Did you read that Peter Hain is to make a formal complaint to the BBC Trust over the appearance of the British National Party leader, Nick Griffin, on BBC1’s Question Time?

This follows what insiders described as a “robust” meeting between the Secretary of State for Wales and the show’s executive producer, Ric Bailey, during the Labour Party conference. “Mr Hain said yesterday: “I fundamentally disagree with the BBC’s decision. I fully understand why colleagues feel they have to appear, but I certainly wouldn’t appear with a racist, fascist representative – I think it gives them legitimacy.”

Glad to see that Peter Sissons rebuffs the pain Hain.

“Instead of bleating to the BBC Trust, why doesn’t the great campaigner offer to go on the programme and dismantle the BNP’s policies himself?”


Did any listen to this interview on Today this morning between John Humphyrs and Conservative Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley? The tone adopted by Humphrys throughout was sneering, aggressive, combative and very challenging. Now I have no problem with this whatsoever, but I would simply contrast this with the last twelve years of pro-Labour Today driven sycophancy (apart from when Tony went to war, of course!). I suspect that as we enter the next period of Conservative government Today will once again assert itself as the broadcaster of choice for the insurgency. This morning, we got a glimpse of the future as the State Broadcaster prepares to go into opposition. I would prefer it went into oblivion, wouldn’t you?


Have you been following BBC coverage of Labour’s farewell conference today? If I understand what they are saying correctly the fact that The Sun has come out unambiguously in favour of Cameron is a matter of little import. I recall when the same newspaper came out in favour of Blair from 1997 to 2005 this was trailed by the BBC as having significant impact, but no longer, for some reason.

What IS important, as a representative of the NASUWT put it on the..ahem… delightful PM programme, is that the evil BNP must not under any circumstances be allowed to have members employed in the Teaching profession. Naturally the BNP were not permitted to respond to the Nulabour position espoused at conference by Mr Balls today. The BBC could have enquired of the NASUWT spokesperson why some legal political parties are more equal than others and on what legal basis was it right to discriminate against the BNP but of course that is never going to happen. To be clear; I have no time for the BNP but I do believe that it should be treated the same as every other legally constituted political party in the UK and the fact that the radical Socialists in power and the courtiers in the teaching unions think otherwise should not be adopted as the BBC default position.
The ideology of the likes of RESPECT and the SWP are just as repulsive as the BNP but they get a free pass from the BBC and are never brought into these discussions. Indeed the entire multiculti welfare loving leftist agenda of Nulabour is considered pretty obscene by many people so maybe individuals holding those political views should also be banned from holding employment in the teaching ranks?