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  1. Up2snuff says:

    I dedicate this first place to Nigel Farage, Reform and also to Scrobie.

    Fed was correct in his assumption that the BBC would spend the weekend attacking Nigel Farage & Reform over his remarks about Ukraine/EU/NATO.

    Shades of this year’s Repubican Convention, was it in South Carolina? Former President Trump’s comments about those who do not pay their full NATO share and whether the US would step in to a conflict if European nations had a budget shortfall.


    • pugnazious says:

      Was just looking at a BBC report from April…they made this blatantly false, by its exaggerated implication, statement…

      ‘Former US President Donald Trump, who is campaigning for re-election, controversially said he would encourage Russia to attack Nato countries which failed to spend enough on defence.’

      The way the BBC report that it’s as if he actually meant it and was encouraging Putin to attack when in reality it was a Trump style joke and bluster to wake up the complacent Europeans who haven’t invested in their own defence.

      Same with Farage as the BBC [and many others] spun his comment into a narrative of him being a Putin puppet putting us all in mortal danger. The only people putting us in danger are the Tories who have cut, cut and cut the armed forces to a point where they are effectively not battle-worthy….and with no ammunition stockpiles and no capacity to produce more quickly and in quantity…..and the same Tories who scrapped the gas storage so when the SHTF we were left with no gas and no energy security.



      • Up2snuff says:

        pug, exactly. Former President Trump has been consistent in holding this view since 2016/2017 although Stoogie on here has not been paying attention. Wake up Stoogie! All of the MSM picked up on the Republican Convention statement of Former President Trump but as you correctly point out, the BBC make it seem worse than it was.

        Dr Snuffy’s diagnosis: BBC has severeTDS/anti-Conservative syndrome.


    • Scroblene says:

      Thank you Uppers! Have an OBE!

      I was watching a ‘Frost’, with little/big dog asleep next to me on my right, and a glass of red on my left!

      ITV of course back then – no Beeboid antics, just plain coppering without the diversity crap the cubiclists flop around in…


      • Up2snuff says:

        Thanks, Scrobie. I am hoping that you will have a go at ‘three in a row’ First in Thread and achieve it soon. Dilemma: do I have a go myself as I think I have two in a row now?


        • Scroblene says:

          Snuffers, I’ll gladly help you attain a hat trick, purely by making sure I’m dozing when Fed puts a post up!

          And yes, you’re right about Former President Trump’s statements about NATO!

          He was determined that all the member countries who weren’t pulling their financial weight and contributing, should not expect to be protected!

          It’s not rocket science, but the beeboid thinkfart is always going to be negative about the man…


  2. Deborah says:

    Best I can do tonight is second. Well done Up2Snuff.


    • Scroblene says:

      Don’t worry Debs, by July 5th, we’ll all be ‘winners’ in some sort of socialist ‘race’ or other…

      …unless Mr Farage upsets the applecart!

      Vote Reform!


      • Up2snuff says:

        Scrobie, I’m not so sure. I live in the Canterbury Constituency that has Rosie Duffield as a member of Parliament. Rosie has had her struggles with the Labour Party over gender issues. Some have made threats against her of violence. She is refusing to campaign.

        In 2019, there were loads of Labour posters in windows on one of my regular routes. The trend now is estate agent-style boards on wooden posts; there are only two for Labour/Rosie Duffield and one for the Green Party. I am wondering if the kids at Canterbury Uni who possibly voted Rosie into Parliament in 2017 and in 2019 may choose other Party’s candidates, eg: LimpDems, Green or even Reform?

        Debs, thank you. I seem to recall you topping a Thread recently. You ought to have a go at ‘Three-in-a-row’.


  3. Doobster78 says:

    Indeed UP2 , it’s been relentless, but , how bloody refreshing is it to see Nigel stand up for himself / his views and not bow down to the MSM and the screeching Lefties across Social Media.

    How many times I wanted Boris to stand his ground but he just capitulated once the Left went mental .

    Well done Nigel , well done , the BBC have put so much effort into doing harm to Reform but I get the feeling it’s actually had the complete opposite effect.

    Vote Reform and Defund the cretinous BBC . What’s not to like.


  4. pugnazious says:


    • Fedup2 says:

      Vote Reform ….

      BTW – have they cloned Nigel Farage – he seems everywhere …


      • taffman says:

        Rule Britannia.


      • taffman says:

        A lot taffmen I know are going Reform !


        • G says:

          He’s simply appealing to common sense coupled with a fear of what the other two could get up too if elected.

          Common sense does appear to have woken up but only amongst the thinking element. There can be no hope for the true Socialists/Communists/Marxists.

          I still think there are great shocks on the way for some, come 5th July


  5. Sluff says:

    After years and years of casual but consistent anti-English racism by the SNP and fellow travellers, I must say that Scotland exiting the football gives me a certain satisfaction. The downside is the ‘unlucky’’hard luck’ stories we will now have to endure.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Sluff – I’m waiting for ‘Westminster ‘( ie the English ) to get the blame – dire game but that 100th minute was priceless – let’s hope Woke United get kicked out on Tuesday …. Although I understand the maths mean they’ll slide through …..

      The whole euro s have been pretty dire except for Portugal /spain – but a lot of dross ….


      • Scroblene says:

        Wasn’t Granville in ‘Open all hours’ Hungarian?

        That David Jason, (Frost comment above), gets in everywhere, doesn’t he!


      • Pat..original says:

        Euros described on Radio Devon this morning as ‘a major men’s tournament’. Can’t be long before we have a wimmin’s Euros.


  6. tomo says:


    • JohnC says:

      Lots of news sites reporting that story. The BBC are NOT one of them.

      Never forget the BBC reporting that the cluster bombs would SAVE lives by shortening the war.

      Then dropping the subject completely.

      They have become so immersed in their ideological war against the Right and the groupthink bubble they have created since Brexit and Trump that they have completely lost their moral compass.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Just the absence of reporting of this says a lot – not even the expected allegation that the Russians did it to their own – or the usual scream of ‘war crime ‘ ….. no mention of the UN saying anything either…


  7. tomo says:


  8. JohnC says:

    Deadly attacks on Dagestan synagogues and churches

    When the BBC will not use the word ‘terrorist’ to describe attacks like this, it’s a clear sign something is very wrong with their ethics.

    Yet they will blur out the face of a wounded Palestinian terrorist on a jeep connect or a terrorist in London being arrested by the police.

    ‘Following the attack on the Crocus City Hall venue near Moscow in March, authorities pointed the finger of blame at Ukraine and the West, even though the Islamic State group claimed it.’
    No BBC. That is a deliberate lie.
    ‘Putin said the terrorists tried to flee into Ukraine and that “the Ukrainian side” had “opened a window” for them to cross the border’.
    He didn’t deny it was Islamic state : he claimed Ukraine helped them.

    Wiki tells us that saying he provided no evidence. The fact they were caught on the motorway to Ukraine constitutes some evidence to me. Wiki is another outfit infested by Lefty activists.


  9. Fedup2 says:

    The BBC is running an advert for itself telling us it is ‘our election ‘ and that we will be informed of all views ( or words to that effect ).
    So who says the BBC doesn’t lie ? I’ve heard next to nothing about the Reform Contract -such as ending the TV licence or any serious discussion of it – or the polling of those supporting Reform .
    Now why could that be ? Could it be that the BBC detests people who want Britain to try to remain British ? Or cannot stomach the blues of the reds?

    No – they’d rather concentrate on the daily agenda of the red or blue – the lies and false promises …..

    Vote Reform .


    • andyjsnape says:

      Good morning Fedup2

      Reform is the only reason i’m voting again. Spoke to a few neighbours and they are voting for Reform too. Luckily we have a candidate in our area, but its early days, and hoping by the following election Reform will be in full swing, unless the bbc gets is claws in with the negative “reporting”


  10. Guest Who says:

    Presumably the moppet that reported this is about the same age?

    ‘Older people are voting on our behalf and it’s not fair’

    But, diverse.


    • MarkyMark says:

      ‘Older people are voting on our behalf and it’s not fair’
      How about … “Younger people have no idea about the real world or enough experience to know cause and effect.”

      This process often involves isolation, indoctrination, threats, rewards and the use of propaganda to remove free will. While most psychologists believe that brainwashing is possible under the right conditions, some see it as improbable or at least as a less severe form of influence than the media portrays it to be.


      Vote for more Arabs….”Arabs believe economy is weak under democracy Published 6 July 2022″



  11. Guest Who says:

    On the bbc a lot? Ever?

    It’s not a crime to call a Coconut a Coconut. To help @metpoliceuk I make plain Coconut, Coon, House Negro and Uncle Tom with examples 🥥


  12. andyjsnape says:

    bbc reports:-

    What’s happening today?
    Good morning! It’s going to be a busy Monday on the campaign trail, with issues such as NHS waiting lists, dentistry and gender transition rules under the spotlight

    Oww yes, gender transition, thats really important to 0.0000000001 % of the population! Totally out of touch bbc, and labour/conservative parties


    • Sluff says:

      My take is that the gender thing is a created touchstone issue for the Far Left whose overarching aim is not the issue itself but to destabilise western society. Any issue that will help them achieve that will do………and there are plenty of young people with time to spare in the school and Uni holidays to go on the demos. But not maybe the coming week-they’ll all be off to Glastonbury to join 400 BBC staff.
      Looking back it’s about one campaign per year and you can spot the plan a mile off.

      Climate crisis
      Just stop oil
      Stop the War
      Anti-car pro cycling
      And of course this year, Gaza

      All just different buttocks on the same a***.


  13. Guest Who says:

    Not Getty.

    Mother of four ‘traumatised’ by council flat mould

    Very BBC

    NI Swifties prepare for Dublin Eras tour dates


    • Fedup2 says:

      Some of the suggestions on the twitter range from – try cleaning it yourself upto stop breeding …presumably she is after a council house with garden ….

      .. but surely the baby daddies can deal with a bit of mould – are there 4 daddies – or didn’t she know who daddy is ….

      Elsewhere – a boost for the SNP as the Scottish squad return home …. Meanwhile the Scot’s fans will switch support to England … right ?

      … and Andy Murray might be backing out of Wimbledon …


  14. Fedup2 says:

    The blue insider betting story rolls on – with suggestions a lot more blues bet on the date . …
    Bet I ask – was this a ‘Normal practice ‘-?how many other events did blues financially benefit from …. By the looks of it – it was a common corrupt blue practice …


    • andyjsnape says:

      Hello Fedup2

      And trust the bbc will go on and on about it, all helps the likes of the bbc get Labour into government. Part of the bigger picture to get us back into the 3rd reich


      • Fedup2 says:

        Meesh ( who else ) has a chat about the Muslim thing in Saudi where at least 1300 – yes 1300 – have died because it’s hot .

        Normally when someone dies – particularly a coloured or Muslim – the BBC is all over it like a heat rash – but this one – meesh could care less – perhaps in her belief it is ‘gods work ‘

        So no representative of the Saudi government summonsed to get the treatment . …
        There’s always a theme that the bbc gives Saudi an easy time – but perhaps it’s part of the Islam take over of what used to be British institutions …


  15. Fedup2 says:

    Green Party leader admits she has a gas boiler not a heat pump …
    That’s a DT headline – world has gone mad mad ….

    ( she should obviously resign and spend more time with her cats )


  16. Mrs Kitty says:

    What with the boundary changes and Reform this election is getting too exciting for me, then we opened our postal votes ( we’re abroad) and the Reform candidate is a gentleman by the name of Harry Palmer. Not a lot of people know that, we’ve been in hysterics all weekend using Michael Caine puns left right and centre.


    • Scroblene says:

      Around 20.24, there’s a great story about Michael Caine and Adam Faith!

      Maurice Micklewhite and Terry Nelhams…


  17. MarkyMark says:

    If it saves just one life – BAN THE HAJJ

    “At least 1,301 people died during Hajj – Saudi Arabia”

    “The Black Stone (Arabic: ٱلْحَجَرُ ٱلْأَسْوَد, romanized: al-Ḥajar al-Aswad) is a rock set into the eastern corner of the Kaaba, the ancient building in the center of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is revered by Muslims as an Islamic relic which, according to Muslim tradition, dates back to the time of Adam and Eve.”


  18. friend of yogi bear says:


    We are now told the Gambling scandal relating to the general election date is widening…good thing too.

    How wide though? Wide enough to cover people within the Cabinet office for example….Civil servants… and those married to journalists…just saying, in a spirit of completeness, husbands of ..ooh let me think ..maybe ITV journalists , editors of newspapers.

    I suspect any enquiry won’t go there, you can bet on it.


    • Sluff says:

      Without justifying Partygate, there seemed to be very few politicians and an awful lot of civil servants and spads involved. The latter categories got away Scot free.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Sluff, I seem to recall the BBC became terribly upset over some Civil Servants being sacked leaving No.10 Downing Street after ‘Partygate’. Maybe it is good to ask why? Especially as we know that Laura Kuenssberg “worked so hard on ‘Partygate’.”

        The CSs ‘were let go’ and immediately found lucrative employment elsewhere.


  19. AsISeeIt says:

    Extra football reporting and lot’s of good stuff for the ladies – what’s not to like in this spiky bra bumper edition

    Slow Och Aye The Noos day

    The Guardian tops the BBC online press line-up this morning – no big surprises there – and although one may have won a few quid from the bookies with some inside knowledge about the outside chance Rishi would call an early election – the likelihood this headline: Scotland crash out of Euros (Times) – was pretty much a dead cert given the dire state of Scots football. In fact a real turn up for the books these days is when the Tartan Army actually manage to qualify for one of these tournaments.

    Not that football is everyone’s cup of tea or can of Irn Bru

    The point I’m making is that surely to goodness anyone genuinely interested in following the fortunes (or otherwise) of the Scotland international soccer team was already perfectly well aware of the result last night.

    One is often moved to make the same remarks in respect of BBC broadcast reporting of social media viral news – anyone who bothers to follow that stuff already knows.

    Blanket coverage in the cold light of day only comes in the manner of a bad hangover – with all the consequent headache, regret and sentimentality, tinged with a fair degree of schadenfreude on the part of your so-called mates – such raking over the dead embers of a formely breaking news story is the inevitable fate consigned to our dead tree press nowadays.

    But we digressed. BBC gynaeceum favourite the Guardian publishes a rare frontpage feature pic of a mass of middle aged unusually pale skinned chaps in dark blue shirts – you guessed it: Scotland out of Euros after last ditch defeat – bottom of their group, two losses and one draw, two goals scored, as opposed to seven goals against – not even close.

    It’s a knockout

    Obviously it’s a game of two halves, it’s not over until the final whistle… (pick your favourite cliché – like the Beeb pic their favourite newspapers for top spot) – Late knockout blow for Scots (‘i’)

    Heartbreak for Scotland in the final minute – regrets the unionist Telegraph – Mr AsI’s analysis of the group table tells him hanging on for a nil-nil draw would still have relegated the Scots to an early bath – check my maths by all means.

    The Rishi Lackey loyalist Daily Express was formerly ‘United with the people of Ukraine’ on their masthead before that motto became a bit lame: Scotland the brave’s Euros dream dashed – Scotland’s Euros Dream…? Did they think they were going to win it? Does Rishi think he’ll win his general election?

    The Express likes a pic of Scots coach Steve Clarke consoling literal Scott, McTominay, by cupping the young midfielder’s head in his hands in a pose almost as though he’s going in for the kiss – ‘easy, tiger’ – we don’t want to see another notorious Spanish Football Kiss incident: During the incident on August 20, the then-head of Spain’s RFEF football federation held her head in both hands and forcibly kissed her on the lips after Spain won the World Cup in Australia. He has said the act was “a consensual peck” but Hermoso has insisted it was not. (Al Jazeera) – somewhat after the fact she did, anyway.

    Let’s have a palate cleansing female interest calm down dear

    How I ended up in a ménage à quatre… Fabian was a half-Roman, half-English Zac Efron-lookalike, tall, dark and handsome with light, ocean-like eyes. (Daily Mail) – half-Roman? I’m afraid that brings to mind images of BBC-imagined african centurians up on Hadrian’s wall.

    We met in the French Alps over the breakfast buffet in a luxury chalet hotel. He told me he felt our ‘spark’ immediately. I did, too. The sex was like nothing I’d experienced before. It was natural, playful and sensual. It felt intimate and deep. Healing, in fact… – calm down dear. But be fair chaps, you’ve had your football porn. Isn’t it funny how female porno fantasy tends exotic, foreign and monied.

    On that basis it’s odd that Rishi Sunak can’t capture the female vote.

    While the ladies are served up ‘natural, playful and sensual’ us blokes are presented with: Cara in Paris, and it looks like she’s making her point (Express) – this is Sharp dresser Cara Delevinge, the model and actress, wearing a Simone Rocha tribute to Jean Paul Gautier’s 1980s conical bra for Vogue World: Paris last night (Times) – she’s the one with the eyebrows – if you’re into spiky corsets likey to impale your chest as you’re going in for the ‘concensual peck’ and she’s got the ‘resting bitch face’ [an unkind, annoyed, or serious expression that someone has on their face when relaxed, without intending to: Having a resting bitch face makes people think you’re unfriendly]

    The Telegraph also carries the same glamour shot frontpage feature pic – and vaguely apropos: Tim Stanley Brace yourself for Sir Keir’s war on joy

    Killjoys? They’re the sort of people who complain about a little bit of sunshire: Met Office issues risk-of-death warning (giveaway Metro)

    Don’t panic: Summer sizzle to fizzle out in just three days (Telegraph) – good old British weather – on the turn just in time for Wimbledom

    But if you were thinking of your holidays…

    Five dead after missile shrapnel hits beach (Telegraph) – it’s in Russian Crimea not Gaza -so you won’t see any big protests about that.

    The FT is making my ‘far-right’ word search puzzle game childsplay – of course the pink paper feels the need to put some market-orientated spin on their liberal corporate globalist reports

    Far-right turn… Le Pen trusted over economy (FT) – well, if we can say Keir Starmer’s Labour is now trusted with the economy, the French trusting our Marine isn’t such a stretch.

    You Go Girl

    A little something more for the ladies: Feminist organisations formed protests across France yesterday in opposition to the policies of Marine Le Pen’s far-right Rassemblement National party – oh, come now FT, you’re spoling us with your far-rights – make a game of it and just have one instance on your frontpage and make it hidden away a bit.

    How’s that net zero workin’ out fo’ yer?

    Traffic control schemes become a campaign issue (FT)


  20. Fedup2 says:

    Asiseeit – I’m glad you make reference to the excellent Tim Stanley piece in the telegraph – here it is – no mention of the BBC – but perhaps a glimpse of the immediate future …

    STARTS This is how the Conservative world ends, not with a bang but a flutter. The Tories in office were gamblers, shaggers, nutters and clowns, but at least they were funny – and their wrist too limp to grasp power entirely. Now the cavaliers are leaving the stage; here come the roundheads. Brace yourselves for a war on joy.

    The most significant moment in this campaign was when Keir Starmer got angry about people laughing at his hundredth recital of the “daddy was a toolmaker” line. He couldn’t grasp that they were laughing at him, not his father. Though some will assume his fury was concocted to save face, what little we know suggests it was 100 per cent real.

    The Tories have never understood the man. They call him Corbyn in disguise, a commie dressed as a Blairite – and thus every attack line fails because voters can sense it’s not true. He’s a hawk on war; a tough guy on security. There’s no grand plan to redistribute power and wealth. Keir’s character is conservative: calm and honourable, concerned less with method of government than style, with shades of Ted Heath’s “to govern is to serve”. He likes beer, 1980s music and football. He had a strained relationship with his dad, which fascinates touchy-feely media types but is familiar to those of us whose fathers were “present but not involved”. And he self-defines as working class to emphasise he’s the very opposite of Corbyn, that while the radical Left is motored by ideas, he is all about biography – a “lived experience” that super-rich Rishi could never understand.

    Starmer is exciting, says Labour, because he is boring. So boring he could be an android. In a recent interview, he said he didn’t have a favourite novel or poem, and wasn’t afraid of anything as a child. Asked by a journalist desperate for colour what he dreamt of last night, he replied, “I don’t dream” (not even of electric sheep). He goes to bed at 11, passes out and wakes around 5am.

    Want to know how he’ll govern? Look at how he’s silenced and expelled the Labour Left. Listen to his highly personal attacks on his opponents: Rishi is a liar, Boris was “a pathetic spectacle of a man”, “without shame” and “ridiculous”, His preferred tone is sanctimonious, which in No 10 will quickly become tedious.

    The Left is always over-earnest. It can deploy humour as a weapon, but the reason why its efforts at satire are never truly funny is because they are uni-directional, the gags at service to a crusade that is almost unconsciously religious. “Joking aside,” they’d like to say, “the Tories are pure evil.” And one must never discount the possibility that the old crone at the edge of the village really is a witch.

    See, the great divide in British history isn’t Right v Left but cavalier v roundhead, a historic war between those who think life is a mess but we should try to enjoy it versus those who see it as a deadly serious struggle to build heaven on earth. Starmer looks unoriginal because he’s not here to start a revolution, he’s here to complete one. For decades, perhaps centuries, we’ve been eradicating our traditional order to build something egalitarian, bureaucratic and politically correct –though we’ve hitherto permitted a little bit of extra wealth or freedom or Ruritanian camp as a nod to how things used to be. Those are the relics that Labour’s puritans find most offensive. They are what will be swept away.

    The Lords has no teeth anymore, but it must go. Foxes cannot be chased, but even drag hunting will end. Private schooling is already exclusive, but Starmer will make it prohibitive (grammars and home-schooling will be next). Gentlemen’s clubs will be encouraged to admit women. Shrunken heads will be returned with a letter of apology. The CofE can bumble on because it’s Labour at prayer anyway, but the last vestiges of Christian ethics will be erased from the law books – abortion decriminalised, suicide to be assisted – as a new moral paradigm is clinically entrenched. You know what’s coming: rainbow flags everywhere, ministers reeling off pronouns, the Equality Act expanded, gender nonsense endorsed.

    The next government will also go to war on the car, declare a climate emergency, discourage meat, scream at smokers that they’re going to Hell, and chip away at property. No, Starmer won’t raise the big three taxes; that would hurt productivity. But he implied in his definition of “working people” – those who cannot write a cheque – that idle wealth is a decadent luxury.

    Charles I collected Van Dycks. Cromwell sold them off. And, if the Labour super-majority were so inclined, it would ban maypoles and Christmas puddings.

    If you want a vision of the future, remember lockdown – an attempt to make the country do the “right thing”, with the noblest of intentions but demoralising and destructive. And absolutely no laughing at the back.

    Whatever gimmicks are tried by Labour, no matter how comically they go wrong, critics will be accused of frivolity – of insufficient concern for the public’s welfare. The second most significant moment of the election campaign was when Sunak admitted to a diet of Haribo and Twix, and an angry caller demanded to know why he was making light of tooth decay.

    Britain is going to be run by people like that for five long years.ENDS


    • AsISeeIt says:

      Good to know our Tim agrees with Mr AsI how Lockdown demoralised the British workforce: ‘If you want a vision of the future, remember lockdown – an attempt to make the country do the “right thing”, with the noblest of intentions but demoralising and destructive’


  21. micknotmike says:

    As one cannot fail to notice, the media and particularly the bbc, are going full tilt against Nigel F. for his comments about Russia and Putin. As soon as the Ukraine cash machine started rolling, we were being told that plucky Ukraine were being bullied by their nasty Russian neighbours.

    As soon as the bbc tell me something, I instantly search out the alternative story. Once you read about the nato Eastward expansion(s), despite assurances, their intentions to move into Ukraine, the overthrowing of Ukraine’s elected government by the west, and numerous murders in the east of the country by the new neo-nazi authorities, you can’t fail to realise that there may be two sides to this.

    Follow the money, and don’t mention the 500 000 ukranian deaths caused by b1den and z3linsky.

    My opinion of Mr. Farage has gone up for having the guts to say what he thinks now, rather than sneaking it in after the election. He has actually said what a lot of people may be thinking, and it could actually improve his standing rather than coming out how the bbc hope (“Beer drinking man bad”).

    If he is really serious about losing votes he could claim that men can have a cervix. That’s a real vote-winner.


  22. Doobster78 says:

    Nigel Farage just posted on Facebook that his first grandchild was born yesterday evening.

    7000 likes in 13 minutes

    No other politician has that reach / following . Great to see


  23. Sluff says:

    If at age 16 you are not considered sensible enough to drive a car or drink in a pub, and if charged with a crime your anonymity is protected and especially so if you are found guilty……………then how come you should be able to VOTE??

    A Labour policy without any BBC coverage whatsoever afaik.


    • Nibor says:

      What would they do if if a twelve year old Self identifies as a 16 year old ?


      • Ian Rushlow says:

        If my 29 yo and 33 yo sons self-identify as 12 yo, can I claim child benefit for them? And if not, why not? Or if they self-identify as 70 yo and West Indian, can they have some of the Windrush compensation payments that Surker wants to expedite to encourage more black people to vote Labour now that they’ve lost the Muslim vote correct a grave injustice?


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      The idea has always been that youngsters are idealistic and lack judgement and so will vote for the Left (‘Anyone who isn’t a communist at 18 hasn’t got a heart but anyone who isn’t a conservative at 40 hasn’t got a brain’ etc). But, contrary to expectations, young people (the more intelligent ones) are flocking to Reform UK, AFD, National Rally, Brothers of Italy etc. Labour might find it won’t go according to plan…


      • Scroblene says:

        Yes, I’ve noticed that, Ian!

        When before, they may have voted for ‘none of the above’, or the Monster ravers, they are thinking a little bit more these days!

        A family with sensible kids, having normal Conservative values which have been eroded by Sunak’s disastrous tenure in No 10, might well adjust to voting Reform, and take the kids with them!

        It’s a good bet IMHO!


  24. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – another chance for the BBC to Bash Bibi!

    Mishal Husain interviewed the previous head of Shin Bet the Israeli Internal Security Service (sorry, forgotten his name: it may have been Ami Ayalon who is a retired Labour Party politician!). Not many interruptions from HarshHeadmistress Mishal: compare with her interview with Chris Heaton-Harris, Conservative Minister for Northern Ireland. I am sure that Mishal wanted Ami (if the interviewee) to Bash Bibi, which he did slightly but probably not as much as Mishal had hoped. Ami did display his left leaning inclinations, though, toward the Palestinians.

    Oh dear, how sad, never mind.


  25. andyjsnape says:

    bbc still trying to overturn the Brexit referendum:-

    Ros Atkins: Is Brexit still important to voters?

    Yes is the answer, know stick your nose out bbc


  26. Fedup2 says:

    A few years ago when I was housebound being a full time carer I would have the radio on ( earphones ) – and because o was caring around the clock I’d get into sort of routines to keep myself sane …
    I’d listen to the racing tips on Today sports section . Now it has been announced that the item is being dropped ……presumably the Muslims running the BBC think betting – or any form of enjoyment it wrong ….

    At the end of the year a chap who listened every day wouid tell Gary whether the tips yielded a notional profit or not …. Just another radio 4 tradition dumped ….

    End the BBC vote reform …


  27. andyjsnape says:

    bbc feels it needs to inform us of the following:-

    How lesbian kisses on TV have changed over fifty years

    its by Samuel Spencer
    Senior Journalist

    Yes a senior journalist to come up with that.

    So glad I dont fund this organisation to produce top quality news!


  28. MarkyMark says:

    “Exploding batteries spark deadly S Korea factory fire”

    South Korea is a leading producer of lithium batteries, which are used in many items from electric vehicles to laptops.



  29. andyjsnape says:

    Are renters a new electoral coalition?

    “For Labour there is also the very real risk that private renters do not vote at all” – bbc is upset

    Surely the bbc dont pay these students for coming up with this rubbish


    • Fedup2 says:

      Presumably a lot swerve the voters register and not pay the community charge ….


  30. tomo says:

    Black Milk Matters


    • MarkyMark says:

      “Where the scribbler of this comment piece got it wrong is that it’s impossible for Reform to ‘parachute’ a candidate into a safe seat because, as a new party, we have no safe seats despite the rapidly increasing numbers of supporters, including in Swansea West.

      It is true that I live even further from Swansea than Torsten Bell but the difference between us is that I am planning to relocate to the area. Not for form’s sake but because I want to represent the place I will live in. The place Bell by contrast wants to live in, I strongly suspect, is 10 Downing Street – the ‘safe’ Swansea West his route there, relying on a historically vast Labour vote to win power.”


      • Fedup2 says:

        Marky – read a piece a while back about the ‘friends of starmer ‘ who are being quietly parachuted into solid red seats – including – of course – Mrs grays son … Mrs gray being the ethics supremo civil servant hired by 10 Mohammed street to destroy itself ….
        A lot of the other parachutes are – if I recall – relatives of existing reds ….. the power ( majority ) will go to their heads ..


        • Ian Rushlow says:

          I had a discussion with a uniparty candidate on Saturday, during which the topic of proportional representation came up. To my way of thinking, if a party gets 1% of the national vote they should get 1% of the seats, 10% vote gets 10% of the seats, and so on. Her argument against was that it requires a party list, with people voting for the party rather than a local MP who knows the area and can represent it and its constituents. She, of course, does not live here, had no connection with the area prior to a month ago, and was parachuted in by headquarters and without the input of the local constituency association…


          • Guest Who says:

            Of all candidates, only the incumbent here has any political experience. The rest are just chancers.

            I was going to say he is an ok local MP, but essentially is like all of them a copy typist who passes on concerns to whatever hapless minister is installed that week, or a whipped droid doing as they are told.

            Plus lots of posts in local/social media at football matches or kids’ schools that achieve nothing.

            The Reform guy is ex SAS but will simply hand the media all they need to work up the activist unemployed.

            Decisions, decisions.


            • Guest Who says:

              Some really shocking scenes in this undercover expose of an NHS A&E department in tonight’s @C4Dispatches and afterwards I will be joined by health experts to discuss how to fix the NHS. It will be a politician-free zone after the Conservatives declined to have the Health Secretary debate her opposite number in Labour. So expect more light than heat for a pleasant change.

              Politician free sounds attractive.

              Media selected ‘experts’ sounds back to square one.


          • moggiemoo says:

            I said much the same on another site a few days ago. Votes for a party divided by the total number of votes cast gives a percentage which is applied to the number of seats. Let the members of the individual parties fight amongst themselves for who actually becomes an MP.


  31. Terminal Moraine says:

    BBC excited about the UK’s first Muslim Pride event: “… the day will include a panel discussion with scholars and activists from the community, workshops on topics from Islamic feminism to the joys and challenges of being out […] Sayyada, one of the organisers, says she is “extremely excited” and “a little bit nervous”. ”

    I bet she is.

    Only at the end of the article do we see this: “Unlike many other prides, Muslim Pride will be behind closed doors, something that’s important to the organisers at this stage.”

    Having to do Pride behind closed doors away from prying eyes and stabby spectators is but a minor impediment to the gay global Disneyland so desired by the BBC. Anyway their strange airbrushing of religious doctrine has not gone unnoticed by the scholars at Muslim media org 5Pillars. Good luck with that Islamic feminism workshop, Sayyada.



  32. Terminal Moraine says:

    I know there’s a lot of support for Reform with everyone here but I’m still undecided. Kind of tempted by this new party though —


    • Fedup2 says:

      Terminal – I was originally going to vote for ‘none of the above ‘ but when Reform got its’ act together it was an easy decision because there is no one else …

      … I don’t care whether it ‘splits votes on the Right ‘ – the blues are not of the Right – only Reform is …. End the blue regime …


      • Terminal Moraine says:

        Fedup that’s still my preferred option such is the dire state of things, but I can see it’s also a matter of who will provide the biggest spanner in the works so I’ll give it some more thought.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Terminal – just remember that this may be last election where there is a choice …..
          — I did a list the other day of what I think the reds will do – but in those first 2 years they’ll just be killing those with ‘the Broadest shoulders ‘ who can afford to pay ‘a little bit more ‘ …to use their snide lines –
          There will be no hiding place for saving – downsizing ISAs the 25% pension ‘tax free ‘ thing …. Increasing VAT on things like air flights and petrol … in truth both the blues and reds would be doing this …. The blues no longer have the moral strength to cut spending on public services after they’ve imported the world in the last 10 years …


          • Terminal Moraine says:

            Yes the old political divides aren’t relevant any more, but as Guest says below, the blob always wins so will be interesting to see how much Reform can make life difficult for the establishment.


      • Guest Who says:

        After three nose holding outings on a least worst basis, I was also headed for #NOTA, especially given the clear disconnect between promises and delivery.

        Reform may or may not be different, especially once a naive new MP encounters the civil service blob.

        Nigel is clearly a force to be reckoned with, but at our hustings his PPC was as dire as the others.

        Decisions, decisions.


  33. Fedup2 says:

    Paul Johnson of the IFS points out that the uni party is going to increase taxes to meet spending commitments post election and that both are either silent or denying it.

    I fear that the reds will attack housing – regrading council tax as well as charging CGT on all house sales – including the primary residence – which has traditionally be exempted .

    Any promise not to do these will be negated post election by ‘we didn’t realise it was so bad ‘ being spouted by Rachel reeves like a parrot …


  34. digg says:

    The BBC working on a new Tory attack.

    The financial department IFS boffin (Public Sector so already suspect) has said that the parties are not being realistic with their manifesto pledges on the economy and tax.

    BBC have picked up the bone and have gone into full stealth verify mode and will undoubtedly conclude that it’s really only the Conservatives who are culprits, or at least the worst culprits but it will be done using their drip-drip-drip tactics over the next few days.

    They have already slyly virtually whitewashed the Lib Dems on this who incidentally have never-ever run a jumble sale stall let alone the economy.

    The conclusion of this is pretty much a cert!


    • Sluff says:

      The IFS have been big state, big government, high public spending advocates for as long as I can remember.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Sluff – but the point they make is true -tax rises are coming whoever is in charge ….


  35. Sluff says:

    Thinking about the betting ‘crisis’. Thinking about the timing etc. and then thinking about various other mishaps. Is it possible there has been a fifth column inside Tory HQ all along? Various folk ready to explode a crisis on cue? I mean, when do civil servants ever lose their jobs? They can do what they like, break the rules, and there is no downside. Just look at Partygate.

    It may be a bit conspiratorial and mad but it feels like even the most useless government would not statistically make this many c*** ups by chance.


    • pugnazious says:

      The country that kicked a German woman out of her council house so that a migrant could live there.

      The country that invited in a million people with a religion that is intrinsically anti-Semitic ironically in order to make up for Germany being so anti-Semitic in WW2.

      And of course no woman is safe in Germany now.


  36. tomo says:

    “Don’t worry, it’s okay. I pay a congestion charge so that should soon clear all that up.”


  37. tomo says:

    Monday eh?


  38. Doobster78 says:

    Another barn storming speech from Nigel Farage from the top of a bus in Kent .

    So refreshing to hear someone not afraid to say it as it is , was a great 45 mins . Plenty of cheers and a few laughs when he said that Rishi wants to leave the Gambling Commission 😂😂

    All the other leaders pussy foot around not wanting to offend anyone but Nigel gives zero shits .

    Simply superb 👏


  39. Guest Who says:

    “You can literally start podcasting from your bedroom…”
    @leannealie learnt 📻 production to progress her career and now she’s a commissioner for @BBCSounds
    Here’s her #MediaCareer tips ➡ bbc.in/3zg9EsD

    Anything else needed to progress a career at the BBC?

    Sopes and Strumpet need not reapply.


  40. wwfc says:

    The party’s over for the Tartan Army …Again look at the image they use I cant tell you how much I despise the BBC



    • Guest Who says:

      Hummer’s cousin?

      The image I retain is more traditional, albeit the guy in question, bonnet, kilt, etc is rolling around smashed out of his wee mind almost falling off a parapet.


  41. Doobster78 says:

    Hopefully a link to the Nigel speech earlier. All good but the little bit about Boris from approx 23 mins is a good watch .

    Boris is definitely a busted flush with the electorate now. What a wasted opportunity he was.


  42. Tabs says:

    I have been testing the BBC moderation for a Have Your Say on taxes

    My post of “Vote Reform for lower taxes” was removed before appearing for this reason:
    “This comment has been removed because special House Rules are in effect during election periods.”

    I reported another comment “Tories are scum”. Within a minute the moderators decided and said that is fine for it to stay.

    I then posted “Tories are the cause of all problems” and that was allowed to stay up.

    Typical BBC anti Reform and anti Tory. No surprise.


  43. friend of yogi bear says:


    Further to what I wrote this morning about the “Great big betting scandal” it seems at least 2 lobby correspondents have admitted that they may have possibly put bets on the date of the election….

    Journalists indeed …..surely some mistake …..they are such moral, upstanding members of the community….who instinctively know when somebody else’s behaviour is wrong.

    Let’s open up this investigation, start at the centre… cabinet office perhaps, and friends of people working in the Cabinet office, a good thorough job please.


  44. tomo says:

    Linked to time


  45. wwfc says:

    Your new PM lol


  46. pugnazious says:

    Curious timing….Ten days ago we heard that the IFS said the Parties were engaged in a ‘conspiracy of silence’ in regard to taxes…..oddly the BBC ignored this despite it hitting the headlines elsewhere. Only now do they report it…indeed it’s big news on the BBC with many reports and analysis of the statement…why ignore it then 10 days ago?….

    ‘The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) accused Labour and the Conservatives of engaging in a “conspiracy of silence” and ignoring “painful choices”. ‘

    You might be suspicious that when, at the same time the IFS comments were being reported, there was a huge furore over Labour’s tax plans and Starmer claiming it was all lies the BBC kept quiet about the highly respected IFS saying everyone’s lying or not being honest about how much tax they will need to raise and where it will come from.

    A Telegraph headline from June 13….

    ‘Labour promises 14 ‘reviews’ instead of policies, as party accused of ‘conspiracy of silence’ ‘
    ‘The IFS also accused Labour, along with the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, of adopting a “conspiracy of silence” on the scale of hard decisions needed after the general election on July 4, including on planned spending cuts in unprotected government departments.’

    Bit of news management from the BBC?


  47. MarkyMark says:

    A Storyville documentary, mostly animated, that charts the extraordinary true tale of Ali, a gay Afghan man, and the desperate measures he is forced to take to escape persecution.



  48. MarkyMark says:

    Exploding batteries spark deadly S Korea factory fire

    Stay indoors advice lifted for industrial estate fire