I read that Chris Patten is performing to cue;

The new BBC Trust chairman told the Sunday Telegraph he would fight for it as a 20% budget cut across the corporation takes effect this year. Lord Patten has said his love of the BBC World Service made protecting it a “priority” – particularly the “core” Arabic, Somali and Hindi services.

I think the World Service, and in particular the “core” he defines, SHOULD be cut, as a priority. The BBC spreads its malignancy via the tendrils provided by World Service so best it take the brunt of the cuts.


It’s all about who YOU choose to believe – take it on trust, the BBC Trust.

First – consider the comments of Recep Erdogan, PrimeMinister of Turkey who stated that democracy was like a bus: “You ride it until youarrive at your destination, then you step off.”  What other gems has he delighted us with? Islam means Jihad” “The minarets are our bayonets, the domes [of the mosques] our helmets, themosques our barracks.” “There is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s that”

Now, here is Chris Patten, the incoming Chairman of the BBC Trust from a few days ago; 

“So what is the pointof Europe today? For me the answer is to be found in Turkey. Europe with Turkey as a memberwould naturally be a more dynamic economy. Turkey is a regional energy hub. Ithas clout and respect in its own region with formidable fighting forces. Aboveall, Turkey is now a role model for other Islamic societies striving toaccommodate democracy, civil liberties, the rule of law, an open economy,pluralism and religion. As an EU member, Turkey would add a new dimension of massive historicimportance. Europeans would show that they could embrace an Islamic democracyand build a strong bridge between Europe and Western Asia.”

Remember please  – Impartiality is in their genes.


The BBC is cunning. During the past week as it became clear that Chris Patten was destined to become next Chairman of the BBC Trust the BBC propaganda line has been to suggest he is some sort of far right capitalist loving Tory who might smash them! As Neil Hamilton puts it…

“THE BIGGEST joke of the week was the BBC cowering in terror at the prospect of Lord Patten as chairman. Patten, the most wringing-wet member of the Eighties Tory governments, was the apotheosis of anti-Thatcher, euro-fanatic, social-liberal political correctness. When he lost his seat to the Lib-Dems in 1992, Rightwing wags called it a Tory gain “Patten has spent his life as a political insider and bureaucrat, moving from one Establishment job to another.”

I might add that Patten’s endless vicious criticism of Israel, his pathetic  pandering to the IRA, his obnoxious opposition to the war on terror – all this always plays directly into the BBC meme so it really IS farcical when the BBC pretends that a tough Conservative is now likely to challenge its “impartial values”. What really sickens me is that the likes of Jeremy Hunt is cheer-leading for this appointment. Patten is as much of a Conservative as John Bercow – namely one in name only. 
Furthermore I heard Hunt on Marr bleating about how trusted the BBC is. Trusted to undermine everything decent and good about our country, trusted to attack beacons of democracy like Israel, trusted to elevate Islam, trusted to damn Israel. The BBC seeks to cloak itself in order to carry on the relentless bias and Patten is just another awfully convenient way to do this. I am at a loss to understand WHY the Conservatives play along with this sham.


A Biased BBC reader informs;

” There was a revealingarticle in “The Villager” on 4th March 2011 (a local free newspapercovering E. Northamptonshire). It was about a speech that Chris “EU”Patten made to sixth form pupils at Oundle School. He spoke on the growingthreat of climate change, which he perceived to be “the most urgent ofchallenges”, and said “.. this generation ought to have recognisedthe problem of climate change much earlier and tackled it with moredetermination ..”
Further, he predicted that “.. the 21st century will be dominated not bynation states, but by ideas…” (of course, he meant present states, not thestate that is being formed, i.e. the disastrous EUSSR which will completelyoverwhelm and bankrupt us within a few years).

So when he is installed in the place of Michael Lyons, we can be very sure hewill not be insisting the BBC is balanced in their reporting of climate change,or of the EU. Indeed, under his chairmanship, we can expect the bias to getworse. “