Weekend 21st October 2023

The Israeli President has suggested that the BBC May no longer be welcome in the country . Certainly it has shown itself too ready to rebroadcast Hamas propaganda – such as the hospital explosion -without verification – on top of its refusal to call terrorists -terrorists although the UK Law , the king , the PM declare Islamic Hamas to be just that . Usually here – we can moan about the woke message – or what is approved in BBC world and what is not – but now – ‘some might say ‘ the world is on the brink . So what the BBC says will have real impact on lives . It seems to set in its’ ways to see that – it has blood on its’ hands .

Midweek 18th October 2023

OFCOM is meant to ‘regulate ‘ broadcasters. But when it comes to the State Funded BBC there doesn’t appear to be much control – for instance there is no comment about the refusal of the BBC to call Islamic HAMAS a terrorist group even though it carries out terrorist attacks and is legally a terrorist gang in UK law .
So who is OFCOM ? Does it need to be ended like the BBC? Will any politician fix it ?

Weekend 14th October 2023

“HAMAS – which some western governments describe as a terrorist group “ – but not the BBC .. which lost its’ moral compass years ago. Defund it . Don’t pay their licence . Meanwhile … a national election in Poland and an Australian referendum on Aboriginal’rights ‘ – all fresh meat for the Far Left BBC ..