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  1. MarkyMark says:

    “I find it ironic, that the BBC have a celebrity reading of 1984 as part of Orwell’s 75th anniversary, whilst having a “Fact Check” that it is so inaccurate and libellous that it is literally becoming the Ministry of Truth.” Comment from order-order.com


  2. Fedup2 says:

    Ok so there’s a war coming – but I wonder what that war wouid look like …. I’m not military ( 77 brigade to note file ) but I’ve read quite a bit of miltary history but I wonder how much of the past will shape a future war … would it be conventional ? Something like – say – Ukraine ? About taking physical ground ?
    Or terrorist – aimed at influencing a population by sustained horrors at a level not seen before ? I don’t know . But I’m sure whatever comes along – we won’t be ready or equipped for it at the outset .
    But how much preventative action is taken ? Guess we ll never know …


  3. tomo says:

    The BBC needs to relocate


  4. MarkyMark says:

    Boris Johnson: West can be ‘proud’ of Afghanistan legacy
    Labour’s Keir Starmer said Johnson was ‘incapable of international leadership.’


    Mahjooba Nowrouzi
    BBC Afghan Service
    14 June 2024
    After the Taliban restricted Afghan women’s ability to work, learn and go out in public, some women initially defied these new rules, taking to the streets to protest.

    But soon, those who gathered in the capital Kabul and other major cities to demand “food, work, freedom” felt the full force of the Taliban.

    Protesters tell the BBC they were beaten, abused, jailed and even threatened with death by stoning.


    stoning = too much weed?


  5. tomo says:


  6. MarkyMark says:

    A child dictates UK energy policy (greta)
    A man who says he cannot say a woman only has cervix is to lead the country.


    • Foscari says:

      Mark- Your not being fair about St Greta. If it wasn’t for
      global warming. It would of been SNOWING in London


  7. Fedup2 says:

    It looks like the Reform ‘ contract ‘ – due to be announced Monday is already out . And it looks really good . Nigel Farage has said it is not a manifesto – because manifestos are just lies .
    I took a look at the Labour one today – 176 pages – if I recall – I gave up because of the weasel words …

    But what Reform is putting out will really chime with the British people …
    Please vote Reform – a step towards the proper control / end of the BBC …


  8. tomo says:


    • Fedup2 says:

      Poor Helga – knows there is no defence ( love the laugh at the end ) …


    • MarkyMark says:

      Chancellor Rishi Sunak held a US green card – allowing permanent residence in that country – while he was chancellor, his spokeswoman has said. He returned it in October last year, ahead of his first American trip as a UK government minister.8 Apr 2022


  9. tomo says:


    • MarkyMark says:

      “Members of the European Parliament, in common with members of national Parliaments in most EU Member States, enjoy a double system of immunity: absolute immunity for the opinions expressed and votes cast in the exercise of their duties, and personal immunity from arrest and detention during the sessions of the European …”


  10. tomo says:

    Can’t disagree….


    • G says:


      Which vision:

      “Keir Starmer’s Communist Spy Files From Cold War”

      Probably round about the time KS met a certain BBC reporter when the latter was giving out Trotsky propaganda outside London Tube Stations.


    • MarkyMark says:

      I’ll drink t that! HA HA HAH !



  11. tomo says:


    • JohnC says:

      Even if it’s true, nothing will happen because the MSM will simply not report it. And if any legal proceedings are started, the Judge will throw them out before they ever get to court.

      That’s what they did then and what they will do this time around.

      I really hope people are making plans to track the next election in the USA so that they can get some conclusive proof if cheating occurs.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Lilly Allen says they would have been counted incorrectly anyway! HA HA HA HAHA


  12. JohnC says:

    Putin peace terms slammed at Ukraine summit

    This article is so ridiculous, it’s funny.

    It’s not a ‘peace plan’ BBC, it’s Ukraine trying to surrender without being comletely defeated.

    The only thing it makes clear is that what is happening in Ukraine has nothing whatsoever to do with Ukraine. It seems all these leaders have gathered together – at who knows what cost – to discuss thing as if the Russians are the ones losing this war.

    I get the impression that Zelensky now knows they have lost and is thinking that some form of surrender is needed to prevent the whole country falling. But the EU have other ideas:

    ‘European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen said that “freezing the conflict today with foreign troops occupying Ukrainian land is not an answer”.’

    So the EU position is that the war will continue until Russia withdraw completely. And this presumably includes the Crimea. Everybody knows there is ZERO chance for that.

    Sorry Ukraine : the rest of the West don’t want the war to stop just yet.

    We once said ‘Victory in Ukraine is Ukraine in ruins’. We can change that to ‘No surrender in Ukraine until the country is utterly destroyed’.

    This whole circus is a farce. It reminds of the meaningless meetings they used to have when I worked for BAE Systems where sometimes the only action from the meeting was to arrange another meeting.

    And I see Sunak is there. What a great time to call an election. I am totally bewildered by this man : it’s as if he has been put into that position with the deliberate intent to destroy the Tories. And I’m even more bewildered at how the rest of the party are just walking quietly behind him to their annihalation.

    What strange times we live in. And it has all happened since the Left launched their coup after Trump and Brexit. No coincidence there at all. They destroy everything they meddle with.


    • tomo says:

      The glib madman on Times Radio yesterday evening was worrying talking glibly about the Ukraine conflict was selling Kool-Aid but there was a whiff of almonds. Tried to find who he was – but it were “best of the week”……


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      How have Ukraine lost? The Russians have managed to capture some villages at huge cost. They have failed to take Kharkiv. We are not looking at a blitzkrieg here.


    • kingkp says:

      It should be obvious to everyone by now that the politicians are simply actors executing a predetermined plan. Why should the Head of the Metropolitan Police be calling for the criminalisation of anyone who mentions the Kalerigi plan?

      Why is this happening in Ukraine? European whites are annihilating other European whites just as they did in the first and second world wars, for no appreciable gain. This is why you see the German Government calling for all white Ukrainians to be sent back to Ukraine to fight on the Eastern Front. At the moment it is just Slavs but soon it will be Teutons and Anglo-Saxons. Meanwhile, the relentless flow of criminals from the third world continues. Quiet weapons for silent wars.
      In six months, the above statement will get you a five-year prison sentence. Think about where we are headed.


      • MarkyMark says:

        2019 … 1765 …. **In a republic worthy of name, freedom to publish one ’s thoughts is a citizen’s natural right.** They may use a pen or their voice, and should not be prevented from writing any more than speaking …That is the law in England, a monarchical country, where people are freer than elsewhere because they are more enlightened. – Voltaire, Republican Ideas, 1765

        2018 … In addition to reporting hate crime, please report non-crime hate incidents, **which can include things like offensive or insulting comments, online, in person or in writing**. Hate will not be tolerated in South Yorkshire. Report it and put a stop to it #HateHurtsSY – UK South Yorkshire Police, 2018

        1765 … **In a republic worthy of name, freedom to publish one’s thoughts is a citizen’s natural right.**

        2018 … **which can include things like offensive or insulting comments, online, in person or in writing**



  13. JohnC says:

    Knifeman shot dead after killing one and wounding three at German Euros party

    The BBC haven’t even reported this. I wonder why.

    Even the DT don’t tell us he was another Afghan National. I wonder if that was their own choice or they have been told not to identify Nationalities of these people now by OFCOM. I was stunned the other day to learn how OFCOM have the power to censor ALL the MSM from reporting things which are ‘inconvenient’.


  14. JohnC says:

    Bot or not: Are fake accounts swaying voters towards Reform UK?

    Just look at what Marianna-pants-on-fire is spending her time doing:

    ‘Their behaviour has prompted claims from other social media users that they are fake – automated “bot” accounts – and they are distorting the online conversation to try to exaggerate the popularity of Reform UK.’

    First off, is there anything actually wrong with it to make it worth the BBC spending this time and money investigating ?.

    Marianna has taken it on herself to try and contact these people to see if they are genuine. She says:

    ‘The BBC contacted people behind the accounts and found that some are genuine UK voters who believe they are helping the party through their own initiative. Others, however, failed to prove they were authentic.’

    Right. They are not all bots then. And I certainly would not reply to any BBC person asking me about what I’ve done. Marianna is not just watching, she is directly contacting right-wing people about their activity. This is nothing less than left-wing politicial harassment of the right.

    ‘Since this article was first published, the GenZbloomer account has been suspended by X for violating its rules.’

    Well well. What a coincidence. I wonder if it because Marianna ‘grassed them up’.

    So watch out what you post on social media people. The BBC might come after you using one of their dozens of anonymous accounts.

    The only political fakery I’ve seen on the internet is many meme’s of Sunak which are 100% intended to destroy his reputation with ‘jokes’ which are absolutely not true. It seems they are fine for the BBC.

    The fascists are now in full swing for the election. The BBC are going after Reform with a passion since Farage joined them. Where are you OFCOM ?.


    • moggiemoo says:

      I would definitely reply to Marianna although I suspect the 2 minutes of abuse wouldn’t really help her any.


  15. JohnC says:

    Just checking the ‘f*ck you Dr Who’ ratings (so named because both the writer and the star have told us they don’t care if people don’t like it) and I see the latest episode has good chance of being another record-breaker.

    It has set new records no less than 4 times up to now. The record of course being the lowest ever viewing figures for the show.

    Apart from a gay, black doctor and various transsexuals around the place, just look at the ‘evil master criminal’ the gay writer has produced:


    Not quite Davros is she ?.

    (Disclaimer: I’ve never watched any of it so I might be wrong).

    What is particularly chilling about this ultra-woke show is that the reason they don’t care about the ratings is that they are specifically targeting young children.


    • markh says:

      I caught five minutes of this drivel yesterday and wished that I hadn’t. Appalling acting from everyone, no dramatic tension at all, Congratulations Russell T Davies, you have put the final nail in the coffin of what used to be a must-watch programme.


  16. AsISeeIt says:

    Don’t have a cow – that was Bart Simpson’s catchphrase

    Meanwhile, our British cops provide us with yet another example of their two-steer policing approach

    Fury after police car rams calf (Sunday Times); Surrey Police said it will refer itself to the police complaints watchdog following an incident in which a cow was deliberately struck twice by a response vehicle. (BBC)

    The Princess of Wales returns to official engagements to attend Trooping the Colour and our top tabloids compete in a battling pun-off

    King’s birthday celebrations… Kate to have you back (Sunday Mirror)

    Princess back on parade… Super Trooper (The Sun on Sunday)

    I think we can all agree on that evidence that just as the left can’t meme so the Sun out-tabloids the Mirror

    Whereas Surrey constabulary have been having a cow, the mildly conservative Sunday Telegraph goes all Pygmalion: Our Fair Lady lifts nation’s spirits

    Our June weather may not be living up to the pledges made by our so-called climate scientists but our mate Matt in the Telegraph does his best to raise a smile. He sketches a couple stranded on a railway platform beside a Delays placard and amid the pouring rain: “Is It too early to start blaming Keir Starmer for everything?”

    Pascal’s wager is a philosophical argument advanced by a seventeenth-century French mathematician, philosopher, physicist, and theologian. The argument posits that individuals essentially engage in a life-defining gamble regarding the belief in the existence of God. If God does not exist, the individual incurs only finite losses. However, if God does indeed exist, they stand to gain immeasurably from eternal heavenly survival of their soul.

    Such is the basis of many a secular death bed conversion to religion.

    Goodness gracious me

    Sunak reveals Hindu dharma helps him as he takes ‘ultimate responsibility’ for campaign (Sunday Times)

    The Guardian on Sunday that is the Observer seems to realise our over-stretched public services (subject as they have been to a couple of decades of hyper immigration) are now a busted flush – yet can’t seem to join the dots…

    Private school numbers up despite VAT charge fears (the Observer goes with a nice example of the journalistic ‘despite’)

    ‘Both parties will leave NHS worse off than austerity years’… Bleak Nuffield Trust verdict on manifestos… Labour or Tories will face huge cash squeeze (Observer)

    And finally the Sunday Times (inadvertantly, I’m sure) appears to encapsulate our western foreign policy problem in one pithy little headline: Profiteers exploit Kyiv’s need for arms


    • Fedup2 says:

      Now I know one of the identifies for the ‘far left ‘ is their failure to think stuff through – but surely even the far left BBC wouid realise that sooner or later all those public service failures wouid be laid at the (open) door of too many foreigners arriving year after year without control – ‘legally ‘ and illegally ……

      Nigel Farage is doing a good job at telling audiences how it is – and when he does the faces of the ‘established ‘ partys look like thunder as they bite their lips .

      I think I heard some green fool telling the audience how great it is to be ‘enriched ‘ but I think the audience was ready to string her up on live TV .

      Wouid nt it be great if this turned out to be the ‘enough is enough ‘ election … ? Vote Reform


  17. Guest Who says:

    Did the hottie make it?

    Why 800 people fled a sun-kissed Mediterranean village


    • tomo says:

      I saw that and thought the same


    • MarkyMark says:

      Yes “Maria Shaya, 31, talks of a childhood of attacks and explosions, with a constant fear of violence around her home. She left aged 18 to study in Beirut.

      “I don’t remember a time where there was no conflict.””

      When it comes to the Lebanon-Israel border today, most international observers have stopped short of calling the situation an all-out war.

      all-out war?
      semi war?
      partial war?
      temporary war?
      stop-start war?
      war is peace?


  18. Guest Who says:

    Just noticed this in the sidebar.

    How a Kenyan farmer became a champion of climate change denial

    It’s by Marco, one of Springster’s flying monkeys.

    “[His views] are definitely coming up from a place of lack of understanding,” says Joyce Kimutai, a climate scientist from Kenya who has contributed to IPCC reports.

    That phrase is very bbc. Bet she flew to all the COPs


    • Scroblene says:

      The Beebisteratti are very good at pointing out negatives where such items a the climate scam are concerned, but deny all knowledge of the really serious problems with excess illegal immigration, terrorist groups made up of foreigners, the hatred of parasites like Choudry and muslims stabbing each other as well as our indigenous people!

      I suppose when Sir Beadyeyes gets in next month, they’ll start doing more negatives on anything and everyone who actually bats for Britain, because there certainly won’t be any positives!


      • MarkyMark says:

        “MI5 had 40,000 jihadists on its terror watchlist. Sounds quite a lot…”

        … in response to….

        “There are obviously a small number of dangerous, radicalises Islamist elements. But I don’t think they’re the real problem. The bigger issue is the large number of liberal, white, middle-class activists who fetishise Palestine/Israel as their trendy cause of the moment.”


    • MarkyMark says:

      ““[His views] are definitely coming up from a place of lack of understanding,”



  19. Guest Who says:

    BBC attack angles are very unidirectional.

    The “What would Jo Cox think of Reform UK” BBC attack angle has arrived.

    And typically selective.

    Your colleague @RosieDuffield1 was abandoned by @Keir_Starmer and your Party today, despite horrendous abuse and threats.
    Don’t pretend you care.

    Michael Cashman on QT?

    Hard to despise the whole Westminster bubble more.


    • JohnC says:

      Here’s the BBC article:
      Brendan Cox: Jo would be ‘gutted’ over election division

      ‘Ms Cox, the former Batley and Spen MP was killed by far-right terrorist Thomas Mair on 16 June 2016’

      Funny how they only ever use the word terrorist against the Right now.

      In their ‘related articles’, the BBC seemed to have missed a link relevant to Brendan:
      Murdered MP’s widower Brendan Cox quits charities

      A headline missing a vital qualifier which was certainly omitted on purpose. It should have been:
      ‘Murdered MP’s widower Brendan Cox quits charities over sexual abuse allegations’.

      Well done Rachel Russel of the BBC:
      This is the lowest I have seen anyone stoop into the gutter for a long time. Though of course you were just doing as you were told by the BBC commissars.

      As you say Guest, it’s hard to despise these people any more than I already do.

      That article is absolutely disgraceful politically biased propaganda. It is 100% manufactured and is not news at all. How are they getting away with it ?. Where are you OFCOM ?.


  20. tomo says:


    • MarkyMark says:

      23 July 2018 Thank you, Iman, it’s a real pleasure to be here for the launch of your important report.

      And to pay tribute to Tell MAMA’s vital work – in combatting the scourge of Islamophobia and helping build a strong society – a society that thrives on its diversity.


      Tell Mama to lose government funding
      By 5Pillars (DH) -10th June 2013

      . . . . .

      Dear Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government,

      I would like to know
      1. How much money has the government granted to Tell MAMA, with a breakdown of this funding per year since Tell MAMA was founded.
      2. How much money has the government granted to Faith Matters, with a breakdown of this funding per year since Faith Matters was founded.
      3. How much money has the government granted to Stop Funding Hate?
      4. How much money has the government granted to SCE-ME (CIC 07504666)?
      5. How much money has the government granted to Stop Hate UK?


      I can confirm that we hold information within scope of your request but I am
      withholding it as explained below.

      This information is exempt from disclosure under section 38(1) (a) and (b) of the FOI
      Act as disclosing it would be likely to endanger the physical or mental health, and the
      safety, of an individual.
      I can confirm that we hold information within scope of your request but I am
      withholding it as explained below.

      This information is exempt from disclosure under section 38(1) (a) and (b) of the FOI
      Act as disclosing it would be likely to endanger the physical or mental health, and the
      safety, of an individual.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “… ‘In 1833, Britain used 40% of its national budget to buy freedom for all slaves in the Empire. Britain borrowed such a large sum of money for the Slavery Abolition Act that it wasn’t paid off until 2014. This means that living British citizens helped pay for the ending of the slave trade with their taxes’.31 Jan 2018


  21. tomo says:

    Electrified underwear can’t be far away


    • G says:

      “Electrified underwear can’t be far away”

      Wow! That’ll help we old ‘uns no end”


    • atlas_shrugged says:


      This is true about the speed limiters.

      AFAIK they operate in two ways:

      1) Cameras on the car recognise speed limit signs and flash a warning to the driver

      2) GPS knows which road and the speed limits that apply and again flashes a warning.

      The US is bringing in or talking about a kill switch so your car gets turned off remotely. The car can also turn itself off if it does not like your driving.

      All of this will not stop malicious authorities fitting speed humps to damage vehicles. They are doing this in our village on a straight road that for the last 24 years has not had a single official accident slight/serious/or fatal. Given that some of the potholes could now swallow a small child my guess is that this is a form of gas-lighting.

      We ain’t fixing the potholes and we are going to F up your cars too!


    • pugnazious says:

      Trying to introduce pay-by-mile in UK too….to help pay for tax shortfall as petrol sales tax revenue will fall due to EV numbers, maybe, increasing. This of course means they can track your every movement…and your speed….and ration you when they want to…either by imposing eye-watering taxes or just by remotely switching your car off in the drive as cars are now computers connected to the net these days with updates [and potentially control of your vehicle] coming over the airwaves.

      Vehicles now log everything you do…which has worrying implications re police and insurance should they be able to log in at will…which one day will come.


    • MarkyMark says:



  22. JohnC says:

    Jordan Bardella could soon be French PM at 28. But for many he remains an enigma

    Just checked this article for one reason and sure enough it has ‘far-right- in there 3 times along with a ‘hard-right’.

    This is just ridiculous now. Are we to believe that every political party in the world that is not left-wing are actually ‘right-wing extremists’ ?. Because that’s what far-right means.

    I can’t remember seeing any political party being described as right-wing for a long time. They are ALL far-right. With all the ‘Nazi’ implications that come with it.

    This is another one of those MSM things where they all suddenly start singing from the same hymn-sheet and using the same terminology against the Right.

    There is no doubt we are living in the age of an attempted globalist coup from the Left-wing fascists. Unfortunately for them, people don’t like it and are turning to the Right. That is why they are playing so dirty now.


  23. popeye says:

    Here’s a little secret; multi-billionaires don’t keep their money in Premium Bonds.

    They have substantial holdings in the Military Industrial Complex. Wars increase their profits

    They have substantial holdings in retail and housebuilding. Immigration increases their profits.

    They have substantial holdings in the pharmaceutical industry. Epidemics, untested vaccines and medicine reliance increase their profits.

    With all these profits they are totally insulated from the consequences of all the above.

    Perhaps Marianna could fact-check this for me?


  24. G says:

    Met Office. Just noticed that sometime recently their 7-day forecast based on one’s Postcode has changed. Now, it seems, the hourly/day forecast jumps from an hourly forecast to three hourly from the 3rd day forward.
    Covering tracks? Learning to not give any evidence and/or restricting the information must cut down on the forecast being shown to be hopelessly adrift?

    All part of the ‘Climate Change’ scam.


    • tomo says:

      72 hours is the present limit for detail forecast skill – anybody who’s used windy.com knows this instinctively.

      UKMO are a bunch of incompetent, politicised PR driven tossers


      • G says:


        Why do they persist in deluding the public that they have any hope of forecasting beyond the next day or so? Seems despite all the expensive high-powered computers they need to ‘predict’, shoving ones head out the window and looking up is more accurate and cheaper.

        ‘Weather At Sea’ by David Houghton circa mid-eighties, served me well.


        • tomo says:


          It’s politics…. and bureaucratic banditry.

          Most people are blindsided by the constantly adjusting narratives that official sources spew …

          When I am emperor the salaries of weather forecasters will be tightly coupled to their proven skill in prediction – P45s will be issued for 3 in a row fails.

          Just look at GBNews constantly platforming Jim Nostrildamus Dale – I do wonder if they are simply giving him enough rope?


  25. tomo says:

    World’s biggest tripper trap?


    • MarkyMark says:

      Islam will protect you …

      On 24 September 2015, a fatal crowd crush resulted in the death of more than 2,000 individuals, many of whom were suffocated or crushed, during the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Mina, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, making it the deadliest Hajj disaster in history.[5][6][7] Estimates of the number of dead vary: the Associated Press reported 2,411 dead,[1][8] while Agence France-Presse reported 2,236 killed.[3] Based on the total of the individual national reports cited in the table below (nationalities of victims), at least 2,431 people died.[note 1] The government of Saudi Arabia officially reported two days after the event that there had been 769 deaths and 934 injured.[1][9][10] These figures remained official at the time of the next year’s Hajj and were never updated.[4] The largest number of victims were from Iran, followed by Mali and Nigeria.[11]”



      • tomo says:

        Let’s not forget The Siege of Mecca where some estimates of the dead were north of 5000.

        The last prophet, “end of days” Mahdism is never far away from the surface.

        After the Saudis had pulverised the Grand Mosque in ’79 with open sighted artillery there’s , iirc – no photos of the site for about 10 years.


        • MarkyMark says:

          “The Grand Mosque seizure in Saudi Arabia took place between 20 November 1979 and 4 December 1979, when the Grand Mosque of Mecca was besieged by up to 600 militants under the leadership of Juhayman al-Otaybi, a Saudi anti-monarchy Islamist from the Tribe of Otaibah.”

          Casualties and losses
          127 killed[9]
          451 wounded
          117 killed[10]
          68 executed



  26. SillyGrandad says:

    Arise Lord Farage!

    Like him or loathe him we, as normal thinking (far righters a la BBC) have a lot to thank him for. I think back to the Brexit vote. Apart from Nige not one single person or party was supporting Brexit. They were all painting a vote for Brexit as doom and gloom. Luckily thanks to Lord Farage we succeeded and won the Brexit vote upon which Cameron immediately spits his dummy and throws his toys out of the pram and quits. Which in itself shows what the Tory establishment really thought about Brexit. None of them wanted to leave as all us Biastards knew the EU is the gravy locomotive to top gravy trains.

    Then that brings us to the current election. The word “Immigration” was even mentioned until ol’ Nige put his beck on the line for our country once again. Even when he joins the race the 1st word mentioned by Wishy Washy was “Migration”. Proof enough that had Lord Farage not been involved IMMIGRATION would not have been discussed if at all. And as for the drubbing he has been handing out on the TV debates regarding Immigration he most definitely has my vote. And from what I’ve heard pretty much everyone I have spoken to, both friends and customers of mine, are voting for him as well. I wonder if the polls are biased as well as not to show the TRUE support for Reform.

    Arise Lord Farage.


    • Doobster78 says:

      And from what I’ve heard pretty much everyone I have spoken to, both friends and customers of mine, are voting for him as well. I wonder if the polls are biased as well as not to show the TRUE support for Reform.

      EXACTLY THIS….i think the polls are under estimating Reform massively, the politicians, BBC etc haven’t got a clue of the depth of feeling out here in the real world. I think they are in for a huge shock when the votes are counted, I really do


    • moggiemoo says:

      It was nice to win the Brexit vote. Perhaps, at some stage in the future (1000 years?), we’ll actually get the Brexit.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Brexit: Rishi Sunak broke his word over EU laws, says Jacob Rees-Mogg
        11 May 2023


        Former Conservative minister Jacob Rees-Mogg has accused Rishi Sunak of breaking his word after the government ditched plans to allow thousands of EU-era laws to expire by the end of 2023.

        Sunak of breaking his word = still votes for him! HA HA HA!


  27. pugnazious says:

    Oh yeah, right…who knew?

    Yesterday I was listening to a Labour voice telling us that tax rises were not in the manifesto….thus we should believe there were no more tax rises. But the immediate thought that arose was what are you not telling us? What do you lan that isn’t in the manifesto? It’s easy to produce and justify policies that weren’t in the manifesto…more taxes for instance. It’s a huge lie by omission….as they’ve been forced to admit on Sky….hidden billions….where does the money come from?

    ‘Wes Streeting said the Labour manifesto does not cover all of his party’s plans to pump billions more into public services like the NHS

    Labour’s manifesto is not the “sum total” of its spending plans, Wes Streeting has admitted.’

    The BBC’s take?

    ‘It was interesting that Wes Streeting pointedly said in that interview that the Labour manifesto was “not a spending review”, suggesting more money could be available for the NHS if Labour was to win the next election.’

    Merely ‘interesting’? Surely a bit of a tax bombshell and a revelation, surprise, surprise, that the manifesto is not exactly something to be relied upon. Is Labour lying to us…will it tax us till the pips squeak?
    Did like that ‘more money could be available for the NHS’…..BBC downplaying this and making it sound a huge positive.


  28. pugnazious says:

    Kuenssberg slipping in the knife….Farage of course….


    How many ‘some say’, a ‘source says’ stabby quotes can she smear across the page? Quite a lot as she starts the piece with this unknown person’s disdain [Brexit campaigner…for or against?]….

    ‘”Farage no more wants responsibility than he wants a vegan cigarette,” a long-serving, maybe long-suffering, Brexit campaigner tells me. ‘

    And ‘An exasperated senior Conservative says: “It’s all about him, full of anger and problems. Zero solutions.”

    Others, like Cameron, argue there is simply no space for Mr Farage, and that his “dog whistle” and “inflammatory” language and politics should be completely rejected

    Many Conservatives simply don’t want to be associated with some of the kind of people Reform UK attracts.

    It’s all part of his love of publicity and the airtime which Reform’s position in the polls gives him right now.

    Does Mr Farage really want to be an MP? Of course he would say yes. But one source says: “He’s just a reality TV star: going to the jungle wasn’t leaving the political arena, it was coming home,” adding he’d be like a “toy dog, like a Yorkie catching his supposed prey” if he won.’

    And after trying her best to assassinate Farage’s character she implies that there’s something ‘dangerous’ about ‘The Right’….and that being ‘Right’ is somehow not the natural Tory position….

    ‘Do you face the political danger and appeal to the right, leaving Reform as little space as possible? Or stick the flag squarely in the middle and not give their arguments any oxygen?… whatever happens on 4 July, the Conservatives’ decades-old dilemma – how to deal with the right – will remain.’

    Just another dodgy BBC anti-Farage, anti-Reform hit-piece…..oddly enough no such ‘indepth’ examinations of Starmer and Labour, nor even of Sunak and Co. Just Reform and Farage.


  29. pugnazious says:

    ‘He emphasised he wanted to be a journalist “who just happens to be black” – rather than a journalist who solely covered stories about black communities.

    “I didn’t want my colour to define who I am, and the BBC understood that.”‘

    For a bloke who doesn’t want his black skin to be his defining feature he sure milks it….especially given the fact that his ever rising prominence is pretty much to do with his colour.


    Oh dear….poor lad…never mind….

    ‘Broadcaster Clive Myrie has shared the emotional impact of his work and prominence as a public figure during an interview on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs.

    “It feels as if the pain of others, the regrets, the longing, the sadness affects me more,” Myrie explained, adding: “I haven’t got used to it, that’s the thing”.

    The award-winning news anchor also spoke about the impact the Windrush scandal has had on him and his family.

    Myrie, who is co-presenting the BBC’s election night coverage with Laura Kuenssberg, said he feels an adrenaline buzz in what he describes as “being on the frontline of what it means to be British”.

    He hopes the election coverage will cater to audiences beyond “political geeks”. “I want people to be able to tune in, and get a sense of where this country is going,” Myrie added. ‘


  30. Ian Rushlow says:

    Poor Susannah! The BBC website is currently running an article on its front page titled “Susannah’s grandad ran Bengal when famine killed millions”. We all know Susannah, right? Her grandfather, Sir John Herbert, was governor of Bengal during the famine there in 1943. And now, 80 years afterwards, Susannah is ‘…going through stacks of her grandparents’ papers at the Herbert archive in the family home in Wales. They’re kept in a climate-controlled room, and an archivist visits once a month.’ Well, who doesn’t go through their family archives kept in a climate-controlled room now and then, I mean we’ve all got one of those, right?

    The article is ostensibly about inappropriate ”guilt’ and ‘shame’ felt by Poor Susannah, who wasn’t there and hadn’t even been born at the time. It’s written in classic BBC-style, as in superficially seeming to be objective and balanced yet leaving the reader in no doubt that it was all the fault of the racist, colonialist, British Empire. As the article admits, there were myriad complex causes. But consider the 2nd sentence of the piece:

    ‘Her grandfather was the governor of Bengal, in British India, during the run-up and height of the 1943 famine which killed at least three million people.’

    Well, possibly, but the estimates are from 0.8 million to 3.8 million deaths, with many historians going for a figure of about 2 million (although all such numbers represent a large human tragedy). But the article avoids mentioning a number of pertinent and interesting facts. For instance, Sir John Herbert died at the end of 1943, half way through the events. Or that Bengal’s population has increased by 40% from 1901 to 1941, putting pressure on resources. Or that 500,000 refugees had fled into the province after the Japanese had invaded Burma. Or that the Japanese had sunk 100,000’s of tonnes of allied shipping in the Bay of Bengal, limiting the options for bringing in aid. Or that they had started bombing Calcutta in December 1942, causing a mass exodus to the countryside and disruption to local supply and trade. Or that many of the senior politicians were not British, for example the Minister of Civil Supplies was Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy, who maintained that there was no food shortage during the famine (largely correct, it was more to do with distribution).

    Perhaps there was insufficient space in the article to mention all this. But even if there was, you suspect that the BBC wouldn’t do so. It doesn’t like complexity and nuance, especially if it dilutes or challenges The Narrative.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “famine killed millions” HA HA HA HA HA! Ban famines! Ban not eating!



    • Up2snuff says:

      IR, this was covered after TWoTWee on BBC R4 in a series recently. The presenter appeared to want to point the finger at Winston Churchill as the main culprit but I would have instead chosen the leaders of Germany, Russia and Japan as well, especially the two former leaders who started the whole mess in the first place.


  31. pugnazious says:

    LOL….when it gets close to home suddenly it’s not so great….

    ‘BBC DJ Liz Kershaw has hit out at protesters targeting Barclays’ sponsorship of summer music festivals, warning that their woke opposition will be ‘potentially devastating for our culture’.

    Ms Kershaw posted on X: ‘Now our entertainment is under attack. No sponsor = no festival. Bullying of bands – no festival.

    ‘This is really sinister and is potentially devastating for musicians, music lovers and our culture.’


    • MarkyMark says:

      ‘This is really sinister and is potentially devastating for musicians, music lovers and our culture.’ – BBC DJ Liz Kershaw

      our culture .. future culture …

      Bradford 2025 UK City of Culture is getting ready to bring you 12 unforgettable months of creativity, culture and the arts. See what’s on in 2024 ahead of our full launch in September – and discover how you can get involved.


      our culture .. future culture …
      A reader in Bradford recalled asking a West Yorkshire officer on the street that day why the various “Muslim community leaders” weren’t being arrested for incitement to murder. The officer said they’d been told to “play it cool”. The calls for blood got more raucous. My correspondent asked his question again. The policeman told him to “F— off, or I’ll arrest you.”

      our culture .. future culture …


  32. G says:

    Why does our, “Worlds Most Trusted Broadcaster” Aka, the ‘Far far far Left/Trotsky biased broadcaster use a “hideously white” photograph to highlight their ‘update’ on the Junior Doctors dispute?


    Perhaps they want to deflect away from what the ludicrous increases the doctors seek is more to do with Zakat remittances than anything else.

    (Zakat – https://zamzam.com/blog/what-is-zakat/)


    • MarkyMark says:

      “There are five essential pillars in Islam which are shahada, salat, zakat, sawm, and hajj. It is the obligation on every Muslim to adhere to these five pillars and live life with purity in hearts. “


  33. tomo says:

    72 hours is the present limit for detail forecast skill – anybody who’s used windy.com knows this instinctively.

    UKMO are a bunch of incompetent, politicised PR driven tossers


    • Fedup2 says:

      I came across ‘statista’ a website which features the number of coal power stations across the world – China – in 2023 1132 coal power stations …. Which sort of puts into context the insanity of the blue regime destroying – blowing up the – what ? Half dozen or so the UK had ….


  34. tomo says:

    Fauci is a farce, and an evil one at that.


  35. tomo says:


  36. digg says:

    I see that the BBC and The Guardian have taken up the cudgels against private schools in their efforts to affect the outcome of the coming election in favour of Labour.

    Todays typical acidic attack….


    It’s not hard to see what they are up to…

    Private schools = Rich People.

    Rich People = Conservatives.

    Laughable when you look at the salaries being scooped up by swathes of the upper echelons of the BBC and The Guardian.

    Simply put, private schools have a much, much higher rate of producing academically well educated pupils than most dysfunctional State Schools with their emphasis on social and politically correct topics and are popular to people with half a brain, and happy to invest in their children’s future for that very reason, therefore they attract higher fees and are profitable and able to invest in infrastructure etc.

    It’s a bit like saying that clever people who use their skills to make good salaries and can therefore afford large houses should be ashamed when there are people with no skills having to live in low quality low cost housing.

    However we all know why this torrent of bile against public schools is being highlighted by the usual suspects right now and it’s got zilch to do with levelling the playing field and everything to do with helping the clueless Pound-Shop Marxist Starmer into No 10.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Not BBC – bill cash – a chief brexiteer across 40 years – 40 years – as an MP has a piece in the DT titled “

      Voters must remember how good they’ve had it under the Conservatives”

      You can imagine the comments about level of debt and taxation and foreign invasion . Mr Cash has seen the light and decided not to get slaughtered like the rest of the blue candidates …

      Me – I’m thinking of joining Reform – a thing I thought I’d never do … join any political party … but reform is the only remedy to the decline wrought on Britain by the blues and next the reds …


  37. atlas_shrugged says:

    Axe wielding ‘man’ shot by police in Hamburg:


    The Germans must be so grateful to Angela ‘Mutti’ Merkel.


  38. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Treasoner May to be awarded HOL Peerage


    In what was is this hereditary?


    • MarkyMark says:



      “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed (May and Corbyn’s old speeches): everything else is public relations.” – Orwell

      Theresa May … being put forward as Prime Minister and issuing a general election on implementing Brexit which was about immigration and sovereignty. … these speeches were never mentioned on the BBC £3.5bn news or other media outlets …

      1978 … “Every country can take some small minorities and in many ways they add to the richness and variety of this country. The moment the minority threatens to become a big one, people get frightened.” – Margaret Thatcher 1978

      2012 … “Two and a half years ago, the coalition government was formed, and we made a clear promise to the British public. After thirteen years of uncontrolled mass immigration, this government would reduce and control immigration.” – Theresa May 2012

      2015 … “Because when immigration is too high (no figure given), when the pace of change is too fast, it’s impossible to build a cohesive society.” – Theresa May 2015


  39. wwfc says:

    The BBC have no problem showing a picture of an attacker when he is white ..Hamburg police shoot man with axe ahead of Euros match



  40. MarkyMark says:


    HA HA HA HA!

    Losing is winning!

    We won the argument, but I regret we didn’t convert that into a majority for change
    This article is more than 4 years oldJeremy Corbyn


  41. MarkyMark says:

    England star Harvey Elliott hides Nike’s ‘woke’ St George’s flag by turning up his collar while playing for U21s as FA insists it WON’T recall controversial kit – as new pictures show a second rainbow flag and collar on away kit
    READ MORE: Chris Sutton slams Nike’s England kit update as a ‘load of b******s

    PUBLISHED: 14:24, 22 March 2024 | UPDATED: 16:33, 22 March 2024

    WE ARE ALL GAY NOW! “as new pictures show a second rainbow flag and collar on away kit”


    Former Football Association boss Adrian Bevington today admitted that he would not have signed off on the new shirt and said: ‘It’s our flag. It’s a national identity and I just don’t really think it needs to be changed‘.



  42. MarkyMark says:

    Climate change deniers have found a new champion in Kenyan farmer Jusper Machogu. On social media, he has become known as a flagbearer for fossil fuels in Africa, but there is more to his campaign than meets the eye.

    “Because we still have low climate literacy levels in Africa and in Kenya, and if that conspiracy theory spreads to communities or to people, it could just really undermine climate action.

    “Because we still have low climate literacy levels” … Greta never went to school? HA HA HA!


    I’m striking from school to protest inaction on climate change – you should too
    This article is more than 5 years oldGreta Thunberg



  43. MarkyMark says:


    No mention of Rishi “UK exporter of energy” News 


    This is big news, we will soon have cheaper bills and even export energy to other countries but none of your BBC news picked this up.

    “UK to become a net exporter of electricity.” (c) Rishi Sunak 11.06.2024
    https://youtu.be/3CNThBxJjm4?t=2368#Conservative Party launch manifesto

    It does beg the question why isn’t the UK doing this already or why aren’t we after 14 years of Tory power we in a position to sell energy or why haven’t Labour go the same policy? Plus how is this going to be achieved?

    This is big news missed by the BBC.



    Thank you again for contacting us,

    BBC Complaints Team


  44. wwfc says:

    Family tribute to boy, 12, killed in hit-and-run Keaton Slater was hit by a black BMW here is the the animal they are after



  45. tomo says: