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  1. Doughboy says:

    Wow was just lurking and noticed the new thread, watched Nige tonight I thought he dealt with noisy nick admirably, go reform


  2. BRISSLES says:

    Ah, good evening D’boy ! just me and thee then
    lol !

    I’m bridesmaid – again 😞


    • Scroblene says:

      Brissles – I’m here too! Bridesmaid? Paah – take my arm, we’re in the front three!

      Well done Doughboy, I was wallowing in the real version of ‘The Italian Job’, not the rehash, and whistling the theme – again…

      Fancy a Southern Comfort anyone?


      • micknotmike says:

        Morning Scrobs,
        I have a little “Italian Job” anecdote to share. A much loved-uncle of mine passed on a few years ago, and his son arranged possibly the finest ceremony I’ve attended. My uncle spent a lot of his working life as a bus driver, and as the curtains were closing, we were treated to Matt Munro singing “On days like these”. I’m sure you are aware that Matt Munro was formerly a bus driver too.

        At this solemn time, the assembled were alone with their thoughts and memories. Except for me, I had a mental picture of Mr. Beckerman driving his Lamborghini Muria along the winding alpine roads which would not leave my head.

        Anyway, things to do; “Get yer skates on Mick”.


        • BRISSLES says:

          How lovely. I can hear and see the scenario, Matt was a great singer


          • BRISSLES says:

            After much mind changing, I’ve settled on my funeral music….

            New York, New York (Sinatra) the opening words are …. Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today

            Thank You For Being My Friend

            Last one yet to be chosen, there are so many that are appropriate !


            • Scroblene says:

              Box coming into the auditorium at the crem…

              Peter Gabriel – Theme from Birdy.

              Halfway through for the ‘Holy member(s)’ – Durufle’s Requiem ‘In Paradisum’

              And then, if they have time – (I will have plenty, of course) Duncan Browne’s ‘Salva Me’ sung by Isobel Buchanan _

              And when everyone’s rushing to get out for the booze and Scotch eggs, I’ll want to hit them with ‘Dukes Travels’, – the final bits from ‘Duke’, by Genesis – my favourite band!

              Trouble is, there’re a few words that Phil Collins sings at the end, and they aren’t apropriate for a burning ritual, so I’m going to ask Elder Daughter to edit them and fill in the gaps until ‘Dukes End’!

              There, sorted!


  3. Deborah says:

    May I come in as third?


  4. pugnazious says:

    Remarkable how soon they forget as they accuse Farage of being a Putin apologist…the Guardian today…

    ‘Nigel Farage claims Russia was provoked into Ukraine war

    Farage, who has long been accused of being a Putin apologist, tells BBC Moscow was given excuse by EU and Nato eastern expansion’

    I can well remember many a discussion on the BBC how Nato and the EU caused the war in Ukraine.

    Hmmmm…indeed a Guardian headline from Feb 2022…

    ‘Many predicted Nato expansion would lead to war. Those warnings were ignored’

    ‘ It was entirely predictable that Nato expansion would ultimately lead to a tragic, perhaps violent, breach of relations with Moscow. Perceptive analysts warned of the likely consequences, but those warnings went unheeded. We are now paying the price for the US foreign policy establishment’s myopia and arrogance.’


    The Guardian in March this year…

    ‘Nato is growing reckless over Ukraine – and Russia’s German military leak proves it ‘
    ‘Ukraine has come to seem ever more like a Nato mercenary for western generals wanting to boost their budgets and relive the cold-war games of their youth. The price is paid by their taxpayers and Ukraine’s young men and women.’


    If anyone is a Putin stooge it is the Guardian and the BBC which jointly went out of their way to loudly publicise and publish top secret US intelligence stolen by Snowden who now lives in Russia…and of course dooing enormous damage to Western security interests. The BBC and Guardian who took the information from the Trump dodgy dossier which came directly from Rusian intelligence sources and used it to try and bring down Trump…essentially colluding with Putin to cause chaos, instability, division and distrust within the US political system for years.

    The supposed shock at his comments is all theatrics given that he made a claim back in 2014 that Russia would be provoked…and then in 2022 said the same….Feb 2022…

    ‘Nigel Farage blames ‘EU and Nato’ for Russian invasion of Ukraine’


    Your enemy’s enemy….as the Corbyn, the real Russia stooge, supporters fan club attacks Farage for saying what Corbyn would have said….and what the BBC and Guardian have said so many times themselves.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Pug – the nuance of Farage comment was steamrollered by comrade Robinson . It’s the failure / refusal to see the world from the putin / Russian angle .

      The msm will use the comment to beat reform Farage even if they know it is true …

      Imagine though – that putin thinks Ukraine will be joining NATO – with the direct threat to mother Russia that article 5 brings – so invade and take Ukrainian territory before accession to NATO happens


      • Guest Who says:

        Nuance? From Toenails? Twitter is alive with outrage.

        Crikey – has Reform just blown it?! General election live: Nigel Farage tells BBC that West provoked Ukraine war, as he’s grilled in Panorama interview – BBC News

        Well, from the media, pols and activists.

        But wait…

        He said that the eastward advance of EU and NATO would provoke a reaction from Russia. He was right. He did not condone Russia.

        They hear what they want to hear, and if it doesn’t quite fit, they edit.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Guest who -it wasn’t nuance from Robinson – it was from Farage – but as you say – people hear what they want to.

          It’s a bit like the comment by Trump about nato contributions by European states which was misinterpreted to fit the narrative .

          As might be predicted – the today – bbc – is full out to get Farage – with various swamp members lining up to stab mr farage .

          As might be expected – the final few days are going to be ‘get Farage ‘

          Vote Reform


          • G says:

            Fed, whichever way it is sized up, Farage was quite correct with his assertion. I would have preferred him to have used the adjective, “goaded” though.

            As you quite rightly say, it will be a final few days of, ‘Get Farage’. Hopefully the thinking public will understand/recognise this.


        • Deborah says:

          Just before Russia went into Ukraine, I was surfing the net, as you do, and started to read an article written in 2017 about the West’s interference there and how it was leading to war. Trouble was I was about to go out and thought I would go back to it on my return….a d never did. But I took enough in to realise the West was not an innocent party. If in doubt, think of Hunter Biden on the Burisma (is my spelling correct, the Ukraine energy company) Board. That is only a tiny example. Like so many things happening in the world, the press hides the truth.


      • Nibor says:

        Until very recently we haven’t been invaded . Russia in her lifetime has . One thing she learned is that space = defeat of the invader .
        Russia is a paranoid country led by a paranoid leader .
        If politicians can’t see that they shouldn’t be allowed to have power .


    • G says:

      The media?

      Holds the memories of a fly. A dung fly.


    • Kikuchiyo says:

      Those Guardian articles are all opinion pieces. You can tell this because you find them in the section called ‘Opinion’.


  5. Deborah says:

    I am still very confused about these betting Tories. If for example, someone on this site had said something like, ‘Rishi doesn’t seem to be very busy after July 4th’. I really don’t think I would think, ‘I must dash off to the bookies’. (Ok, I realise it is probably all on line). But where to go from there? Did the gambling commissioner, as soon as the election was called, demand that all the book makers submit the names of who had put on the bets to see if he recognised them? I notice GBNews on the hour says the people accused are’ caught up’ in this scandal. I presume they cannot say they are guilty, but go as far as they dare. If GBNews goes that far, what does the BBC say? Did they treat Angela Raynor the same way, both about the NE curry and house selling.

    At least I am not as naive as I was as a student. When in halls of residence the girl who had the room opposite told me her Dad was a bookmaker. I asked what sort of books, thinking novels or text books. A true story.

    I also noticed on GBNews, when ‘Chopper’ was interviewing Sir Keir his head was nearly falling off as he nodded agreement with Sir Keir. Questions also seemed to be of the sort, ‘your energy plans are a wonderful idea, aren’t they Keir? He really wasn’t holding Sir Keir to account.


  6. BRISSLES says:

    St Chopper must be chummy with all at GBN, as there is a lot of worshipping at his feet by the presenters, and the amount of airtime he gets compared to the previous encumbant of Political Editor, Darren McAffrey. He tends to say “GB News Viewers” a lot in his reports too.


  7. JohnC says:

    Election betting claims put focus on who knew what and when

    I almost laughed at this desperate attempt to make another story about Bettygate from the BBC’s ‘political editor’ Chris Mason.

    It says absolutely nothing. The entires story is:
    ‘To be clear, the people I was hearing from didn’t know for certain an election was about to be called, but they were increasingly suspicious something was up.’

    But it made another election-page headline to keep the story current didn’t it Chris ?.
    And that BBC election page is more about slurring and criticising all the opposition than it is about the future of the country.

    This situation with the BBC is now quite absurd. They know they can get away with anything as long as they don’t go past the red-lines they have found by pushing the limits in the past.


  8. StewGreen says:

    Thursday local ITV NewsPR had a Windrush story and web article

    At the bottom on the article it quotes “David Lambert, director of Cultural Solutions UK”
    so the article is PRasNews aimed at SHAPING our world
    rather than reporting what actually happens.
    I take it that Cultural Solutions UK is probably a one man band David Lambert who earns money from race grifting.

    It’s about a a Jamaican guy who fought worked in the Lincolnshire RAF in WW2
    ( First drove a sanitation wagon*, but soon became a chauffeur for the Chief Armament Officer in the Dambusters.
    * Does that mean he was taking the piss ?)
    Lived back in Jamaica and came to UK some years after the war to live in Boston as an accountant.

    “but returned and settled in Boston when the British Government invited people from the Caribbean to help fill post-war work shortages”

    Simon Webb makes convincing arguments that that is a false narrative
    That UK government never invited people in.
    But that rather the Caribbean governments had problems with unemployment so made arrangements with UK corps to export workers to them .
    And that Windrush itself was not a ship full of invited workers
    But rather a ship that stopped en route in the Caribbean to pick up people classed as tourists, a few who then sought work when they arrived on the UK.

    This is the second time this story has been done
    Cos they basically did the exact story in February when it was his 100th birthday
    But now they shoehorn the magic word “Windrush” in
    .. Windrush: The 100-year-old Jamaican veteran who made Lincolnshire his home
    …Caribbean WW2 veteran from RAF’s Dambusters Squadron celebrates 100th birthday

    The difference was in February it was PRasNews for another race grifter
    “Donald Campbell, who leads The Forgotten Generations”


    • StewGreen says:

      BBC does 1 story per year about the guy

      19 Feb 2024 Caribbean WWII veteran celebrates 100th birthday

      22 Jun 2023 Caribbean WW2 veteran recalls role in RAF’s Dambusters Squadron – BBC News

      20 Oct 2022 Caribbean WW2 veterans receive medals at RAF Marham


  9. tomo says:

    A choice between plague and cholera?

    Has a familiar ring to it….



  10. JohnC says:

    ‘Inside Gaza aid depot: Food waits as Israel and UN trade blame’

    Another article from the racist anti-semite Yolande Knell who has been called out for many times but the BBC are quite happy to allow to continue her reporting because it fits right in with their own racism.

    The title of this one infers Israel are just as much to blame as the UN.

    However when you read the story, you discover the UN daren’t collect the aid because armed gangs are looting all the lorries. 75% of all aid is being stolen.

    Quite how the UN (and Yolande) dare to blame Israel is beyond me. This is their job and their responsibility. They seem to think it’s up to Isarel to ‘have a plan to fill the power vacuum’ with the country they are at war with.

    ‘International airdrops have now largely stopped but the maritime corridor from Cyprus began to operate again on Thursday. There have been a series of difficulties with a floating pier set up by the US military at a cost of some $230m (£182m), which Mr Petropoulos, from OCHA, describes as “a failure”.’

    This entire war has been hijacked by the Left as a huge virtue-signalling opportunity with absolutely no substance behind them. Mountains are made of molehills if they can be used against Israel while everything else is ignored.

    The two big lessons from this whole farce are

    a) Hamas and the people in Gaza don’t give a shit about anybody else. They don’t care one bit about the lives of their countrymen or their country. They are closer to animals than civilised humans.

    b) The UN is utterly and completely unfit for purpose. It has become infested with left-wing ideologically driven employees instead of the right people for the job. Just like the BBC.


    • Deborah says:

      Melanie Phillips’ article about there being no famine in Gaza dropped into my inbox yesterday. Here is an excerpt.

      Instead, the liberal international establishment has repeatedly demanded that Israel immediately stop the war, thus inescapably surrendering to Hamas and forfeiting the military leverage required to free the remaining hostages.

      Yet now, the famine claims have been debunked.

      The Famine Review Committee (FRC) conducts investigations into world hunger on behalf of a partnership formed between governments, international organisations and NGOs.

      In March, the committee reported that “famine is now projected and imminent” in northern Gaza and was expected to take hold before the end of May. Preventing such a famine, it stated, required “an immediate political decision for a ceasefire together with a significant and immediate increase in humanitarian and commercial access to the entire population of Gaza”.

      In April, the Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET), a food security monitoring initiative founded in 1985 by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), went even further by stating there was “reasonable evidence” that, since April, northern Gaza had been experiencing a famine and this would persist at least until the end of July.

      But on June 4, the Famine Review Committee published a report in which it rejected the FEWS NET analysis as not “plausible” and said it could not endorse its famine projection.

      The committee said there was a lack of reliable evidence about the number of trucks entering Gaza and the level of humanitarian assistance that was arriving and being distributed around its various areas.


  11. Guest Who says:

    Ex BBC Islamogob goes full JezBo.


    Or… is the other way around?

    “Forensic investigation reveals Hind Rajab’s car was hit with 355 bullets and finds it “not plausible” that the Israeli tank couldn’t see children inside the car”

    A) Really?
    B) Who do Hamas like sitting with?
    C) Panorama to ‘investigate’ next?


    • JohnC says:

      I’m amazed people in tanks can see anything at all. I wonder if the ‘investigators’ have ever been in one.

      And of course if Israel don’t let Hamas know they will be taken out regardless then every Hamas car is going to have a child taped to the roof.

      ‘Middle East Eye’ are about as unbiased and honest as those government officials in Gaza. I regularly end up there when chasing outrgaeous claims.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “355 bullets. If you’re still supporting this, supporting the killing of kids in Gaza, you’re a sociopath. No other word for it.”

      “Forensic investigation reveals Hind Rajab’s car was hit with 355 bullets and finds it “not plausible” that the Israeli tank couldn’t see children inside the car”



      January 26, 2006 15:32 GMT
      Middle East: Why Did Hamas Win Palestinian Poll?


      “All the time, Israel and the United States and Europe said that we do not need Hamas to win,” Kukali said. “So that means telling the Palestinian people to vote for Hamas, because people here are not happy with the Europeans or the Americans and they think [those countries] are helping Israel. So if the United States or Israel says ‘we don’t need Hamas’ then the people will vote for Hamas.


      .. view from tank.



  12. AsISeeIt says:

    Anatomy of a gotcha

    A gotcha has to be some outrageous blasphemy, some unspeakable transgression, uttered, nonetheless, against one of those golden idol central tenets of the prevailing belief system. The heretic, now nakedly exposed by his own word, may perhaps ultimately recant, but he must remain condemned, anyway.

    So it was with the celebrated female author of the Harry Potter novels.

    Jay Kay was the funny hat-wearing singer and songwriter of acid jazz and funk band Jamiroquai

    Meanwhile, feminist, boss-girl and former darling of the left, J K Rowling, drifts further rightward – culturally at least: J K Rowling: Labour has turned its back on women… Author says she would struggle to vote for Starmer and doesn’t trust his judgement (Times)

    They do say a conservative is simply a liberal that hasn’t yet been mugged by reality – sometimes literally.

    And then of course there’s Sir Keir & Cos tax plans to consider: Labour draws up wealth tax options… according to sources that have spoken to the Guardian– so I think we can take this as being near gospel, so to speak: The proposals under consideration include increases in capital gains tax (CGT)… significant changes to inheritance tax (Guardian)

    Rich foreigners turn away from UK… “Brexit happened and the Conservatives promised to make the UK like Singapore and instead they turned this place into Belarus” said a billionaire… (FT) – that’s a somewhat obscure reference for us poor parochial Brits to catch but I’m guessing there’s a good chance this chap who speaks anonymously via the pink paper likely hails from that same benighted former Soviet republic and knows a thing or two more than we do about the state of Belarus: …businessman who has lived in London for 15 years (FT) – and now suddenly there’s a looming socialist branded government over here that doesn’t even apologise for raising our taxes – sometimes a poor oligarch just can’t catch a break.

    Still, in our globalised world there’s always pastures new: …is now moving his tax reasidency to Abu Dhabi. “Security is now a major issue and another contributing factor to the tax reasons for why people are wanting to leave” (FT) – not trusting New Labour New Blair Starmer to tackle crime and the causes of crime, I sense.

    So the foreign entrepreneurs we invited in will now bugger off so as to pay their taxes elsewhere – leaving us with the all the squeegee merchants, Uber drivers and vape shop proprietors that came in with them and tend to enjoy the free schooling, free healthcare, free childcare, rent subsidies, tax credits, income support, etc etc – but we digress.

    On 4 May 1982 The Sun newspaper reported British naval attacks on two Argentine vessels with the memorable GOTCHA! headline

    gotcha: informal, exclamation
    I have got you (used to express satisfaction at having captured or defeated someone or uncovered their faults).

    1. North American
    An instance of catching someone out or exposing them to ridicule.

    Farage criticised for saying West provoked Ukraine war. The Reform UK leader told the BBC that “of course” the war was President Vladimir Putin’s fault. But he added that the expansion of the EU and Nato gave him a “reason” to tell the Russian people “they’re coming for us again” (BBC)

    Our BBC, despite the opening shouty gotcha headline, is rather measured in reporting the context of the Farage statement. Afterall they are in general election extra careful mode. The desperate Tories and virtue-signalling Labourites, however, act like mean prim bitchy schoolgirls chanting in the playground “Ummm, you said a bad word, I’m tellin’ on you!”

    Conservative Home Secretary James Cleverly said Mr Farage was echoing Mr Putin’s “vile justification” for the war and Labour branded him “unfit” for any political office. (BBC)

    I refer readers back to where we came in – the anatomy of the gotcha. The unspeakable transgression, uttered, against one of those golden idol central tenets of the prevailing belief system.

    Putin and Russia are synonyms for evil – this you must acknowledge as though a catechism: used to instruct the young, to win converts, and to testify to the faith) (Thank you Britannica)

    See how the term Russian is deployed today by the Guardian in their headline story almost as though it were an expletive like bastard, sodding or fucking…

    300m NHS patient records stolen by Russian hackers (Guardian) – disgust extra emphasised when placed adjacent and in contsrast to the purity sanctity and holiness of our sainted NHS

    On a lighter note the Gruan presents us with Glastonbury the cartoon – we like to look at cartoons

    We can tell from the frontpage teaser what’s in with the Guardianistas music-wise and what they are signalling as decidedly out.

    Set you want to see – in other words what the Gruan is promoting – that’s a rather dark-skinned young lady, drawn evidently dressed in her bra and pants, one fist raised and the other clutching the mic, presumably intoning some crowd-pleasing anthem – and if the lyric themes of the likes of our top songstresses Taylor Swift or Adele are anything to go by, slagging off her former boyfriends.

    Set your friends want to see – in other words what the Gruan considers as naff – that’s a pale-skinned intense-looking young chap, oblivious of his surroundings, headphoned-up while creatively noodling and nurdling on his keyboard or record deck

    I’m afraid rock music, just like sport for the Guardian, is only of interest when it becomes a dumbed-down matter of providing a vehicle for left-leaning ideological content and context.

    The formerly serious Times is little better: The woman on Putin’s most wanted list – she good, him bad.

    As for the mildly conservative Telegraph: ‘Normal’ boy, 15, jailed for life over stabbing… from a “loving family” who stabbed a fellow pupil… – well, not all that ‘normal’ then, eh?

    Although naming the victim what the frontpage Telegraph column fails to spell out – although perhaps they do eventually get around to it on: Page 13 – well beyond my present remit is: Bardia Shojaeifard: Boy, 15, jailed for murder of Alfie Lewis in knife attack outside school in Leeds. West Yorkshire Police says Bardia Shojaeifard targeted Alfie Lewis “in a premeditated and planned attack using murderous violence”… Mr Justice Cotter removed reporting restrictions that prevented him from being identified on Friday… with a minimum of 13 years behind bars (Sky News)

    Whereas: New anguish for Lawrences… Stephen’s killer’s freedom bid… applies for parole after serving just 14 years (protests the Mirror)


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think Farage made a mistake discussing putin – and knew it as he was saying it . There problem is that opponents have to be branded as ‘evil’ in order to carry out hostilities against them …
      The 2 easy examples are hitler and Stalin – the UK did deals with both of these but then decided they were monsters – which they were –
      We are in the same position with putin – Farage ‘admires ‘ putin because putin got to the top and stayed there – not what he actually does .

      I remember – being much younger – just accepting the USSR as evil – but then I got lectured on the Russian viewpoint – surrounded by enemies who want to destroy it – hence the need for buffer states … in the same way that the UK is a buffer state for the US … – a floating early warning system for missiles from the east …


    • MarkyMark says:

      ONLY THE SECOND PART WILL BE REPORTED – Farage criticised for saying West provoked Ukraine war. The Reform UK leader told the BBC that “of course” the war was President Vladimir Putin’s fault. But he added that the expansion of the EU and Nato gave him a “reason” to tell the Russian people “they’re coming for us again” (BBC)


  13. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – the BBC are terrified of Reform and Nigel Farage and those who do not hold the Hard Left wing views of the BBC

    Nick Robinson somewhere in East Anglia, emitting CO2 in unnecessary travel out of BBC entitlement, tries and fails at twisting Nigel Farage’s words from an ‘interview’ Nick did with Nigel Farage recently (last night?). What Nick Robinson is ignorant of, apart from the BBC’s obsession with Global Warming and Climate Change, is that the proceedings of the EU ‘Parliament’ are filmed and what Nigel Farage said about the EU expanding ever eastwards is on video record. Did TOADY play a clip of NATO Secretary General, George Robertson, also saying – effectively – the same as Nigel Farage?

    Nick Robinson appears to be also ignorant of the fact that Baroness Cathy Ashton, the well-known oil painting, as an EU Commissioner went to Maidan Square in Ukraine and elsewhere in Ukraine to try to tempt Ukraine into the EU fold. If I recall correctly that happened in 2014 just as Nigel Farage was standing up in the EU in Brussels making his warning.

    Oooops! BBC 0 – 5 Nigel Farage. RESULT!


    • Fedup2 says:

      I think – this time – the influence of the msm to poison reform /farage will be more limited than they think . With nut nut it was swamp games amongst politicians – but for this – it’s decent people who are Fedup with the blues and just can’t do the reds …
      And know that only reform puts decent people first

      Vote reform

      BTW – viewing / listening figures for Robinson are not going to Be much – people are more interested in the crap England team


      • Peter Grimes says:

        Would-be Brexit blocker Gina Miller getting just about zero acceptance for he propaganda in Epsom this morning. She and her little helpers have largest handfuls of pamphlets and getting cold-shouldered by passers-by.


        • Up2snuff says:

          Fed, I agree. Even with my faulty, lapsing, memory remember Cathy Ashton going to Ukraine as an EU Commissioner for something or other, in order to dangle bundles of Euros in front of the Ukrainian Government.


        • Up2snuff says:

          Peter, I wonder what Meaner Giller (there’s a Spoonerism for you!) thinks of yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling for Surrey?

          “Parliament should have the final say”



          • tomo says:

            “Parliament should have the final say”

            Having recent, *direct experience* of that – I can tell you it’s as hollow a phrase as you’re ever ;likely to come across.


        • taffman says:

          And where is she from/born ?


  14. tomo says:

    Desperation, much?


    As a money saving measure Dr. Who is being merged with Mrs Brown’s Boys, the Disney company are in talks to co-produce.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Looks like the BBC is going to spend the weekend on the Farage Putin comment . No thought it given to the expansion of NATO -or how it is seen from outside the NATO bloc .

      I think there was an expectation in the mindset of Russians that when the Warsaw pact ended the nato pact would go to – but of course – it didn’t – which in their mind is going to signal hostility …
      Don’t get me wrong – Russia is never going to be a ‘friend ‘ and putin may have got the taste for taking back territory …

      As for comments by the swamp – Wallace -George Robertson – only to be expected – together with what will now be ‘demands ‘ for ‘apologies ‘ when none are due

      And when Reform do well they’ll say the Russians did it …

      Vote Reform


  15. Nibor says:

    BBC interviewed ex blue labour Defence Secretary Ben Wallace who pointed out that NATO is a defensive organisation .
    Maybe that’s how we see it here in the West , but Russians don’t see it that way , unfortunately but that’s the way it is .
    Especially as NATO bombed Serbia which Russia has seen as a friend ( which is why it went into the First World War ) .


    • kingkp says:

      NATO is a terrorist organization just like any other. It uses violence against civilians to further the political goals of the NWO. Serbia is a classic example. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Gladio
      Remember all of those bombings of civilians in Western Europe during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s? Many people were too young but I was old enough to remember the dreadful Bologna train station bombing in 1980. Bologna was an Operation Gladio operation carried out with the blessing of the senior leadership of NATO.
      It has also been carrying out similar operations in Ukraine. It’s quite clear this war between Russia and Ukraine has been orchestrated by both sides as it serves the interests of the criminals in the East just as it does those in the West. The goal is the total enslavement of the world’s populations under a digital CBDC social credit score system and if anyone thinks Russia is coming to save us, think again. Both sides want you dead, maimed, or enslaved.


  16. Sluff says:

    It’s the first anniversary of the death of black Caribbean poet Benjamin Zephaniah.
    A sort of Pam Ayers with dreadlocks, so not exactly a Philip Larkin or Ted Hughes.

    Yet this justified a prolonged main feature on Toady this morning and a cue for some race-baiting and Windrush angst and reminders about financial ‘compensation’ …..(which may be slow but a darn sight faster than for, say, sub-postmasters or infected blood recipients) .

    So hardly a priority I suggest for around 90% of the population.
    But for the BBC, an essential contribution to the agenda.

    PS Dr Who appears to be both black and gay, perfectly representing around …..errr…..0.3% of the population!


    • pugnazious says:

      Yep…heard the old lie that ‘the Windrush generation came to the motherland after being invited over to help rebuild it.’

      Utter lies….the government didn’t want them…there were no jobs and the government had to work hard to find jobs for them to do. Others from the Bahamas were brought over at the request of the Bahamian government which asked if Britain would take them as there were no jobs on the Bahamas.

      There was no labour shortage at the time and the Windrush generation came over to help themselves not Britain.

      ‘During the years 1945–47 the highest number of insured persons registered as unemployed was 1,874,000 at 22nd February, 1947, when the fuel shortage and bad weather severely restricted employment. In addition it was estimated that about 500,000 persons were stood off from employment but did not register. Apart from the period of the fuel shortage, the highest figure was 401,000 at 13th January, 1947.’


      • Fedup2 says:

        Just wish they’d all gone home …


      • MarkyMark says:

        Crime rates are high in and around Kingston and Montego Bay. Gang violence and shootings are common in inner city areas. Be cautious when travelling to or within:

        West Kingston
        Grants Pen
        August Town
        Harbour View
        Spanish Town
        parts of Montego Bay, including Flankers, Barrett Town, Norwood, Glendevon, Rose Heights and Mount Salem



        • Scroblene says:

          And that’s after you’ve been aggressively pestered by shrieking locals at the airport for ‘timeshare’ and other scams…

          Bollocks to that place!


  17. Jeff says:

    Well, it was always expected, but now the gloves are off and the dirty fighting begins. There’s a pact between the loathsome BBC and those pretend Pitbulls at the Daily Mail, over the Russia issue. They were going to find something…It was only a matter of time.

    I find the Mail these days particularly pointless. It has a quite feeble comments page where it pleads to its readers to vote Conservative. It sounds desperate.

    “Of course, we share the frustration of so many who voted Tory in 2019 and understand why they might want to punish the party.” They waffle on about letting Labour loose on our borders and giving us higher taxes”…that a vote for Reform is a vote for Labour. We’ve heard it all before.

    We’ve had the highest tax hikes since 1948 and immigration that is so off the scale even the great Enoch wouldn’t believe it. Illegal immigration is actually now much higher than legal immigration was before 1997. The Tories have adopted every green issue going, refuse to even look at the BBC licence fee and they’ve messed up Brexit. Actually, they haven’t simply messed up; they’ve betrayed us.

    We don’t have a Conservative Party in anything but name. These are socialists in the slow lane. They’re taking us to the same undesirable destination, but they’re cruising along in the middle lane, hoping no one will notice…

    You can only use the old trick of, “Labour will be even worse” so many times.


    • Yasser Dasmibehbi says:

      The establishment media have been looking for a chink in Reform’s armour and now they think they’ve found it, I don’t think we will the last of it until the election is over. Hopefully Farage will survive this, but he needs to think carefully as the msm are willing to twist every little thing he says. The DT is using the same tactics too.

      I think they have been waiting for Nige to say something really stupid but this campaign he has been very careful, so they will continue to portray him as someone working for Russia and not attempt to explain what he actually said. The “Farage is literally Hitler” tactic didn’t work so now it will be “Farage is literally Putin”. It’s not quite as good, but it will work to some extent and with only a couple of weeks to go it will be a case of ‘any smear will do’.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I bet there are quite a few damaging red / blue stories about – including a minister betting on the election date – but the msm will do all it can to suppress them in order to keep the attack on Reform Farage going ,,,,,
        They must be desperate for another dolt reform candidate to have stupid comments from years back which the blue corrupt ‘vetting company ‘ chose not to ‘vet ‘….

        Vote Reform ….


      • G says:

        Farage? Not the sort of man who would glibly dodge a direct question by using bullshit so he cannot destroy his image of making honest assertions. If he did? Well, he’d be branded, “Same as all the others”. The flip side of the media coin.


        • Scroblene says:

          I have no problem with Nigel Farage saying a few truths which the MSM avoid. The Beeboids probably don’t inderstand his tactics but if one watches the way he takes the flak, listens, waits until the shrieks and wails have died down, he then easily manages to move on to the next facts, again, avoided by the MSM, and takes the stage yet again!

          Any publicity, good or bad, works well!

          He’s far, far cleverer than the bog standard prospective MP, of any hue! The crap I’ve had from the political parties in Tunbridge Wells is derisory, with a foreign face on the ‘conservatives’ sort of leaflet, bringing in a nobody from nowhere for some reason, means that the Limp Demons will surely get in, but at least they shelved the tories’ utter waste of time and money on the ‘people’s palace’ they wanted in an unpoilt park, so they have some gardening experience!

          I haven’t seen a leaflet for Reform, but will vote for them anyway!


  18. Fedup2 says:

    From our own correspondent

    Sometime that show is just high comedy entertainment – unintentional of course .

    This one had a piece about some ‘indigenous ‘ Canadian tribe whose big hit was building totem poles . Can you guess the rest?
    Bad whitee man
    Gives them small pox
    Takes their totem poles as souvenirs
    Puts the kids into schools – bad
    Gives them medicine – electricity – plumbing ( bad bad )
    Now they want compensation
    Made me laugh out loud as I ticked the boxes..


  19. Fedup2 says:

    BBC News – coloured folk as victims – bought to the UK from their third world s holes to fill jobs left empty ( by the sacrifice of white men fighting and dying beating the nazis – the bbc left this bit out )
    No one says – if the UK was so bad why didn’t you go back – in fact why not go back now ….. single ticker can’t be too expensive …


    • G says:

      The Government of the day went so far as to pay for the construction of prison(s) in Jamaica so they could ship back the criminals to serve their time out in their ‘homelands’.


  20. MarkyMark says:

    Starmer and Sunak hit out at Farage’s ‘disgraceful’ Ukraine comments


    If Russia joins NATO we can end the war!


    Just for once, let us try this argument with an open mind, employing arithmetic and geography and going easy on the adjectives. Two great land powers face each other. One of these powers, Russia, has given up control over 700,000 square miles of valuable territory. The other, the European Union, has gained control over 400,000 of those square miles. Which of these powers is expanding? There remain 300,000 neutral square miles between the two, mostly in Ukraine. From Moscow’s point of view, this is already a grievous, irretrievable loss. As Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the canniest of the old Cold Warriors, wrote back in 1997, ‘Ukraine… is a geopolitical pivot because its very existence as an independent country helps to transform Russia. Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire.’ This diminished Russia feels the spread of the EU and its armed wing, Nato, like a blow on an unhealed bruise. In February 2007, for instance, Vladimir Putin asked sulkily, ‘Against whom is this expansion intended?’ I have never heard a clear answer to that question.


    EU enlargement
    Enlargement policy applies to countries currently aspiring to join the EU and potential candidates. The prospect of membership is a powerful stimulus for democratic and economic reforms in countries that want to become EU members.


    EU enlargement
    Who can join?
    Any European country can apply for membership if it respects the EU’s democratic values and is committed to promoting them.

    A country can only join if it meets all the membership criteria.

    Current candidate countries are:

    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    North Macedonia


    • G says:

      I think Putin’s strategy has always been to Lord over the old USSR states despite their new-found democratic principles. For this, ‘His’ property needs a distinct border between ‘His’ states and the evil west. He pops in to those states from time to time to remind them who is ‘Boss’. Georgia et al. any one? Problem for Putin as the ‘representative’ of Russia i.e. the thug / bully of the East, that game has run its course. Hitherto, no western entity has really stepped up to the plate to teach him a lesson and control his ‘control’ inclinations.

      Until now.

      It had to happen. Putin overreached. Overstepped the mark and he’s now paying the penalty for it and that will be for decades ahead.


  21. StewGreen says:

    Today “Farage man bad ! He’s a Putin stooge ”
    is the lead story every hour on every single one of the UK’s multitude of DIVERSE media networks including GBnews

    As if the Nudge Unit and 77th have ordered it


    • MarkyMark says:

      The “pee tape” claim, explained
      The absurd-sounding, still-unverified tale of Trump and Russian prostitutes is back again. Here’s where it came from.

      by Andrew Prokop

      Apr 23, 2018, 8:17 PM GMT+1

      But while promoting his book, Comey told ABC News that he thought there was at least a possibility that it really took place. “I honestly never thought these words would come out of my mouth, but I don’t know whether the current President of the United States was with prostitutes peeing on each other in Moscow in 2013,” he said. “It’s possible, but I don’t know.”



    • moggiemoo says:

      So not a WEF stooge then? Like the others? I know which I’d rather have.


    • tomo says:

      – are you saying they didn’t ?

      They’re certainly stuffing Green eco slime tiresomely into millions of feeds?

      I wonder if The Press Association have a 77th Liaison bod.



  22. wwfc says:

    I dony know if this has been on here before but its very funny


    • MarkyMark says:

      Hi, I’m Bob Boeing, founder of Boeing.
      You know, flying can be
      a stressful experience
      for people of all ages.
      Here at Boeing
      we know, you feel safest
      when you’re flying on a plane
      made by a company
      that, above all else, prioritizes
      Sorry, Steve.
      Welcome aboard,
      Black Woman Steve.
      I don’t have to use this right?
      You do know I’m just an actor?
      Classic Black Woman, Steve.
      As you’re flying through the air
      at 30,000ft in a pressurized metal
      tube being propelled
      by highly explosive jet fuel,
      you can rest easy
      knowing that you’re in a Boeing.
      And at Boeing,
      we have stringent standards
      making sure to hire our airplane
      technicians based on the single
      most important factor.
      What they like to do in the bedroom.
      Now we institute regular
      surprise certification checks
      to make sure everyone is qualified.
      Show of hands. Who’s gay?
      I am, I am.
      I’m a methodist.
      Close enough.
      We know when you board an airplane.
      Your first question is, who’s the pilot?
      Well, there’s no need to worry
      your pretty little head about that
      when you’re on a Boeing.
      Our new oppression detection
      technology scans the pilots
      to make sure they’re part
      of a marginalized group, like women,
      Pacific Islanders, or even the blind.
      (Humming) Access granted.

      Straight male detected.
      Looks like this white man
      is blasting off again.
      So next time
      a door falls off one of our planes,
      you can take pride in knowing
      it was slapped on there by a minority
      or a gay.
      Or maybe both.
      And when your plane is coming in hot
      and the landing gear fails to deploy.
      Just remember, all
      our technicians have had extensive
      DEI training and most of them are LGBTQ.
      Only a bigot would
      have a problem with that.
      You’re not a bigot, are you?

      I didn’t think so.
      So remember, if it’s not a Boeing,
      I ain’t going.

      Welcome to PublicSq the marketplace
      for those seeking products from brands
      that champion
      traditional American values.
      Join millions of patriotic Americans
      in supporting small businesses
      that align with our love for truth,
      our country, and the Constitution.
      Shop your values at PUBLICSQ.COM
      for quality products,
      services and exclusive discounts
      from like minded businesses.
      Yeah, so basically it scans you
      and then unlocks the cockpit
      as long as you’re gay or whatever.
      Access granted.
      A few bugs to still a workout, Bugs?
      No it’s 100% accurate now.



    • pugnazious says:

      Would be funny if it weren’t pretty much true in all too many organisations.


  23. tomo says:

    “Amnesty” … stuffed with Gramscian Marxists who’ve never had a real job.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Chris Rose

      Conservative | Likes the Union & Brexit | Can be located in a gym 🏋🏾‍♂️ | Architecture & Construction background 🎓| Keen on crypto market volatility 📉📈
      West Midlands, EnglandJoined August 2013
      1,534 Following

      . . . .

      “Hello BBC, Israel did it. We’ll provide evidence later, trust me bro.”


    • MarkyMark says:

      “We found evidence that Saudi border guards have used explosive weapons and shot people at close range. In what appears to be a policy targeting migrants and asylum seekers, including women and children, at the border. Human Rights Watch believes this may amount to crimes against humanity.21 Aug 2023”



      • tomo says:

        South western KSA has been “injun country” for decades – while i was there quite a lot in the 1980s there was sporadic ambushes of travellers + tribal disputes spicing up the banditry.

        It didn’t help that many Saudis regarded “Yemmies” as sub human vermin…. I somehow doubt that’s actually changed much.


      • G says:

        Coming to a country near you soon.

        It all has to end that way quite soon. It will be the only way.


    • pugnazious says:

      Human rights are man-made and can be unmade…and of course are entirely subjective….and what about the rights of the people in the countries these economic migrants, sorry, asylum seekers, want to invade and colonise?

      What is the figure that triggers the border to be shut in Amnesty’s head, if any? In theory billions could head to a favoured country…all of China or so many in India or in Muslim countries…how much of Africa can debunk to here?

      Idiocy and madness masquerading as humanity and morality.


  24. pugnazious says:

    Whether you agree with Farage or not it’s the sheer hypocrisy of the media and politicians as they ‘forget’ what has been said previously by him and others…Starmer especially.

    Listening to the BBC you’d never know Farage had said all this in 2014 and many time since….so why the sudden sanctimonious outrage? Why no mention of the fact that he has said this many times before…and that the BBC, the Guardian and, oh, er, Corbyn, have all pushed this very same narrative about Nato.

    Starmer is full of pious humbug…what an arse…but who is calling him out?

    In 2014 Corbyn said this…

    ‘Nato belligerence endangers us all’
    ‘It is the US drive to expand eastwards which lies at the root of the crisis in the former Soviet republic, argues JEREMY CORBYN – and it’s time we talked to Russia ‘


    In 2017 and 2019 Starmer enthusiastically backed Corbyn to the hilt to be Prime MInister of this country…and yet Corbyn had so much toxic baggage no-one with any sense or sense of morality could in conscience back Corbyn…but Starmer did….until he saw the chance to take over the Party himself…so he stabs Corbyn in the back. If Starmer had had any backbone and real integrity he would never have backed Corbyn regardless of election or not.

    Starmer is probably one of the least trustworthy of all the leaders…a man who will literally say and do anything to get into power.

    Farage should refer every media organisation that fails to mention the ‘context’ of his comments and that they are in no way unusual nor ‘extremist’ to Ofcom…not that you can trust Ofcom which has decided Reform can only have limited airtime….maybe refer Ofcom to Ofcom.

    Everyone must vote Reform just to rub the lefty Establishment’s nose in real diversity…of opinion….they really need such a kicking.


  25. MarkyMark says:

    Modi inaugurates Hindu temple on site of razed mosque in India
    This article is more than 4 months old
    Narendra Modi hails controversial opening as fulfilment of ‘dream that many have cherished for years’
    Set to be erected at the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA) in Staffordshire, the 13.2m minaret-shaped structure is to be constructed with brick and terracotta sourced from different parts of the UK and inscribed with the stories of Muslim soldiers who fought for the crown.28 Apr 2024
    Smethwick sculpture to celebrate women who wear hijabs



    • tomo says:

      – worshipping the Red Dwarf robot Kryten now?

      Looks like an upgrade to the Series 4000

      Robert Llewellyn is going too need a gig when his EV shilling dries up -Hindu god impersonator seems like it might run?


  26. pugnazious says:

    Odd isn’t it?

    Heard on the BBC that Starmer had cleared out Labour and changed it for the better having de-toxified it by banning Corbyn…..which would be great but for the fact that Angela Rayner, who is a hardcore Corbynite, is erm, deputy leader of Labour under Starmer…oh and let’s not forget Abbott, another Corbynite, is still onboard [thanks apparently to Rayner pleading her case]

    Strange no-one mentions Rayner’s suspect allegiances.

    Labour’s not exactly de-toxifed given that Rayner is commonly seen as heir-apparent to Starmer as party leader.


    • Up2snuff says:

      pug, I was yelling at the radio over Starmer’s words re ‘Bet gate’ “What about Diane Abbott? Starmer didn’t just re-admit her to membership he let her stand for re-election. So much for his advice to Rishi to “boot them out of the Party”.

      I have a suspicion that the Conservatives may not do as badly as polling is suggesting for 4 July.


  27. pugnazious says:

    BBC tells us that there was a suspicious spike in betting on the date of the election just before the announcement…thus…it must be insider information and sleazy Tories…indeed today on Kuenssberg’s ‘Newscast’ we were told that if we add up the bets allegedly laid by Tories it doesn’t add up to the £6000 that we hear was laid durng that ‘spike’…thus there must be many more Tories, yes, only Tories, who are guilty of gambling…and you can be sure the narrative was of ‘guilt’ not mere accusation.

    This is of course the dumbest deduction…given that the BBC was pumping out dramatic news that they believed something ‘big’ was about to be announced just before the actual announcement….such as an election was to be called….a BBC journalist yesterday admitting that he’d been told by Tory insiders that it had been decided and July 4 was the date.
    So anyone listening to the BBC might have then decided to place a bet…and that includes many journalists themselves apparently….thus the sums do not add up because idiotboy on Newscast hasn’t taken into account the reality and the fact that the BBC was itself broadcasting ‘insider information’ and generating the belief that an announcement was about to be made.

    Newscast is just a vanity project for smartarses to mock and smirk about their pet political hates….utterly pointless and biased.


    • Scroblene says:

      Beeboids aren’t capable of keeping their gobs shut are they!

      The disaster of them leaking serious information before an important offensive in The Falklands comes to mind…


  28. Fedup2 says:

    Been looking at the reaction to the comrade Robinson . Farage interview – I’m not the only one to point out that Robinson doesn’t look well ….


  29. Guest Who says:

    I did chuckle.

    Im no PR guru, but the people in the photo are not from the Windrush generation


  30. MarkyMark says:

    All Labour MPs are free to say what they want …

    “Eight Reform UK candidates have made a wide range of offensive remarks online about women in the past, the BBC can reveal.

    The remarks include disparaging comments about the murdered MP Jo Cox, former Prime Minister Theresa May, and a black reality TV contestant.

    The comments were posted between 2011 and 2023.

    Reform UK and the candidates involved have all been approached for comment.

    Earlier this week, the party said it planned to sue a company it hired to vet potential MPs.”



    Emmett Jenner, the candidate for Ynys Mon, who shared a post from Conservative Party Headquarters which read: “PM: I want girls who are growing up today to know that they can achieve anything they want.”

    Mr Jenner commented on the post: “Like fertilising eggs & providing Y chromosomes.”


    • G says:

      ““Eight Reform UK candidates have made a wide range of offensive remarks online about women in the past, the BBC can reveal.”

      Some say………………


  31. tomo says:



  32. tomo says:

    One of the biggest newspapers in the Netherlands is warning its readers that Dutch citizens should get accustomed to the notion that electricity will not always be available to them…


  33. Northern Voter says:

    It seems weird to me that the Black Broadcasting Corporation is not banging on about the Hindujah family and their prison sentences for slavery, better than 4 years for one of them. I then remembered that Gaylord Mandelson got them British passports in the last Labour administration. Makes sense now.
    I’ve sent off my postal vote, go Reform.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Slavery in Islam never happened (c) BBC Verified fact.

      Outsiders: Hiking
      Amira shares her passion for hiking and how it led her to found The Wanderlust Women – a group that encourages Muslim women to get outdoors.


      “group that encourages Muslim women to get outdoors.” HA H HA HAHA HAH A


      ” Summaya and Sham are apprehensive upon arrival; it is a big thing for them to be stepping out the box of what is deemed to be normal for Muslim women. “


  34. Sluff says:

    Having seen how the BBC treat Nigel Farage as opposed to say, Jezza Corbyn (‘and how is your allotment today?’) it comes as no surprise that the biased BBC ‘investigative journalists’ manage on cue to come up with this…

    Eight Reform UK candidates have made a wide range of offensive remarks online about women in the past, the BBC can reveal.

    Amazing what the BBC can ‘uncover’ when it suits.

    White girls in Rochdale and Rotherham might have wished for equal revelations, but mysteriously it was beyond the BBC.


  35. MarkyMark says:

    from order-order.com comment


  36. Sluff says:

    If only I could vote for a party that was

    pro eco-fanatic
    Pro-cycling and anti-car.
    Pro Hamas
    Pro gay
    Pro ethnic minorities, even when they are now the majority
    Pro big government
    Pro mass immigration

    But alas I can’t, so I guess I’ll just have to watch some of their TV programmes instead!!!! When is Dr Who on ?


    • MarkyMark says:



      • JohnC says:

        Even the far-left Independent can’t stomach it. They give it 2 stars.

        Doctor Who episode 8 review: After all the hype and hoopla, this finale is a big let-down

        Hard to believe when it has such amazing scenes as this. I kid you not, this is a promotional picture from the Radio Times. Probably the best bit in the whole episode.

        What makes me laugh is how they desperately try to leech previous succesful series by rehashing anything they can and also give jobs to all their old friends who can’t get work any more. That’s Anita Dobson. On the Left in case you have been radicalised by the BBC and are now colourblind.

        Can’t wait for the viewing figures. Will it be a new recordbreaker ?.

        Never in the history of showbusiness has something so utterly rubbish continued to be so massively hyped. It started when they made the Doctor a woman. I saw busses and huge billboards promoting it and it still bombed. I bet the BBC keep that budget secret. Someone should ask them how much they spend pushing it.


        • Mrs Kitty says:

          I’ve recorded it and I’m trying to psych myself up to watch it today.


        • G says:


          “Never in the history of showbusiness has something so utterly rubbish continued to be so massively hyped. It started when they made the Doctor a woman. I saw busses and huge billboards promoting it and it still bombed. I bet the BBC keep that budget secret. Someone should ask them how much they spend pushing it.”

          That’ll carry on endlessly until they are deprived, once and for all, of the public’s licence money to then waste.


  37. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – more misandry and paganism from the BBC

    Suranne Jones (actress, brought up a Roman Catholic) has made a programme about witches. JustRemainIn Webb was the interviewer. “So witches were mostly women, then?” asked Justin. Suranne: “No, some were men.”

    Previously Suranne had said James VI of Scotland (James 1, King of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales) was afraid of witches but as something of a theologian he investigated witches and their spells. James 1 of England is of course known for the Authorised King James version of the Bible, so as someone inclined to Christianity or as a devout believer, it is highly unlikely he would be afraid of witches.

    Perhaps Suranne has a thing about King James 1 because the Gunpowder Plot occurred during his reign?


  38. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #3 – are the BBC trying to influence how people vote on 4 July?
    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – are the BBC trying to influence how people vote on 4 July?

    TOADY’S attack on Reform and Nigel Farage.


    • MarkyMark says:

      GREEN …

      Replace the Home Office with a Department of Migration, separate from the criminal justice system
      Simplify the visa application process, reducing application fees to just cover the processing cost
      Scrap the minimum income requirements for spouses of those holding work visas
      End detention for all migrants suspected of immigration offences unless they are a danger to public safety
      Allow those seeking asylum in the UK to work while their claim is processed …. INCLUDING DRUG LORDS?
      Create more safe and legal routes for people seeking refuge in the UK


      Workers Party … twinned with Palestine.

      End sanctions on developing countries and other actions that cause the conditions that prompt people to flee their countries
      Divert resources from arms spending and Nato to invest in border security, with more patrols at sea and on the coast
      Set up fair visa and citizenship arrangements to discourage criminal gangs exploiting those trying to reach the UK
      Train refugees to fill gaps in the labour market – EVEN THE CHILDREN?
      Discourage economic migration except in areas of clear labour shortages
      Take migrant numbers into account when building social infrastructure, such as housing, schools and healthcare – THIS MEANS JUST ADD 35% RIGHT?



    • MarkyMark says:

      How were the issues chosen?
      We (BBC LEFT LEANING GROUP THINK) have selected EDITED/REMOVED/ETC issues highlighted in polling company Ipsos Mori’s Issues Index, a monthly survey that measures the things the public believe to be the most important facing the country.



  39. JohnC says:

    Israeli army strapped wounded Palestinian to jeep

    And even by the BBC’s standards, here we have and example of the most extreme of racist double standards.

    Hamas attack the IDF from their bases in UN refugee centres, UN schools, UN hospitals and anywhere else. 100% using them as human shields because when they get killed, they can be photographed by racists working for Getty so the BBC can use them and added to their ‘death total’ which the BBC tell us in every article.

    ‘The individual was eventually transferred to the Red Crescent for treatment.’
    There’s your key line BBC. He didn’t have his head cut off in cold blood. He was taken to hospital. And there’s no way the IDF would put a savage like that inside a jeep with them.

    They even blurred out the terrorists face to protect him from something. No idea what.

    An absolutely sickening story from the BBC trying to infer they were using him as a human shield while they hide the fact Hamas do it all the time. Shame on you, you racists.


  40. Richard Pinder says:

    Election interference by OFCOM: https://youtu.be/UKcErPWhtMA

    Send an email to: michael.grade@ofcom.org.uk “Why is OFCOM interfering in the election by implementing rules that force the media to censor Reform UK”


  41. Doobster78 says:

    The BBC thought that Reform UK was a little protest party , a Far Right fringe . Then Nigel stepped up , they overtook the Tories in the polls and then wallop….story after story , investigation after investigation into any tiny misdemeanour of any candidate.

    They are rattled, you could see the anti Reform party rhetoric ramping up as soon as they finally realised that yet again , just like in 2016 and Brexit , the BBC are on the wrong side . They have now gone full on attack mode

    Yet still , Reform Uk Facebook numbers surging , Nigel Farage Facebook numbers nearing 1.2 million followers and same with his new Tik Tok . Any posts get thousands of likes and the comments get hundreds.

    Like he says , SOMETHING IS HAPPENING. Those of us who aren’t blinkered with hate like the BBC can see it , this is 2016 part 2 . Yet the BBC , again , completely missing the mood of the nation, it really is quite a skill they have.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Don’t you like the way I move when you see me?
      Don’t you like the things that I say?
      Don’t you like the way I seem to enjoy it?
      When you shout things but I don’t care
      Something’s happening and it’s happening right now
      You’re too blind to see it
      Something’s happening and it’s happening right now
      Ain’t got time to wait

      ‘Something Better Change’ – The Stranglers


  42. Fedup2 says:

    Disappointing – the msm leading with another blue labour ‘official ‘ with multiple bets on the election date …. Here’s to self interest ….
    ……but I thought the Sundays wouid have something more substantial for ‘anti reform ‘ but it seems not – unless they are saving scandal for closer to the election date for maximum impact.
    There are more ‘leaders ‘debates ‘ ( why?) we know they’ll just be ‘everyone gang up on Farage’ – which of course will play into the hands of reform … although in reality – will anyone bother watching ? The postal votes will all be going in this week anyway ….

    Vote reform


    • Scroblene says:

      Postal votes will be going in this week, most of next week, and the majority of them a few hours just before, during, and just after completion of the count!

      The last votes will be copies of dead people’s stuff, screenshots from smartphones, scribblings on fag packets, finger writing on buses’ windows, kebab shop trays still smeared with offal…


  43. Guest Who says:

    All kicking off in Weybridge. Must visit.

    The London Bus Museum in Weybridge will celebrate the Windrush Generation at its Summer Festival later


  44. Fedup2 says:

    Never realised weybridge had such a rich diverse vibrant vulnerable heritage …. Innit


  45. AsISeeIt says:

    George Peppard, in the role of Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith, in the TV show The A-Team, liked to say “There’s a plan in everything, kid, and I love it when a plan comes together.”

    And so it is this weekend that we read the headline: Reform candidates’ offensive remarks seen by BBC – what a busy little bee our Laura Kuenssberg, Presenter of Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, has been: …a wide range of offensive remarks online about women in the past, the BBC can reveal – which serving to further chum the waters lands quickly in the wake of: Farage defends Ukraine war remarks after backlash… In an earlier BBC Panorama interview (BBC) – a fine example of the ‘backlash in response to’ strand of keepy uppy journalism – ie keeping the story going for a bit longer.

    Meanwhile the Guardian on Sunday which is the Observer tops the BBC press review line-up today (natch) and provides the gynaeceum which is BBC News staff the material for a not quite the anti-Labour jibe what you thought it was at first glance headline to introduce their online beauty parade of the nation’s frontpages…

    ‘Infected with Putin virus’ and Starmer growth plan ‘doomed’ (BBC)

    In long form that apparent Sir Keir diss headline turns out to be a petition, nay a plea, on behalf of our temporarily hibernating deeply ingrained Remainerdom, to the man who – under a slightly different brief (Comrade Jeremy Corbyn v The Crown, Britain, Regina and all who sail in Her) – fronted up Labour’s second Brexit referendum policy. One oughtn’t to call him Sir Flip-Flop – ace lawyer that he is he’s more of your Taxi For Hire (TM coined by former Labour minister Stephen Byers who described himself as being like a “cab for hire” in the 2010 lobbying scandal)

    Starmer’s growth plan ‘doomed’ without access to EU markets… Rejoin the customs union – top economists… 56% of voters say Brexit bad for economy (Observer) – top econimists, yet? Not just yer run of the mill economists – what a clever construction – assuming we’re not all suddenly bathing in a jacuzzi of wealth – like cartoon character Scrooge McDuck – five minutes after Starmer enters number 10 Downing Street to the tune of D:Ream’s Things Can Only Get Better stuck on repeat on Steve Bray’s beatbox – as the clouds part and the sun shines down on the warmest, hottest, most glorious post-election morning eva since records began (TM the Met Office) then we’ve got the excuses in early – it’s jus’ cos we’re not in the EU

    There’s some more revealing going on – revealing… that tends to be when journos want to tell you half the story

    Constipation nation we ain’t

    20,000: the major sewage leaks total in past decade… the Observer can reveal – gosh, I wonder why that might be? Could it have anything to do with the ‘sheer weight of traffic’ as they tend to say in explanation of the congestion on our roads? There are those who claim, despite the census, there may be anything up to 90 million people availing themselves of our Great British toilet facilities, courtesy the one goverment department that’s been pulling it’s weight productivity-wise these days – the passport and visa issuing office.

    Bad actor

    Zelensky: Farage is infected with ‘virus of Putin’ – exclaims the ever-excitable Mail on Sunday

    The Sunday Mirror picks and chooses which mega-rich personalities to fan-girl celebrate and which to bitterly complain of: Royals pose for a Swift selfie – contrasts with throwing shade on: Wad a lot they got Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata


  46. Guest Who says:

    Twitter is a bubble. A small bubble. But one with immense reach, especially between bubble dwellers.

    I am one, clearly, but in my defence I follow and post across a broad church…. science, social, history… plus, yes, some politics.

    It has now been utterly swallowed by the msm and one man. To the exclusion of near all else. Even Gaza.

    The absolute hysteria over @Nigel_Farage telling the truth about the #Ukraine war is the shape of things to come. The Establishment narrative over this and a hundred other things is a Potemkin Village – paper thin! If he and I are in the next parliament expect fireworks!

    No wonder Toenails and Laura K look like drained husks as their credibility drains away. It’s like a reverse Dorian Gray with each activist shill client ‘journalistic’ outing.

    And for what? They seriously think they are part of something that isn’t utterly corrupted and an utter joke.


  47. atlas_shrugged says:

    Times radio reporting this morning that the lying bBC are reporting a ‘surge’ of snake bites in Bangladesh.

    What does ‘surge’ mean bBC? From 2 to 3?

    Could this possibly be a hysterical report based only on social media reports?

    If you believe everything on social media then the next thing they will be telling you is to take a vaccine because it is 100% safe and effective.

    And I even soiled myself by getting a bBC link:


  48. friend of yogi bear says:


    I cannot bear to listen to it myself but I’m told that yesterday a most amusing event occurred on the BBC s flagship “Any answers”, the phone in follow up to that very tired, boring, stale “Any Questions” ( It lost its audience when it lost its impartiality).
    The event was ..wait for it ….a lack of callers, even the noisy cranks that usually enjoy a moment in the spotlight have given up with this BBC nonsense.
    How embarassing…I suspect those in the know within the worlds favourite broadcaster put it down to just bad luck and/or a stupid audience.

    You get what you deserve , not always but often.


    • Guest Who says:

      See above. The political media bubble is minute. Especially the BBC end. Yet these clown get market rates.

      The only time things get feisty is when an £85kpa cretin punter does something really dumb.

      Postal votes have been arriving and @KatyLoudonSNP and I were delighted to hear how many in #Blantyre have already been returned with @theSNP X on the ballot paper

      At which point client media go quiet. Expecting The National will respect the Sabbath today as BBC Scottish Labour go mental.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Friend – interesting incident and one that chimes with my current thinking .

      What the msm doesnt get is that maybe 99% of the population has other things to do when it comes to politics .
      They see a brand – uniparty or reform and plonk for one or the other.
      Internet spats on x or the bbc dont count for much other than those in the swamp looking for gotchas / scalps for their own careers – see Robinson / meesh .

      Its why farage is so good – standing out as a good communicator with a pro british message.


    • Guest Who says:

      Ex Beeboid Oil Slick Crick suddenly discovers media are meant to hold power to account.


      Quite the thread.

      Given in a week or so we will see the HoC rammed with kids, crooks, racists, chancers, idiots, all gunning for the sacred £85k based on knee jerk voting of parties based on #whatyouneedtoknow bbc ‘guidance’.

      Our offering here is TimNiceButDim from the Pariah Party, Col. Blimp from Reform, Lady GazaGaga from the Greens, some Central Casting Limp, a ponytailed Indy who is trading on being ponytailed, and a Labour history teacher who knows nothing about history but knows what a salary hike opportunity looks like.

      The previous husting Labour PPC was a retired headteacher who was looking to boost the pension. And was illiterate.


  49. Fedup2 says:

    Seems that there is a new religion – beyond the current – its the church of taylor swift . She has disciples called swifties – and her songs are received with ecstatic reverence …


  50. Deborah says:

    We were talking at breakfast about what the new cabinet would look like after July 4th. It is expected that David Lammy will be our new Foreign Minister. I cannot forget how well he did on Mastermind. We all know he went to Harvard. I have been searching google to find what qualification he received. I can find he attended, or studied there but not what he achieved.