conservative Telegraph cheats us of a full genuine word search point: Macron trounced in Right-wing EU surge – then capitalises and hyphonates and – almost – delivers but not quite conforms to the familiar BBC house-style: The surge of the hard-Right also helped inflict a defeat on Olaf Scholtz, Germany’s chancellor

    Calm down dears, let’s not forget the EU parliamentarians can neither appoint ministers nor initiate legislation – it’s merely an impotent rubber stamping show chamber.

    Rishi lackey loyalist outlet the Daily Express comes close to making a far-right point as it joins No 10 in bashing our Nigel: Farage under fire over claims PM does ‘not care about our culture’

    The Times goes with: …hard-right political parties, led by Marine Le Pen, were backed by millions of voters… right wing populists were making significant gains

    No prizes for guessing where Times writers Bruno Westerfield, Brussels, and David Chazan, Paris, stand as they cast more innuendos per square inch of column than Sid James and Kenneth Williams scripts in a Carry On movie: hard right on the threshold of power in France for the first time since the Second World War, when it collaborated with the Nazis… hard-right Alternative for Germany (AfD)… despite recent scandals linking the AfD to extremism, Russian funding and Chinese espionage – that’s the way chaps. Throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.

    Juxtaposed with this lament for the demise of the EU’s technocratic mass immigration anti-nativist soft centre comes the teaser: After the Fonz I had no plan B Henry Winkler (Times2)

    Poundshop version junior Gruan that is the ‘i’ fails to disappoint for a another point: Macron calls snap election after far-right surge in EU vote

    And of course the BBC which dominates the style and output of UK journalism completes this bumper round of point scoring for us: Far right celebrates EU election but it could struggle to unite (BBC)

    Speaking of journalistic style and ethics let’s revisit the Hamas hostages story for a bit of an eye-opener: A Palestinian journalist who worked for US-based non-profit news website was hiding Israeli hostages in his home for Hamas… Palestine Chronicle… The IDF stormed the home by ladder and killed Abdullah, his father, Dr Ahmed, and his wife Fatima in the raid that freed the trio on Saturday (Telegraph)

    Palestine Chronicle, you ask?

    Abdallah Aljamal (1987-2024) – Well-Known Journalist Murdered in Gaza… saddened to learn that Abdallah Aljamal, one of its contributors in the Gaza Strip, has been killed in the latest Israeli massacre in the Nuseirat refugee camp… Israeli media is linking Aljamal’s family to the Israeli captives… claims have been refuted by respected commentators and journalists online… “The building where Abdallah lived was one of 7 homes reportedly raided by the IDF on June 8. Hostages were held in only 2 of these buildings, not yet clear which,” Gazan writer and analyst Muhammad Shehada wrote on X. (Palestine Chronicle) – so that clears that up.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I notice that the bbc has been forced to start putting an ‘unverified ‘ badge on claims by its ally – Islamic Hamas – of the casualty numbers in actions by the IDF to rescue terrorist victims …
      And no – or little -mention of the heroic IDF officer murdered by Hamas during the rescue ….

      Keep going IDF – now back to T swift ( who?)


  22. tomo says:


  23. MarkyMark says:

    Is anyone keeping tract of all the polices and where the money is coming from?
    Also, do they tak into account pissing people off and them refusing to pay .. leaving the country or getting a better accountant to hide their money.


  24. Fedup2 says:

    Today 6

    Emily Thornbury is in trouble . She told the truth about the effect of red policy of upping VAT causing ‘poorer ‘ families to send their kids back to state ( crap ) schools thus increasing class room sizes …..
    No no no ! Emily – you can’t say that … so red HQ rolled out the hideous Bridget Phillipson a pure shouty red shadow education minister .
    Comrade Bridget danced around her handbag explaining that although class room numbers will go up – they really won’t … she tried to talk her way out of it and said her mate was ‘wrong ‘ or ‘misunderstood the policy ‘ or stuff like that …

    I think Emily is going to be put into the same safe room as angee and that mouthy brummy idiot … and probably Lammy …


    • MarkyMark says:

      We can do as per Cuba! They are the best!


      • StewGreen says:

        “You don’t understand here in Cuba we all steal from our workplaces”
        What one Cuban family told me whilst I toured the country

        Communist governance leads to the ultra capitalist behaviour
        I went to the house of a pensioner, now he was super poor
        cos of course he had no workplace to steal from.


  25. Guest Who says:

    Just one of the ways that makes the BBC so unique.
    Nothing reveals the innate prejudices of the BBC than its labelling of parties that have just secured a third of votes cast as ‘far-right’. Similarly, it smears some think-tanks as ‘right-leaning’, while calling their left-leaning equivalents ‘independent’

    That and OFCOM


  26. Jeff says:

    Okay, we all know that everything that the BBC touch these days has become a disastrous, audience losing lecture…and I’ll admit it, I’m a bit long in the tooth for Doctor Who …

    But I was still surprised that a kids TV show, that used to entertain and terrify us with diabolical Daleks, frightening Zarbies, monstrous Mechanoids and fantastic tales of time travel, should resort to such tawdry tactics. I’m referring to the ethnically diverse, inter-galactic, same sex snog. Eugh…We didn’t have to put up with these shenanigans with William Hartnell…the old boy must be turning somersaults in his Tardis.

    In a way, just by mentioning this travesty and being shocked by it, we’re playing into their hands. This is what these people want. They love to think that they’re “pushing boundaries”…actually they’re just corrupting our children and turning my stomach.

    I think Dr Who has probably run out of time and space. It’s no longer a fun sci-fi series. It’s tedious, predictable and historically dishonest. And I’m pissed off with some smug lefty nancy-boy, Russel T Davies, constantly lecturing me…at my own expense.

    There’s a familiar word that springs to mind that is quite apt to what should happen to Dr Who and the rest of the bloody BBC…



  27. Fedup2 says:

    Apparently comrade Robinson has 30 minutes with the outgoing unelected PM tonight … so – timings – Robinson talking – 16 minutes – intro 2 minutes – apology by green card 2 minutes – attack on Nigel Farage 2 minutes ( Robinson agrees ) lie about winning the election (2 minutes ) – that’s 20 minutes gone … advert for another show – 2 minutes – leaving 8 minutes to explain why fools should vote for the blue losers …

    I’m painting my nails …


  28. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – I.F.S. suddenly back in favour with the BBC?

    8.10 a.m. Big Interview not with an MP but Gemma Tetler(?) Mishal Husain’s bad enunciation led me down a rabbit hole of searching on DuckDuckGo; apparently it is Gemma Tetlow and she is an economist at the Institute for Government. The BBC have dropped their running order for the TOADY Programme (too much like hard work for a sundry Beeboid or too much of a give-away for poor pronunciation/enunciation of names by presenters?) but Mishal did not tell me (I turned on late and missed the start) that Gemma Tetlow has PhuD and should correctly be introduced and thanked at the end of the interview as Dr. Tetlow.

    Paul Johnson of the I.F.S., who having ‘blotted his BBC copybook’ supporting Rishi Sunak’s ‘lie’ about Labour tax rises, apparently is now back in favour with the BBC, was a fellow interviewee/victim for Mishal.


    • StewGreen says:

      On Twitter you can find discussions about BBC Radio 4 Today prog
      by searching under the hashtag #R4Today


      • Up2snuff says:

        Stew, life is too short for becoming a member of the Twitterati. I think the BBC should bring back the running order for TOADY on the web-site, where we ‘critics’ can see who is presenting, who is being interviewed and what the ‘fillers’ are.


        • StewGreen says:

          @Up2sbuff life is too short
          so why would anyone sane bother to listening to any part R4Today ?
          It’s not produced for normal people
          but rather for the GuardianSupremacists that rule over us

          It’s an effing cesspit of propaganda.


          • MarkyMark says:

            “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.”
            ― Mark Twain


          • Up2snuff says:

            Stoogie, Doh! I only switched on for the Big Interview. Switched off after JustRemainIn Webb did the next item. I tend to listen to TOADY selectively. That is why I miss the running order because I would switch off when the ‘fill items’ came along. Understand now?


  29. Doublethinker says:

    I watched an interview on Spectator TV of Andrew Neil , the chairman of the magazine, commenting on the likely outcome of the European Elections. It was made last Wednesday. Throughout a 45 minute interview he described it repeatedly as a choice between left v right , or the centre v the right , not once did he refer to globalists .
    Very few political commentators ever describe the political struggle that we are witnessing as one between the ruling globalists and the people which translates politically as being between globalists and nationalists.
    There are nationalists with very leftist economic policies eg Le Pen in France , the thing that they all have in common is that they put the interests of their citizens first and want immigration massively reduced and threats to their culture and way of life eliminated.
    We must hope that events in Europe persuade a lot of British people that they should vote Reform. Reform must somehow or other make use of the European trend.


    • MarkyMark says:

      UK Gov to lower voting age to 10 to ensure the far right lose and all 10 year olds join the new army to fight for Rishi whilst Rishi goes for an interview.


  30. tomo says:

    Two tweets….


  31. digg says:

    So what are the BBC telling us about the upcoming election pledges today?

    Lib-Dems pledge to grab a whole new shitload of your money and hand it to the abysmally failing black-hole that is the NHS. I guess that means an explosion of new Diversity bigwigs on 110k a year with no change in the appalling service of the monstrous outfit.

    Labour to grab a whole shitload of your money and hand it to mums so they can offload their kids at multiple new nurseries while they go shopping or have a nice latte somewhere etc.

    Conservatives to grab a whole shitload of your money and hand it to a whole new bunch of rookie coppers to stand around while overgrown students and aliens have jollies and “demonstrate” in the name of their medieval religions, weirdos spray orange paint around or throw milk-shakes or sit in roads disrupting ordinary folk going about their business and lives. No doubt these new recruits will be fully trained in spotting hate speech but not so much in catching thugs, drug-dealers, stab-happy “men” and real criminals.

    You pays your money and you takes your choice!


  32. tomo says:

    On the BBC?


  33. taffman says:

    “Farage defends claim PM ‘doesn’t understand our culture”

    Its the BBC that “doesn’t understand our culture”.
    As the EU is moving “Far right”, will we see more “invading boats” crossing the English Channel to avoid being sent back their original homelands, while the Consocialists and Rishi sit watching and whistling, “when the boat comes in”.

    Farage is right.


  34. StewGreen says:

    Dawn Butler turns up the heat by adding another smear label
    She’s ratioed 2:1


    • Fedup2 says:

      I forgot about red dawn butler – the reds must surely put her in the safe room with angee and the rest ..,

      I fear she may be made minister for reparations sending our borrowed cash back to her folks in the islands- innit ?


      • Fedup2 says:

        Judging by the sort of noises made by reds and blues the promises made are going to be funded by even more sovereign borrowing .
        How the reds are going to attract the money seems to be an unasked question-

        And how the debt is going to be serviced is another one . Someone i read the other day suggested the reds might be running to the IMF 18 months from starting their plans . Gulp


    • tomo says:

      Dawn’s volunteering herself for a mind altering drugs test?


    • AsISeeIt says:

      I recall my amusement on reading some statement put out recently an the Australian security chief – equivalent to own boss of MI 5 1/2 or some such.

      Bemoaning the threat from far-right terrorism he went to complain about dangers from extreme online incels… some as young as 14

      I was inclined to exclaim – S’truth, mate!

      Well I should bloody well hope 14-year-old lads are still involuntary celebates.


      • StewGreen says:

        It was 13 , so it took me a while to find the source
        The search page is interesting

        How young men who NEVER have sex are one of Australia’s .
        date was 16 February 2022 .. so it’s not recent either
        I think the Mail my have stretched what he said
        The word incel has been removed from the Guardian article
        Likewise most prog tweets about it have been deleted

        “Burgess has told @abc730 about the risk INCEL groups or individuals pose to Australia in his interview with Leigh Sales tonight.

        I found video eventually

        Yes he doesn’t seem to say 13 year old incels
        Rather at 4:00 he talks about youth radicals ONE who was 13
        .. The word incel is used in a different part of the conversation at 7m20s


        • StewGreen says:

          Actually the Mail article begins
          Australia’s top domestic spy chief has warned ‘incels’ and radicalised teenagers as young as 13 are among the country’s biggest security threats.

          So does say there are two categories : incels
          and radicalised teenagers

          but I can see how the sentence lulls readers into thinking it’s one category


    • MarkyMark says:

      Chop your children’s penis off to end the far right.


  35. tomo says:

    I’m no fan of Barclays Bank but still, this is the 4th or 5th branch to get “the treatment”?

    BBC reporting instruction: IGNORE


  36. StewGreen says:

    The Bruges Group James Daniels posted
    Listening to the “Today” programme on Radio 4 reporting on the results of the EU “parliament” elections,
    the number of times the commentators say “far right”
    even outdoes the number of times the Labour party politicians said “Worldwide financial crisis” during the general election of 2010.
    One begins to suspect that the BBC is engaged in propagandizing.


    • JohnC says:

      I’ve noticed a few times now how all the leftist media suddenly switch to the same hymn sheet and start using the same phrases.

      Trump being ‘unhinged’ was a recent one when the US primaries started in order to deflect criticism of senile Joe. All part of the same scheme as the ‘TNI’ channel.


  37. JohnC says:

    No mention of the terrorist supporters and the bad things they’ve done on the BBC yet. But I did find this contender for the biggest non-story of the month award:

    ‘Testing DNA in the air may make food cheaper’

    About these two:

    By this grade-A BBC narcissist:

    What a complete and utter waste of money all of them are.


  38. StewGreen says:

    Claire Fox on Rafio4’s Orwell/Kafka weekend


  39. StewGreen says:

    Discussion about a primary school’s “non-binary pride” wall display


    • MarkyMark says:

      Plastered over the walls of a British primary school (

      Children as young as 5 years old being asked to draw ‘asexual’, ‘polysexual’ and ‘non binary’ flags.

      This is the sexualisation and ideological indoctrination of children.

      It must be stopped.


  40. Terminal Moraine says:

    BBC India: “At least 10 people have died and 33 injured after suspected militants fired on a bus carrying Hindu pilgrims in the Indian federal territory of Jammu and Kashmir, police officials said.”

    ‘Militants’ mentioned four times. Also on BBC India: “India election: Modi’s divisive campaign rhetoric raises questions”.

    Raising more questions for BBC staff than who’s butchering a bus full of devotees on their way home from a Hindu shrine.



  41. StewGreen says:

    Patrick O’Flynn tweets

    People who want immigration levels to go back to those of the late 20th century = “Far Right”.
    People who want them to continue running at 10 times that level despite contributing to all kinds of social pathologies = “Mainstream”.
    …….Got that yet?


  42. Terminal Moraine says:

    Pro-Palestine infighting —

    Human rights activist Craig Murray is upset that block voting specialists The Muslim Vote have overlooked his candidacy in favour of someone less white.

    Quite Extraordinary. I have been endorsed by the Palestinian Foreign Ministry and am immeasurably better qualified than Adnan Husain. But this organisation does not endorse me from what I can only deduce is racial discrimination. I gave up my FCO career to blow the whistle on torture and extraordinary rendition of Muslims. I have subsequently campaigned for 25 years for the human rights of Muslims, and specifically for Palestine.

    TMV respond by saying their endorsement process “includes listening to local Muslim communities” and that they are “disappointed with the accusation of racism”. Discrimination by non-whites? Craig might be at the start of a steep learning curve.


  43. Fedup2 says:

    Seems the irish euro vote count has been ‘stopped’ . Perhaps the biden method has failed and they need to order up more postal votes to get the approved ‘ result’ .


  44. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Have I got this right?

    The remainers want us to join a now far right (their words) Europe instead of sticking with a left wing Labour government.

    Does that mean that now, they are the fascists, racists, bigots etc.


  45. Althepalerp says:

    Barclays banks are targeted.

    A spokesperson for Barclays said: “While we support the right to protest, we ask that campaigners do so in a way which respects our customers, colleagues and property.”

    What about “We demand the police do their job and stop this terrorism and threats to our customers and staff”


  46. tomo says:


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