I have not watched the Palin/Biden debate yet, but I can only assume Palin has done very well indeed. The reason I say this is that listening to the BBC’s coverage of this event on the Today programme this morning the entire tone was that Palin had not fouled up. Essentially the BBC line was that “gaffe-prone” Palin had managed to just about hold her own, though she wobbled “a bit” on climate change and Iraq. Biden was painted as having glided serenely through the debate. So, if we believe the BBC, instead of being a total train-wreck, Palin just about got through. Talk about raising and lowering expectations. The BBC, like their soul-mates in the Democrat Party, are scare senseless of the values Palin stand for and so they have spent the last several weeks mocking her. Meanwhile, back in the real world, I can but assume that Sarah walloped slow Joe.

McCain Irresponsible?.

I was listening to an item on the Today programme just before 7am concerning Iraq and was struck by the comment from the BBC report who said that he was stunned when John McCain claimed last week that the US was “winning” in Iraq. Further, he added that this was “an irresponsible” comment. He went on to state that although the Surge had worked, a lot of success was down to “the awakening” (Former Ba’athists who had fought against the US now working for them) and the acquiescence of the Mehdi army. Naturally, no criticisms of Obama who opposed the surge, no praise of the US military who have prosecuted it. The BBC relentlessly propagates the idea that Iraq is another Viet Nam, that we have no business there, and that victory is not an option. Now I accept that some out there may think these thing (I don’t of course) but the BBC role is to provide balanced opinion and on this issue it spectacularly fails time and time again. The only drumbeat is that encouraging cut and run and so when John McCain and others press for victory, the little defeatists in the BBC attack them.


Well, Hurricane Gustav has hit target …which in the eyes of the BBC is the Republican Party Convention due this week. I caught the BBC news this morning and it was a question of how many references to Hurricane Katrina could be squeezed in along with the outrageous accusation that President Bush failed the people of New Orleans. This was all aimed at providing collateral damage to McCain of course. Naturally every mention of McCain was balanced with a favourable reference to the Chosen One and all in all I think the BBC were delighted that they have gotten away for another day without affording McCain the rapture afforded to Obama last week. Now that it is obvious that the “mother of all hurricanes” – indeed “the worst of the past 100 years”..(If not all time? – Nagin does love to exaggerate and no-one at the BBC sees fit to challenge him) – has, erm, missed New Orleans, can we now please move to providing some balance to the euphoria of last week, please? That said, my concerns remain with the residents of Louisiana and Texas, hope the BBC will be providing them with the same concern lavished on the residents of New Orleans….