Biased BBC’s Alan points out…

“The BBC has revealed that MI5 and MI6 have been ‘cleared’ over allegations of being involved in torture….in other words the allegations by the ‘victims’ are lies. But they make sure you understand that this is only because of lack of evidence…..and so the Security Services are probably guilty of something….if only they had the evidence…but any way something else might be found soon.

However evidence is not always held in such high esteem by the BBC, even if it points conclusively to guilt.

The BBC has over the years been keen to give terrorists and Islamic extremists a platform to voice their ideology and grievances. The BBC is prepared to give a high degree of credibility to their tales whilst not giving equal weight to the statements of the security services, the Army and police.

British soldiers, according to Victoria Derbyshire, are murderers when they accidentally kill civilians in military operations, security services are all implicated in torture and the police are racist and violent, the Justice system weighted against Muslims. Mozzam Begg, Binyam Mohammed, and now Shaker Aamer amongst many others, are given the explicit backing of the BBC regardless of whether or not there is a wealth of evidence that they were involved in extremism.

The BBC’s naive elevation of such people to ‘martyr’ status and spokesmen for the Muslim ‘community’ without questioning their allegations in the slightest is highly dangerous for society, destabilising and undermining the secular State whilst promoting Islam as an essentially harmless ‘Faith’ intent merely on spiritual endeavours.

It is a shame the BBC have forgotten those who are the real victims, those who died at the hands of people who follow the same ideology as Begg and Co.

In 2005, in London, on the 7th of July 52 people were killed and over 700 injured by devotees of Islam.

The BBC leapt to the defence of the bombers, asking ‘what could drive such young British Muslims’ to do such terrible things…..concluding of course it was their treatment by British Society and British foreign policy….Islam means ‘Peace’…except for a few forgotten voices…..

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18 Responses to FORGOTTEN VOICES

  1. Wayne Xenocrates says:

    The first two words say it all, ‘British spies’.

    Not British agents or security forces.

    Not the British authorities trying to protect us.

    Not British police forces trying to find out who is responsible for trying to kill us.

    No the piece starts with a sneer and continues in the same manner.

    This is the BBC doing what it does best.

    Who will save us from these traitors?


    • John Anderson says:

      They are NOT “spies”.   Spies are MI6 – spying on our enemies,  often behind enemy lines.

      They are MI5.   Counter-intelligence.  Defensive intelligence.  Trying to protect us from creeps like Begg and Binyan and their Al-Q and Taliban mates. 

      But either way – they are “military”.  And military is bad at the BBC.


  2. Nick says:

    The BBC has revealed that MI5 and MI6 have been ‘cleared’ over allegations of being involved in torture….in other words the allegations by the ‘victims’ are lies


    ‘Cleared’ can mean that we haven’t the evidence to prosecute. 

    ‘Cleared’ can mean that the government has decided to cover up. 

    Both does not mean ‘victim/accuser lied’. 


    • RGH says:

      The kind of folk M15/6 get involved with tend to lie.

      The Security Services have better things to do then pick up ‘innocents’.

      Bel Haj is a dangerous thug. He’s working with ‘us’ now re. Syria with a bunch of his armed LIFG mates on the Turkish border.

      Did he lie?. Embroidered the truth. Was he an Islamist ‘militant’. He wouldn’t deny it. He’s proud of it.

      Will he press charges?

      Only if it is expedient.


  3. Louis Robinson says:

    “There is no truth in the rumour that….” (insert lie here and get it broadcast).


  4. DJ says:

    This post is bang on. This is exactly why these cases perfectly showcase BBC bias.

    The BBC wants us to Mozza Begg and pals are just like the old cartoon character Mr Magoo, blindly wandering through life without noticing that – gosh, darn it – everywhere they go is full of known terrorists.

    Don’t prove nuffink, guv. Could happen to anyone.

    Meanwhile, any allegations at all against the security services are perfectly believable, even ones made by folks who think blowing up the No 55 is a perfectly reasonable way to make your point. No actual ‘evidence’ is required and it is the responsbility of the accussed to prove something didn’t happen.


  5. cjhartnett says:

    Why don`t they just level the BBC complex, repoint the rubble  in the direction  of Mecca , and then put a nice Persian rug over it so the never-ending queue of grievance holders can walk all over it when they`re not praying for our consigning to hell…and creating an intermediate one whilst Allah strokes his  beard up top?
    Is that a Crusades three parter coming up on BBC2…can you imagine who will to be to blame for it< boys and girls?…shame on you Dubya!
    On look-here`s saladin with some Turkish Delight for Pope Urban…oh no…no way!…quel domage!


    • RGH says:

      It’s commonly believed today that modern Muslims have inherited from their medieval ancestors memories of crusader violence and destruction. But nothing could be further from the truth. By the fourteenth century in the Islamic world, the Crusades had almost passed out of mind. Muslims had lost interest, and, in any case, they saw themselves as the victors.

      The Muslim world did not renew its interest in the Crusades until the 1890s, but now it saw them through a Western prism. Western imperialist rhetoric, infused with a tendentious reading of crusader history, gave Muslims the false idea of a continuing Western assault, while the romantic novels of Sir Walter Scott encouraged the myth of the culturally inferior crusaders confronting civilized, liberal, and modern-thinking Muslims.

      And, incidentally creating the ‘Bad Norman, Noble Saxon” idea that persists to this day.

      Todays’s commonplace is based on the same Victorian Romanticism lapped up by the modern Islamic nationalist who points out that WE agree with him. I wonder whether the BBC will do anything to disappoint him.?


      • ian says:

        I look forward to a documentary on the savage moslem invasion of the Christian middle east in the seventh century, complete with apologies from the current Saudi government for all the atrocities that their ancestors committed against these peaceful Byzantine citizens. The documentary should acknowlege that moslem civilisation is nothing more than the cultural works of conquered dhimmis from these and other “occupied territories”, and should call for compensation to be paid to their remaining descendants out of Saudi oil revenues.


  6. cjhartnett says:

    So Labour have got nothing to say this lunchtime then?
    For Ed Stourton heads the World At One with the unfolding drama regarding Binyan Muhammad and those rogues at MI5/6.
    Surely Ed Miliband licked his wounds from the last few days in a caring and appropriate manner…the Balls Coopers are making Yorkshire tea a la mode?…
    We`re therefore left with this one that floats even after the Today programme have pulled their own chains all morning.
    If we all shout together, maybe shy Shami from the LSE will emerge to tell us what SHE thinks of all this…I for one continue to be surprised at the BBCs take on any story that they care to concot, fluff up or play down all day and all night…until some Tory in the Chilterns gets cross.
    Saif Gadhaffi surely left a pencil case or something at MI5….there must be something there to keep our friends at Regents Park Mosque happy at what Al Beeb are screaming from the muezzin towers…


  7. pounce_uk says:

    Can somebody point me in the direction of this story as for the life in me I can’t find it. I do find as the main headines (As screen dumped) that the British are going to get investigated. I wonder why the bBC doesn’t want the world to know about how the British have been found“Not guilty” in looking funny and offending…Islamic terrorists.


    • pounce_uk says:

      Oh look the bbC have brought out a full blown Islamic terrorist in which to complain about the British way of life
      “Moazzam Begg: “This isn’t just about individuals, it’s about a whole system that went completely wrong” 
      Well here’s my message to the so called innocent terorrist the left love to suck up. Mr Begg if I find out where you live I will ensure I kidnap you, get naked women to forcefeed you bacon sarnies and shout out Jesus Christ  while they piss all over you. 
      Well from one Paki who loves England and the British way of life to another Paki twat who hates everything about the Uk all I have to say is.“Why don’t you fuck off back to a muslim country benchod.”


      • London Calling says:

        Why not fuck off back to a muslim country? Couldn’t have anthing to do with free money and free lunch could it? Feted on by Islamist fellow travellers, lefty grievance-mongers and lawyers with double-barrelled surnames still trying to get back at mummy and daddy and wash off the guilt for their privileged upbringing ? Won’t get any of that back a muslim country. We are not one – yet.


        • RGH says:

          It is almost too easy to say the obvious. If it is so horrible, why do they stay?

          All Islamic countries define citizenship by jus sanguinis ie Pakistanis, Turks etc cannot lose their citizenship even if they hold a British passport. They are effectively all dual nationals. This arrangement is anchored in their legislations. This goes down the generations and is not time limited.


      • Jeremy Clarke says:

        It takes a fair bit to shut me up, but I feel I should exercise self-censorship on all matters relating to Moazzam Begg and his little Salafist, supremacist pressure-group, Cageprisoners.

        Suffice it to say I am not an admirer of that dissembling pile of steaming, stinking excrement.

        Oh damn. The words just sort of…slipped out.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Can somebody point me in the direction of this story as for the life in me I can’t find it. ‘

      Possible reason?:
      ‘But what we do know is that the torture allegations they, the BBC, Stafford-Smith etc have made against MI6 and MI5 are false.’
      As much a fact in one medium as any in any others these days, I guess, but one that might be worthy of further ‘questions being asked’.
      National broadcasters engaging in falsehoods is perhaps a series of uniques too far.


  8. George R says:

    INBBC: inconsistent on Monarchy.

    In its political treatment of Monarchy in the UK, INBBC, in typical socialist-republican mode, is critical.

    But, in the following Dutch case, INBBC’s political treatment is pro-Monarchist, because, as usual, INBBC is duty-bound to oppose a particular Dutch politician, Geert WILDERS.

    “Dutch Queen Beatrix calls headscarf row ‘nonsense'”