I was most amused by the James Naughtie interview on Today this morning with Peter Horrocks and John McCarthy concerning the BBC World Service and it’s 80th birthday! Yes, we were informed of the global reach of the BBC and the trust it enjoys across the world. Seems it is increasingly popular in Iran and let’s not forget the vital role in played during “the Arab Spring”. It’s the impartiality of the World Service that so appeals, we told by Naughtie. Alright – who agrees?


I read that Chris Patten is performing to cue;

The new BBC Trust chairman told the Sunday Telegraph he would fight for it as a 20% budget cut across the corporation takes effect this year. Lord Patten has said his love of the BBC World Service made protecting it a “priority” – particularly the “core” Arabic, Somali and Hindi services.

I think the World Service, and in particular the “core” he defines, SHOULD be cut, as a priority. The BBC spreads its malignancy via the tendrils provided by World Service so best it take the brunt of the cuts.


BBC executives are trying to raid Government funds intended to tackle world poverty in an attempt to lessen the impact of cuts on the World Service.

Had to laugh at this desperation…

BBC executives are trying to raid Government funds intended to tackle world poverty in an attempt to lessen the impact of cuts on the World Service. A secret memo leaked to the Telegraph shows that the state-funded broadcaster has lobbied ministers to divert £25 million out of the budget of the Department for International Development (DfID) and into its own finances. The corporation claims that the move would be justified because World Service broadcasts can “contribute to the stabilisation of Pakistan and Afghanistan”.

Look, Pakistan and Afghanistan have enough to concern themselves with than endure the toxic output of the BBC. 


What a result! BBC World Service to lose 600 jobs.  As Margaret Thatcher once said, Rejoice. As has been expressed to me today; 

The BBC World Service is nothing but the propaganda arm of the left wing anti-British, anti-American, anti-business and Anti Christian pro Islam, Unionised BBC.The BBC World Service deliberately sabotages the interests of working people in the UK in almost every broadcast. It should be shut down immediately, not merely curtailed.


So, it’s quite early in the morning, and I turned on the BBC Word Service just after 5am. Talk about bias! A charming female presenter, with a decidedly non-British accent, read out in the space of 15 minutes a litany of one-sided BBC liberal bias. We were told about the very important UN meeting on climate change and “fears” that it might not succeed (whose fears?); we were told about Obama trying to get Israel to accept making peace with Palestinians; we were told about how smoking bans have reduced heart attacks by up to almost 40% in the first two years. Great stuff and all being carefully broadcast globally by our dear friends in the BBC. It’s not just the damage the BBC does in the UK that we should reflect upon but rather the global impact of this most biased of broadcasters.