Well, it’s the morning after as the dust settles and what have the BBC been saying? Well, they have been struggling to get past a sentence about Boris Johnson which does not contain the word “buffoon” for starters. Then we have them giving Jack Straw – the Chemical Ali of the Labour project – being given an easy ride on Today where he was allowed to babble about how great Labour had been but how it had been damaged by not listening enough and those pesky global financial pressures. You could feel the pain in the interviewers tone, I doubt champagne corks popped last night at Broadcasting House. I also noticed two stories that the BBC have not bothered much about following the results of the London elections. First the success of the BNP. Whether you like them or not – and I don’t -nonetheless their performance was quite credible and worthy of more coverage. It got virtually no coverage. Why? Also the crushing defeat at the poll by Saddam Hussein’s cheer-leader George Galloway has hardly been mentioned. Surely the BBC wouldn’t want to minimise the rejection of this nauseous specimen?

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  1. David says:

    David, I think the BNP thing is two-fold. I really don’t have any time for them at all, but as a public broadcaster the BBC should at least register their electoral sucesses. But since they don’t like them, that’s never going to happen. The other side to it is that the majority of BNP votes come from disenfranchised Labour voters. Labour and the BBC always spin BNP voters as Tories gone bad, but it’s quite the opposite. You only need to look at where the BNP gained councillors to see it was Labour councillors they beat. So reporting BNP wins is a bit like reporting Labour defeats – not gonna happen.


  2. David Vance says:


    Excellent point. The BBC dare not admit that the BNP relies on disgruntled Labour voters for its support. So it becomes non-news. Fair and balanced?


  3. Biodegradable says:

    Of the four most recommended comments on HYS two say they voted BNP and the most recommended says:

    “No elections in my area this time but I would have voted BNP. The only party with the nuts to tell it how it really is.

    Blah Blah Blah, Soham

    Recommended by 375 people”


  4. Grimly Squeamish says:

    BBC news 24 had the ghastly Polly Toynbee – pass the industrial sized sick bag please – spouting absolute rubbish last night – ranting on the phone about how poor Leninstone had lost because of all the “negative campaigning” by the standard newspaper – forgetting the negative campaigning against Boris by the Guardian chip paper of course.

    She was given an easy time – unlike her mauling by Littlejohn on Q time – but it is oh so good seeing the priviledged, rich upper class left now braying on the beeb about how unfair it all is.

    No doubt the Beeb will continue to use these people to lay into Boris whenever he comes up with any new idea or instigates any policy which they don’t like…


  5. Martin says:

    I pointed out that in the London Mayor race, the BNP polled only about 7,000 votes less than the loopy Green bird. Yet she was always considered the “4th candidate” by the BBC, ignoring the likes of UKIP and the BNP. So despite all the support the BBC gave her, she did bugger all.

    When will the BBC admit that the Green issue is not one that the majority give a shit about?


  6. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Come on, people – keep sending emails to Slug Toynbee (and al-Beeb) about the disgusting personal abuse she has been spewing about Boris. And to your MP about al-Beeb corruption generally. Link to examples from this site. And then keep doing it again.


  7. Laban says:

    Be fair – I’m pretty sure I saw a piece on BBC online to the effect that ‘BNP vote disappoints’ or similar. Tragically there was no similar coverage for the performance of Galloway’s Respect Renewal, who I was expecting to do much better.


  8. WoAD says:

    It’s been consistent leftist policy to present National Socialism as a bourgeois and reactionary phenomenon.

    Hitler was so avant garde in so many ways:

    “Hitler the modernist: “He shared the common faith in ‘science,’ ‘progress,’ and ‘enlightenment’ (though not, of course, democracy), together with a practical materialism that scorned all theology, metaphysics, and any thought or action concerned with any other world other than “here and now,” priding himself on the fact that he had “the gift of reducing all problems to their simplest foundations.” He had a crude worship of efficiency and utility that freely tolerated “birth control,” laughed at the institution of marriage as a mere legalisation of a sexual impulse that should be “free,” welcomed sterilisation of the “unfit,” despised “unproductive elements” such as monks, saw nothing in the cremation of the dead but a practical question and did not even hesitate to put the ashes, or the skin and fat of the dead to “productive use.” He possessed the quasi-anarchist distrust of sacred and venerable institutions, in particular the Church with its “superstitions” and all its “outmoded” and “recidivist” laws and ceremonies. He abhorred the institution of monarchy; a determining factor in his refusal to crown himself Emperor of Germany. He had a naive trust in the “natural” man,” the “healthy animal” who scorns the Christian virtues – virginity in particular – that impeded the “natural functioning” of the body. He took a simple minded delight in modern conveniences and machines, and especially the automobile and the sense of speed and “freedom” it affords.”


  9. Martin says:

    BBC News 24 (Mark Sanders) just gave a report from outside City Hall that sounded like he was attending a funeral.

    He reminded us (numerous times) that Boris is a bit of a clown, that Boris has no policies apart from getting rid of bendy buses and that the arrival of Boris was all a bit in bad taste.

    However, seeing Boris arrive on Sky he seemed to be mobbed by the crowds, much to the disappointment of the BBC.

    The Beeboid also reminded us (several times) that Ken is STILL Mayor for a few more days, I was almost expecting him to burst into tears.

    Poor beeboids. Will we be hearing of a few more hanging themsleves soon? One can only hope!


  10. Grimly Squeamish says:

    The Beeb simply can’t believe what is happening. The backlash against the liberal-left social experiment has begun.

    Most senior Beebites live in cosey middle class – mostly white – low crime enclaves and are protected by generous salaries, pensions and perks.

    They simply can’t believe most of the country is pig sick of this government, of Ken Leninstone and his band of oiks, and of wet, rich hand wringing liberals like Toynbee telling us we’ve never had it so good.

    Time for a change. Long overdue.


  11. Martin says:

    Mark Sanders on BBC News 24 again. In a 5 minute piece to Peter Sissons I literally lost count of how many times “buffoon” or “buffonary” was used.

    BBC wankers. They are such bad losers.

    Did anyone see Peter Sissons reaction when he went to Sanders after Boris gave his speech? He slammed down the piece of paper he had in his hand onto the desk in a very aggressive way.

    I guess that the poor old Beeboids have lost their beloved Kent.

    They were asking what policies Boris would have. Well here’s a few.

    1. Not abusing Jewish reporters

    2. Not allowing fuckwit Muslim hate preachers to visit London

    3. Not arse licking 3rd world dicataors.

    That’s a good start as far as I can see.


  12. Martin says:

    Grimly Squeamish: Don’t forget St Polly also lives in a rather nice house, in Hampstead if I remember correctly.

    I wonder why she doesn’t live in some damp shithole Council house in Brixton so she can relate to the people she claims to speak for?

    That’s when she’s not off to Italy or sending HER children to private school of course.


  13. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    “The Beeboid also reminded us (several times) that Ken is STILL Mayor for a few more days” – and we can expect him to spend them sabotaging everything he can.


  14. jason says:

    Can anyone tell me why the BBC seems obsessed with Zimbabwe at the minute, it’s like every day I look at the BBC news site the top story is about that country no matter what’s happening in Britain (I see Boris’ victory and Labour’s defeat is only 3rd place, despite the BBC being funded by British taxpayers to whom the corporation should be serving first and foremost)


  15. Martin says:

    Any story that can be used to deflect McLiebour’s unpopularity or the failings of the one eyed deformed jaw one will be given priority by Al Beeb.


  16. S. Weasel says:

    Ha! This is how it goes on the top page:

    BNP elected
    The ex-art student takes party’s first London Assembly seat

    Ohhhhh! Ex-art student! Und ve know who else was an ex-art student, nein?


  17. Grimly Squeamish says:

    I absolutely guarantee that the Zanulabour spinmeisters are cooking up a “positive news” strategy which will appear over the next few days as a series of “news” items on Al Beeb such as:

    ” ‘I will listen and learn’ says Gordon”

    ” ‘Taking steps to ensure we deliver what voters want’ – Gordon”

    “Economic downturn to blame for short term poll drop ratings..”

    “I Will work with the people – I am the people’s princess – er prince – er, sorry, Prime Minister”


  18. Martin says:

    Grimly Squeamish: Good. I want McBean to stay in charge of McLiebour. In fact he has to, they have no choice.

    There is no way this bunch of left wing crooks could have yet another leader without holding ageneral election and they’d loose.

    So, they’ve got to see it through to the end.

    What amazes me is just how thick McLiebour and Beeboids areally are.

    We’ve had 11 years of McBean racking up taxes on everything, raiding our pensions and flogging off our gold at rock bottom prices.

    Now he’s got no more places to rob for money. He’s tried robbing the poor and look what happened there.

    McLiebour are fucked and so long as they’ve got Al BBC speaking up for McBean they’ve got no chance.

    Who’se betting Andy Marr is licking McBeans arse clean tomorrow morning?

    What do we think, a 15 minute uninterrupted soundbite where fatso McBean spouts off all his “achivements” over the last 11 years?

    In Orwells’ Big Brother, there was no other source of information we don’t have to reply on the BBC. The BBC can spout on about tractor production figures all it likes. No one believes a word they say and perhaps that is more damming than McBeans failures and lies?


  19. Greencoat says:

    ‘Can anyone tell me why the BBC seems obsessed with Zimbabwe at the minute, it’s like every day I look at the BBC news site the top story is about that country no matter what’s happening in Britain.’

    Ah, Mugabe and McBroon – both one-time darlings of the BBC.


  20. Jack Bauer says:

    “Who’se betting Andy Marr is licking McBeans arse clean tomorrow morning?”

    I’m sorry, but you’ve just put me right off my tea.

    That reminds me of a chance store queue encounter I had a few years back. TRUE STORY

    I was standing in line in the old Tower Records at Piccadilly Circus, when I could hardly fail to notice the scrawny little chap with balding cropped hair.

    He was in front of me dressed in what seemed to be sub-par bondage gear. Leather jacket, tight-leather trousers, a few chains hanging down. Ear studs — and for all I know a Prince Albert.

    Then he turned around and I saw his face. Blow me down if it wasn’t one of the Newsnight regulars who specialized in Business stories. I was shocked because his BBC attire was a pin-stripe suit.

    I knew his name then, but the memory is on the fritz. I’ll get it the second someone here mentions a few possibities. He’s about as old as Marr, and looks a little weasely like him.

    It’s driving me nuts now.


  21. Martin says:

    Nice comment from the jock bird on the BBC 1 news. She said (about the Tories) “that along with power comes closer scrutiny, like never before…”


    I was hoping that the BBC would be as tough on Boris as they were on Ken.

    Could a Beeboid here list the number of Panorama or Newsnight investigations into Ken Livingstone please?

    (Slight sound of a breeze as the tumbleweed goes by)

    Ah! I thoght not. The BBC only investigates the Tories and the BNP. We have to turn to the Evening Standard or Channel 4 to find out anything about Livingstone don’t we?

    Any takers on a bet that we get the first BBC “Boris” scandal within the next 4 weeks? A Panorama special and a Newsnight “extended show” on how corrupt Boris is?

    I wonder how long bofore a Beeboid with a camera in her (or his knowing the BBC) handbag filming Boris swearing at the coffee machine complaining it was probably made in Liverpool! Oh the scandal!!!!


  22. Martin says:

    Jack Bauer: Sorry, not a nice thought I know (unless you are Peter Mandelson or so they say)

    However, McBean is on with Adam Boulton on Sky tomorrow so I don’t know if he’s on with Marr as well. Having said that Boulton is as much a McLiebour arse licker as Marr is.

    Can anyone remember McBean ever being interviewed by Jon Snow live?


  23. Peter says:

    “He was in front of me dressed in what seemed to be sub-par bondage gear. Leather jacket, tight-leather trousers, a few chains hanging down. Ear studs — and for all I know a Prince Albert.”

    “It’s driving me nuts now.”

    A man doesn’t need that kind of image in his mind on a beautiful Saturday evening.You need to go to the pub.

    BTW Anyone notice that the weather took a turn for the better as soon as the forces of Mordor were vanquished?


  24. Simon says:

    Is there anyone who frequents this site who thinks that the BBC is biased but who doesn’t happen to be a arch libertarian, free market anarchist and social Darwinist? Maybe someone a little more moderate? Cockney is about the only one I can think of. Not Alex and John Reith etc but people who are actually concerned about BBC bias?


  25. Arthur Dent says:

    Is there anyone who frequents this site who thinks that the BBC is biased but who doesn’t happen to be a arch libertarian, free market anarchist and social Darwinist?

    I’m really very disappointed in you simon


  26. nrg says:

    Is there anyone who frequents this site who thinks that the BBC is biased but who doesn’t happen to be a arch libertarian, free market anarchist and social Darwinist?

    Possibly, probably in about the same proportion of BBC staffers who are not in favour of state contol, public ownership, heavy regulation, and social engineering.

    The difference is not one is forced to pay for this site.


  27. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    “Is there anyone who frequents this site who thinks that the BBC is biased but who doesn’t happen to be a arch libertarian, free market anarchist and social Darwinist? Maybe someone a little more moderate? Cockney is about the only one I can think of. Not Alex and John Reith etc but people who are actually concerned about BBC bias?”

    BEG PARDON?????? I am none of those things you listed above. Not even sure why you were asking, since there are quite a few sensible regular posters here. I am not even counting myself.


  28. Peter says:

    “Is there anyone who frequents this site who thinks that the BBC is biased but who doesn’t happen to be a arch libertarian, free market anarchist and social Darwinist? Maybe someone a little more moderate?”

    This is a blog concerning BBC bias not a dating agency.


  29. Rob says:

    Jack Bauer:

    Was it Evan Davis you saw by any chance? I believe he does indeed have a Prince Albert, so that was a good piece of observation.


  30. Jack Bauer says:



    It was indeed. Thanks. I can sleep tonight. God — I hope he doesn’t pop into any dreams.

    Are you kidding about the PA — I kept my eyes at the top of his balding pate level.

    That is funny though.


  31. Pete says:

    ‘Is there anyone who frequents this site who thinks that the BBC is biased but who doesn’t happen to be a arch libertarian, free market anarchist and social Darwinist?’

    I’m not an arch libertarian but I would like to be free to pay for and watch football on Sky Sports without being forced to pay the BBC for rubbish like Eastenders, Casualty and £6 million per year man Jonathan ‘W*nker’ Ross. Instead, I’m on the infamous, sinister and oft-adverised BBC database of all the names and addresses in the UK.


  32. fewqwer says:

    Simon wrote: “Is there anyone who frequents this site who thinks that the BBC is biased but who doesn’t happen to be a arch libertarian, free market anarchist and social Darwinist?”

    Perhaps you can explain why it is that, without exception, those who defend the BBC here are either student leftists or have their snouts in the BBC trough (or both)?

    Could it be because the very idea of a tax-funded broadcasting monopoly is offensive to anyone to the right of Lenin?


  33. pretz says:

    Well, I’m certainly not an arch-libertarian, I believe in socialised medicine for instance. I’m not an absolute libertarian when it comes to the freemarket too but I’m more than happy to read the musings of this blog’s arch-libertarians. I find myself agreeing with these libertarians at least on the subject of the BBC which simply MUST be privatised or severely purged.


  34. WoAD says:

    This is what I believe.


    Everything is being done through our children, and has been for over 20 years. Thus, the first generation to be so conditioned are now having children, who are also being conditioned. What is the purpose? Remember that the Movie and TV industries are openly hostile to Christianity and are very obviously New Age. Also remember that the #1 objective of the New Age is to successfully stage the appearance of Anti-Christ.



  35. Jack Bauer says:

    Rob… It’s all coming back to me now.

    I gave him a minimal double take, with a nano-sec eye contact because, well he looked

    1. creepy (not that there is anything wrong with it) and,

    2. I hate letting on to TV celebs I recognize them

    Which reminds me of another bizarre encounter in Henley-on-Thames around ’96. Swear to God, I am not making this up…

    I’m walking past the Townhall towards the centre, when about 20 yards away I spot Paxman walking towards me…

    Now, I did not do a double take… but he must have assumed I did because he tensed up and prepared himself with a “yes, it is me, the great Paxmanini” self-satisfied smirk.

    So I was determined to look straight past him, which I did and never even glanced at him as we passed like shits in the day.

    I like to think it peeved him.


  36. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Pretty much the same thing happened to me in a supermarket on Finchley Road in 1992. LivingDead was pushing a trolley, I was pushing a trolley, he saw me noticing him – and I just ignored him. Partly, I must admit, because he looked like a wino – dishevelled, unshaven, mad staring eyes, the usual demented LivingDead that it’s safest to avoid.


  37. Miv Tucker says:

    From Fact to Fiction
    3 May 2008
    Series in which writers create a fictional response to the week’s news.

    This week’s featured author is dramatist Marcy Kahan.

    On election day, Artie has been given an ultimatum by his girlfriend Zoe. Travelling through London to the polling station, he contemplates his love of both Zoe and the city.

    With Stephen Mangan and Helen Longworth.


    This young couple are, inter alia, discussing the Mayoral election.

    Needless to say, Boris Johnson is constantly referred to as “the clown”, though if memory serves, Livingstone was saddled with no particular epithets.

    And this was barely 24 hours after the results were declared! But give them time, and I’m sure the BBC will ratchet up the “clown” image beyond our imaginings.

    It was a disappointing “drama”, especially since Marcy Kahan usually turns out very listenable and entertaining dramas (did anyone hear her plays about the supposed spying career of Noel Coward?)


  38. Martin says:

    I wonder how long it will be before an episode of Dr Who has a blonde haired posh bloke being evil to the poor?


  39. DB says:



  40. Nearly Oxfordian says:


    “although the media hysteria obviously contributed to Livingstone’s defeat”

    And check the level of literacy.

    Do these people actually exist? Is this a wind-up? Are they under-14s? The mind boggles.



  41. dave s says:

    Now the counter revolution has started I suggest we make sure we write to our MPs suggesting that the BBC is an anachronism in the internet age and that reform is impossible and that the licence fee be either scrapped(and with it the BBC in it’s current form) or used to fund a wide range of programme makers of many different viewpoints but needing considerably less in the way of funding.I have already done so and was surprised at the positive response.This will at least start the debate and maybe persuade the current crop of beeboids that continuation of their biased behaviour could have consequences.However cynical we have become the drubbing inflicted on nulabour demonstrates that democracy is not yet dead in Britain and that the tax funded media must no longer take us for granted.


  42. Nearly Oxfordian says:

    Have emailed my MP. No reply yet, but he’s usually excellent.

    You really, really must visit


    It’s beyond belief, rolling on the floor funny. It seems to be run by a pretentious halfwit calling himself Lenin.


  43. Martin says:

    The BBC ( News 24) have got that vile fat pig Yasmin Alabi Brown doing the paper review.

    Why is she allowed to get away with racist comments about Cameron and Johnson? If a white right winger made comments about a black Mayor the vile left inbred scum would be up in arms.

    Someone needs to shut Alabi Brown up. She simply refuses to accept Johnson as Mayor. She keeps saying “some Londoners” voted for Johnson. What just like “some people” voted for McLiebour and some people buy her shite paper.

    Alabi Brown said Johnson wasn’t “one of us” what does she mean by that? He’s not English (he was born in New York) that is true, but neither is she. Both of them were born outside the UK, but unlike HER, I’m happy to let anyone run for office.


  44. Martin says:

    Daves: I totally agree. However, we have two years to go until the next election. I think if you start off a get rid of the BBC campaign now, it will lose it’s effect before the election. You need to wait until the politicians have all got their listening ears on, which only happens in the run up to the election. However, there are some issues that can be prepared in advance of the start of such a capmaign.

    Some suggestions I’d make

    1. Create a standard letter suggesting what should be done to the BBC, along with what will happen to the votes of MPs that refuse to agree (i.e. vote for someone eles) which can be emailed to all MPs

    2. Suggestions as to what should be done with the BBC such as letting it carry on as a subscription service only or allowing say BBC 1 free to air only or allowing the BBC to carry adverts.

    3. Remind Tory MPs of various incidents of bias against the Tories over the last 30 years.

    4. Just how popular scrapping the TV tax would be and the fact that with the switch to digital it will be quite easy to make those that want the BBC pay additional on their Sky or cable subscription.


  45. Peter says:

    Typical callow youth,calling himself after one of history’s great mass murderers.


  46. Martin says:

    BBC News 24 have just done a piece about Livingstone. Yep a total whitewash.

    Ken is a great man let down by McLiebour.

    No you BBC shits, Londoners are fed up with left wing wankers running the city.


  47. Gordon_Broon_Eats_Hez_Bawgies says:

    According to, the BBC contacted the Stop Boris coterie seeking ammunition for a BBC hatchet job on him.

    What a shame for the BBC that it wasn’t Boris but Broon who was filmed in the Commons picking his nose, eating his bogies and then wiping his fingers on his tie. If it had been, we’d have seen that footage every day this year.

    I imagine there was no such attempt to knife Leninspart.

    The left really doesn’t like democracy, does it?

    I think the next meme we can expect from al-BBC will be the one where they start shilling for electoral “reform” (that is, gerrymander), with the aim of enabling Labour to form a majority administration after the next GE even if / when they come last.

    Seriously. It’s the left’s last hope of keeping power, and the BBC will push it with increasing desperation these next few years.


  48. Reversepsychology says:


    How do you shut Alabi Brown up?

    Remove the license fee, as the BBCs sole source of income – and let them compete in the real world.


    No official mouthpiece for the New Labour project – and no Alabi Brown.


  49. Atlas shrugged says:


    Which I fear is why we will always have a BBC doing what it does whoever is paying for it.

    How else can dialectic divide and rule democratic politics be sustained by the corporate capitalist based British controlled, fascist world establishment?

    There is a world of difference between a true free market mitigated by a written constitution under a democratic state devoted to its retention, and what we have now, and whats worse have always had.