Start the Week 8th July 2024

The BBC is happy – its’ new government loves it – the state broadcaster will be an even better propaganda outlet for it . We could play a game – when will anyone at the BBC criticise its’ Far Left Daddy ?

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  1. wronged says:

    First of the dingy’s coming over after news of a Labour win


  2. Nibor says:

    BBC ,

    Please give a % breakdown of people who don’t pay the tell tax .
    EG ,

    Single mothers
    Travellers and gypsies
    Illegal immigrants
    White males .

    Please explain your reasons for the percentages .


    • Fedup2 says:

      Nibor – that’s an interesting one – I think I saw some TV licencing stats for the type of people prosecuted – which seems to be women who are stupid enough to speak to the licence inspector and ‘just sign this piece of paper ‘….

      If the reds touch the licence at all I guess they’ll give it free to those of the usual benefits – and maybe for a bit of easy popularity – the over 75s …. For people who work and pay taxes – they’ll up the cost of the tax to pay for the changes …

      The over 75 thing would attract the new ‘culture secretary ‘ as it would make her popular for small cost – right Lisa ?

      Elsewhere I’ve been reading an account of the difference between the Blair landslide of 1997 and the current one – so much difference – starting with having to pay £110 billion to service the National Debt racked up by the blues ….
      Yet alone the quirk which gave them a big majority without a lot of people voting for them …
      I think if you apply the test is 5 years time whether the quality of life is better after 5 years of reds – the answer will be ‘no ‘ … and begging for another 5 years to ‘get the job done ‘ might not work either …


      • Nibor says:

        Fed ,

        Indicative of the blue labour ; the consultation about the BBC and telly tax they instigated, then petered out .
        There used to be sayings such as as useless as a chocolate teapot/ fire guard, as an ash tray on a motorbike – now we can add as useless as a Tory party in power .


  3. Doobster78 says:

    What have you done France !!!

    Looks like the EU have managed to manufacture another result in their favour .

    There is clearly an appetite both here and France for something a bit more Right but it would seem impossible due to left mobilising the troops to vote tactically, aided and abetted of course by the beloved BBC MSM

    It’s going to take some push to break the barricades. Hoping to high heaven Nigel can stick at it . He really is our last hope


    • tomo says:


    • G says:

      Wherever you look, its the same. US and so on. As before, this is a giant Worldwide war, when whittled down / distilled, it is Left against Right.

      Problem is, they both play by different rules.


  4. Flotsam says:

    Smarmer visits Scotland, a warm welcome for the man that will fill their begging bowls with our money in exchange for the votes
    I guess a visit to Wales will work for him along the same lines.


  5. wronged says:

    Not my quote. I don’t know whose it is but it’s very relevant to today

    ‘We live in a time where intelligent people are being silenced so that stupid people won’t be offended’


  6. wronged says:


    Middle class white people evict an Asian family.


  7. tomo says:


  8. pugnazious says:

    From the Telegraph….

    ‘They did their best to hide it, but there was no mistaking the air of quiet satisfaction (some might say smug complacency) which has infused BBC output these past few weeks. As usual, the Corporation’s weapon of choice was story selection; during the campaign, it selected for greatest prominence those stories which did the Tories (and Reform) most damage. ‘

    That’s absolutely true….you may have notice a raft of BBC discussions that looked at obviously political questions but all without ever naming the government…you were supposed to realise everything is ‘broken’ and…oh look…who is in charge?

    I heard several of these ‘impartial’ discussions on the run-up to the election…on the NHS on different issues such as maternity or cancer, the dental service, housing and climate change amongst them….all as said without any direct finger-pointing at the government to make it appear politically neutral and not blatant campaigning for Labour….which it was.

    The Telegraph points out…

    ‘If the BBC were doing its job properly, were truly our “national broadcaster”, the licence fee would never have become controversial in the first place. Imagine a situation in which all shades of political opinion and all sectors of society felt they were given a fair hearing. If that were so, would there be any pressure now to replace the licence fee?’

    But that’s never going to happen even if they changed their recruiting as the institutional mindset and bias would pressure anyone with a different mindset to conform…just look at GB News or the Daily Mail….how often are you astonished to hear them parroting what could well be BBC views and attitudes these days as they slowly bend to the Establishment lefty pressure due to advertisers or regulators like Ofcom turning the thumbscrews?

    Maybe the answer is for GB News to be given a slice of the licence fee, which would free them from having to pander to advertisers[themselves under pressure from left hate groups] and for Ofcom to accept their right-leaning stance as they accept the BBC’s lefty stance.


  9. pugnazious says:


    ‘Coming out as gay in 1970 increased the risk of being violently assaulted; coming out as ‘nonbinary’ today only increases one’s chances of being employed at the BBC. ‘

    When will the BBC start to point out what is really happening…not just to women who are being erased as a sex from society but gays also….

    ‘Far from being a collective gesture of unity, Pride is now widely interpreted as a celebration of homophobia. This is because it has become infected with gender ideology, which seeks to eliminate gay people from their own history. ‘

    Is it not ironic that the BBC that campaigns so vociferously about gay conversion therapy fails to be similarly outraged about trans people trying to force gays to convert…

    ‘There are innumerable examples online of trans activists claiming that homosexuality is a form of transphobia and that only bigots have ‘genital preferences’. ‘If you’re a cis gay man’, writes one, ‘and your sexuality revolves around you not liking female genitalia I hope you die and I will spit on your grave’. A video recently went viral featuring an activist explaining to gay men why they should transition to female and that ‘maybe being gay is an outdated concept’. An online influencer called Davey Wavey uploaded his attempt at gay conversion therapy in a video entitled ‘How To Eat Pussy – For Gay Men’. One can imagine it being shown to young men at an evangelical Christian retreat for those who wish to find a ‘cure’ for their immoral urges. ‘

    About time we stopped pushing what has always been, in reality, a freakish sideshow as ‘normal’ and definitely stop trying to convert very young, vulnerable and suggestive children into something they are not.


  10. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Masses of dinghies are leaving the French coast bound for England tonight.

    Early reports indicate they are full of French people.


  11. Lucy Pevensey says:

    BBC is pleased as punch that Paris is on fire and another Western election has been fixed.

    “French people reject the far right —again”

    Never mind the Palestine flags & swastikas on the Champs Elysees. This is the image they choose-


    The French have said it again: they do not want the far right in power.

    They gave them a big win in the European elections; they gave them a big win in the first round of this parliamentary election.

    But when it came to a vote that really counted, just as in the presidentials, they drew back from the brink.

    “This surprise upset which has reduced the National Rally (RN) to third place – with perhaps 150 seats compared with predictions a week ago of nearly 300 – is due entirely to voters turning out in large numbers to stop them.

    The RN will argue – with some justice – that this was only possible because the other parties came together to play the system.

    They note that the disparate parties of the left all suddenly forgot their differences to form a new anti-RN coalition; and then that the Macronites and the left forgot their differences too.

    They note that nothing unites these politicians (from Edouard Philippe on the centre right to Philippe Poutou of the Trotskyist left) except their opposition to the RN. And that this lack of agreement bodes ill for the future.

    Nonetheless, the fact remains. Most people do not want the far right – either because they oppose its ideas, or because they fear the unrest that would inevitably attend its coming to power.”


    • StewGreen says:

      Loaded headline there
      “French people reject the far right —again”
      Le Pens National Rally party took 143 seats out of 577
      ie 25% of the seats

      The National Rally and allies got 37% of the vote
      National Rally 32% + Union of the Far-Right 5% = 37

      (First round The National Rally and allies got 33.21% of the vote
      National Rally (9,379,092 votes).. 29.26% + Union of the Far-Right 3.96% = 33.21)


    • tomo says:


  12. JohnC says:

    Democrats weigh risks and rewards of losing Biden

    … and here we go again with the BBC attempting to use their huge global influence to influence elections.

    The BBC have decided Joe must go – so they are doing the same trick they have been using since they got away with it against Boris. They are running a new headline every day on the flimsiest of stories then repeating and rehashing all the old stories to keep them current.

    For this one, some people had a meeting and Joe was mentioned. Then it’s just as many suitable quotes the BBC could find to pad the whole article out to say what they want it to say. It does their usual trick of including both views, but the balance is heavily tilted to the BBC agenda – which is to stop Trump at all costs. There is no actual news here at all.

    I am getting the impression the BBC want Kamala Harris to run !!!. Anyone who speaks well of her is almost guaranteed to be quoted.

    Another from this clone:
    Clearly directed what to write of course by the commissars. All the articles are far too similar in style and content to be anything else.


  13. Lucy Pevensey says:

    It sounds like they have been given their orders, who to promote.


    • JohnC says:

      When you start to follow some BBC ‘agenda’ topics like Gaza and Trump, it gradually dawns on you that it is all very carefully choreographed.

      It doesn’t matter who writes the articles, they are all very similar in style and wording. Certain words are never used (such as ‘dementia’) and others are suddenly used by everyone (such as ‘unhinged’ for Trump to deflect criticism of Joe before they ‘came out’). And it’s amazing how often someone living in Gaza uses them. The most trivial of stories can appear day after day yet others, far far more significant, are not reported at all.

      It’s clear to me that there is some individual or small group are defining exactly what news we get told and the words used to tell us it. That/those person/s have a publicly funded, multi-billion pound global news platform at their disposal yet we have no idea who they are or how they are chosen.

      Just like who is actually in charge of the USA now.

      This is just how the Left like it. And they say that Trump is the threat to democracy. The most blatant case of left-wing ‘projection’ I’ve seen.


      • G says:

        The need to Worldwide, ‘Wallpaper over the cracks’ for the public to feel comfortable and not threatened seems the prevalent modus o. Massaged to destruction.


        • JohnC says:

          Quite G : they whole purpose of BBC news is to condition society. AKA social engineering. And not just the UK, they want to do it to the whole world.

          This is the root of why they won’t call Hamas terrorists. They want to stay friendly with all the 3rd world shitholes so their people can be fed the proaganda.


  14. JohnC says:

    It’s just amazing what the BBC do not report. I occasionally check the news in Londonistan and every single time I find the BBC have ignored something which could be headline news in other circumstances.

    Here’s one:
    Dagenham man raped and beat woman after she rejected his advances

    This is right on the bullseye for the BBC’s misandrist and feminist agenda. The man in question is every vile thing they loathe about men. But it’s not even reported.
    Why?. You know why. Here he is, Oladip Oshodi:

    And another man was mugged by a gang to steal his phone in a particularly brutal attack:
    Man in his 30s suffers ‘potentially life changing’ injuries in Soho phone robbery
    It sound like he was so severley beaten, he may have brain damage.
    Another story extremely relevant to society because it could literally happen to anyone.
    Yet again not reported on the BBC and despite the polcie appealing for witnesses, they don’t give any CCTV or other pictures of who did it.
    Which of course means one thing. They are black.

    No question about it : our society is now racist. Certain groups are protected.


  15. andyjsnape says:

    bbc “reports”:-

    Cooper sets out plan to tackle small boat crossings.
    Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has set out the first steps towards setting up a UK “border security command”, which the government hopes will reduce small boat crossings in the English Channel

    Another name for Border Farce? bbc/labour Border Force already exists, use them correctly! Instead of a posh name with adding Command on the end, as if this will deter anyone, and costing more by employing even more people


  16. andyjsnape says:

    bbc is REALLY keen on Labour, so much positive reporting going on

    Just so the public doesn’t get the wrong idea:-

    This wasn’t the social media election everyone expected
    by Marianna Spring
    Disinformation and social media correspondent

    The incident never happened!

    No bad words to say about Labour, I wonder when that will change


    • Peter Grimes says:

      “ Earlier in the election campaign, I had investigated this network – a group of left-leaning activists who had shared several other deceptive clips smearing not just Streeting, but other Labour politicians and some from Reform UK too.”

      Our Marianna of The Rack investigating left-leaning activists?

      Heavens to Betsy, and they say Al Beeb is biased!!


  17. atlas_shrugged says:

    Excommunicated archbishop rails against the forces of darkness:

    Seems to be a pattern here. Take a stand against the globalists and your job gets terminated. Hmmmm.


  18. StewGreen says:

    BBC BIGOT Nihal Arthanayake @TherealNihal parades his bigotry by asking questions in bad faith.
    See how he asks a question, but has already made up his mind.

    “It is probably a bit of a problem that I don’t think I know anybody who voted Reform.
    I’d like to understand why they did.”

    Part 2
    “I think it is less to do with the BBC and more to do with having friends in creative industries outside of the BBC.
    Also a diverse set of friends who are not obsessed with immigration

    People voted Reform for a lot of reasons besides immigration
    eg to stop Labour
    eg to stop crazy fake green policies etc.
    eg anti-wokesupremacy etc.

    How can he have a “diverse” set of friends and not one, who voted the same way as 1 in every 7 people ?

    Jul 6
    “Is there anyone, other than Liz Truss, still willing to defend Liz Truss.
    I’d love to meet that person”


    • Scroblene says:

      Nihal is always sticking his nose in some of the dross in the Waitrose freebie rags.

      One of the reasons I don’t spend much there now, we don’t need his opinions, or any other tosh he mutters…


      • StewGreen says:

        Scrobs You don’t want this site to expose and log BBC bias ?


        • Fedup2 says:

          Stew having a bad day again – ? We have a long 5 years before any prospect of getting the BBC changed or destroyed .

          As for ‘content ‘ -as long the site doesn’t become a battle ground for the anti Israel set ( the departed ‘thoughtful ‘) ( thank god ) then on we go ….

          I’m going to go back to my current objective – spotting the labour lies – such as appointing more peers using the PM patronage … and once a peer always a peer ….

          I think the new MPs turn up today – that Koran is gonna be busy – I wonder who will wave the Hamas flag in the chamber ..?


          • StewGreen says:

            Fed, I don’t have moods, I am like Spock.


            • Fedup2 says:

              Why have a pop at scrobs then ? I’m interested in Waitrose – although I am too poor to use it … ditto m and s …. I’m also a bit frugal so when I see you can buy a cooked jacket potato to micro wave for a £1? I wonder ….

              … a thought for all those MPs who lost their seats last week – almost all deserved it – but the likes of mr Bridgen didn’t ….

              They’ll be collecting their expenses and golden good buy cheques courtesy of taxpayers …


              • StewGreen says:

                Fed I didn’t “have a pop at scrobs”
                I stayed on topic and pointed out the irony of him wanting exposure of BBC bias kept off this website which is about BBC bias


              • Scroblene says:

                Hellfire, I didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition!

                All I wanted to say was – er – exactly as I did, that an arch-beeboid is getting dosh from Waitrose for his leftie opinions, and as it pisses me off, that all these so-called minor faces on TV get traction in places where they’re not welcome, I’ll take our pensions and spend it in Tesco!

                Stew, I don’t mind one bit chatting with you! Beeboids are creeping into much of our lives these days, the worst being Linker, and a few others of course, but thereby stands the issue! These people are getting attraction from citizens via their appearance on the awful BBC, and citizens shouldn’t have to subsidise the egos of these people as well as their income from limpid firms who employ them for advertising.

                Thanks Fed, I just wanted to put my record straight, on the turntable, of the gramophone which I haven’t got any more…


            • Lucy Pevensey says:


              Live long and prosper


              • Scroblene says:

                I hope he does, Lucy!

                I went to Hull once, to drum up some business for my firm, and the trip over the bridge was stunning!

                We don’t have sights like that in Kent, just inflatable rafts.


  19. AsISeeIt says:

    Monday morning after the night before in this surprise surge edition

    It’s a veritable calm down dear day today

    Rachel Reeves’ vow as she exposes Tories’ £58bn ‘lost’ tax take – enthuses the Labour-supporting Mirror

    It is sadly axiomatic of voters that they will enjoy promises of ever more gimmes from government and that they will expect someone else to pick up the tab and to pay the extra tax required. Talk of supposed loopholes in the tax system are a ruse cherished by politicians for threading that needle. Then it turns out this supposed £58bn is a highly notional figure: Chancellor is to reveal the Tories left public services £58bn short by failing to boost growth (Mirror) – let me guess, someone’s been doing some whacky computer modelling on her behalf?

    Let’s be generous and assume there really is a massive tax windfall available (which maths whizz Rishi couldn’t find) if only she simply shakes the magic tax tree – despite the present economic doldrums

    Meanwhile: Kyiv awaits €40bn pledge… Nato leaders are expected to make… commitment of support … this week (FT) – there goes that notional windfall, luv – still, the FT measures it in Euros so you might think the UK has an opt out.

    Sobering up: The facts – this is not economics but a feature about alcohol from the mildly conservative Telegraph

    Home counties LibDem flirtatious Torygraph readers are perhaps being advised not to get themselves sloshed – just so as to take their minds off: Reeves will overhaul planning rules… will reinstate compulsory house-building… fears that Labour will push councils to build on greenbelt land (Telegraph); Reeves: I’ll rip up rules on planning within days (Daily Mail)

    15 of my female friends have walked out on their marriages. And every woman will understand why (Daily Mail) – you can calm down too, dear

    Margot shows off her striking midriff… Holiday look: Margot Robbie relaxing in Italy (Mail); Smacker for Saka… girlfriend Tolami Benson, with his trophy (Ooh-er missus – but that’s the closest he’ll get to a trophy Mirror); Drink’ll shrinkle winkle… Blokes are being warned to lay off holiday beer to stop their winkles shrinking (Daily Star)

    Now then children, your auntie BBC wants you to be good boys and girls and to sit down quietly so it can read you a little history story. Once upon a time: Seaside city’s secrets hidden in underground tunnels (BBC aimed at reading five-and-a-half): The steps down to the toilets beneath the station meant they were not accessible to all people, so they were moved upstairs 19 years ago… The Victorian people had to dig the sewer tunnels by hand – One thing is for sure: Professor David Starkey didn’t write that one.

    Queen Cnut’er Cooper promises to stem the tide in the Channel

    Cooper sets out plan to tackle small boat crossings (BBC) – tell us how so, luv?

    Yvette Cooper has set out the first steps towards setting up a UK Border Security Command… Work to recruit an “exceptional leader” to head the body will begin on Monday… The Home Office says the command leader… (BBC) – watch out for the fullpage ad in the public sector employment section of the Guardian

    Just possibly the civil service might be induced to actually work for a Labourite government.

    At least this lady is remaining calm…

    If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you

    [Rudyard Kipling]

    Ms Le Pen said her victory had only been “deferred”…blamed on an “alliance of dishonour” between the Left and Mr Macron (Telegraph)

    Times and Financial Times get into it, trading left/right, hard and far headlines…

    Far-right party thwarted (FT); Hard-left leader claims victory in French election shock (Times)

    Naturellement…! – as Basil Fawlty was once moved to exclaim – it is the Guardian that impresses the gynaeceum that is the BBC online press pickers for their top spot – plus ça change moins ça change

    Surprise surge for left pushes French far right into third place (Guardian)

    Let me translate: Surprise surge for left hard left pushes French far right into third place (Monsieur Comme Je Le Vois)


    • Peter Grimes says:

      Just brilliant!

      Chapeau…et cigare!!!


    • BRISSLES says:

      I’m wondering how Rachel Reeves can “expose” anything so quick – given she’s only had the job a matter of hours – and celebrating til the early hours, sleeping it off, then doing the Saturday shop, church and family on Sunday, so when….. ?


  20. tomo says:

    Patriot Front always remind me of the Chicago Nazis in The Blues Brothers movie.


  21. digg says:

    Looks like Labour is out if the blocks like a rabbit trying to spend everyone’s money to virtue signal, Starmer is trying to strike a deal with TATA to save the jobs of some Welsh steelworkers who are surplus to their Indian owned company. That means we will all end up paying them to do nothing. Secondly the new Labour education minister is to recruit 6500 new teachers, once again guess who is paying for this. I guess it means many more can do their three day week working from home

    The fact is that the UK is now effectively run by the unions so expect much more of these madcap schemes until the Country goes bust again like last time Labour ran the shit-show.


  22. tomo says:

    As the Iraqi reply asks… – what’s Mad Al doing in Istanbul?


  23. tomo says:

    shocked /sarc


    • MarkyMark says:

      “A recusal is appropriate when a conflict of interest exists between an employee’s job duties and financial interests (including interests in future employment) or certain business or personal relationships or outside activities. Employees are strongly encouraged to document their recusals in writing.”


    • G says:

      The sooner the country takes up the offence of Treason as a hanging offence again, the better.

      Bliar, Treason May, Brown, Cameron, Johnson…………….. etc.


  24. StewGreen says:

    As far as I see Le Pens alliance got MORE votes than Starmer
    37% Vs 34%
    Le Pen’s party alone got 32%

    Yet BBC headline used “rejected”

    Yet with UK Labour result the BBC narrative was “landslide”

    (Len Pens alliance Despite 37% of the vote, they got only 25% of the seats )


  25. tomo says:

    FPTP compared….

    – gaming strategies not really covered?


  26. Fedup2 says:

    Good day to avoid the BbC / Today – and politics in general ….

    So my attention strayed to the conspiracy theory that the moon landings never happened . That coupled with fixations about 9/11 – titantic – JFK- are just methods of rehashing and rehashing versions of the ‘truth ‘ to sell books .

    My question is always – if ‘they ‘ covered something up – how has it never leaked ? But then the theft of the 2020 US election was a huge successful conspiracy … so if ‘they ‘ managed that – Msybd no one ever landed on the moon …

    Meanwhile – the pixie home sec is to appoint someone to run the new ‘border command ‘ … it won’t be plod as they are too thick – mind you – that might be an advantage – she’ll need someone to fire as the invasion speeds up – with a media blackout of course ….


    • G says:

      The blue commies tried the Royal Marines and that, no doubt, resulted in hearing what they did not wish to hear. Ditto again unless all recruits sign up to agree to the assertion: “Refugees Welcome”


  27. tomo says:

    A good headline:


  28. tomo says:



    • MarkyMark says:

      The independent review into
      the application of sharia law
      in England and Wales
      Presented to Parliament
      by the Secretary of State for the Home Department
      by Command of Her Majesty
      February 2018

      Click to access 6.4152_HO_CPFG_Report_into_Sharia_Law_in_the_UK_WEB.pdf


      Archbishop of Canterbury says Islamic rules are incompatible with Britain’s laws which have Christian values
      Justin Welby said Sharia law should never become part of the UK legal system
      His predecessor Lord Williams had said Sharia law could be incorporated
      Welby said British law had ‘values and assumptions’ rooted in Christian traditions

      PUBLISHED: 23:28, 23 February 2018 | UPDATED: 10:04, 24 February 2018


  29. atlas_shrugged says:

    If every you worried about our streets being less safe, or crime not being detected, or the loss of free-speech. This may have something to do with it. Thames Valley Police has other priorities:

    And in an Aylesbury police station this text snippet was up:

    ” … Most of our LAGLOS are LGBT or allies, and for me, it is ALL ABOUT HELPING EACH OTHER, just by knowing that we are NOT a minority. I am so glad that this has now been made mandatory to talk about in British schools”.

    It is the word MANDATORY that does it for me.


  30. tomo says:

    BBC: hoo-ray the glorious left has vanquished the hated far right…. !!

    – oh…


  31. friend of yogi bear says:


    How relieved we all are to be assured that Mr starmer has changed the labour party beyond recognition, dealing with all its problems and making it electable.

    So within hours an announcement regarding the return of Jacqui Smith, this time appointed to the Lords. Jacqui Smith …might ring a few bells… yes Jacqui Smith , who couldn’t quite understand those irritating rules about expenses and where on earth ,she lived, which was her main residence , etc, etc, what she could and couldn’t have paid for at taxpayers expense. Well she did resign because of it, so the penny must have dropped at some stage.

    Jacqui Smith ….home secretary at the time of the Asian male grooming outrages in Rochdale and a reluctance to spell it out as such or do anything much about it. Jacqui Smith who famously was so very lowly regarded by her colleagues that barely half of them thought her able to do her job.

    Jacqui and her husband have presumably talked through his issues with pornography and we can only hope he learnt that the taxpayer shouldn’t pay for his needs.

    Well the best of luck to her in her new role and let’s hope she can bring her much needed expertise to it ..whatever that may be.

    For the rest of us ….we can marvel at starmers success in changing the labour party. Ho-hum.


  32. pugnazious says:

    From waybackwhen…2010…Polly Toynbee in the Guardian no less….

    ‘Our borders are porous. Why can’t our politicians admit the problems of immigration?’

    (Why can’t the BBC admit those problems you might also ask.)

    ‘Controlling the borders is a first duty of government. Sudden and unexpected immigration has abruptly changed the nature of some communities and there is no point pretending it can or will be reversed.

    There is no sign that politicians are ready to admit that reality, and you can see why not – a case this week aroused public wrath as the European court ordered a Somali mother and her four children to be housed by her local authority.

    Did the government will this? The Treasury and Business department did celebrate it, Brown boasting frequently of “low wage inflation growth” and a “flexible workforce”. Foreigners willing to work harder for less do hold down pay, especially in the care and hospitality sectors still not covered by the Gangmasters Act. Not until reaching No 10 did Brown switch to “British jobs for British workers”.

    Migrant numbers matter. They depress wages and determine where state funds go. This can only be addressed with honesty

    How did it happen that the last decade saw the greatest inward migration the country has ever known – whichever estimates you choose? Unplanned, unwilled and only slightly controlled, “it just happened” is all you can get from experts and officials. ‘

    And now consider how immigration has massively increased since 2010 and what damage that must be doing to society, cohesion and infrastructure such as schools, the NHS, prisons, demand for water, power and roads….never mind the cultural damage.


  33. StewGreen says:

    BBC Red-io Humberside news is massive PR for Labour of course

    One headline “Many MPs have that new job feeling, like the new Grimsby MP Melanie Onn”

    ..FFS what did the item omit ?
    That of course it’s not a “new job feeling” for Melanie Onn
    She was the Grimsby MP until 2019 then defeated she became head of the LOBBY GROUP Renewables UK, and now she’ll be back in parliament deciding UK energy policy
    Talk about conflict of interest.


  34. tomo says:


  35. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – Lies on behalf of the Labour Government, BBC?

    The BBC claimed that “shares and the pound Sterling were up after the Labour victory on Thursday 4th July” except they were not. The FT-SE 100 which is the usual measure of share trading showed a loss and it has opened down again this morning. It was only the FT-SE 250 that showed gains.

    It was true that the pound was up against the dollar by a few pennies but not by much. It strengthened again by a few pennies against the Euro. Over the weekend where markets were open out East, the pound lost ground against all currencies but is stronger today against the dollar but only by pennies but is down against the Euro. In markets, BBC please note, positions constantly change by a small percentage margin.

    I can only conclude that the BBC were being economical with their truth about economics to be kind to the new Government of Keir Starmer. I am surprised – not one bit!


    • pugnazious says:

      Dollar and Euro could easily be explained by the chaos of Biden’s refusal to go and the shambles of the French election result rather than as an endorsement of Labour.


  36. pugnazious says:


    ”Dr Michael Mosley day’ to be held by the BBC – with coverage across BBC One, Radio 2, Radio 4 and Radio 6 Music devoted to the beloved late Mail columnist and TV health guru’

    The BBC always pushes the boat out to celebrate the lives of any employee who has died…..except….Lisa Shaw.

    Lisa Shaw was a local BBC presenter whose death was caused by the covid vaccination…

    ‘BBC presenter Lisa Shaw died of Covid vaccine complications, coroner finds’

    The BBC didn’t want you to know that vaccinations might be dangerous for some people and so buried the story…no frontpage headlines for her or extended celebrations of her life….it was all very brief and business-like and goodbye.

    Now Lisa Shaw was a presenter on BBC Radio Newcastle and not as famous as Mike Mosley but it was notable how peremptory the BBC’s coverage of her death was.

    It would have been interesting to see how they would have covered it if she had died from breast cancer…there might have been acres of news devoted to her and her battle with cancer and it would have been used to inform the public about cancer and its risks and how to spot it. Apparently though the risks from the vaccinations could just be covered up and the critics of vaccinations denounced as ‘anti-vaxxers’ and dangerous conspiracy theorists.

    The BBC is very very toxic as it abandons one of its own to provide cover for the government and its narrative.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I listened to Mosley preaching this and that to live longer – bloody awful green tea cures every thing apparently – but to end up dying on a beach in 40 degree dehydration shows God has a sense of humour – still sad though … but I guess it’s one of those ‘lives well lived ‘ jobs …

      Wonder if the vaccines he pushed helped do for him ?


      • BRISSLES says:

        As we have a shortage of doctors did he ever do surgery days ?? Or were the stipends from endless magazine articles and TV appearances enough of an income?


        • Khaa2091 says:

          Michael Mosely studied medicine as a second degree, ie paid the fees himself, and never practiced after qualifying.
          His wife was a very respected and liked NHS GP local to me who retired a couple of years ago in her sixties.


          • StewGreen says:

            I often hear people FALSELY say that Mosley was not a qualified doctor. but @Khaa2091 adds important context he was never a practising doctor.

            I previously pointed out that Mosley sometimes said quackish things in his shows, so I cannot support him.

            The Wiki CV adds further context

            “Mosley attended boarding school in England from the age of seven.[8]
            After attending Haileybury College,[9] he studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at New College, Oxford,
            before working for two years as a banker in the City of London.
            He then decided to move into medicine, intending to become a psychiatrist, and studied at the Royal Free Hospital Medical School
            He became disillusioned with psychiatry after a placement in the specialty during his degree course and decided not to practise medicine after passing his final examinations in 1985”


  37. Doobster78 says:

    Well what do you know . BBC Radio 2 news at 10am

    Found 3 people in France to tell us how pleased they are with the result, saying France isnt and never will be a Racist country.

    The word Racist is just pointless now, thrown around so much with Fascist they have just become irrelevant.

    Those people celebrating in France, are soon going to have a big shock coming their way but they are so blinded by the hatred of the Right, they cannot see it.


    • pugnazious says:

      Was listening to a piece about the football and Germany and the BBC inserted a comment about anti-AFD protests…apparently showing the ‘anger and revulsion’ people felt towards the AFD. ‘Revulsion’ clearly a carefully chosen and very loaded word.


  38. pugnazious says:

    The Springer actually looks at Lefty disinformation, though it may in fact be Muslim…..unusual for her as she normally concentrates on the Right….but..yeah….that’s why…the target is Labour…so she’s out to defend the Left.

    And then normal service is resumed as she launches into Reform….she tries to suggest that Reform’s ‘success’ was all a lie, a social media inspired mirage conjured up by Farage….except of course 4 million votes don’t lie. You get the idea that she is trying to encourage suspicion about the Reform social media campaign even as she ostensibly is just reporting fact.

    ‘A lot of this shows the success of Reform UK – both the party itself and also its supporters – at dominating the online conversation and creating content that resonates with this audience, discussing housing, immigration and other issues in a very clear and direct way.

    Reform UK was also one of few parties that had already started to build its TikTok reach before this general election, as had its leader Nigel Farage.

    A very active network of users was also willing to post in support of Reform UK, either with their own videos and content or in reply to others.

    In the comments of political videos during the campaign, it was common to see the words “Vote Reform UK” repeated over and over again by different accounts, suggesting the party had a wave of support behind it.

    A spokesman for Reform UK told me the party was “delighted about the organic growth of online support” but also said there were other fake accounts, not linked to the party, which it had flagged by itself to the social media companies.’

    And despite concluding there was no massive disinformation campaign on social media she says…

    ‘And so in the end this wasn’t a deepfake election – it was an election in which the same old questions about social media regulation went unanswered. The warnings about AI were a distraction from the lack of clear solutions to problems posed by algorithms and well-practised misinformation tactics online.’

    So who was doing the ‘ well-practised misinformation tactics online.’? And note the usual BBC dig at social media…it’s a problem that needs regulating more.

    Wasn’t the biggest piece of disinformation Labour’s manifesto which omitted more than it included…and which the BBC couldn’t find the time to investigate and examine properly?


  39. MarkyMark says:

    “Moshe Sebbag, a rabbi for the Synagogue de la Victoire, told The Times of Israel that “it seems France has no future for Jews,” and said he advises young French Jews to leave for Israel.”




  40. tomo says:


  41. StewGreen says:

    “Farage supports Putin” is the new narrative ordered to be banged on about is the new order from the libmob Nudge Unit

    yesterday on GBnews Malcolm Rifkind said that
    an then this morning on GBNews for some reason they had a long session with Denis MacShane (tricky spellling)
    and he said “Corbyn and Galloway are extremists they both support Putin like Farage does

    The hosts failed to call him out on the false slur
    so loads of viewers complained

    They thenn went on to talk about Law and Order
    It was not mentioned that Denis MacShane served prison time for false parliamentry expenses
    Wiki ” 2013, he pleaded guilty to false accounting at the Old Bailey, by submitting false receipts for £12,900.
    was sentenced to six months in prison
    served four months of his sentence and the rest by wearing an electronic tag.”
    he was also the Rotherham MP who did nothing about the Pakistani groomers.


  42. JohnC says:

    At least 20 dead in Russian attack on Ukraine cities

    The article tries hard to convince me otherwise, but only 20 dead from 40 missiles tells me that Russia hit what they were aiming for – and it wasn’t civilians.

    The BBC won’t tell you that Ukraine are housing soldiers in civilian areas. They have to otherwise they would be blown up very quickly. Russia will be doing the same. Everything is being hidden like that because knowing where something is in this war means it gets destroyed.

    I see from elsewhere that very often attacks like this hit something or someone extremely significant. But again, the BBC won’t tell us unless it’s common knowledge.

    I see the phrase ‘falling debris’ – which was used in every article at one time – has been removed from the word list now. As has the propaganda from Ukraine that they shot them all down – because they want to use it to get more stuff.


  43. MarkyMark says:

    “Reviews of greenbelt boundaries to go underway.” – they will be removed to save the planet?


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      Naga (real name: Subha Nagalakshmi Munchetty-Chendriah) on R5 just now was sounding quite chipper discussing the building over of greenfield and brownfield to meet Labour’s targets.


  44. MarkyMark says:

    More departments … HAH HA HAH!

    “Growth Mission Board” to meet before end of July.
    “Growth Delivery Unit” in Treasury established.
    “300 new planning officers to be appointed.”
    “Next steps for Mark Carney-led national wealth fund project to come shortly.”

    “..I think you (Mark Carney) have become politically involved (UK’s EU Referendum), in a way, you have quite clearly said you would not in a General Election…” – Jacob Rees-Mogg – {independent – may2016 @0:50}
    “I don’t think it’s worth a reply.” – Mark Carney’s response

    old post


    A national wealth fund could turn the tide. One of Labour’s most radical manifesto pledges is the plan to create a national wealth fund. To help drive the green transition and create 600,000 green jobs, the fund aims to raise £3 of private investment for every £1 of government money put in.28 Jun 2024


  45. MarkyMark says:

    Tories win = Massive cyber Russian interference.
    Labour win = No interference.


  46. Guest Who says:

    Strumpet and Sopes. What… a team.

    How did the bbc ever let such analysis go?


  47. andyjsnape says:

    One born every minute and the bbc decide to humiliate them:-

    Scammed by the fake Chinese police


    • MarkyMark says:

      Her daughter listened patiently and explained it was a scam. Helen’s bank eventually refunded her money, but her ordeal could easily have had a bleaker ending: “For two weeks I hardly slept. How can you sleep when somebody is monitoring your phone?”




    • MarkyMark says:

      “Rishi Sunak walks away from leadership pledge to close China-backed Confucius Institutes. Government spokesman says it would be “disproportionate” to shutter the education centers.17 May 2023”


  48. StewGreen says:

    concreting over the green-belt for new housing is A DECLINE IN LIVING STANDARDS


    • MarkyMark says:

      “A further 21% would consider making the change. Worryingly, the research shows a slight increase in these changes, compared to the previous year when 18% had already or planned to switch to artificial grass and 25% had changed their garden into a non-permeable driveway.13 Jun 2024”


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      Mexican concrete ticks all the boxes:

      Number 1 must be diversity and DEI top marks.

      Number 2 must be the extermination of UK concrete making facilities so reducing our own carbon emissions.

      Darrrr Dahhhh


  49. MarkyMark says:

    “How fetching water is holding back India’s women”




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