I thought that General Nick Parket did rather well in this interview with the BBC this morning. In true patriot style, the BBC narrative was to get the General to “admit” that all those lost military lives in Sangin were in vain and now we are retreating, leaving it to the Americans. The BBC appears to loath our Armed Forces and never misses an opportunity to try and diminish them. For that alone, it deserves to be axed.


Did you read that the head of Britain’s special forces has been trying to stop the publication of a book by a senior BBC journalist which describes in “tactical detail” operations carried out by the SAS in Iraq from 2003 to 2009?

The major-general, who cannot be identified for security reasons, is concerned about the impact of Task Force Black on the elite regiment’s operational effectiveness because of the contents, which are understood to be based on interviews with members and former members of the SAS. Negotiations with lawyers representing the book’s author, Mark Urban, Newsnight’s diplomatic and defence editor, and the Ministry of Defence, have been going on for months, and a compromise had been reached.

I suggest that the BBC’s visceral hatred of our military – and our Special Forces in particular – drives this sort of project and even though the publication of this book may result in future deaths of OUR soldiers, I am sure Newsnight’s Urban has no such worries. 


BBC reports that “western forces” have killed at least ten civilians, including eight schoolchildren, during an air strike in eastern part of Afghanistan. This can’t be confirmed owing to the presence of Taliban in the area which, I suppose, might just explain the reason for the air strike in the first place. The BBC seems to glide past that minor point in its’ desire to paint “western forces” as bloodthirsty child-killers. Know your enemy.


Always nice to see the BBC giving prominence to those in our armed forces who desert their post.

Lance Corporal Joe Glenton is being charged with desertion. He went absent
without leave in 2007 after a particularly unhappy period in the army and having
been told he would have to go back to Afghanistan. It is said he “has
problems” with the military operation in Afghanistan.

The BBC is inherently anti-military and is thus attracted to those who desert their comrades in pursuit of their own moral equivocations. Lance Cpl Glenton knew the terms of serving his country and the fact that he then decided to run away from the battle does not make him a hero or a cause celebre except through the eyes of the BBC. He is a common deserter and should be made to pay the price.


It’s not really that subtle, is it? BBC lead story is McDoom defending his strategy of under-equipping our military in Afghanistan. In McDoom-speak this means claiming our military are better equipped than they have been for decades. All fantasy, of course. The BBC then segues into a story concerning alleged abuse carried out by a British soldier in Iraq. Simple equation; British Army = bad. The beat is always the same – pretend to be concerned about our Armed Forces then do everything possible to undermine them in order to get the desired result – withdrawal from Afghanistan.


Nothing like starting the day with the proposition that the United Kingdom cannot afford to defend itself. Looks like losing an effective nuclear deterrent is the way forward in these turbulent times- or so the left wing IPPR and BBC shills would have us believe. To pick up on the title of this post, what’s so funny ’bout peace love and understanding?


Meant to ask you if the read the BBC’s shocking, yes shocking, commissioned survey of British Muslim opinion that shows three-quarters of those surveyed said it was wrong for the West to intervene militarily in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Around a third of those surveyed reckon the UK police and society to be anti-Muslim. Encouragingly, ONLY 16% oppose our forces fighting Al Queda. With a UK Muslim population of around 2.5 million, I make that around 400,000 AQ sympathisers in the UK. Wouldn’t THAT make an interesting headline?


You have to hand it to the BBC, they are relentless in their opposition of our armed forces participating anywhere in the world where they might make a difference. And so this morning, the State Broadcaster is flogging a poll that IT has commissioned which suggest that the majority of people here agree with the BBC contention that we should withdraw our soldiers from Afghanistan. This is a trailer for a BBC debate this evening hosted by Eddie Mair “Should troops leave Afghanistan?”. First it was troops out of Iraq, Now it is troops out of Afghanistan. I recall the BBC cheer-leading for the troops out of Northern Ireland movement some years ago. Whatever the military question, the BBC answer is always the same; troops out.

I also am interested in the idea of the BBC determining news by commissioning loaded polls. Here are a few suggestions for some more BBC polls.
1. Should Jonathan Ross be sacked forthwith?
2. Should people have the choice whether they pay the license fee?
3. Should the Burqa be banned?
4. Should all illegal immigrants be deported?
5. Would it not be best if the UK left the EU?
Got any more to add? It would be nice to have a list of questions we can be sure the BBC will never commission a poll on!

McCain Irresponsible?.

I was listening to an item on the Today programme just before 7am concerning Iraq and was struck by the comment from the BBC report who said that he was stunned when John McCain claimed last week that the US was “winning” in Iraq. Further, he added that this was “an irresponsible” comment. He went on to state that although the Surge had worked, a lot of success was down to “the awakening” (Former Ba’athists who had fought against the US now working for them) and the acquiescence of the Mehdi army. Naturally, no criticisms of Obama who opposed the surge, no praise of the US military who have prosecuted it. The BBC relentlessly propagates the idea that Iraq is another Viet Nam, that we have no business there, and that victory is not an option. Now I accept that some out there may think these thing (I don’t of course) but the BBC role is to provide balanced opinion and on this issue it spectacularly fails time and time again. The only drumbeat is that encouraging cut and run and so when John McCain and others press for victory, the little defeatists in the BBC attack them.