BBC ignore bomb scare

More than one MP has been murdered in recent years. Now Jeremy Quin has been targeted with a bomb hoax. The Guardian and Telegraph both report this story, but the BBC has not done so. Bomb hoaxes and threats like this are of course an act of terrorism, and we are in the middle of an election campaign. Why is this incident ignored?

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2 Responses to BBC ignore bomb scare

  1. micknotmike says:

    All depends on whether the bbc consider the individual deserves to live. If somebody threw a banana at dianne abbot war would break out. Nigel Farage? Ask jo brand for advice.


    • Scroblene says:

      Just checked, absolutely nothing!

      Presumably, they have to ask the Vitrify bunch of children if it’s true…

      Once upon a time, real journalists got their stories right, and worked for the privilege of being seen and understood, but they were streets ahead of the weedy cubiclists ‘working’ in the state broadcasting fiasco!

      And why are Beeboids shoving this stuff about?

      It’s blatant political interference!