Bot or not: Are fake accounts swaying voters towards Labour?

There are many articles about bots influencing elections on the BBC News website. This has been a constant theme for several years now, and a genuine concern which the BBC rightly highlights.

Bot or not: Are fake accounts swaying voters towards Reform UK? The bias and cherrypicking in this most recent article is obvious and barely worth mentioning, given that such nonsense is what we all expect of the BBC.

No the real question today is, why do almost all the top comments on BBC articles about UK politics have a pro-Labour slant? Of course the party is ahead in the polls, but the top comments usually receive a ratio of at least 2/3 thumbs up and only 1/3 thumbs down. How can this be the case when Labour are only polling at approx 40%?

The first explanation would be if there are pro-Labour bots manipulating the voting. The second would be if left wing people are more likely to visit and comment on the BBC news website. Both of these are enormous problems.


Are bots being used to manipulate which comments appear first in BBC articles? What have the BBC done to combat the use of bots on their own platform? If tech giants such as Facebook, Reddit and so on are struggling to deal with bots then why would the BBC website be any less vulnerable? The BBC boasts of being one of the most visited news sites in the world so why would it not be targeted?

The British Broadcasting Corporation is a thorn in the flesh of our democracy. We will cut it out.

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11 Responses to Bot or not: Are fake accounts swaying voters towards Labour?

  1. Scroblene says:


    Not a hat trick, but it just so happens that I was trying to find out what the Cubiclist take on how popular Reform is; the normal rags are delighted and informative – even Sky, but somehow, Beeboids want someone called something like Morroine Strain to look at the ‘possibility’ that it’s fake news!

    Wonder why this is?

    Confused? Bemused? Unsure at what she’s talking about, and egged on by her under-managers and political helpers, who tell he what to say, I guess!

    Luckily, her minor degree in computer-gaming is a plus for these sort of tricks, usually watched by children on their little phones as they wait for the school bus!

    Ha ha ha ha!


  2. Guest Who says:

    Seems they have realised they do need to mention it, but in that unique way the BBC has.


  3. Guest Who says:

    What is not improved by a Tim/Springster combo?


  4. Peter Grimes says:

    “ Are bots being used to manipulate which comments appear first in BBC articles? What have the BBC done to combat the use of bots on their own platform?”

    That’s the real question, isn’t it. Al Beeb are always ready to denigrate anything (which they label, usually incorrectly) Right Wing and to dismiss it, but they are all too ready to accept as genuine, and endorse, anything which supports Leftoid views.


  5. pugnazious says:

    ‘Bot or not: Are fake accounts swaying voters towards Reform UK?’

    Spring is in effect a ‘bot’ herself….trying to cast suspicion on Reform and its support. This is electoral interference by the BBC.

    The usual hit-job from Spring….targets The Right, as always, and uses a dramatic headline that damns the target [knowing many may not read further but will get her message], loads the article with ‘evidence’ [mostly joining the dots and confirmation bias on her part] on one subject/target and uses this to suggest this could be very widespread…and of course…she can find no evidence of this happening to her favoured subjects.

    Why suggest it is solely Reform when the likelihood is that there are bots or suspect accounts backing all parties?…but she can find nothing to suggest this…lol….

    ‘I have not found other accounts posting about other political parties in the same way – or being met with the same accusations.’

    She said the same when ‘exposing’ AI photos or videos used to attack Biden by Trump supporters…she couldn’t find any by the Democrats attacking Trump…however a quick Google and they were everywhere….not sure how she could have missed them.

    The BBC, at the height of its Russia paranoia, during the 2019 election completely ignored proven evidence that Russian hackers had obtained sensitive NHS documents and fed them to Corbyn’s campaign in order to give him ammunition to attack the Tories. Why would the BBC ignore this evidence of Russians trying to interfere in our election after spending so long telling us of the dangers of Russian [ non-existent] interference supporting Trump and Brexit? The biggest interference was trashing Trump…the dodgy dossier…which the BBC and Co all jumped on and were happy to exploit…doing Putin’s work for him.

    The only people who genuinely interfere in our elections and corrupt the democratic process is…er…the BBC itself.

    I can personally testify that a lot of ‘suspect’ accounts may be genuine…..I had three Twitter accounts after being blocked by Sopel…created a new one each time….often commented on US politics such as Christine Blasey Ford’s somewhat suspect claims to have been raped by Republican Supreme Court nominee…Twitter shut down the accounts claiming they were ‘suspicious’….what they meant was that the accounts [me] kept displaying inconvenient truths and asked awkward questions….the accounts being new didn’t have followers or indeed many comments….but you can’t shut down an account on that basis…but turns out Twitter would…wonder how many such ‘left-leaning’ accounts it shut down on a similar basis?


  6. Up2snuff says:

    BBC TWatO Watch #1 – choices, choices, choices.

    BBC R4 lead with the YouGov Opinion Poll showing Reform ahead of the Conservatives for the first time. A vote for Reform lets in Labour? I live in a University Constituency and since 2017 (the Terry May foolish GE) it has been a Labour held seat by the fragrant Rosie Duffield. In 2017 and again in 2019, the Conservatives put up a Rosie Duffield look-alike without success.

    Rosie Duffield has had her struggles with the Labour Party, finally being snubbed by the Party Leader on a visit to Kent. I have been hoping that Rosie would ‘cross the floor of the House’ in the opposite direction to Mrs Elphicke. Not so far. The Reform candidate is another female, not as good-looking as Rosie D, and the Conservative candidate is yet another female not as good looking as Rosie D so I’m in a bind as for who to vote for.

    The youngsters at Yooni will probably re-elect Rosie. Do I try a vote for Reform or stick with the Conservatives although I have been known to make a protest vote. I have sacked two Cabinet Ministers in the past, one Conservative in 1997 and another from Labour in a later Election.


  7. Guest Who says:
    Migration, voter fraud and climate change – Farage’s claims fact-checked



  8. Denton says:

    The BBC’s favourite catch phrase “conservatives claim” is still in regular use.

    Reform gets barely any mention, this less than enthusiastic item appeared about a day after the event –