5th May LiveChat for QT and Election Results

As usual on Thursday we’ll be bringing you the Question Time LiveChat session. But as it’s also Local Election results night we’re going to extend the chat to cover that as well.

So we’ll start at 10:30pm as usual and finish up whenever the last wibbling drunk can’t type any longer.

The AV Referendum count won’t be happening until the next day because they haven’t yet bought the voting machines that the utterly dishonest Electoral Reform Society claim not to be selling. But there will still be plenty of AV uninformed speculation and pointless rehashing of lies for us to pick over like the dregs of a goat curry.

As we’re covering the elections, we’ll be spreading the chat live across Biased-BBC, AllSeeingEye, MaxFarquar and a few others to be finalised. Thanks go to Max for the excellent logo designed for the night.

At some time during the night we should be celebrating our very own David Vance‘s election as a NI Assembly member so keep the champagne chilled for that moment.

See you all here on Thursday night…


Well, it’s the morning after as the dust settles and what have the BBC been saying? Well, they have been struggling to get past a sentence about Boris Johnson which does not contain the word “buffoon” for starters. Then we have them giving Jack Straw – the Chemical Ali of the Labour project – being given an easy ride on Today where he was allowed to babble about how great Labour had been but how it had been damaged by not listening enough and those pesky global financial pressures. You could feel the pain in the interviewers tone, I doubt champagne corks popped last night at Broadcasting House. I also noticed two stories that the BBC have not bothered much about following the results of the London elections. First the success of the BNP. Whether you like them or not – and I don’t -nonetheless their performance was quite credible and worthy of more coverage. It got virtually no coverage. Why? Also the crushing defeat at the poll by Saddam Hussein’s cheer-leader George Galloway has hardly been mentioned. Surely the BBC wouldn’t want to minimise the rejection of this nauseous specimen?