Biased BBC’s Alan points out…

“The BBC has revealed that MI5 and MI6 have been ‘cleared’ over allegations of being involved in torture….in other words the allegations by the ‘victims’ are lies. But they make sure you understand that this is only because of lack of evidence…..and so the Security Services are probably guilty of something….if only they had the evidence…but any way something else might be found soon.

However evidence is not always held in such high esteem by the BBC, even if it points conclusively to guilt.

The BBC has over the years been keen to give terrorists and Islamic extremists a platform to voice their ideology and grievances. The BBC is prepared to give a high degree of credibility to their tales whilst not giving equal weight to the statements of the security services, the Army and police.

British soldiers, according to Victoria Derbyshire, are murderers when they accidentally kill civilians in military operations, security services are all implicated in torture and the police are racist and violent, the Justice system weighted against Muslims. Mozzam Begg, Binyam Mohammed, and now Shaker Aamer amongst many others, are given the explicit backing of the BBC regardless of whether or not there is a wealth of evidence that they were involved in extremism.

The BBC’s naive elevation of such people to ‘martyr’ status and spokesmen for the Muslim ‘community’ without questioning their allegations in the slightest is highly dangerous for society, destabilising and undermining the secular State whilst promoting Islam as an essentially harmless ‘Faith’ intent merely on spiritual endeavours.

It is a shame the BBC have forgotten those who are the real victims, those who died at the hands of people who follow the same ideology as Begg and Co.

In 2005, in London, on the 7th of July 52 people were killed and over 700 injured by devotees of Islam.

The BBC leapt to the defence of the bombers, asking ‘what could drive such young British Muslims’ to do such terrible things…..concluding of course it was their treatment by British Society and British foreign policy….Islam means ‘Peace’…except for a few forgotten voices…..