2 Responses to BBC: Hamas more trustworthy than Reuters

  1. Fedup2 says:

    Today 19 June

    I’ve already hit the off switch but apparently a BBC/hamas propaganda operative is interviewing an elderly Israeli ‘peace campaigner ( deluded) about her time as a hostage of ‘Hamas fighters ‘.
    Therefore – taking hostages is not terrorism . And what Islamic Hamas does and has done is no terrorism – much like the BBC attitude to IrA Sinn Fein ‘freedom fighters ‘ – who some might say ( sane People ) if it acts like a terrorist – it’s a terrorist.
    I’m sure the BBC will be more than eager to badge any one whom it doesn’t like protesting as a ‘ terrorist ‘…. Perhaps even its’ favourite ‘far right terrorist ‘…


  2. Foscari says:

    Many including myself have written that the BRITISH
    broadcasting corporation has really nothing to do with the
    UK and the indigenous population. The BRITISH is nothing more
    than the perfect example of the dictionary explanation of
    an oxymoron.
    The BBC internet pages is numero uno in this field. From imaging
    on social feature which seldom, or EVER show a UK indigenous
    face. Where on reporting the nearest one often gets to something resembling a common English name is one
    of the BBC’S plethora of journalists from the Irish Republic.
    Look at todays report on the new inflation rate. There are
    several contributors . Marita Maloney from Dublin is just
    about the most lucid in her reporting.